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Minas Tirith

So I was looking at pictures of Minas Tirith, because I often do, and you should too. 

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And I noticed something that had always bothered me. Maybe you noticed it to. That big giant jutting out spear of rock? Yeah, you know the one, the one Denethor runs off of. Well, there was a picture where the light hits it just the right way. And it all made sense.

We know that Minas Tirith is carved out of a mountain. The entire city was carved away and so fixed in stone that you can’t break down a house without further digging into a mountain. The place is a fortress, and solid stone. And I always thought it weird that there was a rock sticking out, and they didn’t bother to carve it down into more homes. I get it, they wanted a courtyard, but they couldn’t have wanted more housing?

And then it dawned on me. No, they didn’t carve that point out, because how else would they tell time? 

Minas Tirith is a giant sundial.

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And depending on what parts of the city are visible or not visible tells what time of day it is. 

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Those episodes were just.... so freaking good!!! Like I'm still freaking out over them!! I'm a little disappointed that their was no tom, but I kind of expected it as well. Now I have no clue how I'm suppose to last til fall.

Pffft what no!! Tom was clearly in this special!!! You can tell by this totally real screenshot i took.

Yeah, they were good, good eps all round, many many feels.

Show got really dark and intense, and i’m super thankful they didn’t spend it discussing Star’s crush and stuff cause honestly i needed a break from that.

I have ALOT to talk about and think about but i think one of the bigger things that made me think was when Moon’s arm turned, i’m not sure if this was resulted from Eclipsa…..or straining herself using trying to use magic since Star….y’know.

Which makes me think Eclipsa witnessed something bad happening to Monster Hubby.

But that’s just speculation.

So many heartbreaking scenes in this one especially, like this got me way too many times with heartache moments,

Toffee as a villain just gets better and better.

Eclipsa is so interesting, even i couldn’t really say whether you should trust her or not watching that scene.

((Is it gonna be a running theme that Star has a new wand every season?))

If anything particularly disappointment me….yeah, i did miss Tom and basically everyone from the group end pic. I mean, i can’t be surprised they weren’t in this, these eps had enough as it was. But you couldn’t help but miss them a little, oh well. It’s ok, no biggie.

Hopefully we’ll see them all again soon and the wait to the rest of s3 won’t be too long, i’m curious to see what roles they’ll play and what kind of episodes they’ll have. ((Tom and Ponyhead are especially more interesting as they ended up in the intro AND on the s3 poster))

And of course I wanna know where Jackie is and what’s up with her after everything.

Good episodes, loved it so much, i’m really excited to see how the rest of the season plays out.

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Sorry if it's a bother, but I'm kinda in the questioning phase (cis girl who used to think herself very straight, but is now having feelings for girls too) and I'm wondering if you have any advice or know of any resources? I'm still pretty freaked out and scared that I'll get it wrong and will never get this figured out...

I do have some advice! Sorry this response is delayed but I wanted to say it right.

There is no way to get it wrong. Having feelings for people and loving who you love isnt wrong. It is easy to internalize this idea of mistakes and abnormalities, because the whole world tells you that you can get it wrong and that anything outside of a very particular set of circumstances is abnormal or incorrect. However the closer you look at any lines the blurrier it gets, and the more you realize that such clear cut distinctions rarely work. And to call queer feelings and relationships the ‘exception’ also isnt fair, because if there are that many exceptions then there isnt really a rule is there? 

So here is some things

- It’s scary, it is. Depending on your environment and support system it can be hard to admit to yourself let alone anyone else that you might not fit into the pre-made box you were given. But heres the thing about it. It only feels wrong because it feels like you can be punished. People are rebuked or punished for incorrect things, thats how our society functions and interacts with itself. So if you fear punishment (meaning negative reactions, lack of acceptance, isolation) and punishment could indeed fall on you, then it must be wrong. It is difficult to challenge such a large idea, but thats what you have to do. Because you have to rewrite the script you’ve been given, and tell yourself that it isn’t wrong. It’s not. Having feelings for both genders or neither or the same gender or all genders or the opposite gender isnt wrong, its all the same. 

