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Do you have prompts for platonic friends discovering they have feeling for each other (friendship turning into love)?

1. “How long have you felt this way?”

2. “Do you remember when we were kids, and we kissed just to see what it was like?”

3. “I’m sorry. I never expected this.”

4. “Did you know that everyone thinks we’re dating?”

5. “I love you. I know we say that all the time, but… You know it’s different this time, right?” 

6. “Can I tell you something? Last night, when we were watching that movie, and you fell asleep on my shoulder… I realized something.”

7. “This was never part of my plan. You were just supposed to be a friend.”

What is it about this trope that’s so very enjoyable? :D

Thanks for the request!

All my Victuuri wedding headcanons

Because season 2 is gonna come out and ruin this anyway:

-They get married in Hasetsu the spring after Victor retires, it’s a pretty small, friends and family type event

-Phichit officiates/is Yuuri’s best man/acts as unofficial wedding photographer (”Yuuri, I switched to the 7s because it has the best camera and I have 32 gigs of space I am PREPARED”)

-The fic “One night to blow” is literally how the night before the wedding goes and you straight up can’t tell me differently.

-Everyone coming from out of town stays at Yu-topia

-They get married outside in the late morning as the cherry blossoms are falling

-Phichit leads the parties out separately (with the help of the triplets via cellphone, walkie-talkie style) and has Victor turn away and covers Yuuri’s eyes while they’re approaching so the grooms can do First Looks

-They’re both stunned silent when they see each other and just stand there smiling for a long second, before Phichit pops up behind them as says “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the union of our two good friends, Yuuri and Victor. But first, the selfie that will break the internet!” *snaps a selfie with the grooms and the wedding party in the background.*

-Yurio tears up

-Yakov REALLY tears up (”Vitya, somehow that boy still wants to marry you and I’m just so happy”)

-Makkachin is the ring bearer

-First pair skate instead of first dance

-At the reception back at the inn, Yurio tells Mama Katsuki about his Grandpa’s Katsudon Piroshki. She asks for the recipe and later adds it to the inn’s menu, thinking it’s a wonderful symbolic meeting of Russian and Japanese cultures. It becomes a local favorite.

Hm… This is difficult for me to respond to. Cause I don’t want to offend anyone. (And also idk if you even ship KD or CS, or none of them at all?)

But I see a huge difference, since it is two completely different relationships. Yeol is a friend and bandmate to Soo, while Nini is smth a lot more. I don’t have any issues with CS, they’re friends. But you can tell that Soo acts in a different way with Nini, than he does with Yeol.

There’s been several occasions where some of them have teased Soo, and Nini doesn’t tease him the way the others do. He doesn’t go as far. And on the rare occasions that he does, he often doesn’t get any retaliation back from Soo. But if Yeol messes with Soo, you can almost always guarantee that Soo will get his revenge. But when it’s Nini, he will just throw him a glance or even laugh and smile.

Soo dotes on a lot of them, and idk if it’s cause i’m obviously biased af, but I find that he takes care of Nini a lot more?? He looks out for him a lot more. Like he wants to protect him, be there for him. I’ve talked about this many times, but KD always has each other’s backs. They’re always there to assist the other in time of need. Their bond is very special and deep. Chemistry wise it’s also different, I never sense a romantic vibe from CS, since they’re friends so *shrugs* idk anon..

Like idk what to tell you…… Again, I don’t want to offend anyone. And I don’t like comparing his relationship with Nini to his relationship with Yeol, cause it’s two ENTIRELY different things??? So idk what to tell ya bruh.. sorry :/

i knew there was something else about Maggie telling Alex how she came out to her family. it was too vague. 

Maggie: Well everyone’s experience is different. I can only tell you what I did.

Alex: Which is what? 

Maggie: I came out to my family. 

Alex: How did they take it? 

Maggie: Well, uh, my dad isn’t exactly known for his open-mindedness but he was pretty good. And so was my mom. 

Alex: Maybe it’s just a phase, you know, maybe it isn’t real. 

Maggie: It’s real. You’re real. And you deserve to have a real, full, happy life. Ok? Tell your family. This is the biggest thing that has ever happened to you, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. 

Alex: I have you. 

Maggie: Yeah, you do. And I’m good for a drink when you come out. 

Alex: You promise? 

Maggie: Cross my heart. 

and now that we know that she was outed. yes, she lied about how her parents found out. but she did that for Alex’s sake. 

gosh, that scene where Maggie finally tells Alex the truth.. makes you think that even before they were together.. even before she was certain that Alex likes her.. she was protecting her and taking care of her. and i’m just really emotional about that.

We Bet You Can't Tell Which of These Is Real Meat

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I thought I was smart when I was 16, but I don’t know shit compared to the 16-year-old girls that I see coming to my concerts. They talk to me about issues of social justice, and they know about intersectional feminism, they can tell you the difference between someone who is non-binary and agender and genderfluid. I didn’t know any of that when I was 16.


okay so i was rewatching the kallura scene and i noticed the parallel between that scene to the klance bonding moment scene in s1, but the only difference with the two scenes is keith’s facial expression. just look.

^here’s keith looking at allura.

keith asked allura “are you okay”, but he didn’t say it with much passion, as opposed to when he asked lance those same three lines in s1. 

now when we look at him “cradling lance in his arms” his facial expression is completely different.

^here’s keith looking at lance !!

when he asked lance if he was okay, it was more heartfelt and very vast compared to when he asked allura.

you can’t tell me this doesn’t mean something when keith with lance vs keith with allura is immensely different. you can’t tell me he doesn’t look happier being in lance’s arms than allura’s. because man he does. i cannot think of a logical explanation except for the fact that keith loves lance.