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Jason, Percy, and Capes

Or; Bi Ace Jason and His Journey of Self-Discovery

Or; Jason is Ace and I Am Projecting

So eventually Percy calling Jason “Superman” becomes kind of a thing between them. Jason only lets Percy call him that, and Percy uses it both to kind of tease Jason when he’s being extra heroic and praetor-y, and also as an affectionate nickname for his friend.

One year for his birthday, Percy buys him a Superman cape. He doesn’t wear it often, but it’s big enough that he uses it as a blanket a lot. When they hang out and play video games together, the winner gets to wear the cape. (He’ll never admit it, but sometimes Jason will let Percy win a little easier so that the cape will smell like sea breeze for a while after he leaves.)

A few months later, he sits Percy down and tells him that he likes boys as well as girls. Percy smiles, tells him that’s awesome! and that he does too, and hugs him. Jason hugs him back, burying his face in Percy’s shoulder. They watch a movie that night instead of playing video games, the Superman cape wrapped around them like a blanket where they sit shoulder-to-shoulder on Jason’s couch.

That year, Percy gets Jason another cape for his birthday. This one is just as big, but rather than red, it’s striped blue, purple, and pink. The bi flag, Percy tells him, a huge grin on his face. Then he unfurls it, and Jason sees the crudely sewn Superman logo in the middle. Jason laughs at that, head thrown back and just so damn happy, and Percy laughs with him. Jason refuses to take the cape off for the rest of the day (not that it mattered, since they spent the rest of the day bingewatching sitcoms on Netflix, but it mattered to Jason.)

Sometime later, they’re sitting next to each other on the couch, Percy’s legs flung across Jason’s lap, their video game controllers left on the coffee table from their last round. The bi flag Superman cape is tied around Jason’s shoulders since he’d been the one to blue shell Percy in the last seconds of the race and take first place. Percy leans forward, close enough that Jason can smell that sea breeze that just seemed to follow Percy everywhere, and starts picking at and fidgeting with the edge of the cape. So, if you’re Superman, he begins, nervousness wobbling his voice, is there any chance… I could be your Lois Lane? Jason smiles at him.

Things are going well between them. Dating is fun, even if sometimes their “dates” only consist of lighting a candle on the coffee table as they share a $5 pizza and watch cartoons together. Really, things between them don’t change much, they just get, well, closer. There’s more touching now, and for the most part, Jason likes it. He likes kissing Percy. He likes kissing Percy a lot, actually. And he likes the touching. He likes holding Percy’s hand, and he likes cuddling with him on the couch without fear of it being awkward. He likes when Percy comes up behind him and wraps his arms around his middle and rests his chin on Jason’s shoulder or presses his forehead to the back of Jason’s neck. He likes when they fall asleep curled up together and wake up with their legs tangled and Percy’s head resting on his chest, even if he drools, the bi flag Superman cape wrapped around them. There’s some things he doesn’t like so much, though. It’s nothing Percy’s done, because Percy would never do something Jason wasn’t explicitly okay with, but it’s the thought of it that bothers him. The thought of removing clothes and touching other places that leaves a distinct feeling of discomfort and repulsion in the pit of his stomach.

Unsure of what to do about it or what it means, he does the only thing he can think of and calls Piper. Surely, a daughter of Aphrodite would know what to do. He tells her what’s been going on, and when he’s done, she tells him that she thinks he may be asexual. When he lets out a noise of confusion, she tells him that it would probably be best if he talked to her half-brother Mitchell, since he actually is ace and could probably explain things better than she could. She gives him her brother’s number, and he thanks her.

Jason steels himself for what is to come. The talk with Mitchell had helped, and now that Jason has the proper words to put with what he’s feeling, he decided it was time to talk to Percy about it. It’s date night, which this time means takeout, a “clean linen” scented candle Jason had bought on sale, and a Star Wars marathon. When Percy steps through Jason’s front door, he greets him with a kiss and tells him he needs to talk to him before dinner. Percy nods, then asks if everything is okay as they sit facing each other on the couch. Jason nods, takes a deep breath, and carefully lays things out on the table, metaphorically speaking. He tells Percy about how much he likes being with him, but how the thought of doing… he fumbles for words… more… makes him nauseous. It’s nothing Percy had done wrong, just that this is who he is. He’s asexual, he explains, sex-repulsed. And he feels Percy has a right to know.

Percy has been nodding along as Jason explains things, ending with how he doesn’t think he’ll ever be okay with doing anything much beyond what they are doing currently. Okay, Percy tells him. He’s happy with how they are now, anyway, and he loves Jason so much that as long as Jason is happy, he will be happy, and that he’s happy Jason’s comfortable enough to tell him and that things are perfect as they are, and—


He’d said—

I love you too, Jason says, and pulls Percy into a tight embrace for a few moments before pulling back and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. That kiss brakes when Percy’s smile grows too big for it. The rest of date night goes off without a hitch, and they fall asleep halfway through Return of the Jedi cuddled together under both Superman capes.

