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Hiveswap  Review (Spoiler)

We’ve been waiting an awfully long time for the Homestuck Adventure Game. First kickstarted in 2012, it’s gone through a troubled development cycle between 3 studios and…. yeah, you get the drift. Even in its final form, Hiveswap has gone through numerous unexplained delays (most infamously the last minute January Launch Month delay), and the development team for it had been very tight-hush until the end of August when a final release date of September 14th was announced. 

Now that Hiveswap is out, we’re able to see for ourselves what the development team has been working on. Does it hold up to expectations? Does it make up for the hard delays and extremely concerning lack of communication? 

Those are answers you can only decide for yourselves. What I will say, however, is this: Hiveswap is a charming and visually stunning introduction to the Homestuck world, that combines only the best of Homestuck’s humor with a new calmer, more curious and coherent setting.

It’s a shame, then, that the content of Act 1 isn’t a little bit longer. However, the gimmick of combining any item with each other and getting a new description will draw out the length for any lore completionists.

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Accidental Confession Part 3

Here’s part 3 for y’all! If you haven’t checked out parts 1 & 2 you should before reading this. Also, while not as vital, you should read the interlude for a good laugh. ALSO in writing this, I realized that I got my times messed up; like royally messed up. So we’re just going to pretend like I know how to use military time ha. Enjoy~

-Call from Todoroki Shouto-

Midoriya’s heart practically leapt out of his chest. Finally alone, he grabbed his phone and hastily held it up to his ear, “Hello?” 

“…” silence was never a good sign.


“Yes. Hello Midoriya.” thank goodness.

“Are you almost home?” he picked at his nails, a ‘gross habit’ as his mother would call it, and flicked dead skin onto the floor of his dorm room. He already had enough scars, what were one or two more on his fingers going to do? Besides it helped to calm his nerves in this tense situation.

“Yeah, I am. I’m walking from the train station now.” Todoroki sounded out of breath, almost like he was rushing to get back, it made Midoriya’s heart jump even more.

“O-oh, okay… Uh, where do you want to meet?” 

“Somewhere we can talk and not be bothered.” 

Midoriya squirmed. He knew just the place, but also understood the implications of offering it, “We could just talk in my room?” 

“That’s perfect.” he swore he heard Todoroki’s breath hitch, but decided he was imagining things. 

“Great, I’m here.” 

“I’ll be over in ten minutes.”

-Call with Todoroki Shouto ended-

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//So back when I was re-watching Naruto, I noticed something during the Sound and Sand Invasion Arc.
Bear with my long post as I delve and ramble into detail ;)

Sasuke ran off to stop Gaara the moment the attack started, urged by Genma who declared he was already at Chunin level and to consider this the continuation of their fight. Genma holds off Baki who was supposed to capture Sasuke on Orochimaru’s behest. Without question Sasuke runs off ahead to do his part. Once Kakashi notices this, well aware of the danger that threatens his student, he has Sakura wake Naruto and Shikamaru from the genjutsu to pursue their comrade. He wants them to catch up and get Sasuke (and themselves) to a safe location before any harm can come their way. He also knew Gaara was no regular Genin (unaware that he was a Jinchuuriki at the time) and is worried for their safety. Sending Pakkun to help in tracking and avoiding the enemy, he declares it an A rank mission.

As we know, they catch up, Shikamaru separates to fend off a group of Sound ninja that ultimately was no match for him. Asuma’s timely arrival saved him.

Sasuke used too much chakra in pursuit, during his small/brief fight against Temari, and mostly in his battle against Gaara. He fought to the point of exhaustion, pushed himself near death by forcing a third chidori (which Kakashi warned him plain and simple that it could kill him) and ultimately succumbed to the overwhelming pain the curse mark manifested, causing him to become immobile. Gaara was going to kill him, but Naruto comes in time to strike him aside. While Sakura is immediately at Sasuke’s side, worry forming as she fears the worst.

Sakura defends him when Gaara bypassed Naruto, getting caught and rendered unconscious in the process. While she is stuck and Sasuke is incapable of moving, Naruto advances. However, he gets struck and sent flying back. Sasuke, despite the pain he’s enduring, lunges himself forward to soften the blow, something that wouldn’t have harmed Naruto all that badly had he hit the tree instead.

Afterwards, the two debate on the fight, wondering the best course of action to take. Sasuke overcomes the throbbing pain, managing to stand again. This is a very important character development scene for him. Although his whole life, revenge has been his fuel, his reason for existing, Sasuke willingly put the life of his comrades ahead of his own. Claiming that he’d sacrifice himself in order for Naruto and Sakura to get away, even if he only bought them a few minutes, he’d give that. He’s even out of breath as he explains, showcasing his growing fatigue.

It’s just as Orochimaru mentioned back during the preliminaries of the Chunin Exams. Being around his friends, mostly Naruto, changed Sasuke’s heart. For someone who should be preserving his own life, selfish in design in order to kill his brother, shouldn’t be so ready to die. But he takes no reproach upon himself for being weak here. He doesn’t even hesitate or pause to think of another solution. Deciding that if he died here, he was never meant to go further, tossing any chance of avenging his clan aside.

He lost his family, everything that was precious to him when he was merely seven years old. His heart and mind never fully healed, but being around Team Seven, living instead of simply surviving, caused them to become family. Just like in the Land of Waves, Sasuke stopped Haku from killing Naruto by getting in the way of a fatal attack. And later when he hears Itachi is back in the village, his instinct isn’t vengeance, it’s saving his friend.

Sasuke has taken loss after loss, structured his world on loneliness and sorrow, growing up in a devastation he learned to hon and tolerate. Yet, he’s grown. He managed to comprehend what truly mattered throughout his time with them. Although his protective instincts are usually buried in fear of losing more, he’s learned from those around him. Orochimaru’s offer of power is certainly desirable, but there was never a moment where Masashi depicted him contemplating the idea (despite the fact that he probably had at some point prior to the Sasuke Retrieval Arc).

His words stir Naruto into action, making him realize what it means to be strong. Sasuke sparked the notion of strength via protecting others into Naruto’s head, making him remember the power that lies in having people you care about. Due to Gaara’s ferocity, he nearly forgot, questioning it. He and Gaara were alike, so much that he began to fear the idea of what he could’ve become if he didn’t have Iruka and the others, that it somehow made Gaara stronger than him, unbeatable. Until this very instant, recalling all former mentions and selfless actions that were proved by Sasuke’s words, he knew he had nothing to be afraid of.

Naruto tells Sasuke that’s he’s done enough, that he should rest, while he decided to take over the fight. In obvious consequence to Naruto’s raging power and capabilities to take down Gaara, Sasuke is surprised to see just how much stronger his friend became. And as Naruto did the same during the exams, while Sasuke and Gaara fought, he belittled his own strength by comparing. It’s only natural that this occurs due to their rivalry and competitive nature. 

However, in Sasuke’s perception, it’s different. He considers himself only strong when he’s stronger than those around him, stifling his inferiority by his nurtured superiority complex. He gets criticized over this, but it’s what he’s done in order to make it this far. He has to claw his way out of the past, out of the vulnerability that was exposed when Itachi took his entire world away from him. Rebuilding a future around the destruction caged inside was all he considered himself capable of until those ideals were squandered by his upcoming defeat at Itachi’s hand.

