can you tell what show i've been watching for the past 2 weeks

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i've been following shame machine, and i'm working my way through the love club right now. you are such an incredibly talented writer AND artist. how do you balance practicing and improving on both? i've always loved both writing and drawing but I've found it hard to consistently practice both, so my drawing skills have sadly been neglected these past years in favor of writing :/ could you share any tips with us on how you made time or got yourself to practice both generally?

God. I wrote a really long response to this that I’m going to try to condense as much as possible:

1. Drawing is more effort & more time consuming. No offence to pure authors, I know writing is hard, but that’s just a fact. If you want to be equally practiced at drawing and writing, you’ll actually need to spend much more time drawing.

For perspective: On an sm chapter, all of my writing makes up ¾ of the chapter content, happens over 3-4 weeks, and takes 10-16 hours. The art makes ¼ of the chapter content, happens within 1-2 weeks, and takes 16-30 hours of solid drawing. (concepting not counted.)

2. But you don’t NEED to be equally practiced. I would encourage you to draw & write anyway if you didn’t want to mostly draw. They are different kinds of being creative, and this has several benefits, such as:
- You can probably do one while blocked on the other (that’s what I do, anyway.)
- They give you different ways of looking at/creating a scene and therefore make you better at each practice
- Together they expand how you can tell a story because they are each better at expressing/showing different things
- It’s cool

3. as for actual tips, these are all I can really think of:
- if something is hard to write, draw it. If something is hard to draw, write it. That’s why I started writing in the first place. They’re better at different things. (example: draw music performances. Write conversations. Draw someone receiving devastating news. Write someone dissociating.)

- Find out where/how you best do each of those things. When I’m drawing, I am seated at my desk. I have a video on if I’m colouring/shading/doing simple lines, but if im sketching/lining properly i have music on and I’m very focused.
- When I’m writing, I’m usually in bed about to go to sleep, or im outside/in the livingroom. I rarely listen to music when writing. (i defs dont watch anything.) I prefer to be as alone as possible because I like to read things aloud to myself because that’s just super helpful for writing in general. (helps you tell if somehting is off grammatically/forces you to think about what to write next) 

- Use one as an accessory to the other. Use drawing to help you describe a character in writing, or design a building, or clarify how a room is laid out (just to yourself). Use writing to put down scene ideas, important world building/character building notes quickly.

I think that’s all ive got for now. Hope that’s useful!

How about a 3+1 thing temporarily named the three times they pretended to be newly-weds… set in an au where Niall and Harry thought it was a brilliant idea to go travelling the world together during the break.

1: Paris. Niall wants to do everything he’s done there before, but without the pressure of getting it done before the plane jets off to another city on another tour. Like go to the Eiffel tower in the middle of the night, he tells Harry with the widest, brightest eyes Harry’s ever drowned in, and Harry just agrees. Says something about baguettes and using his beret that makes Niall laugh way too hysterically. Louis asks them all about the plans when they come to visit little Freddie before they take off and Harry’s too busy cooing at the baby to catch on to the mischievous glint in Louis’ eye, so he just has a vague memory of seeing it when they arrive to their hotel in Paris and are told that their suite is ready for them. That there’s champagne waiting for them. That the staff wishes them the best of luck with their marriage. Niall laughs hysterically again, bent over with his hands on his knees, going breathless. Harry can’t look away. There’s flushed cheeks and tears forming at the corners of Niall’s crinkled eyes, and he can’t look away and he can’t remember to be anything but amused by it all. It’s late when they’ve stopped chuckling, but there’s restless energy thrumming in their veins and they skip dinner in favour of filling their empty stomachs with expensive champagne, bringing a bottle with them as they follow Niall’s old footsteps through the city, brushing up against each other because it seems idiotic to move apart. There’s a badly aimed kiss somewhere in the night, tasting of alcohol and excitement, making them giddy because they’re out in public, badly covered by the night air. There’s more precision to Harry’s mouth on Niall’s dick, though, even later in the night, when giddiness and excitement has turned into a breathless kind of need to ruck up the sheets of their bed, because they owe that to it.

