can't breathe oh my god


Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone
I know and she shares my dreams,
I hope that someday I’ll share her home
I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets. To carry love, to carry children of
our own. We are still kids, but we’re so in
love, fighting against all odds
I know we’ll be alright this time
Darling just hold my hand, be my girl,
I’ll be your man
I see my future in your eyes

- Ed Sheeran, “Perfect”

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Dammit. Dammit Ed Sheeran. Daammmiiitt. ❤❤❤

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OMG okay so I was looking through your blog "tinyparser" (I think it was that one??) and I saw mention of Dallas and doggies?? I can't breathe oh my god because I love Dallas and I love dogs and I need more details (are there other dogs besides sadie? what are their names? what kinds of dogs are they? if there aren't more, does he want more? does he volunteer at a rescue? -- oh my god now I'm imaging Mal getting all mushy watching Dallas bottle feed puppies - trying to act like he's not smitten)


he has so many dogs.. and he volunteers with Phoebus!! All his dogs are rescued and for his depression… He Gets So Emotional About His Dogs. He takes care of all of them, he loves them dearly. Ghgghg thinking about Dallas and his dogs make me so emotional they’re all handsome good boys.

Dog Luvrs:
Dallas (4 dogs)
Phoebus (At Least 10 Dogs, No, I Didn’t Lose Count, No, None Of Them Are Stolen, Promise)
Poppy (Pani, Puri, Patches, and Patchy)

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tbh i feel like Zen would be on his bike with a leather jacket n stuff, just generally lookin real cool, and would be like "babe aren't you glad you're with such a gorgeous bad boy" *sparkle sparkle* and MC just kisses him on the cheek like "of course I am bby " and he just MELTS and gets all blushy and cute and hugs MC so fast they almost fall (and can't breathe)

Oh my god that´s so adorable. I feel like 90% of MC and Zen´s interactions are like

Zen: How´s the most beautiful person in the world doing?

MC: I don´t know, how are you?

Zen: *voice cracking* I´m fine

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Just read chap 124 and oh my god I can't breathe (*hyperventilates in french). Can I have your thoughts about it?

I imagine that you were excited about what happened to the end of the chapter, at which point you must be dead by now. 

My main thoughts were focusing around the conversations between Takizawa and Bin, and then Suzuya Juuzou and Urie. Now I’m inclined to be biased and say Urie and Juuzou’s great act of rebellion is basically to do nothing in the face of this great impending danger, but then again Takizawa and Bin both deliberately ran away from Goat and focus on survival anyway. 

Now that that’s out of the way though, decoding this conversation. 

It’s a little bit hard to decode as to what this means thematically, but it connects a bit to what Furuta spoke early on in his conversation with Eto.

Thematically they’re talking about human civilization rather than a ghoul one (though there isn’t really such a thing as a ghoul civilization, culture or society), and indomitable sense of hunger that drives them to pursue all things ruthlessly. It can be easy to understand where Tatara got this impression of humanity, after all he witnessed his brother be pursued for two whole years, before Houji exterminated his entire clan and family structure.

What Houji saw as a narrative of perhaps his relentless pursuit of justice, Tatara perhaps was just trying to live and survive as a ghoul, only to be relenetlessly pursued, have everything stripped away from him including his own family members and fed to the machine that was the CCG, and then turned into weapons aimed at him. 

To him the act of being pursued led to his own personal devastation, and he could not find any reason behind it. Furuta even says as much, there is no real reason for these big level investigations except for the distraction of the public and to keep the Washuu in power, in other words “Because we can.” This attitude of “because we can” becoming a dangerous traits that humans possess. 

Most interesting to me however is what Takizawa says at the end. It’s an observation that reflects this, and makes the meaning of Ishida’s custom “Oggai” Kanji which is made from two deaths combined together, rather obvious. 

“I cannot live with nor without you,” describing the relationships between ghouls and humanity. What about too, the relationship between humans and ghouls. Humans after all, have built their current peace using ghouls as a scapegoat for all the ills in their society. As they are currently living under a comfortable dictatorship, what will their world turn into now that they have no common enemy to unite around? 

Humans can be quite cruel to one another without even the super powered abilities of a ghoul. Death on ghouls, could signal also a death on humanity as well. Similiar to the situation that Suzuya describes when he witnessed the last raid. Rather than a victory over ghouls, it seemed the death of many ghouls only resulted in too the death of many investigators. 

Kadam Fic: Just Breathe (12/12)

Title: Just Breathe
Series: Season Four Remix

Pairing(s), Characters(s):
Kadam, Kurt Hummel, Adam Crawford, Burt Hummel, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Carmen Tibideaux, Cassandra July, Blaine Anderson, Sam Evans, Adam’s Apples, Original Characters
Rating: PG13 
Genre(s): canon divergence, major lol Klaine and Blaine.
Parts: 12/12

Summary: Auditions mean new challenges for Kurt and those around him, forcing him to face both his past and his future.

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight, Part Nine, Part Ten, Part Eleven

On AO3

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Book II: The Saga of Thranduil got it’s first review in Spanish.

“Felicitaciones por el libro! Lo he seguido capítulo por capítulo y es una historia hermosa basada en uno de los personajes menos conocidos de Tolkien. Soy historiadora y déjame decirte que tu trabajo es simplemente genial. No puedo esperar para leer los otros libros. Un enorme abrazo desde Quito-Ecuador.”

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“Congratulations on the book! I have followed it chapter by chapter and it’s a beautiful story based on one of the less well-known characters from Tolkien. I am a historian, and let me tell you that your work is just great. I can’t wait to read the other books. A huge hug from Quito, Ecuador.”—G.P.

Okay, now I’m in complete and utter shock beyond all human understanding…help, @fortunatelyclevercandy. My mind is beyond blown. It is in a state of shock…O.M.G…

In Italy there there might be pre-sale with american express.. and let me tell you, if there will one, I don’t think I’ll ever get the ticket.