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when is an asian antiblack, and when is an asian not antiblack? bc i'm an asian that got called out by my internet friend (who is black) bc i basically replied "you can't racebend japanese characters" to this tweet with their fan art of japanese characters that were racebent to black characters and she said i was antiblack. (the 1st question is asked by my friend who doesn't have tumblr and is wondering what is considered antiblack in the asian community w/out the skin color aspect of it)

You’re not being anti-Black telling a Black person to not race bend a character from Japanese to Black. The point of race bending whether it’s Fandom or bigger media is to give representation not take it away. Your friend was wrong.

Now I think it gets dicier if they had race bent them to a Black Japanese characters. Followers any input on this situation?

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Why you should watch

1) The Title. Look at the title. The Devil Is A Part-Timer. The title is as weird as the actual show. 

2) The Plot: Satan gets kicked out of his realm by a human army lead by a half-human/half-angel Hero and lands in modern-day Tokyo with one of his top generals. To survive until they can get enough magic to go back home he has to work at MgRonald’s. The Hero follows them through the portal and ends up in essentially the same position.

4) As you can probably figure it is absurd and hilarious

3) The Beginning Looks Like THis:

While the rest of it looks like this:

4) You can’t tell that the Hero is a girl in the beginning because she wears actual armor

5) Lucifer- He is a teenager addicted to the internet and video games and is a bum. He is also separate person from Satan? 

6) Why do I even have to explain past this just go watch it now its on Netflix

Giveaway: Friendship with my bestie - Céline Hemmings

Hello lovelies!

*dramtaic voice* Today only, okay maybe also still tomorrow who know’s? I’m giving away on findteenpenpals only... a friendship with my Internet best friend and fan girl partner in crime: Céline Hemmings. Can you tell that we had too much sugar today, we are having a sleepover and we are now talking non sense, as if a friendship was something you could “giveaway” but hey: regardless it’s a fun intro isn’t it?

Céline is 17 and like me from Zurich, Switzerland. She is a full time fan girl for fandoms like: 5SOS, 1D, Troye Sivan, Twenty One Pilots and thanks to me she is getting back her Bieber Fever. And is willing to fly across Europe to meet YouTubers like Joe Sugg. She has a wide range of music she listens to and she will probably understand all your fan girl attacks… She also likes to read, go to the lake, spend time with friends and watch tv shows like: Modern Family, HIMYM, One Tree Hill.

Céline is the only person I want and do text daily. She is the first person I call when something is going on, and I assure you - you won’t regret talking to her. 

Céline introducing herself in her own words:

I’m a Starbucks lover who desirers to travel the world, go to concerts and wishes for free Starbucks all over the world. I’m someone who you can have the longest conversations and phone calls with, with Giulia I can never be on the phone under 2 hours.  

If you like texting back and forth and exchanging long emails and maybe if you want we could also exchange snail mail letters after emailing for a while. I’m looking for an online best friend, someone who I can even imagine meeting in real life. Someone who is open minded, between 15 to 19 and someone who also puts an effort into their emails? Please send me a personal request, not a copy paste one.

I’m looking forward hearing from you.


(for those who are confused, “me” Giulia the owner of findteenpenpals wrote the first part of the submission, because Céline is my bestie) (photo: Joe Sugg on the left, Céline Hemmings in the middle, Giulia on the right)

email: cece.bergmann @ gmail .com (without spaces)

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Can I ask all the mods a question? My therapist tells me that she's worried that my internet usage is becoming harmful to me , and that there's a difference between an outlet and surrounding myself with negativity? Does running this blog help y'all, and how do you keep it from becoming unhealthy?

I think running these blogs helps me a lot actually. Like my original fiction from 11 years ago had PoC protagonists and that was before I really got into fandom. Getting into fandom had a bad effect on me I was obsessing over white people and white ships and the fanfiction I wrote had no PoC protagonists. Doing this blog has helped me stop obsessing over white characters and I’m writing more characters of color again. The key is to know when to put tumblr away.  That’s why having co mods help me out is so great I’ve started working at a part time job and I don’t have to worry about the blog as much. 

Mods what do you think?

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Who said your best friend can’t be from the internet/online and half way across the world?

Silver and I met on twitter when she followed me and I decided to follow her back. 4 years later, after talking and being there for each other, we FINALLY meet.

