can't deal with life right now

Take my tablet away from me.

Oh, my stars.

Grillster stuff! My AU Gaster and regular Grillby for a friendo. c: The binary tool is one of my favorites because it’s really fun to use but at the same time it posed a challenge for Gaster’s robe. I cheated a little with a nebula brush but drew the stars myself. Was relaxing!

Trying to get their glasses right was not. I see you, several mistakes, but I’m too sleepy to deal with you right now.

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any reversible spells to get over something? Cause there's something in my life that I can't do anything about right now, but I'll be able to deal with it soon. It hurts while I can't do anything, but when I can I want to be emotionally ready. Do you know of anything to help me just forget or come to terms with this until I can change it?

I would suggest spells for strength or courage, honestly, to help you get through something. I just don’t see the point in casting a spell to get over something, if you just want to undo it later, to get back into it and handle it then? You know what I mean? Also, the spells I’ve seen to help move on and get over something are pretty permanent-looking, because you’re supposed to move on and not go back - it’s kind of the point of the spells, after all. Yeah, I’d say just cast strength spells to help you endure whatever this is until you’re ready to handle it. Or maybe the spells will help you be ready to deal with it sooner. Regardless…



I know that’s not exactly what you wanted, but I feel it’s the best I can give right now, after thinking about what you wrote. Good luck anon. :)

Honestly I’m used to casual anxiety and being worried about school getting a job going thru life trying to just figure shit out but now it’s like every day I’m Stressed like I’m not anxious but I’m angry depressed and stressed all wrapped up into this right little ball and idk what to do

  • person with long hair: Ugh! Long hair is so annoying bc of this problem that I have!
  • me, a person who currently has short hair: I know what you mean!! I too know the pain of the problem you currently have!
  • person with long hair: but you have short hair how could you possibly know what I'm going through
  • me, a person who currently has short hair: I used to have long hair!
  • person with long hair: yeah but you don't have long hair now so you can't possibly know what I'm dealing with here
  • me, a person who currently has short hair: oh yes you are right I forgot cutting my hair short comes with the side affect of forgetting everything from my previous, long-haired life, forgive me

has this been done yet? have i done this yet?

*slams fists on table*


idk i’m tired

Things I Wish I Could Tell the Signs in my Life
  • Aries: You're really smart, and I admire that you're confident enough to answer like every question in class. You're strong too- your circumstances may not be great, but you power through it and I'm proud of you.
  • Taurus: Your ideals piss me off sometimes, but I'll calm down fast because they're just different from mine. I wish we got along more- sometimes I can't stand you, but sometimes you're pretty great. Sorry if I'm too aloof and stuff, but I'm trying.
  • Gemini: Honey, you need to stop being so standoffish. Hypocritical, because I'm kind of an asshole sometimes too. Really though, I love the real you that gets excited about things and giggles. It's okay to say you love me back, you know.
  • Cancer: You're literally my other half. You protect me, love me (even if you won't admit it) and I'm sorry I bother you a lot. You're the one person I always let in, and I need you in my life.
  • Leo: So... I may really like you. Sorry, but you'll probably never know. If I did tell you, I might scare you away, and you're kind of really important to me. You're insecure sometimes, but, Jesus Christ, I can't see why. You're smart and honest (not to mention hot as FUCK.)
  • Virgo: Please show you care more? Like, you may "mom" me, but sometimes I just need a friend to squeal with. Still, I let you in because I trust you and I know you'll be there for me. I love you. Thanks for keeping me safe.
  • Libra: Shit, I'm so sorry. You are actually so important to me, and I'm sorry I can't tell you that in words. You understand me and you care about me when I'm ready to stab myself. You're one of the kindest people in the world and you deserve so much more than life gives you. I love you, and I wish I could hug you right now.
  • Scorpio: You have a lot of issues, but I'm here for you. Our talks are deep, but damn dude, give me my space- I'm a Scorpio too. I have my own issues, and I can definitely deal with yours, but sometimes I can't stand you when it's not important. I think you're not being yourself, and that pisses me off.
  • Sagittarius: Hey, I miss you. I hope you're doing so great. You deserve great things, and I'm kind of really glad that you have the opportunity to get them now. You're beautiful, remember that whenever you're down. When I stalk your account (often) I realize that you're kind of the way you were when we first met. I loved you differently then, and this makes me happy.
  • Aquarius: You may piss me off, but I'm really damn proud of you. I'm proud of who you are and who you've become. You're oddly mature while still being hella childish, and I love you.
  • Pisces: You're actually so much fun to be around. You're smart, and athletic, and you're my goals in life. I've never seen you be insecure, and I don't think I ever want to. You're amazing, and I aspire to be like you.

snappleeducated  asked:

i can't stop thinking about your andrew and cars post, in conjunction with thinking about andrew's feelings after the GS was destroyed, and also neil giving him the money for the maserati (or trading him the money, w/e, i can't deal with andrew's refusal to owe anyone anything right now). i'm not sure what the point of this was, i just want you to know that your post has WRECKED ME?? and now i am feeling things about stupid boys and stupid cars?? honestly, non-sarcastically, thank you for this

did you know i got this in the middle of the most impossibly gd boring university lecture and it brought me back to life so i could feel some more feelings about boys and cars

(Andrew looking at the trashed remains of his car, listening to the message from the garage saying it’s bad. it is bad. knowing that the insurance money for it will buy him something comfortable but not fucking right, and when he wanted to feel something it wasn’t this)