2; Bali, because Niall obviously wanted to go there. There may be some greasy breakfast before they get on a plane, and there may be some hangover-induced groaning as they’re sitting in the first class lounge, waiting to board the plane. Harry scoffs eventually. Mutters something about how Friends lied – how there’s never any bowls of oranges waiting for the first class passengers to dive into. Niall laughs despite his headache, feels a bit warm in his clothes, as if there’s a layer of Harry stuck to his skin, still; a phantom pressure that pulsates every time Harry does something particularly Harry-like. And it’s a bit of a joke, really, that he saunters up to the middle-aged man behind the reception desk and tells him, ‘I think we’re set for a suite with multiple rooms, but, see, we’ve just gotten married, and I was wondering –‘ only to be interrupted by a string of wide smiles and congratulations, an ‘oh, of course, of course, the honeymoon suite’s free’ and then Niall obviously asks to get a bowl of oranges sent up to the suite, along with strawberries, and more champagne even though he doesn’t like it at all. And they don’t get out of the room that first night. They stay in, watching the episode where Monica and Chandler go off on their honeymoon, and drink too much champagne while they discuss the measures they should take to get as much out of their travels as they can. Before they leave a week later, Harry’s had Niall spread on the bed, three fingers deep, chasing moans out of him that he never quite thought he could produce. It’s what the bed wants from them.

3; There’s a special honeymoon villa at the resort in The Maldives, fancy-looking even in their experienced eyes, built at the end of a wooden dock leading from the beach. Harry kisses Niall before the woman who showed them there has left, earning them a soft noise and a set of scoffs from the unfortunate men that have been trailing along around the planet to keep them safe. They don’t stop kissing when everyone’s left. Don’t quite stop until Harry’s gone breathless and whispers out a, ‘Called ahead. Told them to leave us beer instead of champagne’ to which, maybe, Niall kisses him again. And their sunburns are getting better, and their muscles are relaxed, and they’ve seen more of the sky during these past weeks than they seemed to do over a year back when they were on tour, so they’re happy. Happy to be together, having a laugh, messing about. Happy to get serious at times, too, because Harry’s learned that it’s one thing to get Niall to laugh, but an entirely different thing to get him to show a sadder tone. That you have to earn that trust, which is something Harry seems to have done over the years without really trying. He thinks maybe they do fit. That maybe they don’t need a bed to slot against each other, because they’ve been aligned for years, before it ever got physical. And they’re not drunk this time, and they’re not in bed. They’re sober, outside on their little deck where there’s a pool and a ladder down to the ocean, and the lounger isn’t asking them for sex. Doesn’t know that it’s a part of a fake marriage, but it lets them sleep together on it anyway. Muffles Harry’s moans, lets the moon latch on to exposed skin, leaves them breathless for far too long after.

1; LAS VEGAS OF COURSE. DO I EVEN NEED TO EXPLAIN? I will, anyway. Niall and Harry waking up, sore in the best way possible, perhaps kissing themselves awake because that’s what their lives have become, now. It would feel strange not to do it. And the hotel’s a bit run-down, and the honeymoon suite isn’t really a suite at all, but they don’t care, because there’s a breakfast buffet downstairs that promises pancakes and they walk down there while their security snort in tandem and they don’t quite get it, but they don’t mind. But then Louis and Liam are downstairs, sipping on beer even though it’s only just passed noon, joining the choir of snorts as Niall and Harry sit down, and they ask what’s going on – what they’re doing here – to which Louis says, ‘Weren’t about to miss our best mates’ wedding, were we?’ and it’s a good joke. Hilarious. It sits well with them for an hour or so before Niall’s hangover’s settled enough to let him notice the ring on his fourth finger, and maybe he pats his hand along the mattress next to him until he finds Harry’s, stirring Harry from his nap, inspecting his fingers until he finds a matching silver band, and then he laughs, because it’s still kind of hilarious, only in a strangely heart-warming kind of way, because once Harry’s blinked the confusion out of his eyes and they’ve tried to remember the events of last night there’s nothing left on Harry’s face but the softest little smile, and Niall can’t stop himself from kissing it, and… well. They don’t exactly get divorced, do they?

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Can I watch only Marceline/Bonnie story in Adventure Time? What episodes should I watch? I mean I'm sure the show is great but I want to watch their love story only for now. Is it possible?

EDIT: Just got sent a link where someone did just what you were asking for:

So click on that, or if you insist, read my crappy, second rate answer below…

Uhh…there’s no particularly uncomplicated answer to that to be honest.

Like, these two had a romantic past (oh wait, sorry, Olivia Olson was totes lying and her follow-up tweet was in no way the network pressuring her to pull a giant #nohomo), so the way their dynamic is explored kind of, inherently requires some knowledge of the universe? Because how they interact with one another is contextualized by their own personalities and relation to the world (both being hundreds of years old and having dealt with a lot).

I mean, I could tell you to go watch What Was Missing, and you’ll immediately pick-up on *something.* And with Bubbline it’s really amazing how little you need to be able to flesh out the dynamic in your mind (probably because both characters are packed with agency and have incredibly well-defined personalities).

