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PD101S2 EP.5 Ghost Prank Hidden Camera Spoiler

The ghost is a female ghost with blood dripping from the mouth. The boys will be talking to their reflection in the mirror (as seen in the preview) and the ghost will come out from behind. But since season one had hidden cameras, some of the boys this season probably knew about it so it wouldn’t be as fun.

Kids who screamed: Kim Taemin, Joo Haknyeon, Choi Minki, Yoo Hoesung
Kids who cried: Yoon Jisung, Lee Woojin, Park Woojin, Ha Sungwoon
Kids who weren’t scared: Ong Seongwoo, Lai Guanlin, Park Jihoon, Hwang Minhyun, and Im Youngmin

translation credits: @imyoungmine / @cherishjihoon


new Bill trailer! 


I just finished the Firefly one, so I thought I’d make a post compiling 10 of my cross-stitch patterns that I’ve finished myself - some were commisions and others are just for me :)

Just click on the links if you’d like to purchase any of the patterns!

  1. Avengers / Doctor Who / The Starks / “No Admittance” sign / Frozen / Firefly / Supernatural / The Dark Knight Rises / Disney Princesses / Disney Villains

Hey I am just making this post quickly to say that nobody needs to feel bad or isolated for shipping something or liking something, it’s a free country and if you are capable of loving multiple ships at a time it’s great, no need to apologize for that, but let’s just remember every ship has their own tags you wanna flail over a certain ship tag that ship please don’t tag all the other ships cause not everyone is capable of multishipping and hence they might not want to see those posts that is all, c'mon SWEN is lovely and strong and a great fandom and I appreciate all of you for always being so supportive and encouraging and I can’t thank you all enough for always being there for each other, love you guys*GROUP HUG*<3

Michael putting on a brave face when leaving for tour; whispering words of encouragement, ‘I love you, it’ll fly by,’ and ‘it’s okay, we’ll facetime every hour’ but his arms are around you even tighter than normal and his face is buried in the crook of your neck a little too long, mumbling something you can’t quite hear and when he finally looks up with a pout and a heavy sigh and you ask what he was on about he shrugs and says, ‘I’m just gonna miss you is all,’ and he sighs again, his eyes glancing over you quickly, before he’s whining pathetically, ‘and your boobs look great today. I’m really gonna miss them.’

tour!5sos blurb night! tag me in your blurbs yay!

Friendly reminder that scanlating is a long process. You have to wait for the raw providers to give you the scans, clean them, translate them, check for mistakes, typeset it and put it all together and then up online. Those who do this usually have many projects at once and don’t work on only one series. They also are people with a life outside of this, they are not paid for doing any of it and they also have work or school and other things to do. They are not at your service. Don’t harass them, don’t be dicks to them, because that? That’s the best way to ensure that they’ll either drop the series or stop scanlating anything at all. It has happened before.

Plus also another reminder that this Retrace is 76 pages long. The whole process, on 76 pages. The chinese scan team for PH usually works in one or two days, very few anyway, the mag just went out yesterday. So don’t start now complaining how they suck because they don’t have anything put on their website for us yet.

Also this also applies to all the other people kind enough to provide any scans or translations or informations. Try to respect them a bit more, they do a lot for us and being angry, whiny and impatient isn’t a great way to thank them.

unfortunately I’m not nearly skilled enough to offer you guys much more than this little follow forever as a holiday gift but i hope it will suffice! this year has been strange and exciting and for some reason so many of you stuck around and joined in this little journey of mine. so thank you for following, for talking to me, befriending me, letting me wax poetic about luke and being so consistently lovely to a gal (me!) who isn’t quite sure what she did to deserve it. I hope all you bugs have the most wonderful holiday season, whether you celebrate or not! ♥ (i’m certain to forget people, please forgive me if i do!)

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