can't afford to help the poor

All across social media people from other states are like freaking out and telling Floridians to “leave before the storm hits” and whenever I see a tweet or tumblr post full of ANXIETY demanding that we Floridians haul ass and leave before Irma hits us, I’m just like… “leave to go where? and with what money? or reliable transportation?" 

Most people don’t have the money or transportation to pack up their entire family and flee before a hurricane hits. South Florida isn’t exactly teeming with wealthy people… And then if you live in the ass end of the state (like the Keys or Homestead), you basically have nowhere to go but North – along with a couple thousand of your neighbors. You can die on the highway trying to get to safety prior to a hurricane just because of the heat, or running out of food/water. And of course, most people can’t afford plane tickets for their entire family either so that’s not an option…

Comments like "don’t be brave, just leave before the storm hits” are a pretty prime example of folks not understanding that everyone doesn’t have the same access to the same resources.

If those kinds of annoying and unhelpful comments are all  you’ve got in you, maybe… consider keeping them to yourself. 

not naming names or anything... antifa group in portland oregon...
  • organization: we want to uplift the poor and marginalized, we want to do all we can for the most vulnerable of people in our community
  • organization: but you can't help us uplift the poor and marginalized within your community unless you pay us money every month
  • me: ... but what if.... you're... one of those people... you claim to want to uplift...... and cannot afford monthly payments ... to help your community..? but you can afford to dedicate your time to it?
  • organization: sorry sweaty, helping the poor is a rich persons job, no poor people allowed. (:

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flood of MC headcanons where she's poor and can't afford a lot and the guys help her out but she's too stubborn to accept.

( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ) ;;; Phew I really punched out on this one given I’m running on very little sleep and I’m a sore bean. I really enjoyed this headcanon so thank you @omgliterallysokawaii for suggesting it ^^


  • he has set foot in your apartment before
  • how can you live like this???
    • there’s a major rodent problem and you NAMED each of them
  • whenever you two go out he tries to pay for your meal too
    • but you two end up fighting over the check
    • at first submits because you just had that look in your eyes that said you would chop his fingers off if he even reached for his wallet
  • avoids places where you would have to spend money
  • makes you dinner and meals throughout the week
    • Zen makes jokes on the messenger how good of a husband he is
    • (ノ*゚▽゚*)
  • honestly, you can’t deny good food so you accept it
    • plus your precious bf puts a lot of effort in it and you would be the worst person known to man if you refuse it
  • offers you his old backpacks if yours is falling apart
  • when you keep denying his generosity, he gets creative
  • one time he bought extra school supplies and lied to you that they were for him
  • but the day before the semester began, he would say, “Oh it turns out I don’t think I need this folder…or these pens…or this binder…”
  • he bamboozles you so hard
  • you don’t even catch onto his little tricks until you two went out for dinner
  • then when the check came around, you two followed through your ritual of fighting over who paid 
  • but this nugget compromises that he would pay for the check and you would pay for the tip
  • once the check is paid, you put down the tip, and you two leave the restaurant
  • then it just suddenly clicks in your head
    • (」゜ロ゜)」 “J'accuse Yoosung!”


  • Jaehee completely understands
  • when she was in college she was thrown into the deep end
  • now that she has more money, she wants to help you with everything
  • but you’re so stubborn
  • it is it for her when you say, “I’m going to live off of ramen and rice the rest of my life”
  • SHE only eats garbage because she doesn’t have the time versus you eat garbage because you can’t afford it
  • and your apartment???
  • it’s practically a prison cell
  • she seriously cannot stand to see you in this state when she cAN DO SOMETHING
  • you don’t want her money???? OKAY THEN
  • she creates an efficient financial plan for you
    • manages to properly allocate money into food and necessities
    • woah who knew you can make a nutritious meal for $4!
  • you follow that plan to a T
    • you were really looking forward to that instant ramen but she threw it out ;-;
    • come on that’s a waste
  • the moment you get some cushion money, you spend it on your amazing girlfriend
  • “But you deserve it!”


