can't decide if this is weird or cool

  • *ENTJ mother wakes at 5 AM to get ready for work. Notices INTP daughter still awake.*
  • ENTJ: You're up early.
  • INTP: *startled by the sudden intrusion* I stayed up all night.
  • ENTJ: What? INTP, that's not healthy. You need to sleep. Your brain won't function properly without enough sleep.
  • INTP: I will when I feel like it.
  • ENTJ: What's the matter? Is something wrong?
  • INTP: Huh? No?
  • ENTJ: Then why can't you sleep?
  • INTP: I was making a book cover and then I wanted to create a character chart for my story, but I got distracted by this article for character development and I realized that my main character didn't have enough flaws, so I researched some famous character flaws and found this cool video on anti-heroes, which made me curious about villains, and I decided I wanted to write an awesome villain, a female one since I read three blog posts about how there aren't many female villains in literature or films, but I didn't know what superpower to give her, so I decided to research on more unknown superpowers, but then I saw this documentary about weird supernatural occurrence, and now I'm up to the third season of Supernatural on Netflix.
  • ENTJ: Go to bed.
  • INTP: *laughs* Maybe.

mrstealyourelectron  asked:

So the start of my book (after the prologue) starts with a girl running back to a village that has been raided by a single man. I simply cannot put in words why the girl was outside, I tried hunting but when I read it it doesn't sound right. The second is that the man has a scythe for a hand (which is really important and not just something added to make the character look cool) and I can't put that in words either it always sounds a bit weird and out of place. I know it sounds weird but help?

First, as strange as it may seem, some people enjoy being outdoors. Maybe your character likes going for long walks? Perchance, she found a butterfly and decided to follow it through the meadow that was in bloom? Maybe she loves the way the wind bites her skin in the winter? Ultimately, put your imagination cap on and develop your character some more.

Second, we’re gonna do a little exercise. You’re gonna grab a piece of paper and a writing instrument of your choice. Set your phone or another time for 30 minutes. As soon as you press start, list out all the reasons why this scythe-for-a-hand thing is important. When the time is up, take a long hard look at the list. Are these good answers? Do they satisfy you? If you’re staring at an empty page or a page with a few BS answer, you scrap it. Back to the drawing board.

tl;dr: If you cannot explain why something is important, you are not going to be able to convince a reader that it’s important without a whole lot of BS.

Last, methinks you need to rethink the prologue.