can your dog play fetch all day

YIKES! I just found out I’m the longest resident EVER at the animal control shelter  in Athens, Georgia.

Hi, I’m Biz, and I asked my best volunteer friend why no one had picked me. She said it’s really just because everyone at the shelter loves me too much to let me go! AWWWW!

Then she admitted that was selfish and she ran right out and asked the Shelter Pet Project to feature me, and here I am!

As you can tell, I’m super-happy. I love to give kisses and play  with the other dogs at the shelter. I’m cheerful, affectionate, and playful. I have a great sense of humor and some pretty awesome ears!

I haven’t mastered that “fetch” game the humans like so much, but I can toss my own ball in the air and catch it all day! Also, when I feel like some love, I will just lie right next to you and plop my paws in your lap! BEST. THING. EVER. Guaranteed!

And when I know you have treats? Wait til you see my puppy dog eyes!

I’m two years old, healthy, neutered, and weigh 45 pounds of pure sweetness. To learn more or meet me, just email my buds at

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> From afar he thinks you’re being hurt by the dog and he rushes over ready to boot that evil mutt off to another hemisphere

> When he realizes it’s just being very friendly to you, he suddenly has no idea what to do

> (Save this man he has no idea how to deal with dogs)

> Thankfully the dog takes a liking to him instantly. One minute Hanzo is standing, the next minute he’s pinned under the big dog. 

> The only reason that he’s letting this huge mutt dribble all over him is so he can see you laugh out of the corner of his eye.


> Genji is unfamiliar with dogs, but he loves watching you play with it.

> You play fetch with the dog, and he runs alongside it trying to jokingly catch the ball before it could.

> He’s just jealous that you’re paying attention to the dog and not him

> The dog loves its new playmate and showers Genji with big sloppy kisses after your little play session

> Genji smells like dog for days after


> Has the same thought as Hanzo and thinks you’re being attacked.

> She probably scares the dog somewhat, though. The poor pupper sprints behind you as she comes up.

> You have to introduce Widow to this poor dog, and show her how to pet it.

> Her eyes light up when she feels just how soft the dog’s fur is. The dog licks her hand and she gets so surprised that you can’t help but laugh.

> You two take a walk around and let the dog follow you around

Soldier: 76

> He’s seen more than his share of big dogs, having grown up on a farm and all.

> The dog takes to him instantly, rolling over on its belly and letting him scratch in all the best places.

> Soldier76 starts talking about his dogs a little. It’s the most sentences you’ve ever heard him say in a row.

> He gets a bit choked up when he talks about his first dog and how it grew old and passed away after he joined the army.

> Admin GK

EXO When You Get a Minor Injury

Lemme just say that writing this when you can’t sleep will totally calm you down. Or maybe it’s just thinking of cuddly EXO. Anywho! Thanks and I hope you enjoy!
-Admin Noise

Xiumin: He would be so sweet. He would buy ice cream and other treats for you while you were on bed rest, telling you to take it easy and get better soon. Minseok’s main goal would be to make sure that you got enough rest and not stress. You two would sit in bed and share a tub of ice cream while watching some drama, and making comments to each other.

“Did he really just say that? He’s doing everything wrong, she’ll never love him again.”

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Luhan: He would scold you in the beginning for being so clumsy that you hurt yourself, but soon he would start to coddle you and take care of you. It would be a fast transition from chiding to caring. He would try to entertain you with playing you some music, or watching TV with you. in the beginning, Luhan would complain about having to help you, but he will always do it as fast as he can.

“How could you let this happen, Jagi? Now I have to take care of you. Go lie down, I’ll make some food. Do you need help walking over there? I’ll bring some blankets and pillows in a minute, and your fuzzy socks.”

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Kris: He wouldn’t have the time to sit with you all day, but he would pay you frequent visits or calls just to make sure that you’re well fed, have enough water, and are still entertained. When he walks in and sees you asleep he just grins to himself and tucks you in and kiss your forehead, making sure that you don’t get sick and be injured. Sometimes he would crawl in with you and take a nap himself.

“Jagi, are you out- oh. Sleep well.”

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Suho: Mom mode turned on He would bring you little toys and flowers whenever he went out making sure that you are healthy and happy. Sitting with you up through the night because you slept too much during the day when he was away. Joonmyun would want your recovery to come fast, but he was also enjoying the fact that you would let him take care of you.

“Jagi~ I saw this while I was out and I thought that you would love it!”

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Lay: He would help out more with chores since you could barely walk to the kitchen on your own. You would try to be helpful too, but he would insist on doing the shopping alone because it was too much walking. Despite all of his best efforts he would end up getting lost in the store and end up calling you.

“Don’t worry, Jagi. Just checking in, but quick question..where is the ice cream you like? I’ve been walking all over and I can’t find it.”

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Baekhyun: He would love sitting with you on the bed while snacking and retelling some funny story. Baek would love to see you laugh, since he always gets worried when you get injured (even if it’s a papercut). It’s hard to pull him away when you’re on bed rest, he would just worry too much about you being bored or lonely.

“Don’t worry, just get better, Jagi!”

