can you two please stop

Monsta X reaction to their girlfriend being a fan of a rookie group

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Shownu; Shownu wouldn’t mind at all…. at first. He would find it cute for you to admire and show interest to his hoobaes and all. But when you started fangirl every single second when you’re with him, he’d go silent and would actually pout. Tons of questions would come out from his mouth and being the Shownu that he is, he’d still be able to keep a straight face. We can say that he’s pretty jelly by now….

Why do you even like them?”

“They’re really talented and they’re so cute!!”

“We are also talented and cute babe.”

“But the two groups are different!”

“Baby, can you please stop fangirling over them when you’re with me?”

“But babe it’s their comeback stage will be on in a few minutes!”

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Wonho; The two of you were in the midst of watching Music Bank when this rookie group, that you’ve found yourself taking interest in them, came out with their new song. You bolt up and literally brought yourself near the screen, holding back the squeals. Wonho, on the other hand, did not like the whole idea of you enthusiastically squealing for a bunch of guys. 

Oh, you like them?”

“Oh glob, you don’t know how much I love them!!!”

“You… love them? *getting jelly*”

“I do! I pre-ordered their album before it got released and right now I’m not even regretting one thing.” “Oh… really? Okay..”

“Babe, don’t tell me you’re jealous?” “I’m not. Why would I be jealous? *pouts*”

“Oh, really? Then I should continue–” “Don’t!!”

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Kihyun; Kihyun was busy monitoring their performance with you when his hoobaes, the group that you’ve been stanning since pre-debut, came in and greeted the two of you. Kihyun greeted them back and noticed how your cheeks literally turned pink. Once the boys left, Kihyun turned to you and raised a brow. 

You like them?”

“W-what… pfft… no…” 

“Don’t lie to me. Anyways, if you were to choose between me and them, who would you choose?”

“Uh…. iwouldchoosethembutsinceyouremyboyfriendthenidchooseyou.”

“I can’t believe. Fine, go to them then hmph! *alert alert a jealous kihyun appeared*”

“Didn’t I just say that I’d choose you?!” 

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Minhyuk; Being close with this new rookie group, Minhyuk was invited to their concert and he was allowed to bring one person since the other were already invited. When you and Minhyuk were hanging out, he brought out the ticket and asked if you would like to come with him to which you’d enthusiastically accept. Minhyuk would be confused at first but then would chuckle at how cute you looked. actuallyhewouldntmindbuthedbeteeweenyjellyaboutit

Oh, are you a fan of theirs?”

“I’ve been a fan since the day they debuted! Oh glob, I can’t contain my feels huhu.”

“Really? Well, I hope you’ll really enjoy their concert! Hehe, I’m so excited to cheer them on with you beside me!”

“Thank you so so much babe!”

“No problem babe.”

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Hyungwon; It was one lazy friday when your package arrived. Hyungwon, being the person nearest to the door, got the package and nonchalantly brought the package to you. Sitting right beside you, he watched you unbox the whole thing. He actually knew that you liked this new rookie group but he never knew that you were that type of fan that would literally buy every single merchandise they have. He’d be a little bit hurt and be quiet for a couple of minutes.

Finally, my babies arrived! Omo omo….. look at these babies of mine. Uhuhu they look so damn fine.”


“Oh glob, mah bae looks so damn hoooooot!! whyareyoudoingthistome?!”

“Wait… I thought I was your bae?”

“Oh… sorry babe… I got caught up with my feels–”

“How come you have all of their merch and you barely have ours?”

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Jooheon; Jooheon was busy making some lyrics in his room when he heard you scream your lungs out. Startled by your sudden outburst, he ran out of the room in full speed and saw that you were only fangirling about the rookie group that he’s close with. From a surprised look, his expression immediately changed into a disappointed look. He would literally be jealous and would start to whine before you knew it.

Babe!! I thought something happened but then I came out to only see you fangirling over my dongsaengs?!”

“I-I’m so sorry–”

“No, you’re not! Do you love them more than you love me?!”

“No babe, I love you more!”

