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What do you have against Bex? (Can u also provide evidence thanks 💜)

When I first got this ask, I was tempted to play it off as a joke and say “the fact she exists,” and leave it at that. But I feel like it’s important to stay informed. And if you genuinely don’t know, I’ll give you the complete rundown. It’s long, it’s messy, and it’s nasty, so bear with me.

First, and introduction. When I talk about Bex, I’m referring to the actress Bex Taylor-Klaus, who is the voice actor (or VA) of the character Pidge in the show Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix.

It all began a while ago when Bex liked a comment of a picture. The picture involved a ship called Shei//th. I censored the name so it doesn’t show up in the tags of that on tumblr. But essentially it’s a ship between two characters, Takashi Shirogane, a 25 year old pilot who is the leader of the team, and Keith Kogane, one of the other “paladins” or fighters on the team. People like me find this ship to be distasteful, since Shiro is an adult, and the others are teens (it’s actually a bit messier than that, since an official Voltron source listed Keith as 18, but the producers of the show, Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos, said they were not consulted on the book so there’s some question as to whether it’s canon or not). Either way, the consensus by most reasonable people is that it’s probably not a healthy thing to depict in children’s media, when you consider the considerable age difference, the power imbalance (leader, senior officer with someone they are in charge of), and finally, the iconic line by the character of Keith himself when he defines their relationship as a familial one.

Nonetheless, the ship persists, as nasty things on tumblr are wont to do. There’s a lot of shipping discourse on tumblr between two distinct groups which can be labelled as “antis”–people who are not in favor of any Shiro/paladin ships, or what has become to be known as “shaladins”–people who ship any variation of Shiro with the paladins.

Here is where Bex got involved. On Instagram there was a picture of a black shoe and a red shoe together and the joke was about the shoes being a prophecy that Shei//th would be canon. A joke, mostly, considering all the evidence above. But here’s where Bex got herself in trouble. She liked a comment on the picture where someone said “Keith is a power bottom confirmed.”

Obviously, this caused a bit of an uproar within the fanbase, especially between the discourse between antis and shaladins. Shaladins were celebrating that an Official Voltron Source liked their ship, and antis were angry about that acknowledgement of the ship at all by official sources, and the sexualization of a kid’s show (more on this later.)

So of course this sparked the discourse on tumblr. One user, @lancehunks, who was receiving asks about Bex, tagged her in the replies.They were definitely unfavorable. 


and a few more. 

Bex, being the big strong, adult, woman she is, decided that she could not take this obviously grievous insult to her name [sarcasm], and decided to reblog them all and respond to them. Keep in mind, that @lancehunks was just 13 years old. And Bex (22) decided that these were appropriate responses:

Yep, you read that right. Not only an adult but employed on a kid’s show! To a 13 year old! The target audience of the very show she’s a part of! (Oh, the hypocrisy). But wait, there’s more:

Just in case you’re confused, let me tell you the many, many reasons why this is unacceptable. 

  1.  Bex is an adult. You’d think she’d be a little more mature by now just in general. It’s the internet and there are trolls.
  2. The person she was addressing was 13!!!! Do I think it was mature to tag Bex in all those posts? No. But it’s… behavior that you can expect from 13 year old’s on the internet. If we swore at and tore down every single one of them every time they did something dumb, we would need a lot more therapists for teens in the world. Plus it’s really disingenuous to pretend that we wouldn’t have done something similar when we were younger if we were in that position.
  3. Bex is famous. While she’s certainly not on the caliber of massive A-List stars like Tom Holland or Zendaya, she has a fanbase that exceeds the normal person’s friend group. Just because she’s been on TV before, she has groupies that will support her no matter what, who will troll for her, who uncritically and unconditionally worship her. I’m not a Bex fan, nor do I really care to know her well enough to know just exactly how many fans she has, to be certain she does have them. When she publicly reblogged those words, that “motherfucker,” those fighting words, she weaponized her fanbase. What I mean when I say that is her behavior gave her groupies permission to behave the same way. By targeting someone who didn’t like her (a thirteen year old!!!!!), she opened the gates to her fans and groupies doing the same thing, to a kid.

This lead to some terrible things happening. The 13 year old was getting death threats, sexual violence threats, and nsfw content, all because Bex just couldn’t let it go. 

What does this mean? Finish it? Finish the kid? If you’re so sick of the fighting, then why did you even respond in the first place? Bex is the one who escalated the situation. Bex is the one who caused the fighting in the first place (by that I mean the fighting between the two that night, the fighting between antis and shaladins has been going on for as long as the show).

There we go. Now he have something resembling dignity. But unfortunately the damage was done, and user @lancehunks deleted their blog. As a direct response to Bex’s actions. Bex caused a 13 year old to leave tumblr. 

When hearing this news, Bex offered a half-assed apology:

This is the most insincere apology I have ever seen. “The internet has Bad things on it and it’s YOUR fault for seeing them” is not an apology. The best part is that she’s a big fat hypocrite. “Sometimes, when it’s harmless, the best thing I can do is shake my head and keep scrolling.” So why didn’t you Bex? Why didn’t you keep scrolling instead of targeting a 13 year old?

In light of recent political events, though there’s one thing that stands out to me: 

Sound like anybody you know? The esteemed President, perhaps?

*disclaimer* I am in no way claiming that Bex is a Trump supporter. I don’t know enough about her–and I don’t want to know enough about her–to know where she leans politically. I’m just drawing the attention to the similarities in moral equivalency going on, here.*

Sure you targeted a 13 year old and weaponized your fanbase, but someone tagging you in a snarky post is just as bad, right? (Wrong.)

You’d think that would be the end. You’d think that Bex would be capable of living and learning, or maybe even just taking her own advice, and keep scrolling. But here we go again.

The next bit of drama started when the possibly canon guide book was released, stating Keith’s age as 18. There was a big celebration on the shaladin side because technically, that would make it “legal” for Keith and Shiro to have sex. Besides the fact that legal  ≠ moral, again, Voltron is a kid’s show. But on tumblr this time, Bex posted this.

This time, the discourse surrounding Bex was a little different., This time, the discourse mostly focused on the fact that even if Shiro and Keith disregarded canon and morals and the fact that it’s a kid’s show ever did get in a relationship, the only thing that matters is how they like to have sex.

This is a problem for a lot of reasons. There’s a culture, pretty prominent on tumblr of women, mostly white, who are obsessed with gay sex. They write fanfiction and p*rn solely for their own personal gratification. This, of course, is a gross misinterpretation to wanting LGBT+ representation. If you aren’t a mlm (an acronym for men-loving-man, that includes many sexualities) then writing p*rn about is sexualizing them, using them as a tool to get yourself off, and not like complex human people. Mlm are more than how they like to have sex. In fact, that shouldn’t be a part of a discussion for anybody except between willing partners. This also feeds into the popular and damaging stereotype that gay men are predatory by nature.

So, as a whole, not good. 

And again, we have a whole situation escalated by Bex. The worst part is, to people who tried to explain this to her, the only response they were given was a gif:

So once again, a minor dared to express their distaste for Bex on tumblr. But this time, they didn’t tag her. This time, they censored her name. But Bex found it anyway. And she decided to do the exact same thing that led to a minor leaving the website, and to stop watching the show. 

Have no fear, this time though. This time, Bex is going after a 14 year old, at least she’s not going after kids anymore, right? [sarcasm]

Some final notes. 

Bex claims to be an LGBT+ rights activist. I’m also pretty sure she’s a lesbian herself (again, I already know too much about her, I’m not looking to get to know her better.) So, you’d think, as someone who wants equality for LGBT+ people and communities, she’d have the wherewithal to listen to specific subsets of that group when they say something about themselves, like, for example, young mlm who don’t appreciate being sexualized by a white woman. So I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I saw this on her blog:

Now, I happen to agree with the above statement, but it’s so ironic, so hypocritical that Bex is talking about the sexualization of anything. Because kid’s shows aren’t safe from her sexualization and mlm certainly aren’t. How can one person be so incredibly oblivious? A mystery that I don’t have any interest in solving. 

I also want to address something a little more devious and a little more dark. I personally know of at least 12 different people who sent Bex asks, politely explaining some of the things I’ve talked about here, or relaying how her words hurt them personally. Bex never answered any of them. But she did answer this:

Just to be perfectly clear, I do not condone or encourage hatemail. Do not send people anything wishing them death or harm in any way. I have never sent nor do plan on sending hatemail, and you should be ashamed of yourself if you do.

However, this is incredibly nefarious. Bex doesn’t answer any of the many asks she got that were polite, but proved her wrong. She didn’t answer any of the young mlm who gave her their personal stories and who weren’t anonymous. Instead, she publishes this. And she did this on purpose, to make her look innocent, to make her look like she’s the one being attacked. I get hatemail every single day too. Things along similar lines to this. I block the user. Delete them, One, because I don’t want to expose my followers to that kind of negativity on a daily basis, two, a mature person knows that deleting them is the best kind of revenge because the user will be constantly looking for a response and they will know they had no effect on me and three, because if you do that, eventually they stop. This is intentional on Bex’s part to make the people who don’t like her look bad. I don’t like Bex at all, and I certainly do not support that message. Any reasonable person wouldn’t. Also the fact that it’s an anonymous message adds a certain air of doubt as to who sent it. 