When Jason’s birthday rolls around again, he’s surprised when Percy hands him a familiar looking box. He opens it, and instead of blue, purple, and pink, the cape he pulls out is striped with black, gray, white, and purple. Percy’s grin is so bright Jason can’t help but smile back. He unfurls it, and sees the Superman logo stitched into it, slightly neater than it was on his bi flag one. He hugs Percy then, and Percy hugs him back, whispering I love you, Superman, into the junction of Jason’s neck and shoulder. There’s a lot of kissing after that. Then, they end up curled in the corner of the couch, legs tangled together and Percy half on Jason’s lap. Jason has his newest cape wrapped around his shoulders, while Percy has taken the bi flag one, and the red one lays across their laps. They talk for hours, about everything and nothing, from some new designs Annabeth has been coming up with to which flavor of Starburst tastes the best. Jason isn’t sure exactly when they drift off, but the last thing he remembers is nuzzling into Percy’s hair and being hit with that sea breeze as if he’s actually sitting on the sand and looking out at the ocean itself, and a passing thought about how comfortable and perfect he feels wrapped up there with Percy and all of their capes.

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Did Gaston Leroux see the 1925 Phantom movie? I feel like I've seen stuff in the past that says he did, but I'm not sure. If so, do you know what his opinion was on it?

We can’t say for definitively certain, but the prevailing rumor is that yes, he did!  He certainly knew about the film being made before it was, as he sold the rights to Universal.

Carl Laemmle, Universal Pictures producer, said in 1924 in a radio interview with WOR Radio Los Angeles:

When I found that there was no Opera that seemed suitable for screen presentation - and by that I mean one that would make the kind of picture people of today would want to see - I set about looking for books written about life at the opera.  I was stumped, until I met Gaston Leroux, the famous French author, in Paris about three years ago.  He told me I need search no further.  Leroux had written a book which had become a best seller almost overnight.  The name of it was The Phantom of the Opera.  I remember buying a copy and sitting up all night to read it.  It is a marvelously interesting story…  It was just the book I had dreamed of finding.

In his book The Making of the Phantom of the Opera, Philip J. Riley claims that Leroux not only saw the completed film, but even worked on a sequel film a little bit:

When the original release of the 1925 The Phantom of the Opera reached France in 1925, Gaston Leroux was riding high on the world-wide fame that had come to him from the 15 year old novel.  The book sales had assured him a steady income to care for his family.  [He was ill and would only live another 2 years.]

When Leroux saw Erik disappear under the waters of the Seine instead of dying in the Opera Catacombs - alone, Leroux’s imagination went to work again and the result was a sequel called “The Return of the Phantom.”  The rights were eventually bought from Leroux’s widow, in 1929.

From Gaston Leroux’s files and some speculation to fill in the gaps, the outline was interesting, but it could have also been a joke by Leroux that was taken seriously.

While Christine and Raoul are on a train taking them away from Paris and the Opera to live a quiet life, the Phantom’s body washes up on the shores of the Seine.  It is found by the Persian, who discovers that it is not Erik.  Erik was still alive!  The Persian goes back to the Phantom’s hideout to discover that all of Erik’s clothes, music and instruments are gone.  The Persian begins his search for Erik.  It appears that Erik is leaving clues purposely leading the Persian out of the country.

Christine and Raoul are living happily in Madrid, where he is on leave from his post with the military to attend Christine’s premiere at the Opera house in Madrid.  Meanwhile the Persian tracks Erik to Madrid and finds out that Erik put his cape on one of the unfortunate mob members during the confusion on the steps at the river bank and escaped underwater using his reed.

That was about as far as the Leroux idea went…

Riley’s book has a lot of good information in it but does not clearly mark its sources, so it’s hard to tell where this exact tidbit came from or how credible it is.  But I think we can all enjoy the amazing concept of a sequel movie that is solely dedicated to the daroga chasing Erik around Europe while Raoul and Christine hilariously never even notice the fact that the Phantom keeps trying to interfere in their lives only to be tackled at the last moment by the Chief of the Persian Secret Police and knocked out of the frame before they see him.

Or, as Riley speculates, it could be a joke Leroux wrote down in response to seeing the movie version of his book, and the old man could be delightfully trolling us from beyond the grave.  Frankly, I love both possibilities.

So I came up with another Love Live! AU..

Okay so I mentioned something on my blog a few nights ago that I was coming up with another AU & I want to share it with you guys now!

So I’m not gonna lie this whole thing came from me joking around with the idea of BiBi working at Hot Topic. But now it’s seriously turned into something that I plan on writing small ficlets for & I’ve fallen in love with this AU so hard.This AU has taken a turn that I never thought it would take. This AU I’ve decided to call the Mall Rat AU because Muse is group of friends that work at a mall basically. They all met each other at the mall because of their jobs. The sub units are basically who they are closest to.  I’ll post more headcanons whenever I can! I just wanted to cover the basics.

