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For @queen-mabs-revenge. Here’s some unbeta’d crack based on an earlier reblog:

Really, Archie should have been prepared. Decades of living in this town ought to have warned him that this would have happened sooner or later. But, as it stood, he considered himself an optimistic, seeing the best in people no matter how villainous they once were or how annoyingly the acted currently. So when the bride and groom-to-be arrived at his office looking haggard and somewhat overwhelmed, he really should have known.

“We really don’t mean to bother you,” she began.

“It’s just that we have no one to turn to,” he continued.

“And I am three more arguments away from casting a Dark Curse to get away from it all.”

“Which means she’ll be crushing my heart, and I’m two more arguments away from ripping it out myself and handing it to her.”

“In short, this our darkest hour, Archie, and you’re our only hope.”

Leave it to Leia Swan-Jones to make a Star Wars reference.

This was how Archie ended up conducting the strangest pre-marital counseling session of his very long life. The bride and groom were fine. Storybrooke’s own versions of Romeo and Juliet were quite happy together, and Archie was quite excited to see how their marriage unfolded. As the officiant of their wedding, they had his full support.

This issue was with their fathers.

“Dad, it’s been like six hundred years. Someone dying is a very sad thing, I get that, but you’ve since married and had me. Me, whose wedding is being ruined because of your need for revenge, revenge, revenge!”

“All I’m saying, Father, is that if someone murdered Mother in front of you, you would want to skin them alive as well. Some sympathy might not necessarily be a bad thing.”

Gideon and Leia sat in the middle of the sofa, hands entwined, glaring at their respective fathers, both of which looked very unhappy to be in his office. Gideon gestured toward Archie. “We’ve asked Dr. Hopper here to help you two sort out your feelings.”

“And if you don’t, you’re uninvited to the wedding. Mom and Belle already gave their full blessings there, and Grandpa and Regina said they’d ensure that you couldn’t get in.”

Archie had never seen the Rumpelstiltskin or Captain Hook look so dumbfounded.

“Now, Sweetheart—“ “Son, think about what you’re saying.”

The children, now very much adults rose for their seated positions. They took one significant look at one another, and then turned to address their fathers.

“Leia and I love each other. We’re getting married.”

“And that means we’re all going to be one big happy family now. Emphasis on happy.”

“And we know there’s a lot of bad blood there – some deserved, some undeserved.”

“But what we really want is for you two to bury the hatchet for good. Seriously, buried, thrown into the harbor, or sent to the Underworld gone for good.”

“So, talk with Dr. Hopper, please?”

“For us?”

If there was one thing Mr. Gold and Killian Jones could agree upon, it was their love for their children. So they agreed to talk to Archie, until –

“Where are you two going?” “You can’t leave us here.”

“Uh, we can, and we’re going to a cake tasting.”

“Thanks, Archie! Bye!”

Which left him alone with two mortal enemies. Archie could do this. He had faith in his abilities to counsel anyone, even the two.

He retired one week later.

Behind the Closet

Genre: Fluff, slight angst

Characters: Byun Baekhyun x Reader, some EXO members

Warning/s: Slight mention of insecurities

Summary: It’s Jongin and Sehun’s fault, all Jongin and Sehun’s. But somehow, you’re thankful for having to participate in their stupid games and pointless dares that indeed proved something.

A/N: And so, we have Baek, who I will always have a soft spot for. Thank you, lovely anon, for this request! I enjoyed writing this. So without further ado, here’s our cute (and hot) Baek puppy!

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anonymous asked:

Your soulmate is dead and the only way you two can see each other again is in your dreams and everyday your soulmate tries to make sure you know they love you and will always be there for you the moment you close your eyes and retire for the night. ((RT/UF/UT/HT Sans)) //thanks :3

Why tho? ~Mod Feral

Reaper Sans

Stop. Please. He’s dealt with death all the time, and it’s never gotten easier for him. But this. He gets it. You mean well, and he’s glad you care, but you need to let him move on! He’s even said that to SOULs he’s brought to the afterlife. Those who are living need to be allowed to move on. Please.

UF Sans

He wakes up every night both in tears and somewhat grateful. He thought losing you would be the end of it, and if he gets even a single night without you there, he might lose whatever piece of self-control he still had. He really wishes you didn’t die, damn it. But he’s glad you’re still with him, in a way.

UT Sans

He chats with you. Makes a few jokes, talks about what those he lives with have been doing. Sometimes a comment on people being worried about him comes up, but it’s no big deal. He also hasn’t been eating as much and may have been sleeping even more if possible. Sometimes a few tears form in his eye sockets before he’s pulled out of the dream world.

HT Sans

He hates being reminded. Good things never last, and he knew that as fact once you died. Every time he even sees you in his dream he’s trying to force himself awake. Life is hard, he doesn’t need it made any harder because of a spirit that refuses to let go. He cries almost nightly, but hides it quite well.


Note: oh my god it’s 6 am in the fucking morning I have not slept and I have no idea what i’m doing. I wasn’t intending to write a fanfic for Christmas, but it happened anyways. I couldn’t stop thinking about it after I saw this and it inspired me to write this fic. This is all I could think of and I wrote it and i’m kinda pleased with the results. If it weren’t for @e-tan-sel​ and their amazing artwork, I wouldn’t have been able to write this. Credit goes to them! This can also be read here.

Rating: T for language

Pairing: Yuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov

Words: 1,853

Summary: “Victor, listen,” Yuri mumbled, reaching for his friend. He pulled the Russian into his close embrace. “I love you. But you belong on the ice, not with me.”


“After the final, let’s end this,” Yuri declared, putting all of his words out there for Victor to hear. It cut him deep inside-to do this to his long–term idol, coach, best friend, and eventual lover–but it had to be done. He needed Victor to see reason…this kind of thing doesn’t happen to people like him. Hope, like this, only exists in fairy tales. He wanted nothing more than to skate on the same ice as Victor, but instead, he got so much more. It was fun while it lasted, but facts were facts: Victor Nikiforov shined too bright compared to a pig like him.

