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Miss Me- One Shot

I was talking with @tides-miraculous who, while we were talking about criminal lack of Nino (and Adrien’s interaction with Nino), mentioned jokingly that Nino could straight up move to Morocco and no one would notice. And then I proceeded to send to a 4k word one shot about exactly that. So keep in mind this was all in a text long so it isnt fantastic and the grammar isn’t wonderful lol, but I wanted to post it anyways. (Tide’s commentary has been kept lol) ((also i know phones dont work on planes just let me have this))

Angsty Nino one shot below the cut

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OKAY, CASEY! Gimme the good Sero angst! Gimme Sero having his crush die in his arms during a villain fight before he ever had the chance to confess his feelings for them!! Bonus points if they also fought over something stupid before the villain fight!

My heart. My best boy. I love him so much. He deserves love and happiness.

“Y/N, your being stupid.”
“You know how much I take comments like that seriously, Hanta!”
“You know he doesn’t mean it.”

For the third time that day, Y/N and Sero were fighting again. With Bakugou being the main cause of their problems.

“You always defend him, why can’t you defend me once in a while?”
“Because there’s nothing to defend you for! You’re acting like a child over nothing.”

Y/N turned on her heels and left his room, slamming the door behind them.

Sero leaned against his wall, slowly sliding down and landing on the floor covering his face with his hands.

Some of the students on the class 1-A dorm decided to go out for the day. Bakugou was originally going to go alone, but Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, Ashido and Jirou all decided to tag along. With Ashido and Jirou forcing Y/N to join them.

“Y/N, are you still mad?” Sero asked, walking along the pavement next to Y/N. “Go away.”

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Obviously I’m still upset. I thought we’re supposed to be friends and yet every time you stick up for Bakugou?” Sero wasn’t in the mood to argue with her right now. He just wanted a day where no one would argue over stupid reasons.

“Y/N, listen, you aren’t just a friend to me, you know you mean a lot.”

“Oh yeah? When are you going to prove it once in a while?”

“LOOK, y/n, I do lo-”

Sero was cut off when the side of the shop wall was blown open, sending the group of 1-A kids to the ground. Sero threw himself on top of Y/N, covering her from the debris.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Sero asked, checking to see if her head was bleeding.

“N-no, I just feel really dizzy.” Sero looked behind, at least eight villains were running around, causing havoc.

“Come on, Y/N. We’re got to get you out of here.” Sero picked her arm up, putting it around his shoulders. But just as Sero had managed to lift her up, he was kicked in the back, sending him forward and landing on top of Y/N.

Y/N let out a scream of pain, tears running down her cheeks.

“H-hanta, it hurts.” Y/N whimpers. Sero glanced behind him. Just as the villain was about to stab Sero with the knife he had, he was blown off to the side by Bakugou.

“Get the fuck outta here.” Bakugou hissed, not looking at Sero or Y/N. Sero tried to pick up Y/N but stopped when she let out an ear piercing scream.

“It hurts! It hurts!” Sero looked down, his eyes widening at what he was seeing. Y/N had landed onto a piece of bar, lodged through her stomach.

“Y-y/n,” Sero whispered, “I can still pull you out!”

“P-please just go!” Y/N let out another cry. Nothing was working. The blood she was losing was too much.

“I can’t leave you Y/N!” Sero cried out, placing his forehead against hers, tears running down his cheek.

“I’m sorry…” Y/N whispered, “I shouldn’t have gotten mad at you.”

“Shut up, Y/N! You’re gonna make it worse!”

“Hanta…am I going to die?“ Sero wasn’t even sure himself. Y/N couldn’t die. She couldn’t yet. He still had so many things he wanted to do with her. Tell her. “No…of course not. I can just call for Jirou o-or Kirishima to help! You’re going to be okay!” Y/N stopped his suddenly, placing her hand to his cheek.

“You know I hate you, right?” She asked, smiling slightly, trying to smile through all the pain.

“Of course.” 

“And I also love you too.” Sero couldn’t even process what you had said. It was a blur. With the screaming in the background, explosions going off because of Bakugou, it was chaos. But now all he could hear was a buzzing noise. Everything else didn’t matter anymore.

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying I love you, dumb ass.”