The point is, Bex is purposely ignoring polite and well-meaning people and posted this to “prove” she’s the one on the “good” side because no good person would send that message.

This is also worth noting: 

This was posted after the lancehunks debate but before the power bottom comment she made. In this post, Bex admits that a relationship between Shiro and any of the paladins is predatory in nature. She said that. Her words. And then after that she said that Keith was a power bottom. 

The last thing I want to say, is that Voltron is a kid’s show. It’s rated US-TV-Y7. Which means for years 7 and older. Regardless of the ship, there should be no sexual content, be it fanart, of fanfiction of Voltron characters at all. We are all collectively responsible for keeping content age-appropriate for the target audience. So, stop it. All and any ships. 

For minors, this is my advice to you:
Bex is a predator, a hypocrite, and a liar. Do not engage with her. Block her. Do not tag her in any of your posts. She has a history of targeting minors. Protect yourself. Do not engage.

Why you should watch

1) The Title. Look at the title. The Devil Is A Part-Timer. The title is as weird as the actual show. 

2) The Plot: Satan gets kicked out of his realm by a human army lead by a half-human/half-angel Hero and lands in modern-day Tokyo with one of his top generals. To survive until they can get enough magic to go back home he has to work at MgRonald’s. The Hero follows them through the portal and ends up in essentially the same position.

4) As you can probably figure it is absurd and hilarious

3) The Beginning Looks Like THis:

While the rest of it looks like this:

4) You can’t tell that the Hero is a girl in the beginning because she wears actual armor

5) Lucifer- He is a teenager addicted to the internet and video games and is a bum. He is also separate person from Satan? 

6) Why do I even have to explain past this just go watch it now its on Netflix

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Hello you wonderful person💕 May I request how the RFA would reakt to a MC which has the habit to say out the context some really creepy random fakts. Like they where just casually eating and she start to rambling about really weird shit. Wtf MC how do you know this? ( Yea... I hope it make sense and I wish you an amazing day💞)

Awww you’re so sweet! This was fun to write. (There are links to the posts I got all the facts from)

-He was studying like a good little Yoosung so you were keeping to yourself so you wouldn’t distract him.
-You sat next to him, ready to answer any questions he might have.
-But you were getting kind of bored because he wasn’t in need of any help.
-And you were proud of him for it, but you were also getting bored.
-Your mind started wandering as he continued studying.
-”Did you know that ‘Ring-a-Round-the-Roses’ refers to the Black Plague?” you thought out loud. (x)
-Yoosung gave you the most confused face ever.
-”’Roses’ refers to the red marks that showed up on an infected person’s body. ‘Posies’ refers to the flowers people carried with them to protect themselves from the stench they thought caused the plague.” you explained further.
-”…Why are you telling me this?”
-”I thought it was neat.”
-There was a brief silence and an obvious mix of confusion and concern on Yoosung’s face.
-”…Okay,” he said before turning his attention back to his work.
-He was freaked out for a while, and the next day, you see him mention it to the chatroom.
-You might’ve ruined that nursery rhyme for him, but he still loves you.
-Just some of the things you say really freak him out.
-Poor thing.

-Zen was reading over some scripts, so you were trying not to bother him.
-It was kind of cute, seeing him mumble the lines to himself.
-You were next to him, reading over his shoulder.
-You’re not sure what it was, but something in his script reminded you of something.
-”Did you know that if you get decapitated, you can still be conscious for about 25 seconds after losing your head?” (x)
-Zen stopped and looked at you with a raised eyebrow.
-”It’s true.”
-”Okay…” and he went back to mumbling lines to himself.
-You scare him sometimes. He’s a bit worried about where and why you know this stuff.
-I guess it could be interesting though.
-He’s still worried for you.

-You were reorganizing around the cafe with Jaehee, which isn’t the most riveting thing in the world.
-You were paying attention, of course. You’d hate to mess something up and upset Jaehee.
-But your mind was wandering a bit.
-Jaehee had asked you to bring her the label maker from across the room when you suddenly asked “Did you know that there’s a fish called the Stone Fish that is the most poisonous fish in the world and if you step on one, you will die a very painful death within 20 minutes?” (x)
-She looks at you with so many questions.
-You shrugged. “I just thought it was interesting.”
-”…Yes, very interesting.”
-You then brought her the label maker.
-It was really random, but she was actually kind of impressed?
-So many random facts buzzing around that cute head of yours.
-She does wonder how you learned all these things though. She hopes you just found it on the internet, not from experience.

-You were sitting together in his penthouse, eating a very fancy dinner Jumin had prepared for the both of you.
-He was telling you about his day as you continued eating.
-You were paying attention to his story, you really were, but something he said reminded you of something.
-When he was done talking, he took a bite of food when you said “Did you know that scorpions can be frozen inside a block of ice for three weeks and still survive?” (x)
-He stops chewing for a second. When he finally swallows, he asks “How do you know that..?”
-”I don’t know, I just do.”
-He nods cautiously, confused.
-You act as if nothing happened and continued eating.
-It was really unexpected.
-Any time you mention another random fact, he just nods, or maybe asks a few questions to clarify.
-He would only ask that you keep the random (and creepy) facts to yourself when you have company or you’re in front of someone important. It might freak them out.
-He loves you though, weird facts and all.

-He was working. Very busy. Very dangerous.
-You weren’t allowed near him.
-But you were near him anyway.
-He was doing his best to just ignore you and hope you’d go away, but you were still there.
-”_____, please, I’m-”
-”Did you know that giraffes can lick their own ears?” (x)
-He looked at you like you were crazy.
-”Yeah, I know that. Why?”
-Of course he knows that. He’s a “super genius”.
-”I just randomly remembered it. It’s weird, isn’t it?”
-”Okay, okay, just let me work now, please.”
-It was secretly really endearing and cute.
-You were like a walking Fact of the Day website.
-Though some of the things you say he already knows, it’s cute hearing all these random factoids.
-You always have new facts too. You never say the same ones.
-fuck he’s in love shit shit shit

-You were relaxing together. V had been doing a lot of work for the RFA party and needed a break.
-You were sitting together in silence. He was on his phone, probably in the chatroom discussing the party.
-”Did you know the human body contains enough fat to make seven bars of soap?” you said out of nowhere.(x)
-His eyes become so wide.
-”I read that somewhere.”
-”Oh,” he smiles nervously.
-He goes back to his phone and looks it up for himself, and is disturbed.
-This boy loves you so much, but some of the things you say he could be perfectly happy without knowing.
-Despite that, he smiles to you everytime you say something new because he’s that good of a person.
-Even though it makes him uncomfortable at times, he deals with it for you.
-It eventually doesn’t bother him as much, as he comes to expect weird things to come out of your mouth.

-You two were talking and relaxing around the house. You were both relatively bored, so you were chatting.
-He was talking about his day,  Saeyoung’s latest annoying joke, something he saw on TV, that kind of thing.
-”Did you know that geckos don’t have any eyelids so they clean their eyes by licking them?” (x)
-He stopped.
-He’s actually so interested in all the random facts you have to share.
-He loves learning all these little details about things in the world that he will probably never need to know, but he’s glad that he does.
-I mean, he’s been sheltered his whole life. He likes actually knowing about things in the world.
-It doesn’t matter if they’re weird or creepy. They’re still interesting and welcome.
-Sometimes, he’ll surprise you with a new fact.
-And sometimes, you already know it, but you act like you don’t, because it’s nice to see him explain it in his own way.

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you don't evenn draw her by canon, lmao, her hairstyle, head, noodle arms. geez. just made her more "feminine good looking" that's all. and you are trying to communicate with others? lolp, alice angel won't be a good character in the game I bet, why would you even try. being all positive and shit, yuiks, you cannot save the fandom either. stop bothering people

“Listen here you, fuckso, I exist however I want to.”

Everyone has a goddamn fucking artstyle that makes the character look unique and inspiring. Yeah, I put some “cute” into her, I can pretty much scare the fuck out of you as well if that will be needed.

You have no right to judge a character by only one poster, when there’s, like, a whole chapter ahead that sure will tell us something about her.
I’m so d o n e with reading negative commentary across the internet towards her character, if she was real I would give her a hug and a pat on the back, screw ink pollution.

About savebendy oooh holy shit you got me going. OF COURSE I CANNOT SAVE THE FANDOM. But I tried to remind people how we could all be. I gave my point of view and, wowie, LOTS OF THEM AGREED, YOUTUBE DABBING THE COMIC. EAT THIS.

And finally, about bothering people.
I love this community.
I’ll poke people with my asks, I’ll win their hearts, collect their positive emotions, those fuzzy weird feelings people get looking at my drawings. That is my choice what I do on this blog.

