can't ask him about his summer

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Personally I just can't stop thinking about Noah wanting to surprise judges and since he normally comes off as more shy, he asks his dad to help him choreograph a skate to toxic by Brittney Spears

omg AHAHAHA but actually i think that noah is more daring on ice than how he is in real life!! I am not saying that he is over-sexual like his father, but probably his ex and choreos are more firm and less shy than you’d think

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ok, so what if todoroki was going for a walk with his s/o, and they pass by a bakery on their way with some cakes in the window. his s/o starts giggling to themselves so todoroki asks what's up. and then his s/o just points to a strawberry shortcake and says that it looks like him ((idk, i just can't stop thinking about how he looks like a strawberry short cake)) awesome blog btw, keep up the great work!!

This is adorable and funny af XD

It was a dashing summer afternoon. Autumn was just around the corner, so the streets already were beginning to gather up its characteristic piles of colorful leaves, and the sun was threatening to go down a bit earlier than usual. The day was comming to an end within warm sunset light and a nice, cool breeze. The perfect ending for a perfect day you had spent in the company of your lover, Todoroki, going from here to there and doing any kind of activities together.

You had watched a movie at the cinema, ate lunch together, went shopping for a while and even spent some time at the park resting under the shade of a tree. You had chatted, laughed, hugged, enjoying each other’s company as much as possible before the day ended and each had to return to their routines. This had been a little break you two took, a break you decided to spend with the person you loved the most.

However, now it was coming to an end, as both of you walked together towards your home hand in had, trying to absorb as much of the other as you could and gather a stockpile of images to remember. A comfortable quietness had your lips sealed with a smile, basking in the silecnce of a beautiful afternoon and the perfection of the moment overall.

A silcence and a perfection, you ruined with a rather loud snicker as you passed by a bakery.

“What are you laughing at?” Todoroki felt the urge to ask as he saw you couldn’t control your mirth anymore.

You were looking through the shop’s window, pointing at some of the delicious goodies showing off. 

“That cake” you tugged at his sleeve and showed him what you meant. It was a strawberry shortcake “It looks just like you” 

It was even funnier once you saw him arc a brow at you, clearly not amused.

“How am I even similar to a cake?” 

“Don’t deny it! Just look at the colors!” you took a strand of his hair between your fingers to emphasise “Besides, I bet it’s just as sweet as you are~”

“I feel like my masculinity is being threatened” 

You rolled your eyes, grabbing his hand again and pulling him towards the shop’s door.

“I want to try it!”

“Are you trying to replace me?” Don’t make me jealous, [name]”

“Come on!” You laughed, now literally pushing him inside “I bet it’s delicious”

“I bet I’m sweeter” 

When he finally surrendered before your prayers, you two got into the store and saw it also worked as a coffee shop and that it had some tables where you could sit down. Persistant with your childishness, you ordered the shortcake and watched you boyfriend give a long sight as he leaned back on the chair with crossed arms.

“You are unbelieveable” 

“And you are boring” you sticked out your tongue at him, proud of your comeback “At this rate I am really going to replace you with the cake”

As the order arrived, despite the confusion of the waitress as regards why a young couple was looking at each other as if they were in middle of a duel, you both picked up your weapons (the forks, really) and dived them inside the whipped cream.

“This is it, this is the moment when I decide if the cake wins over you, Shoto” 

“Not a worthy rival, if you ask me”

“Shut up and eat the damn cake”

Both of you took some of it into your mouths and fell into a tasting-silence. You almost shed tears of joy as the overload of sweetness blessed your tastebuds and a very much pleased hum escaped your cream-stained lips. It was delicious. Getting into the bakery had been a great decision after all.

“Oh, Shoto” You got ready for some teasing,smiling deviously as you saw him swallow with quite an annoyed face and placing his fork back on the table “I guess it’s settled, I…”

But he didn’t let you finish the sentence, as he cupped your face with his hands and pulled you into a deep, long kiss that took your breath away and wiped the last remains of cream from your lips. You were totally bewildered, since he almost NEVER kissed you like that in public, so sensually, so hungry. When he pulled away you were flushed and he was smirking, totally pleased with himself.

“You can’t decide until you taste both” He said cheekily, cutting another bite of cake with his fork and taking it to his mouth “I’m definetly sweeter” 

Sorry guys I’m not answering any more asks about what could possibly be “wrong” with Cas after 13x04 or if it’s not him.

What happened in 13x04 is EXACTLY my spec for his own arc. If it turns out I’m wrong absolutely fine but I’m not going to continue fending this off when it’s basically most of what I talked about all summer.

