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You're The Only One

❁ Request: So can you do a Yoongi imagine where we’re in a big fight and you flinch as he does something ?
❁ Group: BTS
❁ Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
❁ Genre: Angst || Fluff
❁ Word Count: 1392
❁ Summary: Yoongi comes home, only to ignore you the entire time. After getting fed up with getting ignored, you try to talk to your boyfriend only to be accused of cheating on him with one of his members.
❁ Authors note: I am so so so so so sorry that this took so long, i really hope you like it. Also I am really sorry if this is bad, I haven’t written anything other than school assignments for over a year and I’ve never written in second person before. Thank you so so so much @evalocity​ for not only encouraging me write this, giving me some ideas and editing it, but for also continually telling me that I am a good writer who is capable of finally finishing this imagine. ily boo xx. feel free to send me how i can improve in my ask box! (this future english major probably, doesn’t even know how to properly space out paragraphs so lol if someone wants to tell me how to do that feel free) also I might rename this later on

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((how the heck do you draw hands))

So here’s some fanart for this amazing fic called Meant to Be by @puns-and-fics and I would really recommend it bc it’s so sweet. Angsty (it honestly made me cry) but sweet. This is my first proper finished (well, finished without facial expressions) fanart and you can probably tell that by the fact that I put w a y too much effort into it (also I haven’t used this art style since my final Art GCSE project this time last year). I’m not totally happy with the colouring but overall I think I did okay ^_^ Hope you like it!!

The Distractor - Fred Weasley Imagine


Hi! Can you please do a Fred imagine where I am trying to do homework in the library before Christmas break ends but Fred (my boyfriend) keeps distracting me by being sexual and kissing my neck and all that? And I try to tell him to go away but he keeps doing it more and more then I ultimately go with it? I’d love for Fred to be EXTREMELY flirtatious and suggestive with lots of fluff. Do what you want with it. Thanks so much! Love you! 💕💫🌷🌙💋🌻

•Warning: Touchy Fred!•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I currently sat in the library reading the book named ‘Hogwarts: A History’ trying to get as much details that I can off the book and onto my essay that was due tomorrow before break starts and everyone leaves home. This Christmas break I decided to stay with Fred, he and his family begged for me to come and stay with them for Christmas. I’ve been there a couple of times but never for the holidays, I’m pretty excited I can tell you that. I sighed running my hands through my soft hair roughly letting out a deep sigh, I barely finished my fourth paragraph and I need three more left. I’m starting to think that Professor Mcgonagall hates us. I slowly read a sentence trying to understand every word and try to get some kind of idea off of it and onto my paper. I sighed deeply again before turning the page to a whole new chapter, I felt strong but gently arms wrap around my waist from behind me making me jump and squeal. “Shh!!!” I heard a voice hiss, I turned my head to see Madam Pince pointing a finger at me then slowly moving her index finger over her lips telling me to be quiet. I nodded at her before quickly turning around to look at the person who made me squeal. With no surprise at all it was my boyfriend, Fred Weasley, always smirking whenever he sees me. His red flaming hair always messy, his beautiful brown orbs that seem to always have a twinkle in them, and his rebellious attitude has got me drooling. I don’t know how I ever go so lucky to find a guy like Fred Weasley, but I’m glad I did. “Fred. What are you doing here?” I asked returning to my essay “I wanna spend time with you.” He whispered making his grip around my waist a little tighter placing his chin on my shoulder. “Well, I can’t right now Freddie. I’m busy.” I said sadly turning another page in the book, writing down a sentence I found in the book.

“Please.” He begged, I sighed turning towards him “Can you wait ten more minutes?” I asked placing my arms around his neck, he nodded leaning forward kissing me. I kissed him back with the same amount of want and passion, he slowly ran his tongue on my bottom lips asking for entrance that I did not grant him. I pulled back “Ten minutes” I teased turning back to my essay, I wrote down a few more sentences happy with myself that I finished a paragraph. “Are you done yet?” Fred whined pouting his lower lip “Freddie. It’s only been four minutes!” I exclaimed “that’s a long time!” He pouted, I continued to write on my paper ignoring his complaints. “How about you write one more sentence then we can leave?” He suggested “I need two more paragraphs! Please go away!” I hissed getting a bit frustrated. He growled standing in the same position he was a few minutes ago, hands tightly around my waist with his chin resting gently on my shoulder. After a few seconds of silence, he broke it “Did you sit on a pile of sugar?” He asked “No. Why?” I asked suspiciously getting a bit worried that there’s was something on me. “Are you sure? Because you got a pretty sweet ass” he said smirking, I laughed heat rushing up to my cheeks “That was really cheesy, Weasley” I smiled writing down another sentence on my paper “you always like my cheesy pick up lines.” He chuckled, he started to kiss my temple slowly making his was down to my jaw line, then to my neck. He kissed my neck softly making me smile, then he started to suck on my sensitive skin making it way to hard for me to concentrate on my work. I quickly bit my bottom lip harshly suppressing a moan, god I hated when Fred would kiss me there in public.