  • you two play the stubborn game so hard
    • it would start to form into arguments
    • becomes a toasted marshmallow sometimes 
  • he knows how it feels to be poor af and not accept any handouts
  • he completely gets it
  • 100%
  • but not with you
  • finds out when you two are hanging out and you forget something at your apartment
  • his warning sirens are already going off when you’re in a bad neighborhood
  • in your apartment, it’s a thousand times worse
    • it’s only one room with a futon, a toilet, and sink
    • wtf
    • it looks like the only thing you bought was the futon
    • “He made new ones??? Damn, I’m going to need more posters.”
    • (ノ°益°)ノ 
  • that was the last time you ever set foot in your apartment
  • he was not playing any games when he told you to move in with him
    • his apartment sure isn’t a palace but it was better than that shit hole
    • honestly, in a relationship or not, he still wants you to move in
    • because big brother Zen isn’t going to let your innocence wither away
  • you want to help pay rent but he’s just like,”I got this boo”  ( ̄З ̄)
  • but you want to earn your keep so you end up being the maid and cook
    • he’s not complaining
    • you make some pretty decent meals when you have the right materials ^^


  • if Zen throws a fuss when you don’t want his help
  • Jumin gets 9000 times worse
    • because
  • he doesn’t understand how you can just skip meals
    • he doesn’t really skip meals but he always eats light at least
  • you once sent him a picture of you in your apartment eating a bowl of rice as proof you were eating
    • did not satisfy him
    • in fact after seeing your one room apartment, he was appalled
  • when he first met you he noticed your clothes were worn out
    • your sweater was faded, jeans had tears in them (especially around the inner thighs because those holes are bitches), your shoes had holes in them
    • you were a fucking mess but honestly, those were your favorite clothes to wear
  • asks Seven for your financial report and is shocked how fucking poor you are
    • super peasant
  • yet he could not fathom how you were so resourceful and HAPPY with your life
    • you—so poor but happy
    • and him ballin’ but in a constant state of self-loathing
  • the moment you set foot in his world, all he wants to do is TREAT YOU
    • *breathes*
  • you keep telling him “no I don’t need this really expensive thing” but he always come back with a swift rebuttal or he just does it anyway
  • (╥﹏╥)
  • eventually, you learn to negotiate with him
    • “okay you can buy me ONE thing, but I get to pick it”
    • of course, you end up picking the cheapest thing in the store >>
    • when you’re alone in his apartment you make a bracelet from Elizabeth 3rd’s ball of yarn
    • when he comes home you give it to him
    • it’s so simple and plain but you made it with the thought of him in mind


  • now he knows he doesn’t have the best diet
  • and that he was blessed in so many ways to have someone to clean up after him
  • with a job that paid big enough bucks to fund his car obsession
  • he feels like a class A douche bag when he finds out just how poor you are
  • it was very subtle
  • you dropped a few times how you the only meal you eat is dinner with a few snacks with change you scrounged up from your bag
  • or when you talked about how you liked to take your showers at the gym
  • or the fact that you didn’t even own a laptop
  • Seven did some digging and his suspicions turned out to be true
  • this jellybean wanted to do a good thing for you so he added a shit ton of money into your account
  • when you check it that morning you’re just (゚ロ゚) !
    • you KNOW Seven had something to do about it
    • and you tell him to take the money out (minus the amount you had)
    • ultimately, he takes it out and apologizes
    • you realize he had good intentions so you don’t hold it against the precious jellybean
    • a part of you can’t believe how much integrity you have to have turned down all that money
  • yet Seven is smart
  • he learns you don’t like to have things shoved to you on a silver platter
  • Jaehee suggests making a care package for you
  • so that’s what he does!
    • sends you a box with different things every two weeks
    • one box you got had an electric tea kettle, with a box of assorted herbal and earl gray, some groceries, a bag of honey buddha chips he puts stickers on it, a calico plushie, and cat mittens
  • he makes it anonymous but you figure it’s him because of his precious chips
  • while you didn’t want to accept his help at first, you couldn’t bear making him feel bad for a good deed
    • you think back to the whole money fiasco and you could never forget how SAD he was on the messenger after that
    • no sad Seven
  • you take his care packages with the thought in mind that they were being put to good use

Pacific Rim AU where Bitty is the cook who holds the morale of the entire population of the shatterdome on his shoulders.

