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I need a hug

“But I-”

“Maybe you don’t, but I need one.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Rogue One: The Homoerotic Volleyball alternate ending

My boyfriend came up with an au based on the rogue one team having to participate in a beach volleyball tournament on scarif to win the Death Star plans from the empire. Top Gun style. 

 - Chirrut is flipping all over the place and swinging his staff around but not actually hitting anything. Baze is hovering just behind him and actually hitting the ball, but pretending Chirrut did it like ‘wow Chirrut you really got a good one in there babe’ and Chirrut without missing a beat is like 'yeah thanks the force works in mysterious ways’
 - tbh Chirrut is only doing this as an opportunity to get shirtless in front of everyone else. Suns out guns out.
- Baze participates in the majority of the match with as little movement as possible. At one point he’s got a burger in one hand that he’s slowly working his way through. 
- Bodhi is up the front trying to spike the ball but he keeps missing it because he is just. Too small. Kaytoo keeps trying to point this out but Bodhi keeps spinning around with tears in his eyes like 'no I can do it please let me try again’ so they let him
- Kaytoo keeps 'accidentally’ serving the ball into the back of Jyns head
- Krennic is the captain of the empire’s team. He’s shirtless like everyone else except he still has the cape on
- Galen throws the match for the empire and they have to hand over the plans

When people say they love Olicity but continue to trash Felicity’s character and her growth this season…

petty and insignificant pet peeve: people referring to pipe weed in LOTR as if it was a variety of marijuana

it is canonically referred to as ‘a strain of nicotiana’ in the prologue

you are getting all your jokes about hobbit meals and the probable psychoactive effects wrong, this is a Herbal Inaccuracy

I know that is not remotely important to the continuing functioning of anyone’s life but it botHERS ME

this has been a post