He started to suck more harshly by the second surely leaving a few bruises. “Fred” I whimpered, after a few seconds of waiting for him to stop, I stood up quickly. “Where are you going?” He asked sadly “Um… I’m g-going to go get another b-book.” I stuttered out feeling flustered as if it were me and Fred’s first time kissing like that. I walked to the back of the library looking for another book about Hogwarts and to calm my heartbeat that was racing. I went through an aisle running my finger against the books leather spines finally finding one that had the word 'Hogwarts’ on it. But before I could reach the leather book I felt a hand grab my ass and squeeze it softly, I gasped turning around to see Fred. Of course. Geez this boy was such a flirt. That I can’t resist. I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him into a rough and heated kiss making both of us moan. He ran his hand through my hair roughly then placing his hand at the back of my neck keeping me in place. His hands slowly made it to my butt squeezing it softly, but since I’m a huge tease. I pulled back, grabbing the leather book named 'Hogwarts’ and started to run back to my essay leaving Fred breathless and excited in the back of the library. I quickly wrote down one sentence. 'That makes one paragraph, one more to go!’ I thought in my head excitedly. I quickly opened the book reading through it rapidly trying to get this darn essay done, then I saw from the corner of my eye a glint of red hair.

He sat down in the seat next to me, I glanced his way and saw that his hair was more messy than usual and that his lips were a bit swollen with a hint of red. He took my right hand in his left hand intertwining our fingers together, Fred always did this after we were done kissing or after a long day. I only needed three more sentences but it seemed harder than I thought, Fred who I thought gave up on trying to distract me, did the opposite of what I thought. He slowly let go of my hand and placed it on my knee sending a shiver down my spine. I slapped it away gently reading a new page on the book, he placed his hand on my leg again but not on my knee, but on my thigh…
I slapped it away making Fred whine, he stood up behind me wrapping his arms around my chest tightly almost to the point where I can’t breath but I like it, it makes me feel safe and protected. He lightly places kisses all over my cheek sending a warm feeling in my stomach, this feeling is a meaning. Meaning that I need to get away from this paper! I sigh standing up before placing my essay in my bag, throwing the bag over my shoulder. I grab Fred’s hand and intertwined our fingers together, he smiles down at me as I rest my head on his chest leaving the library. We go to the Gryffindor common room and relax, Fred laying on the couch with me on top of him, my head nuzzled into his neck. “I love you” he whispers right before I’m about to close my eyes “I love you too” I whisper back more like a mumble but I’m sure he can hear. I’m Almost on the verge of closing my eyes due to Fred’s fingers stroking my back softly back and forth kissing my head in the process. Soon we both drift off to sleep, tangled in each other’s arms.

~The Next Day At Night~

“Oh (Y/n)! It’s so wonderful of you to come and stay with us for the Holidays!” Mrs. Weasley said in a thankful tone, this is the second time she’s thanked me today. “Thank you, For inviting me” I said giving her a smile, she smiled back. “It was no problem at all dear” she said starting to eat her soup. For dinner, Mrs. Weasley made us French onion soup with fresh baked bread and butter. I sat next to Fred, who was holding my hand in his loosely. “Oh my…” Mrs. Weasley blurted out, everyone turned their head towards her “What’s wrong?” I asked as I noticed that she was staring at me “What happened to your neck dear? There’s bruises all over it!” She exclaimed, George who was sitting across the table from me and Fred sprayed out a mouthful of French onion soup all over us when he saw my “bruises”. He started to laugh hysterically as Fred moved my collar out of the way showing more of the purple marks “What hap-” he started but quickly shut his mouth when he figured out what they were. “Nice Job Freddie!” George said aloud clapping his hands together, I blushed just remembering the reason why I have hickies all over my neck. I laughed nervously as Mrs. Weasley gave her son, Fred, a glare waiting for an answer. This is going to be a great break.