“Lies! All lies! *starts to whine*”

“Babe. I love you more than I love them, okay? Oh glob, stop whining babe! C’mere and let me give you a hug.”

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I.M; Changkyun enjoyed watching different variety shows with you but that one night when you decided to watch the variety of the boy group that you stan made Changkyun think twice. You immediately immersed yourself with the variety show, forgetting about Changkyun’s presence. When your bias scored a point, you threw your arms up, only to hit Changkyun on the head, which got got your attention. He may be cool on the outside but he’s not cool with it on the inside.

Ouch, what was that for?”

“Omo, I’m so so sorry babe!”

“Nah.. it’s okay. Gosh, you really like them don’t you? And let me guess, he’s your bias?”

“Uh… hehehehe.”

“Whatever, I’m sexier than them and you’re mine anyways.”

“Aigoo, are you jealous?”

“No. I’m not. They should be the ones to be jelly since you’re mine. Only mine!”


I think I’ll bust a kidney laughing at the Luke, KJ comments

I thought they merely restricted themselves to sulking and glaring!

Do they even HAVE any comments??? Well other than:

  • Put that away, Cole
  • Zip up your pants, Cole
  • No one wants to see your dick, Cole (well no one but Lili)
  • Your hand does NOT go there, Lili
  • You seem to wear way sexier than usual clothes at these things, Lili
  • Get out of his lap, Lili
  • Save that for later, both of you
  • Do we have to separate you two AGAIN????
  • Can you two just stop??
  • For five minutes?
  • Please???

Pretty boy Pika

A normal practice day with Yakov

Georgi: Oh my love you are much more beautiful than anything I have ever seen in this universe. *A*
Yakov: Georgi! Stop talking while practicing! I know how much you love your new girlfriend!
Yurio: *tap tap tap* *giggles*
Mila: *Puts arm around Yurio* Hmm texting your boyfriend again?
Yurio: Gah! He is not my boyfriend! Stop clinging to me woman!
Yakov: Mila!! Why aren’t you stretching?! And Yuri! Stop texting your boyfriend!
Yurio: *embarrassed* I told you! Otabek is not my boyfriend!!! >///////<
Yuuri: *giggles* Viktor, that tickles!
Viktor: Hmmm I love your hair Yuuri. I can’t stop touching it. ♥ ♥
Yakov: And you two! Can you please, for the love of the universe, stop fondling each other for like, 0.1 sec?! AGGHHH!!
Lilia: Yakov, stop pulling your hair or you’ll go completely bald.

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The Tres Horny boys and Avi have been pranking the new recruits. They think if they see a sleek Black cat they're going to fucking die because it's "the Void cat" or "The Grim Reapers cat". Taako I know it's you and while you're fucking adorable as a cat, My Office Has been booked up for the next two months because of this. Please stop? You can stay a cat for all I care just stop scaring the newbies into thinking they'll die!

Bruce deserves better than this.

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Sam Winchester-Stop Hiding Part 2

Title: Stop hiding Part 2

Pairings: Sam winchester x reader

Word count: 1323

Request:I really hope you’ll make a second Stop Hiding cause it just got soo good!!

Request:Is stop hiding getting a sequel? Because I felt a sequel coming and I’m curious

Request:Oh my god will there be a part two to this???? It’s amazing!!


Request:Hi I just want to start off by saying I love your work. Keep doing what you are doing😁👏 and I was wondering if you could do a pt. 2 to Stop hiding thxs 🙌

Request:Can you please do a part two to stop hiding. It was written so well and the cliff hanger is killing me pretty please with like a million cherries on top.

Request:Stop hiding part 2?

Warning: Smut!

Links:stop hiding

It had been a good few weeks since your talk with Sam. He hadn’t brought it up and thankfully, you were in the clear. You continued your normal, making out, sex and what not, but you still refused to let him touch you.

He had tried, slithered his hand down your thigh, played with your belt buckle, but he kept getting denied, the night ending in you making up an excuse and Sam slumping back on the bed.

Today was not a perticually good day. 