- You don’t have to define anything if you don’t want to. Sometimes labels and clear definitions bring comfort to people. It’s a very common mindset to be comforted by as much information and clarity as possible, which is why people fight so hard to define labels. And that’s great and fine, and if that’s something you want then keep looking to find what fits you, but know too that you don’t have to. People always focus on the most complicated aspects of love and affection, and it is indeed complicated sometimes, but sometimes its not. Not every matter of the heart is hard to understand. And if you find that you like someone of the same gender and grow fond of them romantically and find yourself attracted to them, this is not a complicated thing. This is affection in its most basic form, and it is only the uncertainties and anxieties that come after that make it so jarring. Inherently it’s not complex in the slightest.

You like her.

And that’s okay. 

Thinking then of how you felt in the past, how you feel now, what you might feel in the future, how your family would react, how the girl would react, how this plays into your understanding of yourself, whether or not that was wrong- these things come second. What comes first is natural, unedited affection, and if it happens with someone of the same gender, any gender, genderfluid, no gender- that’s what it is. Affection, attraction, feelings. And that is okay. You are okay. This is not complicated, this is not wrong. 

-You are coming to understand things that confuse you, because you had an understanding of yourself that has been called into question. Remember too that humans are one of the grandest and most fascinating things in the world because of their ability to change.

You change every day of your life as you learn new things, experience new events and define for yourself what is right and what is wrong. 

I feel that there were times in my life where i ‘knew’ who i was, but as time goes on I change and I have to rewrite the lines. If I led my life to the same script I wrote when I was a teenager I wouldn’t be who I am now, and should I always adamantly adhere to the script I have today then I would never be anyone else. 

- The only way you are going to know anything is if you are honest with yourself and keep an open conversation with how you feel. If you edit things or refuse to let some thoughts or emotions play out then you can’t hear what they are trying to say. Let yourself feel things, if you don’t you won’t learn anything new. 

- No matter what you learn about yourself or what fears you conquer I am proud of you for having the conversation with yourself, and no matter what that’s a hell of a thing. 

You don’t have to define anything you aren’t ready to. Be honest with yourself and understand that getting to know yourself again and again is essential to being alive. Whether you are straight or gay or bi or anything else, you are okay. It isn’t wrong to love someone. 

I love you, I hope I managed to say something that could provide some comfort. 

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When my sister came out as gay i told her i was bi and asked her for advice on how to come out bc my mom always told us "you can be gay if you want but if you tell me you're bi I'll tell you to pick a side." so one day we're all in the kitchen and I ask my sister "should I tell her now?" then she just says "mom she's gay" and i freaked out bc I'm not gay?? so i ended up having to explain but now everything's alright and my moms trying to understand and its still rough but its easier now c:

My parents had the same rhetoric. Like that they were always going to be accepting of me regardless but me implying that I was Bi implied that I was confused or asking for too much from them when it came to them accepting me. Took years but they understand now. For the most part, it always gets easier so long as you stay true to yourself.

random idea for an angsty fic:

since the squip is still there (hopefully way weaker though 😂😢😭) what if it somehow saves up enough power to affect Jeremy in small ways, such as, uh… idk, turning on the optic nerve blocker for Michael again?

I just want a still slightly traumatized Jeremy not see Michael one day at school and kinda freak out, but get over it until after school when Michael comes over, wondering why Jeremy ignored him (also worried about it) and Jeremy catches a glimpse of him and puts it together and has a panic attack or something while Michael is watching him confused, but slowly realizing what was wrong

Jeremy can’t think straight and Michael is blinking in and out of existence as the squip is somewhat losing power, but Jeremy swears he can hear it laughing at him. Michael is right next to him in a moment, trying to help but not completely sure how (he didn’t come prepared with red mountain dew, unfortunately) and so he’s also freaking out