Good luck trying to get on my nerves, idiot. That was an F.
This Woman Found 'Octopus-Looking' Mold Inside Her Coconut Water And Now She Plans To Sue
And she's not the first Vita Coco drinker to find large chunks of mold inside.
By Julia Reinstein



It’s mold. I’m sorry it looks exceptionally gross, but it’s mold. You can tell it’s mold by comparing it to the dozens of other pictures on the internet from people who found mold in their Vita Coco.

Also, Vita Coco has no preservatives. Sometimes mold happens when there are no preservatives and there’s improper refrigeration after opening (your fault) or a tiny leak in the cardboard no one noticed (their fault). Pour your shit out into a glass before you drink it and move on with your life. Clearly you’re not dead, because you’re on the Internet yelling about this mold. Calm down, Barbara.

Tumblr wife

My blog attracts people that wish to reach out to me (feel free!) due to its content and recently a married woman reached out who happened to be local.  (You know who you are…) We chatted on an off for a bit and obviously flirted.  She was on here exploring fantasies that she hadn’t yet had the courage (or idea how to safely and discreetly) to fulfill.  I could tell that the fact that she was local made her more apprehensive because the proximity likely made it feel more real and possible.

After a few weeks of talking and sexting, I encouraged her to meet up for lunch and eventually took me up on it.  She was clearly much more shy in person, as meeting someone from the internet can be awkward, as well as someone you’ve shared intimate thoughts and pictures with.  Flirting came easy and eventually she opened up, as comfort set in with familiarity and humor.  She put effort into her outfit, hair, and makeup.  She wore a loose-fitting, but short, dress that had me glancing at her legs.

Towards the end of the meal, conversation was great and her sense of humor came out with her witty ripostes.  I invited her back to my place and she quickly agreed, following me back to my place.  Once we got there, she started acting shy again and I could tell she was nervous.  I kissed her and she reciprocated and started opening up.  She asked me, “Is this your typical routine when you bring married women home?”  I told her it was a start.  She meekly asked, “Are you going to fuck me like your other sluts?”

I didn’t respond. I just started to kiss her again and she got  aggressive with her hands and lips at this point.  I pulled her on top of me, on the couch, and she began to grind on me.  My hands roamed to the straps of her dress, pulling them down and exposing her strapless bra.  I asked her if the bra matched the panties and she said they did, but asked if I preferred if women wore no panties.  I prefer panties, thongs, etc. for the record!  I got up and bent her over, lifting her dress to expose her ass, pressed aside her thong, and buried my tongue into her bald pussy.  She moaned and shivered in response.  I pulled my pants off and was at half-mast when I took her thong off and started touching the tip of my cock against her pussy lips and running my shaft along them.  She started to breathe heavily.

I stopped and sat down.  I pulled her down to me to take my big cock into her mouth as best she could.  She told me I was significantly bigger than her husband as her wedding ring stroked up and down on my shaft.  Eventually I got up, picked her up and put her on the couch, spreading her legs in front of me and kissed her.  I told her I was going to fuck her and make her mine.  That was going to make her a cheating wife like all of my other sluts.  She whimpered and softly begged me to fuck her pussy.  I roughly grabbed her hair and made her tell me that again.  She finally got it right on the fourth try.  I slowly put the tip of my cock in her, each thrust going deeper into her tight pussy.  Her eyebrows were furrowed, eyes wide, and mouth open, breathing heavily, and grunts escaping as my cock stretched her with each stroke.  Her tight pussy had a death grip on my cock, lips pulling outwards with each pull out.  I completely filled her as my cock bottomed out in her and my girth stretched her.  Her dress was still on.

We fucked for a while and she was submissive throughout the session, although very vocal and talking dirty.  It was clear that she was lost in the moment, wanting to be my slut and whore.  Despite being filled, she didn’t’ cum from penetration and I helped myself to giving her to orgasms by eating her pussy.  She reciprocated and begged me to cum on her face.  As I got close, I pulled out, grabbed her hair roughly and came all over her beautiful face.  I kissed her deeply afterwards, sharing the taste of our collective cum.

As she came down from the moment, I could tell that she felt guilty and bad.  Married women often do as they start cheating.  After a while, the lust kicked in again and she admitted that she enjoyed it, was sore for a day as a reminder, and started sexting me again.  We met up for another session.

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Okay so I have a Wayhaught story for you. So I was thinking about how Emily was saying Wynonna definitely has opinions about Waverly and Nicole being together so what if Wynonna takes a moment with Nicole to have "the talk" with her about how she better not hurt her or end up like Champ (but she knows she won't) and Waverly hears part of this conversation and runs aways and now is very distant with Nicole bc she thinks Wynonna scared her away but later she assures she's not going anywhere

So, I couldn’t help myself and i wrote a whole fic for this. Hope you like it!!!!

Waverly was finally back from that creepy possession ordeal that they had to deal with, and she will absolutely tell you, that she will never be touching any strange gunk that she finds on the ground or otherwise, ever again. But everything is okay now and Wynonna, Waverly, Doc, and Nicole have taken over the Black Badge office in their search to try and find and get Dolls back.

It is had been a few days and the four of them have been locked up in that office. 

Waverly has been pouring over books and the internet, searching for anything she can wrestle up about secret government agencies that she can.

Wynonna was going through Dolls’s computer while she drinks whiskey out of his X cup, and muttering curse words under her breath since frankly there isn’t anything useful or entertaining of the hard drive.

Doc was sitting alone, at the far corner of the table. At first, he had spent a lot of time examining the vials that he had injected into Dolls before the showdown are Shorty’s. Now, though, he has moved on playing Solitare with an impossibly old set of cards.

Nicole, she has been sniffing out every gun and other weapons she can find in the office, she has been cataloging them and cleaning them, even going so far as to dismembering and, all the guns. At one point she even managed to wrestle PeaceMaker away from Wynonna. It was a very difficult feat and she found out that it hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time, probably since Wyatt himself had it.

Now it has been a couple of weeks, and with all the stress, Wynonna had pretty much forgotten about Nic and Waves dating, and reverting back to her normal self, had become totally oblivious of the lingering eye contact between her sister and the officer, not so subtle touching that they exchanged whenever close enough, and that whenever one of them left the room the other followed. She was so wrapped up in herself she had pretty much forgotten about the two dating.

At the end of the fourth night, after all of them had done almost as much as they could. Wynonna hadn’t found anything on the computer. Waverly hadn’t found anything mention a Black Badge Division. Nicole had run out of weapons to clean. And Doc, well how many games of solitaire can someone really play before they go insane? They all had started to sigh heavily and push their work away.

Grabbing Nicole’s hand, and looking across to Wynonna who’s face was buried in her palms, Waverly clears her throat, “You know Gus left me a message early and said that she was going to open Shorty’s back up tonight, invited us to stop by.”

“Got Dolls and I’s mess all cleaned up then?” Doc asks when he perks up at the idea of going to the saloon for a drink.

“Yup, I guess some town’s folk pitched in,” Waverly starts, “Gus said they wanted to try and make it up to Wynonna, the whole trying to kill her thing.”

“Strange,” Wynonna finally adds, “They’ve never felt bad about my near death before, I guess people are growing around here.”

“Oh come on Earp,” Nicole can’t help but attempt to protest that, “not everyone in this town hates you.”

Wynonna scoffs at that, “You clearly did not grow up around here red. But that is a conversation for another night when my brain doesn’t feel like soup. I think we ought to head down there, support Gus.”

It didn’t take them long to pack their things up and head to Shorty’s. Wynonna had already slipped behind the bar and found a bottle of whiskey and four glasses. Doc had stepped out to get some air for a few minutes. Waverly and Nicole had claimed a booth and were cuddled up pushed into the corner of the booth and were enjoying a slightly discreet and satisfying make out session.

“What the hell is this, guys?” Wynonna almost demands as she sets the bottle and glass down on the table.

“Uh, it’s me kissing my girlfriend Wy,” Waverly answers, with a very confused tone.

“Oh shit.” Wynonna declares as it dawns on her. “I, uh, I forgot about that.”

“No shit Earp,” Nicole adds after she lets out a giggle.

“I guess you and I need to have a little talk then Haught,” Wynonna replies as she starts the red-head down.

“I think that may be my cue to go find Doc,” Waverly says as she gives Nicole an apologetic smile for throwing her to the wolves or rather wolf that is Wynonna Earp, and then heads away.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing with my little sister?“ Wynonna asks, jumping right in.

“Honestly? Loving her.” Is all Nicole offers her in response.

“She’s been loved before Haught. What’s supposed to make you think you’re any different?” Wynonna questions the red head further.

“The way that I look at her.” Nicole challenges.

“And what way might that be?”

“Like she, herself, hung the moon and the stars, just for me.” Is all Nicole gives in return. Honestly, if you Wynonna hasn’t figured it out by now, she figuring she’ll have to draw it out for the woman.

“Champ used to look at her like that until she stopped being a trophy for him to win and became the strong young woman that she is. How am I supposed to know that you’re different than him?” Wynonna challenges Nicole. She knows that Nicole is different, but she needs to get a promise right from the woman.

“Because I’m not a boy-man-child like he was or is or whatever. Come on Wynonna, you’ve known me for a while now, do you really think I have it in me to treat anyone like crap, let alone Waves?” Nicole asks the question almost beginning to feel hurt.