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Les Mis Breakfast Club AU

After Javert leaves, Cosette makes it through two paragraphs of her “Why I’m in Detention” essay before someone speaks.

“Does anyone else feel like ‘because the administration are assholes’ is a valid answer to this writing prompt?” Bahorel asks from the back row, where he seems to be folding up his notebook paper into some kind of elaborate aircraft.

“That’s pretty much always the answer to the detention question,” says Courfeyrac, like he was waiting for it. “Unfortunately, being honest tends to get you extra detentions and no one has time for that. How about something shame-faced about not letting your temper get the better of you? They love that.”

“I’m going existential this time,” says Grantaire, two desks over from Cosette. He seems to have drawn an elaborate picture of a praying mantis in the upper corner of his picture already. “Like, why are any of us here? What brings us to this point?”

Enjolras, who sat front row dead center and glared Javert down the whole time he was lecturing them all, turns in his seat. “I’m talking about the systemic prejudices surrounding many of the rules the administration insists are worthy of Saturday detention.” Everyone nods like that’s only to be expected.

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Missing - Kim Hanbin Angst

Request: hanbin angst scnenario, you get jealous over lee hi and you two get into fight, he said hurtful things to you and you want break up but he regret it (happy end) please?

Ooh, I get jealous over Lee Hi too damnNN she’s so good ok anyway I hope you like it! (-:

Group Member: Kim Hanbin x You (in replacement of ‘you’, I’ll use the name ‘Shay’)

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama/Romance

Song Inspiration: Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine


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Update: he saw my last message asking about what this means, how he feels, and what he wants moving forward, but he still hasn’t replied, which I guess is telling enough :/ I’m trying to be more calm because I finished the bulk of my finals, and only have two more essays left, so at least school is less stressful. Tomorrow is our spring fling so hopefully that will be fun but idk in the back of my mind, all I can really think about is how much I’m losing him if I haven’t already lost him :( anyways, I guess more relevant to you all is that I finally have time to be more active and reply to all the messages in my inbox, so feel free to send something in! I hope you all are doing well at least, and thank you so much for putting up with me lately. I appreciate you listening, caring, and being here for me so much more than you know. You’re truly the best group of people ❤

Music tag!

you can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. no skipping.

i was tagged by @mikamee !! thank you !! <3

i finally finished my essay so i can do these~~~

1. Blood, Sweat, and Tears - BTS


3. Hate - 4Minute

4. Feeling Good - Michael Bublé

5. Intro: Boy Meets Evil - BTS

6. Victorious - P!atD

7. Fools - Namjoon & Jungkook cover

8. Not Today - BTS

9. Good Luck - AOA

10. Demons - Frank Turner


i’ll tag @kitkasimba, @mcnyoongi, @xerxesthehatter, and @mad-top-hatter

And Just When I Thought Things Would Be Easy With Us.

College!AU A/N: Watch me acciedently end up doing a shit ton of series because I never seem to be able to write a one shot or something…geez. Anyways! College!Dean is one of my fav things in the world , because let’s be honest…Dean is incredibly smart. But yeah, this is like a Part 1 as well I suppose. Also I would die if I could be best friends with Dean Winchester.

Originally posted by winchesterstrenchcoat

If there was anything you hated more than Winter Quarter, it was the long stretch between now and spring break (even if it was only a week away). Everything in you, asked – begged you to just lay down for a couple seconds and rest but with finals coming up, last minute projects and having to pick classes for the next quarter there was no way in hell that you could stop now. Your eyes burned from exhaustion, feeling as if they were going to melt out of your sockets (extreme? Yes.). While everyone else seemed so to be buzzing over Spring Break that was officially 5 days away, you still had two finals to take and of course, it was on the hardest classes you’ve taken since Senior Year Statistics in High School. So obviously, you were not in the best of moods. All you wanted to do was scream, and maybe get a good cry out – oh, and also have some spaghetti, something you have been craving for the past week or so.

