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All I Want - Jughead Jones

 Request: Hii! Could you maybe do one with Jughead where he thinks he’s not good enough for the reader so he starts distancing himself from them and they confront him and then just fluff please? Thnxxx love your writing 💕

Why thank you little cinnamon roll! Hope I did your request justice :)

Warnings: swearing

Jughead Jones x Reader

OH AND ALSO, I have nothing against Reggie. Personally I think there should be more imagines and stuff for him. CHUCK on the other hand, I hate with a fiery passion. He can spontaneously combust for all I care.

Cheers to @satanwithstardust for being trash and reading stuff as always cos she smells. Oh and @betty-coopers-number-one-stan for being my new friend because I’m alone ;c eheheh ENJOY

Words: 3,014 (longest one yet yayay)

“How long have you two been dating now?” Veronica queried, as you walked down Riverdale High’s empty corridors with her by your side. She was of course, referring to the ‘Sad Breakfast Clubs’ power couple, you and Jughead Jones. 

A light blush creeped onto your cheeks as you responded. “A few months now,” You tried to play it off casually, acting like you didn’t know it had been exactly 3 months and 17 days since he’d mustered the courage to ask you out on a date to Pop’s. Everything had escalated from there and you’d never felt happier. He was your best friend and the one you loved, and in your eyes, there was nothing better than falling in love with your best friend. 

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Ten Count Chapter 37 (Translation from Japanese Scans)

All translation credits and photo scans to chidorinoyume@tumblr. 

Do not repost or claim as your own!

A peaceful time with just the two of us

Page 1
S: Even if I admit that I like you now…

Page 3
K: Please put out your tongue… *heavy breathing*

Page 5
S: I-I can’t breathe

Page 6
S: The first time I was kissed, it felt so good that I was weak to my knees (In actuality, I was only a little weakened)

Page 7
K: Shirotani-san, Let’s continue our date. Today was a waste. 

S: But our reservation has already passed.
K: What other shop do you want to make a reservation at?
S: Hotel Canary’s Lounge. 

(T/N: Kurose’s dumbfounded look XD)

Page 8
K: A hotel lounge….
S: Y-you’re mistaken, Don’t get me wrong. I was thinking maybe I can go there for work purposes sometimes, I thought we’d check it out to see if the lounge and bar has a good atmosphere. ..There’s been talk that the food is delicious there.. I was hoping to eat a meal there with Kurose-kun and see what you thought of the food…

K: This is the second time today you told me not to misunderstand you…
Let’s go then..
S: I just told you, we have to make a reservation
K: I’ll call now.

Page 9
K: We weren’t able to move the time huh…
S: It’s a very popular shop. I’m sorry, let’s go out again next time.
K: Now that it’s the evening, it’s finally just the two of us.
S: Umm.. Kurose-kun! You must be hungry. Even though you came with me, as an apology I’ll go wherever you want.
K: This neighborhood’s food stands or convenience store food is good.
S: Eh?

Page 10
K: The convenience store’s oden is good.
S: S-Standing while eating?

K: 2 cans?

S: Because Kurose-kun went with me to the restaurant, I should do at least this much for accompanying with me. And besides I like convenience food store more than the restaurant food. (T/N: Shirotani my angel <3)

Page 11
K: By the way is it really okay?
S: What is?
K: About Ueda-san
S: We properly accompanied her to tea together like she wanted, isn’t that okay?
K: *sighs* Even though finally we’re having our date while watching the sunset, why are we talking about other people again. even if it’s Mikami-san or Ueda-san
S: A d-d-date?  This is not a date, we’re just testing out shops.
K: It was a joke.
Shirotani-san’s behavior wasn’t exactly rude. Ueda-san at least, she wasn’t angry with you, right?

Page 12
Try kissing me and if you don’t hate it, will you admit that you like me?

Page 13
S: I didn’t hate it…. It felt good. I’m happy that Kurose treasures me so much. But if it was like today, with an opportunity like that. There’s a chance Kurose-kun will be taken by someone else.

Page 14
S: I’ll probably be left alone by myself again. When I think about it I….
K: Shirotani-san? What’s wrong?
S: Ah it’s nothing.

(T/N: Don’t cry Shiro bby <3 T__T)

Page 15
K: Did you push yourself too much today?
S: No that’s not it.
K: I ‘m sorry about my joke earlier
S: He said it with such a sad voice…
Kurose-kun has said many times that he likes me. The one who’s hurting now is me.
Flashback : Don’t throw me aside please
S: I’m the one who made Kurose have such a sad expression.

Page 16
S: How should I say this for you to understand. Before I met Kurose-kun, I’ve always felt restless about everything. My head’s filled with thoughts and before I knew it, all the things I didn’t like that you taught me, I’ve forgotten them"

Yes, I’m still alive. XD I’ve been busy with traveling for work and being in otome cd hell. Discord can attest to that. Anyways this is quite the chapter. We finally have the kiss we always wanted! I couldn’t be happier! Although it’s all backwards, it looks like we’ll be waiting for Shirotani to admit his feelings and confess to Kurose <3 Enjoy the translation with screenshots~ See you all in the next chapter. 

Georgi Popovich deserves better

can we talk about Georgi Popovich for a sec?