A few seconds passed in silence, but shattered when little droplets fell on Victor’s slippers. Yuri panicked, he’s crying! Tears welded in the Russian’s icy blue eyes, pooling until they dribbled down his pale cheeks.

“Why?” the older man croaked. Yuri’s face fell. “Didn’t you tell me you want to win gold and eat lots of katsudon with me? What about the rings? Were those all lies?”

“That’s not-,” Yuri tried to explain himself, but Victor beat him to the punch.

“What is it then?!” he shouted, the hurt evident on his face. The tears fell like waterfalls now. He really hurt Victor, but he had a good reason.

“Victor, listen,” Yuri mumbled, reaching for his friend. He pulled the Russian into his close embrace. “I love you. But you belong on the ice, not with me.”

Yuri hoped Victor understood why he had to do this. What they had was…a blissful dream. They had to wake up sooner or later and face the truth.

“I won’t be the one who stole Victor Nikiforov from the world,” Yuri said, blinking his own tears away. “Thank you, though, for everything.”

Victor said nothing.


In the end, Yuri Katsuki managed to climb his way to second place, silver. A huge jump from last year’s sixth place, nothing. Victor congratulated him with a huge smile, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. Yuri had no idea what could be filtering through Victor’s mind at this time. Outside of today’s free skate program, the two haven’t spoken much. Yuri assumed Victor finally grasped what he was trying to tell the Russian skater. Things are better this way, the way they were before.

Perhaps the mumbles he heard around the crowd from the Cup of China were getting to him, maybe that’s what made him feel this way. But it isn’t his fault. It’s not like he asked Victor to come to Hasetsu and be his personal coach. Okay, apparently he did at last year’s banquet, but he was drunk–that didn’t count. What did Victor Nikiforov see in him anyways? Famous people like Victor don’t simply “coach” their fans, so why him? What made him, Yuri Katsuki, so special?

As the two dressed for the banquet in their shared hotel room, Yuri noticed a look in Victor’s eyes that he couldn’t recognize. Something akin to determination and defeat. Yuri sighed, the silence between them was deafening. He struggled with his tie, something he could never really get the hang of. Okay, up…under…over..or was it this way? Ugh. He threw his hands down in frustration. Celestino usually helped him with his tie, but seeing as how he wasn’t present at the moment…

“Here,” Victor beat him to the punch. He held the small blue tie in his hands and twisted the wrap until it fit comfortably around his neck. It brought forth the need for close proximity. Close enough for Yuri to feel Victor’s breath on his face, close enough to see the redness in the usual bright eyes…he could even feel the slight tremble in his fingers. The Russian’s hands lingered a little too long on the tie before he finally let go.

Yuri glanced up to meet his coach’s icy blue eyes, “Victor–,”

“We’re going to be late,” Victor turned for the door, opening it, and holding it open for the younger skater. “Come on,”

Yuri stared for a moment before following the man in silence.


The banquet was–by all means–awkward. Interviews were allowed for the first fifteen minutes, after that, total privacy. People asked him questions about his feelings towards the final scores, what he felt during the free skate, and his future as a competitive skater. He could only answer half-heartedly as his mind worked elsewhere, eyes drifting to Victor every once in a while. The said Russian stood in his own corner of curious people, flanked by his coach, Yakov. Yuri Plisetsky managed to avoid the interviews, somehow. It probably helped to have Otabek standing behind him to scare everyone away.

“Excuse me,” he walked passed someone–a reporter, probably–, and headed for the said gold medalist.

“Huh?” the Russian punk greeted as Yuri finally reached him, “What? Tired of the fame already, piggy?”

“Something like that,” Yuri answered, smiling faintly. “Congratulations, Yuri.”

Yurio blinked, before he smirked, “Thanks. So much for winning gold and marrying Victor, eh?”

Yuri’s smile faded, “Yeah,”

That was the plan, according to Victor. Victor, who tended to tease a lot to open up Yuri’s confidence and loosen his nerves, wanted to get married when Yuri won gold.

Yurio stopped his antics when he saw the far away look in Yuri’s eyes. Something must’ve happened to create this tension between Yuri and Victor. He noticed it during the free skate program, but assumed it was because of the pressure of the competition.

“Victor, is it true? Are you returning to competitive skating next season?” a woman asked Victor, who looked uncomfortable at the situation.

“I haven’t officially decided just yet–,” he replied, but another reporter stepped in.

“Is Yuri Katsuki still keeping you all to himself?”

A majority of the crowd turned their eyes on Yuri, himself. Oh great. It’s bad enough when Chris mentions it privately, but when it’s out there for everyone to hear? The ill self-doubts that have been plaguing Yuri’s mind since the beginning? Perfect. He caught Victor’s concerned gaze, but instead, decided to stand up for himself.

“Actually, I’m retiring,” Yuri announced, tucking his hands into his pockets as he faced the room, who all listened intently. “Tonight was the last skate of my career, and now, Victor Nikiforov is free to do whatever he pleases.”

Dead-fucking-silence. Apparently, no one had heard of Yuri’s retirement plans and hearing it straight from the man himself was like finding out that pigs could suddenly fly. (Or in this case, skate.) He spotted Jean-Jacques and Chris in the back, jaws dropped. The others sporting their own stunned expressions. Then, all at once, the crowd erupted in chaos.

“Yuri Katsuki, is this decision based off your scores in the last competition, or your overall skating career?”

“What the hell, piggy? You can’t freaking retire!”

“Can we expect a play on words? Are you changing to pair skating, similar pair skating, or are you actually retiring?”

“Wha? Yuri! You can’t go yet!”

“What do you plan on doing after your retirement? Any future plans?”

“Mr. Nikiforov, did you know about this?”

“Victor, what do you have to say about Yuri Katsuki’s idea?” At that moment, the crowd had fallen silent as they waited for their favorite champion to answer the question and speak his thoughts.

Yuri silently begged Victor didn’t say something stupid like–

“If Yuri plans to retire, then so will I,”


Yuri was seventy-percent sure someone fainted in the back. Where is a clock? Haven’t the fifteen minutes passed by now?

