can's ege bamyasi


okay so I was tagged for the 6 favorite albums thing by @fuzzfade and @cherryglazerr and i am extremely indecisive and cannot narrow it down to 6 at all …. so here are 7 collages of 4 albums that I enjoy (although many are still missing) !!

Romantic - Slow Hollows
Control - BOYO
Synecdoche New York - Jon Brion
An Album - Casinos
Hung at Heart - The Growlers
Melted - Ty Segall
Depression Cherry - Beach House
The Phage - Together Pangea
OK Computer - Radiohead
Pygmalion - Slowdive
Kid A - Radiohead
A Moon Shaped Pool - Radiohead
Wilted in Summer - Derek Ted
Me Oh My Mirror - Current Joys
Atelophobia - Slow Hollows
Bottomless Pit - Death Grips
Clash the Truth - Beach Fossils
Bloom - Beach House
Punch-Drunk Love Soundtrack - Jon Brion
Tidal - Fiona Apple
Goon - Tobias Jesso Jr.
Coexist - The xx
Lo-Tide - Triathalon
The Money Store - Death Grips
Walkin’ - Miles Davis
Blood Visions - Jay Reatard
Ege Bamyasi - Can
Spirit Club - Spirit Club

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Can: Ege Bamyasi (Full Album)  

Can "Ege Bamyasi " (1972)

I just asked Alex if this band is Japanese because the words “ege bamyasi okraschoten,” sound Japanese to me. Is that Japanese for Okra? He said the lead singer is but that the band is German. The cover of this album physically feels different than other album covers. It’s very smooth and not shiny at all and a little thicker. The front cover image reminds me of a cookbook or the grocery store, but the back cover photo is pretty artsy and cool looking, so I feel like this is going to be an interesting sounding band. Based on the packaging alone, I’m eager to hear it.

So this just jumps right in. The first song starts in the middle of a psychedelic drum solo. I actually started it over because I thought I put the needle too far in. This song is called “Pinch,” and the lyrics are sort of like quiet poetry sounding. I can’t understand what he’s saying, but it sounds kind of like English. This has a rambling stream of consciousness feel to it, that I can kind of get into. I like that it’s stream of consciousness without sounding like a jam band. It’s not flowery at all, it sounds very cool. Like you could see beat poets wearing berets and snapping fingers to this music even though it’s definitely not from the 50s. If beat poets got in a time machine and ended up at a Can show, I think they would really dig it.

It’s not really like a true song though, I think I might find myself getting bored by this music if I saw it live. I would probably become aware of how long I’d been standing rather than noticing an awesome drum solo when it was happening. But for sitting in the living room, it’s pretty good. You could totally read or play board games to this music. But I feel like the band members wouldn’t like to hear me say that, because they seem like artists who are interested in influencing minds with their music during live performances. The drums almost have a jazzy feel to me, even though this isn’t jazz music.

Oh, the second song, “Sing Swan Song” starts with a relaxing sound of water, like a babbling brook, that I have to say, I am very much enjoying. This song feels a little more melodic rather than improvisational and has kind of a beautiful melancholy feel. I’m actually really enjoying this song and think I would also very much enjoy it live. It’s kind of spooky and relaxing and a little bit sad at the same time.

The first song on side two is called “Vitamin C.” Alex just said, “pretty fucking deep grooves,” about this song by the way. I have totally heard this song before, it must be from Alex playing it. It’s kind of reminding me of Portishead a little bit. I like it. Most of the music on this album is space out music though, so it’s a little hard to write about the specifics, I’m trying to focus on the overall feeling. Which I guess is what I always do.

Towards what is either the middle or the end of “Soup,” it definitely starts sounding like jazz a bit, I think there’s a saxophone suddenly? Whoa, it’s still going and now it sounds like a haunted spaceship! There are definitely witches and aliens in the band all of the sudden. Kind of intense. The band is possessed! The lead singer is speaking in tongues. It’s making me laugh a little bit.

According to wikipedia, the last song, “Spoon,” was Can’s only big hit. It was a hit single in Germany. Interesting, because it does not sound like a typical hit! 

All in all, I liked this album! But, it’s definitely space out music, so you have to be in a spacey mood if you’re going to put it on. Or it will definitely put you in one.