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it is okay to not be good at something the first time, even if the expectation is that you will be. it is also okay to not be good at something even if you were good at it at first. 

we have this idea of success where if you show the slightest ability in something, particularly academics, they push you. they push you hard. “what do you mean you don’t understand this next unit of math? you were doing so good the first semester!” “if you just practiced more, you’d be better, you started so strong…” 

any love you have for your talent dries up like this. worse is when you already love your talent and have to face the dry spells with no voice but your own saying: “why can’t you draw?” “why can’t you write?” this is what is supposed to be your future, after all. this is what they’re all proud of you for.

but it is okay to be bad at something you were once good at. i know they will act as if you poisoned them, and i know you will internalize that voice and play it loudly while you’re trying to sleep. but it isn’t true. sometimes we are blank, and that is hard enough to get through without wondering why we aren’t good for anything. 

i spend hours staring at a blank page because i’ve always been so good at writing. i have to hold up every work to my last “best piece”. if i don’t get an A on every essay, is there even anything good about me?

it is okay to fuck up it is okay to fuck up hard it is okay to fuck up hilariously. it is okay to forget your negative signs and only get a B, to write poetry that’s basically a joke, to start typing a story and somehow end up with exactly 2 lines before you realize you’ve got nothing to say. it’s okay to be bad, to be awful, to not understand. 

we are all learning. we are all growing. we will have a good day again. i don’t care what your parents say or your teachers or really anybody. i care what you think about yourself and that’s about it.

yeah, you drew a picture of a snake that looks like a limp noodle - but you kept going and honestly? that’s bravery.

thecosmicblues  asked:

okay so I'm re-reading Breaking Dawn and this has always bothered me I just never thought about it as much as I am now but do you think Edward actually loves/likes Renesmee? Obviously he was not in favor of her being born in the first place, and I can't help but think that he just doesn't care for or even like her that much. What's your opinion?

I think this is part of the problem with this whole “worshipful” thing SM went with. Edward speaks of her with reverence but we don’t see a lot of like … actual interaction with her. There’s something lost there. Even his Christmas gift of an iPod seems kind of impersonal? I know he included his favorite music on it, but there still seems like there’s something ‘distant’ there. 

Obviously SM intended for Edward (and Bella) to love Renesmee very much. But the show doesn’t always match the tell, and sometimes even the tell isn’t very flattering on Edward’s part (saying that Bella is more beautiful than Renesmee, or when Edward and Bella are talking about how they love each other more than anyone had ever loved anyone else and leave out their love for their daughter). I think part of the problem here is that when you set up a couple as this really intense, super-devoted, “literally nothing matters more than you/our love” kind of couple … it’s hard to add a child into that. Carlisle/Esme’s relationship is different, it’s a giving, inclusive sort of relationship, their love for each other sort of radiates outward to encompass their whole family. Bella and Edward’s love is so focused and so insular, that SM ended up having to walk this line of trying to honor that “you are the ONLY thing that matters to me! I would literally DIE without you!” love they have and ALSO make them loving and attentive parents.  I don’t know that she always succeeded with the later. 

I’ve said before there seems to be a lot of joy missing with Renesmee. Little kids, no matter how smart and otherworldly, are also fun, silly creatures full of laughter and make everyone in their orbit act younger and sillier and surrender a little of their dignity. That didn’t seem to happen with Renesmee and I think that missing warmth and joy and silliness is part of the reason that people didn’t always feel the love there. 

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(Sorry to annoy you!) So, I've lived with my parents for 24 years. However, they're moving overseas tomorrow and leaving me with their house. The thing is, I'm terribly close to them and my little brother, and this whole situation has brought me to a depressive mess. The house that's full of laughter is going to be quiet and lonely and I just can't deal with it all. I know I need to grow up and live my own life, but this is too much for me. I don't know what to do. :(

No bother at all! This is what I’m here for.

I’m sorry that you’re going through this, but I promise it will get easier as time goes along. Let’s start with your family- years ago you would’ve relied on telegrams and long-distance phone calls to see your family. But nowadays, there are so many ways to stay connected with the ones you love. You can Skype or Facetime, instant message, group chat, even sync your Netflix accounts to watch shows together. 