“Victor,” Yuri stopped the crowd noise. Locking eyes with the said man, he frowned, “Stop joking around already. Being my coach means killing you as a competitive skater, and since I’m not about to ask you to keep coaching me, my only other choice is to retire. That’s my decision, and mine alone. I told you, you belong on the ice.”

“What is it you said? You won’t be the one who steals me from the world?” Victor took a step forward, “Something cannot be stolen from someone if it does not belong to them in the first place. The world doesn’t own me. You told me yourself: you want me to be me, and I am free to do whatever I please. If you are retiring, then so am I.”

“I’m not going to let you throw away your life, Victor!” Yuri raised his voice as he met Victor half way, the two standing apart by a mere foot.

“How can you ask me to return to the ice when you are retiring? There is no ice without you, Yuri.”

“You’ve done it before, you can do it again!” Yuri shouted, “Call me selfish or not, I don’t care! It’s time to go back to the way things were! I’ve taken enough from you, Victor.”

The Russian smiled, his face calm and his blue eyes twinkling. He gripped Yuri’s right hand in his own and placed it over the left side of his chest. their rings covering each other. “The only thing you could have ever stolen, Yuri Katsuki, is my heart.”

Of course Victor had to say something like that in front of dozens of people–reporters included. He couldn’t just accept Yuri’s terms and move on, no~, he had to make a scene and embarrass them both!

“And now,” Victor kneeled in front of Yuri, hand in hand, “as I get down on one knee, I ask–officially–will you marry me?”

Okay, now, he was one-hundred-percent sure a couple people fainted. “V-Victor, you can’t just–,”

“Awe, c'mon, Yuri~, you wouldn’t reject me in front of everyone, would you?” Victor pouted, his lower lip poking out. “Even if you do, I still need payment for coaching you…say, five gold medals and we’ll call it even?”

“D-dammit, Victor..,” he completely trapped me! Looks like I’m living a fantasy after all.

“How can I call myself a coach if my pupil only won silver? Either way, there is no ‘ending this’ now. You’re stuck with me, Yuri Katsuki, 'till death do us part and then some,” Victor’s grin stretched wide.

“You’re unbelievable,” Yuri murmured with a sigh, his eyes softening and his lips curling into a smile.

“Besides, there’s no reason I can’t both coach and compete at the same time, I’m Victor-fucking-Nikiforov,” he shrugged, “I am not letting go until you say yes.”

“Yes!” Yuri cried out, suddenly remembered the position they were in and the audience they had, “Just get off the floor already!”

He heard cheers and congratulations but he saw only Victor, his official fiancé. The rings banded on their fingers held an all new meaning: a promise, a brighter future, and a new life. Yuri realized…unless you can read someone’s mind, you shouldn’t assume you know what’s best for them. And as he kissed his lover’s lips, he realized dreams can come true for those who work hard and never give up. He also believed in luck…

I guess the rings fulfilled their original purpose after all.



Five of the six Grand Prix Finalists gathered around Phichit and his smartphone.

“Did you get the pictures?” Yurio asked.

Phichit showed off his phone and threw a thumbs up, “I got the pictures.”

“We’re so going to show these at their wedding.”


I almost forgot to write the bonus scene! Also I’m a huge sucker for confrontational scenes with an audience, i have no idea why i love the concept. Hope you enjoyed! Credits to @e-tan-sel​ for the comic and inspiration for this fic! And thank you so much for letting me write this! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, etc…have fun and be safe! I’m going to fucking bed it’s 6 fucking 30 AM

~Simply Arien

A Night Off - Mercy76

This story takes place in-between the new Blizzard Uprising comic (between pages 9 and 10). It happens a few hours after Lena talks to Jack and before Jack sends a team off to London. Hope you all enjoy it!

P.S.  If enough people like this, I might follow this up with an encore so you can all see how the date went ;)

A Night Off

Pushing from her chair, she raised her thumb to the two training out on the field. Catching the gesture, they retired for the day and a few minutes later, they were up in the main wing, waiting for her comments.

Moving to the hook on the wall, she hung up her lab coat. She’d been pushing them all day; it was time to call it quits.

“Lena,” her soft smile reassured the woman of everything she already knew, “you were fantastic. Please keep up the good work. You’ll be ready for the field in no time.” As she spoke, the brunette’s eyes lit up.

Angela had come to enjoy Lena’s company. There was something about the woman that was inspiring. Lena wasn’t a like the others-she didn’t seek out danger just to prove a point or upstage someone. Instead, she sought out danger to take the aim off the innocent, those that needed saving. She was the real definition of a hero. And with London burning, the brunette was working overtime. She really wanted to prove her worth to save her home.

Her hand fell loosely against Lena’s shoulder. “If only I could have more agents like you.” For a second, her eyes shifted over to Genji. His black and red getup was far from welcoming. His colors demanded danger, blood. Although a good man laid beneath those metallic plates, she just couldn’t convince him to select a lighter tone, a more friendly approach.

“Well,” she began but felt her pocket vibrate. Brows furrowing, she tugged out the phone to see the name on the screen: 3. A small smirk played in the corner of her lips.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a scenario where undertaker and s/o are in their coffin and when they get snuggly for bedtime he takes his ring off and says "Will you be my wife?" She'd obviously say yes, with lots of fluffy fluff please?

Retiring for the night is usually a quiet affair, full of smothered giggles and tiny kisses as you help each other change into nightclothes. Even after so long together, the two of you can’t keep your hands off each other. (Scandalous? Some might say. As for you, you’re more than happy to exchange the stares and whispers and opinions of people you couldn’t care less about anyway for the best feelings in your life. Regardless of how ‘disgraceful’ it is, showering your sweetheart in affection and having it reciprocated in kind is something you’re not about to give up.)

When you climb into the master coffin with him, there’s one thing he never takes off: that lovely emerald ring of his. It’s always on his first finger, and tonight is no exception. You suspect that it’s precious to him; that’s good enough for you.

