can you tell im italian

importantliverrighthere  asked:

I guess I will. I think it's called code switching? When you're fluent in two languages and kind of borrow some grammar and words from another language to just fit in with the people around you. That's how I speak at home. Also at home I speak in an Indian accent??? Heaven knows why, but it's natural and very hard to stop. With friends at school tho I speak in an american accent which is also natural. When my friends meet my parents my mouth gets confused af as to which accent to use... 1/2

2/2 but i guess it is natural. You’ve said you’re italian, right? Do you do a similar thing or do you only speak one language at home and do you have an accent other than californian??? THis stuff is so interesting to me can you tell im a linguistics NERD???

I am Italian but as far as speaking it I was nearly fluent when I was little and spent a lot of time with my Bis Nonna and Nonno (they lived in a different part of California), but once we moved I had no use for it and so I forgot a ton. I can still understand it pretty well, but as far as speaking it (like holding a conversation) I’m not confident in doing so at all anymore, but I’ll revert to Italian when cussing a lot either to censor myself around kids or because it’s what happens to roll off my tongue first.