can't believe i still ship them

I thought we were over with shipping wars but it looks like SP and Kishimoto still haven’t had enough. If they want to make new, stupid love triangles then they could have at least made them somewhat original and not just insert old characters under new names.

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i can't believe in the year 2017 y'all are still fighting over a bland, uninteresting white boy ship lmao,,,, y'all are hilarious 😂😂

haha yeah man i wish i could be as awesome as u and spend my days sending anons to people i don’t care about just to show them how much more superior i am for not enjoying the same things they enjoy lmao you’ve got it figured out, dude!

After the new South Park
  • Creek shippers: look at them! they're still together! shit but what if they're ads? NO I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT!
  • Style shippers: it'll be okay right? They're super best friends so they'll be okay RIGHT!? (panic mode engaged)
  • People who ship both: *on fire* I'll be okay...I think

I decided to fangirl in the tags


Ps please don’t send anyone hate for shipping or not shipping scomiche, we know they’re just friends. Unless someone is actively harassing them, or or saying inappropriate things. But otherwise, just agree to disagree.


And then my little Perc’ahlia/Vexcy shipping heart exploded into a million tiny glittery rainbows [heart-eyes emoji]

Bonus Marisha and Sam reactions:

(and yes i know i put “kowolski” because she pronounced it like that even if it’s typed up as “kossolowski” but then taliesin pronounces it like that too)


So I saw somewhere that mentioned Otayuri rarepair… am I so deep into this ship that I truly believe it is canon while others out there are putting these two together like I do Phichit and Celestino?

Yeah yeah… I know… I love the pairs around a bit… thank the heavens y'all can’t see my damn unfinished WIPs… Jesus… I even make myself dizzy on the pairs….

To me YOI is Victuuri… and Otayuri….

A Philinda hand “touch?”

People, people. Let’s be real here and call it what it is.

That was a straight up Philinda hand CARESS. 

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I can't believe someone like you would be into something as juvenile as shipping. And by the way, Drake is not 'respectful' towards Nicki Minaj, he raps about wanting to have sex with her in basically every song.

There’s nothing juvenile about shipping, stop being such a pretentious asshole.
And you can want to have sex with someone and still respect them? Clearly she’s ok with him rapping about it because she’s never been the kind of person who’d keep quiet about something that’s bothering her. Maybe they have that kind of friendship idk. She’s ok with giving him lap dances and stuff.
Anyway, if having sex with her was the only thing he talks about then yeah, that’s not ok but he also lets her know that he respects her for the kind of person/the kind of artist she is.AND MY FAVORITE (taken from this interview):

When I was on the first tour, I saw Nicki for the first time and literally fell in love. She had this snap-back hat on that said ‘Minaj.’ She used to wear that every single day. She was like a theater student and she was so cold at rapping. I remember one of the first nights that we were out in Miami and I went to Jerry’s Deli. I was like, ‘You want food, you hungry?,’ I sent her flowers, and she was like, ‘Yeah, I want some food.’ I was like, ‘I’m in, we gon’ eat food together.’ I came to her door and she took the food and shut the door in my face! I was just like, ‘Man, this is gonna be a long road for us.’ I’ve always really, actually, really had a crush on her, always really loved her.

So yeah, BYE.

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I've never read any of the AtLA comics, so when Book 3 began and Mai and Zuko kissed, I was like "what the hell? Did I miss an episode?" I honestly thought I had missed an episode because their 'romance', to me, came out of no where. So I searched online for the episode I could have missed, but found that I didn't miss any episodes at all; this 'romance' had, in fact, happened off screen. I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it. Grrr.

I know. I was so mad at the way they handled Zuko’s relationship. It was so bad. They were obviously intended to be a bad relationship destined for breakup. Bryke totally decided to pair them off and be in love at the last minute and it was so lazy and sloppy! Honestly, I’ve never seen such a good character’s canon ship handled so badly. Worst ship ever! It was ridiculous. I’d rather have had him stay single. Let’s look at their wonderful relationship progression in the show.

Mai tells Zuko to shut up about his feelings. She grabs his face, kisses him, then leaves him alone to sulk.

For some unknown reason, none of that matters. It’s smoochy-smoochy time. Azula, who manipulated them together to begin with, comes to interrupt and further messes with Zuko’s head.

They have a miserable day at the beach, she bosses him around at the party, they fight, then break up. He becomes severely depressed thinking about his family, then burns his family picture right in front of her. Mai does not bother to notice this, gets angry with Zuko, they argue some more…then kiss?

Now they are apparently lovey-dovey again. Mai enjoys the luxuries of palace life and suggests she and Zuko bond by abusing his servants. Shut up about your feelings Zuko, no one cares about the war meeting where your dad burned half of your face off. Or the current one where he wants you to help incinerate innocent people. Let’s ride the palanquin! Zuko plans to leave and breaks up with her in a letter.