Once the fight draws to a close, the sand binding Sakura to the tree disappears. Her interference in order to protect him caused her to get hurt. The guilt is betrayed on his face. He catches her, placed her down gently, telling Pakkun to keep an eye on her as he goes to check on Naruto’s condition.

After reaching Naruto, hearing that Gaara wishes to stop fighting and go home, the other passes out with a smile on his face. Initially, Naruto is still trying to move, but Sasuke warns him that it’s enough, and tells him Sakura is safe, allowing Naruto to feel relieved. Their teamwork might not have been on display during this fight, but their devotion to protecting one another outweighed any question to how deeply they care for each other. This is a prime example to how much Team Seven has developed since they first formed as a team. They’re imperfect, maybe even mismatched at times, but their imbalance stabilizes them, forming bonds.

Now I can get to the actual point of my post. This is where Masashi decided to close on their progress and we only see these three later on, well after the invasion forces are being drawn back, this arc coming to a close.

But at this time, after the Sand Siblings leave, they still need to get somewhere safe. While his teammates are both unconscious, Sasuke is the only one able to move despite his physical exhaustion taking a toll. He has to take the both of them to a place they can hide from enemies. Now as Pakkun and Shikamaru stated enemy shinobi are lurking around, travelling in strategic groups to ambush any ninja they come by in the forest, all Chunin level or higher.

Sasuke had to manage all on his own, carrying his friends, probably running into numerous fights along the way in order to protect them. The strain he must feel on his body is enormous since the curse mark siphons chakra and he depleted himself the moment he decided to use a third chidori. Forcing himself to stand is one thing, but being on the verge of collapse, pushing past his lack of strength, he gathers himself, his friends, and fights.

They were sent out to stop him, and in the end, Sasuke is the one that has to safeguard them on his own against all odds. If that doesn’t display Sasuke’s development and where his priority truly lies before he was enticed by the lure of power, then I don’t know what does. But even then, Sasuke proves himself many times over before leaving the village that he cares and is no longer the child he used to be, clinging only to self-preservation. His devotion goes beyond revenge. It’s only the mix of fear and confusion that shatters that resolve later.

anonymous asked:

Whats your opinion on the headcanon that bakugou is hard of hearing because of how loud his explosions are? If you dont mind my asking

I think I answered this q on this blog already? Maybe? But anyway, I don’t exactly mind it, but I can’t say I share the headcanon myself - for one, because I’m of the opinion that their bodies are built to withstand a safe use of their quirks (a bit like you can’t break a leg by simply walking, you know), so in general I’m not a fan of headcanons that include damages caused by simply doing what their bodies were born to do? 

But also because generally, even under the assumption that his body isn’t made to hold up with his explosions, isn’t it awfully convenient how only his ears take damage in these scenarios? What about his eyes? How come he can still see with no problems even with the continuous exposure to the explosions’ light? How about his hair? How come he can stand so close to fire without it ever being damaged by it? His palms have thicker skin and we know that thanks to his UA file, but what about the rest of his body? How come he can stand smack in the middle of an Howitzer Impact without getting even slightly burnt? When you say “only his ears aren’t made to withstand his explosions” what you’re telling me is that his whole body is tailord to deal with his quirk but his ears, and that just feels unrealistic to me - by which I mean, when this is the scenario we’re talking about, you can’t give the fault of the damage to Bakugou’s quirk. It’s a problem his body has, not a natural consequence of having that sort of quirk. And imho with those premises you sort of end up with a different kind of story, you’re supposed to write it differently - that’s what I think, at least

Anon said: Maybe the reason Baku raises his voice so often is because he can’t hear very well, which isn’t due to his explosions, rather, he was born with bad hearing to protect him from taking damage by them.. and then his other senses are sharper to even it out, and his body can even subconsciously notice air vibrations, resulting in really fast reflexes.

Ah, this is also another reason why I’m not a huge fan of the headcanon - don’t get me wrong! If you like it then go on, I’m not trying to stop anyone from enjoying ideas and possibilities!! But personally I like Bakugou not having any reason to be loud-mouthed and rude, that’s just his personality and how the environment he grew up in made him, and lately I’ve seen the hc used to justify his behaviour more than I like? Bakugou being an asshole is just who he is, and I love it! I love that his life made him like that and I love that he’s working hard to fix that flaw, giving him an external reason, something he has no control over, to justify his personality changes the core of his character too much, and that’s not something I’d ever want to do tbh

And it’s also cool to think that he was somewhat genetically engineered to be better in a fight to compensate for a lack of earing (though again, why only his ears and not his eyes or his sense of tact too), but that goes to cut on all the hard work he put in becoming as good as he is, right? If that’s what you like than who am I to stop you! But Bakugou’s hardworking nature is one of the things I love about him, I don’t really feel like taking away from him all the effort and work he put through the years in becoming as good as he is now

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Cats out of the Box

Prompts: “Listen, I don’t like you, but you have kittens, so I’m going to be over a lot.” With Damian. And can the reader be the one with kittens?

Pairing: None, platonic Damian X Reader

Words: 1,528

  You hadn’t expected your fostercat, Boop, to go into labor so soon. So when at five thirty in the morning when you woke up to check on her and found her already in labor. You were frantic, calling your boss, Mr. Wayne,“Sorry sir, I know you had important meetings today, but I have a … family emergency!”

“Y/N, this is the first time you’ve ever asked for time off,” Mr. Wayne’s somewhat groggy voice,“ I can get someone to cover for you a two days. No worries, take care.”

 You let out a sigh of relief,“Thank you sir.”

 You hung up and immediately started to type on your computer, you had been prepared thanks to the company that you foster through, but a little refresher course would be great.

Boop was in her covered box, she hadn’t moved, you checked in on her every twice an hour, pulling back a scrap of fabric from the door as you did so. You had emailed the vet and the shelter that you had received her from. You had some towels to rub the kittens with- should you need them- and had on some clothes that you could loose if you needed too. You had managed to not peer into the box and get your eyes clawed out. it took several grueling hours, and you almost lost your breakfast and your lunch due to your weak stomach, because you had to get rid of the placenta. But four healthy kittens were born. Two looked almost exactly the same, a light sandy color, and one dark red kitten while the smallest kitten was a pretty dark yellow tabby. They were all female, and looked strong, so you left he mother and kittens alone, setting out food and water for Boop whenever she wanted it. The vet would make a special house call for you while your sister was off of work for the summer, so she could stay and look up on the kittens when you got back to work on Monday.

You had snapped some pictures and sent them to your sister, before finally changing out of your sweats into a pair of jeans. You were in the kitchen when you heard Boop’s angry hiss and a yelp of pain- a human one. You dropped your plastic cup of water onto the ground and rushed back into the room to find Robin, the boy wonder, the tiny angry one, holding his hand. The window was open and he was pouting at Boop’s box.

