can't be completely perfect


Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman // Bordighera, View Of Cap D'Antibes, Peaches, The Sheltered Path by Claude Monet

You know you love someone when everything that they do is beautiful in your eyes. It could be the most typical thing too. Like driving, or writing a note, or making pancakes… You just can’t not stop and wonder how they could be so perfect.
—  @itsfangirlalex - 🖤

Soooo there’s a new FNAF game out. Anti first appeared in a FNAF game. Jack’s been droppin’ hints on Anti’s return like dolla bills. 

Guys. I think I know which vid is coming up, and which one Anti will appear in.



i told john he was my favorite comedian and he kind of jokingly side-eyed me and said, “do you mean that?” and i said “YES i mean that sincerely!” and he looked me right in the eyes and said “thank you for saying that, that means a lot” and it was just perfect

I know it’s polite to listen when people are speaking to you, but sometimes I can’t help but just stare into your eyes while you talk and wonder how the hell I could be lucky enough to have found you. It’s so easy to get lost in the moment and when you blink at me I have to shake myself awake and smile like I wasn’t just mesmerised completely.

Jensen's accoustic performance of Wild Mountain Thyme

shoulder to shouldera mix for the rain, the storm, and the sky (listen)

the new pornographers - challengers | the national - bloodbuzz ohio | passion pit - smile upon me | lights - cactus in the valley | ok go - before the earth was round | mumford and sons - hopeless wanderer | bastille - pompeii | the national - don’t swallow the cap | coldplay - atlas | stu larsen - paper sails | james vincent mcmorrow - we don’t eat | the mountain goats - game shows touch our lives | menomena - rotten hell

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I didn't want to be 'that' anon, but I really can't get into Perfect. I'm a little disappointed.

That’s completely fine, anon! I don’t like all of 1D’s music and I liked Four as an album much more than I like what I’ve heard from Made in the A.M.

I think it’s important that even when expressing an unpopular or contrary opinion to remember that it’s your right to say it and that you shouldn’t be ashamed to claim your voice within the fandom. This fandom has such a culture of attack and it makes everyone trend lightly. I lost a lot of followers after saying that I care more about the safety of women than how profitable the band is. Until that point I had tried to blog as if I didn’t care about the reception of my posts, though often failed, that was my eye opener of “I can’t blog to keep a follower count, because I care about fundamentally different things than my followers.” Basically, feel free in expressing your opinion and feelings, as long as they don’t rely on stomping on anyone else’s rights. If we were all a little kinder to one another the fandom would be a much nicer place.  

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Colin needs to just stop it -STOP IT!- because I am a very happily married woman... and a happily married woman should not be thinking things about another married man. It was the damn guitar thing that put me over the edge into complete insanity. I mean, he can't really be that perfect. Can he?! Aaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhh!

Oh dear, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you… I don’t think he’s going to stop any time soon. He can absolutely be that sweet and talented and charming and lovely, and play the guitar and sing and tease us about taking his shirt off, and he seems to be on a mission to prove all of this over and over. Because he’s Colin, and he can.

So, will he ever stop? Hmm…