can you tell what she has in her hand

I’M SO FUCKING GLAD HAGGAR IS ALTEAN because let me tell you it is the best fuck you to allura ever

this chick has been a dick to keith all fucking season talkin about how much all galrans are evil and not to be trusted and she hates them all because they are inherently evil. and then,,,,what do you know,,,the fucking second in command, Zarkon’s right hand was fucking Altean all along. 

Edit: ok I usually have a policy of not changing or deleting my posts after I’ve posted them, I feel like when people do that it’s misleading. But I have thought about this and I’ve realized that my 3am reaction to the show was not only a sleep deprived exaggeration, but it had a ripple effect of other people going overboard with their hate on Allura. I don’t hate Allura. I dislike her actions. I understand while she had every right to be upset with Keith and the information that she learn about him being Galra especially since the memories of her people’s genocide were still fresh, I don’t think they way it was handled was good at all. But also my reaction was way too harsh and I’m sorry if I upset anyone, that want my intention.


#listen you will need to pry the cat-grant-knows-the-truth headcanon from my cold dead hands #so what that means is that between worlds finest and adventures of supergirl #cat grant has come to terms with the fact that kara isn’t confiding in her #that she’s accepted kara will never tell her #that kara will never trust her with this important truth #and that cat has passed over anger into acceptance #from frustrated snaps to small jokes to herself #cat grant believes that kara is a hero #that kara will do great things #that kara will save national city as both kara danvers and supergirl #and she’s accepted her limitations in that role #that she’s a mentor not a friend #that she’s a step on kara’s path #but not a constant #and because she cares so much about kara #because she knows how important kara and supergirl are to national city #she’s found peace with this fact #cat ‘queen of all media’ grant is content being a part of kara’s story #and i will be crying forever

Okay but

Kara meeting Sara in the crossover.

Sara I’m-Getting-Some-Of-That Lance on full 10.

Sara relentlessly hitting on Kara and Kara never catching on.

“Let’s see some of your hand to hand.” “Are you sure you can handle me Sara?” “Oh I’d love to handle you.”

Felicity finally taking pity on Sara (and also questioningly turned on by their sparring) and telling Kara what Sara has been doing.

Kara finding out that Sara is bi and having to restrain herself from asking a million questions because her sister just came out to her and she doesn’t know how to help.

Sara and Kara becoming bros after and Barry getting a little jealous.

Oliver walks around and does his tight lipped smile thing because why did everyone stop training there are aliens attacking.

Sara giving advice to Kara to pass on to Alex back in her own world about dating and girls.

Kara blushes at everything.

Diggle and Thea eventually grab chairs and join them.

Diggle/Sara/Kara/Thea friendship circle anyone?!

“Make sure she shows the caring, compassionate side that a future wife would love.” “BUT more importantly make sure your sister knows how to tastefully show off her assets, you know the goods.”  “Speedy I don’t think-” “John who is the girl here.” “Who is the married one.”

Diggle and Thea fighting over who is giving the best dating advice, Sara grinning like and idiot as she realizes how much she misses Team Arrow sometimes and Kara taking notes on her work journal.

Kara going back to her Earth and regurgitating anything she can remember back to Alex.

“Sara said you’ve got to buy the lady a drink and introduce yourself. In that order. Wait. Or was it the other way around? Is it normal to buy someone a drink before they know your name or after? Mon-El had girls-” “and that is where I stop you Kara. No Mon-El dating techniques are to be spoken in my proximity.”

I want it so bad.

after they graduate from hogwarts, parvati & lavender move into a flat together

lavender studies to be a beautician and parvati gets a job at a little shop dedicated to divination (sybill put in a good word for her)

one day parvati comes home with a new assortment of teas & she wants to try them out with lavender

so they’re drinking their tea & parvati takes lavender’s cup to give her a reading

and she says something like “i see…hm it looks like a ring or something? i can’t tell”

and lavender immediately demands the cup back and is super into it like “i don’t see a ring what are you talking about??”

when she looks up from the tea parvati has a ring in her hand

She’s snoring on my chest peacefully and almost rhythmically and seems so content. I can’t stop thinking about the way she looked tonight. I would glance over and there she’d be, smiling back at me. It was like a dream come true. But now that I think about it, all of it has been a dream come true.