“Well, I guess you’ve got a point there. I just have to make sure to give you the shovel talk or whatever. You know, Waverly is the most important person in my life and I haven’t really been there for her until recently, and I think I’m still a little too caught up in the curse bullshit to truly give her the attention she deserves.” Wynonna offers the confession as a peace offering of sorts.

“I get that Wy. But you are here now, and you’re not going anywhere. Plus, she has me now too, so I think she’ll be just fine.”

As Nicole finishes her statement, Waverly is walking back up to the table and notices the two other women completely emerged in the conversation but doesn’t catch anything, until Wynonna’s final statement.

“I get that. But just to put it out there, if you so much as crack her heart, or treat her even a little poorly, I swear to you, I’ll be using PeaceMaker for more that putting down revenants.” It’s an empty threat as she knows Nicole is better than that. As she finished though she notices Waverly within earshot and is completely unaware that she has been standing there long enough to hear the threat. 

“Hey, Baby Girl!” Wynonna greats Waverly with a broad smile. “Did you find Doc?”

“I ummm, I’m not feeling well, can you take me home Wynonna?” Waverly asks, not even responding to the question, she’s so shaken up from hearing the threat, scared of what it means. Does Wynonna no like Nicole as much as she’d been letting on the past few weeks?

“I can take Babe.” Nicole offers before Wynonna gets a chance to respond.

“No, I want Wynonna to take me.” Is all Waverly offers, and honestly the way she says it is a little cold. Before either Nicole or Wynonna has a chance to interject again, Waverly has headed out of the building. Thinking, dammit Wynonna, I finally found a good one, and you’re going and scaring her away, you can’t threaten lesbians with guns, it freaks them out. Admittedly, Waverly may have recently delved into gay culture and learned a lot about lesbian tropes.

“You’re not driving her anywhere Earp.” Is how Nicole decides is best to start the conversation.

“Why the hell not Haught? If Waves wants to go, I’ll take her where ever she wants.” Wynonna defends herself.

“No, you won’t. You’ve been drinking Whiskey all day, and you’ve drunk half that bottle by yourself while we’ve been sitting here. It’s not safe for you to get behind the wheel.” Nicole offers as she stands up and slips on her jacket.

“Fine. You going to go get her then?” Wynonna reluctantly asks.

“Yeah. Y’all can come sleep at my place when you get done here if you want.” Nicole presents the peace offering.

“Thanks, but there’s a room upstairs here, we’ll just take it. Let’s meet in the office at noon tomorrow? Give everyone a chance to get some extra rest.” Wynonna offers in return, her own peace offering of sorts.

“Sure, see ya then.” And with that Nicole has turned to head out the saloon herself. 

Nicole runs through the bodies as quickly as she can, pushing through the front doors, and scanning her surroundings. She finds Waverly sitting in her Jeep, letting it run. As Nicole gets closer to the Jeep, she notices hard sporadic shaking of Waverly’s shoulders, a clear sign of the tears that a certainly falling down the girl’s face. Wasting no more time, she runs to the driver’s door where Waverly is sat and pulls it open. Before she has a chance to protest or even notices who’s arms are enveloping, Nicole makes quick work gather Waverly up, rubbing her hands up and down the younger woman’s back.

“What’s wrong baby?” Nicole whispers in her ear.

With the question, Waverly starts to push Nicole away but doesn’t have enough strength to get her too far away.

“I asked for Wynonna,” Waverly states through heavy breaths.

“I know, but I don’t feel comfortable with Wynonna taking you anywhere. She’s had too much to drink.” Nicole offers, loosening her grip while looking down to search Waverly’s eyes to try and figure out what is going on. “I was thinking we could go to my place and I would take care of you.”

“I don’t expect you to take care of me Nic. You don’t even want to be around me, I’m sure.” Waverly states, not being able to help herself and leaning into Nicole.

“What the heck are you talking about Waverly?” Nicole asks shocked.

“I heard what Wynonna said. She threatened to kill you.” Waverly makes the statement though another round of tears.

“Oh baby,” Nicoles starts, with a grin playing at her lips. “She didn’t mean that.”

“Yes she did, she doesn’t joke about using PeaceMaker,” Waverly mumbles into the collar of Nicole’s shirt, that is quickly absorbing tears and most likely a gross combination of slobber and snot, not that Nicole minds. Waverly can bawl into any of her shirts any time she needs to.

“No babe, I promise she didn’t mean it. She knows I would never hurt you. She knows that I love you too much. She knows that I will treat you better than anyone else has ever treated you. She just said that because she felt like she had to finish her shovel talk.” Nicole whispers it to Waverly as she combs a hand through her hair.

“Are you sure?” Waverly asks, starting to regain her composure. 

“Yes, I promise. Now let’s go home and go to sleep. I think you may be a little over exhausted from the past couple weeks.” Nicole says as she lifts Waverly up, letting the smaller woman cling to her like a Khola bear, and walks to the other side of the Jeep. “We can sleep in and go get breakfast, Wynonna doesn’t want us coming in until noon.”

As she lets Nicole settle her into the passenger’s seat of her own car, she watches Nicole intently. Nicole just pays attention to what she’s doing. She buckles Waverly in and leans across her to turn the heat up a bit. As she is pulling herself out of the car, though, Waverly grabs the lapels of her jacket and pulls her so the forehead to forehead.

“You promise you want to be with me?” Waverly asks gently, her breath tickling Nicole’s lips.

“I promise Waverly. Ther is nowhere else, I would rather be.” Nicole makes what is probably the truthful statement of her life, and she is rewarded. She is rewarded by Waverly who leans in, gently pushing her lips to Nicoles, it’s the kiss of a promise, a kiss that means I love you, a kiss that says thank you for loving me. It gently but still passionate. Their lips move together like a choreographed dance. It is as though they were made for kissing each other, and honestly, they probably are.

“Good, because I feel the exact same way.” Waverly states as she pulls away but stays close enough to punctuate each word with another kiss.

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Prompt: Huddling for warmth or they'll die, sexual tension results -I can never get enough

I love this trope a whole lot, anon. thanks for sending it in! hope you like it :)


Clarke lets her head fall back against the wall with a thump. It’s only been a couple of hours, and already her phone is dead, her ass is aching from the hard concrete floor, and she’s starting to shiver.

It wasn’t her fault she got locked in the lab. Really.

She’d insisted Monty go home when he offered to stay back with her, telling him she just had a few more things to finish up. She thinks better with a clean workstation, but she’s not in the habit of tidying as she goes, so every now and then she stays an extra twenty minutes after work to clean up. How could she have known the big storage room– kept at a specific, chilly temperature– locks from the outside after hours?

There was no way she could’ve anticipated it, though that doesn’t stop her from berating herself the longer she sits, cold and annoyed and bored.

She’s done everything she can think of to do. She tried to call for help, but found that she had no service. Tried banging on the doors, but that’s useless when nobody is around to hear her.

So she resigned herself to her fate– spending the night right where she sat. She played games on her phone until she realized she’d want it throughout the night to check the time. She organized the shelves, built a tower out of tissue boxes, and set out paper towels to sit on, protecting herself from the cold, cold floor. But now it’s eight thirty, far too early to go to sleep, and she’s out of ideas.

Another thump as her head falls back against the wall again. And another. It’s been two and a half hours, is she already going crazy?

All of a sudden, the door opens.

She squints against the brightness, momentarily blinded.

“Holy shit,” someone says, as she blinks furiously. “Are you okay?”

“Thank god,” she sighs, scrambling to her feet, her limbs stiff. When she looks up again, she can make out the figure of a security guard, just as he steps further in. Too far. “No, no, no–” she cries, rushing toward the door, but it’s too late. It shuts behind him with an ominous locking sound. She swears and beats on it with her palms, knowing it’s no use.

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A/N: Anon and Cinderella Anon requested for Seatmate!Hoshi this time! I’m sorry I haven’t been updating bc of school but I have my drafts saved so don’t worry! I’m still writing! To those who are back at school, I hope you guys are doing great! To those still on summer vacation (and to all of you in general): STAY HYDRATED!!!