Thanks for understanding!

So like, this all started a few weeks ago when my parents decided they were worried about my ‘lifestyle choices’ (it’s called fashion, mom) and sent me off to live with my grandpa for the summer. He’s kinda cool in a weird way, his home is this rundown old shack in the woods that he runs a game store out of - though he sells some really weird games…

Anyways, he’s also kinda crazy about Egypt and old junk like that, and he has a ton of ‘real’ artifacts all throughout the shack… and while I was looking around the place (snooping) I found this really old book and a gold box with a puzzle in it tucked away in this like… secret compartment in the attic. When I showed it to my grandpa he looked a little… shocked? Kind of, but not really the right word… but he let me keep both, cause I like puzzles as much as him and I wanted to try solving it. It’s pretty heavy and I think it might be real gold? But probably not, doesn’t matter.

The book is really weird too, it’s really REALLY old and full of egyptian heiroglyphs and english notes, and it has drawings that look like Duel Monsters in it, but that has to be a coincidence? I mean, Duel Monsters only came out a few years ago, it’s not that old of a game… Also the book keeps mentioning these things called the Millennium Items? And powers of darkness that must never be unleashed? Whatever, it’s neat to look at at least.

So fast forward a bit - The puzzle was really damn hard to complete - it’s shaped like a upside down pyramid by the way - took me like 8 days or something. I must have really overworked myself on it cause as soon as I completed it I blacked out? And when I woke up the puzzle was around my neck like a pendant. And weirdest thing is I can’t take it off! Seriously! It’s like some sort of magnet, I can’t get the string off my neck more than a few inches. If it’s cursed my parents are gonna kill me.

And… on top of all this weirdness I keep having blackouts. I’m never like… hurt, just sometimes I wake up and find myself somewhere without knowing how I got there. I found blood on my sleeve once, but it wasn’t mine, I don’t think. And uh… don’t tell anyone, but I think I keep hearing a voice inside my head. Whenever I can kind of speak to it it says it’s the other me - but that can’t be right.

There’s only one me, right?

Long story sorry, Gravity Falls YGO AU, Yugi gets sent to live in Domino Falls with his Grandpa for the summer, finds old book and puzzle, gets cursed with a one-eyed vengeful spirit that’s hellbent on purging the valley of darkness. At least that’s all it seems to be. 

And now Yugi has to figure out how to lift a curse, exorcise a spirit out of his own body, and keep himself in one piece cause all these weirdos keep coming after him out of the woodworks yelling about the Millennium Items, all before the end of the summer when he goes back home and his parents send him to the looney bin for talking to himself-not himself.

Oh well, at least he’s made some friends finally.

Okay but imagine getting up in the middle of the night because you have to use the bathroom and tiptoeing past Michael because you know how grumpy he is when he gets woken up so instead of turning on the light like a normal person you decided to relive your bladder in the dark but instead of coming in contact with the cold toilet seat you are literally sitting gin the toilet because your wonderful boyfriend forgot to put the toilet seat down, again. And you’re so irritated that you don’t even care about how grumpy he is so you start screaming his name until a sleepy Michael appears rubbing his eyes, before he spots you and starts laughing and you just glare at him before asking for his help before he responds “I have to get a picture of this first. I mean you literally fell into the toilet babe” 

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So my best friend told me he likes me and he wants to be more than a friend. This is amazing cause I love him but I'm still in love with his best friend too😐 and I just can't tell him I like his bf because I don't want to disappoint him. Oh God help

that is always a struggle. I would explore your feelings with him but if your feelings persist with the other guy then you need to talk to him about it bc that’s not fair to him.

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Hey Rachel how are u? btw can we celebrate Tyler H. collection of tshirts made of that thin fabric? cause I don't know u, but those are more distracting than him being shirtless...Like Derek finally updating his wardrobe+ it's summer, everyone is appreciating that, then u got Stiles getting pissy 'Dad can't u tell him his disturbing the public or something?dad?DAD!' a week later when Derek hears the jeep out of his house and after a txt from the sheriff, his smirking, it's playtime!!!

Anon this ask is so old, I’m sorry, but also yes can we??


Why is Hoechlin doing this to us?? (And yes, I’m aware that I say this about LITERALLY EVERYTHING he wears, but literally everything he wears is offensive, ok?)

He’s seriously just so beautiful and he should not be allowed to wear these ridiculous, threadbare, hint-of-the-chest-underneath monstrosities because I can only spend so long staring at pictures of this man, ok? There’s only so much I can take.