Use this technology to stay in touch! Skype your little brother every day if you need to. A true connection is what brings people together, distance does not matter. I never see some of my best friends, but we text all day every day and stay close.

I’m also going to recommend that you get a couple of pets. A couple cats, a dog, a bird, etc. Fill your house with plants- flowers, tomato plants, crawling vines, etc. Buy yourself beautiful things and hang them everywhere, fill your pantry with delicious food, and invite your friends/family over for a house warming party.

Keep busy- join a knitting circle, start a Dungeons and Dragons league, volunteer at an animal shelter. Leave the radio on so the house is never silent. Learn how to bake pies and invite your friends over for pie tasting parties. Start gardening, I know it’s getting cold, but you can probably clean a few weeds up anyway. Cleaning is so cathartic, it will make you feel amazing. Use bath bombs and give yourself a spa day. Light incense and make your house smell like a fucking apple pie.

Trying living on your own for a while, to see how you do. If you find that you absolutely can’t live alone, you may want to look into renting out a room to a college student. Get in touch with local colleges and work with them to ensure that you don’t rent to a homicidal maniac. 

Please stay in touch friend, even if it’s just occasionally, to let me know how you’re doing. Lots of love xx

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Hey Mel, sorry to bother ya but I've got this thing thats been buggin' me for the absolute longest. You know how Telltale's switched up the dynamic between Harley and Joker? Apparently people don't like it. To quote a comment I saw on Youtube: "Jesus, what have they done to the Joker? They turned a calculating psychopath into a little puppy for Harley to kick around. What the fuck Telltales?" and I just can't for the life of me figure out why it bothers me so much.

Hey, it’s no bother at all! :D

It doesn’t surprise me that some people aren’t happy. Telltale has switched up a whole lot of things, like Bruce’s parents actually being assholes etc, which I don’t mind because I like seeing different takes on things but some like to stick to a certain status quo.

I’ve just watched the latest episode and my god do I love this Harley. I would absolutely be her little puppy that’s for damn sure! But I think for some, seeing a character that’s usually known for being flamboyant and dominant placed into a more submissive role can be jarring. But just because he’s fawning over Harley doesn’t mean he’s not being calculating. I haven’t read or seen any interviews with the creators so dunno what they’ve said but I feel he’s not as innocent and lost as he’s making himself out to be. I could be way off the mark but that’s what I’m seeing.

And despite the baiting I am intrigued to see how he evolves into the Joker, how Bruce’s choices inform and shape that evolution. Gonna be interesting to say the least. But don’t let YouTube comments get you down. If you like it, enjoy it, that’s all that matters

I am forever bitter that they never fully explained the whole spirit charmer thing in Radiant Dawn. The spirits lend their power to the charmer in exchange for… what, exactly? Whatever it was, it didn’t seem to bother Pelleas too much.

(EDIT: My mistake, appearently it WAS fully explained and I just somehow missed the whole thing.)

Anyway, the palette is number 24 of FallenZephyr’s 100 palette challenge. The moment I saw it, I thought that colour scheme was hideous. I also really wanted to try it out just to see if I could make it work. Turns out, it’s not nearly as bad as I thought. You could actually do a lot of things with this scheme.

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Hey, I'm sorry to bother you but I'm feeling horrible and I just wanted to ask you if you could write me a drabble about Fives, nothing special just some fluff... I had the worst argument with my mother and her boyfriend, the last days with my family have been awful, I feel like no one takes me seriously, I can't force myself to eat and cried like the whole day... I completely understand if you don't want to do it but thank you anyway, I love this blog so much <3

(Aww, hon, I hope you’re okay! You’re not bothering me! Try drinking some gatorade if you can’t keep food down (sip it slowly) and a cloth dipped in ice water does wonders for if your face is salt-stinging. Feel better, lovely, and if you want to use messenger to talk, I’m totally good with that!)

You don’t want to get up.

It’s freezing, for one thing; the difference in temperature between your exposed face and the rest of you that’s snuggled up with Fives inside the sleeping bag is astounding. You cross your eyes, trying to see if your nose has become the icicle it feels like. 

You sigh; even inside the tent your breath frosts into a cloud. “Why do we even bother with planets this cold?” you grumble, burying your face against Fives’ neck. 