The way she answers the phone and you can tell she’s excited to talk to me no matter what time it is. The way she loves baked brie and Chipotle as much as I do. The way she talks about neuroscience and California with a sparkle in her eye like they’re the guiding loves of her life. The way she always has to touch some part of my body, whether it’s my lower back in isle 7 at the grocery store picking out Apple Jacks or holding hands with just our pinkies while we watch a scary movie together. Her taste in music and how it’s as though I created her in a computer because it matches mine so well — she loves Ellie Goulding the way I love Lana. How we unintentionally sleep until 4pm on Sundays because we both love sleeping that much. There hasn’t been a single day in months where I haven’t died laughing because our sarcastic senses of humor align perfectly. Her voice. God, her voice. She’s the hopeless romantic to my cynicism. She loves black as much as I do and we take our coffee the same. She texts me right after we’ve just separated and still kisses me when we both have morning breath. Every time I pessimistically doubt something, she reassures me with her idealism. And she never lets me go a day without telling me she loves me.

Now that I think about it every single day with her in my life has been a dream come true.

—  It’s 2 in the morning and I think I’ve found the love of my life
voltron christian/youth group/ church headcanons/au

some people did these for other fandoms and i just had some ideas so here they are

Coran: 100% the wacky youth group leader. Comes up with games no one wants to play, but everyone ends up having fun anyway. Even when he’s teaching about serious subjects, he still cracks jokes and makes the kids roll their eyes and feel more at ease at the same time. Digs up all these random facts about the events and cultures of the Bible times that make them seem more real and present and fun. You can tell he really enjoys throwing caution to the wind and letting God steer the boat. Hangs out downtown on his days off trying to engage people in real conversation, hoping to mention Jesus.

Allura: The pastor’s college-age daughter, feared and admired by all the young teens. She helps in both childrens’ sunday school and the high school youth group with Coran, because what he has in charisma he lacks in organization skill. She’s always got her hands full but manages to have time and a smile for anyone. Her faith is rock solid, because she’s seen God bring people through hard times again and again, and she’s put all of her trust in His plans.

Lance: grew up in church. His entire extended family has always gone, though of course there are varying levels of actual commitment to Christ among different relatives. He believes all the ‘basics,’ but Lance is not satisfied with just ‘being saved,’ deep down he’s searching for a personal connection with God that feels genuine, more than just knowing the ‘right answers.’ Lance watches his mom set aside quiet time to study and pray every day, and sees how much she truly loves the Lord, and he really admires that, but wonders if he will ever be like her. At youth group, he’s the one won’t stop cracking jokes, but occasionally he asks a really serious and deep question that makes everyone stop and think.

Hunk: Enthusiastic about Jesus. Everything comes back to Jesus when you talk to Hunk. Homework? Jesus. Movies? Jesus. Garage sale? Jesus. It doesn’t get old, it’s actually very insightful. Hunk found faith just a few years ago during a rough spot of loneliness in school, when Lance befriended him and invited him to church. He’s been hungry for more ever since. Hunk is the first one to get excited about the weird youth group games and he’s the reason everyone else decides to give them a try. Favorite youth event of the year is Pie Night, of course.

Keith: When he dropped out of school last year, he also stopped going to church. He’d come on and off before because it was comforting and he was trying to live a ‘good life,’ but when it all fell apart he withdrew. Yet during the year he was gone, he just kept feeling like something, no, Someone, was calling him back. He’s spending a lot of time speaking with leaders and elders at the church about the really deep stuff of faith, led by the call on his heart. At first he was pretty distant at youth group, but he’s starting to really grow attached to his friends there. He’s really close to committing to Jesus, but he’s also afraid, because he knows this is not a decision he wants to take lightly.

Pidge: the quiet, introverted one at youth group, who barely talks and mostly eats cookies and watches people from the corner. Straight-up learning Greek so she can read the New Testament in its original language. (Hebrew is next, but it might be a while.) Almost never answers questions out loud, but when she does it’s insightful and detailed, leaving everyone in silence for a moment. Her belief in God and the Bible is deeply based in scientific study and historical confirmation, though when it comes to the relationship part, she knows she has a lot of growing to do. Her heart is pure and she really wants to seek God through learning about His Creation. H a t e s most youth group games.