 Initially he had trained to be a pilot, but flunked out due to a lack of drift compatible partners, and instructors saying they’d fear he’d chase the RABBIT while drifted with someone in a Jaeger and endanger himself and those around him. 

Bad Bob and Alicia Zimmermann bounced between the shatterdomes from Seattle to Anchorage making a name for themselves as THE team that gives any kaiju an ass-whooping. That is, until they quietly retired a few years back. Publicly, the reason is due to a training exercise going wrong and injuring them. The true reason has to do with the radiation poisoning caused by the Alpha I’s finally getting to them. 

Almost immediately after their retirement, their son Jack rose to take their place with his Drift Partner: Kent Parson. They were the golden boys until a very, very public failure while fighting a Kaiju off the coast of Vancouver. A combination of the mental strain of the PONS unit while also abusing his medication proved catastrophic. They barely made it out alive. Jack was Grounded  and works as a LOCCENT operator. Kent was reassigned to a Shatterdome in Panama City. 

I wonder who is gonna be Jack’s new partner??? I wonder??? No one else is drift compatible with him except this dude who makes really good pie come out of no where??? Where does he get those kinds of ingredients in Alaska???? 

It is a mystery

Anyways if you wanna know about where all the other characters fall in this AU…

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Les Amis and Make-Up
  • Enjolras: wants eyeliner with wings so sharp they can kill a man and lipstick/lip liner so powerful it can dismantle the patriarchy. He ends up with eyeliner on his hairline, who even knows how it got there.
  • Combeferre: uses geometric shapes. He finds make-up very relaxing to put on, but it's very frustrating for other people to watch him. (How? Courf shouts. HOW ARE YOU GETTING SUCH STRAIGHT LINES?)
  • Courfeyrac: often gets excited and distracted in the morning, and so often goes out with only one side of his eyes completed, or having missed a spot on his lips.
  • Feuilly: wears no make-up because he can't afford to have a make-up habit. He instead saves money towards one tattoo he really wants of a poor child sweeping in the cold.
  • Bahorel: has that wicked winged eyeliner that Enjolras wants. It's his only make-up item and he still hasn't told Enjolras his secret. (It's scotch tape, but he's been telling Enj to 'be one with the brush.')
  • Grantaire: doesn't wear make-up because 'it'd be like putting lipstick on a pig'. He sometimes recreates famous paintings on his face when he's alone, though, and helps Musichetta with her cosmetics business.
  • Joly: has created a line of allergenic-free cosmetics with brushes made for clumsy hands. He has Bossuet try the brushes before selling them because if Bossuet can draw a straight line with them, anyone can.
  • Bossuet: sells Joly's cosmetics line to Musichetta. This is how Musichetta finally meets Joly, after a year of wondering who this St. Nick's fellow is. Bossuet and Joly wear very simple make-up, personally.
  • Jehan: wears very simple, sweet eye make-up, but with just a flick of color at the end. No one notices it, but sometimes they'll move their hair off their face and BAM.
  • Cosette: wore the heaviest make-up when she was young, but all that remains is a cherry lipstick to remind her of when her father was still alive and she'd put cherries in her ears.
  • Eponine: uses her make-up as a shield. Even so, she looks younger and more tired than anyone her age should be.
  • Musichetta: rocks colors like you wouldn't believe. Anyone who says dark-skinned girls should stick to earthy browns and golds and basic blacks is a fuckin' liar, man, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Patreon is a slow process, and it takes a while to build up a following. Give yourself time and just warn your followers that you may not be able to make boggle work if you can't get to 300$ a month, there are people who would be happy to help you get to that goal. Just make sure to allow people to donate small amounts, some of us are very poor and we can really only afford to donate 1-5$ a month.

Don’t worry, donating a dollar a month is possible and would be really, really appreciated! I know that Patreon takes a while to build up, and honestly I’m not sure if this will work. I feel embarrassed at asking for help at all; I don’t feel like I deserve to have you guys come out and support me when it’s been so long since I’ve been able to support you. But this would change my life, in a really special way, and when I explained that it was primarily financial reasons that have stopped me from creating comics, a lot of you asked if you could help. So…I have some hope!

