can't deny that face

I’m sorry no I’m not but bro

can we just take the time to acknowledge Sasuke’s face when Nardo gets hurt!?


you can't deny it works

In a recent session the party was faced with the task of travelling through floors of ice, after much discussion and many failed attempts the witch finds a way to shatter the ice (it turned out to be super tough magical ice) but the party didn’t fall, they just floated, presenting a new challenge. 

Our paladin found a novel solution to the problem by lying face down and concentrating, and he fell ten feet to the next level. He proceeded to use this fall-on-his-face method for another three floors despite the other party members using less painful techniques

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People say that Kai's happy face is only a facade and he should not show his 'saddness' in public cause it's unprofession. But how the fuck are they gonna explain his sad aura during 4/1??? Lol his face was full of emotions we can't even deny it

He was twerking on stage. The boy was dropping it like a stripper. He real life happy, fam.


So I was just watching the Secret Garden scene on Youtube, and the more I watch it

The more I realize that V-Hope’s noses seem closer together…

…than the couple in the actual drama?????

Like daaammnnnn V-Hope, you two didn’t have to get that close and could’ve stayed within the same proximity as the drama couple. But you guys decided to get closer to each other’s faces than the drama couple’s anyways so thank you.


Had to go back and rewatch some episodes after the mook interviews and I’m sorry but if the very final scene of Free!ES isn’t proof that future Rin and Haru were fucking I don’t know what is

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I did a parody of Baby Got Back. "I like petticoats and I can not lie. You other kings can't deny." That's all I got. After seeing Face the Music, I was brain bleached of how dresses can make a gluteus Maximus bigger.

I’ll eagerly wait for the rest.
And Moon clearly has a magically vanishing crinoline.