Georgi is a nice guy. he just has a really hard time getting over a break up. a really hard time. he is still hang up on his ex but that is somewhat understandable if you realise how those two broke up.

if you watched his routine(short program), it is pretty clear that Anya did not just break up with him. she started dating another guy, right away or possibly even before she broke up with Georgi. there is a possibility that Georgi thought that the relationship was going well but he sees his girlfriend walking down the street with another his expression you can tell that he is shocked.

he starts questioning what went wrong. the thing is that he still cares and loves her but now that love is becoming twisted. you would think that it is all Georgi’s fault but the break up is too recent for him to have recovered. if you pay close attention to the weather of the scenes that are showing Georgi’s break up you will see that she dumped him right before the season started, so that means that she did not care in the least about how Georgi would perform or how her attitude would influence his career.i am not saying that staying in a relationship that is already over is correct but she could have done it better in a more subtle way .

And Anya doesn’t leave it there.nonono. she immediately started posting selfies (not only the normal but also intimate ones) right away knowing that Georgi will see them. 

Georgi once again is shocked.and really hurt.

and do you remember when Yurio had a scene where he says that he forgot to watch the free program? he remembered about it after he saw the newsfeed of his phone. and guess who appeared in it? Georgi. Meaning he is relatively famous back home AND in the ice skating world. meaning that Anya tried to hurt him on purpose and ridicule him on the media.

Moreover when Yakov tries to help Georgi snap out of it and help him focus on his career, guess who shows up to watch the competition…Anya. seeing that her boyfriend is obviously not competing in single skating as he is watching the program along with her and seeing that she is an ice dancer(perhaps he is her partner?) and competes in a separate venue, we can only come to the conclusion that she purposefully tries to sabotage Georgi as she shows up both to the short AND the free program!!!

he is slowly getting over the break up. he goes from “i will haunt you and curse you, you damn traitor” to “I love you, please don’t leave me”. he goes from denial to bargaining. his choice of music “A Tale of the Sleeping Prince” shows that he is the one who needs to wake up and realise that the relationship is over. slowly but surely he is trying to move on.the lyrics of the song show that Georgi needs an explanation about the reason of the break up, he says that he still loves her no matter what but at the same time it shows that he needs to wake up and move on.

but Anya…that freaking Anya…she knows he didn’t take the break up well, she knows he is sensitive about it and has a hard time moving on and she knows that seeing her with her new boyfriend will hurt him. And not only that ,,she even  gives that “go to hell” sign while he is performing.why would she even show up in the first place is beyond me.

I know that Georgi is taking his love to the extreme and he really needs to snap out of it but Anya is not an innocent in this situation either. she dumped him when he thought that all was well, tried to hurt his feelings and harm his career and performance, ridiculed him and mocked him on social media and she dared to show up in order to rub salt on a still open wound.

he shows big improvement in episode 9 where you can actually see that he is more relaxed and peaceful. his words “ lost love” about Michele Crispino’s free program show that he is starting to accept that his relationship with Anya is over.

Honestly speaking, Georgi deserves better than Anya .

Okay, two things

Friendly reminder that Rick Riordan didn’t make Apollo bisexual. Apollo has been bisexual since literally forever

Now, can we please appreciate the fact that Rick Riordan took Apollo, a bisexual god, and wrote a book in which he’s the main character? And wrote him openly bisexual through the entire book instead of just ignoring it or mentioning just once?

Can we, please, appreciate the fact that there are so many people who are not going to buy this awesome book just because there’s a bisexual main character and two boys dating?

Can we appreciate what a gift to us Rick Riordan is?

And, please, if you can, buy the book. Because there are so many homophobes and biphobes who won’t. Please support the book and the author if you can

Also, it’s an awesome book, why wouldn’t you want it?

Edit: Someone added the name on the book on their reblog and a couple of people asked so I’m just gonna say it here for the ones who want to know. The name of the book is The Hidden Oracle and it’s the first one in a series of 5 (I think), called Trials of Apollo


Request: Can you please do one where the two of them have a fight and Harry kicks her out of the car in the middle of the night and she gets into an accident?

Hope you enjoy!

We were at a club, drinking and having fun when it all started. When we got to the club, there was already eyes everywhere on us. When your dating Harry Styles there always is. We had been there for about 20 minutes, chatting with some friends when some guy started looking at me. I wasn’t bothered, knowing that he was probably just some horny guy. I kept my focus on our friends and Harry until about an hour later when the guy came to talk to me. Harry was at the bar getting a beer with Jeff and I was left alone at the booth.

“I’m Paul.” I’d expected some cheesy pick up line instead of just a name but I introduced myself as well.

“So what’s a pretty lady like yourself sitting here all alone for?”

“Well my boyfriend and a friend are getting drinks at the bar.” I wasn’t trying to sound bitter, I just wanted the conversation to be over before Harry saw. It’s not like I was doing anything wrong, Harry just has a jealousy streak that I don’t want continued on into tonight.

“Awfully rude of your boyfriend to leave you here alone. I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s not like he needs to be with me 24/7. I can handle sitting by myself for a couple minutes.” 

“Want to dance to get your mind off of him?” This guy was forward. I was about to respond when Harry did for me.

“No she does not. Please leave.”

“I think the lady can answer for herself. And who are you I might add?”

“I’m her boyfriend. Now leave before I make you.” This was not going to turn out good.

“Harry stop. Let’s go.”

“No Y/N. Why do we have to leave when this bastard was just getting ready to?”

Paul spoke up saying, “Harry’s right, I was just leaving. But Harry, before I go. A little advice. You might not want to leave such a pretty young thing alone in a club. From what I’ve heard, she will go home with anyone who approaches her without her boyfriend around.”

Those rumors of me cheating on Harry with random men had been going around like wildfire. Harry of course knew it wasn’t true. Most of the stories that the press used couldn’t have been true, seeing as I was with Harry. When Harry was asked about the rumors he would always shut them down, so the media died down over the past couple of days. But Harry always got defensive when someone accused me of something. With the rage already within Harry, this comment added gasoline to the fire causing Harry to explode.