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Reverse Idol (Jungkook)

Before I start this, I gotta say a happy birthday to Jung Hoseok, I hope he’s having/had (depending on the time zone) an amazing bday I’m watching the vlive rn but I’ve seen some gifs and it seems like he was really happy and that makes me s o happy also his new hair is so beyond cute I’m in love!! Last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan line, the final part to the maknae line, our golden maknae who is continuing to prove he’s talented, the first time I heard the whole “chong, jojun, balsa" bit I thought it was hobi but the fact that it’s kook is so amazing bc this kid can really contort his voice and I can’t wait for the MV, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (kook’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • This AU is gonna feature some youtuber!Jungkook (here) to sum it up, he’s a gamer on youtube 
  • Jungkook is another huge fanboy but he’s the O.O fanboy like chim’s the :) fanboy tae’s the :D fanboy but kook is just wide eyed “oh my god oh my god”
  • When he loves an artist, he seems to really just look up to them like him and GD, we all know that boy loves GD I mean wasn’t it him that made kook wanna become a singer/idol that alone says a l o t about how much kook respects him
  • In public he tries to be -_- (it doesn’t last long but he does try) but at home he loses it
  • He’ll hear your song in public and his eyes get really big and Yoongi’s mentally starting the ten second countdown before Jungkook starts  dancing along to it 
  • It starts off with just a bit of foot tapping around the three second mark, at the five second mark, his head starts bobbing, at the seven second mark, he starts swaying until he breaks into the full choreography
  • Whenever he plays your music, everyone just knows he’s about to come running into the room dressed head to toe in your merch and start screaming the songs so they just all prepare themselves, vmin start stretching so they don’t pull anything 
  • Sure enough, kook slides into the room with a hairbrush to use as a mic and start singing as loudly as he possibly can, not caring if he goes off key and he starts doing the dance to the song
  • But it’s actually really cute but all of the other boys get these huge smiles and they gotta join in
  • Okay but kook gets s o fucking into lip syncing or just goofing around and singing like we all remember the Linkin Park video that’s about all the proof I need and the fact that no one was really reacting to it tells me that he’s doing that shit at home too
  • The boys all know your music since I have this head canon that if one member knows an artist, they all know that artist just bc they’re all so close it’s easy to assume they’re sharing their favorite music with each other
  • Him reacting to performances is super cute too bc he gets so into it and he’s singing along and dancing and you can tell he’s genuinely enjoying it and what I love about kook is that he gives the performances his full attention
  • I was watching him react to one of Astro’s performances and his eyes are just glued to the stage and it’s so sweet
  • Of course I gotta bring up his reaction to the Rainism performance he literally started performing in the crowd and it was so fucking funny and cute you could just see how excited he got
  • His fans all know about his crush on you even though he tries to play it cool it’s pretty damn obvious
  • In the background of a lot of his videos, you can see some of your posters and some albums and he just giggles when he gets questions about it which totally gives away the whole crush thing bc your face lighting up at the mention of someone is normally a pretty good indicator that you have some sort of emotion towards them, whether it’s platonic or romantic
  • Plus in his live streams, he’s always got one of your albums playing in the background
  • And Vmin may have just maybe totally told everyone about his crush on you during one of their Q&As and Jungkook may have screamed when he saw them do it he m a y b e chased Jimin with a shoe and threw a banana at Tae’s head
  • Okay so an a m azing anon suggested this and it has become my head canon entirely
  • Jungkook has a tumblr right and it’s mainly art and gaming shit, those are the main focuses
  • He uploads his art a lot, they’re normally drawings of characters or musicians he likes and one day he uploads a drawing of you and everyone flips
  • Not only is it s o realistic, it’s also getting all of the shippers fired up and ready to scream bc it’s obvious it took some time to draw and Tae uploads a few videos of kook on snapchat like two weeks ago where he’s staring really intently at the screen of his phone and no one knows what kook’s drawing so everyone’s excited
  • And then the excitement doubles when it’s revealed that he was drawing you and then Jimin adds onto the excitement by stating it’s not the first time kook has drawn you 
  • You notice the drawing bc everyone sends it to you, even the people who don’t follow kookie send it to you bc it’s rea ll y good we all know how talented kook is especially when he puts his mind to something and he’s not about to half ass a drawing of his crush
  • You tweet out about it bc you don’t know who did it so you’re just like hey this is really good, whoever drew it and then everyone immediately starts telling you it’s Jungkook’s (the boys also help out by tagging you on instagram in kook’s pictures bc they’re wingmen all of them)
  • Kook decides in honor of your birthday, he’s gonna release a cover of his favorite song by you bc he’s released a few covers here and there already so why not do one for you and that does n o t help the shippers’ poor lil hearts at all
  • He doesn’t know that you know who he is yet so he doesn’t even think you’re gonna see it but little does he know, you’re following him on all the social medias bc he’s super cute in all the ways
  • It’s a more laid back version of your song, it’s just piano and kook’s voice which is s o nice and you can’t believe that this is the same kid you just watched dance around in a Pikachu onesie during one of his celebration videos
  • After that, you just h a v e to contact him bc he’s so sweet in his bday wishes to you and he’s just so cute and precious you gotta do it
  • “Your drawing was really cute and your cover was amazing, I’d love to meet you”
  • Ight but to announce your relationship to the public, he releases all of the other drawings he’s done of you
  • “Thnx for being my muse but no, I’m not gonna stop texting you pictures of puppies at three in the morning, they’re important”
iwtv headcanon(s)

ok am i the only one who finds the beginning of IWTV so shady?? 

lol i know im not, so imma just go ahead and speculate–if you’d like to read, you may go ahead and do so c: same goes for sharing thoughts! id love to hear what you all have to say <3 but, beware, it gets pretty long, sorry folks >//<

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anonymous asked:

Can I get scenarios for MCxMM characters on a date? ~~~

Of course ^^

This is our first time writing something like this, so I hope you like it <3


  • She’s been working non-stop for the past few days
  • MC is worried about her and decides to make her take a break
  • After searching for the best coffee in town, she practically drags Jaehee out of the office
  • Jaehee complains, but she actually has no say in it
  • Once the smell of freshly made coffee hits her, she stops arguing
  • After the first sip she visibly relaxes
  • MC is happy to see a smile on her face, she should smile like this more often
  • When they get home, MC turnes on one of many Zen’s musicals they horded in the house
  • They cuddle underneath a blanket
  • Halfway through the musical, Jaehee is already fast asleep
  • MC smiles and kisess her on the forehead while tucking her in the blanket
  • MC falls asleep hugging her


  • Jaehee has been begging MC to stop him from beginning another cat project
  • Jumin never allowed himself lowly entertainment from the mundane world so MC decides he needs some education
  • To satisfy his love for cats, MC decides to take him to a cat cafe
  • When he enters the cafe, he looks positively delighted
  •  Jumin looks over the drinks menu and look at MC innocently „They do not have wine“
  • MC facepalms but is at the same time reminded why she loves him so much
  • The cats look drawn to him and he ends up hording all the cats
  • MC never saw him so happy
  • While exiting the cafe he states that Elizabeth 3rd is still more beautiful
  • „I just had a great idea for a new project“
  • I’m sorry Jaehee…


  • Yoosung locked himself in the room trying to get some limited edition Lolol merchandise and he hasn’t seen a living soul in days
  • MC uses force to get him out of the room
  • She is going to make him spend some time with her
  • She takes him to the newly opened arcade determined to beat him in everything
  • He was excited at first but gradually fell into despair as MC exclaimed in victory once again
  • „That’s what you get for not talking to me for days!“
  • When they decided to play one last game, MC had a change of heart and wanted to see him happy
  • After allowing him to win, he had such a happy smile on his face she had to hug him
  • MC made sure that he knows never to neglect her again