“If you glare at that coffee any harder, it’ll surely explode or some shit,”

You quickly glanced up to the owner of the rough voice that you would, without a doubt, know anywhere. Dean Winchester. Green apple-eyed bachelor who had the world at the palm of his hand if he so chose. Somehow, in between the 3 years you had been in school, you had crossed paths with the handsome soon to be engineer, and who was now the bestest friend the world had ever blessed you with. How? Honestly you had no idea. It all started in the mandatory Earth Science class you were required to take. Dean had been late to the very first class and there were only two seats that were vacant in the whole room; one was for those who wrote with their left hand and the other was next to you at the edge of the room towards the window that overlooked the canal that rested on the outskirts of your campus. So of course, this bumbling, clumsy mess of a human being who reeked of arrogance and sex appeal sat next to you and since then – after many projects and many late night studying for important exams, you both became inseparable. He told you everything, confided in you. He told you about his little brother, Sam, and how proud he was of him. How he worked double shifts sometimes in order to help Sam pay for Stanford and Dean wouldn’t change it for the world. He told you about the loss of his mother in a house fire that tore their family apart. How his Dad lost it and Dean was left to pick up the broken pieces of what was left of the Winchesters, how he ached for Sam and the regret he had for not allowing Sam to have a normal life – not that it was in anyway his fault. The list went on and on.

You scoffed at Dean, moving your books aside so he could sit in the vacant seat next to you, his own coffee in hand. He placed his bag on the ground and watched you with an amused smirk. Dean was never and I mean never stressed out about school. He was the epitome of the perfect student and as much as he hated to admit it, he was good at being a student, good at learning and being a responsible and mature adult who had his crap together. You, on the other hand, while not an awful student, did have to put a lot more effort in order to get the grades you wanted, and often begged for Dean’s help when it came to studying and finals. God, finals always kicked you in the ass.

“Did you get any sleep last night, sweetheart? You look as if you’re about to fall asleep on this table,” His brows furrowed in concern as he brushed a few strands of hair away from your face. You tried not to blush. After three years, you would think that you would be immune to the charm that oozed out of the older Winchester, but nope. You were not granted that wish. It was a shocker that Dean hadn’t mentioned anything in the years that you had been friends. How could you not have a crush on this heaven sent angel? He was perfect in every sense of the word as far as you could tell.

“Had to finish my essay for my Middle East class as well as the speech for the religion class. I’m running on 2 hours of sleep and I want to rip my heart out,” You whimpered at the thought of everything that you had done last night, you really needed to rest. Now.

“I heard from Benny that your speech was awesome. Hey, hey come on, don’t break down on me now. What do you say about coming over to my apartment and we can just order in some Chinese and relax, okay?”

“But don’t you have another class today?” It was only 1 in the afternoon and Dean was not one for skipping class. He merely shrugged, grinning widely as he grabbed your books and bag as well as his own. You tried to grab your crap from him but he swatted your hand away and gave you a pointed look.

“Missing one creative writing class isn’t going to stop me from graduating. Besides if I ever need help, I can always come to you for papers,” he winked, holding the door open as you both walked out of the school café. Dean’s beloved 1967 Chevy Impala was parked next to the canal. It was a beautiful spring day, surprisingly warm for the city and everyone seemed to be taking advantage of it by laying out on the grass, wearing shorts and whatnot. Dean chatted away about his day, going on and on about how much of a dick his Calculus III Professor was, giving them loads of new worksheets to do before the final that was next Tuesday, the last day of the quarter. I praised every high power, it finally being Friday and I could rejuvenate and get back to the groove of things. End with a bang, right?

“Is Benny going to be home?”  

“Nah. He has a date with some chick he met at the bar last week. So movie night? Or…?” Dean for once seemed nervous. It wasn’t as if it was the first time I was going to their shared apartment. In fact, a majority of my time was spent there. I eyed him warily as he set my things in the back seat of the sleek black car. I was too tired to fully question and observe him, and the thought of laying down on the large L-shaped couch that rested in their living room nearly made me giggle. Dean Winchester’s weirdness could wait.

Movie Night

Author: Zoe (Of course)

Warning: None

Word Count: 2,023

“You’re an insufferable, unruly, and outrageous young man, but you are my brother, so I cannot say that I don’t love you,” You hummed, patching your brother’s wound. Alexander had come home from yet another scuttle with his classmates. “I told you not to antagonize Lee.”