He charged his fist towards Paul’s face, causing him to fall to the ground. Harry was quick to get down to Paul’s level and hit him again, this time in his eye. I tried pulling Harry off of him, but it was no use seeing as he was considerably stronger than me and he was determined to keep Paul held down. I searched around the bar to try and find Liam, who I knew could get him out of there. After a minute I found him and Liam pulled him off of Paul and dragged Harry outside. 

“Thanks Liam. I think we are gonna go now.”

“No problem Y/N. ‘Night.”

Harry was already in the drivers seat when I walked back to the car. I knew he wanted to just go home without any talking and just peace and quiet, but I was to angry for any of that.

“Why do you always have to do that! I understand he was insulting me and you were upset about that, but you didn’t have to hit him!” I yelled.

“Are you kidding me Y/N? He was chatting you up treating you like a piece of meat and you think I just going to let him do that?” he countered.

“You have got to get over this jealousy thing Harry. You turn every little thing that a guy does in my general area as a bad gesture towards me and you take him out! This can’t happen anymore.”

“I’m not jealous.”

“Bullshit Harry. It’s like you don’t even trust me!”

“I do to trust you!”

“Then why are you so jealous?!”

“I’M NOT,” he roared. Sure Harry and I had gotten into arguments before, but he has never yelled at me like this.

“You are jealous Harry. I don’t understand why you are the one getting jealous all the time when you are the one with a history.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I mean you have womanized plenty of women over the years and STILL have women throwing themselves at you to this day and I don’t get jealous. I trust you completely. So why don’t you grow up and realize that I’m the person that should be jealous in this relationship.” I knew I had struck a nerve in Harry. He hated it when I brought up his past. I felt bad but I needed to get my point across.

I thought I had finally gotten in his head to help him realize that he has nothing to worry about, except I hadn’t. All of a sudden the car came to a complete stop on the side of the road and Harry just stared straight ahead.


“Get out.”


“Get out of the car Y/N. I’m not moving this car until you get out of it.”

I knew I had upset Harry but not to this extent. He had never actually kicked me out of his freaking car.



I quickly unbuckled my seat belt and fumbled with the handle until I was out of the car, standing on the side of the road. He quickly sped off leaving me alone. I was stunned. I didn’t think Harry was capable of this. I knew he could get angry with me but if he did, he would just leave our flat for a couple of hours then return and we would make up. I didn’t think this would happen.

So I started walking. I wasn’t to far from our flat, so I knew I’d be fine. I felt awful that I made Harry that upset, knowing that I pushed him to far, but he didn’t need to kick me out of the car to prove a point.

I was crossing the road to get to our flat complex when a tiny little squirrel ran into the road. A car was on the other side of the road, out of my way. When the car saw the squirrel, it hit me straight on, and everything went black.

I woke up to hearing beeps and seeing several machines all around me. I tried raising my hand to see what was attached to it, but it hurt to much. All of a sudden I saw a big green eyed head full of messy curls clouding my vision. 

“Oh my god Y/N,” Harry cried clutching my hand. I was still confused as to what I was doing in what I assumed to be a hospital. 

“What happened?”

“You were in an accident. You were walking across the road when a car hit you. I’m so sorry, I should’ve never kicked out of the car. This is all my fault.” Harry was full on crying now. The memories came flooding back to me. I felt awful for putting him in this condition, knowing that we both did wrong.

“Harry shhhh. I’m okay. We both said and did things that were not helpful towards this situation. I’m not mad. Can you just lay with me for a while?” I asked. 

“Of course, love.”

So we laid there, just taking in each others embrace. I knew we had some things to work out, but that didn’t matter right now. All that mattered was me, and him. 

shit my girlfriend has said to me

“bye i’m gay”
“i found candles in the shape of cacti”
“dogs are too good for us”
“what would this world do without me?”
“i can happily rub your butt if it’ll make you feel better”
“please give me your dog”
“what’s that bee movie even about?”
“i can’t believe i’m dating a furry”
“your fetish is getting out of hand”
“i was just in the shower and i was thinking about how we should watch shrek”
“who needs a cat when you’re dating someone who is like a cat?”
“those white haired anime boys are your weakness”
“you know i’m weak for thighs”
“at least you’re like an anime character now”
“if it makes you feel better, i think you’re 100% punk”
“why are cats scared of cucumbers?”
“i’m scarred for life thanks to them”
“you won’t believe what i just did”
“i’m gonna blame it on the vodka i had”
“are you implying that you love my pick-up lines?”
“were you laughing at the person crying?!”
“that’s pretty dramatic for a sports anime”
“you’re making me suffer with you”
“what’s your fursona?”
“you’re the only furry i’d date”
“i can’t believe i’m dating an anime nerd”
“what’s that anime about? is it about dogs?”
“why do so many of them hate dogs?”

Sf9 When You Exposed That You Two Are A Couple

Inseong: exposes himself and then denies after. “Yeah we are a cute coup-i mean what?”
Interviewer: you just said you two are a cute couple.
Him: hm? What?
Interviewer: you just said-
Him: -I didn’t say anything. What are you saying?? *changes subject*

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Youngbin: when you accidentally said “boyfriend,” you pause yourself, but he will look at you with kind eyes and gives you the look/nod where he is trying to tell you “its ok. You can reveal it.”

“We been dating for a while now. Please support us.”

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Rowoon: when you accidentally reveals it, he will pause for a second, stare at his manager, but not looking for permission but more like “manager im going to do this.” He will stand by your side and reveal it with you. “Yes. We are dating for awhile now.” 