But to watch their “love story” is…it’s messy and not clearly defined. I mean, I would strongly argue that they’re on a trajectory right now to get back together (explicitly), to the point where these episodes airing this week…like, I guess there’s still plausible deniability. At least enough for Russian TV networks. But even that arc is situated within PB’s struggles as a ruler and Marceline’s troubled past.

The reason I’m cautioning you is because I sidestepped into shipping this after stalking Marceline’s songs, which quickly became Marceline-centric episodes. But Bubblegum is only now fucking me up after Varmints, because I didn’t totally have a feel for her before. So I worry I’ve been lessening my own experience.

Be better than me.

That being said, 7 seasons is daunting, and I have found this narrative shockingly fulfilling with little effort on my own part. So if you want to stoop to my level I’d recommend the following:

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So I am a college student home for the summer, in nyc and I've been literally applying to jobs almost everyday, with little to no luck. I've tweaked my resume several times, but nothing has been working. I recently have been let go from my work study job at school, and i've just been depressed. I sleep half the day, just to pass time, but I know I should be doing more to make the best of my days, even on a low budget. Do you have any tips on staying positive, and having fun on a low budget ?

You came to the right person because I’m just like you.

I’m a college student and have decided I didn’t want to work this summer. Over the past 2 months I’ve learned how important it is to still have create some sort of schedule for yourself, you know? Though you’re not working, you can still be growing and learning. I both jokingly and seriously tell people I’ve been homeschooling myself. That’s because I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries, interesting shows, reading books, creating new art. I will admit, in the beginning of accepting that you’re not going to work during the summer when its an expectation that you must - you feel sad. You wonder what your purpose is if you’re not doing what others are doing. A lot of feelings are called up to the surface.

It’s so important that you get out the house a couple times out of the week, everyday if you can. Even if it means eating breakfast or lunch in your back yard or watching a movie on your laptop in your backyard. You will get stir-crazy real quick. Sometimes I’ll take my dog for a walk, take my camera and walk around my neighborhood and take pictures, walk to the library. Just getting outside and being in nature is really necessary. Take yourself out and treat yourself to a picnic at the park! Pack your lunch the night before or day of, grab a great book, buy a disposable camera and begin documenting your experiences. 

Turn this experience into the ADVENTURE of your life! Think about. This is such a blessing because who knows the next time in your life you’ll have free time? Truly enjoy this and keep a journal. Document the entire experience. You can document it on your blog. You can create a new blog simply dedicated to this summer adventure of emotional, physical, spiritual and mental transformation. 

And let me tell you! There’s SO much to do in NYC during the summer time for FREE. I’m a frugalista, an adventure seeker and lover of a good time.

So here’s a list of things you can do for FREE:

Take advantage of your student id!

Everywhere you go ask them if they offer discounts for students. Whether you’re eating, shopping, or visiting a gallery. You’d be surprised at how many establishments offer discounts secretly for students. For instance, you can go to Lincoln Center the day of a show, buy a ticket for a great price and get decent seats. I saw Alvin Ailey for 15 bucks! Yes, $15 and it was AMAZING! Check out there website for shows coming up. Basically, if you look, you will find. Google can help you find awesome events. The more you go out, the different people you’ll meet and you can find out for more events.

Do not be discouraged beloved. This is such a sacred time you can get back in touch with yourself, the roots of your being and simply, but entirely pour into you. I’ve been super emotional lately, which is definitely connected to what’s happening in atmosphere, universe and even the stars. However, I’m learning a lot about myself and I’m looking at parts of me, though uncomfortable, that I would perhaps ignore if I had a job because it’s easy to use “busy” as a reason to ignore what’s difficult to look at. However, I’m also getting super clear about what I want for my life, what direction I want to go and what I’m willing to do. I’ve completed projects such as my Youtube Channel that I told myself I’d do over a year ago. This time actually inspired me to create my video on anxiety, depression and uncomfortable spaces (see here) because after crying and laying in bed for a couple of days, I decided I was going to let this space grow me and not put me into a depression.

And let me tell you, do you know how powerful it is to let yourself BE? Tell let yourself be sad and cry. Some days I laid in bed all day. Because I was sad & I didn’t want to leave. I think that’s very powerful. To consciously allow myself to be. After I gave myself permission to do that, I also gave myself permission to choose to live. This is free time to tap into you natural creative abilities. Pursue the projects you always wanted to do. Aside from blogging, creating videos and so forth, I’ve decided to create an art collection. Am I a fancy, professionally trained artist? Nope. But I don’t need to wait to create :) Neither should you.

I LOVE you! You’re amazing. Enjoy yourself and keep me updated.

For more **free** events, visit TimeOutNYC, Bryant Park, NYCGovParks

**If you’re reading this and know any amazing free or affordable events in NY, share the love and the info :-) **