She is mad at him, yells at him, and does not have the slightest clue about why he left and does not want to know why. She is just mad that he dumped her. They argue, then he locks her in the cell.

Azula then nearly kills her after she saves him, and she only survives because of Ty Lee. Both are then thrown in prison. Meanwhile Zuko leaves never to look back and in the next episode sings Kumbaya with the Gaang and goes on a life changing field trip with Katara. He does not seem to think about her again.

They reunite, he looks confused, she threatens him to never break up with her again, and they kiss and live happily ever after…? Until the comics where they break up again, and she helps her father try to assassinate him.

I mean, COME ON! Bryke, you’re killing me here! WHY would you write shit like this!? You actually have to TRY to write something this bad.


This is an Ahsha and Derek appreciation post.

Actually, it’s also an excuse to examine Mckinley Freeman’s superior torso. And he’s smart. So pretty and so smart… By the way, I can’t believe that this guy is 37. Black truly don’t crack…


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Why are people saying SS is problematic and that the source of it all is Sasuke. I'm not sure Sasuke has never been abusive to Sakura in fact he is the only character besides Ino that understands Sakura the best. Sasuke never was abusive I read it in a SS blog unfollowed him/or /her because it was awful how they depicted Sasuke as being abbusive and an absent father. I wanna know your opinion your not bias and you talk so eloquently.

Ah, the same old “SS is problematic” rigmarole. 

Yes you’re right, Sasuke is very attentive of Sakura and sees through her well. Sasuke is the source of most of SS’es problems, but that does NOT make SasuSaku problematic. Even someone as troubled as Sasuke found his happy ending, with the only girl he grew close to. And no, Sasuke has never been abusive. From the little we see of Sasuke in 700, he’s most likely NOT an absent father. Let’s get this last point out of the way first:

What is the basis of the absent father claims? He’s not in the village at that very moment? Do a few after-school instants characterize an entire relationship? 700 is the preamble to part III and the fact that he’s away is relevant to the plot. Sarada isn’t shown to long for her father, in fact, she’s noticing a similarity between her rivalry with Boruto and her dad’s with Naruto. If Sasuke were an absent father she wouldn’t speak of him so comfortably. And then, Sasuke is so connected to his daughter that he senses her exclamation. The only noises are his, the forest is static, the scene shifts toward him as his daughter is still talking, with the “…” it’s clear there’s nothing in the forest. Come onnnn. He’s clearly reacting to her. The lengths people will go to justify what they wish they saw… smh fandom. 

Part of SS’s struggles is also how Sakura thinks Sasuke sees her. I’m mentioning them, but this does NOT make them problematic. How can people call SS problematic if we haven’t even seen their dynamic as a mature couple? Almost no bond is ever the same before and after a relationship has been established. Is it okay to drop someone while they’re at their worst? How do the nuptial vows go again? “Through thick and thin (similar vows apply in Japan and other non-JudeoChristian traditions). Before getting into a relationship, Sakura reaffirms the earnest quality of her unconditional love, all this while never compromising her values. So from Sakura’s side, the love is admirable. 

The manga extends over Sasuke’s darkest years, it is not representative of stable Sasuke. Like we’ve been saying forever. Problematic/abusive relationships can be identified because the victim is unable to refuse the partner’s manipulative demands. Sasuke’s problem is the opposite, he tries so hard to escape those bonds. Never has he been controlling, never has he forced them to do something against their wishes, he never played the victim in order to gain something from Sakura or any one of his friends. Was Sakura hurting? A lot, but it was second-hand suffering because she’s very empathetic, and Sasuke’s pain is massive.

Does Sasuke have the right to be so broken? After all, Karin, Kimimaro and others lost their clan too. Hasn’t Kakashi seen his father die before his eyes? Some readers can’t forgive Sasuke for having been a thorn in the side of many, but I feel empathy for him. He was betrayed and brainwashed by the one person he loved the most. It isn’t just the tragedy of what he had to endure, but how he found the strength to survive one shocking revelation after the other. His thoughts were manipulated too many times. He could trust no one. No bond with a person so broken can be easy. Yet, this girl and team slowly gained ground into his heart, “I don’t ever want to watch those dear to me die before my eyes again” he thought could grow emotionless, he tried to rationalize feelings, but failed. That’s not how feelings work. Sakura is Sasuke’s special girl, the proof is scattered all over the manga. Even him, shattered as he was, mistaken as he was, recovered the unconditional love he had lost with his brother. Can you imagine how comforting Sakura’s love must be, for someone this hurt?

