can your pet reaction

goldrushrunning  asked:

Aw geez can you imagine if the yanderes found out that you like getting pet/scritches? Absolute chaos. You'd never be able to get anything done

(This speaks to me on an intensely personal level…  >___>)

Once they figure out your “weakness” there’s no stopping them.  Some of them are subtle about it.  Drift will casually brush his fingers along your hair as he passes by.  Ratchet will absentmindedly start scratching the top of your head while he’s reading.  Rewind and Chromedome will playfully ruffle your hair, but linger just a bit longer than usual. Tailgate and Cyclonus will pretend not to notice your little shivers of delight as they affectionately pet you.  And Rung will ever so gently trail his fingers along the side of your face and hair as he pretends to tuck a loose strand of it behind your ear.

The others are a bit more… obvious.  There’s practically a fight that breaks out every movie night now, because all if them want to have you sit in their lap during the movie.  The winner will lovingly stroke your hair and pet your head while you let out soft, involuntary moans that cause cooling fans to kick in all over the room.  Then there are the afts like Whirl and Getaway who will come pick you up and pull you away from whatever you’re doing at the moment just so they can pet you and watch your reaction.  

They’re not above using their positions to get what they want either.  Brainstorm will drag you into his lab because he just has to get your advice on the latest holoform update!  He wants to know if the scalps are sensitive enough.  Could he just scratch your head a bit to see how humans react?

Rodimus is probably the worst offender.  He has zero shame.  He’ll call you up to the bridge just so he can pull you into his captain’s chair for some cuddles and head scritches.  It’s infuriating but you can’t help but practically melt at the touch as you lean back into him with a soft sigh.


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