With a contented sigh, you settle in against him. The coffin is the biggest out of his entire collection in the shop, but coffins by nature tend to be spacious enough only for one. It’s not much of a problem, though. Fitting together snugly with no space for cracks between your bodies is how you’re comfortable sleeping together. He cradles your head against his chest, just as he does whenever you want to breathe in his scent. It’s fresh like wood and sawdust, wrapping you up, making you feel secure.

It usually only takes a few minutes of lying like this, arms wrapped around each other and fully immersed in one another, for you to drift off to sleep. Tonight, though, Undertaker seems determined to keep you awake – peppering your face with kisses, muffling laughter against your neck, running his fingertips up and down your legs. Everything makes you laugh, unable to sit still for long enough to fall asleep even though you feel tired. What’s he doing? Not that you don’t like it, but when it’s time to sleep, most of the time he’s happy to just cuddle you without all this fuss.

Finally you get to questioning him, your smile just barely contained, aching to burst from the edges of your lips. “Adrian! What on Earth are you doing?” you ask with a sigh, pressing against him. “We should be asleep!”

“I know, I know, but… there’s somethin’ I gotta do first.” He doesn’t make you wait to long, wondering what in the world he needs to do before he sleeps. After all, the two of you are already in the sleeping position. If there was something important he needed to do, why didn’t he do it before you got comfortable in bed?

You blink, and when you open your eyes again, that vibrant green-jeweled ring is off his finger. Your eyes snap wide; you’ve never seen that ring off his hand before! Is something wrong…? “… Adrian… what…?”

“Darlin’… y’ know ‘ow much I love y’, right?” His long fingernails turn the ring over a few times, and you can only imagine that beneath his bangs, his eyes are half-lidded and pensive. The smile on his lips withers a little, then comes back brighter than ever. “Oh, darlin’. My sweet (Y/N). Sometimes I truly do wonder if y’ understand… jus’ ‘ow ‘appy y’ make me. It’s like I’m alive again.” A kiss ghosts across your forehead. “In all the years since I been dead – ‘n’ really, even some years before I died – nobody cared. No one cared enough ‘bout me ta get close.”

His arms snake back around your waist, holding you tightly. It’s as if he simply never wants to let you go. “Y’ changed that. Y’ make me feel like I’m… worth somethin’. Yer laugh is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever ‘eard… ‘n’ y’ care about me. Been so long since I’ve ‘ad that. Almos’ f’rgot what it felt like.” That ring is pressed into your palm, evidently for you to take if your answer is yes. “Love… would y’ do me the ‘onor of bein’ my wife…?”

It stuns you for a minute. Is he really asking what you think he’s asking? This… he wants to spend the rest of his life with you? … Or have you by his side for the rest of your life? Oh. Wow. Wow. You weren’t really sure if this moment would ever come.

An instant later, the ring is on your left hand, and your arms are thrown around him. That giggle he apparently loves so much is bubbling up out of you over and over, joy threatening to burst you at the seams. “YES!” How could he even think there was a chance you’d say no? You love him so much. There’s nothing else you want more than to spend your life with him, even though it might be awfully short by his standards.

That’s alright, though. The fact that you’re not immortal like him is what makes the time you spend together so precious.

serotonicdopaminic  asked:

Please do more V headcanons...! I just love him so much *weeping* As for an actual prompt, RFA + V and their ideal retirement? Like, where they want to be when they're old and no longer working, you know?

This prompt was so sweet! I can already see a wrinkly Jumin lounging with his cat - Michelle Xx


- Retires when he’s too old to do his own stunts anymore
- Loves it when your hair turns a silvery grey
- Gets you two a small apartemtent
- Vacations twice a year
- One with just you two and one with the children and grand kids


- Retires when she keeps forgetting the customers coffee orders
- Goes on a cruise every two years with you
- Finally gets to do that Coffee-Around-The-World trip with you
- Will probably want to live the rest of their days close to the beach


- Retires when your children are capable of running the animal clinic
- Will keep on living in the same house you raised your children
- It’s a pretty big house
- Takes you on little road trips
- Sometimes he still helps out at the clinic
- Makes you breakfast every day


- This man will probably work to the grave if it weren’t for you
- As soon as you bring up the ‘retirement’-topic and how much you wanna your old days together
- He stops working
- You two move out of your old house and move to a farm
- You grow all kinds of cherries and other fruits
- It’s very theraputic for Jumin
- When he’s not on the farm, he’s sitting in the sun next to his grey, but still beautiful wife
- Watching the grandchildren play with Elizabeth 3rd’s descent, Margaret 1st


- He’ll probably never fully give up hacking
- But it’s not something he does for a living anymore
- He takes you on a trip around the world
- “I wanna touch the Pope’s face!”
- “No, Saeyoung!”
- After the trip he’ll buy a nice and small house with some land
- Even when you two are old, grey and wrinkly, he’ll never stop showing you how you mean to him


- He has to retire a bit early, because his sight is completely gone
- It was a hard time for the both of you and even harder to accept
- But after a couple more years, you retire aswell and both have made your peace with it
- Even though he can’t see anymore, he’ll make sure you have the most beautiful views
- Keeps living in your appartement you got after the kids left the nest
- Still slow dances with you in the living room


Itachi x Izumi Moments in Itachi Shinden #1 Translation

The first part of all the moments between Itachi and Izumi in Itachi Shinden. It begins with Izumi meeting Itachi for the first time, when they were six years old, right after entering the Academy. Read More now will not work on this post.