Jeremy’s head is hurting from the squip and the way Michael is coming and going at the speed of a strobe light isn’t doing his eyes any favors. Jeremy passes out, and Michael debates on wether to leave him momentarily to find the mountain dew or stay by Jeremy’s side

(if he leaves, imagine Jeremy waking up, not able to tell if Michael is there or not, calling out for Michael while yelling for the squip to stop)

(if he stays, imagine him being unconscious for an uncomfortable amount of time, obviously in pain and Michael second guessing his decision, but not wanting to leave Jeremy alone)

(or both! 😈)

it’s actually 102 at the time of posting this, but I’d already finished this (one layer) doodle

that’s right buttmunches, 102 NON-BOT followers!! as far as I can tell

among those are a few real-life friends, who have been there to keep me going and drawing and made sure that I didn’t just completely give up on this blog. then there are the fewer mutuals that I don’t know IRL, but have been of the utmost support either way. the few popular blogs that have decided ‘hey, this person draws well sometimes,’ and actually reached out to talk to me, letting me realize that ‘hey, these people are just as nerdy as I am,’ and giving me the hope that I might be at that level of internet recognition one day because we’re not all too different. and then there’s everyone else, the humble shitpost and fandom blogs, the other obscure artists vying for recognition, or anyone else who found themselves on this hellsite and figured I was worth their time.

thank you so much, all of you. I’ve probably said it plenty of times lately but your support means the world and more, and I couldn’t have done this all without you!

I’d love to do some sort of event to commemorate, but I really have no clue what that could be- anything that you guys would want to see, because this really is all about you!

Flint and Flame
Flint and Flame

Royai Week ‘17 // Day 6: Light/Darkness

Holy. Moly. You Guys. 


Ahem, so the amazing Gio (@the-musical-alchemist / @themusicalbookworm) and I have done a collaboration for this prompt. She did the music and some of the lyrics and I did the other lyrics. Then we both sung together, and holy moly the honour of being able to sing with Gio is just out of this world. Anyway, I feel very blessed to have been able to do this with her, and I love her so much. Here’s our song; we hope you enjoy!! <3

Flint and Flame

For my sins I pay this toll
The only thing that soothes my soul
Trapped in this never-ending night
Is you, my only source of light

When darkness bites I feel the pain
Is this torture worth the gain?
The one thing keeping me in this fight
Is you, my only source of light

I’m the flint and you’re the flame
Secrets buried in my shame
I cannot escape my lasting fear
The darkness drawing ever near

Being forced away from you
The void begins to slowly consume
I hear you voice cry out in fear
The darkness drawing ever near

Under the shadows of myself
I lose touch of everything else.
You light the spark inside of me.
This fire burns eternally.

Blink the twilight from your eyes
as we fight for your captive life.
Your oath to live will stay with me.
Its fire burns eternally.

I’m the flint and you’re the flame
Secrets buried in my shame
I cannot escape my lasting fear
The darkness drawing ever near

Being forced away from you
The void begins to slowly consume
I hear you voice cry out in fear
The darkness growing ever near

Tantalizing brush with vengeance,
pull me under, leave me breathless.
Take the present rays of your heart,
follow you out of the dark.

On the other side of hell
scarred by stories we’ll never tell.
And I’ve learned to read your neglected lips
to see the light in this eclipse.

Stardust falling to your feet
from where you’ve broken so beautifully.
I know I can never lose grip
under the light of your eclipse.

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Wayhaught "Can I tell you a secret?" please :3

Nicole has asked Waverly this a dozen times already and everytime she feels her heart almost stop. Even if every other time it was something innocuous like ‘You’re pretty’, or ‘There’s food in your teeth’, or even ‘I’m really more of a dog person’. Even with every other silly thing that Nicole says, Waverly stays nervous. Because Nicole is nervous. After months of dating, Waverly has started to notice things. Small things at first, but all building up to a disturbing pattern.

Once a month Nicole has to “go to the city” for “Police business”, except Waverly kinda works for the police so she has ways of finding things out. And there’s no business – police or otherwise – taking Nicole away. 

