can you tell my essays are finished

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This may seem a little off topic but I was wondering if you can give me advice on writing a paper

* don’t edit until you’re finished, which may be difficult because most times we’ll write a sentence and say that it doesn’t sound right, then spend 15 minutes tweaking it (only to throw it out completely later on…) so at least, only edit until you’re finished with the paragraph

* frequently check out synonyms of words, it’s important that you don’t repeatedly use words in the same paper and it’s just best to expand your vocabulary by using words you wouldn’t typically go for (as long as it sounds good and makes sense)

* conduct as much research as you possibly can, even if it’s not a research paper..I’ve graded my fair share of essays and it’s very easy to tell when a student doesn’t really know what they’re talking about

Day 16 of the @gradblrchallenge

2 posts in a day because I’m procrastinating getting started on my lit review. :))

Today I…
- Finished the first draft of an essay for a critical writing course. I’m currently 400 words over the limit.
- Rushed some readings for class.
- Attended said class.
- Went back to my room and filed 10 weeks of notes and readings. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have a clear desk!!
- Emailed people about Important Adult Things. (Basically someone is paying me half of the initial agreed rate for work I did and I’m reallyyyy hoping it was an honest mistake.)

Now I’m left with mercilessly editing my essay and getting started on that lit review. 💩

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You can tell when Oliver is concentrating really hard because he sticks his tongue out. He did it when learning to roll over as a baby and when he works on college application essays. He's in the zone.


Sonny coming to sit down by Oliver as he’s finishing up one final college application at the kitchen table, blond hair all sideswept from running his fingers through it, tongue poking out as he types.

Sonny getting all kinds of emotional, because, “You know you did that when you were a baby, right? Stuck your tongue out when you were concentrating.”

Oliver looking up and furrowing his brows, because no, he didn’t know that, and Sonny elaborating.

Sonny telling him, “Yeah, when you learning how to do different things. Rolling over, sitting up, standing, walking to me or your dad. You would just poke your little tongue out because you were just concentrating so hard.”

Oliver smiling at his dad, Sonny leaning over to give him a kiss on the forehead.

Sonny saying, “I’m just glad to see that some things will never change.”

How the signs react when their mom tells them to play outside
  • Aries: YAYYYY *runs and hit the glass door and hurt themselves*
  • Taurus: Let me sleeeeepp..
  • Gemini: Can I finish my Skype session first ? Like I can't let *random friend name* alone,you know !
  • Cancer: I'm already playing ! -the mom: With the cat..
  • Yes ! -Ughhh,alright
  • Leo: Play? Are you kidding me? I'll go shopping.
  • Virgo: No. I haven't done my History essay yet
  • Libra: Well,okayy but you will cook *favorite meal* for me tomorrow
  • Scorpio: NO WAY. I HATE SUN OMG.
  • Sagittarius: I was going anyway
  • Capricorn: Don't you see that I'm busy ??
  • Aquarius: Wait!! Don't try to control me!
  • Pisces: I haven't finished watching Netflix mom
  • - Emma

I finish school on Thursday!!!
I know I can hold off till then but for now I still have a few assignments including my big essay on Monday for history so wish me luck.
This has basically been my week in pictures :)
🌦❣Remember to love yourself and don’t listen to all the bad things you tell yourself because they are NOT true!! You are gorgeous inside and out. Believe me. 🤗💞

Damn it, OpenOffice, hen is an important Swedish word!

I’ve literally just finished a 16 hour essay-writing marathon, and this is the first shit I find while proofreading.