can you tell i'm a planner type

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Hi! I need some advice, I've wanting to use a planner... But I feel like I don't have a lot of stuff to put on it, so I really don't know what to do, because I really want to use one but all those blank spaces bothers me :/ can you tell me someway that I could full those spaces? And sorry if I said anything wrong I don't speak english well but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say :c, thank you<3


I do not use a planner. But, this is what I put in my journal:

Page 1: About Yourself (Values, Likes/Dislikes, Signs, MBTI type, and everything that you can think of that will describe you. It helps me remember who I really am.)

Page 2: A Bucketlist (I would say that it is similar to a list of Life Goals and Aspirations.)

Page 3-4: Quotes/Proverbs/Sayings/Words of Wisdom( I fill these pages along the weeks. Whenever I am lacking inspiration, I will take a look at these pages and it helps motivate me.)

Page 5+: Bullet Journaling Material. Normally, I would say keep one side of the page. Either the right/left side of the page, so you can put quotes/ideas and other misc. writing.

In addition, you can use your planner to record daily events. Similar to an activity log if you wish to put that way. 

You can either write your thoughts or express it through doodles/drawing. If you want, check out smashbook/art journal.

You can keep tab on your spending, your grades…

I tend to write quotes down if I cannot think of anything to write on those blank pages.

Best of Luck.