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*weeps* Berseria event started so of course I do the 3 tier rolls. Got 5 5* characters, a dupe 5* Asbel, and then 2 of each of them. I’m so so happy over getting Eleanor! Aaaaaaaaaah!!

I might actually tag out Christmas Rose and tag her in for a Sub since Eleanor also has a 50% active heal but Eleanor’s an arte healer so she’ll go better with Velvet, lol.

This is based on one of the scenes in the fanfic ‘Break My Heart, Break Your Heart’ by thesilvergoddess :D is one of my favourite characters and rarely do you ever see her so well written. normally she’s just a Dorito gremlin right? This fic is doing things to me and I can’t wait for the next chapter already.

read it here! >

now back to Overwatch. I’m addicted to the game halp

A Happy Birthday gift for thecarefree who is lovely and turning 21 today :) Just an image that popped into my head, my first Laura since I know you love her so much. I hope you like it and it can brighten your day a bit! <3 

Best daddy ever… :heart: *Melting* Kind a collaboration between me and @talesofquelfarii She did sketch, I - The rest. Thanks for that Bae! 

Takeshi Sukeruton belongs to her! Hope you like him. (Ah, and also… THE ARTBLOCK WAS  DEFEATED!)

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sebastian stan + lyndsy fonseca in hot tub time machine (2010)

I think about non binary Kenma a lot since I read @shions-heart‘s IWFYITD.

The other day, I was talking to a friend about D Gray Man (because that’s what I do best) and after a little while, it kinda hit me that, if you tell the story as it is, it isn’t a happy story.

I mean, sure we joke about how sad and tragic the story is, and it is true. But yet, if we read the story, we also know there’s a lot of light hearted  moments, really fun parts and overral, always a good feeling to it. 

Yet in a way those elements seems a bit absent if you focus on telling the story straight forward with just the events that happen. It seems unreal that there’s actually as much light hearted moments when you hear some of the basics dilema and storylines. 

So I was kind of thinking about what was making the light moments work, why, even by being hit by the tragic of the situations, we have such a good feeling reading this manga, why the tragedy doesn’t wear us off. 

And in the end it all comes down to the characters who are extremely self aware of the tragedy around them and decided to hold on together still. 

The comedy, the good moments, they come from when the characters just focus on each others, to care about one another. In the end, that’s the scene where Lavi, Lenalee,Allen and Chaoji discuss of what they’re going to do when they’re in the Ark that describe it the best. They refuse to give up to the tragedy and they’re going to still laugh about it, still going to care about one another. 

And in a way it is so positive and heartwarming. In a way it’s where dgm truly works - without shying away from the drama, it gives us a lot of safe moments in the manga in order to rest, to recover with our characters, and all is due to the bonds they all create together. 

It’s always amazing to appreciate.