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Some friendships are so strong they can even transcend lifetimes. ~ Avatar Roku


It was a peaceful summer afternoon at the Fire Nation Royal Palace. Lord Zuko had been filling out some paperwork for an hour, two White Lotus guards standing on either side of him. As one of the royal servants entered his spacious working office, the retired Fire Lord lifted his head from the documents for a minute to hear what he had to say.
“Lord Zuko, are you all finished with those?” the man slightly bowed to him.
“Yes. Please take these and make sure my daughter receives them as quickly as possible,” the firebender spoke, handing a couple of papers to the servant.
“Of course, sir. But I have another message. There is someone to see you.”
“Who is it?”
“The Avatar, sir.”
Lord Zuko’s expression filled with surprise, he took a moment to think what to respond.
“Send her in,” he replied, grabbing the brush and dipping it in ink to continue writing. The servant bowed once more before going down the stairs that led to the first floor. Only a couple of seconds passed until another pair of feet started to creak the stairway and a familiar head appeared when the water tribe girl reached the second floor. She coughed to get the elderly Fire Lord’s attention.
“Korra?” Zuko immediately turned his gaze to the young Avatar, a wide smile on his face. It had been thirteen years since they had last seen each other and both had certainly changed in appearance.
“Hey, Zuko!” Korra greeted him happily, slowly running towards the firebender before embracing him in a gentle hug.
“It’s nice to see you again, Korra. Thank you for helping me all those years ago.”
The Avatar felt confused as to what he possibly could’ve meant with that last statement, but soon the reality sinked in and she understood.
“You’re welcome,” she answered sincerely.


Zuko: “I can’t believe a year ago my purpose in life was hunting you down. And now…”

Aang: “And now we’re friends.”

Zuko: “Yeah, we are friends.”

Aang: “I can’t believe a year ago I was still frozen in a block of ice. The world’s so different now.”

Zuko: “And it’s gonna be even more different. We’ll rebuild it together.”


I had this idea shortly after I had seen Lord Zuko in action in the premiere of Book 3 of TLOK.

It was the morning when my parents were visiting me at my temporary home in the city where I go to university. They arrived a day earlier because I wanted to pack up my things so I could move back for the summer. I was still sleeping and before I woke up, I saw a dream that is described as the little story above of how Korra meets Lord Zuko after a long time. I swear that I most certainly made a crying noise through my sleep in the end, however, I’m not sure how it was possible that my parents didn’t hear it. Maybe I was too drowsy, saw it in my dream and it never actually happened…

The dragons represent the symbol of infinity from maths (I’ll be really disappointed if anyone thinks it’s a number eight, maths is my favourite subject). Druk and Ran/Shaw are very different and I wanted to make sure it is evident here. Druk is more muscular from the chest, definitely more furry whilst Ran/Shaw is very slim and much longer. Druk seems a bit bigger here, although in reality he’s a lot smaller compared to the dragons who lived with the Sun Warriors.

Logically, I should’ve placed younger Fire Lord Zuko with Aang on top and Lord Zuko with Korra on the bottom because you’d usually look up and then down the picture. But it was intentional to put Lord Zuko above instead as a sign of respect towards the elderly.

The moment with Aang and Zuko is from the finale, apart from the fact that I added his Fire Lord headpiece. The moment with Korra and Zuko was what I imagined in my dream since the episode where they actually met aired weeks later.

The locations behind them are their respective homes: the Fire Nation Royal Palace for young Zuko, his family’s beach house on Ember Island for elderly Zuko (cause it was stated that place is where the retired Fire Lord currently lives), Korra’s childhood home, also her parent’s igloo (cause she apparently had her own little hut in the first episode of Book 2) and the Southern Air Temple during autumn for Aang (NOT to be mistaken for the Northern Air Temple burning down in lava!).

At first, I wanted to add Avatar Roku’s quote on the dragons, but seeing that it didn’t fit there nor in the backgrounds, I decided to leave it as it is. And I must say that it’s so hard to draw when you don’t have enough sources for proper original colours (referring to Ran/Shaw).

In conclusion, this was a big part of my summer in 2014 and it’s just a little way of showing how much I enjoyed watching Book 3. Thank you for making my summer more full of excitement and anticipation: Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino, Jeremy Zuckerman, the awesome voice actors and all the members of the crew who have worked so hard on this amazing series!

pre-Viktor Yuuri (aka: Yuuri Had Resting Bitch Face)

So I’ve been thinking more and more about Yuuri since entering his headspace requires you to enter the Lost Five Years. We can kinda sorta guess where he was while in Hasetsu, but his years in America are just…. the more you think about it the more you’re like—it’s basically that sports movie where the protag changes their life to follow their dream except there’s no fucking climax.

(Unless someone will do the thing of screenshotting all of his trophies and guestimating which ones match which competitions. No I didn’t attempt this. Don’t judge me.)

But… here’s me throwing my hat in the ring of how he was as a competitor.

The best place to go for nearly any of younger!Yuuri would be the younger skaters. Aspects of them, I’m assuming, are mirrors of where Yuuri was. JJ’s fall at the GPF was a direct mirror of Yuuri and the moment where he finally admits what all of fandom knew—You Are One of the Best Six Male Figure Skaters In the World Please Stop Shitting On Yourself.

So, we have:

Guang Hong.

Since Cao Bin was in that roster for the GPF fail, let’s assume he retired gave up on beating Viktor and Guang Hong now has his shot.

(Also: Please think of Yuuri and Christophe as these goddamn stubborn ice skaters that won’t give up on beating Viktor. Assume that they have random ice skating fans who are their sole fans for the reason of “You gotta appreciate the Final Two. You can do it! (You really can’t)”)

Guang Hong is just… not connecting with this choreography and music. If he wasn’t screwed by YOI being Yuuri’s narrative then he was screwed for not liking his program.

pre-YOI Yuuri: (canon confirmed) Just went with whatever Celestino gave him.

And then you have Seung Gil

Seung Gil is making friends with no one. Which makes his later reaction important.

He does the human thing of crying. A shock for Yuuri, who has spent the last couple days being super freaked out by Seung Gil’s resting bitch face.

Parallel: Yuuri bottling up every single reaction while he’s literally reading news articles discussing his possible retirement and saving it for the bathroom stall, where no one can see him.

Also, it’s been confirmed on the wiki that Christophe and Yuuri competed against each other several times at the Junior World Championship and Christophe has Yuuri’s number. You’d think they’d be tight-knit pre-Banquet Strip Show?

Banquet was probably the first time Yuuri instigated a Friendship Bonding moment.

And then, you have one of the few moments where the show breaks from Yuuri’s very close narration (Absolutely All Of These Moments Are A Gift) and, from Minami’s pov you see:

Resting Bitch Face.