Boggle’s Patreon is here, if any of you can find a way to help me bring our owl back!

  • Republicans: Vote for us, we're the Christian choice
  • Bernie sanders: Let's help poor people afford food, clothes, education, and healthcare
  • Republicans: that's wrong, you can't take money from rich people
  • Proverbs 14•31: whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him

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Hello. I am a minor living in a poor family (as in, can't afford to eat without food stamps). My house is infested with bed bugs. We have been dealing with them for almost two years. I am in high school (freshman) and I can't have friends over, find bugs in my backpack, and they crawl all over the living room furniture. What should I do??? Also, would telling someone like my counselor at school help?? I am so grossed out and want to cry. - Noodles (you can tag the nickname noodles)

Rubbing Alcohol. Rubbing Alcohol is your friend. It kills them.

I found two resource links for you, I prefer the searchhomeremedy link because it seems significantly more affordable.

Good luck, and I hope one of these worked for you.

-Lou the Lobster

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Following your blog for a bit and I'm so thankful for you! I can't cook and I'm poor and have no clue about any of this stuff! The problem is I have no idea where to start? I have salt and pepper and probably nothing else and no idea what to buy that'll be essential but won't spend my entire budget on spices, etc. Still - very excited for when I do start to be able to eat well and affordably! You guys are changing my life thank you so much!!!

these posts might help you get an idea of what to get on a trip to the grocery store!

hope these can help you, and thanks for following!!! <3 you’re awesome!

On today's episode of "My Dad Is a Fucking Whiny-Ass Baby":
  • Dad: Oh don't be silly. Women don't excel at academics. Men are much wiser than women.
  • Dad: Same goes for sports. Women suck at sports. That's why they have leagues for women along with the REAL leagues.
  • Dad: I think America having a health-care plan in which people have to pay for every treatment by themselves or have an insurance is great and we should do that in Finland as well.
  • Dad: I think that rich people are oppressing us worker folk way too much. Screw the rich academic folk, they suck ass.
  • Dad: If you don't have any money, then boo-fucking-hoo. You don't deserve any help if you're poor and unemployed no matter what the reason is. Tbh I think the only reason people are unemployed is because they're lazy little shit leeches.
  • Dad: It's your own fault if you're poor.
  • Dad: We're so poor oh shit
  • Dad: What do you mean you need new clothes those holes in your clothes just help you cool down and besides I can't afford to buy you new clothes right now.
  • Dad: Hey, look at this totally useless shit I bought that costed a ton and we're never going to use.
  • Dad: Why am I so poor you should get a job and buy me cigars with your money

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You are an incredibly irresponsible pet owner, man. People shouldn't have pets if they can't afford to help it when it needs help. That dog is a living thing, not your coping mechanism and you're not entitled to an animal just because you want one. I can't believe that poor dog was cut open and can't even get the help it needs.

She’s not a coping mechanism for anything.

I don’t feel like I should have to explain this, but no one expects to be poor once they get a pet. No one buys a dog and says to herself “well gee, six and a half years from now, I’m going to be barely scraping by and having to save my dog from being sheltered and potentially put down, but fuck it let’s just do it anyway!”

And yes, her getting cut is a horrific accident that I’m responsible for and I have been mentally punishing myself for it since it happened. What you don’t know is that ultimately, I’m going to give up all my money for this dog. Yeah, I technically can’t afford it, so I’m asking for help because I need it. But if it comes down to it, I’ll be homeless before I let her go without the care she needs.

I’m assessing the situation and doing what I can and I will be damned before I let you shame me into giving her up or not requesting assistance. So fuck you and your scared anonymous ass– I don’t want to hear shit else from you unless you’re about to contribute to my dog directly.

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uhm hey tt. Thing is, i have been trying to get that upper torso shape (dorito) for like a year now. I can't afford a trainer though and i can't make sense of what the internet tells me to do cause it's all contradicting stuff. So would you help a poor nonbinary m8 out please?What kind of workout did you do to get there?

(( OOC: Uhhhh *cough*…. I’m so sorry… I literally don’t do shit. I pretty much never work out, because I’m lazy af… I think it’s just my body-type. *dies*  SORRY!!! ))