can't believe someone wants to cosplay this!!

Okay, hopefully the “click to enlarge” works on this…

A PROBLEM SLEUTH FANDOM cosplay reference for someone that requested it!

I changed the design a teeny bit (added some colour, mostly.) In case you can’t read the text, here it is:

Use black lines along edges. (This is for the style of Problem Sleuth, where nearly everything is in black and white)

Footwear can have candycorn colours for soles and laces, but just white is fine too!

If you want to REALLY go for it, then some orange contact lenses would be pretty cool!

Key is essential. Maybe a sudoku book as well?

If you’ve got questions regarding the design, feel free to drop me a message. c:

I honestly wasn’t expecting my original post to get so many notes (and good GOSH, so many new followers from it! What??), so thanks a ton! And to those who haven’t read Problem Sleuth yet, go do it! You might be surprised at just how many things Homestuck has taken from it.


Some miscellaneous cosplays throughout the weekend I absolutely loved~

I didn’t take many pictures this year mainly due to the fact I couldn’t even see if the pictures were coming out in focus or not, but I’m glad these ones at least turned out okay~

Please let me know if you want me to tag you in this if you see your cosplay!

Tulio - fangasmicfandoms

Situ - ghostlycorvid

Baymax’s creator - creme13rulee