So when Nicole says it again, “Can I tell you a secret?” with that nervous little way she has, her hat twirling slowly in her fingers Waverly has had enough.

“No, Nicole, You can’t tell me a secret!” She snaps, because she’s frustrated and scared, and oh god why does Nicole have to have those puppy eyes now? She goes on, determined to say what she has to say. “You can’t tell me a secret unless you want to tell me, because I know there’s something happening and if you don’t tell me soon, I think I’m going to explode. So what is it?”

Nicole opens her mouth, but still isn’t quite making eye contact so Waverly interrupts.

“If you’re sick, it’s okay, I’m here. If you’re already like married or something, then that you gotta deal with on your own. But I don’t know! I don’t know cause you won’t tell me. Like what is it really? Are you under cover? Are you inhuman, a vampire?”

Nicole stiffens and Waverly stumbles to a halt. 

“Oh. My. God.”

“It’s not what you—”

“I’m dating a werewolf?”

“Okay. It might be exactly what you think, but just don’t freak out okay case I’m still me and I would never—”

“I KNEW I was team Jacob for a reason!”


//–Thanks for the prompt my anon friend–//

“Fun” things that happen while playing as Mercy:

  • When your team all splits up in 5 different directions and you can’t reach them with guardian angel, so you just kinda have to follow one person (usually ends in a quick death).
  • Tracer always singling me you out.
  • That fun point in time when your entire team dies except you and your Resurrect ultimate is at like 2%, so you can either try (and most likely fail) to run back to your respawned teammates or whip out that caduceus pistol and go out in a blaze of short-lived glory. 
  • When you use guardian angel to fly to somebody at critical health, but they die as you’re floating toward their sorry soul, so you just land right in the middle of the entire enemy team.
  • Speaking of guardian angel, those times when you fly to an ally at a high ledge and they move or it overshoots, so you fall off (most likely landing in the open, near an enemy).
  • SPEAKING OF HIGH LEDGES. When someone on a difficult place to reach needs healing, but they remain out of sight, so there’s no freaking way to get to them.
  • Turrets shooting you first for some reason. Must be your ethereal glow attracts their sensors.
  • Your whole team just so seemingly unaware of their surroundings.

As somebody who’s played over 14 hours as Mercy so far (and over 60 hours in the game total), I can tell that teamwork definitely ends up winning games.

INTP Cognitive Functions (in a nutshell):
  • Ti: If you think about it though, there's really no way to deny the existence of the supernatural. I honestly don't think it's a science vs. faith thing. I'd say to either believe or deny the supernatural would require at least some amount of faith. In fact, the only way you could probably put a complete lack of faith into this would be if you were to say, "I don't know, and I don't care" and be totally indifferent about it. The human brain is extremely infantile compared to the universe and there's probably tons of stuff we'll never even know because our brains simply lack the ability to comprehend them.
  • Ne: Aw man, isn't it cool to think about the avenue of possibilities though? Like, what would a spiritual realm even look like anyway? And if some kind of higher deity created our world, why would he (or she) stop there? I mean, there has to be other intelligent life out there in the universe. And there's no way we can really prove that alternate universes don't exist either. What if everything in life is like a mix of predetermined destiny and freewill, and every time we make a decision, new alternate worlds are created to compensate for the decisions we DIDN'T make? Heck, what if human ideas all exist in some literal form somewhere? I know it's rather abstract, but literally anything within the scope of the unknown is possible.
  • Si: Hey, guys? Can we think about this later? I just stumbled across this old television series from our childhood and someone uploaded all the episodes to Youtube. I'm kind of in the mood tonight to just consume an unhealthy amount of caffeine and go on a huge nostalgia binge.
  • Fe: No. NO! We can't do that tonight. Remember that old friend who stopped being our friend a while ago? Well HE MESSAGED US AGAIN. He still thinks we hate him! Oh my god. OH MY GOD. He's right though. Sometimes we do act really aloof and keep to ourselves too much. Is that okay? Is it okay to seclude ourselves like this for too long? Oh man, no. NO. We're hurting everyone we care about. This is not okay! We have to let everyone know we still care about them! Quick, what do you say when you want to tell someone you care about them but you want to sound genuine? We can't mess this up again! WE CAN'T. I don't know what to say to console this person AND I'M KIND OF FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW.