  • Zen had a big premiere coming up and he started to get nervous
  • To relax him, MC took him to a spa resort for the weekend
  • At first it was hard because all of the women were staing at him and MC started to get a little jealous
  • She glared at them
  • When Zen realized this he chuckled „They may be looking at me, but I only look at you“
  • He embraced MC while making all the women flocked around him turn from admiration to plain jealousy and hostility
  • MC was happy he is the man she loves
  • Zen wanted to show his appreciation for this gift and promised her he would show her how much he loved her when the night falls


  • MC always begged Seven to take her for a ride in his Herrari, but he never found the time
  • She tried one more time but nothing changed
  • She was a bit mad so she stole his keys and said loudly so Seven could hear „Let’s go for a ride Saeran!“
  • Saeran looked very confused but he went with it because it meant irritating his brother
  • <<<Serious Seven mode on>>>
  • (boy, he could run)
  • He realized he had no other choice and gave up
  • Seven fell to his knees „Fine! You win!“
  • MC smirked victoriously
  • (Saeran had enough and left)
  • Seven drove her to the beach and they watched the stars together
  • „You should listen to me more often“ MC whispered


  • [Mission: make him smile]
  • Step one: ice cream
  • Seeing him happily eat ice cream is MC’s first most precious memory
  • First he tried to act cool and uninterested but his eyes shined when he saw the huge ice cream parfait being placed in front of him
  • MC was so happy that she decided to feed him
  • Seeing him blush is MC’s second most precious memory
  • Step two: watch the sunset surrounded by flowers
  • Saeran has such a tranquil expression when he looks up at the sky
  • MC took his hand and she saw him smile ever so slightly
  • „I will always be with you. I will always love you.„
  • [Mission status: successful] (written by Seven inside a bush nearby)


  • V wanted to draw but had an art block
  • Seeing him staring at a blank canvas made MC want to help
  • She decided to take him camping, the fresh air and nature might inspire him
  • They walked holding hand until they found a place to camp
  • It seemed like being in nature soothed V
  • Small animals looked to be drawn to the pure hearted angel
  • MC had to take pictures of a squirrel eating out of the palm of his hand
  • V blushed, not used to be on that side of the camera
  • „They may not be as good as yours, but you make any photo look beautiful“
  • When they got home, V painted MC surrounded by nature
  • MC wiped paint off his face and kissed him


  • MC saw Vanderwood more agitated and tired than usual and it looked like Seven would be in a need of a grave soon so she decided to get Vanderwood out of there
  • She prepared a picnic basket, took his hand and dragged him away from Seven
  • When his breathing calmed he remembered to ask where they were going
  • „Picnic, far far away from Seven“
  • „That sounds nice…“ his face lit up
  • They spread out the blanket in a shade of a huge tree
  • While looking at his now peaceful face, she got the sudden desire to touch his hair
  • He looked bewildered as she run her fingers through his hair
  • „Can I braid your hair?“
  • „I have a taser.“
  • „So… Is that a yes?“ MC’s huge puppy eyes stared at him.
  •  …
  •  MC always gets what she wants
Kurobas Cup 2015: Report (20/9/15)

O….M….G!! Kurobas Cup 2015 has officially ended, but not without leaving me precious memories to remember. Today has been crazy. I’m still breathing on adrenaline and excitement so please excuse and bear with me while I half-flail and half-recount on my once-in-a-lifetime experience at Kurobas Cup 2015!!

To say that it’s crowded would be a bloody understatement. The patience and courage of fans to brave the hot weather and lack of sleep to get the event goods is pretty commendable. Luckily, they do pre-sale of goods the day before and since I got Tokyo Game Show ticket, I was around the area and managed to check out the goods and buy them before they sell out. When I got to the queue today, all T-shirts, pen light, rubber straps are sold out.

So before we go inside, we had to queue to check that the tickets are ours (to prevent reselling). If you check out, then they give you a wristband. I love that they gave us, the afternoon lot, rainbow-coloured bands XD it’s like nijimura’s spirit was participating with us :3. For evening lot, it was a pale gold colour band (like iPhone gold colour).

Then we queued up to get inside. There were knb related displays inside. The main thing we saw (those sitting in arena) is a giant board with messages from casts and crew. I basically got stuck in the front trying to take pics and didn’t get time to look at the signed basketball and mukkun’s snack display :(. I swear i was stick within the crowd for like 10 mins >,<

After I managed to break free from the crowd in front of the message board, I quickly went upstairs and take pictures of the celebratory wreaths, there were too many pretty ones by the way as you can see in the pictures. The mukkun snack display is from Knb official twiiter, I didn’t have time to see it T.T

Anyway I was sitting in block 13 in arena - it was at the back and quite far from the stage, luckily my seat is the aisle one so I have more freedom than others. So we waited for awhile and then finally…..

The opening act is one and only OLDCODEX!!!! ADLJAKFJDLJA (excuse my key smash but it’s just aaaahhh). By the way tatsun cut his hair short and damn it tatsun. I was swooning, literally swooning while jumping up and down waving my orange pen light like a crazy fan. Oldcodex did full length Lantana but they did a shorter version of Walk and Catal Rhythm. WHAT AN OPENING ACT!!

By the way my memory is all jumbled up so the orders would probably be wrong. Next is kagakuro’s Shout!. It was a nice follow up to old codex. I love that during Shout, the hall was a sea of red and pale blue lights >,< At the end, they did the amazing fist bump causing the fans (including me) to go wild and screamed our throats out. Kagakuro also sang another duet ‘そしてこれから、何度でも’ from the 2nd duet series. It was a very nice emotional song, and during the song the back screen was playing all the precious kagakuro moments <3 <3 <3

Then it was aokise’s duet, sorry I forgot the name of the song and it’s one I haven’t heard before. Kasamatsu and Kise also sang the duet ‘glory blue’ (I’m pretty sure that’s the name of the song) but I’m not too familiar with that CD.

My favourite duet has to be midotaka not only because they has a nice chemistry on stage, but also they came on stage on the infamous ‘rear car’ with shin-chan holding a giant penguin as seen in the anima ending. They sang ‘Way to Victory’ by the way. Everything was spot on and tatsun even imitated pedalling shin-chan with all his might haha (but it was in fact being pushed around by the staff, as pointed out by onoD later XD)

At one point, a short skit with mukkun and muro-chin came on. Mukkun was munching on potato chips as usual and himuro was telling him to stop eating since he has to sing for us soon. Then mukkun of course ask himuro to sing for him, which was rejected XD. Of course, suzuken soon came on stage and sang none other than ‘Lazy Lazy’ haha :3

After several performances, they finally introduced all the characters and their respective seiyuus one by one and as you can guess, it was time to scream and go wild.

They also did the end card mini live reading of painting the wall in the public basketball court. It was amazing hearing it live. Midorin came on stage hold daruma lol (daruma is a red, hollowed out japanese doll, please google for pic). The cutest moment is when nojima (Izuki) also acted as nigou loll. Also kudos to nojima, he made two puns live on the stage haha. My favourite part was when zakki (as sakurai) came to help and he met nigou. He ended up apologising to nigou about last time (reference to previous drama I believe) and everyone was like ‘is that guy apologising to a dog’ Lollll. Also another point is where kasamatsu was talking to miyaji(?) and kasamatsu was like I should how to throw pineapple, which midorin huffed and said ‘pineapples are not for throwing nanodayo!’.