THIS was worth the 4 year wait. THIS was worth flying thousands of miles to meet someone whom you hadn’t met before. THIS was worth telling my parents I had to meet you (who were initially concerned about you potentially being a 40 year old man :P haha!). THIS was worth the butterflies in my stomach on the flight to Singapore. THIS was worth the fever I had the night before.

Thank you for being such an amazing tour guide - for showing my family and I around your beautiful little tiny country! :’)

See you hopefully soon! It’s your turn to come to New Zealand :)

(I’m so awkward speaking in front of a camera, so I’m sorry if you are scarred by me :P) 

Your whole life, your parents tell you never to talk to people on the internet. You are taught that everyone online is dangerous, that everyone is a sixty year old man just looking for some kids to scout. False. Obviously there are some creeps and weirdos out there. But in reality, people online, people who are hundreds, even thousands of miles away from you, can be the best people that you have ever met.

Three thousand, five hundred and fifty four miles. That is how far away she is from me. We met online, we started off as strangers, just like any other couple. It started with an app, and I am thankful for that app, because if it wasn’t for that app I would not have had the chance to meet this perfectly imperfect human being. It started with a message. Just a simple one, nothing special about it. That one message turned into so much more than I had ever dreamed would happen. That one message, was the start of true happiness for me. That one message was the start of our very own love story.

June 17th, 2016. The day that wonderful human being became my girlfriend. I remember the day so clearly. I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the night. There was so much happiness, I was glad to be the one to put that beautiful smile on her face.

One month went by, then two, then four and eventually six. Packages were exchanged, the excitement of having something the other had actually held in their hand, it was magical. We had our fights, we had our stupid arguments, but our good days overweighted the bad days by a long shot.

Our Skype calls are what I always looked forward to every week, and will continue to do so until the day I don’t have to see her through a screen. But for now I am content. For now, I am perfectly okay with only being able to hear her voice through speakers or headphones, for now I am okay with only seeing her through a screen, not being able to touch her, kiss her or hug her. I’m okay with it because I know that soon I will be right beside her, holding her hand like I always promised I would be.

Loving someone from a distance, it’s hard. It’s difficult some days when all you want to do is have a hug but you can’t even do that. It’s difficult some days when the other person is upset and you can’t comfort them, you can only send words or voice notes in the sheer hope it’ll make them smile. It’s difficult when you see a couple in the hallways at school, or out on the street and wishing you could be with your partner doing the same. But loving someone from a distance, believe me, is so worth it.

You see, when you love someone, distance doesn’t matter, age doesn’t matter, gender identity does not matter. You find someone that you can give your heart to and fully trust that they will never break it, or ever even let it bend too much. I fell in love with our late night conversations about the most random things, I fell in love with the way she laughs, the way her smile forms, I fell in love with how her voice sounds when she talks to me. I fell in love with how wonderful she is, and how supportive she’s been since day one. I have found my soulmate, my best friend in this world. She’s everything to me and I would never give her up for anything, I will never let her go.

August 1st, 2017. The day I am finally, after over a year, going to have this incredibly special human in my arms. The day I get to see her amazing smile right in front of me. The day I get to look into her eyes, the eyes that are the most gorgeous shade of brown, the eyes that I can easily get lost in. The day I get to kiss her, hug her, be in her presence. The day that will be remembered as one of the best days of my life.

This human, this amazing human being, is one of the most kind hearted, wonderful people out there. She saved me, she has saved others, and she doesn’t see how amazing she truly is. I love her with everything I have, and I wish I could give her the world because she deserves it and so much more.

I’m in love with you, Marissa ❤️

(( @septicmisfit ))

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How would the RFA take care of a sick mc??

Luciel: He doesn’t know how to take care of a sick person. He researches everything he can to the point where he’s telling you eat raw garlic bc the internet said so.

Jumin: Calls a doctor. He’ll make sure you have the best care and if you’re really bad he’ll take off work to be the one to care for you. 

Zen: He’s been on his own so he knows some quick remedies for colds. He sings to you while you’re drowsy from the medication.

Yoosung: He has no idea. He makes you soup. Like a lot of soup. This is too much soup Yoosung.

Jaehee: Just like Zen, she’s used to caring for herself when she’s sick so she pulls out everything that she’s used in the past. Kinda tries to stay away from you while being close at the same time. She can’t afford to get sick okay.