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Hey :) can you do a prompt where Matteo is in Italy but not really cause he is texting and talking to Luna ALL THE TIME and his parents realizing that he isn't happy there and telling him that they are going back and him freaking out and being overly exited to so his chica delivery again ? Hope that makes sense haha I'm still to hyper about that episode 😂

I wrote this cheesy couple stuff fic using these two prompts so I hope you don’t mind. Thanks for sending them to me! ( ◕‿◕✿).

Matteo observed the moon for a moment.

It was a new habit of his, to sit in the backyard of his house and stare at the beauty of Italy’s sky. It was night time, so the sky was filled with stars and a full moon that shone as brightly as the person who shared the same name. His girlfriend.

The boy smiled at the thought of that title, but sighed when he remembered the girl he loved was thousands of kilometers away on another continent. However, the smile came back the instant his phone vibrated and the name of the girl appeared on the screen.

Speak of the devil.

“Hey, delivery girl,” He greeted her.

“Hello, preppy boy,” Luna said back, as cheerful as ever. “What’s up?”

“Nothing new,” He replied, as if he didn’t talk to the girl all the time. “I’m the one who should be asking that, thought. What time is your flight? Are you doing okay?”

“The flight is within fifteen minutes,” Her girlfriend answered him. “And well, you know, I’m sad to say goodbye to Cancun again, but it’s alright. I’m finally going to see Nina after all this time and I have come to like Argentina anyway.”

 Matteo closed his eyes and whispered, trying to keep his voice from breaking. “Yeah. Argentina has that effect on people.”

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May I request a headcannon for the RFA (+ V & Saeran, if it's no trouble) reacting to MC coming out to her parents (as bi, pan, ace, it can be whatever) and them telling her that "It's just a phase"? I came out to my mom a while ago, and her exact words were "I swear, this is a freaking trend". Then, like last week, she was just like "Remember when you went through that phase when you thought you were gay?" I wanted to say "Bitch what the fuck I'm still gay as hell", but I also wanted to cry ^^;

(I’m so so sorry about the delay!! I’m so sorry your parents did that to you! It’s honestly an absolutely horrible thing to say, and I really hope this is close to what you wanted, and that it cheers you up even a little bit. Please know that you can come talk to me whenever you need, about anything! 

Loves and hugs to you darling <3 <3 <3 

I really hope you enjoy this! 


RFA reacting to Bi MC


  • He didn’t understand at first.
  • You said you were visiting your parents because it had been a while and you needed to talk to them.
  • So why were you on the couch crying?
  • He knelt by you, unable to figure out what happened.
  • “MC? Love what happened? Did something happen with your parents? Did you guys have a fight?”
  • He was praying you were just being a little emotional after seeing them in so long.
  • “I….I told them I was Bi….and…they told me it was just a phase….we ended up getting into a really bad argument and I just couldn’t be there anymore…”
  • Screw confused. He was angry.
  • A phase? A phase? That’s the excuse they used for their narrow mindedness?!
  • Yoosung didn’t get angry too easily (he just slaps people with facefulls of kimchi for the hell of it)  but this really riled him up.
  • You were a beautiful, kind and amazing person!
  • You were the one, who stood by him and helped him really understand and accept Rika’s death, instead of just drowning himself in those numbing habits.
  • And you never made him give up what made him passionate, only helping him manage his time.
  • Why should something like sexuality make your parents just brush you off like that?
  • He ended up pacing around the room, aggravated to all hell.
  • But once he saw the look on your face, he instantly calmed down.
  • He was by your side, taking your hands and pulling you close.
  • “MC, you’re a beautiful, amazing person, and you’re my angel. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less, or make you feel invalidated, because of a few mean words. Your sexuality is a part of you. It’s not just a phase”
  • You felt tears rush down even harder, but this time, they weren’t of complete frustration.
  • Yoosung held you close that night, as you slowly stopped crying, and while the ordeal itself was painful, you knew, that you had someone who accepted you completely and wholeheartedly, and someone who loves you with all of his heart.