(Ignore da caption but he will be looking around like this)

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Jaeyoon: walks off the set with you. Tells his manager to cancel the show appearance. “I cant put her in danger. I’m not doing the show.”

Originally posted by chanhee

Zuho: his face screams “she done exposed both of us” Replies with a “I’m not going to say how long or go into details for her privacy..but we are dating.

Originally posted by namjiwssi

Taeyang: the sunshine didn’t realize you accidentally revealed it and thought it was on purpose meaning the managers and company knew about it and gave approval so he gladly joined in with you. “Yes! We are dating! 5 months now and will continue on further! She calls me her sunshine teehee.”

You: ….
Him: what babe? Something wrong?? Are we not supposed to go into detail?”

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Dawon: When you revealed it, the jokester turns into a gentlemen and gets protective. Stops joking around during the interview and tries to protect your image by telling everyone it was him who had a crush on you and asked you to date. Holds your hands all the way through. Probably makes you get up to do a full bow with him in front of the camera for the fans watching to ask for their permission.

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Hwiyoung: when you said what you said, he covered his mouth with his hand in shock and looks around at the staff and his managers, then at you.
“ (gasp) We’re in big trouble now s/o…”
Interviewer: your still on camera.
Hwiyoung: (gasp some more with his mouth covered)..ahh what do we do..umm…
Has no choice but to reveal cuz he basically just confirmed it smh.

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Chani: “uhh we are dating in an upcoming movie!” You roll with it. Now you two have to be in a movie together. It ends up being a small webdrama because no one planned it to happen. Fans later find small details and pics like you two wearing a couple bracelet and a whole scandal breaks out.

(at the set of the webdrama wavings to fans like: act..natural. go big or go home…

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so I’m slightly attached to platonic ships involving Reyna & hair symbolism

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

A/N: This hadn’t been requested, I just wanted you all to have some Jared Cameron love, bc he doesn’t get enough! Please enjoy, lovelies! - Admin Kat 💟

Dating Jared Cameron Would Include:

- Shirtless Jared. EVERYWHERE!

- “Have you ever heard of a shirt, Jared?

- “Yeah, but I look a hell of a lot better without one.

- Loads of cuddles!

- Like seriously, Jared’s needy for them!

- Jared getting jealous over any guy that even glances over at you.

- “Do you have a problem?

- “No,

- “Then get focus your eyes on someone else.

- Load’s of movie nights. You guys are movie fanatic’s and pretty much speak in movie language.

- “Can you two just shut up already?” groan’s the pack.

- Teasing each other, in more than one way.

- Sharing chicken wings together.

- Your fridge being cleared by the one and only, Jared Cameron.

- Hugs from behind, especially when you’re cooking.

- “Smells good.

- “Who? Me?

- “No, the food.

- “Gee, thanks.

- A lot of bickering.

- Forreal, you two are a freaking old married couple.

- Sex.

- Morning sex.

- Afternoon sex.

- Sex at night.

- Hot make out sessions on Emily’s couch.

- “Seriously, go get a room!” Paul grunts.

- “We already have one, but you’re welcome to leave.” Sam jeers.

- “Jared…” Sam growls.

- Being spoiled rotten and vice versa.

- Date nights.

- Being the OTP of everyone in La Push.

- The pack teasing the pair of you.

- “We’ve all seen you naked, by the way.

- “What?!?!

- “Yeah, he thinks about you… a lot.

- Being crazy for each other.

- When you fight, Jared always takes himself away from you, he never wants you to be hurt.

- Kim being awfully jealous.

- Jared and you professing your love for one another in cheesy fashions.

- Jared’s family loving you.

- Your family loving Jared.

- Jared always being cheeky with you.

- Getting your bum smacked.

- You smacking his bum.

- PDA.

- Lot’s and lot’s of PDA.

- Like holy mother of pearl, so much PDA!

- “Can you two stop eating each other’s face’s now?” Jacob would beg.

- “I can eat your’s, if want?” Jared would joke.

- “Try it and you’ll be dead.” Jacob retorts.

- Paul and Seth making kissy face’s at you two.

- “Look! The love birds are here!

- “Half of you are just as whipped as Jared, here!

- “I’m not whipped!

- “Yes you are!” the pack would yell.

- Remember PDA?

- “I think we need holy water for our eyes.

- “I can’t unsee that!

- “I think I’m gonna puke.

- The pack trying to mimic you two.

- Sleepovers.

- Like seriously, this boy will sneak in through your bedroom window whenever he can, just to cuddle with you, because he can’t sleep without you by his side.

- Infinite smiles.

- Being his entire world.

- Playing with Jared’s hair all the time: He usually falls asleep.

- “Spoiled brat!

- “Quit talking about yourself.

- Being understanding of what and who he is.

- Being in on the pack’s secret and never telling a soul.

- Loving each other so much, like seriously; you guy’s may seem like assholes to each other, but you love each other so much.

- Jared always protecting you.

- Jared taking pictures of you all the time.

- “Hold it!” he states and runs to get his phone. He takes the picture of you in mid chew of a mouthful of cereal. “Beautiful.

- Being incredibly cheesy, telling terrible puns, having an infinite amount of giggle fits, always being happy around each other.

- Seriously, you’re a sweet couple and everyone loves you two together.

- Hardly ever fighting, unless Jared takes things too far or if you go to see the Cullen’s.

- Being incredibly clumsy, to which Jared carries you everywhere like a princess or bride.

- “Oh, look at that! I just swept you off of your feet again.” he’d grin wolfishly.

- “Hush!

- “Nah, I think you secretly love it.

- “No!

- “Yes!

- “Okay, fine.” you’d grin.