This one was really fun to write because, let’s be honest, Kwon Soonyoung is everybody’s bias wrecker. Even if you don’t have him as a bias, he’s somewhere lurking on the top of your bias lists don’t lie to me. This one’s a long one so I hope you all enjoy and have a great day~! ^^

Originally posted by mingyusama

  • How do I start with this guy
  • Calls himself 10:10 because of his slanted eyes cute
  • This kid is also pretty hyper ok
  • Once got into detention because he randomly stood up on his desk in the middle of a lesson to shout “IT’S 10:10″ when the clock strikes 
  • Often has random dance offs with Junior!Seokmin and it’s the most hilarious thing to watch
  • Has a lot of friends from every grade because he’s so fun to be around
  • Cares a lot about his underclassmen and is the one of the nicest upperclassmen around
  • Everybody knows Soonyoung’s really good at dancing
  • And I mean, real good
  • He even has his own YouTube channel NaegaHosh where he dances his own choreos to pop songs
  • Most people at school follows him and even the teachers stalk his videos lol
  • Soonyoung is basically in everyone’s good book
  • Well, everyone’s but yours
  • You see, you’re childhood rivals
  • You can say you’re a pretty chill person
  • You have your own group of friends you usually hang out with but you’re on good terms with people in general
  • Nobody can deny that you’re an equally talented dancer
  • You may have a different style from Soonyoung but your dancing is just as captivating as his
  • While Soonyoung’s style is leaning towards breakdance, you style leans towards contemporary ballet
  • And it gets pretty heated and entertaining to see you both try out-do each other during the end of year talent shows
  • For few years in a row, the winner would either be you or Soonyoung
  • Usually you guys take turns
  • People are so tired of it tbh
  • “Just kiss already.”
  • Your friends like to tease you that your resentment is just internalized crush
  • But you’re in deniaaallll /guitar rift/
  • Anyways, you decided early on into the year that you will beat Soonyoung once and for all by winning for the second consecutive year
  • The story starts in the early morning of your Junior year in high school
  • So the system in your school was they always pick people randomly to be put into a new class every year
  • So you can be friends with everyone
  • And guess what? 
  • You’re in Soonyoung’s class
  • For the second consecutive year
  • People were groaning internally because here we go again
  • Being in the same class with you both was like being in a real-life drama
  • Because everybody knows you’re childhood rivals
  • And imagine the tension of sitting behind two people who are always ready to rip each other to shreds
  • The teacher was aware of this and tired of this s*** so she decided to sit you guys together this year
  • What was she thinking lmao
  • You guys might wonder the backstory behind this age-long rivalry
  • It began once upon a kindergarten
  • You never really had any beef with Soonyoung
  • He’s pretty hyper as a kid; got his hair stuck up everywhere and always the one to break it down on the ol’ kindergarten dance floor
  • Ok dark secret here; but you had a crush on Soonyoung back then bc he reminds you so much of your hamster Cici omggg
  • You let him steal your sandwich and borrow your color pencil during art as a result of this crush
  • This crush went on until that time in second grade when your school held Nutcracker 
  • And he totally stole your role as the Nutcracker bc you were sick during the dress rehearsal
  • By the time you got better the night before the show, they had given the role to Soonyoung
  • So you got stuck playing a candy cane tragic
  • That night marked the day you got your first heartbreak and sworn to make Kwon Soonyoung pay one day
  • Yeah, you’re a pretty dramatic bitter child and you continue to carry that bitterness up till this day
  • Anyways
  • It’s that time of the year again
  • Tension is in the air, looks shared between people
  • It’s the annual talent show
  • People are sharing nervous glances bc when are they finally gonna lose it
  • And by “they”, they meant you and Soonyoung
  • When you saw the form pinned on the bulletin board this morning, you never wrote your name faster
  • But guess what? By lunchtime, Soonyoung already had his name scribbled under yours
  • It’s officially on
  • “Watch your back, Kwon.”
  • “Good luck.”
  • Funnily, you were both dragged into the principal’s office by the time school’s out
  • “This year, you won’t be participating” the principal said
  • “What.”
  • “People are getting discouraged signing up for the auditions bc they know that in the end, the winner would only be between the both of you. That’s why I decided to remove you both from the competition this year.
  • “And no, Soonyoung, if you think you’re entitled just because your internet name Hoshi means star, you can find your way out.”
  • You were about to snicker when she went “Y/N, you will not find it funny when I tell you that you two will work together to create and perform a dance to be showcased during the talentshow. While you’re not participating, you and Soonyoung both
  • You went 0_0 w hat
  • “I’m not going to work with them!” both you and Sonyoung said in unison
  • The teacher was like “lmao get over it kids, it’s 2K17″ and then sauntered off like a bo$$
  • You realized you didn’t have a choice but to do as she said to be able to perform this year
  • And you see no point to arguing
  • So you both begrudgingly agreed to do the collab
  • At first, you and Soonyoung wouldn’t meet in the middle
  • You try to find faults in each other’s dancing, to 
  • You ended up trying to sabotage yourselves
  • Also, you still didn’t have the right music to dance with so you and Soonyoung were a complete wreck
  • Also bc you kept arguing which song to pick smh
  • It came to a point that one day, Soonyoung went up to Senior!Jihoon 
  • “Hey, can you whip up some swaggy beats for my performance for the talent show?”
  • “Tell me a reason why I shouldn’t hit you with a guitar right now.”
  • “I’ll buy you a burger.”
  • “I can buy a burger.”
  • “I’ll buy you a hundred burgers.”
  • “Deal.”
  • So that’s how Soonyoung had gotten himself the perfect remix for the dance the next Monday
  • When you listened to it for the first time, you knew, it’s perfect
  • Because somehow, Jihoon was able to mesh songs to create one that would work perfectly with you and Soonyoung’s style
  • And so you two began to work
  • And you couldn’t help but observe Soonyoung as he worked 
  • Because you’ve never seen someone do something so passionately
  • Soonyoung gave his all in his dance and it’s something everybody can see
  • Watching Soonyoung work his magic woke up something in you
  • Funnily, you don’t feel intimidated at all
  • For once, you embraced the fact that you now work with Soonyoung, not against him
  • So you ended up enjoying it a bit
  • So you’re finally done with the last steps of planning the choreography
  • It’s time for you to test it out for yourselves
  • So you played the music and danced
  • And you both had gotten so wrapped up in the music and with each other that when the music ended in a crescendo, you suddenly found yourself tangled in his arms
  • And you were so close in each others arms and he could see the specks in your eyes and suddenly he could feel his breath hitch 
  • Because Oh no, you’re actually really attractive. How could he not see this?
  • And all of the sudden, he became hyper aware of how close you both are, his hands on your hips and your warm breaths mingling
  • It wasn’t until you pulled away that he went woah
  • Because what was that???
  • You on the other hand
  • You tried to play it cool, but inside?? 
  • You can’t deny you and Soonyoung have a tension chemistry 
  • But God forbid if your age-old crush was revived 
  • You thought it was the time you spent together that drew you closer
  • I mean, you meet the guy in class then spend the rest of the afternoon choreographing and dancing with him
  • You’d expect yourself to be at each other’s throats 
  • But you grew comfortable with his presence???
  • It’s like you started to care about each other
  • You never really showed it but it’s there
  • Like that time it was raining by the time you both finished
  • You had forgotten to bring your umbrella and he basically forced you to use his instead as he dove right into the rain
  • (The next day you gave it back to him with a small thank you note slipped inside)
  • He thought it was cute
  • And that other time when you noticed he looked rather pale and tired
  • So when you went to the convenient store near the school on your break, you bought him an extra carton of milk and bread
  • He looked confused as heck when you gave it to him
  • “I don’t want you to collapse a week before the show, Kwon.”
  • You totally didn’t blush
  • You also noticed the change in Soonyoung’s behavior 
  • When you caught him starring at you in class one day, you were like “What are you looking at, nerd?”
  • He said “Your hair looks nice today.”
  • “My hair looks nice everyday, thank.”
  • And while he didn’t say anything in return, you swear you heard him whisper “Yeah it does.”
  • It’s so confusing bc what’s happening? Why is he suddenly like this? Does me????
  • And while it’s a nice change from having to bicker everyday, you started to wonder what happened that triggered this change
  • Bc this is not the standard Soonyoung behavior
  • Also maybe bc you miss the bickering a little bit
  • But practice went on like usual
  • Before you know it, it’s the day of the show
  • Everyone’s freaking out
  • And you were too bc this reminded you too much of the first time you performed on stage
  • The adrenaline and the nervousness coiled in your stomach like a snake strangling its prey
  • In a way, this does count as your first dance
  • Your first time dancing with a partner
  • Your heart skipped a bit when you saw him in the dressing room, made up and dressed in all black
  • And you stopped in your track bc he looked good
  • You missed the look he gave you as he scanned you head to toe
  • He had to stop himself from blushing bc oh my god it’s happening, he’s going to dance with this attractive person
  • He must’ve sensed your nervousness bc he turned to you
  • “Hey, don’t sweat it. You’ll do great. I promise.”
  • Those little words gave you a boost
  • You can say it’s like his way of saying “good luck”
  • But who needs luck when you got Kwon Soonyoung amirite
  • The stage dimmed and it’s just Soonyoung and you and the music
  • Your body seemed to move on its own, giving up all control to muscle memory and to Soonyoung
  • You memorized the routine like the back of your hand
  • Soonyoung’s touches and your eyes teasing, almost sensual, writing a story only the two of you knew
  • And to say that you wow-ed the audience was an understatement
  • You bombed the place
  • You were so in tune with both the song and with each other that what was supposed to be a three-minute dance felt like mere seconds
  • Before you know it, the song was over, you’re in his arms and you’re both breathing hard
  • It just felt..fleeting
  • The show was easily a success
  • Nobody thought you would work so well together after all those years of rivalry
  • But it just proves how two great dancers could overcome boundaries if they had enough will
  • Your friends and family crowded you when the show was over,
  • They went to congratulate you and tell you how amazing the performance was
  • But you could only think about Soonyoung
  • You wanted to thank him for the hard work he’s put into the performance and for all the times he took care of you
  • You tried to swallow the sinking feeling realizing that it’s over now
  • You’ll go back to your live before the dance and he’ll go back to his
  • As the tension was revolved by the time you spent working together on the dance, you knew there was no more reason for you to start something against him
  • Because you’ve grown so accustomed to him, and him to you
  • It’s like a routine you couldn’t shake off
  • It was at that moment that you realized you liked having Soonyoung around
  • Speaking of Soonyoung
  • You found him propped up on the edge of the stage, the lights from the projector up in the projector room far ahead in the the auditorium casting white light on him, his silhouette a giant background on the stage
  • Your silhouette joined his as you plopped down next to him
  • “What are you doing?” you asked him
  • “I like sitting along in a theater like this. Makes you feel small.”
  • “I had fun” you admitted
  • His lips quirked into a lopsided smile, his bunny teeth showing
  • “I had fun, too.”
  • You joined in as you took in the view
  • How the place seems so vast with the empty red velvet seats
  • “Hey, Y/N.. about that Nutcracker incident?” Soonyoung started
  • “What about it?”
  • “Can I pay you back with a kiss??”
  • And you expected him to suddenly say “SIKE.” and for someone to jump out of the curtains with a camera but it didn’t come
  • Instead, Soonyoung was looking at you with what seems to be apprehensiveness 
  • And the realization hit you like a truck
  • Bc he literally just asked you if he could kiss you to make up to all that childhood bitterness
  • At this point, Soonyoung looked ready to apologize and disappear from the face of the earth but before anything
  • You dove in like a hawk
  • You didn’t know what to expect when your lips finally locked but the kiss was chaste, almost shy even
  • The kiss felt like your dance; brief, fleeting, teasing
  • But it brought a certain fulfillment in your heart
  • When you pulled away, Soonyoung’s cheeks were colored red and he couldn’t stop smiling
  • “Oh. Oh.”
  • What??” you feel yourself heat up in embarrassment 
  • “…Can I kiss you again??”
  • “Oh my god.”
  • So at the end of that night, Soonyoung walked you home, with your pasts melting off like candy with every step that you take and laughter that you shared
  • And in the end, the kid who once stole your sandwich and role in that grade school musical ended stealing your heart, too

