can't cry on command

The fact that when Lexa and Clarke first see each other their first reaction is to slowly caress each other’s faces makes me so fuckkkinnnnngg gayyyyyyy

  • Marco: I can't cry on command.
  • Tom: Oh that's fine, that's why I brought this.
  • Tom (takes out a bag of chili powder): I'm going to blow this into your eyes.
  • Marco: Yeah I don't think you should do that. Is that safe?
  • Tom: It's safe... ish.
  • Tom: *Blows chili powder into Marco's eyes*
  • Marco (screaming in agony): TOM! WHAT THE HELL OH MY GOD IT BURNS!!!!
  • Tom: Yup. It burns a lot. I had it done to myself last night to make sure it works.
  • Marco: Is that why your eyes are bleeding?
  • Tom: Are they? I can't really see too well.
  • Marco: I am in so much pain.
  • Tom: Use it!

Can we all agree on the fact that, if Lexa and Clarke were ever to have a daughter, Clarke would suggest they call her Costia? To ‘free’ that name for Lexa. So that it would not be just a source of pain anymore, but could instead give Lexa joy again.