can you twerk

Bts as shit my family says:

Namjoon: “Can you take pictures of me, please?” *fixes hair and starts to pose*

Jin: “I’m the baddest bitch in dis family.”

Yoongi: “Don’t fucking touch me.”

Hoseok: “If you can’t twerk betta than me, get outta my face.”

Jimin: “Why we got the ugly short genes, but they got the tall genes?”

Tae: “I only want the slippers with the big ass animals on it.”

Jungkook: “I was laughing because of the memes, not you.”

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Do any of y'all follow 702 black Barbie on IG? She says she's not a "hoe" just a stripper but those videos of her with old white men spending stacks say otherwise lol. I just find it funny when strippers throw escorts under the bus, especially when it's clear that they escort too lmao. Not hating on her game but lap dances will only get you so far, men paying 19k aren't just there so you can twerk in their face and leave 💀.

You sound salty af cuz it’s not you 😂😂😂😂
What you don’t get is that it’s not all about fucking, some guys just like how you talk to them. You never have to fuck right away
I’ve had a guy pay all my bills for a few months before flying me across the country to finally meet him…. he didn’t want to have sex or even kiss or anything he was just glad to have me around. This isn’t gonna happen with every guy but it is possible with some.
sometimes you don’t have to do shit special it’s just the way you carry yourself… 702blackbarbie has game like a muthafucka it’s not on her IT’S IN HER he obviously has lots of $$$ to spend on her so I’m cheering her on BREAK HIS ASS💰💰💰💰💰

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Dear White People


Just because you

  • can twerk
  • rap
  • grew up in an “unsafe” area
  • have black friends
  • are good at sports
  • speak “ghetto”
  • darker in skin color to someone who is black

does not make you more black. Because you will never be black no matter how much you claim the tittle or state that you received your “black card”

Simple fact one can’t be black except for actual black people because you do not know our culture, identity, way of living. Nor have you ever felt persecuted for your skin color. 

So white people no matter how much you want to be a nigga or claim to be one you won’t be because you’ve never lived a nigga life.

Hard Style: Twerk It!


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“You can’t twerk, Jonathan!” A canadian’s voice rang out in Jonathan’s head set, causing him to grin and chuckle like an idiotic fangirl{Whoops?}.

An average play through of  GTA V became a challenge for the rarest glitch to ever happen in the history of GTA V. He smirked and called for a few friends who were curious enough to try it themselves.

“Marcel, Lui, David, can you three help me out? I need three fuckers to make this work.”

Marcel laughed, “Alright! I’m in!”

Lui and  David just shrugged, their own laughter drowning out the soft ‘humph’ Evan let out as he gazed at his friends in doubt. Jonathan’s gaze stared back at Evan with interest and clear honesty as he ordered his three ‘volunteers’.

“Marcel, I need you to spray me with water in a fire truck. Lui, shoot me once with a shot gun when he sprays me. David, you’re going to hafta clear out the strip club of all the people in it.”

It seemed like a normal glitch but it was a strange occurrence that only happened once in a million times. Maybe he could get it to work.

Marcel revved up the engine of the fire truck and drove it to a nearby empty lot near the strip club, where David shot gunned and killed all of the people inside and awaited for new orders.

Lui held his shotgun, watching Marcel drive the fire truck towards the empty lot. Jonathan stood broadly with a proud and joyous grin on his face as he watched a stream of water fire towards him.

Lui quick aimed at Jonathan and shot twice to make sure he didn’t miss him more than once. Jonathan’s character fell to the ground and it said he had died. Evan sighed, “Told y-”

Hectic laughter echoed among the mics of Marcel, Lui and Luke. All three of them dying from laughter as Jonathan’s character glitched around in the empty lot. “Whooop! Tweeeerrrrk partyyyy!”

“I wanna see, ya bastards!” David called from his mic.

“Ookay, hold on. I have to wait a little bit before heading into it! It needed to be cleared so it would work.” Jonathan laughed even louder, wheezing for air as his character practically dropped ‘that thun thun thun’ that ass like it was hot.

Lui and Marcel quickly fled to the strip club, Jonathan, Luke and a chuckling Evan following behind. Jonathan occasionally froze in place, the game hardly able to take this glitch seriously as his character continued bouncing his ass, the leg movement and torso movement literally making it seem like he was twerking like Miley Cyrus or something.

As they entered the strip lub, their laughter drowned out Evan’s words as he mumbled them in his mic, “I’d tap that ass if I could but this is a video game.”

