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I work at a small town bowling alley and the bowlers bring their hellspawn with them. i can't really blame the kids for acting out; they're stuck inside all afternoon and bored. anyway a set of i think 6yo Twins are always in the thick of shit. recently the older kids were asking the boy if he would kiss one of the older girls if he was the same age as her. he said yes. his sister found this inappropriate. so, upstanding citizen that she is, she decked him. even cut her knuckle on his tooth.



These two haven’t even met in canon but I’m starting to ship them already WTF

Psycho-Pass Official Profiling 2: Interviews

Here’s all the interviews from the Official Profiling 2 book. (Well, except for the ones with Ling Toshite Shigure, Chelly from EGOIST, and Yugo Kanno. Aka the ones in charge of the music. Sorry about that.) They include the following:

  • Staff – General Director – Motohiro Katsuyuki
  • Cast – Hanazawa Kana (Akane), Fujiwara Keiji (Tougane), Kimura Ryohei (Kamui)
  • Cast – Hanazawa Kana (Akane), Seki Tomokazu (Kougami)
  • Staff – original story concept & screenplay – Urobuchi Gen; 2nd season structure – Ubukata Tow
  • Staff – Director – Shiotani Naoyoshi

Under the cut are a lot of words (almost 13k), but here are the takeaways:

  • Like I theorized way back, Psycho-Pass is not a series with a fixed start-end plot, but a sandbox where only certain elements of the world and certain characters are set in stone. Thus new writers, etc can come in and play with the pieces every single time. Even the staff’s all “there are so many side stories and spinoffs that we’ll leave it up to you to figure out canon” from them.

  • The movie was thought up, planned, and put into production before they ever considered season two. I repeat, the movie was always the priority, and the gears started moving right when they finished s1.
  • Apocalypse Now was a huge inspiration for the movie.
  • Everyone (cast, staff) agrees that if a certain character had been there in s2, the case would have been wrapped up right away and there would have been no s2. (So unbelievably true, but grrrrrr)

  • Shimotsuki Mika is beloved by the staff for the exact same reason that fans dislike her (“she’s what Sibyl thinks a true Inspector is”).
  • Hinakawa was always made to be a foil to other characters (poor boy).

  • If you didn’t know, many of the important staff figures spent a lot of their careers on live action, crime series, etc, and really love Western scifi/crime/etc media, which is one of the reasons why PP feels so different from a typical anime you see nowadays.
  • The recording cast left an empty chair in the studio for you know who during s2, and HanaKana basically said at one point, “Please come back already!”
  • And if nothing else, read the two cast interviews!

Spoilers for s2 and the movie, obviously, under the cut.

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Captain Steph Houghton: Senior women’s world cup - Bronze medalist.

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YO about what you said about the ISTJ setting an alarm to brush their teeth, I live with an ISTJ and they set an alarm for EVERYTHING. This ISTJ has literally kept all of us waiting to leave because they still had exactly 4 minutes of piano practice before the alarm went off

Just when you think you’ve seen everything…

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How dare you insult birds with your belief of mammal supremacy. Birds are DINOSAURS, the ones that were badass enough to survive I might add. They rule the sky and everything below! There will come a day when all mammals, including humans, tremble before the power of birds. Bats are just bird wannabes (but you can't really blame them, birds are awesome). I'll have you know that you have declared war. And birds have never loss a war! (Look up the Emu Wars)

Honey, avian dinosaurs have been around for about 100 million years. Bats have been around for half that, and diversified like crazy in that time. You think we’ve seen all that they have to offer? This is the bat DAWN. You might have been a T. rex once, but now y’all are 60% itty-bitty little songbirds. Tweet tweet, motherfucker.

Besides, if anybody’s a wannabe it’s you birds. First flying archosaurs? PTEROSAURS DID IT FIRST, AND PTEROSAURS DID IT BETTER.

And sure, declaring war, typical bloodthirsty bird tactic. That’s why the most famous example of animal altruism comes from bats, while you guys are busy pooping on windshields.

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so i'm not into gravity falls but i'm puzzled by your colors lyric ask to not tag as that incest ship but you use a song that's about sex? i mean, i saw people complaining about this and i really can't blame them

i noticed people complaining too, and honestly it irks me. did the story i put with it have anything to do with anything sexual? absolutely not

when i chose that song, i was honestly very worried, because i knew what everyone thought about it, but the song just felt so perfect that i couldnt NOT do it, and if i can manage making a good majority of people see it platonically, then good, cause im tired of things always being about sex. i tried my hardest to keep the comic as platonic as possible, and id appreciate it if it was kept that way. not everything has to be read sexually

and honestly, if it wasnt for the lines “i’ve only felt religion when i’ve lied with you // but you touched me and suddenly i was a lilac sky” i personally wouldnt have been able to tell the song had anything to do with anything sexual. heck before everyone started talking about it i never thought it was even about anything sexual, just about a bad relationship with bad repercussions. the color blue for me meant sad/depressed, the typical “im feeling blue” thing (the fact that “im/he’s blue” actually comes in the song made it no better) so of fuckin course i read the song as a breakup song. and who better to go with a breakup song than stan and ford, their lives sucked, and i wanted to show that in the comic. they went from a good relationship to something very sour, and it left them both hurt. that fit along perfectly with how i first interpreted the song

so if someone wants to completely forgo the story i was trying to tell cause they cant get past the song, then thats their problem. i chose that song for a reason and im proud with my outcome. i wanted people to know that i didnt intend the comic to be sexual, and that its not supposed to be read sexually, hence “plz dont tag”. i could’ve made it about two completely unrelated characters and i would’ve put the same thing. im tired of everything being sexual.

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Oh dear, LM. I feel like they probably don't give 2 shits about Harry but thought that swiping left was a "girl power" sort of thing to do considering his "lothario" image. And that name-checking someone even more famous than Harry (with Taylor) would get them additional high fives. I can't really blame them for clinging to their official image & Harry's official narrative, but damn you'd think at least one of them would be savvy enough to show some diplomacy there considering their position.

I do feel like their management played a part in that disaster. It was all very “official narrative”: Harry’s a hoe and girl power (eyeroll) jumping on the Taylor (who’s very hot rn) train. But that was a gross miscalculation. Taylor Swift has been around like a decade already, right? She has a well established fanbase independent of 1D, quite obviously. Now compare that to Little Mix…yeeaaahhh. They have no business taking a cheap shot at Harry when 1D is largely responsible for the minor success they have had. 

This is a classic case of don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.    

Their management is sincerely so awful. First they resurrected the can’t-fart-in-front-of-my-man narrative (??????). Then they shade Harry as if he’s supposed to so much worse than “official narrative” Zayn, who’s a serial cheater. Really? These girls are so unlikable. They’re presented as insecure and bitchy. And then they shove ‘em out the door holding hands are you’re supposed think those are empowered women who support each other? Fuck. That. Little Mix needs to go away. They’re a lousy example to young women.

The only positive here is that they’re alienating the people who have actually heard of them, so tick tock ladies.

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Just to inform you: ppl are being really xenophobic against brazilians on twitter and pretty much all my brazilians followers are saying that they will not help with trends anymore... in terms of social midia this can really hurt the movement. I can't really blame them for leaving because I really saw some disgusting "jokes" against them. Brazil is a big force on twitter

Can we stop playing right into the network’s hand and quit it with the infighting? Don’t quit being an asshole just because we need them to trend, quit being an asshole because it’s the right thing to do. We’re better than this. Are you guys take notes from Baloo and Pike now? Get it together.