(Neil saying to him, hey, here’s this blood money i’m never going to spend because you told me to stay and i don’t need to buy myself another name)

(and maybe it would be a fair exchange - a life for freedom. except Andrew doesn’t work like that, and freedom isn’t a tool for bargaining. it has to be money for something else)

(and what Neil actually asks for is just…something so easy to give up, when he could ask Andrew for anything and get it, when they both know that. when Andrew has barely met anyone in his entire life who wouldn’t take advantage of him, given the opportunity)

(Andrew planning the trip to Georgia and turning around to pick Neil up because he sounds desperate. because he asks Andrew to come back for him)

(Andrew looking out the window of a diner off the interstate looking at the Maserati and thinking yes)

it’s okay, i wrecked myself first?? FEELINGS xx

2015 so far...
  • Me: I wanna buy a new book.
  • Shane: Here's my book "I hate myselfie".
  • Me: Yayy. I'll buy Shane's book.
  • Connor: Woops. Don't forget about me. "A Work In Progress" is where I poured my heart and soul.
  • Joey: Hey I feel so attacked right now. Don't forget "In Real Life" I come out in chapter 14.
  • Me: Joeyyyy you brave human being I love you.
  • Marcus: HELLOOOOOO. I wrote a book called "Hello Life". You should check it out.
  • Alfie: Don't you forget my sequel. "The Pointless Book Part 2". Out in stores right now.
  • Zoe: Oh and I'm writing "Girl Online part 2" but it's not called "Girl Online". Revealing title soon. And my broseph wrote something.
  • Me: OMG so many books. I can't.
  • Tyler: Hey what's up you guys. It me. Tyler Oakley. Simon and Schuster offered me a book deal 2 years ago and I refused it at that point of my life but now I'm revealing everything "BINGE BY TYLER OAKLEY" links to preorder will be in my description.
  • Mamrie: Don't forget "You Deserve a Drink".
  • Me: I am broke now.
  • JK ROWLING: Oh I forgot to tell you. "Very Good Lives" is now available for purchase.
  • Me: *dies because can't afford all these books but really need them to survive*
Twenty One Pilots {Sentence Starters}
  • "Who would you live for? Who would you die for?"
  • "Sometimes, you gotta bleed to know that you're alive and have a soul."
  • "We'll make pretend that you and me lived ever after happily."
  • "I don't know why they always seem so dismal."
  • "There's no hiding for me. I'm forced to deal with what I feel."
  • "It will not let me sleep."
  • "And I know that I can fight, or I can let the ____ win."
  • "I guess I'll sleep when I'm dead."
  • "I will make you queen of everything you see."
  • "'Sometimes to stay alive, you gotta kill your mind."
  • "I probably should've stayed inside my house."
  • "You should take my life, you should take my soul."
  • "Yeah, I think about the end just way too much."
  • "I wish I had a better voice that sang some better words."
  • "I must've forgot, you can't trust me."
  • "It's just, right now, I got a really crazy mind to clean."
  • "Oh dear, I don't know if we know why we're here."
  • "You waste all of this time trying to get to me."
  • "I see a whole world better off without me in it, trying to transform it."
  • "But now I'm insecure and I care what people think!"
  • "No, you are all that I've got!"
  • "I know who I truly am. I truly do have a chance."
  • "I'm trying, I'm trying to sleep."
  • "Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days."
  • "No, I didn't understand the thing you said."
  • "My friends and I, we got a lot of problems."
  • "How come I'm never able to identify where it's coming from?"

anonymous asked:

You said you went through a phase where you had no motivation and you were sad all the time. I feel I am going through that right now, and I can't seem to get out of it. What helped you overcome this phase of your life? Any advice or realizations you've made along your life journey dealing with this?

Going vegan, yoga, time in nature and YouTube channels - Infinite Waters and Teal Swan.

Best of luck to you, I believe in you and I know very soon this stage will pass x


“Read AstroCity,” they said. “It’s a classic superhero comic,” they explained. “It’s by your favorite comic writer,” they enticed.

And then THIS STORY HAPPENS. (“The Voice of the Turtle”, if you want to rip your still-beating heart from your chest).

The story of the little kid who read too many books and decided he was going to find the way into Narnia. So he ran through mirrors and hid in wardrobes and tried to get himself lost down back roads. And he didn’t have any friends because they weren’t the people inside his books, though he WANTED a partner so bad, like Lucy and Edmund had each other, or Jesse and Leslie, or Robin Hood and Little John. Because ALL the best stories had partners, had someone to watch your back and go on adventures with.

And then as he got older he became a mathematician because that world is filled with just as much wonder and magic and discovery.

And then, when things suck? When he’s at his lowest? Who does he think about? Who keeps him going and gives him hope? The kids he grew up with–not the real ones, not the pale imitations of righteousness and loyalty. The Pevensie’s and Gamgee’s of the not!world. They gave him the strength to keep going.

And I just need… a minute. Or a day.

I can’t believe how close the themes of Tarnished Angel (the 4th collected Astro City book, where this issue is from) are hitting me. It’s like, there couldn’t have been a time in my life more appropriate than right now for me to read this. And it kinda sucks. But I guess it’s good, too. Maybe. 

My eyes are going to be all swollen tomorrow morning.

What the serious hell.