Punch - Coliver (HTGAWM)

So tossmymagicgoldenhair, holyhairbrush, ccoliver, and I ended up discussing protective Connor (and protective Oliver) the other night and this happened. It was supposed to be a drabble. It ended up being 2,000 words. I KNOW I have other things to post and now that I have internet I will be. Promise. Nobody was forgotten. This just nipped at my ankles and demanded immediate attention. *shot*


“Connor. Are you even paying attention? We’re at work, remember? The case? How can you be so focused on your phone right now!?” Michaela looked like she was one push away from ripping all of her hair out. Or ripping all of their heads off. Connor really couldn’t tell which but he found it pretty amusing. Until Asher spoke up - the man had a serious knack for ruining everything.

“He’s probably texting his buttbuddy. Right? Man. Can’t he be without you for like. Five seconds? Is he that dependent on you and your dick?” Asher intended it to be funny in the way that came with high-fives (because Connor was getting laid frequently and the moron was captivated by that), and he was almost too eager to prove his support for Connor’s being gay.

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My dad cheated on my mom. A lot. He also emotionally abused her, me, and my siblings.
My mom is finally getting away from him, but he wants to charge her $50,000 and take the house for a divorce.
This Thursday (April 30), she will have to face him in court. She couldn’t even take the day off work.

I want the internet’s help sending her all the flowers in town. Most of the local flower shops will let you order for delivery from anywhere on earth, so you don’t have to live nearby to help out. If you think you can order a bouquet, send me an ask and I’ll tell you the delivery address. If you can’t, please help by spreading the word.


Well, here’s the thing. I wanted to go to Twenty One Pilots’ concert bc it’s been my favourite band since 3 years ago and when blurryface came out i was like the happiest girl ever (still i am). But as i supposed they didn’t come to Barcelona….. but they were going to Paris omg. I convinced my parents to go and i got everything but i couldn’t buy the tickets from here. I literally moved the whole earth to search for the tickets, on the internet, going to the capital city (Barcelona) but nothing. Finally i talked to blanca-sometimes and she helped me bc she knows the thing and i could find the tickets online. But there are not aviable anymore bc paris is sold out and i don’t have tickets. If you’re still reading this and only if you want can you please reblog it? If you know someone who sell a ticket for twenty one pilots in Paris in November tell me pleaaasee. You can send an email to or tell me in my ask :) So much thanks for helping me great person

From the Dragon Con panel :

  • “It’s amazing Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg wanted to re-imagine [Iris]” to bring in new fans who want to be seen on tv 
  • She would love to have scenes with Laurel
  • “They grew up in the same household but are not related” to a priest who asked if Barry and iris are related 
  • “Barry and Iris getting married and having kids is more than okay to your God!” followed by “Can you please tell everybody on the internet that?”
  • “They’re not in any way related, we’ve made that very clearly with my trace being black and his being white”
  • Talking about Iris on Team Flash “Iris taking over is exaggerating but she does encourage Barry to stay with the team /come back to STAR Labs”
  • She is stocked that Iris will be stepping up to help the team as a reporter
  • “Basically I am Iris West”
  • “Robbje looks like Michael Jackson when he’s doing the Firestorm takeoff. IT’S AWESOME”
  • Says she loves working with Jesse and it’s easy to have father-daughter relationship.
  • “Don’t have to do anything with Jesse to act because he’s such a phenomenal actor.”
  • "We hang out after work all the time so playing father-daughter is very easy. I just have to react.”
  • No plans for Iris to crossover
  • We are going to meet Iris’s mother and Wally West in season two
  • Season 2 will be more about the West family
  • Thinks Keiynan is perfect for Wally and is super excited he’s joining the show
  • Vanessa A. Williams from Melrose Place will be playing Mama West
  • “There are lots of folks who fall in love but don’t feel the same way”. not that Iris doesn’t love Barry, she’s just not ready
  • "She’s a good girlfriend and a good woman. She loves who she loves and is faithful when she’s with them.”
  • “I hope she sees Barry as a potential love interest in the future too." on Westallen prospects

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When they found out you are from royalty

Ohhhhh this one’s nice! I will give it my best thanks for asking :)

Here goes~


* ‘Casually’ searched your name on the internet to stalk you and read some articles accidentally finding out. Now he’s watching your every step, trying to confirm that what he read is right.*

‘’Aish the articles must be wrong, how can she be from royalty when she eats like that?’’

