can't wait for the awards show

The original Broadway cast of Hamilton performing “Alexander Hamilton” in the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, February 2016

So I was making this Lams gifset and had to cut the Grammy performance out of the whole show because Photoshop was being an ass, and I couldn’t remember seeing it online anywhere, so I thought I’d upload it as well (Here’s the Tony performance by the way).

hey everyone!1 I’m on starbucks wifi again and will be back home in 3 days!! I’ve done quite a bit of sketching and am excited to show you guys,, in the mean time heres a hyunjin I did before I left (I’m hella happy with it) 


also another thanks to @briee-elle for the updates <<33

bye kiddos!!!  (:

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do you know any moments where svt and exo interacted?? I rlly love both groups w all my heart and seeing them together makes my heart go 💞💞

you’ve come to the right place!! i actually have a tag on my blog exosvt. it’s only 2 pages and it doesn’t include everything. i thought it did 🤔  but anyway, there’s actually a decent amount of interactions! especially during award shows and during the recent isac (idol star athletics championships). i’ll list them below for anyone else who’s interested in these beautiful moments. this is long as hell btw. u better look through them all! 😂  i really did my research lmao. this ended up becoming an essay….. in conclusion, baekhyun is a carat. these are mostly all moments of him interacting with svt 😂😂😂

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You and Harry are both celebrities, and you perform at an award with a song he's never heard about. He gets sexually frustrated and he can't do anything about it until you go home(which isn't until after the long ass show and the after party) and he's angry and he fucks you senseless.

He’s waiting for you in the kitchen, walking around and looking at the fridge on every five minutes not because he’s hungry but because he’s trying not to think about the huge bulge in his boxers.

And when you return at home, he’s taking your coat and kissing you passionately. You bury your fingers in his hair, not knowing what is this for but enjoying it. 

“Wait” you murmur and he kisses your jaw, “Harry, what are you doing?”

“Just…” his hands are pulling you closer and closer to him, “I just… Your song is amazing and all but i have a bulge from three hours and i want to skip the dinner and take you straight to the bedroom.”

“Go then.”

He doesn’t wait for a second invitation, lifting you up and carrying you to the bed. You’re alreading taking off your shirt, and making hickeys all over his neck. 

“People will talk about it, you know?” he asks with a smile.

“About the love bites your girlfriend gave you? Yeah, i think i don’t mind it.”

He laughs, throwing away one pillow and ripping off your underwear. He puts you down on the bed and starts kissing every inch of your skin. You can feel his impatience. 

“You know this part when you sang about me taking your clothes off and making you walk naked for two weeks… I think i’ll be able to do it, you know. I mean, you better be singing about me in that song, baby.”

“It’s for you, Harry” you say, arching your back when he kisses you down there. “Don’t worry. And about walking without clothes for two weeks… I think about doing it a lot, trust me, but there are these hot interviewers, you know…”

“Walking naked in the house is something i’ll love. But walking naked around other men, babe… Don’t do that, i’ll have to blind all of them after seeing this amazing body. You belong to me, remember that.”

“I know, Harry” you moan as he bites your clit. “Now can you just please fuck me?”

He gets rid of his boxers and climb at the top of you, kissing you one more time before you wrap your legs around his waist. He starts trusting in your rough and fast, hundry for you.

“Faster” you beg, tugging at his soft locks and trying to reach his lips.

“Be ready to wake up the neighbors.”

He freezes in you for a second, taking a moment to taste you one more time before starting with the real tempo. Your nails are scratching his back now, you’re trying not to scream because the last time you two had sex, the whole building was planning to eject you from your own apartment. 

“I-I” you try to talk to him just so you can distract for a little of the too much sensation but it’s impossible. 

“Scream, baby, don’t mind.”

When you hear the allow, it all doesn’t matter anymore. You scream his name, taking his cock again and again, and starting to feel your coming orgasm.

“I’m gunna…”

“Yeah, baby, come for me” he moans, reaching his own orgasm and grabbing your boobs. 

“HARRY” you scream of the top of your lungs and you can already imagine the annoyed neighbors but it doesn’t really matter because your orgasm hits you.

He’s sucking at your nipple now, watching you while cuming because, damn, you look amazing and he’s in love with you. And you wrote a song about him because he’s the best boyfriend in the world.

