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Angels and Demons (Cas x Reader)

Character: Castiel x Reader (Female)

Word Count: 4,644 (Sorry)

Warnings: Torture. Blood. Swearing.

Request: can you do a soulaate cas oneshot? like the reader and cas don’t know each other, but they meet and the reader can see his wings?

AN: What’s up, guys? I’m super excited to be writing for Cas :) …and I'm also excited to tell y'all that I am going to officially become an aunt today or early tomorrow! (I’m sitting in the hospital with my sister, as I write this) Anyways, I hope that everyone enjoys! Feel free to tell me what you think, leave a request, or just stop by to say hello! :)

-Megan :)



The sound of your bare feet smacking against the slimy concrete, echoed off of the surrounding brick walls as you sprinted around a corner and into an empty alleyway. 

“Do you really believe that you could ever escape me, [Y/N]?” a man laughed sadistically from behind you; the same man whom had broken into your apartment, mere moments before. “I know that Castiel has taught you otherwise." 

Ducking into a nearby doorway, you pressed into the shadows and squeezed your eyes shut, hopelessly trying to answer the questions that swirled recklessly through your mind. 

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Ok, gang, I’ve got two other cute anon ideas about Allura and Ryou still in my inbox but I’ve got to jet.  I’ll do my best to get them up to share tomorrow about this time because, seriously, super cute.

I also want to say that these posts I make are Open Discussions.  I am always ready to have more cooks throwing things into the pot.  I love interactive story telling like our nonnie(s?), @panickypaladin and @theprojectava have jumped in and let me play with their ideas.  Please - if you see something that sparks you - jump on in!  Reblog and add your thoughts, send some PMs, write fic, whatever is rolling for you, please take it and run.  Anything I write on here is open for reblogs and commentary and additions, be it headcanon, mucking about with ideas like this, even my fanfic.  I’m here to share my toys.  Please enjoy it all and if anything gives you your own ideas, friend, jump on that.  Just include a mention of me and anyone else that contributed so we can enjoy what you’re doing as well.

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Can we just appreciate that this looks like Emma, Hook, and the Charming’s went to dinner before they knew the two were dating and this happened:

*Snow and David look away to deal with baby Neal*

Hook: Quick! Swan!
*tries to stuff food in Emma’s mouth romantically but Snow turns around*
Snow: What’s going on here?
Emma: Uhhhhh
David: Killian?
Hook: Remember that chat we had way back when in the Enchanted Forest…
Update 1: THANK YOU!!! · Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere.

Hello Everyone!  Mark here. It’s 9pm on Wednesday night here in LA, and I am trying to compose our first backer update, but it’s hard with all the emotion built up over the day. We’re all somewhat in shock.  About an hour ago, I left LeVar on the set of PERCEPTION, where together we watched you guys make the unimaginable happen. We shot this iPhone video for all of you, right then and there:As you can see, it was an emotional moment. We all dreamed and believed we could hit $1,000,000 in the 35 days of the campaign… but never, ever did we imagine you would get us there in 11 hours.From the bottom of our hearts: thank you. To the 30,000+ of you who have pledged so far: there is so much we want to share with you, starting tomorrow. If you sent in questions, I promise, FAQ’s are being written RIGHT NOW! (So many of you commented and wrote questions that our mail server froze. #happyproblems)Tonight, I can tell you that, as excited as we are, there’s a lot more we can still accomplish together, and that every single dollar pledged to this Kickstarter will go to the same two goals: put Reading Rainbow onto more platforms, and get Reading Rainbow into even more classrooms for free.From all of us: thank you, thank you, thank you.More tomorrow! Mark & The Reading Rainbow Team


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SHES GOING TO THE MET GALA NO IM DYING HELPPPPP I have a paper due tomorrow and now I'm not going to get anything done. THANKS DANAI

I KNOW. I’m so excited to see what she’s wearing to attend. Just look at her shoes. You can tell she’s going to kill it and I will probably be dead by the end of the night. 

anyway isn’t it great that the white women who told fans of colour to “wait for it” in shittiest aaron burr impression ever are now telling us to wait even longer for it because they, personally, do not give their Feminist Approval™ of how we’re celebrating a piece of media we’re excited about :)))

now, are these the same women who, essentially, told black women to “sit down take one for the team” when they didn’t like how the only black woman was represented in ghostbusters? well, you tell me!!!!!

I'm going to Poland tomorrow!!!

So I would like to tell you that I won’t be active as much (probably not at all), but I did set up a queue for the next 2 weeks

 If you want you can follow my instagram here as I will probably post pictures from my trip daily and I really want you guys to see them!!! 

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