  • It was the day after one of rehearsals.
  • He was expecting to have the apartment to himself, seeing as you went home to spend some time with your parents.
  • So the last thing he was expecting to see, was you curled up on the couch crying into the teddy bear he got you a few weeks ago.
  • Wait reboot.
  • Why are you crying?!
  • He rushed over to you, and immediately gathered you into a big bear hug.
  • “What happened Princess?! Is something wrong with your parents?”
  • You started to shake your head, but in a sense he was right. There was something wrong with them.
  • He quickly carried you into the kitchen and grabbed you a glass of water, gently setting you on counter.
  • “Easy Princess…breath…”
  • Once you calmed down a bit, you explained to him that you came out to your parents, and they just brushed you right off.
  • It was as if your feelings didn’t matter to them.
  • You ended up getting into an argument, and you stormed right back home.
  • Zen didn’t know how to react.
  • He didn’t have the easiest home life.
  • But you? His princess? That’s unacceptable.
  • You’re his princess, his angel. You deserved the world and more.
  • Your sexuality, shouldn’t matter in the slightest to anyone.
  • It doesn’t change who you are. It’s a part of you.
  • And he loves every single part of you.
  • As furious as he was with your parents and their narrow mentality, you were his priority.
  • He hugged you close, repeatedly whispering that he loved you, all of you, unconditionally.
  • He wanted to confront your parents, wanting to beat  talk some sense into them.
  • They don’t deserve you.
  • You didn’t deserve that kind of brush off.
  • No one did.
  • He hugs you even closer.
  • He was determined to show you, that you were important and loved.
  • He snuggled you, ordered your favorite foods and made sure to get plenty of snacks, and he promised you a night to remember.
  • And you did.


  • Ooooooooh boy.
  • When he came home, to find you hugging a slightly distraught Elizabeth.
  • He needed to keep from firing his entire penthouse.
  • Who the hell upset my kitten?
  • He rushed over and gathered you in his arms.
  • “Who hurt you darling? Tell me.”
  • “Jumin…I…I came out to my parents…and they just brushed me off….they said it was a phase…I just…I knew it wouldn’t be exactly easy but….a phase? Was it really so difficult for them to sit down and actually try and understand me…?”
  • Jumin was someone who felt family was important.
  • So he was completely ready to talk to them with you.
  • You were hesitant, and honestly not really ready to jump right back in.
  • So he decided to wait, but once a few days had passed, he brought it up to you again.
  • You hesitated again, but with some persuasion, said yes.
  • So he called them and set up a meeting.
  • He had you all taken to a fancy restaurant, and seated in a private booth.
  • “Thank you both very much for coming, I had called and arranged this to discuss what MC had very courageously told you-”
  • “Oh? The Gay thing? MC don’t tell me you threw that at him too! Jumin don’t worry so much about it. I’m telling you it’s just a phase! She gets into all the trends people see! Even if they are ridiculous and wrong”
  • He was angry.
  • You were crying.
  • Not a good combination.
  • “Now I see why she was upset when she came home. If this is the mindset you insist on keeping with MC, I refuse to let her stay around the toxicity. You may come to her to apologize once you realize your mistake. Come darling”
  • Without another word, he took your hand and led you outside.
  • He wanted to help you, but he also saw that pushing into toxicity wouldn’t be the answer.
  • So he would be there for you, every single step of the way.
  • And that night, he showed you just how much he truly adored you.


