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I'm a Murse as well! I just finished my first year of nursing school and I can't decide between the ICU and the ER. I've seen a few of your posts about it that you've said but what are more in depth thoughts one vs the other? What you do, or learn compared to one another? Or why you enjoy the ED vs why you enjoy the ICU? If you've already posted this just tag your previous post! Or copy/paste!

Dear Anon,

There are pros and cons of working in both units. Again, I could write a whole chapter in my book about working in both the ICU and ED, but I’ll keep my answer to your question relatively short. (lol, yeah right)

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ICU - Generally speaking, you keep the same 1-3 patients for an entire shift, which can be good or bad depending on how sick they are and how well-behaved they are (or aren’t). And if you work several shifts in a row, you could have the same patients for multiple days, which, again, could be good or bad depending.

ED - You constantly have new patients. Depending on how busy your ED is, you could easily have double digits by then end of a 12-hour shift. Again, if you have bad patients, it’s good to get them out quickly, but it just means that you’ll get another unknown coming in. Unlike the ICU, you’ll have new patients every shift… well, generally speaking. You’ll also get those frequent ED fliers who come in for the same shit every time and you’ll roll your eyes and be like…

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Critical Thinking

OK, so, when I told my mentor that I was leaving the ICU to go work in the ED, she was genuinely disappointed. She told me that I would be wasting my critical thinking skills and my talents. I tend to disagree, but I do see some validity in her argument. Allow me to expound…

ICU - In the ICU you are hanging multiple critical drips and are constantly titrating those drips to keep patients alive. Some nights you’re riding the pumps and constantly re-assessing the patient; listening to their lungs for signs of fluid overload, or doing repeat EKGs looking for signs of an MI. You’re starting IVs on seriously ill patients, suctioning vents, and countless other focused assessments that require non-stop critical thinking.

ED - Contrary to what my mentor believes, nurses most certainly use critical thinking in the ED. A nurse triages the patients and a nurse is the first to see a patient, so we have to be thorough in our assessments to look for the subtle signs of something more severe. The doctors and nurse practitioners rely on the nurses to guide them in the right direction. ED nurses are looking for different things than ICU nurses. ICU nurses know what the patient’s diagnosis is because and ED nurse and the team they work with helped to find the diagnosis.


I think the main difference between skills in the ICU and ED is that ED nurses start a shit-ton more IVs and drop a shit-ton more NG tubes. ED nurses don’t usually have to deal with patient’s on multiple drips, but it doesn’t mean they’re not capable. And while ICU nurses are certainly adept at starting IVs, most ED nurses could probably find a vein in their sleep.


If you like something new every day and a fast-paced, always changing environment, then the ED sounds like a good fit. If you’re more meticulous and like your IV lines neat and organized, then you’d fit right in with the ICU crew. The ED can be stressful because of the trauma you see and for the sheer volume of pain and suffering that comes through the door. The ICU can be stressful, too, but for other reasons. 

There is not a cut-and-dry answer to your question. I like my lines and cords neat and tidy and I’m very thorough in my assessments, but as a former firefighter and EMT, I’m used to the chaos and fit right in with that group as well.

There’s nothing stopping you from trying both! Work in one for a year or so and then try the other.

I hope this “short” answer helps. Thanks for taking the time to ask a question! As always, I open the floor to other nurblrs to share their thoughts!

Mursenary Gary

Em’s Enthralled Ears

Dedicated to my kpop soulmate, Chloe! :) 


  • Formed under Pledis Entertainment
  • Debuted May 26th, 2015
  • 13 members + 3 units + all 1 = Seventeen!
  • Fans are known as ‘Carat's’ which is cute af i mean COME ON. 
  • Fun fact, when trying to decide a fandom name, Hoshi proposed 'mounteen’ because the Seventeen symbol looks like a mountain upside down. He’s a gem.

A quick little thing about why they’re the

Seventeen is comprised of young men born from 1995 to 1999. As I get older I realize that most kpop idols are closer to my age and Seventeen was the first group I got into that actually had members born so close to my birth year 1997, both in that year and after it. To me, that’s pretty shocking. I can’t even fathom being an idol at 18 and younger because of how stressful that lifestyle would be…it’s hard work. On a daily basis, Seventeen inspires me to work harder at everything because of how young they are and how much they’ve accomplished. They’ve been training for multiple years and within approximately a year of debut, they’ve had 3 eras of promotion, winning their first award for 'Pretty U’ just recently. Through their drive and passion as artists, Seventeen has earned the title of 'Monster Rookies,’ showing the industry that they can rise to the top. On a completely subjective note, more so than above, I would just like to reminiscence for a hot second. I remember about this time last year Seventeen debuted with Adore U. I watched the MV and felt completely over-whelmed by the sheer number of members. However Seventeen grew on me quickly. I found the choreography was fun and inventive, the song was catchy, and the members were so refreshingly dorky it was really difficult not to fall in love with them. The night of their 'Mansae’ comeback I stayed up to watch the MV when it dropped at midnight, and totally spammed Tumblr with posts about how hype I was to see new stuff from Seventeen. Spending a few hours with other people that were just as excited about the first comeback for this talented group of people was a unique experience, where a community found one another flooding the same Tumblr tag with posts about Mingyu and Jeonghan’s lilac hair and how Hoshi was dropping hints that 'Adore U’ choreography would make an appearance in 'Mansae.’

I truly consider Seventeen as artists. They all play a part in the production of their music, lyrics, dances, and as they develop more and more as a group, their roles also develop and expand. Watching Seventeen prosper has been a privilege and an honor, and I hope to watch them continue.


* denotes the leader of each unit, ** denotes the leader of Seventeen overall as a group.

Hip Hop Unit:

  • S.Coups** (Seungcheol)
  • Wonwoo
  • Mingyu
  • Vernon

Performance Unit:

  • Hoshi* (Soonyoon)
  • Jun (Junhui)
  • The8 (Minghao)
  • Dino (Chan)

Vocal Unit:

  • Woozi* (Jihoon)
  • Jeonghan
  • Joshua/Jisoo
  • DK/Dokyeom (Seokmin)
  • Seungkwan


Pre-Debut: Shining Diamond

17 Carat

  • Single: Adore U
  • Shining Diamond
  • Ah Yeah 
  • Jam Jam 

Boys Be

  • Single: Mansae
  • Fronting 
  • When I Grow Up 
  • OMG
  • Rock

Love and Letter, 1st Album

  • Single: Pretty U
  • Chuck 
  • 예쁘다
  • 이놈의 인기
  •  유행가
  •  Say Yes
  • 떠내려가
  • 아낀다 Adore U  (Vocal Team Ver.)
  • 만.세 Manse (Hiphop Team Ver.)
  • Shining Diamond (Performance Team Ver.)
  • 사랑쪽지 (Love Letter)


Kuroko no Basuke Ch266 - Analysis of the Japanese Raws

I finally got my hands on the Japanese raws of this chapter \o/

I am not nearly as ashamed as I should be for doing a total breakdown of this now that it’s in my hands orz I know mosaku-k has already done a very good one of this chapter, I just have too many feelings. Please indulge my ridiculousness orz Also please feel free to pick apart my Japanese comprehension and/or add your own thoughts :)

Thanks to BPS chat for helping find good English phrases for the Japanese. And a warning for very image heavy post.

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