Also Kensho came on stage at some point and did a short version of Zero. As you can guess, we all went crazy.

Omg, zakki did a solo song and sang Ayamari Kinoko no Yuutsu (The Melancholy of the Apologetic Mushroom), it was so cute <3 :3 he was all smiles.

Hoshi (kasamatsu) also sang a solo song but I forgot the name of it >,<. The highlight was when ryohei came on stage during the song and hoshi (in captain’s voice) told him to get off stage lol. Then ryohei was like ‘sorry sorry’ and as he was leaving, his hat fell off lol.

Also, kishow did his solo song ‘any time, any place’. I’m not familiar with that song either so I can’t say much about it.

EDIT:  how can I forget about kagahimu’s duet ‘Blue Sky Memories’. Just remembered about it after seeing Onoyuu’s tweet (he was saying how happy he was to be able to sing together with kishow, onoyuu-chan your fanboy is showing lol :3) . Haha as much as we, the fans, were fangirling about their duet, I swear Onoyuu was over the moon for being able to duet with his idol kishow XD. Also, mid way through the song, they fist bump and O M G onoyuu was so so happy. Bless that precious fanboy :3 <3

They also covered a lot of songs from the Seirin mini album. Hosoyan and Kojima sang Challenger’s spirit. Eguchi and Gou again sang ‘エンノシタ レギュラー’ (unsung regulars). Inoue gou later commented that he was happy that he finally have a song (aww).

Another highlight is when the cast (minus the kamiya and a few others) came on stage and say a few lines, and kensho (precious kensho) shared with us that during backstage, hosoyan came up to him and said ‘Kensho, it’s bad, it’s bad, I’m sweating like crazy’ lol (and kensho did that in hosoyan’s voice too XD). Then hosoyan followed up and said he was sweating so much that he wondered if it’s raining on stage XD (bless that man child and his tendency to sweat on stage, i’m remembering the free! event haha)

All 4 rakuzan casts has a mini skit. The time line is where everyone (except rakuzan cos they were at kyoto) finished painting the wall in tokyo, then a couple months later rakuzan came to the wall to draw their own graffiti as seen in the ending animation. I think akashi kinda tricked mayuzumi to come along and they made him draw something next to the pineapple (drawn by miyaji lol). They were like ‘why is there a pineapple on a basketball wall’ and I think it was hayama who said ‘probably cos someone was hungry’ lol.

There was also a mini skit between akashi and mayuzumi, and one thing I remember is mayuzumi being tsundere and saying first-years should be kept as far away as possible. Then hayama and reo asked for a photo, and mayuzumi was like ‘ok fine, just one photo’.

At some point, the four uncrowned kings (no nebuya at this event) did a mini skit. The start was so funny. It was just hosoyan and hamada. Hamada (kiyoshi) was saying how amazing the event was and how many fans were there, and then the precious hosoyan messed up his lines XD (i went aww and lol) and everyone was quick to reassure him. They were saying how amazing this event was then suddenly Reo’s voice came on saying ‘Junpei-chan, where are you?’. This obviously scared junpei (and hosoyan) away and he went off the stage XD lol.

Then the 2 uncrowned kings from rakuzan, reo and hayama, came on stage. Turns out Reo was looking for Junpei-chan to  take a photo with him :3. But kiyoshi was like hyuuga left maybe because he is shy haha. Then reo replied that there’s no reason to be shy in a very coy voice lol XD.  Reo asked kiyoshi to find hyuuga for him and kiyoshi agreed :3 Reo then asked kiyoshi to take a photo with him, and hayama was like ‘sure I can take it for you’. Then they realised that it was rare for the uncrowned kings to be on the same stage, and they were saying how glad they were that hanamiya wasn’t with them cos he’s quite a difficult guy to deal with. Suddenly, junjun’s voice came on and he was ‘what are you guys talking about’ and we all thought it was a pre-recording. But holy shit no…it was him, jun jun in flesh and all his snarky glory. We all went CRAZY!!! Then he take part in the skit and say along the lines of how can this be complete without him and everyone commented that he would be hard to miss since he tends to leave a (bad) impression lol. The highlight is when reo called him ‘Mako-chan’ hahaha and asked him to take a picture with him. Reo basically keeps calling him mako-chan despite junjun’s protest and he ended the skit by saying ‘why the hell nobody listens to me’ lol XD <3

Oh kensho reminds us to keep junjun’s surprise appearance as a secret. He said please don’t tweet or post anything on social media until after the evening event. He also asked us not to speak about it on the train since you don’t know who will be listening haha :3.

At one point, all 6 kiseki came on stage and did the Regal generation!!! It was beyond words, especially for all of them to be on stage at the same time and sing a song. Pretty amazing i must say. also I was fascinated by the pen lights during this song tbh, it was basically a sea of rainbow colours across the hall, just so pretty.

The best part for me is when they showed the preview for the OVA (episode 75.5) ‘The best present’. It’s basically about how kiseki gets together to play street basketball and later celebrate kuroko’s birthday. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! In the trailer, we saw midorin passed to kise, mukkun blocking aomine, akashi going against kise, and finally AOKURO’S FIST BUMP!! akdlajfdkla I lost it at this point. Then they also showed himuro cooking, furi being scared shitless when he opened the door and it was the majesty akashi-sama hahaha. Basically it was too precious and I cannot describe how much I’m looking forward to it.

Then Granrodeo closed the event. They first did the full length of ‘Memories’. Kishow then says thank you for all our support. E-zuka also said a few lines. After that, they were like we has a great time with KnB and we cannot thank enough. Since they did 6 songs over 3 seasons, they said they will sang all. They did but only the shorter versions (except Memories).

After that, all the cast came on stage to say thank you and good bye. They were wearing their respective colour-coded Kurobas cup 2015 t shirts (which I’m lucky enough to get in Seirin’s white colour). A few highlights I remember is where they were commenting on Hatano (Reo) wearing make up. They said his lips are pink and Hatano commented that he borrowed his older sister’s eye liner? (ok this is where I lament my less than perfect japanese for not being able to understand normal japanese speech 100%). They also asked the fans to put their hands up if they noticed him wearing makeup, to which only a few hands went up lol. Tbh I didn’t notice it haha X3 Also when it comes onoyuu’s turn, he went and say the usual thank you. Then he was like I was do a celebratory jump as a thank you. It was a good jump haha. OMG must not forget to mention that

As an encore, they did the amazing seishun tip off!! kurobas cup 2015 version. During the song, all 4 rakuzan casts, ryohei, hoshi, hosoyan and nojima went on mini stage that staff pushed around along the aisles. I had my attention fixed on kamiyan, masuda and ryohei that I didn’t notice tatsun and onoD on the rear car being pushed around by the staff on the upper floor until they’re half way through lol. One thing for sure, Kamiyan is tiny (like akashi :3)

Then sadly, it was the end of the event. It felt too short for me since I was having so much fun and screaming my throat off. However, now I’m recounting the whole thing and yup it was a solid 2 hour event. This is technically my first ever anime related event and it will definitely stay with me forever. The atmosphere inside is electric and it consumes you. Despite the not so good seat and not being able to see much since the lady in front of me is quite tall, I’m so glad that I was able to experience this first hand. I’m still high on adrenaline but I’m also very tired lol.