Shiro: Doesn’t talk about his past much, but has an incredible, yet emotional testimony. Usually keeps it at “God really got me out of an impossible spot,” but occasionally lets a few more details slip when it seems helpful or relevant. Shiro’s a trusted adult in the church, though he holds no official leadership position. Has been brought in several times as a guest teacher for the youth group, and is a go-to chaperone for events. Keith’s assigned mentor, and good friend. They meet for coffee once a week and talk about life and faith. Shiro struggles with fear and doubts, but He’s seen God work miracles in the darkest situations, so no matter what he feels in the moment, he clings to the promises of Jesus until he can see the light of day again.

You were about to leave Elizabeth’s room to go out and take yourself shopping. As you opened the door to leave, Elizabeth stops you to hand you her credit card. “Go buy yourself something nice, love.” She gives you a kiss on the forehead and you make your way to the elevator.

James being the ghost that he is, he suddenly appears next to Elizabeth as they both watch you walk away. “I am not aware if she has informed you, but I am having her for dinner. She will choose me, Elizabeth.”

“Oh please, James. I can give her eternal life. I can take her anywhere she wants. Tell me, what do you offer?” Elizabeth says as she’s lighting a cigarette.

“This hotel can be hers. I have people that will cater to her every need. I must have her! If you do not let me have her, see to it that I will have you killed.” James gives Elizabeth an evil grin.

Elizabeth was definitely annoyed about James threatening to kill her if she doesn’t let him have you, looking at him in disgust.

Instead of responding back to his remark, she blows the cigarette smoke in James’ face and walks away.

You felt so special having a beautiful woman like The Countess and a handsome man like James fight over your love. They’re both powerful and strong willed people, which is a quality you look for in a lover. They can give you whatever you want in their own way and you can see that they both care for you deeply. They’re both willing to give you the world. No matter who you choose, you have the choice to be with that person forever. Making a decision will not be an easy one to make.


Alright hands up who gave Judy the internet??? Honestly guys you should know better

(based on

[This was gonna be whole thing where Bogo catches her and yells etc and she’s like “don’t tell Nick” but i can’t draw today so this is ALL YOU GET HAHAHHAH TWO DISJOINTED WEIRD IMAGES DETAILING HER GROWING OBSESSION wITH YOU KNOW WHAT]

also hope u liek me zoogle (has any1 done this yet?)

Thank you for your request! Female pronouns have been used because that is what you used in your request.


  • would confess to his crush after school in an empty classroom
  • he is actually super nervous and when he looks at her he sees her face go from elated to conflicted
  • “I-um-uh, aren’t you dating Oikawa?”
  • Iwaizumi is taken aback but his crush doesn’t notice
  • she starts to tell him that she really is flattered and she wishes that they could have been a couple
  • “But I’m not dating Oikawa!!”
  • “Don’t make excuses!! You’re a great guy but don’t cheat on your boyfriend!”
  • she starts to walk away but Iwaizumi grabs her hand to stop her
  • “What can I do to convince you that I’m not dating that idiot Oikawa?”
  • “Break up with him honestly then we can date.”
  • so Iwaizumi has to embarrass himself by publicly declaring that he and Oikawa are through
  • his crush nods approvingly and she and Iwaizumi start dating


  • he would ask to meet her after they were both done with their club activities and confess sincerely
  • his crush would tear up a little because of how beautiful the confession was but would be sad knowing that it could never work out
  • “Daichi that was so lovely but what about Sugawara?”
  • “What about him??”
  • Daichi would be so confused because since what did Suga have to do with this and now his crush was sniffling sadly
  • he would try to come closer to comfort her but she wouldn’t allow, creating more distance between them then Sugawara walks in accidentally
  • Sugawara looks surprised to see them, which she mistakes as anger
  • “I’m sorry, Daichi! I can’t be the reason you cheat on your boyfriend”
  • she runs out, Daichi is even more confused, Suga is trying to get the heck out of there
  • “Oh no you don’t Sugawara, you are going to help me fix this.”