Jonathan smirked on his side of the screen but continued laughing to hide the fact that he’d heard it. Everyone else had to, of course they’d use it later on to tease his very selfless canadian being.

sound check highlights: glasgow 2

songs played
Catch Fire
Outer Space

  • luke was on vocal rest but still spoke a bit
  • “will the penguin ever go back in your instagram name?”
    luke: no
  • “who’s your favorite spongebob character?”
    ashton: sandy
    michael: patrick
  • “favorite song from one of the eps?”
    ashton: the only reason
    michael: wrapped around your finger
    luke: if you don’t know
  • “who does the best slut drop?”
    michael: i don’t like that name. i can’t dance anyway
  • “ashton, can you still twerk?”
    ashton: did i ever??
  • calum spoke about being on the cover of jazz weekly
  • “if you could be a fish what fish would you be?”
    luke: a salmon
    calum: have you ever heard of a ‘groper’? no, it’s a real thing i swear
    (they all laughed at that)
  • ashton also told the story of how he was snapchatting the other day, and luke asked him who he was snapchatting. so he said “your mum”. & then liz actually snapchatted him.

When you want kinky hair you can buy it.
When you want an ass that’s fat you can buy that too.
They bottle complexions so you can covet and achieve the complexity of black skin without enduring the struggle assigned to it when God took his chisel out and created the blueprint of aesthetic excellence.

We couldn’t have our mothers.
We couldn’t have ourselves, siblings and autonomy.
All these things had to be reduced historically to include “superior” people.

When you want to relate but be removed or disconnected you can speak AAVE. You can say you know about Tyrone but have never read Angela or Fannie Lou Hammer’s story. You know caricatures.

You can twerk till your ass hurts.
Wear braids and take African American history classes.
Say you identify with the struggle.

We couldn’t even have the president.
As the general consensus is the only reason dude got elected is because he’s half white. The gentle nature of his mother somehow tempered his blackness.

Do I have it right?

Am I wrong to find this problematic?

So, basically indentured servitude was worse than slavery? We did it to ourselves first?

So, this makes it justifiable?

When we can’t have our childhoods.
Sons, daughters and lives.
The natural hair movement is racist!

Because what grows out your head will not get you type cast as a savage or unkempt?
We should be inclusive!

But are you protesting?
Are you hem-hawing over all these dead black men or are they just water cooler discussion points?

Designed to be sexualized.
Designed to act like animals.
Just so you can come save us from ignorance.

Why can’t you be more inclusive?
Because you can’t buy, wear and return a struggle when it goes out of season.

The fruit is still hanging.
It’s bloody and blaring but nobody wants to eat it.
Eating it means accepting something is wrong.

Instead you marvel at statistics.
Shop elsewhere for fresher fare.

Social spaces are equated to an uprising or revolt.
But white supremacy is nothing more than an everyday thing.
You think your hair’s nappy?

What does your wash day look like, boo?
Have you struggled and gone on to accept your hair or did you just get a perm to get the curls we end up reviled for unless they’re loose?


Have you consulted history to verify that?

Indians, Africans, Asians, Holocaust survivors and immigrants. The vast array of people who contributed to build this country might agree with you if they were accurately represented.

But you wanna claim a hash tag is hurting your feelings and stopping unity?

Do you know how you sound?

Wearing culture like it’s cute then leaving when the air gets too thick with hostility to breathe.

Get out the nappy tag.
All lives matter but until the news reports something else, black lives need to be allowed a spotlight.

“But the news is biased!”

My mouth, eyes and hair are biased too.

It’s why I have a problem with you.

We’re not footnotes.
I wanna see us win.

So, tell me again why you’re really mad.
I can’t claim your culture, put an expiration on you before God does or claim I understand something I was never meant to be included in.

So, why can’t you?

—  The Problem with #AllLivesMatter 

i find myself mostly attracted to white guys but
why is it so hard for them to have a decent conversation with me???
every time i talk to one who i find cute, i always get sexualized or objectified
i get crap like “you like white c*ck?” “ever suck white dick?” “ive never seen a black girl naked” “i bet you can twerk” etc
like talk to me like a normal person it pisses me off so much

Love Pink by Ego

Hella angelic
Yeah he broke the mold with you
Body outta this world equipped with matching mental and attitude
I’m the first to put you on top shelf
Always on point and keep me feeling myself
Promote you from sun up to sun down
But I’m here to talk bout that vertical frown
Smile I mean..yes indeed..tight like a fresh seam

Never matter the size..shape..or race
My palette appreciates every taste
Yes ma'am put the pink on my plate
Be a good driver and park it on my face
Be it commando or in some lace
You say you can twerk
Can you do it on my tongue once I clock in ..yeah work
Obey me lil pull up that skirt

Restrain you I will so don’t test me
That bright pink get wet ..fuck that get messy
I hated the color pink but I’m in love with yours
Now Be a good host and invite me through them double doors
Treat the pussy like housework and do all my chores
Aggressive yeah I might leave sore
Attacking the pink like I’m tryna get to your core

No worries lovely..I respect the pink temple
Fuck touchin’ the nerves first I’m fondling the mental
Then ima work my tongue like you paper and it’s a pencil
I vow to take my time and show my tribute to them gates
Honor the lips and pray to the clit like its a holy place
Victoria’s Secrets won’t know what the fuck to think
They shit might say but it is I who loves Pink