So I watched Starkid’s Leakycon performance today (I’m so sorry I couldn’t film all of it or even take pics, my phone screwed up and it was literally impossible) and I’m gonna tell you the highlights bc I can’t even believe it happened tbh

-they began with Goin’ Back to Hogwarts (classic sk) and thEY WERE WEARING MATCHING GOLD SHIRTS OMG
-Nick opened the song and was amazing as Harry
-In Hermione’s bit, Brian stole Joey’s line and changed it to “that would be cool ‘cause you are actually hot” nice going Brian :p  ignore this lmao @citizen-of-earth pointed out that it’s actually still Joey’s line but they changed Brian’s too to go along the same lines…just watch the recording and you’ll see what I mean
-Dylan did his “Welcooooooooooome” bit but held the note twice as long as normally - cue the other starkids looking surprised and v impressed
-Harry Freakin’ Potter - Joey knocked it out of the park with his dance moves I mean damn
-Next up was To Have A Home. All I can say about this is that Dylan freakin’ nailed it and that a bunch of people put their phone’s torches on and waved them in time to the music
-Meredith comes on and everyone goes WILD bc we all know what’s coming next
-Meredith like the absolute angel she is invites everyone to come up to the stage to help her sing it - stampede to the stage ensues
-I end up in the second row from the stage!! So close to Meredith!! And let me tell you pics on the internet do not do her beauty justice
-At the end of Coolest Girl she gets down and group hugs the audience, even though I wasn’t really close enough that’s like the best experience of my life
-Did I mention Nick came up with the most hilarious HP limericks in between songs?! Bc Ireland
-I think Different as Can Be came next?? All you need to know about this one is that Joe was like “you’re a sissy, a twat, a girl! I’m the darkest of lords!” And Brian replied with “I’m the brightest professor here, and also you shouldn’t call me things like that”
-GRANGER DANGER. Lauren and Joey were amazing as usual. Lauren pretended to be dead until her turn to sing came
-by the bridge point of the song they were singing rly intensely at eachother from about 2 feet away and got closer and closer towards the end of the song. At the end they had a tiny kiss and the audience died

(breaking this up into two parts bc damn it’s long)

2x19 - Alex - Episode Theory for the storyline

From my observations, i have maybe come up with what could possibly happen in this episode and maybe who the villain is in this week. Please see under the cut to read more incase people don’t want to see my theory which could maybe contain spoilers. I’m not sure this is just what i think it is:

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RFA: MC On Her Period

Heey! I’m in love with your blog and I would love to have you as a friend >w< Can I make a request on how would the RFA+V react to MC while on her period? Thank you in advance <3

Admin Ella Aww you can message me and the admins any time


- Has no clue at all

- Why are you in pain??? Did you eat something bad?????

- Treats you like you have a cold Yoosung pls

- When you tell him what you’re actually going through, Yoosung turns R E D

- Probably searches the internet for how to help with periods


- Surprisingly squeamish with blood 

- Especially when you’re the one bleeding

- Absolutely freaks out when he seems some blood in the trash 

- You had to awkwardly explain that you weren’t bleeding from an injury

- You vowed to wrap your bloodied…. items… tightly next time


- Being a woman, she knows how to help you deal with period pains and such

- Always stocked with pads and such

 - Has some painkillers for cramps as well 

- Usually avoids unhealthy foods, but buys chocolate and snacks whenever you’re having intense pains 


- Only knows about the technicalities of menstruation 

- Googles about periods and thinks the jokes are all legit facts

- Buys you chocolate and tries to avoid you bc thats what the internet said???

- Once you properly explain how you’re feeling, he absolutely sPOILS you

- Getting all the sweets and snacks you want isn’t always a good thing though…


- Actually really knowledgable probably to be convincing while crossdressing

- He has a ton of honey butter chips so you always have some snacks to satisfy your cravings

- Helps with constant cuddles and jokes

- Dresses in drag to get you pads/tampons 

- Secretly terrified whenever you’re in pain

[V and unknown] 

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Munchausen by Internet

Munchausen by Internet is a term coined by psychiatry professor Dr. Marc Feldman to describe the online manifestation of the mental disorder called Munchausen Syndrome, i.e., people who fake their own illness. People with Munchausen by Internet join online social groups and pretend to be ill because they crave the attention, care, and sympathy that sick people get. They do it to get attention and lenience, act out anger and jealousy, and/or control others. This type of behavior is on the rise online, so it’s helpful to learn how to recognize it and how to react when you do encounter it.

How to Identify a Faker Online

If you spend any significant amount of time socializing online, you’ve probably come across at least a few people who claim to be seriously ill. Your online friend’s plight might tug at your heartstrings, but how can you tell when someone is legitimately in trouble and when he/she is just faking? According to Dr. Feldman’s research, there are ten common clues to detect whether you’re being duped by someone with Munchausen by Internet. Here’s a summary, paraphrased in simple language, of what Dr. Feldman says to watch for:

1. The person uses detailed medical discussions copied from textbooks or medical sites.

2. It’s obvious that the person would not be capable of posting or chatting if he were really as seriously ill as he claims.

3. The person doesn’t understand the disease he supposedly has, so his symptoms are exaggerated or seem like a caricature of the illness.

4. The person alternates between almost dying and miraculously recovering.

5. The person gives contradictory or obviously false information about his condition.

6. When the group begins to pay more attention to other members, the person makes a new, dramatic announcement in order to put himself back in the spotlight.

7. The person claims that the lack of sympathy from group members is causing his condition to worsen.

8. The person gives bizarre excuses why he can’t communicate with group members by any method other than online.

9. The person describes his misfortunes with inappropriate happiness in order to attract more attention.

10. New group members show up to post on behalf of the person. These new characters have the same writing style as the person suspected of having Munchausen by Internet.

How to Deal With Someone Exhibiting Munchausen by Internet

The impact of this kind of deception on Internet communities is pretty bad. It tends to rip them apart as people take sides, some believing the ruse and others pointing out the deception. Group members are accused of disloyalty, gullibility, persecution, etc. Dr. Feldman acknowledges that sadism, on the part of the “patient,” is present in the worst cases. Victims of such deceit say that they feel “emotionally raped” when they find out that they’ve been deceived. Sometimes, groups that fall prey to such a scenario never recover from the negativity and schisms that arise.

What should an Internet group do when they suspect that such a situation is unfolding? It’s important to balance skepticism with empathy; not everybody is a “faker.” In a self-help article, Dr. Feldman suggests having “a small number of established members gently, empathetically, and privately question the author of the dubious posts.” He suggests that at first the person will vehemently deny any accusation, but eventually the person will disappear from the group. Some groups will opt to ban the perpetrator and ban any further discussion of the individual and the general drama created. Dr. Feldman says, “Remaining members may need to enlist help in processing their feelings, ending any bickering or blaming, and refocusing the group on its original laudable goal.”