  • Kuroo would tell his crush to meet him after school, very confident that his confession will have good results
  • when they do meet, his crush would look nervous but Kuroo would confess anyways
  • “I like you too but let’s not date. You already have Kenma.”
  • “What? I can have a friend and a girlfriend at the same time ya know”
  • she would be suspicious bc she is pretty sure Kenma isn’t just a ‘friend’
  • “But wouldn’t you be cheating on Kenma if we dated?”
  • now Kuroo is confused but his crush is walking away telling him to be honest with Kenma and his feelings
  • Kenma pops up beside Kuroo and says he is an idiot
  • “She thought we were dating so you better clear things up.”
  • “girls are so confusing…” Kuroo murmurs as he goes to find his crush, bringing Kenma with him so they can explain things properly

-Admin Grene

Snow Angels

Pairing: Scott Lang x reader

Summary: This is part of mine and @buckyywiththegoodhair‘s Christmas Drabble Party. Request: Scott Lang + Snow Angels. Thank you for being such a sweetheart @themcuhasruinedme. I hope you enjoy the drabble! 

Words: 750ish

Warnings: F L U F F

Originally posted by paulruddaily

“Scott, we can’t! It’s freezing outside!“ 

”[Y/N], come on! We’ll bundle up. It’s the first night it’s snowed this holiday season and Cassie has been dying to make snow angels.“ He nudges Cassie, whose attention is on her tablet and whatever game’s her current obsession.

She looks up at him questioningly. "What?" 

“Tell [Y/N] how badly you’ve been wanting to make snow angels!”

She stares at her father for a beat and tilts her head a little. “Dad. I’m a big girl. I don’t make snow angels anymore.”

Scott exaggeratedly brings a hand to his heart and gasps. “I was counting on you, Cas. You were my final hope.“

You roll your eyes at his theatrics. "Fine!  We’ll go make snow angels, but only if Cas agrees." 

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Fraywood things :

Clary : i know we don’t always see eye to eye on things-
Alec : that’s because you’re too short

Jace : well you can’t always be so negative about things; when life gives you lemons-

Alec : You throw them at Clary 

Alec : *resting his hand over Clary’s head, making her an armrest*

Alec : On Wednesdays we wear black

Alec : And Thursdays

Alec : ….

Alec : And every other day

Alec : You can’t sit with us Clary

Everytime someone insulted Alec, Clary would storm forward to attack that person with all she has. Alec would hold her back, telling it’s okay. If the same person ever did the same to Izzy or Jace, he would slowly let her go while whispering, “MAKE IT HURT!”

Jace : whats wrong br0?

Alec : I’m having a serious headache and stomach upset that comes and goes

Clary : *enters*

Izzy : *enters* I made dinner today

Alec : oh look, both of them are back

When Alec and Clary slay demons together, both of them initiate high 5, but for the person Alec is, raises his hand at a height that is almost impossible to reach, but since Clary never gives up, she keeps jumping, something she holds Alec’s hand using it as a lever. Sometimes she also brings a chair so that she could climb up, sometimes jace lifts her by the waist, simon rambles his nerdy jokes, magnus distracts him and izzy tickles him, finally when Alec’s hand gets tired he lowers it and Clary finally is able to do the high 5 and then she jumps in triumph.

Whenever there is a movie night at the Institute or Simon’s concert, clary always climbs and sits on Alec’s shoulders whether he likes it or not because she can’t see it from the back and he is the tallest.

Clary : *takes a picture with alec and prepares to upload it on instagram with the tag* #hangingoutwithcoolpeople #demonhuntingsquad #bestfriendsforever

Alec : *rolling eyes* Jace, what is this red thing still doing here???

Alec : I’m starving, i’m off to Subway, you guys want anything?

Izzy, Jace, Simon, Magnus, Luke : Uh yeah actually, i would like-

Clary : *who was until before busy with her drawing* a smoothie, some cheese sandwiches, some french fries, garlic bread sticks, a chicken patty and coke, yeah that’s all.

Alec : Yeah, i got like eleven bucks?!?!

While Clary is sketching, Alec always finds a way to annoy her and his very famous tactic is snatching away her sketchbook usually when she is engrossed with her drawing. He raises her sketchbook thinking she can’t reach, but Clary works her way by hitting him in the stomach. Due to this, he curls down, holding his stomach and in the mean time Clary snatches her sketchbook, snaps her fingers and walks away.

Clary and Alec watching sports tournaments together and scowling at their favorite team players like they’re gonna actually hear them from the other side of the screen, the one whose favorite team wins, has to make the other watch their fav movie together even if they don’t like it. There is popcorn and soft drinks and moral support to each other when their favorite character dies or there is a sad ending.