By the way, evening event news: KNB MOVIE IS HAPPENING!!!! holy deities aldjfajlkdfjal;jfd I think it will be based on extra game but O…. M……G. Tbh during the noon event, they kept saying that this won’t be the end of knb and please keep supporting us and we hope to see you soon. So I was thinking they’re either gonna do ova or a short anime based on extra game. Then they dropped this movie bombshell…geez bloody hell >,< 

Also, in the evening show, Onoken cried??!!! Aww someone give him a hug. He’s so precious. I wished I was there to see and share a few tears with him >,<

P.S: I was sad that Kamiyan didn’t have time to sing ‘Final Emperor’, that was my fav song. Also murahimu didn’t do the ‘Zero Game’ duet, which I was desperately hoping for >,< but they did the best with how little time they have. 

Bonus: so I bought this event pamphlet and it contains casts’ Q&A. One question is what would be your dream team? My fav answer has to be ryohei’s. That cheeky man answered that his dream team would be just 5 kise’s lollll, and that all the kise’s would just perfect copy haha. Well he does have a point XD…..

When You Said Destruction..., A Berserker Thor/Jotun Loki Thorki Fic

Summary: If Thor cannot find a battle partner, someone to calm his berserker rage, soon, Odin will have no choice but to imprison his only son for the safety of Asgard.

Word Count: 11,157

Rating: Explicit 

Characters: Thor, Loki, Odin, Frigga, Sif

Pairing: Thor/Loki, Odin/Frigga

Features: Berserker Thor, Jotun Loki, Intersex Loki, Mating, Bonding, Cunnlings, Mentions of unconscious racism 

Notes: I promised thorkizilla a berserker Thor story months ago (like, back in January I think), and somehow it turned into this giant monster of a thing. It was supposed to be two scenes, one smut, and ended up being 11k of plot. Don’t look at me. I was trying something new with the berserker troupe, so I really hope you guys enjoy it.

First half betaed by the wonderful batsutousai. Second half not betaed because I am an impatient asshole.

When You Said Destruction… 

“When you said destruction, you failed to mention he is the living definition of the word.”

Odin looks less than impressed at Loki’s comment, not that Loki really cares all that much for what makes the Allfather happy. “We have a deal, sorcerer. Your works lies before you."  To emphasize his point, Odin gestures to his rampaging son. "Do not waste my time.”

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Moonlight and Memories [Kanato Sakamaki X Reader]

              The night was so very quiet. It was a cool autumn night as you lied in your soft, king-sized bed, your (e/c) eyes still wide open. On nights like this you couldn’t sleep. You hated how quiet it was; the silence always put you on edge. When things were like this you always expected some random vampire to jump out of nowhere and immediately began sucking your blood… though more of Laito and Ayato’s appearances than the others.

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Cillian Murphy gets political in a new interview with ShortList.

On how he picks films: A lot of film now feels disposable and forgettable. I’m not interested in that. I’ve always been attracted to projects that leave you altered in some way, emotionally bruised. Film should have that effect on you, and there should be some residue with you a week later.

On a film that left him altered: There’s a Swedish film that I adore called Force Majeure. It’s the last film that actually made me shout at the screen. I still think about it now. It’s about a family on holiday skiing, and they’re having lunch when an avalanche hits. The father runs away, leaving his wife and children. They all survive. Everyone’s OK, but the rest of the film is about them trying to deal with that selfishness. It’s a meditation on masculinity and relationships. A masterpiece, I think.

On modern warfare:  I think the Second World War was the last just war. I’m a complete pacifist at heart, but I can understand how important it was for mankind to stop the Third Reich in its tracks and to attack the Final Solution. Nowadays we talk about Syria, and tit’s nearly impossible to understand what the hell is going on. The ‘war on terror’ is so vague. It’s very strange. The whole thing is just one big massive mind f*ck. Modern warfare is all about technology and who’s watching who, and who has all the intelligence. It’s hard to know what’s noble and what’s not. I admire soldiers and I admire their bravery, but you just wonder, sometimes, where the motivation comes from politically.

The full Q&A under the cut, including Cillian’s fave war joke (it’s corny af) and why he doesn’t need to give acting advice to Harry Styles (he’s not in the ‘elderly actor giving advice’ bracket yet).

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BSD Pairing Concerns

Ya this has been bugging me for a while

Let me get this out of the way before anything else


It’s perfectly fine by me who you ship! It’d be pretty petty of me to go around and say, ‘OMG Y U SHIP DEM?! *Insert pairing name here* IS THE WAY TO GO’. I think that’d be kind of childish. <|D Now on to the main post where I will list my reasoning’s:

1. This is a no grounded fear to be honest, and a bit idiotic, but I’m a strange girl sue me >|T I tend to see a lot of people ship Soukoku (Double Black) rather than Dazushi, which again, I have no problem with. I tend to think that both the ships of Dazai and Chuuya or Akutagawa and Atsushi are really cute, it’s just I am kind of worried that Dazushi will become a rare-ship where people don’t really talk about it and those who do get strange looks or are put down for it. So it’s not so much of how popular one of the ships are as it is of people ridiculing others for who they like to pair together. This will come back later.

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Underwear? Underwear.

Disclaimer: Hiro Mashima owns all of Fairy Tail and every single one of its characters. I’m just anime trash with a dream and a laptop. 

Pairing: GrayLu

Rated: T

Summary: The holidays are in full swing, and a certain pair on Team Natsu are requested for a Magnolia Fair. With “Christmas Spirit” in the air, maybe the two will do more than complete the job request. And who knew a pair of underwear could act as a catalyst?  

Authors Note: So, I’m pretty sure I’m the worse Secret Santa alive because this is ten days late and I was given the most precious, sweetest human being to write a gift for. @magerain sweetheart, I cannot tell you how sorry I am that this is so late. But without further adieu, here is your gift, and I can only hope I’ll be able to fully make it up to you someday.

P.S. This is my first time writing GrayLu and my first time writing Canon verse. Hopefully it’s not terribly OOC!

Underwear was quickly becoming a theme in Lucy Heartfilia’s life.

It was the garment she modeled in Sorcerer Weekly photo spreads. It was the clothing item that always seemed to be destroyed, leaving her nude on various missions.  It was one of the first words a certain ice mage had said to her. The infamous greeting of, “Excuse me Miss, can I please borrow your underwear?” never leaving her mind.

Yes, that was correct, underwear was quickly becoming more and more relevant in Lucy’s life.

But she supposed that made sense, being close friends with a man like Gray Fullbuster.

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Doctor’s Plans

Fandom: Durarara!!
Characters/Ships: Shinra/Izaya(/Celty); Shinra, Izaya, mentions of Celty  
Rating: T   
Length: oneshot; 1827 words


Izaya expected his confession to be rejected; he hoped and desperately needed his confession to rejected. Shinra, however, had something different in mind.
For Durarara!! Rare Pair Month <3

AO3 Link (Coming Soon!)
Read on Tumblr:

(A/N) This canon-divergence is one of my favorite things. <3
I am OT3 trash. I will most likely write a follow-up to this one, too.
Named for a lyric from Anti-D by The Wombats, which is my number one Shinzaya anthem.