This is what the skating world knows Katsuki Yuuri as, that super serious skater super set on beating Viktor Nikiforov.

Can you imagine being one of those skaters that kinda-sorta knew Yuuri and then being at that banquet where he got drunk and dance-battled everyone??? From any of their povs it would probably be like one of those high school movies where the Type-A Valedictorian gets drunk at a party and finally just monologues all their secret thoughts at everyone. 

(Hell, this is also probably why Viktor had no fucking clue who Yuuri was during that “commemorative photo” incident: Not only does Yuuri not look like Ice-Skating-Bishounen!Yuuri, but he’s not wearing competition face. Viktor’s also forgetful. There were so many reasons.)

I Became Distracted (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request: i-amthe-storm said:Hey there. Can you please make a Steve x reader where they are dating and the reader is posing for Steve but she falls asleep while he is drawing her.  Lots of fluff please😊. 

Avengers movie night was one of your favorite nights of the week, when everyone could just hang out and relax with the standing rule that no business talk was allowed.  Tony always had first choice of watch you would watch, his reasoning being that he owned the place, literally, but the second choice of movie usually never came; the team was normally so exhausted that they retired to bed as soon as the first was done.  Tonight was no exception, but you decided to wait for Steve, your energetic boyfriend who never seemed to tire, so that he could carry you upstairs rather than having to walk.

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(Requests are open!)

Title: The Love of my Life

Requested? Nope

Overview: During winter break me and my boyfriend, Niall, decided that I should go to his parent’s house in Ireland to visit him and his family.

(Lots of cutesy stuff)

I grabbed my bags and made my way out of the plane, dragging my feet behind me.

I tiredly trudged through the crowded Mullingar airport and noticed I had a notification as I took my phone out of my pocket.

‘I see you’ it read.

I looked back up, instantly smiling as I saw my blue eyed boyfriend walking toward me.

“Babe!” Niall happily said as he hugged me.

“Hey, miss me?” I laughed.

“Only everyday” he replied, grinning down at me.

I yawned before I could reply.

“I see you are excited to be here” Niall joked.

“Niall” I whined, smiling as I playfully slapped his arm.

“Alright, let’s go” he said, picking up one of my bags.

“Thank you, you are so kind” I grinned, grabbing the other bag.


He swung open the door of his childhood home, allowing me to go in first, before following after.

I heard light footsteps before hearing a voice.

“Niall!” his mother, Maura, excitedly yelled as she ran toward him, tightly hugging him, while Bobby, his father, drifted down the stairs behind his wife.

I awkwardly stood to the side, unsure of what to do. I had met his parents before, if talking on the phone and occasionally speaking when me and Niall would Skype is called “meeting”.

I was really excited to spend winter break in Ireland with Niall, after all, I never got to see him. Between the distances of our homes and the chaos of concert dates, it was practically impossible for the two of us to see each other.

“Hi” Bobby kindly smiled at me as he put out his hand.

“Hello” I nervously said, shaking it.

Maura directed her eyes toward me.

“Oh and you must be Y/N, we have heard so much about you!” she graciously said, pulling me into a hug.

“Thank you for having me” I said with a warm smile.

“It’s no problem, dear!” she said as she pulled away from the embrace.

“Well, if you don’t mind, I’m going to get Y/N settled in and show her around the house” Niall explained to his parents.

“Oh of course. We actually need to run a few errands but we will be back a little later” Maura said as she hugged Niall once more before sending me another smile and swiftly leaving the house with her husband.

“Your parents are wonderful” I said.

“Yeah, I know” Niall smiled softly to himself. “Anyway, let’s get your stuff upstairs and then I can show you around.”


After settling my bags in the guest room, and getting a tour of the house, jet leg started creeping up on me.

I rested my head on my hands, and my hands rested on the kitchen table, my eyes closed.

“Y/N” Niall whispered, slightly shaking me.

“Hmmmm” I sleepily hummed in response.

“You wanna nap?” he softly laughed.

“Mmhmm, it’s sleepy time.”

I felt him grab my hand and I instinctively intwined our fingers, lazily opening my eyes as I stood up from the table. I stumbled up the stairs and plopped down on Niall’s bed.

“Goodnight, even though it’s only 4 in the evening” he softy laughed as he kissed the top of my head.

The last thing I heard before drifting off was the 'click’ of the closing door.


I woke up and rolled over, only opening my eyes when I remembered where I was.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed and sat for a while, listening to hints of where Niall and/or his parents were.

After hearing Niall’s muffled voice coming from downstairs, I stretched, cleaned myself up in the bathroom, and made the trip downstairs.

“Hey sleepy head” Niall said as he ended the call he was just on.

I simply smiled in response. “Who was on the phone?” I asked.

“I was ordering food from a pizza place that’s not too far from here, I thought you would be hungry, are you? I know I am” he laughed.

“Starving” I grinned. “Hey, where are your parents? Are they still out?”

“Oh, no. They’re upstairs, asleep.”

“Asleep? It’s only like 6??” I said as more of a question than a statement.

“It’s 10 at night.”

“What? You’re telling me that i was asleep for 6 hours?” I exclaimed.

“Yes” he simply stated. “Don’t be embarrassed about sleep, sleep is great” he laughed.

“Oh I know sleep is great, but why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I know how jet leg feels, I know you needed it” he smiled at me. “Now, what do you feel like doing while we wait for food?”

“Movies maybe?” I asked hopefully.

“What a great idea” he smiled as he walked over to his family room, turning on the TV.

“I’m full of them” I playfully joked, following him. “Do you have like a stack of movies? Or a place where they are usually kept?”

“Yeah, usually over there” he said as he pointed in the direction of a cabinet beside the TV, all the while his eyes focused on the remote.

I walked over and opened the cabinet, immediately knowing which movie we would be watching.

CAN WE WATCH THIS PLEASE" I asked, holding up the movie I picked.

“Rise of the Guardians?” Niall asked as he looked up, a smile lingering on his lips.

“YES” I said.

“I have never seen it before.”

I dramatically gasped. “Well, you won’t be able to say that after tonight.”