He lets out a yell and jerks awake, sending both of you and the sleeping bag tumbling to the floor. It ends up that he’s on top of you now, barely awake and squinting, but he smiles down at you. 

“Hey there,” he says, his voice low and scratchy. 

“Hi,” you whisper. You reach up one hand to caress the side of hie face. “I’m freezing.”

“Likewise,” he says with a nod. “How are we gonna get up?”

“Hm.” You pretend to consider for a moment. “I was thinking something along the lines of we don’t.”

He shuts his eyes and relaxes against you, using your neck as a pillow. “Good idea. Let’s stay here.”

“Fives!” you croak. “You’re crushing me, you oaf.”

“What’s that? You have a crush on me?” He raises an eyebrow. “Wow, that’s embarrassing.”

“Come on!” You try to wiggle out, but he’s like a stone. “You’re heavy.”

“No, I’m Fives,” he says without opening his eyes. “Hevy’s my brother. We look alike, though, so I forgive you.”

You growl impatiently; he smiles and turns his head to press a kiss to your neck. “Stay a while, love,” he whispers. “We don’t need to move just yet.”

“I will if you roll over,” you grunt. “I might not be able to breathe that much longer.”

With a grin, he concedes and rolls so the two of you are side-by-side. You sigh in relief, and settle back in against his chest. Yes, you can definitely stay a while.

That is, until you hear Echo’s voice from the bunk above you. “Do I want to know why you two are on the floor?”

“Probably not!” Fives calls back.

“Ugh. You’re disgusting.”

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Hi, I'm 19 and I've recently been realizing that I've probably had ADD for my whole life. It was really bad when I was younger but I've been managing alright, and my grades have always been great because I'm "naturally gifted." It really bothers me that I have so many problems with memory and focusing because even though I'm doing ok, I know I could be so much happier and better adjusted if I could just focus. But I'm worried I can't get diagnosed because my grades are good... Thoughts?

Psychiatrists don’t look for bad grades when diagnosing ADHD. As a matter of fact, they look for many things and if you fit most symptoms, you will get diagnosed. They also look to see if it negatively impacts your day to day life, if they feel like it doesn’t, you can get diagnosed but you won’t receive medication.

I suggest you do your research so that you can express your concerns more clearly.

Here’s a starter; ADHD has many symptoms:

- You have trouble paying attention
- You make careless mistakes
- You seem not to listen when spoken to directly
- You have trouble following instructions and finishing tasks
- You have trouble planning and organizing work or activities
- You avoid certain tasks or do them grudgingly, especially those requiring sustained mental effort
- You lose things necessary for tasks or activities, such as toys, homework assignments, pencils, books, and so on
- You become easily distracted
- You forget things
- You squirm in chair or fidgets
- You get up, run around, or climb during class or in other situations where one should stay seated
- You are often “on the go” or act as if “driven by a motor”
- You talk too much and blurt out answers before questions have been completed
- You can’t wait your turn
- You interrupt or intrude on others’ conversations or games

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*pops in* I was summoned? What about the four going on an accidental double date? As in, it was completely coincidental they showed up at the same restaurant or something, and now Kaz and Lady can't do anything because of social protocols?



Kaz and Hater would spend the entire time glaring at each other. Hater would notice how much his affection with Sylvia bothers Kaz (cause of the whole Syl-Lady thing) and he’d just start being really affectionate toward Sylvia all of a sudden like ‘so Sylvia - my GIRLFRIEND - what do you wanna eat? Oh, what looks good? I think you do, my GIRLFRIEND, who LOVES ME! And I TOOOTALLY LOVE HER BACK! *kisses on the cheek*’ and he smirks at Kaz whenever he can. Of course, this just leads to Kaz suddenly going timebomb and diving across the table to kill him like ‘you know what?! fuck social protocols!’

Alternatively, if they’re at other ends of the restaurant:

Kaz would be fidgeting soooooo much because of that! He’d see them and start getting up, then he’d just freeze like ‘oh lord I can’t do anything’ and sit back down. But he’s like shaking in his seat cause he really wants to go and mock the parasite and he’s trying not to do anything cause Cypris told him ‘no more violence on dates’.