Voyager Moments

“Draw her for me,” he whispered, head bent as he gently traced the shapes of my fingers, long and ghostly beneath the darkness of his own touch.

“What has she of you, of me? Can ye tell me? Are her hands like yours, Claire, or mine? Draw her for me, let me see her.”  He laid his own hand down beside my own. It was his good hand, the fingers straight and flat-jointed, the nails clipped short, square and clean.

“Like mine,” I said.  My voice was low and hoarse with waking, barely loud enough to register above the drumming of the rain outside.  The house beneath was silent. I raised the fingers of my immobile hand an inch in illustration.

“She has long, slim hands like mine - but bigger than mine, broad across the backs, and a deep curve at the outside, near the wrist - like that.  Like yours; she has a pulse just there, where you do.” I touched the spot where a vein crossed the curve of his radius, just where the wrist joins the hand. He was so still I could feel his heartbeat under my fingertip.

“Her nails are like yours; square, not oval like mine. But she has the crooked little finger on her right hand that I have,” I said, lifting it.  “My mother had it, too; Uncle Lambert told me.” My own mother had died when I was five. I had no clear memory of her, but thought of her whenever I saw my own hand unexpectedly, caught in a moment of grace like this one. I laid the hand with the crooked finger on his, then lifted it to his face.

“She has this line,” I said softly, tracing the bold sweep from temple to cheek, “Your eyes, exactly, and those lashes and brows. A Fraser nose. Her mouth is more like mine, with a full bottom lip, but it’s wide, like yours. A pointed chin, like mine, but stronger.  She’s a big girl - nearly six feet tall.” I felt his start of astonishment, and nudged him gently, knee to knee. “She has long legs, like yours, but very feminine -”

“And has she that small blue vein just there?” His hand touched my own face, thumb tender in the hollow of my temple. “And ears like tiny wings, Sassenach?”

“She always complained about her ears - said they stuck out,” I said, feeling the tears sting my eyes as Brianna came suddenly to life between us.

“They’re pierced. You don’t mind, do you?” I said, talking fast to keep the tears at bay. “Frank did; he said it looked cheap, and she shouldn’t, but she wanted to do it, and I let her, when she was sixteen. Mine were; it didn’t seem right to say she couldn’t when I did, and her friends all did, and I didn’t - didn’t want -”

“Ye were right,” he said, interrupting the flow of half-hysterical words. “Ye did fine,” he repeated, softly but firmly, holding me close. “Ye were a wonderful mother, I know it.”

I was crying again, quite soundlessly, shaking against him. He held me gently, stroking my back and murmuring. “Ye did well,” he kept saying. “Ye did right.” And after a little while, I stopped crying.

“Ye gave me a child, mo nighean donn,” he said softly, into the cloud of my hair. “We were together for always. She is safe; and we will live forever now, you and I.” He kissed me, very lightly, and laid his head upon the pillow next to me. “Brianna,” he whispered, in that odd Highland way that made her name his own. He sighed deeply, and in an instant, was asleep. In another, I fell asleep myself, my last sight his wide, sweet mouth, relaxed in sleep, half-smiling.


Naomi leads him out onto the balcony. The air gnaws at them with icy sharp teeth. The city twinkles and glitters 21 storeys below. She drops his hand and desolation once more grips his insides. She walks over to the short concrete wall separating them from the edge and places her hands on top of it, rocking on her heels. He stands there shivering, heartsick.  
Naomi: Come here, Roy. The view is amazing.
Roy: No, thanks. I’m fine where I am.
Naomi: But I want to tell you something.
Roy: No. I’m staying here.
Naomi: What a pity. Have it your way, then.
He blinks. In one smooth, feline movement she has climbed on top of the wall. He can taste fear and disbelief and vomit.
Roy: NAOMI. Jesus fucking Christ. What the hell-


What we can get from this clip:

- Jensen Ackles has beautiful hands but we already knew that

- the people who make this show are nerds but we also knew that

- “67 Impala 327” Dean is also a big nerd and we also knew that

- “Mother Mary 1983” appears kinda sad but you can’t tell me that ‘mother Mary’ isn’t a Beatles reference she picked as a joke, which also makes her a big nerd

- Master, known, strewn, nave, twerking, squelch (+Lucifer) - can we get a pattern or something out of these words? ‘Master’ makes me think of Lucifer and ‘known’ makes me think of how that promo paralleled ‘the devil you know’ with the ones ‘you don’t know’ aka the BMoL. ‘Strewn’ means ‘scattered’ which for some reason is making me think of ashes. ‘Nave’ is the central aisle of a church which makes me think of a wedding. ‘Squelch’ afaik means ‘suppress/stifle’ but I don’t know if it refers just to things like a cough or a laugh, or to more abstract stuff like repressing emotions or feelings…?

