can you tell who are my faves.... yet.

I was tagged by @futuresomething - Thank you :)!

rules: tell us one favorite character from ten shows & tag ten people

[Seconding @futuresomething,  I was also trying, but sorry, sometimes I just have to put more characters xDD]

Doctor Who (New!Who): Wow, such a tough one xD I really can’t say less than five characters xDD - Twelve, Ten, Clara Oswald, Missy and River Song. Like 99.9% of the characters, really, but I honestly can’t choose less than those five as my top faves xD

Doctor Who (Classic!Who): Haven’t watched all Classic Doctors and episodes yet (mainly First Doctor and some random episodes for all the Doctors), but so far I’m really liking Barbara Wright (also Ian Chesterton).

Do Classic+New Who count as two? I don’t watch that many shows at the moment, tbh xD

Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes (also Mrs Hudson, Mycroft and Molly)

Star Trek: Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy and Spock (can’t choose, again xD) (all the bridge crew, really xD) (I dislike the too-often-present sexism and sexualization of the TOS series, though :((()

Agent Carter: Peggy Carter 

Vikings: Lagertha (sadly, I don’t like her all that much in the last mid-season :/)  I find most of the women in the series interesting.

Downton Abbey: The Dowager Countess because Maggie Smith and her glorious snark :D 

Kung Fu: Kwai-Chang Caine (quite a lot of sexism, by emission and omission, in this 70s series, though)

Once Upon a Time: Emma Swan and Regina Mills. Still quite a handful of stereotypes about ‘family’, ‘true love’, relationships and fairytale clichés in general (and so many harmful corsets and stiletto heels everywhere!), but I like that this show also subverts some aspects of the very problematic fairytales and upgrades most of the women’s personalities and plots in order to make them at least a bit more proactive. Also includes more female friendship and interactions into the equation.

Musketeers: Milady de Winter, I think. Constance is also depicted in this series as a more interesting female character, too, more proactive than the original.  I don’t care all that much for the male characters. They’re too entitled, generally. I don’t condone most of Milady’s actions, but I admire women who had to make their way in such a patriarchal world - even if their options often included them having to use seduction as a weapon against privileged, pathetic men :/ (and that was at the cost of their dignity - Neoliberal ‘feminists’, no, it’s not the way to ‘empowerment’. It’s literally the only freaking weapon women usually have in a patriarchal society, and it sucks).

In case DW didn’t count as two:

Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen. As a feminist, I dislike the way this series shows gore, objectification and problematic sexual assaults in such a graphic and gratuitous way, though, and I don’t watch it much. 

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