On the other hand, Hater notices him and gets ready for the hurtful comments, but…there’s nothing. Kaz isn’t coming over to mock him, so he gets all paranoid about it. Like, he’s trying to listen to Sylvia and not fuck up their date, but all that’s running through his mind is ‘why isn’t he coming over? hasn’t he noticed? he’s totally noticed I saw him look over what the heck why isn’t he coming over? should I go? no don’t wanna screw up this date and upset Sylvia but Kaz isn’t coming ovveeeeeer oh man he must be plotting something big’.

And so the two men just keep glancing and staring at each other the entire time.

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I-- really wish I could do the whole painting the nail thing, but I'm-- in the military and I can't have one another color than the rest, so I was wondering if it was okay if I just painted all of my nails pink? As long as it compliments my skin tone I should be fine//// Gah, I'm so sorry for bothering you!

Oh my goodness, that’s so sweet!! I am not the one running the tribute, but if it were up to me, I’d say that your heart is EXACTLY where it needs to be, and if they allow you to paint all your fingers pink, then I say go for it!! That’s a beautiful tribute to Leelah :)

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Though, about the thing u reposted about the book of life?: It looks like a great movie, and yes, I love the cultural sharing, but one thing that really bothers me is that even though the whole movie is set in MExico, and ALL of the characters are mexican, a lot of them are voiced by white actors. like, you can hear it in their voices. So you can't necessarily say that its a move "by mexicans, about mexico". its still kinda cultural appropriation. like, what is channing tautem doing there?

a valid point, i can’t argue with you there

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Thanks for doing this, I really, really need to know how people over there relate to the whole 'wearing shoes at home' question. Is that an actual thing? like do you guys just... get out of bed in the morning, put your shoes on and go on your merry way? get home and not take them off before you go to sleep? how does this even work?? (I can't imagine wearing shoes at home or in anyone else's home, it's just considered plain rude here in Hungary.) this has been bothering me for years

Omg I love this question.

I imagine that this varies WIDELY by individual and culture, whether it’s by ethnic culture or just family culture.

I would say generally, no. Americans do not put on shoes right out of bed and wear them until just before we go to sleep. 

Most people I know take off their shoes soon after getting home in the evening, and put them on just before leaving the house. Pretty much every home I’ve ever been in has “the shoe pile” that sort of lives near the door or wherever you make your first stop after coming home (my shoe pile lives under my dining-room table). Some people do wear shoes when they’re just hanging around the house, but lots don’t. I’m barefoot right now, for example. 

I often put on my shoes in my bedroom simply because that’s where my non-everyday shoes live. If they’re heels I might just carry them downstairs and put them on when I’m getting my shit together to leave the house.

I think I’m fairly comfortable saying that most people don’t wear shoes around their own house, but it’s not necessarily weird if you do. 

It might be considered kinda rude to take off your shoes in someone else’s house. I generally do not take off my shoes when I’m a guest in someone’s house. The less I know the person, the more likely I am to take off my shoes (I might take them off if I were hanging at my bestie’s house, maybe, but generally no). And NOBODY would take off their shoes if they were a guest at a party. It’d be like - inflicting your feet on people. Again, this is super culturally variable.

Gathering My Thoughts: Teen Wolf, Moonday, The Benefactor

There was a heck of a lot of information reveled this week, which means a lot of stuff to sift through and to begin thinking about in regards to what is yet to come.  I will say right away, I’m sorry if my thoughts bounce around, I tend to be a part a to f to c to d to b, type person when it comes to conversation so I’ll try to stay as straight forward with this post as possible and not just ramble.

My Own Expert

I am constantly in awe of the relationship that is building between Derek and the Sheriff, and if trends follow with the amount of fanfic tropes that have been integrated into the show I think it is very possible that we will be seeing Deputy Derek within a short amount of time.  Especially once the financial burden of the Hale money being stolen truly starts to come into effect.  Is that part of me just wishing because I really love that idea? Well yes, however, the way that they work together and especially that Parrish doesn’t question why Derek is talking the case with the Sheriff when they are working off the armband, I could definitely see this happening.  