Okay more info under the cut:

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Is there any way you could explain the Irving transcript, what it was for and why it is significant in this situation? I feel like I've logged on to several world wars and I'm standing on a minefield.

So, he is Irving Azoff.

In short: The posts I put out there  come from the movie Artifact.

The band 30 Seconds To Mars has been sued by their label for 30 million dollars. This caused a huge uproar and Irwing Azoff saved them from that lawsuit. 

In a longer version: (source: Carme)

I suggest you to watch Artifact, an award-winning documentary about the 30 million dollars lawsuit between 30 Seconds to Mars and their (former) record label EMI. Irving Azoff, featured in the movie, helped the band through the legal battle.

Irving Azoff is now their manager, and Jared Leto literally called him the best man in the management industry.

The documentary also feature the recording process of their new album at that time, called “This is war.” Fitting, isn’t it?


Why was 30STM sued? (Source: Billboard)

How they had EMI back off the lawsuit? (Source: Wikipedia)

The suit was resolved following a defense based on a contract case involving actress Olivia de Havilland decades before. Leto explained, “The California Appeals Court ruled that no service contract in California is valid after seven years, and it became known as the De Havilland Law after she used it to get out of her contract with Warner Bros.[37] Thirty Seconds to Mars then signed a new contract with EMI.[36] Leto said the band had resolved their differences with EMI and the decision had been made because of “the willingness and enthusiasm by EMI to address our major concerns and issues, [and] the opportunity to return to work with a team so committed and passionate about Thirty Seconds to Mars.”[38]

The 2 transcripts I posted are just a great representation of how Irving Azoff is standing up for his clients and calling their label up on his bullshit. 

Look at this conversation #2:

IRVING AZOFF: “You sound like a corporate fucking dick. Let’s just talk about the deal. The reality fact is that it’s, you know, it’s really hard to advise these guys to do anything with that piece of shit company that you work for. Say yes, say no, go away mad, just go away if you don’t ant to do this. Before they fucking sell the company out from under you guys let’s put out the record. Fly safe anyway. Bye.”

This is with a “friend”. 


Look what kind of arguments he uses when he is all about business and not taking bullshit:

EMI: What are you going to do about this 30 Seconds To Mars thing? because we will sue to the end.

IRVINGWell, let me explain to you why you won’t. The other labels are going to put major pressure on you. Trust me, you’re new to this, I’m not. You are going to get in front of a California jury with a band that’s never been paid a nickel, signed for nine years. You’re gonna lose and then a myriad of acts are going to leave every label in the business and you’re going to be hated by everybody in the business. Look, the reality of the fact is that you guys spent 8 billion dollars to buy a company (note: Terra Firma acquired EMI and now TF makes the decisions). They’re the only credible worldwide band other than Coldplay that you have. You can’t afford not to put this record out. Stop being ridiculous. You need to go back to Guy Hands.

EMI: I can’t get that done

IRVING: Oh so you’re telling me that Mr Litigious can’t get that done. That’s quite all right. I mean it is fine. But you can count on this record coming out really soon.

EMI: We will not settle. We’ve already suffered from the lawsuit, the bad press from the lawsuit.

IRVING: No, no, no, no. We HAVEN’T STARTED promoting the lawsuit yet. Throughout our company we have a zillion artists. There’s only two involved in litigation with their record company… Smashing pumpkins and Thirty Seconds to Mars. BOTH WITH EMI

He is painting the label in the corner. He portrays the future, a very realistic future what would happen if they sue 30STM. He clearly knows what he does and he has the best team to work with. He is powerful, so powerful and I trust him 100%. 

I can imagine the same conversation happens between Modest and Azoff/Syco. But let’s be real, Modest went personal yesterday, EMI only was a dickhead to 30STM, while Modest did something so damaging to Louis Tomlinson, the fans, the LGBTQIA+ people, the allies of LGBTQIA+ people, the band, the record sales, their reputation, their image, and if the articles keep popping up about his tweets starting a shitstorm agains Louis, (right before going to the US), all hell will break loose. 
Do you think this guy + Simon Cowell/Syco/Sony would let this happen to them without a retaliation?

I don’t think so. 


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mabel is a hamster person here - hear me out : Gideon is the time baby

Oh, don’t go thinking I don’t remember you!

Now, this theory is going to take a bit more work, because we don’t know as much about Gideon and Time Baby as we do about Mabel and Ariel-the-hamster-I-just-made-up. Sorry for ignoring this because I was on when you sent it but there are some requests that are just better dealt with at one in the morning when I’m tired and not entirely thinking straight if you know what I mean…

Putting the theory after the cut because people got frustrated at how long Hamster!Mabel was and this’ll be a wild ride.

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