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The Early Bug Would Rather Be In Bed


KestraEchoWolf said: Ooo the possibilities are *endless* -Rubs hands together- … Ladynoir 4

4: I have a date with destiny.

(So really I should probably be studying for the two midterms I have tomorrow but I physically can’t study any more so here’s some #relatable Ladybug not wanting to be awake.  Ladybug is literally me right now except I can go to sleep whenever I want and am just not.  I don’t know why.  Probably gonna sleep as soon as I post this.  Anyway, this is the second to last You Give Me Akumas prompt, so please enjoy!)

Ladybug was very much not happy to be woken up by an early morning akuma, thank you very much.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for the Ladyblog alert waking up Tikki and the kwami then proceeding to jump on her face for a good ten minutes, she probably wouldn’t even be here.

But, unfortunately, she was here, despite almost having fallen back to sleep six times on her way. It really wasn’t looking like too great a start to Ladybug’s day.

And, frankly, Monkey See probably wasn’t going to improve it.

She stood on a rooftop, taking the time to assess the situation—and try to slap herself awake—before actually heading down there.  The akuma looked mostly like a rather large purple monkey, and was carrying around an oversized banana, and Ladybug wasn’t entirely sure that she was actually awake and that this wasn’t just a weird dream.

The banana, it turned out, was some sort of weird magic gun that’s rays turned whoever they hit into slightly not as large monkeys, which then copied whatever the main monkey was trying to do.

Which seemed to be get to the Eiffel Tower and scale it like King Kong.  As you do.

In all reality, she could see no reason why this particular person was akumatized, nor why Papillon had to wake her up to deal with it.

She turned as she heard feet landing on the roof, grimacing in greeting at the literal incarnation of sunshine himself.  Seriously. Who gave Chat permission to look so awake and happy and stupidly good looking at this ungodly hour?  Not her, that’s for sure.  If she was suffering, he should be too.

“What do we got today, Bugaboo?” he asked, oblivious to the lasers she was trying to make come out of her eyes to wipe his stupid, beautiful, morning person smile off his stupid, beautiful, morning person face.

“Monkeys,” she told him, turning back to scowl at the akuma and its followers.  Chat’s arm wrapped around her shoulders, and she fought the urge to curl into him and go back to sleep.  “They’re going all King Kong on the Tower.”

Chat hummed, pulling her tighter to his side.  “Fair enough.”

Ladybug barely had the energy to roll her eyes.  “I guess,” she allowed, “but Papillon could at least have the common decency to only attack during non-sleeping hours.”

Chat pulled his arm away, and she pouted at the loss of warmth.  His hands moved to her shoulders, and he turned her to face him, smirking down at her with a raised eyebrow.  “You do realize it’s almost one in the afternoon, right?”

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A week of Cykesquill goodness! It’s high time this pairing gets more love, and we’re here to spread the cheer!

This even starts from the 15th of December, with it running to the 20th of December, the date of Simon’s release. Please include #cykesquillweek in your first five tags, or mention the blog in your post.


  • Bond - December 14

Simon and Athena share a bond, despite all they’ve overcome. You’re free to explore their platonic, youthful friendship, or see how it’s developed now that they are older.

  • Date - December 15

There’s plenty of opportunities for this in the AA-Verse! They can go on a Soba date, take a trip to Shipshape Aquarium, or just rest at home. Have fun!

  • Crossover - December 16

You can put these two in different settings! Perhaps they’ve suddenly been sucked into the world of Nintendogs, or are valiantly fighting and flirting in the Fire Emblem universe! A whimsical day just to have fun!

  • Haircut - December 17

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Haircuts usually symbolize a fresh start in some cultures, so make of that what you will, so long as some tresses are being chopped off ^_^

  • Competition - December 18

It’s Simon and Athena…these two have a competitive spirit, and it’s up to you how to harness it! Perhaps Simon gets jealous over some flirtations from a certain lawyer-cross-rockstar, or maybe Athena and Simon duke it out over the last noodle in the bowl!

  • Role Reversal - December 19

This can apply to so many things! Age, personality, position (such as prisoner Athena and psychologist Simon), job (Prosecutor and DA), Clothes…anything you can think of that just involves both of them trading traits with each other!

  • Unspoken Words - December 20

How do Athena and Simon convey their feelings to one another, without speaking? Maybe they defer to the pen and write notes and letters, or simply thoughtful actions do the trick. A gentle ending to a wonderful week.

Please spread the word so every Cykesquill fan may have the chance to participate!

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Hi can i please request a pro and con for dating exo's lay! thank you :)



  • so sincere and kind
  • his smile and words will literally heal you 
  • will love you genuinely and sincerely 
  • always considerate of you 
  • and making sure you feel okay in unfamiliar situations
  • very humble
  • whenever you or someone compliments him, he’d shyly laugh and smile 
  • he’d sing and play guitar for you 
  • random dance parties with just the two of you :) 
  • he’d put his everything into the relationship 
  • and always be considerate of you 
  • “are you cold?” “here you need to eat some more!” 
  • very selfless and loyal
  • he’d love surprising you with random but super romantic acts 
  • like buying you your favourite flowers or writing a short song for you or even cooking you some food 
  • honestly he’s so respectful to elders and literally everyone
  • your parents will love him so much 
  • you’d always feel safe and secure in his arms tbh
  • he’d be the type to call you to at night to say goodnight hehehe
  • he’d listen to you talk all day if he could 
  • ok i can literally write an essay about this
  • but i will stop now hahah


  • forgetful lmao
  • honestly yixing is the type to totally overwork himself and he needs someone to tell him to rest and stop 
  • like we all know he’s always reaching for perfectionism and i think when he hears just one negative comment he might take it to heart and overwork himself 
  • apart from that he is literally the kindest, most humble and genuine soul and he deserves a lady who is just as kind and lovely and will be able to remind him that he’s already good enough and amazing just the way he is bc i wish he knew this 

After Orihime accepted to go on a date with Ichigo, she is still in denial that it can be anything romantic…

Orihime: What did you want to talk to me about, Kurosaki-kun? Is this about Chad?