I walked over and handed him the movie before retiring to the couch.

After Niall put the disk in, he went upstairs and returned with one blanket and two pillows.

After getting settled in, I rested my head on his shoulder and I felt his arm drape around my backside, our legs getting tangled together.

“I love you” he said.

“And I love you” I replied, cuddling in closer.


Our comfortable silence, and our movie, was disturbed when we heard a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it” Niall said as he grabbed money off the counter and made his was toward the door.

“Foooooood!” Niall happily said as he placed the containers on the table.

“Amazing” I said, giggling at him.

After opening multiple random cupboards, I finally found the cups, and filled one with my favorite drink, which fortunately, he had.

We walked back over to the couch and placed our food and drinks on the table that was placed in front of it, and got back into our original comfy positions.

Niall reached for the remote.

“How about we finish the movie after we eat. Can we just talk?” I asked.

“Of course” he replied as he leaned down and pecked my lips.

After a few seconds had past, Niall spoke up.

“Do you think there are aliens out in space?”

“I mean there are so many galaxies and inside those galaxies there are solar systems and inside those solar systems are multiple planets, on one of those planets there must be some kind of life besides us” I laughed at his random question.

“What do you think they look like?” He continued, giggling and speaking like a 5 year old.

“I don’t know, ever seen avatar, like the blue people. Maybe that” I laughed.

“Or the stereotypical green guys with antennas” he joked.

“I can see that” I laughed once more, almost choking on my food in the process.


“We should make some cupcakes” Niall all- of-a-suddenly said.

“What?” I questioned. “It’s midnight, Niall. And we just finished our dinner.”

“That’s the perfect time to make cupcakes, Y/N!”

“I agree, let’s go” I laughed as we got up and ran to the kitchen.

Niall pulled out the materials we needed as I searched in the pantry for a cupcake mix.

I gasped as a few things came tumbling down on me.

Niall abruptly looked up and broke out in laughter as he spotted my dilemmas.

I fell on my back and clutched my chest as I let out desperate gasps as I laughed, tears starting to roll down my face.

Niall walked over and hid his face in my neck, both of us attempting, but failing, to try and stop laughing.

When I looked up, I saw his face had turned red from the laughing, and I no doubt looked any different.

“I’m so glad that I have you in my life” Niall said sincerely.

“And what would I do without you?” I smiled and pulled him in for a kiss, placing my hand on the crook of his neck.

When we pulled apart I lifted myself off the floor and ended up needing to help Niall off the floor as well.

“Back to those cupcakes” I determinedly said, a grin plastered on my face.

“Are you sure you don’t need help looking for a mix? I wouldn’t want another avalanche crushing you” Niall mirrored my grin.

I stuck my tongue out at him before turning and going back to the pantry search.

“Aha!” I said as I pulled out a chocolate cupcake mix.

I walked over to the counter and poured the mix into the bowl that Niall had found.

Niall then poured in the water and handed me a measuring cup.

I looked at the directions on the box and walked over to the pantry once more. I pulled out the oil and measured the perfect amount into the cup and then into the bowl.

Niall stirred the ingredients as I got ready to evenly distribute the mix into the cupcake pan.

“Voila” I said after I was done. “We did good, don’t ya think?”

“We did” he laughed as he put the cupcakes into the oven.


After we waited for the cupcakes to fully cook, we frosted them and then decided to finish watching Rise of the Guardians.

Once again in our former position of cuddling on the couch, and the TV softly playing in the background, I felt Niall’s head gently bump my shoulder. Not thinking anything of it, I continued watching the movie.

I softly gasped when his head fell on my lap.

“Niall?” I laughed.


I brung my hand down and brushed through his hair, smiling to myself.

“My sleepy baby” I whispered to myself.

I brushed my fingers against his cheek and I thought to myself:

how did I ever get so lucky?

I directed my eyes back to the movie and continued to unconsciously twirl his hair through my fingers.

I don’t know how I fell asleep in a sitting up position, but the last thing I remember were the end credits of the movie, and the soft snores of the love of my life.


We’re almost recovered from AN. Almost. I might need another mojito and three more doughnuts.

We had an amazing time, and met a ton of fantastic people. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to say hi, (and particularly to the customer who brought the starry night Scugog back to visit!). You guys are the reason we keep doing what we do, and we cannot thank you enough for your support!

We learned a few things from this year’s sales, including that we need to increase the numbers of monsters on both ends of the price spectrum. It’s likely we’ll be retiring a couple designs before next year, but if there’s something you’d like to see specifically you’re always welcome to throw suggestions at us!

A huge thank-you again to everyone who came by, and to those of you who adopted your own little fuzzy ankle-biter. We’re hoping to compile a collection of ‘adopted horror’ photos for our website update, so if you were one of the folks who took home a beastie and you’ve got a picture or two, please tag us in your post so we can see!

See ya next year Anime North!

August Challenge: Alternative Fashion Styles! 

(example art by Katzenprotte)

~Ends August 31st~


Our challenge for August is to imagine Sherlock characters in alternative fashion styles to their usual canon attire! The change in fashion could be for a case, a time jump to the characters future or past or an AU. The focus of the art piece should be the clothes characters are wearing.

Entries can feature one character or a number of different characters and you can choose any character or characters in Sherlock (any version, BBC, RDJ, etc) for the challenge.

Below are some examples of alternative fashions you could use:

  • Characters in fancy dress (Sherlock dressed as Lolita) 
  • Characters in different decades (John dressed like he’s in the 70’s / Mycroft dressed like he’s in the 20’s)
  • Two characters swapping clothes
  • Two adaptations of the same character swapping clothes (i.e. BBC Sherlock and Granada Holmes)
  • Sherlock dragging another character on a case, both of them in disguise
  • A scene from a characters past (military service John / exotic dancer Mrs Hudson) or future (retired beekeeper Sherlock <3 / Chief Superintendant Sally)

Before starting on your piece, please read the full guidelines under the read more.