“He shouldn’t have said that women are a lower class than men, and then on top of that you should have heard all the shit he said about Lafayette!” Alexander raged, his hands balling up into fists. “The minority of blacks get enough crap as it is; make that into a genderqueer pansexual black and you have Lee raging on about all the things ‘wrong and sinful’ with- ugh, glad that you’re the only one with a good shot, or I’d challenge him to a duel.”

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i’m screaming @ myself rn i woke up an hour ago and took my adderall so i would be able to finish all the hw i have and now i’m fucking running around the house texting friends and inviting them over, telling my project partners i’m gonna finish the powerpoints and essays we have to do this is wild y'all

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Would you be willing do any GOT metas/analysis? I can't exactly say now what you should talk about but just for a future reference I guess lol.

Oh for shizzle! I actually have at least one GoT meta request in my inbox along with a bunch of other meta requests, I’ve just been telling myself to finish the Thirstday ones I have first and haven’t been feeling super inspired to write any long ass essays about either show lately.

Secrets-Remus LupinXFem!Reader(Part One)

Request-Hi, can you do a young Remus one where he and the reader broke up bc she thought he didn’t trust her and she finds a cute slytherin and loony gets jealous. I lovvvvvve your writing.



Remus gives me life. Enjoy!

Originally posted by do-i-have-to-lose-you-too

A fire burned through my veins as I made my way up to the Gryffindor common room. I am finally going to confront Remus on everything. He’s constantly being secretive and he won’t stop shutting me out. It hurts more than anything and I can’t take it anymore.

I mutter the password to the big lady and the door swings open, allowing me to enter the common room and look around for him. There he was, sitting peacefully on the couch with an old book perched on his long legs. Walking over, I took the book and set it on the ground.

“Remus, we need to talk.” I spoke quietly as I stood before him, peering down at my feet. If I looked up and met his eyes I knew I would wimp out and that’s not a chance I can take anymore.

“Can this wait, (Y/N)? I need to read that book so I can finish my essay for Flitwick.” He reached for his book but I swatted his hand away, finally looking up at him.

“No Remus, it cannot wait. We really need to talk.” I wasn’t going to back down. Remus sighed as he stood and then decided to sit on the arm of the couch.

"Alright, what do we need to talk about?” I stared at him for a moment, my mind reeling for a way to tell him. How do you tell the one that you love more than anything that you feel like you’re losing their love? How do you tell them that you no longer feel trusted and wanted?

“I don’t understand what’s happened but something has changed between us Remus. I don’t know what it is but we aren’t the same. It’s almost as if I’m slowly losing you!” The words rushed passed my lips so fast that it almost left me dizzy. Remus just laughed dryly and shook his head.

“What do you mean, (Y/N)? You can’t lose me if I’m standing right in front of you? Bloody hell, is this your way of telling me that you want to end our relationship?” The words hit me hard and left me confused.

“What the fuck do you mean? I never said that! That’s the exact opposite of what I want! I want you back Remus! All you do is push me it and I can’t take it anymore! I’m tired of all the secrets that you’re keeping! Do you not trust me anymore? Is that it? Or is there some one else?” The possibility of him cheating on me hadn’t crossed my mind before now. Maybe that’s what was really happening.

“There are just some things about me that you don’t need to know, (Y/N)! Can’t you understand that? Or is asking for a bit of privacy in this relationship too much to ask from you? I never go prying into your life!Now why don’t you stop being annoying and just leave me alone for once!” He now stood up fully and his nose was only a few inches from mine. My eyes began to sting as I felt my heart shatter. I clenched my fists to try to battle the tears.

“You never pry into my life because I tell you everything, Remus. The only thing I asked for was to stop the secrets but you just proved that it’s not possible. We’re done, Remus. We are absolutely done.” I whispered, my voice cracking as the tears began to fall down my cheek.

“No no no no, (Y/N)! You can’t do that! I love you, no!” Remus grabbed onto my wrists lightly, a silent plea for me to stay. I saw Sirius enter out of the corner of my eye as I ripped my hands away from Remus’ grip.

“You brought this on yourself. Have fun with all of your privacy while I take my annoying self elsewhere.” I turned away, knowing that seeing his face anymore would cause me to break down entirely and I refused to let him see that. I swiftly began to walk away while ignoring Remus’ consistent pleas.