“But…why?” Tears were brimming his eyes. Why would she say such a thing at a time like this.

“Let’s stop playing around. We both know i’m not making it.”

“You will Y/N!” Sero held her close, crying into her hair and shaking his head. “You have to stay alive. Please. I have so much planned for us.”

“Like what…” Y/N asked, her breathing slowing down. She wouldn’t take her eyes off of Sero.

“I want to go see that new movie with you. The one you wouldn’t shut up about.” Y/N smiled, happy that he even remembered she’d been begging to see a movie for weeks.

“Spider-Man.” She said.

“Oh, right, yeah. It’s your favourite hero or something. So you have to get better.”

“You reminded me of Spider-Man, that’s why I wanted to be friends.”

“You should have said. I could have taken you around the city like Spider-Man.”

“I don’t think it’ll work out very well with you carrying me, Hanta.” Sero let out a shaky laugh, tightening his grip around Y/N. He noticed her breathing getting shallow, her eyes drooping.

“Y/N…you have to stay awake.” Sero whispered.

“Y/N?” Sero asked again.


“W-we could go on a date to see the movie, Y/N.”

“But…you don’t like…me like that, Hanta.”

Sero shook his head. “No! I do! I love you!” Sero looked down. Y/N’s tears dry on her face, her eyes closed. Looking almost peaceful.

“Y/N? Wake up now. You’re suppose to say it back.” Sero placed his forehead against Y/N’s, sobbing, the sound of an ambulance ringing in the background.


With One Push 9

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Language. Angst. Sibling taunting. Sick kids. Rotten Ex. Grieving. Arguing. Hot and Cold reactions.

   After too many blind dates that were so bad, you felt sanitary showers were needed after, you’d given up on dating.
Who had the time with a career as a doctor?
Till you have his daughter getting stitches on your table.
He’s gorgeous, and surely married? No ring? Gay? No not with the way his eyes are raking over you.
No, he couldn’t be interested in you, your luck was never that good.
Widowed, he thought the only love he’d have was for his daughter Mae.
But she wants a mom, needs a mom.
With the help of his adoptive brother and father, Peter strikes out into the dating world.
Bad date, after bad date, leaves him not holding out hope.
One fall and five stitches from the most attractive and sweet doctor?
His luck couldn’t be that good.
Could it?

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paypal/usd only

do NOT rush me! the amount of time i take on the commission depends on how complicated your character(s) are. you may ask for a view on the sketch if you’d like.

pay me beforehand. i’ve been scammed before and i’m not willing to risk that again.

you may NOT claim my art as your own. if given my permission, you may use my art wherever and however you wish, as long as proper credit is given, and my signature is visible and untouched.

i have EVERY right to turn down any commission. if your commission makes me uncomfortable, or i don’t believe i’ll be able to do it, i have every right to turn it down.

no more than 4 characters. please ! if theres more than 4 characters it would be too complicated and take way too long to do !


every extra character is double the price of the commission!

please include a full body, flat colored image of your character(s)! its easier to draw them and get the colors right like this.

please, if you have an idea, send me a pose reference of how you want your character(s) !

you must tell me what you want ! (ex, a full body, with shading/effects, etc)

i can calculate the price of your commission, unless you decide you wish to do it.



ship art (gay, poly, straight, etc)


fan ocs


nsfw, kink, and/or fetish art.

gore/hate or violence art

overly complicated characters


ships involving pedophilia, incestuous, and/or abusive relationships





+shading, 4$

+simple background, 5$












Governess AU part 8: Bring soon-to-be boyfriend to home dinner is not an easy task especially when he bring a prince with him and you family is freaking out. (But it’s not as bad as it sound.)

(Everyone can tell by now that I hate doing background lol)

as a dotae supremicist it sucks when you see people say that their relationship is cute but theyre only acknowledging the dotae fights and not the other really cute moments between them that dont involve their tom and jerry persona. its cute when they fight but they also have some really cute moments that involve them being really supportive of one another and them truly being there for each other and them literally needing each other. like doyoungs literally taeyongs biggest supporter and he helps him out so much. and then youve got taeyong praising doyoung and mentioning how important he is to nct. they have a lot of really cute moments that dont involve their little fighting and its sad that people dont acknowledge those also. and then its also annoying when you see people who think that dotae hate each other because of their fighting. like i dont get it. yeah they have their lil on screen fights but you can tell that theyre joking around and that they do it to kinda annoy each other, its never an actual serious fight… like whenever doyoung drags taeyong, taeyongs always dyin of laughter in the background… its not actually serious. so i just dont get some people. some are really missing out if they think dotaes relationship only revolves around fighting.

