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It’s the last day of @miraculous-weeks‘s AU week so how about this: WRECK-IT IVAN?

Seriously, you could swap out half the cast either way and the plots would remain exactly the same, that’s how well it fits.

- Ivan as Ralph, he’s giant and scary but actually adorable (not to mention, Stone Heart going around and wrecking Paris anyone? The most Ralph thing ever)
- Nino as Felix, because he’s adorable and wears a cap and is an actual polite sweetheart who likes to have fun :D
- Alya as Calhoun, she’s so hardcore and awesome and loves action and adventure!! (+DJwifi can exist now, yaaay)
- Nooroo as Sour Bill, having to obey the villain no matter what and is the only one to know the villain’s secret identity… save them both pls
- Chloe, Sabrina and Kim as Taffyta, Candlehead and Rancis. Chloe’s the head bully, Sabrina’s her sidekick who does everything she says, and Kim… just kinda sticks around and is a dork. (And also everyone ships Vanellope and Rancis so like there’s always heartrate if you’re into that?)
- Hawk Moth as Turbo. Whoever Hawk Moth is beneath the mask, that’s King Candy.

Bonus - please imagine this scene but with Ralph and Vanellope:

Headcanons for Kageyama’s backpack (buckle up, everyone):

  • Kageyama has a volleyball pump in his backpack. You never know when you’ll encounter a volleyball with substandard inflation
  • He’s only got one kind of coin for change, because this is the change he receives from the vending machine when he buys the same drink from it every day
  • The keychain on his key is the same tag it came with when distributed by the landlords. He never bothered to take it off
  • He bites his pens and pencils, and he lost the cap to his pen ages ago
  • He also snapped the tip of his pencil weeks ago and hasn’t used it since- his pink eraser is immaculately unused. He figured why bother when he has a perfectly functioning pen instead
  • The crumpled paper was a test (probably math), and he got 12/70, the poor child
  • The neatly folded you might recognize… it’s Suga’s chart of hand signals. Kageyama asked if he could keep one in hopes that he might eventually be able to make something similar for his teammates
  • He has the nail clippers to make sure his nails never get in the way of setting- a useful but frustrating tip he stole from Oikawa (who also has nail clippers in his backpack)
  • (I made the time on his phone 9:01 because it’s Kageyama’s jersey and then Hinata’s #10 backwards…)
  • He’s got a stick of eyeliner tucked away in there somewhere… he might not be using it yet, but it’s there
  • The doodle on the corner of notebook paper was drawn by Hinata. It’s a drawing of their freak quick, complete with “GUWAAAAH” sound effect. Kageyama tore it off his old homework because he couldn’t bring himself to throw it away
  • The volleyball charm at the bottom is part of a matching pair… the other half of which is attached to Hinata’s phone. Kageyama’s too embarrased to actually put it on his phone… but he still keeps it in his backpack and brings it with him everywhere
  • I cry

In a slightly less stupid crossover? I drew the crew as the ste u crew. Ashe is stevonnie bc gender lol? And strong body but not Super Buff. Blah blah (well everyone is the character they are bc of body) inien is,, always gonna be amethyst in my heart a lazy slob who’s super cool and funny?? And short and chunky??? Yeah. The only problem I had was thog? Most of the remaining gems were either too curvy or too thin :/ so young greg


You can not tell me that Tae doesn’t look like the sweet & innocent character who is actually the twisted mastermind secretly killing off everyone in the story/show just so he can be on top.

Happy birthday, Undertale!

I could go on a whole spiel on how this little game impacted my life. But I wouldn’t know what to say, and we’d be here all day. In short though, it reminded me of how determined a person I am (and have always been), as well as helping me find confidence within myself. At the time, a year ago, I was in a similar place as say, Alphys or Napstablook. I really wasn’t happy with myself, but upon experiencing this game and being introduced to such confident characters as Papyrus, Undyne, and Mettaton, I found myself building my own confidence over the past year, and it shows. I’ve never felt so pleased with my own art before, or so optimistic that I can draw whatever I set my mind to. I’ve been drawing these characters for almost a year now, and now I find myself with more than half a thousand lovely people taking interest in the silly things I draw. Now there are aspiring artists following me, inspired by me….I never thought I’d come that far, to be an inspiration to others….

While I still have a lot of confidence to build socially, I feel like I’ve come a long way…and so have many other people. This game has come a long way in the people it’s impacted around the world. Thank you, Toby Fox, for creating this game, for reminding us all to stay determined.