can't deal with women

Dear American Entertainment Industry,

Is it possible for a woman to have a successful career without having perfect hair, white teeth, a 26″ waist, and big boobs?

Dear British Entertainment Industry,

Thank you.

Vikings is just trying to portray actual history, you guys are trying to ascribe modern morality onto-

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Do any other black women have days where...

They can’t deal with white people because their racism is too much to handle. They can’t deal with non-black people because their anti-blackness is too much to handle.They can’t deal with black men because their misogyny and sexism are too much to handle. They even have days where they can’t deal with other black women because their internalized self hatred is too much to fucking handle.

ok but how great is it to have a young girl being taught by another female scientist about science and having her be excited in “science class” like orphan black just gives us so much representation of females in STEM??? like hallelujah jesus recognition that women not only like science but can be ridiculously good at it let us never forget these moments

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I feel like as a straight white male on this website that you can't add your opinion to anything having to deal with race women or gender identity issues even if it is logical and helpful without being told you don't know anything or being branded as a racist or misogynist or homophobe. What do you think?

Well if you want to add your opinion to things without being branded then

  • dont be racist
  • dont be misogynistic
  • dont be homophobic

It’s as easy as that, if someone calls you out by saying you are any of those above things, then you probably are.

Can't deal with all the hate towards our women, so I'm here to be y'all safe haven I got y'all ✊🏾😍. Snacks on deck, affection, attention, an ear to listen, concern, compassion, daily scalp massages, foot rubs, great music, love and good vibes. 😁😘