“Just let her be you git. You both need some time away.” Sirius’ words were that last thing I heard as the common room door shut behind me.

I just need to get away.


There is going to be a part two because it want too long to fit in one part! Sorry!


Hogwarts AU (part 1)

Liam: Someone tell me why did we have to work on our essays in the Slytherin common room, again?
Niall: The other common rooms are all occupied, remember?
Liam: Yeah, well. I still would’ve preferred them, or the library.
Louis: *smirks* Are you scared, Payno?
Liam: No! *huffs* I- I just don’t like it here. Too cold.
Samaira: Guys, can we just get this over and done with?
Niall: I’m with Samaira, I’m meeting Zayn in half an hour to work on our Felix Felicis potion for tomorrow’s class, so.
Louis: Right, because you two kept doing other things instead of finishing it a week ago like everyone else. *smirks*
Niall: *shrugs* It’s not like I can help it, would you tell him to start doing homework when he’s sucking on-
Samaira: *covers her ears* Don’t finish that sentence, that’s my little brother you’re talking about Horan.
Harry: Anyway, who has the guts to open the Monster Book of Monsters so we can finally get started on our Hippogriff essays?

Stress Reliever

Originally posted by soo-hyuks

Anonymous: Jay park drabble where he’s your boyfriend for over a year and you’ve recently been stressing out about school and tests and stuff and he wants attention so he relaxes you by doing things;))

*Thank you for being my first submission! I hope you like it! :)*

You swore that procrastination would be the death of you. Never did you think you would be pulling all nighters this many days a week, nor did you think that college was going to be this difficult. And having to juggle school, work, and a relationship with one of the most famous hip hop artists in Korea, definitely wasn’t helping. You and Jay Park have been dating for over a year, and an amazing year at that. Despite his extremely busy schedule, he still makes time  for you guys- but you can’t say the same about yourself. The last month you’ve been extremely stressed because of school and haven’t been able to give Jay much attention, which has been stressing him out too. He managed to take the night off for your long awaited movie night that you had promised him weeks ago but kept pushing back. The problem is, you have about six pages left of your twenty page research essay, a crap ton of math homework, and three finals tomorrow. And to top it all off, the coffee maker broke this morning. Wow- this is going to be a long night.

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Entice-Jimin(Requested Smut)

Originally posted by parkthejimin

//a part of the song requests that I can’t seem to find the message for. enjoyy//

Crazy In Love- Beyonce ft. Jay-Z(Audio) 

A smile graces his thick lips, spreading up to his eyes with a lustful intensity.

“Why don’t you come over here, babe.” His deep voice entices, the distracting sound pulling me to look at him.

He’s still spread out on the bed, naked and glistening with sweat from our imprompu sex session minutes earlier.  

I lick my lips, swallowing down the lump in my throat and getting up from my chair to move next to him on the bed. “I thought we were done with this, Jimin.” I smirk, running my hands up his bare chest and looping them around his neck.

“I’m never going to be done with you, baby.” He sounds, smoothing down my messy sex hair he’d been busying himself with from our first  fun endeavor.  

“But I need to finish my essay. You told me you’d give me a little while to finish.”

He hums, catching a strand of my hair around one of his fingers and twisting it at a tantalizingly slow pace. “I’ve given you long enough… and I can’t handle just watching you from so far when I could be touching you.” His hand trails down with his words, settling lightly on the curve of my ass.

“Jimin…” I begin, my whine cut off my his plush lips.

The kiss is sedated and lazy, unlike our last go around. He’s not rushing, trying to drag out every moment in a slow seduction that has my core burning and begging for his touch. His lips drag down my jaw and over my neck, sucking on the sensitive of my collarbones.

I moan breathily, interlocking my arms around his neck in order to keep him in place, letting his strong hands move me on top of him. Our already naked bodies move in sync, hardening length pressing into my wet core as his hands fist my hair.      

Leaving dark purple blossoms in his wake he moves on to a new spot, harshly drawing on my skin with his lips while nipping with his teeth. 

“God you drive me fucking insane.” I growl, pulling on his hair and crashing his lips back against mine.  