Despite this expert advice, another logical conclusion might be, given the emotional toll that Munchausen by Internet can have on victims of deception, that it’s best to focus on identifying the problem behavior and then to steer clear of the person completely.


Marc D. Feldman, M.D., “Munchausen by Internet: Detecting Factitious Illness and Crisis on the Internet,” Southern Medical Journal

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The informational content of this article is intended to convey general educational
information and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional healthcare advice.

EXO | You Have A Child From A Previous Relationship

Anonymous said:

hi! i really like your blog! would you mind doing a reaction for monsta x and exo when their s/o they’ve been dating for about a month nervously reveals she has a child from a previous relationship? thanks!

I searched the internet far and wide….okay maybe I searched google and searched for a little over an hour…and most of these are gifs a couple of them are not….

Y/C/N (Your Child’s Name)

I can see Xiumin at first being upset, and not at the fact that you had a child from a previous relationship. He would be upset that you didn’t tell him from the start; he adores you and wants to know everything about you and your child would be a vital part of your life, so why shouldn’t he know? After you gave him your reasonings (whatever they might be) he would understand and of course say that if you were comfortable with it he would like to meet them.

“I just have to get my jacket and then we can go to dinner,” you said, walking out of your bedroom.

“But Minnie isn’t ready yet,” your daughter said as she put a flower clip in Minseok’s hair.

“One cannot go out without the proper hair accessories,” he said, flashing you a smile.

Originally posted by theseoks

Saying as Suho was normally the one calling “family meetings” and it was just the two of you, he was concerned by what you had to tell him. When you told him that you had a child from a previous relationship he wondered why you didn’t tell him from the get go (I don’t think something like this would be a deal breaker for him), but he didn’t question you about it openly. Instead he would ask to meet your child and he would make them feel comfortable around him in true Suho fashion.

“Here comes Mr. Teddy Bear…”

It would come as a shock to him when you revealed to him that you had a child from a previous relationship. But it wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. He loved you and as such he would do his best to get along with your child and set a good example. But…I would also like to wish you good luck actually getting your child back…

“Yixing, I need to give him his bath,” you said, reaching for your son.

“Tsk,” he said, pushing your hands away, “Can’t you see we are in the middle of The Land Before Time? A bath can wait a few more minutes.”

“Terrified” would probably be the words to describe how he was feeling in that exact moment that you told him that you had a child from a previous relationship. He’s a usually loud guy and his silence would concern you. Mainly that concern would probably be a bunch of questions that you either were or were not ready to answer and him wondering if the child would like him. He loves kids but there was still that worry that yours in particular wouldn’t like him.

“He’ll love you Baek, just be yourself,” you said, trying to reassure him, “Are you ready to meet him.”

“Yeah…yeah I’m ready,” he replied.

You went and got your son from his bedroom and introduced him to a now smiling Baekhyun. “He looks just like you Y/N…he has your cute cheeks…hey little man.”

He would probably be quick to want to meet your child leaving you with a dumbfounded look on your face.

“What did you think I was going to leave you cause you had a kid?”

Honestly that was your biggest fear; but with Jongdae (much like Lay) I think that because of his bond with you it wouldn’t take much for him to get along with your child.

“Um…Dae? Can I have my son back?” you asked, as he began to walk down the hallway of SM.

“After I show him off to the guys, yeah,” he replied, walking off.

Originally posted by dayafterdae

For this sweetie you wouldn’t have to worry about nerves. As soon as you tell him about your child he would be ready to him and making plans about the games they could play. But just know…when it comes to potty time he has nothing to do with diapers.

“Did you say “potty”?” Chanyeol questioned before quickly picking up your son and running down the stairs of the park, “Y/N! Y/N! I need you!”

“What happened to my 30 minutes of eomma alone time?” you questioned, putting down your book.

“I don’t control potty time, take that up with him!”

Originally posted by luedeer

Kyungsoo would probably be a little terrified when he heard the words leave your mouth, however…he would know what the best way to approach this situation was slowly. He wouldn’t immediately tell the child that you were dating (if the child even understood at that point) he would just start as “mommy’s friend who came over during playtime” and as they got to know each other he would allow things to go from there.

It is in his DNA to be a father. If you have seen anything with him and kids, he is a natural with them. So as soon as the words left your mouth that you had a child his response would be “when do I get to meet him?”

Your son was never quick to warm up to people but as soon as he met Jongin they clicked and like they had never not known each other.

“Boys dinner is-,” you started but stopped when you saw Jongin sitting on the floor with your son in his lap reading him a book.

“The rabbit has big ears huh? What if I got your ear?” Jongin asked, giving a small tug to his ear.

“No, my ear,” your son replied laughing.

Originally posted by blondejongin

He was scared at first when you told him about his child. But as sassy as this boy can be he’s a sweetie and is caring. Though it was scary, he would jump at every opportunity to help you whenever he could and I could see him and your child quickly becoming close.

“Where did-oh my god!” you said, when you realized that your daughter who had gotten away from you had run up on stage.

“You all know about my girlfriend, Y/N,” he said as she wrapped her arms around his legs, “Well this is Y/N’s daughter Y/C/N…my princess.”

As much as he would try and act cool about the news he would probably be internally freaking out about the fact that you had a child from a previous relationship. But as soon as he would meet the child that internal freak out would turn into a gooey mess.

“Well, how are things?” you asked checking up on things.

“They’re great,” Luhan said, “He’s amazing jagi.”

Kris loves kids, so like Xiumin, it wouldn’t be the “you have a kid” part as much as the “not telling” part. He would immediatly question why you thought you needed to hide something as important as this. But any irritation would go away as soon as he met your son.

“You look just like your eomma,” Kris said.

“Eomma says you sing,” your son said, holding a fake microphone, “I sing sometimes too.”

“Do ya buddy? Will you show me?” Kris questioned earning a nod from your son.

You’d probably get mixed signals from Tao. On one hand he was in love with you and wanted nothing more than to see you happy and share every aspect of your lives together. OOOOOOOOOOON the other hand, he wasn’t real confident when it came to the subject of tiny humans. But he would give his best even if it took some time to get used to things.

“What is that?? Did you pick your nose again??” you heard from the back seat. On the way to your mother’s house Tao had decided to sit in the back seat with your daughter and read to her and keep her preoccupied during the long ride.

“Is everything okay back there?” you questioned, looking in the review mirror.

“I have become a human tissue…” he said sadly.

“And that’s why bleach was invented.”


So as an autistic person I think it’s dumb as fuck when NT people tell me I’m ‘’’’lucky’’’’’ because I’m on ‘’’’the high end of the spectrum’’’’’’ which is dumb as shit.

Listen folks I wasn’t allowed to stim without being told off for it, when I was nine I had to ‘’’grow out’’’ of stimming because aparantly me stimming could make me a target for pedophiles (actual words from my mum)

I had to hide my sensory overloads out of fear of being rediculed and I can tell you when you’re forced to attend a large social gathering with lots of people and you’re autistic it’s horrible.

When I try to stim nowadays I’m told not to stim and when I tell my mum autistic people do it she will say “You’ve been on the internet too much.”

Even at school most people will use the word retard, an ableist term and when I try to watch my favourite youtubers sometimes they too say retard and use autistic as an insult, which makes me feel ashamed of myself for being autisitc.

So the next time you, a neurotypical person, act like I’m fucking lucky because I’m ‘’high functioning’ remember this post, because 9/10 times it’s you who is the lucky one.

A Mother's Day for the Rest of Us

As I typed the title, I’m instantly reminded of the Seinfeld episode, and Frank Costanza’s holiday Festivus (a replacement for Christmas). He was annoyed by the commercialization of Christmas, so he observes his own celebration (minus the distracting tinsel). Anywho.

I can’t have kids. I found out when I was 32, when I was plunged unceremoniously into menopause (that journey deserves its own blog, tbh).

I’m one of millions of women who are infertile, so that doesn’t make me special. It doesn’t make me anything. I always wanted kids. I still do. I always thought I had time. I was wrong.

Mother’s Day rolls around every year, and I’m reminded every year by nearly every ad agency, Facebook frame, or well-meaning checker in your local big box store of my biological inadequacy. It does not bother me like it once did, although that gentle, sad trauma memory tugs a little harder in those moments… That memory of a 32 year old me sitting alone in a specialist’s office as he told me my eggs had died.

“They died.”

It’s such a finite phrase. So terminal. So indisputable. There is no “but” that can follow it. The period on that sentence rings in the deafening silence with an echo that follows for years after (I’ll let you know when I stop hearing it). My genetic future children… Gone.

What has changed for me, though, is a an increased awareness of what Mother’s Day means or can mean to every woman. Like any holiday, it can be one of joy or pain or discomfort. We don’t all have good relationships with our mothers, or some of us have lost ours. If you love and have loved in a way that is pure and profound, be it experiencing the love of a child or an animal, then I hazard to say you have experienced a mother’s love. I believe I have. Natural selection may have taken away my ability to procreate, but I can most certainly reproduce love.