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I just need to know exactly how this came about. If u look at the webby's tweet it seems even they were shocked. Personally I get the feeling that it all happened suddenly, at the last minute, at everyone's surprise (even the show's surprise). I bet David came up with the idea at the last minute. This is just what's going on in my head, I have no idea whatsoever! But I can't wait to find out.

Here’s how it went down:

Gillian (at upfronts): Well, I gotta jam and pick up my Webby now.

David: What the fuck is a Webby?

Gillian: I’m getting an award, like, now, from Joel McHale.

David: Joel McHale can suck it. I’ll give you that award! I’ll say funny shit about baseball and you being my alien baby baby momma. I got this.

Gillian: Let’s hobble on then, dear.

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I am excited for a new album but also want them to rest. But also want new material. But also need them to sleep. I can't wait for music show appearances but also want them to stay healthy. I hope they rest in Nov/Dec but also want them to go to tons of award shows (AND GET THAT ROOKIE AWARD) and get exposure and perform. It's tough being a fan.

Yess, I agree. I’m very excited, but at the same time, I want to go into a Stray Kids drought because if we’re in a drought then that means that the boys are resting and I’m absolutely fine with that :) And yes! I agree, I hope that they can go to award shows. But heey at least we got a Rookie award at the Soribada awards! But let’s aim for a little more ya know? Make our boys proud uwu :) 

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I love how D show how much he knows Chris. We can see it in the interviews. C don't show it much but D can't stay without show how much he loves and knows his husband.

darren actually gushes when he talks about his golden globe award winner, ny time best selling author husband,  Gushes.  It is beyond amazing and adorable and i cannot wait until the day when he is able to talk freely (if he wants).  

On Chris, he is much more guarded no doubt, but he has had his moments.  And they are pretty amazing.

Harry doing solo promo. Harry back on Twitter. Tonight Show Harry. Host and Musical Guest of SNL Harry. Magazine Cover Harry. Interviews and photos and more men falling in love with Harry. Award Show Harry. Premiere Harry. Red Carpet Best Dressed Harry. Fuck me UP, Harry.

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i can't help but think the AMAs invited BTS because of the ratings they will bring to the show. AMAs is one of the least popular awards shows out there and i remember reading that they had the lowest viewers rating of their history last year. i wish big hit would wait for something big and better, AMA is trash.

I TOTALLY agree i was thinking it too but i didnt say anything 😶 ive actually been thinking abt this a long time bc its so obviously happening on youtube too. like i know for a fact billboard will invite bts again next year bc they gave them soo much ratings and social media attention like they kept mentioning them every minute and using them. but i guess if we think about it positively- this will give bts big attention and then higher up award shows will invite them. it gives bts attention and it gives amas attention so its a win win situation i guess. 

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They will forget about that award show as soon as he will show up with her at the Webbys tomorrow and at the upfronts after that. He will help her with her crutches and will smile in the cameras proudly with the love of his life by his side. It's his dear lady and he can't fucking wait for the time to come. The world will finally know it! Much greetings and don't give up! 💪❤

All of this is going to happen, okay? Thank you very much.

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the Patrick kid was on set at 3 am (far left, you can see his face) 78(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/e55df033f11aad83d346e90e50187b1b/tumblr_oxuyqsbJ7e1u7ur9io1_540(.)jpg Can't wait to see how the hets justify a 14 year old kid being on set so late at night when Taylor doesn't even have her own friends over when she's filming! LOL if he's not in the video then at the very least she's been giving him some exposure, wouldn't be surprised if he shows up to an award show with her one day LOL

maybe he’ll be in the video, to help boost his profile…

i agree with @whaler13bg: the Alwyns seem to be thirsty…i am surprised, to be honest (and not in a pleasant way)…

CBS Writers on Criminal Minds 11x11
  • CBS Writers: Let's show how much Reid and Morgan mean to each other. It's canon that they're best friends so it's all good.
  • CBS Writers: Oh wait this could mean that they're totally gay and we can't show that
  • CBS Writers: Wait! Let's do a really obnoxious hetero scene between Morgan and Savannah! That fixes this problem!
  • CBS Writers: We're totally going to win an award for this episode.