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Chen: Seeing you get hurt (even this minor), would remind him that you’re not invincible and it would make him extra cuddly. He would love to hold you while you two sat in bed and watching TV or while you were reading a book. Jongdae would constantly remind you that he cares about you and that you need to be careful.

“You can’t hurt Jagi. It’s too rough to see you in pain. I guess I’ll have to cuddle you better!”

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Chanyeol: He would love to poke fun and “complain” about helping you, but he would say it with a smile and he would do it quickly. Chanyeol would sit with you and sometimes bring the other beagles over to help create some entertainment or to keep you company when he has to leave. Although his favorite thing would be having you there so that he could write music while having his muse close.

“Even if I hate seeing you in pain, Jagi. I can’t lie, having you here is good inspiration for this song I’m writing.”

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D.O: He would be super on top of your recovery, and would bring you food and water and make sure that you’re well. Kyungsoo would love to sit with you and watch movies. When you fell asleep he would turn down the volume, and sadly wake you up when it was time for more medicine, always giving you a kiss after you took the pills.

“Jagi, you haven’t eaten much. It’s important for you to keep your health up while your stuck in bed. I’ll make your favorite. Do you want me to bring you out to the kitchen so that we can keep each other company?”

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Tao: He would believe in curing you with a lot of C&K. Cuddles and Kisses. Tao wouldn’t be able to bear seeing you in pain, so he would have a little timer to keep you up on your pain meds and he would bring you whatever you wanted. Before he leaves he would make sure to a kiss, and while he was gone he would send you messages and snapchats to keep you updated in what was going on.

“Jagi! I have to go, can I have my goodbye kiss? I promise I’ll be back soon.”

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Kai: Firstly, he would give you a small lecture about protecting your body and how you can’t be careless. But then, he would be a lot like Baekhyun, he would like making you laugh. Jongin would love joking around, and enjoy the relaxing that came from this. Often you two would lounge around talking about random things, or playing indoor fetch with the dogs. 

“Please be more careful, Jagi. My love can only heal things so fast!”

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Sehun: He would enjoy sitting with you, even if it was silent because you both were on your phones. Just the company made you feel better. He would be lowkey stressed and worried about you all the time when he was gone and would send you messages asking how you are throughout the day. Even if you were right next to each other.

Sehun (5:03pm): Hey, Jagi just wanted to make sure that you’re still doing okay. I’ll be back soon…I’m bringing bubble tea.

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Can you make a post about things broke littles can do/use to still feel little? I don't have money to get diapers or pacifiers, I mean even coloring books and stuffies cost money. Do you have any ideas of things littles with no cash can still feel little? Sometimes I'll put my hair in pig tails even though I have a pixie cut, but that's all I can think of to do and it saddens me. :( #brokelittles

That is an excellent idea! Thank you for asking us to do this.

We are aware not everyone can afford the diapers or the pacifiers. And you’re right coloring books and stuffies (especially good ones) can be costly. It’s not easy when budgets are tight.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • watching cartoons or videos on the internet. 
  • listening to disney songs on spotify (which is free)
  • Go hang out in the children’s section of your local library!!! Mine has blocks, toys, books, even events in the summer time! – if you have a younger sibling, children of your own, or a friend with kids maybe invite them so you don’t look out of place.
  • printing off a coloring page or two. (assuming you have a printer and some ink) 
  • Wrapping yourself up in a blanket 
  • Building a blanket fort.
  • Doll making games on the computer– kind of like dress up games.
  • Drawing is always free
  • Attending free days at the zoo. Our zoo does them every couple of months kind of like a community appreciation day.
  • If you happen to have a pet - playing with them. Getting a string and having your cat chase it. Or playing fetch with your dog. 
  • Go to the park and swing on the swings! Trust me adults do it more than they let on ;)
  • Drawing on the sidewalk with chalk

Now if you happen to have a little bit of money after buying things or just extra in your budget there are CHEAP things you can do too.

  • buying coloring books or toys from the Dollar Store, like the REAL dollar store. – I get all of my coloring books there.
  • Visiting the thrift shop (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc) And buying a stuffed animal. I’ve seen some really good quality ones for like $2-$5
  • Garage sales!!!!! 
  • Craft stores will have classes you can take. The most expensive I’ve ever seen them get is $30 Most run about $10. But they will teach you how to make different things! And sometimes you even get to keep the supplies used at the event.

We hope these ideas help you out. If anyone has any suggestion feel free to chime in!

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Five year old James wants a puppy. Inspiration prompts: Sky, ribbon, pride.

This was obviously meant to go up on James’s actual birthday, but real life got in the way. Nonetheless, I hope you like it, anon! Thank you for the ADORABLE prompt. And sorry about how long it got…


“A puppy?” his mother repeats, not sure if she heard correctly.

“Yep!” James says, around a mouthful of potatoes.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” she says automatically. He makes an elaborate show of swallowing.

“I want a puppy for my birthday,” he says again, looking as serious as a four year and fifty-one week old can.

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Nacho is your future best friend.

He’s housetrained, good in a crate, and EXCELLENT on walks.  He’s not a huge fan of other dogs, but in the right circumstances he can make it work.

He’s very friendly and loves people. He also loves treats and tennis balls, and learning new things.  Do you have time for game of fetch?  

Then email Jenna atl Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue in Columbia, South Carolina at!