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What’s In My Bag?

I was tagged by @bratsims because I basically asked for it even though my bag is super gross. Anyways….

1. Lush bag. // 2. Smaller bag filled with tons of makeup. // 3. Original Ninetales Pokemon card in a sleeve (it was a gift from my brother who collects them…also Ninetales is my fave). // 4. Star Wars lanyard with mace, keys, and Harley Quinn keychain. // 5. Charging cable for my iPhone. // 6. Halls because I’m sick. // 7. Fingerless gloves (never know when I’m gonna need them). // 8. Bus transfer. // 9. Ibuprofen. // 10. Dream Cream hand and body lotion from Lush. // 11. Honeytrap lip balm from Lush. // 12. Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub from Lush. // 13. Harley Quinn wallet. // 14. Resist! buttons I keep accidentally stealing from work. // 15. Lust perfume from Lush. // 16. Charity Pot button from Lush (can you guys tell where I work yet?) // 17. Random tip money. // 18. Headphones in a little case.

Not pictured: A BUNCH of loose change and some random dust??? probably from bringing too many bath bombs home tbh

I tag whoever hasn’t done this yet! That means all of you who are like, “I never get tagged.” YOU’RE TAGGED.


So I’ve been stuck as to what to do for the next podcast episode (it’s @tugging-your-ear-podcast if you haven’t already heard it!!) the awesome @illeaslockedbluebox suggested that I do a summary/analysis of the books because we as a fandom don’t talk about them in general as much anymore so I expanded on the idea and I need all of y'all’s help.

Reblog and tell me about your favourite scene, how it made you feel and who is your fave character. Exclusively in The Selection, the first book (not the series) so that means no August and the second generation and what not. (This is because I’ll be only covering the first book in the episode, in future episodes to come you can contribute more scenes and character from the other books in the series)

Now I’m going to tag a bunch of my awesome friends (also a bunch of Selection blogs I admire but haven’t talked to yet maybe this will give me an excuse ahahah) who are always here to help but please any Selectioner who sees this feel free to tell me your fave scenes amd characters and tag your friends too: @prince-consort-lolz @princess-may-singer @camilleschreave @thedandelioninperspective @illean-queen @fangirlingforinfinity @eadrik-maxerica @hearttoheartzz @eadlynschreaveofillea @theheirofillea @da-real-hijabis-of-illea @eadlynschreavve @gatewaytogay (now at this point I’m tagging people I follow and reblog my stuff I love you mutuals I haven’t talked to yet!) @queenschreavelovestarts @prince-consort-kile @tiberiaschooseme @maxericaruleillea @krisspiaria @smart-beautiful-strong @book-and-comic-fangirl @theselectionmouse


hurricanesunny  asked:

4. for all ur bmc fics >:0c

special level: all bmc fics +  What’s your favorite line of dialogue?

cracks knuckles. AIGHT

smooth operator: “Dude, you aren’t a loser and you are loved as fuck. So loved. Pretty sure the only person who doesn’t love you is, well, you. But that’s okay! It’s difficult, so take your time, man. In the meantime, I’ll love you for you.“

i have a lot of fave pieces of dialog in smooth operator because i went all out with the jokes, but this is my favorite because not only is it funny because michael’s pining is so Obvious yet jeremy Can’t Tell, but also because im a big fan of people being supportive to self deprecating friends. and not like in “//banging pots in pans LOVE YOURSELF” way, which is totally okay and very sweet!! i just think that self-love is really, really hard, and that itd be nicer to hear validation that it is hard and reassurance that even if you dont like who you are, it’s okay and you can take ur time. we’ve got your back while you get there. 

(but really michael dies after saying “I’ll love you for you.” because AAAAGHHH WHAT!!! GOD!!!)

goodnight moon: a hard tie between “There you are. I was looking for you.” and “Aking buwan, aking dagat.”

the former because that’s the Turning Point (plus when i made my sister read this fic, this was the line that made her push the table away roughly and put her head into her hands to murmur in distressed tones). the latter because im a romantic at heart and what the hell is more romantic than being told by a moon-loving sea-loving dragon boy that you are his moon and his sea. (oh jeremy you lovely, oblivious veranda)

is this a forest?:  “My pain doesn’t get rid of the fact that yours exists too!”

this is from chapter 6, or as i’ve nicknamed it, my second least favorite chapter HAHA. this is because this chapter was SO HARD TO WRITE. after the squip, i knew there had to be an apology. i knew that things couldn just go back to normal, no matter how much michael wanted it to be. i knew that there had to be a reconciliation between all the shit jeremy pulled and michael’s distance. i like this line bc it’s what made the rest of that chapter actually happen. when i figured out those words, the rest followed. sign me up for that acknowledgement that suffering is not a competition and caring for somebody doesnt mean that you have to set all your negative feelings for them aside, but instead work through them by communicating 

//clenches fist. i love communication. wish these boys would actually do it more, like, in concerns to telling each other they love each other…..w..what do you mean i have to be the one to write it. what.

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! (*’∀’人)♥

fic questions

Boyfriend!Kuroo Headcanons:

Kuroo Tetsurou would be the dORkiest boyfriend ever tbh
• will annoy the shit out of you with the overuse of memes and stupid references
Endless teasing but you’re okay with it because you know he doesn’t mean it
• Literally, y'all met in a cafe. You were a barista, and he came in one day and thought you were super cute.
• “We should get some coffee together, because I’m liking you a LATTE.
• You died. You couldn’t say no.
• One date led to more. (-:
• Still uses pick up lines on you, even though you two are dating.
• “Hey (y/n)”
• “What”
• “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
• “Kuroo, pls-”
• “Because ur the only ten-i-see! Wait…”
• Headcanon that Kuroo goes to Bokuto for dating advice, which he realized was a huge mistake…
• Got that pick up line from Bokuto, actually.
• You and Kenma actually get along well, which makes him very happy.
• The team loves and enjoys having you around, even more so when having you around gets them out of trouble.
• They all see you as their small little sister and has your back when some girls try to start shit with you.
• If someone messes with you, Kuroo would casually walk over to the scene, wrap his arm around you and give that person a very cynical smile.
• This overgrown child will take any chance to cuddle with you, even in public.
• Loves to show you off; not because he thinks of you as a trophy to be flaunted around, but because he wants to show the world how much you mean to him.
• Good listener, gives great advice, surprisingly very wise.
• When you’re feeling down, he would hold you tight and let you release everything you’ve been holding in.
• When you’re feeling insecure, he wouldn’t really understand why because he thinks you’re amazing and perfect, and would reassure you in every way that you were perfect for him. Does that make sense¿
Kuroo hAS husband waifu qualities.
• Cooking, cleaning, you nAME IT.
• Loves it when you come to his volleyball games to cheer him and his team on.
• Does especially good at games when you’re there watching him.
• Insists on victory kisses.
• SEX a n y t i m e, a n y w h eR E.
• You had your first time with him after winning a close game after a tough school.
• He suggested it just to tease you, but you initiated it which caught him by surprise.
• Actually really shy when initiating sex, but goes back to his old self when comfortable.
• Still makes stupid jokes while doing the do..
• After-care with him is the cutest thing ever omg
• Oh yeah and Kuroo is the type to do romantic things without knowing aND IT KILLS YOU.
• Holds you so sO SO close and tight against his body
• Draws random patterns against your lower back while lacing his free hand against yours and kissing your head. ; w ;
• tells you how much you mean to him and how he can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both.
• ovERALL, Kuroo Tetsurou would be a suave yet super mega dorky boyfriend who will love you and cherish you till the end of time.

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