“Ah, Shinra. Can I… talk to you for a sec?”

The would-be doctor blinked, then nodded and stood without question. “Sure, Oriahra-kun,” he replied with an easy smile. Izaya’s heart quickened, but he simply nodded and led the way out of the classroom.

Despite my best efforts, Shinra…

“What’s this all about?” Shinra asked, not obtrusively but curiously. He, like Izaya, ignored the murmurings that sprang up in their wake.

Izaya Orihara had only just returned, after all, from a month-long suspension. As if that wasn’t enough fuel for the middle-school rumor mill, that suspension was said to be the result of his stabbing one Shinra Kishitani in the biology lab. And now, as if to stir the students to the most frenzied state mere middle-schoolers could reach, the two boys in question seemed as close as they had been before the incident, if not more so.

“Ah, just a minor thing,” Izaya said off-puttingly, and Shinra pouted.

“Tell me, Orihara-kun!”

“I will, I will,” was the petulant response. “Let’s just get clear of these lovely gawkers first, shall we?”

Izaya, though the rumors themselves didn’t bother him, desperately wanted privacy in that moment. He wanted to be alone with Shinra Kishitani for many more reasons than one; more reasons than he would admit, if the truth was to be told.

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♠Organising Thoughts On PMMM: Rebellion, part zwei♠

let’s do this part 2, electric boogaloo

part ein is right here, discussing characters individually, while this post focuses more on overarching themes in PMMM. in other news, pidge is a giant nerd baby who writes essays on anime movies for fun

I might do an additional post all special for Homulilly, Homura’s witch form, since it’s just plain interesting.


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FAIRY TALES CON (Paris) - Recap

You wanted a recap ? Here it is ! Well, I can’t remember everything, I was too emotional for that. I don’t took that much pictures either.. but you will be able to know what the heck happened to me to still be so excited a week after.

Let me put all the videos first and everything else will be hidden so you can just reblog that to share how amazing they are :

Enjoy & share ! :)

And for my photoshoots with them, my adventures, the picture of my marriage proposal to Eion (yes I know, I know, I’m that kind of fan), the drawings I gave them, the Swan Queen Fever taking over the convention and all my awesome French and Belgian followers who came to talk to me and get a drawing (KEEP SENDING ME THE PICTURES GUYS).. it’s right here !

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For me to buy Andromeda, I need:

A protagonist that isn’t Shep 2.0

Include the female “alternative” (because god knows the female protagonist is never the default) in some (not ALL, don’t piss your pants male gamers) promotional material for once. By doing this, you acknowledge that you actually have female fans (you DO) and you can also draw in more female fans who would otherwise think this is yet another game where they’d have to play a guy. Show us who we can be if we purchase your game. Stop catering to your precious male gamers and making up all your bullshit excuses for doing so. They are only the majority BECAUSE you cater to them. If more developers kissed my ass half as much, I’d be buying more games left and right. As it is, though, everything is still for men – which is made fairly obvious by the shitty treatment of both Jacob and Thane’s romances. Jacob’s romance. I mean, damn, Bioware. WHY. (And I don’t even LIKE Jacob.)

Exploration that is rewarding (as in results in an actual quest with a mini story and input from followers … and some cool gear).

No characters forced as my best friend. I should be allowed to hate whoever I want (like in Dragon Age). And love whoever I want (like in Dragon Age). Shit, in DA you could even hate Varric, and he was written to be liked.

No characters forced as the default love interest (liara, liara, liara). This is an rpg. Please allow me to role play? If I’m playing a character who hates Liara, let me then hate Liara, or don’t include the option to hate her at all (as an example). I don’t mind my character being flirted with. But having everyone else in the game decide that I’m attracted to someone else when I’ve said I’m not? (damn Aethyta)

Romances get equal treatment. All romances get the same amount of content, be it eight scenes or two. Gay and straight romances (and bi if they’re willing) are included from day one. If a LI interest has to die, do it WELL. Miranda’s death was done well, but Thane? Omfg. Have the protagonist respond emotionally to their lover dying or being injured. It’s pitiful that I have to head canon Shepard stopping to give Thane a trembling kiss when he is stabbed by Kai Leng, but she is falling over herself when Kaidan gets hurt. Similarly, if I didn’t romance Kaidan, I shouldn’t be going frantic over his injuries in loverly fashion.

I want villains that aren’t covered in plot armor (Kei Leng – the cowardly buffoon who only wins because the plot allows/needs him to). I also want villains that don’t draw indifference from me (Saren). The Illusive Man was the best villain in the whole damn series, period. My heart rate goes up when I see his face, he was that good. Do that AGAIN.

DON’T force me to customize/create armor. Especially for a squad of eight characters.

DON’T force me to loot useless crap. The lack of looting in Mass Effect 3 was perfect.

DON’T force me to do stupid memory games and puzzles for EVERY. SINGLE. DOOR. The acute absence of this in ME3 was also heavenly.

Give me a toolkit so I can mod in the decent hair that you can’t seem to make.

Keep the plot consistent. Don’t contradict what you told me before. Even if you do the typical doh-see-doh and switch up writers, these writers should take the time to become familiar with the lore and the characters of a world that I am investing HARD EARNED MONEY into so that they do it some justice. Example? Thane’s character assassination between ME2 and ME3. Telling me in the first game that Synthesis was wrong. Telling me in the last game that Synthesis was right.

Make my decisions matter. If you’re going to have me unite two species at war, then don’t turn around and ask me to kill them all in the end of the game. What was the POINT spending x amount of hours grinding through a mission just to have my work mean NOTHING? Mass Effect was very good with making decisions matter right up until the end of Mass Effect 3, where nothing you did at all mattered. Which leads me to the final prerequisite on my list …

Give me a GOOD ENDING. If I just spent 100+ hours gathering allies, allow me to make USE of them. Give me a cinematic where my allies are fighting bravely against the enemy. If the hero is going to die, do it well and make their sacrifice MATTER. If the hero is going to live, do not for the love of god leave it ambiguous. Ambiguous endings are NOT for role playing games where the player has personally invested themselves in the character they have created. Leaving us hanging so you can be all “artistic” is cruel. Don’t introduce a new plot element at the last minute. It’s tacky storytelling at its best to pull some random something out of your ass and have it give the player an annoying information dump. Tell what happens to the world we fought for with epilogue slides. Could you do that much for us after we’ve spent YEARS (I’m new to ME but I spent years loving DA, so I can sympathize) loving these characters?

These are not unreasonable requests.  In fact, Bioware, you’ve pulled them off beautifully before. Or you wouldn’t have my money.

We Need to Talk About IchiRuki

..I have a hard time understanding how a human could be so malnourished in love, soul, and emotional integrity they end up not shipping IchiRuki (weird, I know).

So I have taken it upon myself to create a series of sorts, detailing and remembering why IchiRuki is as breathtakingly divine as it is. The first chapter needed it’s own freaking post if that tells you anything about how fundamentally good and beautiful these two are and this ship is.

Let’s start at the very beginning, ♫ a very good place to start. ♫

Death and Strawberry, You are given a beautifully unorthodox epithet right off the bat. You have been spoon-fed the least subtle positioning of characters literature has ever produced. The most important two have been distinguished as cold-calculus fact. They are a universally good pair. Oh, and that poem?