At this point we’re going in circles. Us SasuSaku shippers see an inspirational story in which a guy, who believes to have lost his right to be happy ever again, finds the truest love in someone who knows him well, who both saw him shine, and at his lowest. Despite having seen it all, and despite not approving of his choices, she still believes there’s good left in him, she wants him happy.

By rhetoric and the blindness of a bias, those who want to see evil will find it anywhere. If someone sees abuse in SS, they’re free to taint their glasses of whatever shade they choose, let them be my guest to steer clear of our fandom. Because nobody can guilt-trip us into loving this ship. In fact, guess what? THEIR persecution falls under abuse.

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I've been out of the CC game for a while since I moved but I still ship them. Basically I want to know if there's been any recent interaction between Chris and Darren cuz I can't find anything but I saw Darren's tweet about if you insult his you insult him and it really shocked me I've missed so much!

Hi anon. Darren and Chris have not publicly been seen together since the end of Glee. They both did the march in LA last week. But we’re a block or two apart. Fact is. Ours is not an easy ship to sail. To believe. You have to look at everything from the clues on social media. To the messages in chris’ books. And the ones in the lyrics of songs Darren talks about. Some clues are overt, like My Chris Col-Fur, some more subtle like a reference to Flounder a few days after the Little Mermaid.

To be here and believe. You have to be smart, observant, thick skinned, resilient and patient. And you have to be willing to overlook the many lies that have been told.

But honestly. There’s enough. 2 years later and the clues are plentiful. And frequent. And we have the help of Team Beard who thankfully are horrific at their job. Plus. Chris truly is the captain. He can say what he wants about fandom. But he gives to ours a lot.

Satangate. Not a lot is known to be honest. It was after the DC pops concert. A young fan, said to be about 15 years old, uttered the word Satan. The sound was caught on video. The word was said. No one. No one knows who it was directed at or why she said it. After that Darren left.

Allegedly he returned shortly after. Said fuck you to the young fan. But what’s interesting. No one. Not one single person out of what I understand to be about 10 people caught it on film. So we don’t actually know, do we? Do I think Darren is innocent? Not completely. I’m guessing something occurred. But how bad it was, we have no idea.

Subsequently there was the disrespect tweet on twitter. No doubt that was posted by Ricky or beard herself. Both of whom were present.

The fall out. Darren got so much hate and for a prolonged period. It appears he called out a young fan for saying the word Satan. Do not get me wrong. No one should be calling names to someone’s face. I don’t agree with that and I think you all know my personal feelings about the people who surround Darren. That is disrespectful. But this was handled terribly and it appears that a young fan was shamed. Not just in person but on social media. By an adult.

My opinion? I think a bad situation was made worse by the toxic people in Darren’s life. I think he was pressured and didn’t handle it well. I also think it was greatly exaggerated to show him in a bad light. And I think he regretted it. And Again. The tweet is separate and I’m confident they were not his words.

The one good thing. She was banned from fan events for quite sometime. She’d didn’t go to We day in London. Nor was she present at the next 2 pops concerts. And the one in NYC included an after party with Darren and any member of the audience willing to pay the price of admission (to support the pops).

Darren isn’t always perfect. Nor would I be in his shoes. But he tries to learn and correct himself. And, I have said this multiple times, something happened to him the week he was in London. He was off the radar for a week. Officially we do not know his travel companion but can absolutely confirm she wasn’t there as she was tagged by friends in LA multiple times over the week. And well. It’s convenient that chris was completely off the radar that week. Darren came back with a renewed energy. And a renewed spirit. The NYC concert was the Darren we love.

And I have noticed a difference in the bearding since then. A Major difference. We get heavy chunks of it. But there have been some deliberate choices made and I think Darren has been protecting himself more. She’s limited when he’s working. It was very evident during hedwig when there was little interaction between the two.

So I do think he learned from that event. And I do think changes were made. And I think that’s the important take away here.

In an ugly world full of ship wars and Discourse™, all my love to Moreid for just being consistently good and pure and loving and supportive.

BroTP? That’s cool. OTP? That’s cool too. It doesn’t matter.

We all agree that Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid are soulmates who by their own admisison will still be around pranking each other in the year 2200.

All is well.

150730 ☼ Accidental notebook haul ;A; Last week Kikkerland had a 65% off sale on Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, so I got these 5 for $30 and saved nearly $60. I plan on using the pocket notebook for writing down random Japanese vocabulary I see and the rest I wanted to stock for journaling. The pastel Moleskine cahiers unfortunately weren’t on sale, but I bought them because the colors were cute and I wanted to get free shipping on the Amazon order I made last week. -_- I probably won’t buy them again because the paper is a bit thinner than I would’ve liked, but I’m glad I have the chance to try them~