can't believe this seasons over :(

Waiting for the final episode of Pretty Little Liars to start Vs watching the ending credits for the last time

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Who’s the real namja ?

  • Strand: Hello I'm returning one of 11 calls from someone named Alex Reagan... it's Richard Strand. Okay, goodbye.

I think about how badly gotham fucked over renee, but then I remember alex and maggie exist and at least alex is a main character and maggie is coming back

So Here's Some Thoughts

I LOVED that season finale! I have so many things I want to say, not just about the episode, but the Season two trailer as well.

Okay, so let’s get started!

• Oh my gosh, I’m so happy that Cyrus may or may not be confirmed gay/bisexual/ or maybe even pan?? I mean, he looked back at Jonah. And not for like a second, but for a long time.

• Bowie and Bex! Finally they talk and just have a general good time! And the goofy grin on Andi’s face made me smile.

• Andi looked so content when she watched Bowie and Bex dancing. She looked like she finally accepted she had a family now. A mother and a father who both love her, and obviously each other.

• Um, is it just me? Or are Bowie and Bex’s relationship problems are the same ones Andi and Jonah are having.

Like, Bowie hasn’t been known to be dependable. Jonah hasn’t really been either, he’s literally been just clinging onto Andi. I may be pushing this, but they really do seem similar.

• To be honest, I don’t want Bowie and Bex to be together in season two, or at least not married. We just went through the fact that Bex doesn’t think she can rely on Bowie, and here finds a ring and thinks he should propose to her because it’s a sign from the “universe”? Excuse me, but there’s no way Bex will say yes to that. She hardly is giving him a chance now. Do you think she’d just say yes just because of Andi? Again, problematic relationship they need to deal with before diving any further.

Oh don’t think Bex is “clean” one here. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to know why there are different photos of her in different CLUBS all across the country. I know she travels but that’s a lot of clubs. I have a feeling there’s something she’s hiding.

• Iris. I don’t even know where to start. She seems nice and all, and maybe someone who actually has a crush on Cyrus. But she tries and kisses him?! Excuse me, but this is Cyrus we’re talking about. 1. You haven’t been dating him long and 2. That kiss seemed a bit forced.
Maybe Cyrus was doubting their relationship, so she tried to kiss him. Which would explain why he’s reluctant.

• The Buffy and Marty scene was beautiful. It really developed Buffy’s character more, without breaking who she truly is. Plus, they handled Cyrus as if he was their son and I thought that was cute. But that’s just me.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts! Reblog this (if you want to) and let me know yours! I love reading theories!


Best of 2015 Meme: [5/5] New Shows → iZombie

↳ “I got mad and suddenly I was 99% zombie, like, 28 Days Later style with a side of rage bomb. I was a dead, alabaster badass!”