To that extent, I think we will be seeing the Sherif feel the need to let Parrish in on what is truly going around the town.  We already know that Parrish is open to what is going on because of his exchange with Lydia in last week’s episode, however, I feel the more this season builds we will see the Sheriff start to feel the need to let his right hand in just like Scott and Stiles both started to feel the need to address their parents  knowledge.  Not to mention, Parrish seems to be one of the only people who can survive the departments horrible track record with death, so maybe it’s time to clue him in?  And by cluing him in maybe we will be able to figure out what he is.

More about Parrish

Speaking of Parrish and the idea of what he is, this has been bugging me more and more for the longest time.  Originally when he came into the show I was totally on board thinking it possible that he might somehow be Isaac’s brother.  Yes it was made aware that his brother had died, but I mean in this show as Peter said, “Does anyone stay dead around here?”  That was my original thought, however, with Daniel leaving the show it seems very much not likely that that is the case.  Then you start to consider his lack of fright when it came to the shadow death ninjas aka the Oni coming into the station and starting their destructive spree.  He just accepts it and helps the sheriff fight them off.  Wouldn’t you be the least bit curious or at least be like WTF just happened afterward?  That is another lightbulb for me thinking that he is definitely not all human or is definitely more aware than what he is letting on.

This leads me to the meta that I am currently stuck on.  And unfortunately I am not sure who originally said it, and I am so sorry for that.  But I have become enthralled by the idea of him as a Time Traveler.  This theory came around because of the moment when the sheriff asks the boys if they have been time traveling.  And the more I look at Parrish the more resemblance I can see to both the Sheriff and Stiles, so I think it could be very possible that he could be related to the two of them.

Lydia, Banshees and the Silent Room, Oh My! 

I was incredibly intrigued by Lydia and the silent room in this episode.  Many times I feel as though I can overlook Lydia because I am really craving some deep character development and power development for her and we never seem to get it.  I really want some meat with her learning to realize what she can do and how to do it.  We know she can do more, the Calavaras basically told her she can, so now it is time for her to find out how! Especially since their is supposed to be another banshee around Beacon Hills, I mean come on let’s get together here! But this scene specifically intrigued me in this episode.  The first thing that got me was Mason with her in the room.  Did Lydia hear what he was saying? Did he hear what she was saying? If Lydia was going into Banshee mode and was speaking, who knows what she might have said to him while he was leaving the room-this could lead to some interesting things down the line. (also remind me to mention more about Mason later, ok? OK!)

Now more about the room, one thing that is also continually intriguing me about Lydia and her banshee powers is the idea of static.  That the only time she can hear these voices is when she is listening to some form of white noise.  There is lots of theory behind ghosts, spirits, and the dead with white noise. Many people say when they hear voices in these times they sound like they are coming through an old radio, or that it sounds like a cell phone call with horrible service that they are hearing.  I think in this regard it is very interesting that Lydia tends to have a form of static that helps anchor her to her powers.  The record player, or the street light when she knew where Kira was being held in 3B.  I definitely think white noise will continue to be a trigger for her, and honestly I’m also surprised we haven’t seen Stiles and Lydia researching deeper into banshee history considering all of the research Stiles found about Werewolves when Scott first changed.  Interesting. 

Mason, I told you we’d be back! 

The biggest question I have about Mason right now is if he knows what Violet and Garret are up to.  We see him absent for a reason from the two of them, and also he led Lydia into the room upstairs, why does this kid randomly walk up stairs when an entire party is spilled out below him?  Either he is trying specifically to lure someone away, or he is trying to lead someone to something.  In this case it seems like he definitely took Lydia to where she needed to be, which is interesting to me.  Part of me wishes I could say that he is a fellow banshee, but Banshee = female, so there is that.  Another part of me wishes that maybe he’d be a Dullahan, however, he has a head so that also seems unlikely but I mean it would be really freaking cool to have a headless horseman death seeker on the show too, I’m just saying.  Jeff you should probably make that happen for me! 

So back to the point, does he know what his friends are doing?  Does he know about the supernatural too?  And if so does he know what was happening to Liam in that moment at school?  Or is he clueless in this endeavor?