Y/N: ‘’Is there sauce on my face, or why do you keep staring?’’

‘’Nah, I was just.. uhh watching you eat.’’

Y/N: ‘’Wha?!’’


*Reading an article about you.*

‘’Wait, what? Woah woah woah woah, she’s what now? Why did she never tell me?!’’

*Confronts you about it.*

‘’Why did you never tell me that you’re like the princess of Korea??’’

Y/N: ‘’I’m not ‘the princess of Korea’, I’m just being called like that.. and also you never asked.’’

‘’Whoa I don’t know if I should be shocked or happy. Or both, or..or..uh..’’


*You’re about to meet your parents and you tell him who they are and where you exactly come from.*

‘’My father owns most of the land in China and he’s one of the biggest business companies known in Asia..soo he’s kinda strict.’’

‘’So you’re like telling me you’re somewhat China’s empress or what. Don’t lie.’’

Y/N: ‘’Jongdae, I’m not lying….please be nice.’’

‘’Why did you never tell me? I don’t even know how to act infront of your father now, aish.’’

Y/N: ‘’ I guess I’m …sorry?’’


*You told him about you and your family and now he has to go to your house with you to convince your parents that you can stay in Korea.*


‘’So it’s like I’m dating a princess? I mean you already look like a princes but.. whoa!’’ 


*You tell him about your background.*

‘’Har har Y/N really funny.’’

Y/N: ‘’I’m being serious here Yi Fan.’’

‘’Oh..’’ *Can’t help but laugh, not sure how to react.*


‘’So my princess is actually a princess? Well that doesn’t change a thing~’’


*After Tao tells him what he found on the internet about you.*

Tao: ‘’I’m telling you! I even have evidence!’’

*Doesn’t believe him though.*


On the outside

‘’You do know that I won’t treat you any different just because you’re from royalty right?’’

On the inside

‘’Oh yeah, more reason to brag about to my Hyungs~ I’m young, sexy, got a hot girlfriend/boyfriend and he/she is from royalty, what do I want more in life.’’


‘’So you’re telling me you have more money than me? Unacceptable! I want to buy you things and smother you with gifts! How can I do that when you can buy that all with your money!’’


‘’Maybe Y/N’s from royalty, but he/she isn’t as fabulous as me though.’’


*Tells Chen about it and somehow they end up doing a victory dance.*

Chen: ‘’Aish Hyung I’m so jealous.’’

‘’Oh yeah, oh yeah~’’

Woooh I’ve finished it~ I’m sorry if it’s not that good, my brain doesn’t work atm, guess I’m getting sick again ugh x.x

Anyways I hope you enjoyed it~

My ASKBOX is OPEN til FRIDAY, I really have to close it then since I have too many asks already..

I make EXO and BTS reactions!

I normally don’t draw something like this but I’m making an exception. As some of you may or may not have heard of, Some VERY MEAN people from the Steven Universe fandom decided to bully and attack artist zamii070 all because she drew Rose Quartz Differently, to the point where she was planning on harming herself. Luckly She’s getting the help she needs right now. All I can say is to one artist to another:

“Paige if you’re reading this. Know that you are a very talent person. Hell Your art is much better then my own. You matter. Don’t let some jerks on the internet tell you otherwise. Because unlike all the people who’ve hurt you, you’ve got talent and creativity. Something I doubt they’ll ever have. Hope you get better soon.”


Jes: Some musings from my two weeks in Maryland: 

Andy is stunning in person, just wow. Also, a super comfortable cuddler, very easy to fall asleep with - I slept really well those first couple nights together - and it usually takes me time to sleep well with someone new. Of everyone I spent time with out there I’m closest to Andy and the transition from internet to real life was super easy and now I just miss them quite a lot.

Katie talks so much more than you anticipate her talking - but she’s hilarious so its really fun just listening to her. She’s also just incredibly beautiful in person as well, she kinda takes your breath away. 

Listening to her and Andy interact is great, you can tell they’ve known each other for awhile now, their conversations get so weird when they’re tired. lol.

Andy’s little bro Evan is also just super funny and great - I’m glad he got to hang out with us a bit - (He also made me a wand - I will show you guys soon!)