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anonymous asked:

Dragon!Hanzo bringing his s/o all the prettiest and most expensive things. His s/o touching a doorknob in his fucking castle and being like "this cost more than my life, this is the most expensive thing I've ever touched." "Like wtf Hanzo, why'd you spend so much on a doorknob?!"

That’s literally how it is.

you live in fear at the manor for like the first month you live with Hanzo. It’s terrifying even getting out of the huge bed. “HANZO I CAN’T WALK ON THE FLOOR WITH MY BARE FEET IT COST MORE THAN MY TEETH.” Your reaction is like understandable. “omfg please can i just live in the servants quarters” although even the servants quarters is more extravagant than any place you’ve ever fucking lived. “their uniforms probably cost more than my liver”

Hanzo just doing his best to calm you down every waking moment, “please stop putting monetary value on your body. i love you very much will you please just come here, it’s fine.”

“noooo if i break a vase that’s like my whole retirement plan”

“dearest love my life, darling one, apple of my eye, just fucking walk two steps i will walk you to the bathroom it’s fine.”

Watch on

My gofundme is

Proof of my gofundme is in this video and I want you all to know I am being genuine when I say I am desperate. I did not mean to cry. I didn’t mean to. I apologize for that. It is a very touchy subject with me because my family has always been able to afford things. I apologize. I really do.

I have optical migraines which cause vision loss. I’ve had chronic migraines my whole life but optical migraines are new to me. They cause me to have one pupil bigger than the other, which causes me to see double, quadrouple, triple, purple spots, blurred vision, and sometimes I can’t see at all. It is extremely scary. I have had to see a neurologist and be on medications for this. I’m currently on a blood pressure medication called amlodipine for this.

I also recently had kidney stone removal (lithotripsic or however you spell that) which cost a bunch for the surgery and medical visits. I also had my gallbladder out last year on Halloween morning. I have to take papaya and pineapple enzymes (a chewable tablet) to eat anything without throwing it up since then.

I have costochondritis (however you spell that, as well) which literally just means chest pain. But mine is a little different. My chest is pushing down on my wind pipes or whatever and is causing me to have breathing issues. I have a vaporizer (cool mist) that I have to fill and use every single night and I have to take a klonopin just so I don’t have a panic attack over not being able to breathe.

I also have Tietze’s syndrome with my rib cage which means my ribs are inflamed and it hurts quite a bit. I can feel them click whenever I move wrong…which is often. I am on tramadol for all of these pains.

And of course I also have carpal tunnel…which means I will need surgery for that. Which I cannot pay for. I went to the hand surgeon only to be told I need nerve studies before he can do anything. That is going to cost me a fuckton because 80% of my insurance is NOT covered…and I have to go BACK to see him 4 weeks after this nerve study I’m getting done which is going to cost me a fuckton as well.

Along with all of those physical problems, I have mental problems. I am schizophrenic and I have panic disorder and situational depression. I am on meds for all three. Schizophrenia I am on ziprasidone for. Panic disorder I am on klonopin for. And situational depression I am on lamotrigine for. They all work together to help me.

And gas to get to all of these places is costing me a fuckton. They’re all over an hour and a half away.

I had to stop seeing my psychologist because I couldn’t afford it anymore.

I’m on a leave from work because of all my physical problems for the SECOND TIME now. That…I cannot help.

I am seeing a psychiatrist in December (earliest appointment available) and that is going to cost me about 100 dollars WITH insurance covering the rest. But it needs to be done because I need my meds all fixed.

I recently got an implant for birth control that is going to last 3 years. It is in my arm. That cost me a ton too. But I needed it otherwise my periods would be so heavy and so long that I could bleed out, as I am anemic. I do take iron pills, though. Also it helps with the crippling cramps that put me out of work and play for 3 days tops.

I am confined to my room pretty much. I cannot drive any longer. I am seeing cars that aren’t there and swerving into other lanes. I am also falling asleep at the wheel from my meds. So I am troubling my parents with all of this as well. They are helping me with my medical bills right now but my mom is STILL paying off bills from her battle with breast cancer. We’re in so much debt my mother has taken out loans. But it is still not enough.

I cannot type much anymore because my carpal tunnel hurts so badly but even a dollar would help me right now. My family and I are under an insane amount of stress right now and I cannot handle it any longer. I’m becoming suicidal out of all the stress and I do NOT want to die. I want to live and get through this…I am trying my damned hardest.

I am 22 years old and I am a transman without surgery or hormones yet because, obviously, I cannot afford it.

The letter from my doctor in the video says the following that describes things pretty well;

“Ms. Miller has intractable migraines, as well as recently has had kidney stones and suffers from severe anxiety with panic on occassion.  She had an optical migraine with vision loss associated with ER visits also. She was in the emergency department on multipl occassions recently, directed by me to go there. Included in those dates were 7/27 (two visits on the same date for renal stone), 7/31 for migraine, 8/01 for intractable optical migraine, 8/03 for abdominal pain, 9/11 for an intractable migraine, 10/05 for chest pain, 10/08 for intractable migraine, 10/16 for chest pain. She was instructed on each of these occassions to go to the emergency department and I am asking that you excuse her from her work on these days becayse of the emergent nature of her illnesses.”

That is basically what it said (leaving out the last part that says if he could be of any further help, please call…etc etc).

I’m in so much pain every day I can barely leave my house. When I do, it is for short bursts. I’m on a two week leave from work. And when I do work, I can only work 4 hour shifts 3-4 times a day at 7.50 an hour…that’s not a lot of money. My father is retired. And my mother is a nurse who works in case management. We don’t have a lot of cash flow and I’m asking…begging…for your help.

I will offer pictures, videos, and gifs in return for payment…of almost anything you want, including mostly myself. And anything else I am capable of I will help by repaying whomever helps me out. I am desperate to the point of doing this. Please help me cover my medical bills. Even a dollar would help.

Thank you. Thank you so much to everyone out there who can help me. All of the money goes directly into my savings account to be withdrawn for doctors visits, the bills that are already piled up, and the surgery I have to have on my hands. It will only be used for medical reasons. You have my word.

Even if you can’t donate, please signal boost this. Please. It would mean the world to me.