His chuckle shoots straight into my core, my crazed lust heightening under the sound. Everything about Park Jimin drives me over the edge, his unpairable ability to drive me mad with his teasing, his undeniable sexiness, the way he moves on top of me and inside of me… 

His tongue slips through my lips, wet muscle moving over mine in a teasing circle as his fingers tap along the outer parts of my thighs, slowly moving inward as things get more intense. I can tell he’s listening to every sound I make with attentive pleasure, relishing in how senseless I am.

“Fuck, just touch me already, Jimin.” I groan, grinding my hips into his.   

He pulls back completely, leaving me needy and alone, just standing at the edge of the bed, looking down at my completely messed form beneath him. “Ah, ah, ah. I have an idea, jagi. Why don’t you go finish that essay and then come back and see me?”

I give him a long glare, moving my legs to try and recreate an inch the friction he’d been giving me. He reaches down under the bed, metal sounding as he clinks my cuffs together, an all consuming look in his eyes.

I’m so turned on it’s not fair, the level of lust outweighing plasma as it streams through my veins in heavy doses.  

“You better hurry.” He says, an infuriating grin on his face as he waves me away. “You know what the consequences are if you keep Daddy waiting for too long.”  

~The Ever Teasing Admin Eggplant:)


I finish school on Thursday!!!
I know I can hold off till then but for now I still have a few assignments including my big essay on Monday for history so wish me luck.
This has basically been my week in pictures :)
🌦❣Remember to love yourself and don’t listen to all the bad things you tell yourself because they are NOT true!! You are gorgeous inside and out. Believe me. 🤗💞

Anonymous asked: Prompt idea inspired on the online relationship request: what if Dean and Cas were already dating for a couple of months and Cas lived in England or something but they really love each other so they have a long distance relationship. And then Cas gets vacation from college and travels to meet Dean for the first time?

Author’s note: More people requested online/long distance relationships, and I’ve never really written anything like that, so I thought it would be adorable. 

Dean was staring at the screen of his computer with a dopey smile on his face. He wasn’t ashamed to admit that he did that a lot, lately. The reason he spent so much time on this thing called Skype that he’d never been interested in before, was the beautiful boy on the screen, who was smiling right back at him. Castiel Novak was all sleepy blue eyes and ruffled hair, the colors that the low quality webcam provided probably not doing him any justice.

Castiel had been in the middle of telling a story, but Cas’ eyelids started drooping again, and Dean chuckled. “You’re falling asleep on me here… Might wanna get some rest.”

“I’m fine.” Castiel grumbled a protest, sitting a little straighter but at the same time rubbing his eyes.

“Sure you are.” Dean mocked, raising an eyebrow at his boyfriend. “What is it, like, two in the morning there?”

With a sigh of defeat, Cas nodded. “Yes, it is.” He admitted.

Oh, how Dean despised time zones.

“Go to sleep then, Cas. I’ll text you in the morning.” He promised, smiling at the stubborn dark haired guy that he’d grown so very fond of in the past four months.

Castiel yawned, then glared as Dean laughed softly at Cas being betrayed by his own body.

“Fine, I’m going.” Cas declared with a theatrical roll of his eyes. “Talk to you soon?” He added, tone hopeful.

“Always.” Dean answered without missing a beat. “Night, baby.”

The last thing Dean caught before the call ended, was the beautiful blush that colored Cas’ cheekbones when Dean had called him baby. He grinned, but when he stared at the now empty screen, his smile slowly fell.

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Grappling With Fate (Lily/James, FIC)

A/N: Because I never write fics for/about birthdays, I decided to have a go. So in honor of my beloved James…fic. (Also, thanks to Daily Horoscope for this ACTUAL Aries horoscope from yesterday. You couldn’t have made it easier.)

When one was born at approximately 6:27 a.m. on 27 March 1960, one was born under the rising sign of Aries, with your moon dipping in at 6 degrees, and Mercury coming round at 12. Jupiter edged toward Capricorn and Saturn joined in as well, with your N. Node rounding it out at a solid 24 Virgo.

Or possibly that was all entirely wrong. At this point, James honestly couldn’t tell one way or another.

Buggering, useless Divination.

