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drunk!alec – the endless possibilities:

1) clingy drunk: he hugs magnus from behind and doesn’t let go, and when magnus sits down, alec plops on his lap and wraps his arms around his neck, burying his face in magnus’s neck. when jace laughs at him, alec tries to punch him and misses.

2) talkative drunk: every single deeply-held secret suddenly comes spilling out. alec reveals that he thinks jace’s hair is weird, that clary and he watch friends together every tuesday, that izzy singing sounds like a dying demon, and that magnus can do this thing with his tongue – that’s when magnus shuts him up with a kiss

3) hungry drunk: he asks magnus to conjure up belgian waffles, then a bacon cheeseburger, then lobster, then ramen from that one little shop in tokyo, then more alcohol, and inhales it all

4) sentimental drunk: alec tells jace how much he loves him, and tells izzy how much he loves her and he’s sorry about the yin fen, and tells clary how she’s actually tolerable now, and tells simon… whatever and tells raphael he’s sorry for punching him and tells magnus sorry for almost marrying lydia and sorry for the soul sword again even though you’ve told me not to apologize and sorry for the dumb shit i’ve said to you but also i love you i love you i love you did you know i love you?

5) judgmental drunk: he sits with magnus in a corner and laughs at how idiotic everybody looks when they try to dance. and then magnus goes up to dance too and alec’s jaw drops to the floor as he watches his boyfriend, and then he gets all “grabby hands” with magnus (see clingy drunk)

6) “i’m not drunk” drunk: insists he’s not drunk even after too much gin and tonic, laments everybody’s irresponsibility, insists i’m the head of the institute and i have to take care of you guys all the time, but then is obviously drunk (see any other drunk option)

7) sleepy drunk: three drinks in, his head is pillowed on magnus’s shoulder, eyes half closed, and moments later he’s snuffling as he sleeps, a little smile on his face while his cheeks still glow red and a chuckling magnus kisses his forehead

I feel like we’re entering a whole new era, like seventeen is reinventing themselves. It’s seventeen project 2.0 and they’re making this “chapter 1” meaning there will be more chapters (?) and the group said it’s like they’re debuting again so maybe they are going for a whole new concept
Like all the title songs up until now have been phases of a boy in love and I feel like theyre going past that now, I’m so excited for this comeback because this is probably the most growth we’ve seen from the boys since 17 project and you can really see how dedicated and passionate they are about showing us an even better seventeen

Let’s all give three cheers for that interviewer Edith Bowman who asked Harry only good, incisive questions about the process of making this film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is this a potentially challenging time to mount a show that has an earnest, straightforward story and that isn’t, perhaps, a cornerstone of musical-theater history? 

Benanti: We’re not “Hamilton.” But there wouldn’t be a “Hamilton” if there weren’t a “She Loves Me” or “Gypsy” or “The King and I.”
Krakowski: I did see Scott’s original revival. It feels, as it does now, like this beautiful jewel box. For a musical that isn’t as well known, it’s quite a perfect little piece.


So from what I can tell Xiumin, Kai, and Yixing have black hair, Beakhyun and Suho have highlights? D.O blissfully has long hair still, and Chanyeol and Sehun are still hiding from us and Chen is Blonde!! It’s only been a night, we still have half of July to get through….

I have always been starving for you

A snowbaz one shot

Written by: all-snowbaz

Wordcount: 1.7 k

Summary: Simon and Baz are both feeling too much, and yet not enough. Simon has broken up with Agatha, but not for the reason Baz may think. So when Baz is about to leave at night, Simon follows him…

Published: The 15th of August 2017



It finally sounds like Simons asleep. It took him a long time today, but I can hear his breaths are getting slower and slower, so that’s usually a good sign. I am so thirsty. I never leave the room at night to hunt, if Simon’s still awake. I know that he’s fully convinced that I’m a vampire, but giving him more evidence would just be stupid. He already thinks I’m plotting, I can see it. He gives me these looks all the time, like he’s trying to figure something out about me. I guess I could just choose to not care, but it’s not that easy. I like to have him look at me at all times, even though I know it could never be like that. He has Agatha anyway, and that’s just how it is. I should have made peace with that, years ago.

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