You and the brothers were at a bar, drinking after a good nights hunt. To your luck you had bumped into a friend, one that didn’t know about hunting. She sat down, immersing in the conversation and quickly became comfortable. 

‘’Ohhh (y/n) do you remember what happened with Patty!’’She squealed, laughing loudly as she clapped her hands. Your eyes widened, glancing over at your amused boyfriend as you shook your head t her. 

‘’Let’s not talk about that’’You laughed nervously, knowing this wouldn’t end well. 

‘’No, come on! I wanna know’’Dean whined. Sam chuckled, slinging his arm over your shoulder. ‘’Don’t be a sour puss’’Dean grinned, lightly nudging you playfully under the table. 

‘’Okay, so (y/n) used to have this boyfriend called Patrick, we called him Patty though. Patty just so happened to be….going down…on (Y/n) and her mom walks in!’’She cracks up. 

You felt Sam tense over you, his mouth dropping open as a pissed and startled expression falls onto his face. You sighed, closing your eyes as Dean’s laughter fills the bar. 

‘’So what happened!’’Dean laughs, eager to know more. He leaned in more to your friend, the clear sexual tension between the two of them. Whilst Dean remains oblivious to the awkward situation your friend had just caused, she however notices.

‘’her mom just goes ballistic and then her dad comes running in!’’She whispered over to Dean, the two of them really hitting it off. 

Sam had stayed silent the rest of the night, you trying to act like everything wasn’t awkward and uncomfortable. Dean and your friend ending up leaving, Dean wiggling his brows as he gave you a thumbs up a thankful look dawning on his face.

‘’So…’’You coughed, Sam twirling his beer bottle around the table. 

‘’You let other boyfriends touch you but when it’s me you don’t?’’He asked bluntly, not even letting you blink before he got straight to the point. His face was emotionless, jaw locked. 

‘’N-no’’You stuttered, unsure of how to word it. 

‘’I asked you if it was me, (y/n). You said no.’’Sam muttered in a disappointed tone. Now he looked just plain hurt and sad and that broke your heart. 

‘’It wasn’t you-Sammy!’’you called, calling after your boyfriend that pushed his way through the crowd. 


You ended up walking home, scared and worried Sam wouldn’t want to talk about it. As soon as you stepped in through the door, Sam was sitting against the table, ready to talk. 

You rubbed your tired face, sighing as you slung your coat on the couch. 

‘’Sam’’You started, frowning at his sad look, his puppy dog eyes killing you. 

‘’I don’t understand. Are you really that uncomfortable with me?’’He whispered, your eyes softening. 

‘’No. Look. It was different with Patty. Him? I just liked. With you? I love you. This is important and special to me. You actually mean something to me and I’d rather not screw it up and lose yo-’’You were cut off by Sam’s lips slamming ont yours, his head craning so he could mould his lips perfectly in yours. Fitting tightly together like a missing puzzle piece. 

‘’You won’t. I promise’’He breathed out, his warm breath fanning over your neck. ‘’Let me prove it to you, please’’he begged, his hand grasping yours as he licked his lips eagerly. 

You opened your mouth, ready to deny him but caught the sad look in his eyes. Would you really throw all of this away because you were insecure. You nodded. It was a tiny movement but he caught it. 

A startled breath escaped his lips, his eyes widening as he gave you a shocked expression. ‘’Really? I-I mean…I can?’’He whispered, a smile etching onto his features. 

He pushed his lips back onto yours, a moan slipping past your lips as he lightly bit into your plump lip. His hands slided down to grip your bum, his fingertips pressing into the flesh as he kneaded it. 

He removed his lips from yours, lowering his head to the crook of your neck as he peppered your skin in light, wet kisses. Your breath hitched in your throat, fingertips grasping at his shirt. 

He leaned down, rolling his hands under your thighs and capturing your legs around his waist as he hoisted you up. He walked swiftly to the bedroom, going off memory to get you both there. He shoved his flat palm out, pushing open the door and kicking it shut with the back of his shoe when he entered. 