- “Mega word” makes me think of Mega Coven

- Mary is learning the ways of 2016 (or whatever year it is in the spn universe) very fast, which makes me think that she’s very alike Dean when it comes to technology because Dean too has often learnt computer-related things very fast, like hacking back in season 7, despite his ‘what’s an internet’ attitude

- Dean and Mary are bonding like the cute lil nerds they are, while Sam has a more ‘serious’ approach to Mary. So far Dean and Mary, despite everything, have had a lot of moments together, all playful and cute - the car, the snacks, the bacon, Dean making jokes, now actually playing together. On the other hand, Sam’s moments with Mary have been serious and emotional. So far, Mary seems to feel more comfortable around Dean’s attitude, although she appreciates Sam’s efforts to emotionally connect.

Healing Broken Hearts (Young!Remus x Reader) - Part 2

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

Request: “Can you do a young Remus x reader where she discovers that she has healing powers? Like with her hands or idk. And during Christmas time, everyone is going home but the reader and the Marauders stayed for Sirius, she tells them that she found out about her powers and heals Remus’ wounds and scars after the full moon? Thank you I hope you’ll get inspiration with this <3″

A/N: Part 2 is here! Please let me know what you all think! I would love to hear about how I can improve, and please send in your requests for what you would like to see me write. I have two more requests to finish up, but I would be so happy to add some more ideas to my list!

Part 1 (x)

Warnings: Mentions of injury, some mention of blood, but also FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF

You and Lily awoke with a start when the Fat Lady painting swung open, knocking hard against the wall. Your eyes widened upon seeing your four boys throw themselves through the opening, James and Sirius each on one side of Remus, holding him up by his arms. Peter was trailing right behind. 

Lily threw the blankets off of herself and rushed to the foursome, and you quickly did the same. You both took over for the two supports, and James and Sirius gratefully let you. You knew they must have been feeling poorly since they just allowed you and Lily to take Remus without a fight. You gently guided Remus to the couch you had just vacated, laying him down. He groaned quietly and didn’t seem entirely lucid, as if he was at the in-between step of sleep and wake. James and Sirius sat down in nearby chairs, and Peter sat on the floor before the fireplace.

Once everyone was settled, you allowed yourself the time to really look at everyone, starting with the boy you wouldn’t allow yourself to yet say you loved. His eyes were closed, but they were squeezed tightly, visibly showing his pain. You began to understand why as you took in the various cuts across his face, arms, and legs, but you gasped once you noticed a large bleeding gash across his chest that was still oozing blood. You looked towards Sirius. His face was also decorated with some small cuts, his hair completely disheveled and looking more like James’ (which was unusual considering Sirius always took such great pride in his hair), his clothing covered in dirt, and his arms and legs showing scrapes and bruises. James was in a similar state, though he was holding his right arm closer to his body that usual. He was being brave and putting on a show, probably to impress Lily, but you could tell that he was in pain and exhausted. Finally your eyes fell on Peter. He seemed to be the least askew, a few cuts on his hands and feet, but not any other injuries that you could tell. He was looking down at his lap, and the look on his face almost conveyed to you a sense of shame. You briefly wondered why before you were pulled from these thoughts by Lily’s voice.

“What on earth happened to you lot?”

Sirius and James looked at each other briefly, smirking, before James answered, “Seems the change was a bit rougher than usual, eh?”

“Moony really gave us a run for our money, but he should know better than to challenge us,” chimed in Sirius.

“This is not the time for jokes, boys. You could have died! All of you! Don’t you get that?!” Lily shouted.

Sirius shouted back, “Of course we do, Evans! But we’re not going to leave our friend alone out there. Now, Moony needs help. And if you’re not going to stop lecturing us and help him, I’ll do it myself!”