Moons is a sweetheart, like just a genuinely super sweet person and he kept just randomly reaching out to hug me (which he warned me he would do lol) - and then getting really flustered if I kissed his cheek (so of course i had to do it again - like duh). I’m super sad he wasn’t able to get away from the parents to see us a couple more times - I really wish we’d had more time together.

Laina is still one of my favorite people ever. I got to spend a couple days with her before but always with TT, and this time I had some time just with Laina and she’s hilarious - she’s also super sweet and thoughtful and the kind of person who makes you want to be a better person. 

And the voices guys, omg, the voices Laina does when she’s making gifs - or just randomly - so great. It kills me - Her and Andy got going a couple times and it was awesome. 

@siriusly-not-over-remus @girlswillbeboys11 @lundayy @ohtheclevernessofme1972


The Romanian in this is google translated so if shit went wrong blame the internet (☉‿☉✿)

~ btw no hate against Sebastian’s momma I bet she’s hot af and can throw down in the kitchen frfr (u know how them foreign girls do it)


“Ea nu este bun pentru tine!” You heard a female voice say, from the tone you could tell she was angry. Though you couldn’t understand, you could hear Sebastian’s voice and persistence through it, “Din cauza vârstei ei! Este faptul că singura ta raționament?!” He said.

“Fata este de 23! Ai făcut bine!” She said back. You heard ‘23’ and immediately you understood, the female voice, the Romanian slurs being thrown, it was his mother, who you of course knew didn’t approve of your and Sebastian’s relationship due to the age gap.

After minutes of by standing in front of the entrance door, you stepped inside, greeted by Sebastian, his mother, and tense air. You smiled at his mother, playing along, “Hello Mrs. Stan.” You said. She simply crossed her arms, looking between you and Sebastian. You met his gaze, his eyes laced in regret.

“Tell her there’s no problem with our relationship.” You said to Sebastian. “I know English as well, what do you think he’s been feeding me this entire time?” She asked, accent prominent. You sighed, sitting on the couch, “Listen, I mean nothing but respect, you’re his mother. But I can only assume that by how focused you are on our ages you’d understand that a grown man can make his own decisions.” You said.

She raised an eyebrow, “Oh little girl, he’s very capable of making decisions, his past women were very above the age limit.” She spat angrily. “Mom!” Sebastian roared in anger. You felt your throat tighten as what felt ages passed.

“Leave, now.” He said simply. You heard her slam the door behind her before Sebastian sat next to you, wrapping his arms around your waist. Before he could even apologize for his mother’s behavior, you turned to him, “I can’t do this anymore.” You blurted out.

“… What?” He asked, barely in a whisper. “It’s literally just too much, I feel like the world is against us and it’s just something that I can’t handle.” You admitted, tears brimming the edges of your eyes. Sebastian stared at you blankly, his gaze never leaving you.

“Don’t do this (Y/N), please.” He merely begged, you shook your head silently, looking anywhere but at him. You unwrapped yourself from his grip and stood, making your way to the stair case to get your things from upstairs,

“(Y/N)…” You heard him say your name. It broke your heart just how much you were hurting him, the softness in his voice said it all. You turned to him in regret, “Sebastian please don’t make this harder for me.” You said, tears driving down your face.

He stood, walking over to you before placing a kiss on your lips, shortly after he pulled away. He rested his forehead against yours, sighing deeply. “I need you. I swear to you this gets hard for me to and sometimes I can’t handle it and I need someone like you to be there when I come home. To tell me that I’m doing the right or wrong thing and to tell me I’m gonna be okay.” He whispered, tears falling.

At this point you were sobbing, he pulled you into a hug, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head in the crook of your neck. You took in the warmth he held, crying into his chest. “I’m sorry.” You said quietly. He shook his head, locks of brown hair falling against your neck, “It gets hard sometimes, that’s all.”

Okay…Uh…I’m new to Tumblr…and Honestly, I’m trying to find a friend I used to play with alot during high school days. We were best friends, and we always texted everyday. I went to this Military Youth Academy for 5 months and….I haven’t really heard from her at all. When I came back, I found out my mom threw away my cell phone on accident. I can’t find her number or facebook…and then I remembered she had Tumblr. Kamehamehoe was it? I really want to find my friend. So

If you know anyone that plays Wizard101 and goes by the name Olivia Deathpetal, tell them that Moonblade is looking for her…

God this sounds odd. But hey, internet friends are still friends and damn it I miss my friend.