  • You decided to take a day off from the cafe, and told Jaehee you weren’t feeling well.
  • She wanted to actually close the cafe to stay with you.
  • But financially couldn’t. It was still pretty new, she needed all the business to help it.
  • So she decided to close a bit early and surprise you with your favorite coffee and some nice pastries she was saving for you.
  • So she came home around 7, when closing was around 8:00-9:00 pm.
  • She knocked on the door to your shared bedroom and slowly walked in.
  • “MC? Love? I brought you something to…”
  • She trailed off when she saw you wipe your eyes hastily.
  • Mama Jaehee activate.
  • “What’s wrong??” She rushed over to you.
  • You softly explained the situation with your parents.
  • And how hurt you were, but most of all frustrated, because you didn’t understand why they would just say that and expect you to be okay with it.
  • She didn’t have a good home life, so she didn’t really know what advice she could give you.
  • But she did pull you into her arms.
  • And hug you tightly right to her chest.
  • “I…may not have the right words to fix all of this…but I do know this: You’re you. Your sexuality doesn’t change you. You’re you because of your strength and your heart…please don’t ever doubt yourself…”
  • You helped her through a time where she was stuck.
  • Where she was hopeless and you helped her achieve her dream.
  • She wasn’t going to let this weigh on you.
  • So she sat you down, and began to spoil the ever living hell out of you.
  • That night was full of extra cuddles, favorite foods and Zen Musicals.


  • He just knew.
  • He didn’t know all of the details.
  • But he knew.
  • When he finally finished with work, and found you curled up on the bed in his spare hoodie.
  • He knew your parents hurt you.
  • All he could do was wrap his arms around you tightly and hold you.
  • This wasn’t the time for jokes or stupid puns.
  • You needed him. Serious him.
  • And you clung to him.
  • “Say the word, and I’ll make them regret it MC. You deserve so much more than them. If they can’t accept you, I’ll make them realize it.”
  • “No…Saeyoung…I don’t want that at all….I just…I wish they didn’t brush me off like that…”
  • He held you tighter to him and stroked your hair.
  • You shouldn’t have to go through with this.
  • You’re his angel. His love. His everything.
  • You didn’t deserve this.
  • You deserved the world.
  • And he would do his absolute best to give it to you.
  • “MC?”
  • You looked at him curiously, because he had a softer tone now.
  • “I could totally fill your parents banks up with Monopoly money if you want…”
  • Monopoly….
  • What the shit no
  • That’s my future money dammit no
  • “I’m good babe….”
  • “Just saying….”
  • You couldn’t help but laugh and hug him closer.
  • You were so lucky.
  • And he made sure to make you feel loved every single day. Loved and accepted.


  • He was still home, when you came rushing back from your parents.
  • He could hear the sniffles and the held back sobs when you rushed in and he was immediately worried.
  • “MC…? Angel…?”
  • He barely got a chance to stood up when you rushed into his arms and hugged him.
  • He immediately threw his arms around you and hugged you close.
  • “What happened? What’s going on?”
  • He didn’t want to be pushy, but he was too worried to wait.
  • “My parents they just…”
  • You explained what happened, but had to pause to keep from outright crying again.
  • He was speechless.
  • He understood, that it wouldn’t be the easiest topic in the world, especially when it feels like there’s no right to time to just say it.
  • But he didn’t expect them to just outright sweep it under the table.
  • A trend? Phase? Why the hell would they come up with that? Of all things?
  • While he was angry at your parents, and disappointed. He wanted to take care of you.
  • So he gently led you to the kitchen.
  • And immediately began to brew some tea for you.
  • He reminded you that you were loved and cared for you.
  • That you were accepted by not only him, but by the entire RFA.
  • Your parents would see their mistake soon.
  • And until then, you will be safe and taken care of.
  • He made sure to have you know that your feelings, your identity, your being itself. Everything is valid.
  • Everything is important.
  • Everything is perfect as it is.