You squealed when he dropped you gently on the bed, your body bouncing on the impact. Sam chuckled, smiling widely at you as he leaned back down and captured your lips in his. 

Thankfully you were wearing one of Sam’s shirts, no caring that you went out in public looking like a bargain hunter. His cool fingertips gripped your jeans, eyes flashing up to meet yours as he gave you a look of concern. You nodded, showing him it was okay and in one swift movement, your jeans were gone. 

 He sat up, kneeling between your legs as he glided his calloused hands over your thighs. His thumbs rubbed at the inside of your thighs, lowering his head as he assaulted the skin in bites. 

Purple bruises ran up and down your thighs, a startled gasp withdrawing from your parted lips when you felt his slick tongue press against your clothed heat. Your toes curled, back arching as you whined at him. 

His breath fanned against you as he chuckled, fingertips hooking into the lace material and painfully slow, pulling it down. He flung them somewhere across the room, lowering himself as he hooked your legs over his shoulders. 

You didn’t have time to feel nervous, time to feel insecure. It was Sam. Everything was Sam. Sam touching you, Sam teasing you, Sam pleasing you. How could you even think straight when you had a muscular giant with his head between your thighs as he showed you what talents he had been hiding with that mouth. 

Your mouth stuttered open, hand gripping in his locks as he devoured you without a warning. Getting straight to the point. He swirled his tongue against you, his mouth clamping down and dipping his tongue into you before licking a clean stripe upwards. 

You swallowed thickly, a rope tightening in your stomach as you reacted against his tongue. 

‘’It’s okay, baby. Don’t be embarrassed’’He reassured, sliding his hand up your thigh when he noticed you were holding back groans. You finally let one out, feeling his smirk against you as you flung your head back. 

‘’S-shit, Sam!’’You gasped, yanking on his hair. You kept withering about, your hips rising off the bed. Sam pinned back your hips, his strong arms stopping you from moving whether you wanted to or not and leaving you at his mercy. 

With a loud cry and your fingers yanking his hair, you came. Sam rid out your finish, your body swallowing in on itself as you tiredly slumped back. Sam sat up, grinning like an idiot as he wiped his mouth. 

‘’Good?’’He asked with an amused grin. 

‘’Great’’You giggled, straightening out his ruffled locks. He grinned at you, pulling you in for a hug as he cheekily patted your bum. 

‘’Hey, watch it’’You teased, yanking on his hair again which resulted in his loud laughter. 

So me and my girlfriend sat and waited for the bus on a bench, she then gave me a kiss on the cheek as a couple walked by and the guy in this couple just stopped dead in his tracks. Since we’ve gotten sorta used to people being homophobic gits we didn’t really care… But what this guy did was just adorable!

Guy: I LOVE YOU *and kisses his hands*

His annoyed girlfriend: OMG Can you please just not stop every two seconds!?

Guy: But these two girls are kissing and being adorable!

His annoyed girlfriend: Who cares!?

Guy: But love is love!

This sort of gave me hope in humanity again!       

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I know this is stupid, but I really dislike that is both plural and singular. I always get so confused, and everyone gets offended at this shit. It's especially annoying when it's a transtrender using them. Like... how the fuck was I supposed to know that you wanna play "non-gender" today? 5 min ago you still were a girl. I know I'm just being whiny, but I have genuine problems with keeping up with this for some reason.

I’m presuming that you’re talking about “they/them” as a pronoun?

Don’t worry, you’re safely in the “please can we stop, there are two sexes and two genders, ‘they/them’ is a meaningless singular pronoun unless you’re talking about a stranger and you don’t know what their gender is” territory with me.

me, an autistic person with light sensitivity: ugh I wish the summer sun didn’t hurt my eyes so much, I get a major headache whenever I go outside during the day

non-autistic family member: that’s because you keep your flat so dark.

me: no, that’s why I keep my flat so dark. I’ve always –

same family member: that’s not true, if you just –

a different family member: can you two stop arguing please?

me: well, maybe if we just believed people about their own experiences –

first family member: why does everything have to be a fight with you?

second family member: yeah seriously, chill