Ichigo: No, no… This is about you and me…

Orihime: And Chad?

Ichigo: No! It’s just about the two of us…

Orihime: And our thoughts on Chad?

Ichigo: Chad has nothing to do with this!

Chad: (Pops out from behind the bushes) Bitch, please… I’ve been subtlety pushing you two closer to each other since the second arc. This Ship belongs to me, not you.

-Tatsuki and Uryuu drag Chad back to the bushes.

Tatsuki: Get down, you idiot! We’re supposed to be eavesdropping!

When you two kiss for the first time and it’s really awkward

Words: 1127 

Fluff this is 200% sugar I kid you not, you’ll probably get sick from reading this, you have been warned, read at your own risk

Not even requested wth am I doing with my life

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”Please no,” Sanha shook his head.

“I don’t want to go on that monster either but we don’t really get the chance to come here often, do we?” you were just as terrified as the puppy-like boy next to you.

“Can’t we go on a carousel or something?” he asked, literally looking like a puppy.

You almost agreed but then shook your head, thinking that it was one of a kind chance for the two of you. You didn’t get to go on dates that often and when you did have the chance to go out something happened last minute and you ended up staying at his or your place.

“I’m going to puke on you ____,” he warned when you pulled him towards the queue for the horrifying rollercoaster or whatever it was.

“It’s okay,” you answered without thinking what he had said.

Sanha kept making whiny noises but you didn’t give up. You two stopped at the end of the queue and listened to the multiple screams coming from the people who were currently on the ride.

“I think I just heard someone scream for their mom,” Sanha said, his voice cracking a few times.

“Don’t worry,” you said and gulped while looking at the ride. “I-it’s going to be fun, I’m sure.”

A few minutes passed and it was your turn to get on a cart. You stepped in with a blank mind.

“It’s going to be okay ____,” Sanha said, attempting to sound manly.

You glanced at him and saw him shake a little. You leaned closer to him and clung on to his arm.

“Yeah, it’s going to be so much fun,” you stared ahead blankly.

Sanha shrieked a little when the cart started moving. The two of you were on the first cart out of the many and you regretted getting on it the second it started moving.

“Sanha…” you mumbled as the cart was reaching the point where it would start going downhill.

“It’s okay ____,” you felt him shake a little but his voice was (surprisingly) very stable. “I’m here for y-“

The cart entered the scariest part of the ride while Sanha was still talking. He screamed and so did you after closing your eyes.

You looked at Sanha who was looking at you.

“Look at you,” he chuckled, wobbling a little. “You can barely stand.”

“Oh, yeah?” you said, wobbling maybe a little bit – a lot to be honest – more than him. “You can barely talk.”

He scoffed, put his arm around your shoulders and the two of you wobbled towards the nearest bench.

“_____,” he said as you both sat down on the bench, exhausted from all the screaming and shaking.

“Hmm?” you looked at him.

“Let’s never ride something like that ever again,” he said.

“Sounds good,” you admitted. “Let’s ride carousels and such from now on.”

Sanha chuckled a little and you two sat there for a while before getting up and finding the most peaceful ride there was and getting on it.

You were getting stares from people. It was probably because you were laughing so hard that you had tears in your eyes.

“Stop making me laugh!” you hit Sanha’s arm.

He was laughing too but not as much as you were. “You laugh at everything I say.”

You started laughing again, not even sure why you were laughing.

“Come on,” he said and held your hand. “Let’s go find something to eat.”
You kept laughing for some time but eventually, you calmed down.

“My tummy hurts,” you pouted when the two of you were approaching a food cart.

“It’s your own fault for laughing so much,” Sanha said without pity.

“Why does my aegyo not work on you?” you questioned him.

“Maybe because I’m immune to it? I’m so cute that aegyo doesn’t work on me.”

You cringed.

“What? You don’t think I’m cute?” he asked, surprised.

“I don’t know…” you looked away when he leaned closer to you, demanding an answer.

“Don’t avoid the question!” he said but you ignored him and kept looking at anything that was not him.

Why were you so flustered about having his face so close to yours? You hadn’t kissed yet. The two of you had dated for some time already and you loved holding hands and being cuddly and all that other cutesy stuff but you just hadn’t had your first kiss yet. You didn’t know if it was because it just simply hadn’t happened yet of if he didn’t want to kiss you. Either way, you were just as flustered every time his face got close to yours. You liked him a lot but it was so weird being so close to each other.

“What do you want?” Sanha asked when you stopped in front of the food cart.

You looked at what they had. “I kind of want cotton candy… I haven’t had it in a long time.”

“Hmm,” he hummed. “Do you mind sharing one?”

“Not at all,” you smiled.

Sanha insisted on paying the candy so he did and after that, you moved to a quieter place to eat the candy since the food court was surrounded by dozens of children and their tired parents.

“You take some first,” Sanha handed you the huge cotton candy.

You ate some, ripped a piece out of it and handed it to your boyfriend.

“Sanha,” you called his name.

He hummed while eating the candy.

“Did you think today was fun?” you asked and looked at him.

He froze for some reason and you tilted your head a little.


Without a word he leaned closer to you and before you could react, he pecked your lips. The situation was over so fast that it took you a few seconds to understand what had happened.

You made eye contact with him for a second but both of you looked away immediately, blushing.