Deanna Knows How To Stick Up For Herself

Characters: Daddy!Dean x Mommy!Reader, Deanna, Justin (OMC), Justin‘s Mom

Word Count: 1,125

Warnings: Daddy!Dean feels, all the fluff, boy picking on Deanna, minor angst

Summary: Deanna knows how to defend herself but hates treating people how she doesn’t want to be treated but sometimes, you have to stick up for yourself.  

Author’s Note: Sorry for not having a requested fic out. I hope you like this series and if you want to see anything with Dean and Deanna, let me know!

Wanna be a Queen or a Dean Bean, all you have to do is ask! If you loved it, tell me why! If you hated it, tell me what I can do better!

Feedback the glue that holds my writing together

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There always comes a time when a parent has to see their child leave. Whether that be for school, graduation, their first apartment, but with Deanna, it was school time. When Deanna was living with you, you couldn’t afford to put her in a daycare or even in Kindergarten. It wasn’t like you didn’t have the money but with being a hunter, you didn’t want to take that chance.

So, you homeschooled her for the first year. You seemed to have been doing well because when you applied for her to go to first grade, she got in. You must have been doing something right because she was very smart for her age.

You and Dean both agreed to put her in school and lucky for you, there was an elementary school within walking distance of the Bunker. You were surprised at how many people didn’t know the Bunker was there.

There were so many shops and houses near it, but with the whole building behind underground, you guess it made sense for it to still be hidden. But, even though Deanna’s new school was within walking distance, Dean still wouldn’t let her walk.

He vowed to protect her the minute she came into his life and he would hold that promise until the day he died. You agreed with Dean, seeing how your daughter was 6 ½ by the time school started and you didn’t want her walking all by herself.

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Like a cross between Coraline and The Wizard of Oz. 

I’ve wanted to work on a piece like this for a while now, considering how much I enjoy Coraline, Fran Bow, American McGee’s Alice, and Little Nightmares. (Also Japanese horror RPGs, I have interesting tastes…) I spent a long time on this, especially the background… I hope I’m improving, I think I am? I hated painting the gate and tent tho! DX

I am working on a small amv project for it too but I still need some music. Can anyone tell me where I can download something that sounds like this minus the base? (Like a loop of those three repeating notes. I know I’ve heard those same notes in multiple themes and songs, but I can’t isolate it by myself…)

Do you think this would look cool as a point and click adventure like Fran Bow or an animated movie? *Sigh* maybe someday…

Anyway, I’ll probably post a lot of sketches and ideas that I have for it, but I’ll probably keep most of the story context and plot to myself for now.


- Things are more complicated out here, Marco. These are Flurbos. Do you understand what two humans could accomplish with 3000 of these? 
- Uh… what?
- An entire afternoon at Blips & Chitz! 

so anyway, here’s a messy Rick and Morty AU that literally no one asked for. based on THIS

23 May 2017

[Outside the Woolpack with Robert, Aaron, Victoria, and Rebecca]

ROBERT: You do remember your last party don’t you? Rebecca got invited for the Plot and we ended up with a life size Zayn cutout.

AARON: Yeah…right. I also punched you in the face. I’ll try not to do that this time around. That thirty seconds of counseling I had before our holiday really helped me out.

ROBERT: Well that’s reassuring.

AARON: Hey, Vic! We’re having a party at our house that’s totally finished even though we haven’t been here to work on it. It’s on a Thursday so there’s sure to be drama of some kind. What do you say?

VICTORIA: I say Adam’s probably going to be there so…

AARON: *well yeah he’s my best mate even if we haven’t had scenes together in ages face*

ROBERT: *Guilty ‘why do our stories have to mirror each other’s so much and you mentioning Adam makes me remember my own mistake as if I needed reminding’ Face*

VICTORIA: But that’s my problem, not yours, because even though we’re family we don’t talk about the things that really matter like the potential end of my marriage. So…yeah…of course I’ll come.