“I can do it,” you whispered quietly, returning your eyes to Lupin and gently stroking his hair back.

“No offense, love, but you’re not the best with injuries unless you count getting yourself injured,” James stated matter-of-factly.

“We’re going to need powerful healing spells, Y/N,” said Lily.

“No, we don’t. Trust me,” you replied. James, Sirius, Lily, and Peter looked at each other questioningly. Lily was about to speak again when you held your hand up, and your request to stay silent was respected. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Then you began. You gently moved you hands to his chest, wanting to start with the most serious wound first. You focused, trying to push all of your available energy into healing the man in front of you. Nothing happened. You huffed, took another deep breath, and tried again. You ran your hands back and forth over the wound, concentrating on feeling the warmth emanating from them, and you smiled when you began to see the wound closing up, the skin beginning to mend itself back together. Within a few minutes, there was no evidence of any injury whatsoever. 

You let out a deep breath you hadn’t known you were holding and turned back to face your friends. They all stared at you, dumbfounded.

“I guess I should explain,” you said.

“How did-” stammered James.

“What just-” shouted Sirius.

“When did you-” questioned Lily, while Peter looked at you, mouth open, unable to speak.

“Apparently I’m a natural healer,” you stated with a slight chuckle. “Good thing, huh? Especially with how much I get hurt. And with knowing you lot of idiots who might just get yourselves killed. Anyway, I don’t know how. I wasn’t told anyone in my family could do this. And I found out yesterday. I hurt my wrist yesterday, but it was fine once I held it. So I tested my theory, and it worked when I hurt my toe too. I haven’t gotten a chance to really use it yet, so I am not quite sure how it works or how well it works, but-”

“That’s bloody brilliant!” shouted Lily with a smile.

“So does that mean you can heal any injury?” asked James.

“I think so.”

“Then maybe you can-” he questioned, holding his arm out to you. You were shocked to see his wrist sticking out at an odd angle. You scolded him for not telling anyone sooner before you took a breath and got to work. You then finished healing Sirius and Peter. Each boy gave you a hug in thanks, and you and Lily shooed them away to get some rest. They protested a bit, but relented when they realized that they had no chance against the two stubborn girls in front of them. They padded up the stairs to their room, Lily following to make sure they actually got into their beds and weren’t going to try any funny tricks.

That left you alone with watching over Remus. You gently placed your hand on his cheek, healing the last few cuts that were there.

“Your hands are quite warm,” he whispered quietly, and you jumped back, blushing hard. Remus softly opened his eyes to look at you, a small smile on his face. Then he began to bush and admitted, “I liked it.”

You stepped towards him again, and he lifted his head, allowing you a spot on the couch. You sat down gingerly, and he lightly placed his head on your lap. Neither of your blushes had yet disappeared as you began stroking his hair, and he sighed into your touch. He looked down to his chest before looking back up at your face, a puzzled look on his face.

Before he could open his mouth to ask, you answered his question, “I discovered something yesterday: I can heal people with my hands. Surprise!”

Remus smiled at you sweetly, “I always knew you were special, love.”

A bright red blush returned to your cheeks, “You’ve always been the special one, Remus.”

“Being a monster doesn’t make me special, Y/N.”

You felt a lump in your throat rise, “You are not a monster, Remus! You may be a werewolf, but you are in no way a monster. You are kind and brilliant and loyal and fun, and I am so honored to know you. I may be ordinary, but you are extraordinary, love.”

Tears began to prick at his eyes, “You are not ordinary. You’re incredible, and I love you.”

His words hung in the air for a moment. You were silent, wanting to remember every single part of this moment, from the way his hair felt beneath your fingers, to the warmth emanating from him into you, to the sparkle in his eyes and the sound of the crackling fire. Terrified you would ruin it or that he would take it back, you found yourself unable say anything.

Remus looked away and began trying to sit up, “Well, I believe it is time for me to go to bed. You’re a really wonderful friend, Y/N, and thank you for healing me. I will see you later and-”

You cut him off with a kiss. It was gentle at first, but soon both of your emotions from the last few hours came flooding in until he had to pull away breathless.

He winced, and you laid him back down on your lap.

“Sorry, love. I might just be a little sore still.”

You shushed him with another light peck, whispering, “In case you couldn’t tell, I love you too.” He smiled and slowly closed his eyes, and you kept stroking his hair until the two of you fell asleep.