More about Liam

As of now I am also definitely on board with Liam being the Hale child, I really didn’t think that it was Malia, I felt like Lydia and Allison thinking that she was indeed Peter’s child came too quickly and we all know with this show things are never what are presented at first.  But with the way Liam reacted to the moon he definitely seemed like a Hale.  To that point, I am wondering if Scott’s bite actually was what turned him.  Part of me has started to think that he was a born wolf, and that he started to manifest with his old school (uncontrollable anger, strength, etc) but had yet to actually shift.  I am thinking that it started to manifest and then Scott’s bite either coincided with the first shift, or sped up the timeline making him shift fully quicker.  This will make for an interesting time, and could also lead to scenes of is he really Scott’s beta or does he feel his pull towards his family.  

Last but not least: The Deadpool

Now when we saw that the password was Allison, I think everyone’s first thought was to jump to Gerard, Chris, or Kate being the benefactor.  However, as I said above this show is all about what is shown vs what is true.  And I think this is a prime example.  I think the password Allison was chosen specifically to throw people off, to make them think that an Argent was behind this charge, and I think that is exactly what the pack will think at first too.  However, as I said this is to throw everyone off the trail for as long as possible.  Could it be someone who knew Allison? Of course and most likely that would be the case - especially since Allison died at the hands of supernatural it seems as though people would want to fight for her vengeance etc.  However, I very much doubt the Benefactor being an argent.

To further my thoughts on the dead pool I couldn’t help but notice that their are definitely people missing from the list.  For instance, Kira is on the list but her mother isn’t.  Have we ever gotten confirmation that her mother has no supernatural abilities anymore after shattering the last tail?  I wasn’t sure if that was ever addressed, but if so it seems odd she is left off the list.

The emissary’s being left off the list also intrigues me.  Because we know of the close ties of emissary and packs.  If someone is truly trying to take out the supernaturals of Beacon Hills you would think one of the things they would also try to cut off would be the Emissary’s.  Think about it, if you cut off a knowledge base and healer for these creatures what will they do when they need someone to turn to?  It would create chaos, ok so nogitsune isn’t back obviously but chaos would definitely lead to an easier time killing the beasts of Beacon Hills.  This leads me to my new thoughts on who the Benefactor could be.  Deaton.  

I haven’t trusted the man for a long time. It always seems as though he is giving half truths to everyone, whether it be Derrick, Scott, or Stiles it never feels as though we get the whole picture.  With the emissary’s being left off the dead pool maybe they have something to do with the deadpool.  I mean think about it, someone with all of the knowledge of the supernatural would know what else is living within Beacon Hills, and who better to send out a hit list than such a man?  

One more quick thing:

The opening credits are also now really bothering me.  Has anyone else noticed the whole everyone else is interacting with the dirt, but Stiles is completely untouched by it? Does this have something to do with him being the only “human” within the credits, or does it have a deeper meaning?  I’m very intrigued by that dynamic and what it could mean.

These are just a few of my thoughts after seeing this episode, and this is the longest post I have ever written in regards to Teen Wolf and theories, but I needed to get all my thoughts out especially since right now I have no one to discuss the show with.  So if you have read this far, I congratulate you – you are a trooper.  And if you have thoughts I look forward to hearing and discussing things further.  Maybe together we can all figure out this darn show! 

anonymous asked:

Do you think laziness is related to depression? Here's the thing: I'm currently unemployed and can't find a damn job (main reason why I'm depressed in the first place) ... Some days I just lay in my bed, trying not to think or do anything... People think I'm lazy, but I'm so down that sometimes I can't even bother to look for a job or even to get out of my room... Anyway, I feel like shit -as usual- but I wanted to know what do you think about the whole "depression-laziness-unemployed" thing...

I prefer calling lazy “lethargy” which is a symptom of depression.

kirky-kirk-and-bonesy  asked:

Do you think when Bones goes away for important events that Jim can't go with him and Bones getting really busy, so they can't talk, maybe once in awhile, and while Jim respects and understands that Bones is busy and has better and important things to do then to talk to him, Jim has this biting edge of loneliness that always tries to swallow him whole and sometimes it basically succeed, and that usually the time he tries and contacts Bones, because somehow Bones is Jim's rock, his only certainty

imagine bones sitting on the other side of the galaxy, constantly waiting for jims call

he doesnt want to call first, jims important, jims a busy man, why would he bother with a grumpy old doctor

imagine bones waiting