“I’m sorry?” his voice cracked.

“What?” you were surprised but couldn’t look at him.

“W-was that weird?” he asked.

“N-no…” you didn’t know where to look so you just stared at your shoes.

After a moment of silence, you turned to him, took the cotton candy and hid your head behind it.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m so red right now that you’ll run away if you see me…”

You heard him laugh and lowered the candy a little so you could see him.

“After what just happened?” he asked, amused. You could see that he was blushing, too.

“Yeah…” you mumbled, staring at him.

“To be honest, I’m probably just as flustered as you are right now.”


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can you please write moon forbid star from dating jenna but toms parents are supporting and encouraging toms relationship with marco

Okay sure! I love janstar! This was such a cute idea! And I just couldn’t leave it sad so I had to find a solution and give it a happy ending lol! I hope you enjoy!


“Oh look at the two of you!” Angie cried and gave Tom a hug. “You two look so sweet holding hands like that! You two are just adorable!” She jumped. Rafael clapped his hands and he took another picture of the couple. Tom blushed and he gave Marco a kiss behind the ear. Angie tugged her husband and they gushed.

“I have to go Marco, but your parents are really sweet.” Tom laughed lightly. Marco giggled and held Tom’s hand, nodding.

“Okay Tommy, sorry about this.” He laughed and his mother nudged him. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” Marco waved and his boyfriend teleported away. Marco gushed and his parents laughed some more and talked together about how wonderful their son’s relationship was. Marco smiled and sat down on the couch next to Star.

“Well Tom and my parents hit it off well.” Marco beamed. Star rolled her eyes and slumped down in her seat.

“Good for you.” She mumbled. But it didn’t sound like she was too excited. Marco scooted closer and tilted his head at his friend.

“Hey Star? You okay?” He asked. Star made a little cry and she pulled her bangs over her face.

“I hate everything!” She cried. Marco helped her up. “I introduced Janna to my mom and dad… it didn’t go well.” She admitted.

“What happened?” Marco asked. Star sighed.

“They liked her! They loved her actually… but my mom told me that it was customary for me to marry a royal! Another prince or princess!” Star cried. She began to tear up and she dove in to hug Marco. “They don’t want me dating he because they don’t want me to just have to break up with her and get upset over it.” Star cried.

“Oh Star, I’m sorry.” Marco gave her a tight hug. “Is there anything I can do to make it better?” Marco asked. Star sniffled and wiped away her tears.

“I just want to be able to date! And not have to worry about that. I just want to be able for my parents to not have to care about that and go out and eat lunch with her and I don’t want my teen romances to be dictated by my future as a queen!” Star cried. Marco gave her another hug and patted her head.

“It’ll be okay.” Marco promised. Something then dawned on him and he got up. “Yeah, Star it’ll be okay!” Marco promised, and he ran upstairs on his phone.


Star laid face-down on her bed when the door swung open. Janna jumped on top of her and started laughing. She was followed by Tom and Marco, looking happy. “Star! Good news!” Janna cried. Star gently shoved Janna off and crossed her arms.

“Janna go away, I’m not supposed to hang out with you.” She muttered.

“Yeah, because I’m not royal right?” Janna asked. Star nodded and Janna laughed a bit. She lifted Star’s head up and gave the princess a kiss on the nose. “Well that is taken care of.” Janna stood up and put her hands on her hips, looking smug.

“What do you mean?” Star asked. She sat up and looked curious. Tom smiled and stepped next to janna, with Marco jumping behind him. They both seemed excited.

“Tom made Janna an honorary member of the underworld palace!” Marco exclaimed. Tom giggled and gave Marco kiss on the cheek.

“I’ve needed to recruit somebody into the royal circle.” Tom explained. “It really doesn’t mean anything at all, it’s just a numbers thing. The clarity likes to have a long list of names to show off, but none of them are even relevant. I’m pretty sue Hekapoo listed like, ninety of her clones.” Tom admitted “But whoever is listed, is considered a royal of the underworld.” Tom explained. Star shot up and gave Tom a hug.

“Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!” Star cried. She then ran to Janna and picked her up. She swung the girl back and forth and cheered. “Janna banana! We can be together again!” She exclaimed. Janna laughed joyously and she gave Star a kiss. “I need to tell me mom!” Star cried, running to her mirror.

When Moon answered and Star told her the news, the queen was actually happy. “Oh what wonderful news! You know I did like Janna, and even if she’s not a princess an honorary royal is just perfect for public image, which was the main concern.” Moon admitted. She then smiled. “But the most important thing is Star, that you’re happy, and you find somebody that makes you feel such.” Moon told her.

“Thanks mom.” Star smiled.

“Oh, Star, you know I wouldn’t have let a law dictate your love-life, right?” Moon asked. Star looked up. “If somebody makes you happy, really happy, I would have happily fought for them. I just didn’t know you’d find yours so soon.” Moon admitted. “Even if she ends up not being a royal for whatever reason, you have my blessing.” The queen smiled and Star did as well, holding her wand tight to her chest.

“Thanks mom, I love you!” Star grinned. Moon laughed and reached to hang up the phone.

“I love you too dear, now enough talking to me, go spend time with your becoming girlfriend.” Moon smiled and hung up. Star jumped and turned around, running to go leap into Janna’s arms. Star laughed and the two spun around, laughing and kissing.

Marco smiled and went behind Tom, giving him a hug. “You did a really nice thing for Star and Janna.” Marco told him. Tom shrugged.

“It was nothing really, actually the castle’s been bugging me to put another name on the list. Apparently a prince needs his little clique… it’s all so dumb.” Tom mumbled. Marco laughed a bit and gave Tom another kiss.

