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I think it was you who reblogged a post about gymnast!pynch and I was just wondering, do you have any headcanons on the topic?

omg yes, you’re talking about this post by @eclarliteacademy right? isn’t that such an incredible au idea? anyway i don’t want to come up with any headcanons for gymnast!adam because they’re pretty similar to my ballet!adam headcanons and i’m going to write a fic about him at some point (ahhhhhh), so here’s some gymnast!ronan headcanons instead (with bonus pynch at the end):

  • so ronan is always playing around at the barns, right? running through fields and messing with the cows and rolling down hills and jumping across ponds on slippery stepping stones
  • only he’s also a clumsy overexcited six-year-old who thinks he’s invincible, so he’s also always tripping over holes in the fields and falling off of the cows’ backs and sliding off the stepping stones and soaking both his expensive jeans and his favorite pair of sneakers
  • the final straw is when he falls off a tree at the barns and breaks his arm
  • his dad is like “maybe if you can keep your balance for more than five seconds at a time you’ll stop injuring yourself” and signs him up for gymnastics lessons as soon as his arm is healed
  • ronan is a little miffed at first because gymnastics is girly and takes time away from having fun at the barns and declan is going to make fun of him and why is his dad doing this??? it’s not fair
  • then ronan has his first lesson and loVES IT
    • there are so many things to DO, it’s almost as cool as the barns themselves
    • being on the pommel horse feels Dangerous and Exciting because one wrong move could send him crashing onto the mat
    • the instructor lets him dangle from the bars and it’s like hanging from a tree branch at the barns, only the instructor says that eventually ronan could learn how to do flips and tricks on the bars and they won’t accidentally break under his weight like tree branches can and how cool is that???
    • same goes for the rings, even though they wiggle in his hands and ronan can’t believe that flimsy plastic ribbons can support him, let alone grown gymnasts doing full-blown routines
    • also there’s this huge pit full of giant foam cubes in one corner of the studio (trust me on this there was a pit like this at the gymnastics place i used to take lessons at when i was tiny and smol) and ronan gets to bounce on this huge trampoline until he’s basically flying and then canonball into the pit and it’s basically??? the coolest thing ever???
    • then ronan sees all these amazing older boys doing gymnastics routines that he’s pretty sure involve actual magic because how else could they do backflips so high in the air and still land on their feet??? how could they look so graceful on a bar ten feet off the ground with their legs sticking straight in the air??? it has to be Magic
    • and that’s it, ronan is sold, he Wants That

(brace yourself for angst under the cut)

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