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I’ve been playing FFXIV for a while now, and it took me a couple weeks, but heck, the elezen I’m RPing on Mateus finally has a character sheet. Lort. 

There’s also a nude/nsfw version if you too are an ass man.

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CAN’T FEAR YOUR OWN WORLD Bleach Novel Sketches
 featuring Aizen Sosuke & Tousen Kaname’s first meeting.



”In my end, is my beginning.” Mary, Queen of Scot’s last words. Supposedly in reference to her hope of acquaintance with “her on true husband…and one true love” [King Francis II Valois of France] in the afterlife.

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I think Deran getting the bar would also show Adrian that Deran's actually serious about not being a criminal forever, and he wants that for him, I think finding out about that would be a big step in nudging him back to Deran so I'm really hopeful that it's a good reunion!! Also I'm really scared that when Smurf finds out Deran's a) gay and b) in love with c) someone level-headed that he'll listen to more than her she might try to have him offed :(. Maybe it'll be a killing Pope says no to :O!!

Oh many so many things to answer here so bear with me:

1) I think both have a lot to seriously consider when it comes to ‘reuniting’ because I think that’s contingent on what kind of changes have occurred and I think it’s only been a couple of months since their last exchange by then? I don’t want a reunion because the  biggest detriment to why what they have is that they are unwilling to establish what it is that they have. Also, what are we supposed to do about the years of toxic and denigration that Adrian endured? He was Deran’s emotional punching bag to the point where breaking and entering as well as an occasional punch-fest (I don’t think it’s the first time Deran had beaten Adrian over self-preservation) had made him desensitized almost.

2) Smurf knows. She knows everything about her boys and apart of her fear stems from that. HOW CAN she have a grasp on her son who will never love her the way she expects from all of them? He’s easily the EASIEST to get away from Smurf and the whole Belize incident not only scared Smurf because her ‘baby’ dissapeared for five weeks but it’s because she can ACTUALLY VISUALIZE the permanent loss of his presence.

3) I shall make a longer post on this sometime but Adrian fits into the same category as Julia and Cat. I say that because those two aforementioned have always been a big threat to Smurf’s very existence. They both provided a sense of nurturing that she could never give to her boys. She’s definitely threatened by all three of them because of what they signify and what they can offer to her sons that she CAN NEVER. Validation and love without any perverse stipulation.

4) Pope knows. He so knows. I think the only delusional idiot who doesn’t know is Baz because Baz is a selfish fuck. And he’s self-absorbed and a prick. This seems to be very apt but I believe everyone knows about Adrian and Deran except for Adrian and Deran.

5)And from what we have seen in 2.02, I believe Pope loves his younger brothers that if Smurf propositioned that to him, he would actually SNAP and hurt her rather than any of his brothers. He’s the FIRST one to be colossaly and mentally fucked by Smurf’s parenting and he knows firsthand how else to deal with his brothers. Deep down, he probably loves them more than he will ever love Smurf.

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Grumpy Adorable Idol.

The other day, I was talking to a friend about D Gray Man (because that’s what I do best) and after a little while, it kinda hit me that, if you tell the story as it is, it isn’t a happy story.

I mean, sure we joke about how sad and tragic the story is, and it is true. But yet, if we read the story, we also know there’s a lot of light hearted  moments, really fun parts and overral, always a good feeling to it. 

Yet in a way those elements seems a bit absent if you focus on telling the story straight forward with just the events that happen. It seems unreal that there’s actually as much light hearted moments when you hear some of the basics dilema and storylines. 

So I was kind of thinking about what was making the light moments work, why, even by being hit by the tragic of the situations, we have such a good feeling reading this manga, why the tragedy doesn’t wear us off. 

And in the end it all comes down to the characters who are extremely self aware of the tragedy around them and decided to hold on together still. 

The comedy, the good moments, they come from when the characters just focus on each others, to care about one another. In the end, that’s the scene where Lavi, Lenalee,Allen and Chaoji discuss of what they’re going to do when they’re in the Ark that describe it the best. They refuse to give up to the tragedy and they’re going to still laugh about it, still going to care about one another. 

And in a way it is so positive and heartwarming. In a way it’s where dgm truly works - without shying away from the drama, it gives us a lot of safe moments in the manga in order to rest, to recover with our characters, and all is due to the bonds they all create together. 

It’s always amazing to appreciate. 

A Happy Birthday gift for thecarefree who is lovely and turning 21 today :) Just an image that popped into my head, my first Laura since I know you love her so much. I hope you like it and it can brighten your day a bit! <3 


The problem with a femur breaking instead of any other bone is that he is just so strong that when it breaks and pierces the skin/muscle (creating a scar tissue) he can cut tendons/ligaments/muscles like butter.

What Ryuji probably did though was fixing his bone in place with fixators (a temporary surgery almost necessary for those who break this bone) to provide good stability, but is followed by: another surgery (to correct his deformity) or the fixator is left on until the patient is stable enough (if the final surgery is way too risky).

I believe the pain he feels when he puts too much weight on his thigh is too strong to be only a tissue issue and even if it was he wouldn’t become limp because of a scar tissue (unless it was directly on the knee) it is probably due to a tendon (or other nerve) damage that made his right leg like that. 

A career with sports is impossible for him because of a injury like that but the physical treatment is a way of increasing his limit and reducing the pain (that can get worse if he doesn’t exercise).

Is American English innovating a new “cuteness” marker? I keep thinking of examples like “snek” and “doge”, indicating that the entity in question is “cute” by shifting the vowel forward. But I can’t think of any other examples right now. Something is definitely up. I’M ON TO Y'ALL OUT THERE ON THE INTERNET!

I feel like I should do a post about how I pass from hating Sakura with every inch of my body to love the way she looks like being with Kakashi and how her future could have been if she didn’t stay with Sasuke but true is I actually don’t know how happen and I believe it’s pretty obvious that KakaSaku is such a better relationship than SasuSaku bc KakasHI DIDN’T FUCKING TRY TO KILL HER TWICE AND DIDN’T CALL HER USELESS EVERY TIME HE COULD AND FUCKING DIDN’T FELL IN LOVE WITH NARUTO CUZ JESUS CHRIST I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE DON’T NOTICE HOW SICK IS SASUKE’S AND SAKURA’S MARRIAGE. I MEAN, C'MON, YOU JUST CAN’T

Best daddy ever… :heart: *Melting* Kind a collaboration between me and @talesofquelfarii She did sketch, I - The rest. Thanks for that Bae! 

Takeshi Sukeruton belongs to her! Hope you like him. (Ah, and also… THE ARTBLOCK WAS  DEFEATED!)

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