Somewhere today a woman is grieving a lost child. Somewhere a couple awaits news of a fertility test, or a mother is on bedrest from a high risk pregnancy, or a single mom is working a weekend job to support her children and she forgot it was even Mother’s Day. Somewhere some barren non-traditional mother pours her heart out into the far reaches of the Internet b/c she’s thinking of other people just like her.

If you read this and you know someone like that, tell them you hope they have the best day ever, and that you think they are amazing.

Let’s Do It For Mom (Nam Joo Hyuk)

Type: Fluff

Request: Can I have a nam joohyuk scenario where he is on running man but it’s the morning and he doesn’t remember that there are cameras and kisses you passionately and then is like “…. I forgot” also a father on three little ones

Yes sorry I meant return of the Superman

Can I have a fluffy make out with nam joohyuk and there is so a baby involved

I think they might’ve meant for return of Superman?🤔🤔 If not, I think it’s still a super cute idea and so i would wanna request it as a superman scenario for joohyuk 

~this is actually the second Return of Superman scenario I’ve done for him xD~

There was a fine coat of mist that covered air of the large bedroom. Soon a male body sat up, Joohyuk’s lanky yet nicely toned fram sat straight up before he glanced over to his tiny body clinging to an oversized teddy bear before he glanced over at you. As he hand lightly touched your far hip as he leaned over you. His lips lightly pressed onto yours before he deepened it as your lips moved with his. The moment was cute for only a second before he upped it, you pushed him back lightly. “Cameras” you whispered as he looked around “oh um, I forgot that started today” he responded quietly. “Mommy” a voice called as your son had sat up. His hair nicely up in a bun so he didn’t have a birds nest in the morning.

You got out of bed checking the crib by your side of the bed as you carefully placed the infant girl, Mirae onto the bed beside Joohyuk who had laid back down. You picked up your 3 year old Sinyang and started your morning routine. Your son looked extremely confused by the camera in front of the sink. You began washing his lightly tanned face before picking up the car themed tooth brush. “Remember what I taught you?” you asked as he nodded and let you get it ready before he stuck it in his mouth and began brushing. Sort of. Just enough for you to let his locks gracefully fall as you pulled it out of the hair tie. You picked up the brush and started brushing his hair as he continued his brushing. You stopped as you and started brushing his teeth more thoroughly before he spat out and you gave him some water. This was an every morning routine for you guys. Joohyuk basically woke you up to wake everyone else up.

Your couch was occupied by the the other half of your twins, 3 year old Minchae as you headed over and picked her up after putting Sinyang down. You did the same routine with the half awake girl by the time you came out of the bathroom your husband was sitting on the couch beside your son while your 6 month old sat calmly in her walker. “Had to get up eventually” Joohyuk hummed as you nodded. “I’ll make breakfast then go” you tell him as he looked up at you “do you really?” he asked “I would love to have some time off” you tell him as he sighs but nods.


“Hello my name is Nam Joohyuk. I am a father of 3. Twin 3 year olds and a 6 month old baby girl” he listened to the people behind the camera for a moment before smiling “my son has long hair because he doesn’t want a hair cut. But often people think he’s a girl because he’s so pretty. Actually one of the things my wife wants me to do is to get him a haircut. She doesn’t like having to unknot his hair all the time” he rambled. “The only one who was still enough for the interview was Mirae” he told as he held up his 6 month old. “She’s my little baby” he spoke as he pressed a kiss to her cheek. She giggled before he sat her back on his lap. “My son is Sinyang and his twin sister is Minchae” he comments.

“I’m not very active as a father sadly. I love them a lot and my wife as well. And my wife wanted me to be on the show to show everything that I take for granted” he explains. “When I wake up breakfast is already made, the twins are dressed, and Y/N goes as far as making me lunch and dinner when I have a project going on. Even when she was supposed to be on bed rest when she was pregnant she took care of us” his face soon had a sad look on it as Mirae let out a whine as she understood her father’s face. He smiled as stroked her hair. “I’m gonna do my best for my wife” he promised the camera as he got up. “Please enjoy my family” he finished as he headed out of the room.


“Daddy where are we going?” Sinyang asked as the twins held onto the stroller “we’re gonna go to the hair salon” he tells them “everyone is getting a haircut except Mirae because she barely has any hair to begin with” he says as his little one looks up at him from in the stroller. She had one very tiny hair tie holding up a very tiny pigtail. It was very much different from his elders as they had rather long hair. 

They walked into the salon as Joohyuk helped his twins out of their jackets before he walked in more. “Hello” the young lady behind the counter said “hey so I need haircuts for my toddlers” he comments as she nods. “Are you getting one?” she asked him “sure I guess if it would be easier for them to do it then” he says as he taps the counter. He smiled “how about you look for hairstyles while I get my hair done?” he asked them as they nodded. 

He watched them through the mirror as they looked at pictures of different hairstyles with one of the workers and while Mirae sat on the lap of another as they were trying to keep all of them entertained. Joohyuk didn’t get too much taken off but enough to see the difference. “Alright who’s next?” he asked as he took a seat on the couch and was handed Mirae “Sinyang liked this one” the lady said as Joohyuk’s eyes widened largely “he likes bowl cuts?” he asked as he looked at his son’s long hair “both of them like the idea of short hair because Minchae likes this one” she continued pulling up a picture of chin length hair. He sat there staring at them for a moment trying to see if he could actually see it on them. “Whatever they want. It’s hair it’ll grow then” he said as Mirae clapped. 


Joohyuk stared at his twins while they ate. They both looked 10 times lighter than beforehand, the bowl hair was even styled just like his. Minchae didn’t have noodles stuck in her hair either. They looked rather stylish now. “Is the pasta good?” he asked as they still managed to get alfredo sauce on their face and clothing. He got nods as Mirae drew attention towards her again “sorry” he says as he scooped up some apple sauce and fed her it which she gladly took. He kept sending looks at them “mommy will be surprised to see your hair” he comments as they were too busy eating to care. “No one wants to talk. Okay” he mumbled as Mirae was playing with the camera at the end of the table “no no no” he tells her as she let’s out a sound as her highchair was pulled closer to him.


He spent the next day learning how to braid hair from his friend, Jisoo who had an older daughter than his own. “Where’d you learn how to braid hair?” Joohyuk asked “my wife wouldn’t teach me how to so I learned from the internet” Jisoo comments as he finished a braid on his daughter’s head. “I can’t believe neither of the twins have long hair. You can finally tell them apart from behind” Jisoo jokes “I know. It’s weird. Y/N still hasn’t seen it yet” Joohyuk tells as Jisoo laughs “thats just great” he comments. “So I’m gonna make her dinner, dress the kids up, and hope it goes well” he says as he looks at the messy braid he did in his daughter’s hair. “Maybe I’ll just do clips” he mumbles “you need more practice but since this is for tomorrow, yeah just put hair clips in” he was told as Jisoo finished another braid.


“Mommy is gonna be here soon” he tells his kids as he made sure his son’s hair was properly gelled up before he smiled. “You look good” he comments as he stood up. The camera weren’t on because the two days were over and it was a special time. Soon the door opened as Joohyuk made an excited face and sent the twins on their ways to greet you. Joohyuk leaned against the counter waiting for you as you came into the house with an amazed look “did all of you get haircuts?” you asked as your twins wrapped themselves around your legs “I mean Mirae has like nothing to cut” yhe tells as you looked over at your daughter who smiled in her high chair chewing on a teething toy filled with frozen mush “she doesn’t care as long as she’s fed really” he told as you grabbed your bag “go sit at the table guys I’m gonna put my bag in the room them I’ll be right out” you say as they nodded and headed to the table.

The moment you entered the bedroom you heard feet as Joohyuk had ventured in as well. “What are you doing?” you asked him as he simply smiled. He pulled you in for a kiss, you smiled as you deepened it with ease. Your legs bounced off of your bed before you both fell onto the bed continuing the kiss. You didn’t know how long past before you two registered a voice “daddy why are you eating mommy?” Minchae asked as Joohyuk pulled away with a lovely shade of lipstick staining his face “sorry” he said embarrassed as you started laughing at his look. “You don’t look any better” he told you as you smiled “we’ll be out in a minute babe” he told his daughter as she ran off “come on I have makeup wipes in the bathroom” you tell him as he followed you.

You wiped your mouth off first as it came off with ease before you began cleaning his mouth off “your face is like stained” you tell him as he looked in the mirror seeing most of it was gone but he still was tinted “well thats a reliable shade then” he said as he shrugged. “Come on I made you food” he says as he pulls you with him. A smile crossed your lips at the cuteness of your husband.

This Step is Hard Too Part 3

Winchesters Brothers x Sister Reader, reader is 15 years old

Warnings: swearing

Summary: The reader is going through some rough challenges with her sexuality and Charlie is there to help. But before they can fix the problem. a hunt gets in the way.

This is canon as much as I can get it. I’m using lines from the episode Slumber Party Season 9 Episode 4. I do not claim any of the words that are italized in this part. The plot of the hunt is not mine either. Again, I do not claim the words and plot of the hunt from supernatural episode Slumber Party. 

Word Count: 2,864

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