can you tell i'm obsessed with these colors

So a long time ago i really wanted to draw Luke with flowers in his hair. And a few days ago i had a new idea to add some pink/purple colors in his beautiful long curls, bc why not. I guess it’s just makes him even more pretty.
And i really like how this drawing turns out. I’m a bit proud of it tho. And as you can tell i’m so damn obsessed with Luke’s long curls. 🌹🌸

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Loona Theories on Kim Lip, JinSoul and the July Girl

Alright, so you know how the first five girls had not only their animals and colors, but places associated with them? Well, this time around I think the next Loona unit will have animals, colors and shapes associated with them. 

First was Kim Lip - her color was obviously red and animal was an owl. But there was a lot of circle imagery in video, which I initially thought was just a coincidence/artistic choice on behalf of the MV producer(s).

But with JinSoul’s video, we get the obvious representations - color is blue, animal is a beta fish/fish - but we then get the same shape representation - squares/rectangles - throughout the video. 

Dancing on a square/rectangular stage. 

The dancers form a square around JinSoul with the rods. 

And those are obviously different rectangles/squares surrounding her. 

It could mean nothing, but knowing BBC they probably did this consciously. So, my guess is that the next girl (presumably the July Girl, although we know they’ve skipped months in the past) will be symbolized not only by a color and animal, but a shape as well. 

My personal - probably obvious - guess is that the shape will be a triangle. When it comes to the exact animal, who knows, but I’m guessing it will be something land oriented? They seem to be going with more elemental symbols for this next sub-unit and the owl and fish could be seen as representing the sky and sea respectively (i.e. something “earth” or “land” related would make sense for the next girl). Color wise I have no clue, but I’m leaning toward purple (for no other reason than red and blue = purple) or a bright shade of yellow. I know Hyunjin’s color is a marigold-like yellow, but we’ve seen them do variations of the same color before with Heejin and Vivi. A bright yellow paired with red and blue would be the three primary colors you probably remember from grade-school art class and be kind of cool symbolism in itself.