He stared down at the corner common room table he’d now properly buried beneath endless piles of textbooks and star charts and class notes that really ought’ve been more helpful than they were presently proving. Not for the first time, James contemplated how—why—in the name of all that was magical he’d made it to Year 6 without dropping this dragon-dung equivalent of a class. He’d never understood it. He’d never wanted to. And while, yes, he supposed some credence ought to be given to the fact that a majority of the time he could make shite up fifteen minutes before the assignment was due and still manage a respectable Exceeds Expectations, that particular trick was certainly not helping him now. Star charts, he’d quickly discovered, were rather bullshite immune. There was a right answer, and a wrong answer, and James had a feeling he was languishing rather pathetically in that latter portion. Worse, he didn’t quite know how to rouse himself out of it.

With much careful deliberation, James dropped his forehead against the book-laden study table, and seriously considered beginning to rhythmically thump.

Bugger, bugger, bugger.

“What are you doing?”

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1. Don’t sweat the small stuff, if you don’t feel well, or if you have a huge test to study for, one math homework isn’t going to kill your GPA
2. Don’t procrastinate. Seriously. I joke about it all the time but procrastinating is the one thing I hate most that I do. If you wait until the night before, that paper won’t be your best work, no matter how much you tell your mom “rough drafts don’t help me”
3. Plan. It reduces your stress level immensely. As someone with an anxiety disorder, I can say that making a list and setting reasonable dates and times to complete each one has at least cut my stress in half. Senior year is the most stressful year, plan it out so you don’t wake up at 2 AM panicked that you’re not going to finish your essay in time.
4. Get help. If you don’t understand chemistry or if Latin is kicking your ass, there are people out there who know what they’re talking about, sometimes better than your teachers. But you won’t find help if you don’t look for it.
5. You don’t need to take all honors classes. Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. Take classes that you are comfortable in yet they challenge you. Don’t push yourself past your limit because colleges can see when you’re in over your head. An A- in a normal level class is much better than a C+ in an honors course.
6. Honor roll is not the most important thing. Your health is. If you aren’t getting any sleep in order to pass a test, you aren’t in the right class. Don’t harm yourself because you might fail. Don’t break yourself because you feel you need to get an A.
7. Make good friends. It seems insignificant and stupid to have to list, but it’s true. Surround yourself with people like you. People with dreams and ambitions bigger than high school. They are the ones who will motivate you to do well. Stay away from the drama. A date to prom isn’t as important as passing your math class.
8. High school sucks, but every day is not bad. Hold on to the field trips and the dances, and don’t miss out on going on frozen yogurt dates with your best friend. High school may suck, but not everyone in it does.
9. Participate in clubs. Not every club, one or two is enough. Stay occupied, and idle mind doesn’t allow growth. An overwhelmed mind doesn’t leave room for growth either. Find clubs filled with good people. They will be your backbone and your support. You will find yourself looking forward to the meetings. It doesn’t have to be a club that every college looks for, it has to be a club that you’re looking for.
10. Find your interests. High school is the only time in your life that your parents have all the responsibility but you are as close to adulthood as you’ll get. Explore. If you love painting but suck, paint anyway. Find things that calm you down when you’re most stressed out. Baking, hair tutorials, and hiking are some good things to try.
11. There is so much to love about yourself, don’t waste time on hate. Your hips might not be perfect or your stomach flat, but your smile lights up a room and your heart is so big it might fall out of your chest.
12. Relationships are not all they’re cracked up to be in high school. Most are for show. It isn’t the most important thing. Love will always be out there. High school is a time to work on yourself. Be selfish. It’s okay.
13. Even when you feel like you’re drowning and the world is crashing down on top of you as you lay in your bed, know that you will be okay. It’s cliché and old and overused, but it is still so true. You will be okay.
14. There is so much more out there in the world than in your cruddy town or city. Where you live doesn’t define you and where you grow up isn’t necessarily your home. Make a bucket list to travel. Find a place where the sunrise puts light into your heart and wonder into your eyes. Don’t settle. Don’t. Settle.
—  Fourteen things I learned by my senior year in high school. (By itsmequeenbee)

ISFJ: Have you finished your essay?

INTP: I got an extension. I haven’t started it yet. But I can still tell you my idea so it looks like I participated in peer review.

INFP: We need to read our essays aloud, right?

INTP: Yeah.

INFP: *starts reading essay aloud in weird voice*

INTP: *starts rambling about her essay idea*

ISFJ: Oh my god. Guys. You need to stop talking at the same time. I can’t hear anything. Guys. I cannot handle this