AARON: *Great glad that worked out face*

ROBERT: *Sorry Vic it’s not like I don’t care I’m just dealing with the potential end of my own marriage but I’m trying to look like nothing’s wrong face*

*Rebecca walks by*

VICTORIA: Plot! Plot! Plot! Hey, what are you doing on Thursday?

AARON: *Vic she doesn’t need to be in all of our scenes face*  #Relatable

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4/21/2018 Horoscope

Aries: You never got to say goodbye. You think that’s the worst part about it. That’s a lie, the worst part was how much you left unsaid, how much seemed ruined that you now can never fix. That’s the worst part. You only have the flowers left. Flowers and memories. (You’re not even sure if he read your last message, your explanation, before he-)

Gemini: You haven’t seen a ghost for a while. You’re not disappointed, you’re not. You keep telling yourself that. Kcirederf is worried.

Cancer: You avoid the cafe on days when Nim is working. You don’t drink the coffee much, it stopped being able to brace you so you stopped torturing yourself with it. You tend to get a soda and a bagel instead, a box of pastries for home on some days. You don’t bother asking for specific flavors. It all tastes like ash to you anyways.

Leo: You walk into the square to find Fira pale as a sheet, looking for all the world like she’s staring down a firing squad. V isn’t here yet. You quickly cross the square to get to her, ignoring the tourists for now. You get in front of her and call her name, but she doesn’t react at all, staring into the middle distance. You have to shake her shoulders to get her eyes to focus on your face, you ask what’s wrong, trying to swallow panic. You’ve never seen her like this. It takes a minute, a small eternity, for her to find the words. Her voice is flat as she tells you there are wings painted on her door and your blood runs cold.

Virgo: You try to ask the lights how much they remember, they flee from you.

Libra: By this point, you’ve lost nearly all of your non-magical business due to your involvement in the trial plea. You’ve also had multiple magicals come in crying, grasping at your hands to thank you. You’re not sure where this is headed. You’re hoping for the best, but you already know that isn’t going to happen. You’re out of your element, but you’re trying your best.

Scorpio: Hmmm…? Oh, you think he’s cute. You can’t lie to me, I can tell you do. No need to get so defensive, it’s positively adorable. 

Sagittarius: The news is playing in the background as you cook. Something about a crazy man and his lawyer trying to get a trial for a kelpie, claiming it’s not a beast. You aren’t actually paying attention to it, it’s just background noise for you. You’re slowly improving at cooking.

Capricorn: It, whatever it is, is still talking, talking in your head, in your voice, as your thoughts, like it should be, you hate it, it shouldn’t be. You start screaming, trying to drown it out, to make your voice heard over it’s influence. Nonsense, incomplete sentences, there’s no rhyme or reason to what you yell, you yell whatever you think because your thoughts are not safe in our head, they’re safer in the open air, you have to think out-loud to think at all. You finally screech that you didn’t agree to this! You didn’t make a contract, you made no agreement! And everything goes silent all at once. The strings suddenly slacken so much that you nearly fall to the ground, you’re left gasping for air with a bleeding neck. You’re not sure how you were screaming without air, you think a little hysterically into your newly silent mind.

Aquarius: You reach the end of the road. This is as far as you can go in the truck. You hop out and grab the backpacks from the truck bed. You’re walking from this point on. Hopefully, you know the way.

Pisces: The man flees with his tail between his legs and Pamina turns back to you. You don’t know how to respond. The mouse, no, the bear just defended the forest, the earth, nature. Something with power thrumming through every vein and leaf and root that could and always had defended itself, protected by something so fragile, so mortal. There’s a long moment, then you breathe out a near silent thanks; flowers that should have wilted blooming under tender care, a hawk scared away from a vole, a vine finally climbing to the top of the canopy and feeling sunlight on leaves, all heard behind the syllables. Your voice is small, but it shivers in the air. Pamina pauses for a hard second, then sniffs and says you’re welcome, asking if you’ll be over for dinner. You nod silently. You’ve never felt so vulnerable, like a lost child.