can you tell i'm excited for christmas

Oh and don’t worry, I’m going to be with you again very soon.

  • Emma *whispering*: Regina!
  • Regina *sleepily*: What?
  • Emma: It's four sleeps until Christmas!
  • Regina *rolling her eyes*: You're worse than Henry.
  • Emma: I'm excited Regina!
  • Regina: I can tell, you're also adorable.
  • Emma: Then why won't you let me wear reindeer antlers?
  • Regina: So long as you don't wear them in bed...
  • Emma: You wore a Santa costume.
  • Regina: That was a little different dear. Now will you please let me get my four sleeps before Christmas.
  • Emma: You're so grumpy, like a grumpy kitten.
  • Regina: It's 3am!
  • Emma: Merry Christmas in four days!
  • Regina: Good night.
  • ....
  • ....
  • ....
  • Regina *whispers*: Merry Christmas in four days.