Both of you woke up suddenly to a loud cough and looked into the faces of your four friends. The two of you blushed and tried to stammer out excuses before Lily stopped you.

“It’s about time the two of you got together.”

Sirius chimed in, “We were all taking bets to see how long it would take.”

James whooped and held his hand out, “And I won, so pay up everyone!”

Sirius, Peter, and even Lily grumbled, handing over James’ winnings. You and Remus looked at each other, smiling and kissed again, feeling happy in love and lucky in friendship. 

thorne would always be telling cinders kids crazy made up stories about stuff he did because he wants to be the cool uncle and cinders kids run in like

“Is it true that Uncle Thorne fought off ten guys with guns alone while blind and with just his hands?”

and at first cinders like what is happening and she’s about to shut down thornes crazy stories because she thinks he’s just trying to make himself seem cool for some dumb thorne reasons but then thorne comes in and and she can tell he doesn’t want to seem cool because he’s cocky he just loves cinders kids and loves cinder and he just wants cinders kids to like him

so cinder just plays along like “abSOLUTELY! and you know what else he did?”

(the only condition is thorne has to lie for her to his kids but he can’t imagine any lie being cooler than the stuff she’s actually done)

thanks for the prompt, @edierone!

She wakes up when a small hand nudges her cheek. “Mommy?”

“William, what time is it?” she mutters into the pillows. 

“One-oh-six.” The bed shifts as William climbs on top. “Can I sleep with you and Daddy tonight? I had a nightmare.”

Scully opens an eye to stare at her son. He has a hold of Mulder’s old doll in one hand and a fistful of the blanket in the other, letting the cold air in, and an impressive cowlick in his dark hair. “Did it have anything to do with the stories Daddy was telling you today?”

William shrugs. “Maybe. But not all of them, just the one about the ghosts, cause you can’t see them.”

“Hmm.” Although she knows good and well that sleep tonight is going to be a foreign concept, she pulls William under the covers. “Why just the ghosts?”

“Cause you can see other monsters, Mommy. And you and Daddy would shoot them. But you can’t shoot ghosts cause they’re already dead.” 

William’s freezing toes scrape against her feet and she shudders. “What has your father been telling you?” she mutters, reaching down and grabbing his feet in an attempt to warm them up.

William giggles, wriggling. “Nothing too weird. He says you’re good at protecting people from visible empathies.”

“You mean entities?”

“Uh-huh. And I want to sleep with you because you’ll protect me cause you’re good at it. Even from invisible empathies.” 

Smiling, Scully draws her son into a hug. “That’s a good idea,” she says. “Although you know you can’t keep doing this. You’re almost in kindergarten, and you’ve got to be a big boy and sleep in your bed all night.” 

William pouts a little. She kisses his head, and says, “You can stay in here just for tonight, though. If Daddy says it’s okay.”

He grins, and his toes press against her hand as he rolls over and crawls towards Mulder. Scully smiles at Mulder’s startled yip, followed by, “Scully, clearly we need to stock up on socks. This kid’s toes are freezing.”

Vicbourne 1x03/1x05

I’d just like to point this out.

In 1x03, Brocket Hall, Victoria tells Melbourne he’s the only companion she could ever desire. He has to refuse her because he knows that they aren’t in a position to marry, though they are in love with each other. So he tells her that she must keep her heart intact for someone else and that he mates for life and everything.


You can just see how much he is suffering because of what he has to say and of course he knows that Victoria will suffer too.

So he takes her hands between his and tries not to hurt her with his words because he knows how fragile she is with her feelings. He tries to protect her once again.

Just in case this wasn’t heartbreaking enough, we have 1x05, An Ordinary Woman.

Victoria’s just married Albert and she is happy now, but she can’t completely forget her Lord M, so she calls him. And he is in so much pain I can’t even describe.

Do you see? Do you see his eyes staring into nothingness? He’s trying not to think about what he’s losing and to be happy for her

She tells him:


SHE TAKES HIS HANDS and now the situation is the opposite than in 1x03: it is Victoria who knows that he will suffer because of her and she is trying not to hurt him because she now knows how fragile HE is. 

He may seem strong and self-confident, but deep down he is actually much more fragile than she is.

And she is trying to protect him this time as he has always done for her.