“You’re still a sweetheart.” Marco assured, covering him in kisses. “A sweetheart, love-bug, perfect little cutie!”

There are like 97% more bows happening than are strictly necessary.

Why the hair up as usual but with two additional braid pieces.

I have never seen more material that is barely material.


Is she wearing a bandanna around her neck? SHE IS PROBABLY WEARING A BANDANNA AROUND HER NECK

Gnawing on a flower like a peckish horse.

And then “KISS ME I LOVE YOU” on what I can only assume is her first date.

In other words, yes, world: Minako Aino.

Sirius Black Imagine

You took Sirius’ hand and said the password. You saw that only a few people were in the common room, and you pulled him through the portrait. You were laughing, and kissed him lightly. 

You saw that one of the people in the common room was James. Next to him was Remus. 

“Agh! My eyes!” James shouted. 

“Shut up!” You shouted back.

A few of the girls in the room giggled. It was pretty late, you had just come back from dinner. Most people were probably sleeping. 

“I can’t believe two of my best friends are dating.” James said. 

“It’s been like three years, can you get over it, please?” You teased, ruffling James’ hair. 

“Three and a half, angel.” Sirius reminded you, floating to where you were now sitting on the couch. He pulled you closer to him, and his hand on one side of your head pushed your hair to one side when he kissed the top of your head. 

“Sirius,” You whined, laughing and pushing him off. That just made him try to pull you closer to him. 

“But I love you, babe.” Sirius said. 

“Oh you do?” You asked. 

“You’re wearing my jacket!” Sirius pointed out. 

You pulled his leather jacket tighter around you. “Yes I am.” 

Sirius laughed. “But you still look hot.”

“Ew!” James complained. 

You whacked the side of his head. Remus chuckled in his chair. 

“What do you want?” You giggled. 

“Nothing, nothing.” Remus said, continuing to read from his charm’s textbook.

You picked up one of the pillows and threw it at him. Remus ducked a bit, but you still hit him. 

“Nice throw.” James commented. 

“Thanks.” You replied. 

“Baby, will you help me study?” Sirius asked you.

“Sirius I’m tired.” You said. 

“Pretty please? You’re the only one smarter than Moony in Gryffindor.” Sirius argued. 

“Hey!” Remus shouted. You giggled. 

“Sorry, Moony.” Sirius said. 

“We’re equally intelligent.” You assured Remus. 

“Sure.” Remus joked. 

You pushed him slightly. “Shut up, you’re so smart.” 

“Okay, sure.” Remus said. 

“As I said, I’m extremely tired, so I will see you all in the morning.” You sighed, standing up and walking to the girl’s dormitory. You shut the door quietly behind you, careful not to wake up any of the girls, and slipped into pajamas. 

You fell asleep quickly after you hit the pillow.

You woke up the next morning, and thankfully none of the other girls had. You quietly tip-toed into the shower and washed your hair, and stepped out, getting changed into your uniform. 

When you walked out into the common area, your hair was nearly dry, and you used a charm to air dry the rest of it. Sirius and James were sitting, and Sirius turned to look at you.

“Morning, darling.” he greeted, standing up. 

“Good morning, Sirius.” You replied. 

“I am starving.” Sirius said. 

“How about you get something a little bit more suitable for breakfast on?” You suggested, pointing to his bare chest. 

“But you like it like this, don’t you, love?” Sirius flirted. 

“I do, but I can’t say McGonagall will. Get changed.” You pushed him in the direction of his room. 

Sirius stumbled a bit jokingly before going into his room. He came out a few moments later with Remus behind him, thankfully in his robes this time. 

“Thank Merlin, I’m starving.” You said. 

Sirius threw his arm around you, and led you down to the breakfast.

He ate like a pig, but Gordric, you loved him. 

Do you ever just...

Aries: Curl up your toes and smile uncontrollably because you’ve fallen in love with someone so hard

Taurus: Stare at a dog and just look at their eyes it’s just WOW

Gemini: Look at your best friend and wonder all the shit you two are gonna start up when you’re like 80

Cancer: Feel like you’ll never find someone you can love AND trust at the same time

Leo: Just look at your handwriting and think WOW call me John Hancock because that A is LIT

Virgo: End up in the same room as that ONE person and you just keep repeating in your head “please don’t talk to me”

Libra: Truly wonder how can anyone possibly honestly say they like your qualities and may actually WANNA date you

Scorpio: Wonder if everything’s gonna be okay the way everyone says it will be because right now I’m not feeling it

Sagittarius: Legit wanna smack the teacher with her ruler when she says “the bell doesn’t dismiss you I dismiss you”

Capricorn: lay your head in your hand and look at your friends and wonder how they’re still alive with all their crazy crap

Aquarius: Want to have perfect memory, so you don’t forget/underappreciate anything ever again?

Pisces: Feel like your whole life is validated because a SINGLE person said that your post was relatable bc sameeee

Auston Matthews #8

Requested by @memz-elizabeth-:  Hi! I love you imagines so much! Can I get an Auston Matthews one please? Where he takes me out on a date to play hockey? I thought this would be cute. Just all fluff and cuteness please. My names Memz. :) thank you ❤ [Here it is!! I hope you like it. Thank you! :) I’m not sure about the whole playing hockey thing because I can’t play hockey for my life so I hope it’s okay enough. Enjoy! :)]

Word count: 787

Originally posted by welshhockeyfan

Auston dropped another puck in front of you, “let’s try this again.”

He skated back to the crease and hunched forward. He was just two feet away from you but you still looked scared when you realized that you had to actually hit the puck and attempt to shoot it past him.

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