  • He wanted to commit a felony.
  • As soon as he saw you crying on the couch.
  • He didn’t waste any time in asking you what was wrong.
  • After he detached himself from the bear hold he forced you into.
  • He’s not too great with gentle cuddles just yet
  • But you still held onto him, when you explained the situation with your parents, and how little they managed to make you feel.
  • Make that two felonies.
  • You had to sit there and hold him to make sure he calmed down.
  • Despite the comfort you brought.
  • He knew.
  • You needed him first.
  • So he held you, more gently than the first time.
  • It was a bit awkward, but he made sure to try and keep himself relaxed for you.
  • You helped him heal.
  • He wanted to make sure you knew how important you really were.
  • He wasn’t good with words.
  • He couldn’t never properly explain just what was going on inside him.
  • But he hoped, that you realized that he loved you unconditionally.
  • Regardless of your sexuality, gender or any preference whatsoever.
  • He fell in love with your heart and soul.
  • Thank god you weren’t hearing this it’s too fucking cheesy even for him
  • But he loved you.
  • That’s all he needed to know.




there’s an odd sense of calmness in uncertainty-

a cloudy morning, on a mountain, and i 24 inches away from the edge or 24 feet closer, i’m not sure. i stand counting imaginary stars, and hoping for the moon to love me back. and i stand for the trees to tell me stories about things i don’t remember anymore. the time i was fourteen, and digging for bones under my bed because i wanted to be an archeologist once. stories about the time i opened a book about a boy with hazel eyes, and got lost. i stand for the trees to tell me about his mouth now. 24 inches away from the edge of a pit, without landing. 24 feet closer to the unknown. 

most days i’d just like to know what it feels like to be a girl. or boy or marble or art or something else; someone else. most days i try to walk in a straight line, and not trip. most days feel a ball of feathers in my stomach or 47 books on my chest; there’s always a weight / always excessive- even on myself. most days i’m okay with it. 

today i heard a song about hands, and being 23; an age that swallows you, and i stand here fading, pulling the scabs on my fingers, and shivering for the next 11 days. 24, and an age that says ‘ hey, its time to know who you are’ and i stand here, idle head, idle heart, idle hands, trying to figure things out. there’s an odd sense of calmness in uncertainty, and i promise i try to build homes on it; but knowing isn’t any better / or worse.  

so here i am 24 inches away, and 24 feet closer to another year of being afraid, and hungry; like always. here’s to another year of something i still haven’t found. here it is- just another year / and i still don’t know how to feel about it.


anonymous asked:

Carrie, please help! I just found out today that I have to write a 6-page short story by Tues. I have no idea what I want to say. Only thing I've got is 1 scene, the protagonist glimpses someone she hasn't seen in years and still has feelings for but doesn't feel she can talk to now. Idk what went down btwn them to make them stop talking. I'm not necessarily asking you to tell me that, I'm more wondering, how do you think of plots or conflicts for stories? My mind is blank. I'm freaking out.

Hey anon! It’s gonna be okay. Six pages sounds daunting, but at 12-point font and double spaced, it comes out to be about 1500 words. You can do it! I believe in you. 

For your protagonist, it looks like you’re thinking of a backstory or some kind of conflict between her and this other person– maybe they fell out over something? Different dreams? There was a misunderstanding? Someone else manipulated them? One had feelings for the other or vice versa? 

Some resources:

I hope this helps, and good luck! 

anonymous asked:

I've recently come out as bisexual, and I'm in my first ever same gender relationship. I have such a beautiful girlfriend and I'm so inlove. As our relationship in progressing on, I'm finding myself wanting to have sex with her. But the thing is she's sexually experienced with girls, and I'm not. I'm so worried that I'm going to make a fool of myself. She very understanding and caring, but I still freak out when I think about pleasing her. Do you have any advice, or have you ever felt like this?

yeah It can be really scary. but she understands it. Maybe go talk about it with her, and tell her that you are ready for the next step. ask her if she wants to take the lead. So then you can do exactly to her what she has done to you. Ask her what she likes, and if she can help you with it, Maybe she can give you hints .Don’t worry that you will make a fool of yourself. You wont, and is okay if the first time isn’t that perfect as you thought. Sex is something you can always learn of.