  • “Because we are amorphous. We hold that in reverence.”

Because we are vague in our creation (our people lack structure and focus), we can respect that (each other).

The IchiRuki meeting was, without dramatics or overstatements, one of the most iconic moments in manga history…do you understand what I am saying to you right now?

Rukia became a symbol (a new frame of time) for us as much as for Ichigo. She is synonymous with death and likened to the image of a butterfly. For Ichigo, the moment his soul accepted attaching it’s red string to hers, she announced the end of unsatisfying days.

That chemistry wasn’t built, wasn’t forced, it was natural, it was easy, it was meant for them. We, the readers, all saw that. Even when we didn’t know what Ichigo and Rukia could be. That chemistry, that compatibility, for lack of more powerful words, was so unprecedented, it became a phenom in and of itself.

- Ichigo’s eyes widening upon seeing an eerie, clad-in black woman, with an old-fashioned sword almost as big (or small in the case of 4’ 8½ stature) as her body.

- “It is near…”

- “It is near… my ass, retard!”

- The hold-your-breathe prestige Rukia was building with the audience totally shattering when Ichigo kicked her butt and bent her into the Nike sign as she flew across his room.

- “You’re a pretty confident burglar, eh!?”

- Ichigo and Rukia showing us the first of their many stupid expressions… because of each other.

- “Y-you can see me…? I mean to say, did you-did you just kick…”

-Rukia not missing a beat as Isshin literally flew in and drop-kicked Ichigo in the back. Rukia not batting an eyelash as Ichigo delivered a kick (a hard-hitting sweet-chin music) straight to his father’s jaw.

-”Dad, look at this guy! What the heck is going on with the security system in this house?!….I’m talking about this samurai-costumed-”

- “It is not possible for ordinary men to see me. I am– a “Shinigami.”“

-Ichigo, not an extremely trusting person at this point, felt Rukia was safe enough to him to and his family to let her sit and explain to him her different realm of reality.

- “Okay! I’ll believe you!…Yeah right! Like I could believe that, dumb ass!”

-’Table to be flipped for the sake of comedy only’.

-Ichigo aggressively stroking Rukia on the back of the head. It was an awkward little caress.

- “ have spewed nonsense…Bakudō # 1. Sai!” (塞, Restrain)

-Rukia kicking/stepping on Ichigo butt in return for the kick. Step on me, Kuchiki-Taichou.

-Rukia sending that spirit to Soul Society and Ichigo looking puzzled and worried as hell. Like did you see the lack of nerve, he thought he was done for.

- “I will kindly explain with illustrations so even a brat like you can understand… Any questions?”

- “Yeah, can I start by asking why your drawings abnormally suck?”

-Ichigo’s sharpie mustache!

-“UggAhhh! Dammit! Just because I can’t move!”

‘“I will continue my explanation now, your highness, Mr.Baron.” (If I took the translation right, a baron is nobility of the lowest order…Rukia with her classy-ass roasts).

-The first account of many a future IchiRuki eye-sex.

-Rukia already realizing the depths of Ichigo, even if during that moment it was only “why could he sense a hollow when I couldn’t?” To which even just a little later she witnessed the depth of his commitment to his family and his core deep need and instincts. For Rukia whose “happiness” until this point could only be considered “decent” and whose “trust” of others and in others characters was impossibly low…Ichigo was..weird. Weird and good, and that’s not something Rukia has witnessed. Remember that.

-Rukia telling Ichigo to get off his high-horse and let him let her take care of him and his family.

-Rukia checking on Karin and trying to reassure Ichigo his little baby sister would be fine.

-Rukia watching and desperatley trying to communicate “stop! If you do that, your soul-your soul is done for!”

-Ichigo and his ridiculous power. Rukia being stunned and entranced.

-Ichigo grabbing a baseball bat to fight off a spiritual entity…precious berry-boy.

-”—What exatly is he—….?!”

-Ichigo being afraid. Shaking from fear until he saw his baby sister snatched and suffocating in the hollows grip. Understanding came slowly for the audience, but we began to see Ichigo’s motivations.

-Rukia chopping off a high-reiatsu hollows arm like butter while staring Ichigo dead in the eye. Silent communication already I think.

-Rukia physically saving Yuzu and communicating Ichigo to catch her.

-“Don’t lose focus! It’s okay! None of your family have had their souls eaten yet!”


“Yes none. Not even your father over there.”

-Rukia being able to reassure and comfort Ichigo already because she understood his concerns were not with himself or his personal well-being.

-Rukia telling Ichigo the hollow was after powerful souls…specifically his.

-”..wait a sec..this..he came for me? So does this mean this is my fault? The reason my dad’s over there almost dead…the reason Karin and Yuzu are covered in blood…it’s all…”

-Rukia forgetting her trained instincts to turn her back on a hollow and try once again to comfort him. “Wait! No! I did not mean-”

-Rukia got slammed through cement and a stone wall right under Ichigo’s nose.

-Ichigo’s eyes are mortified. “That’s enough…ALREADY!!”

-Rukia admitting she was careless before being easily careless once again as she jumped to save Ichigo’s life with a terrified look and a “FOOL!”

-Consider seriously how much fucking pain Rukia was put through. She bitten nearly clean in half. The hollow didn’t have sharp teeth, they were flat and her bones were likely crushed. Those type of teeth don’t put clean holes in you, they crush you and the skin on the front and back of your body have to meet, blood vessels have to puncture and burst to draw blood. The holes in her body were surrounded in deep bruises. One side of her body was shattered and she was already previously forced through cement and stone. Her head is ringing, her eyes are bleeding, her breath is lost.

-Ichigo looked haunted at what he saw. Do you consider what he must have heard? The bone crushing, the blood gushing, Rukia gasping because she would never scream…the smells? The metal tinge of blood, the sweat, the busted organs…it’s a 5 sense experience. Remember that, it’s always more than what’s simply drawn.

-”You idiot..what did you think? Either way, you’re an idiot…“

-“I’m sorry–I just..”

“Do not worry is what I would like to say…but…I cannot fight the hollow anymore.” Rukia still gives 0 shits about herself, her only regret is that she can’t fight for this family anymore.

-”Do you want to save your family?”

-”You…become a Shinigami.”


-“If this fails, both you and I, will die together.”

-Rukia witnessing Karin and Yuzu’s love for their big brother and their big brother’s love for them.

-Ichigo’s look of sheer confidence.

-“Give me the sword Shinigami. Let’s give your idea a try.”

-“It is not ‘Shinigami.’ It is ‘Kuchiki Rukia.’“

-“I see… I’m Kurosaki Ichigo. Let’s pray this doesn’t become the last greeting… for the both of us.”

-“Let’s do it…”


-The calm looks, the eye-contact, the smirks, the connection.

-The materialization of Rukia’s soul piercing Ichigo’s. Remember how impossible this is, by technicality. I wish this was expanded upon, how is one soul able to give itself to another. Soul-mates.

-Kurosaki motherfucking Ichigo has been introduced.

Just, it was impossible to create a greater start to a manga or a better relationship in anything.

The story of destiny, the legacy of One Boy and One Shinigami, Bleach has begun.