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Spindle, Spire - [46]

This fic is sponsored and commissioned by Megumi.  Thank you so much!  <3

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Come the blue-black sprawl of night just before the world wakes up, Marceline opens her eyes and considers the quiet of the factory.  Their fire’s burned down to embers.  Bonnibel’s down deep in dreamland, having squirmed as close to Marceline as she felt she could get without waking her up or starting a fight, or both.  She’s snoring.  Her chest rises and falls in little gasping spurts.  Her shoulders brush Marceline’s.  She forgot to take off her glasses and they’ve fallen off her nose to hang over her mouth, and the lenses fog every time she exhales.  Her face has a pinched, anxious look to it even in sleep.  No small surprise that she never stops worrying.

Marceline picks herself up.  She plucks her jacket from where she was using it as a pillow and shakes it out.  The zipper rattles.  She puts the jacket over Bonnibel, tucks it high up around her neck so maybe it’ll muffle sound if there’s any to hear.  She dresses:  shirt, socks, shoes, sweater, hat big enough to be a sombrero.  She heaves her pack onto her shoulder.  Then she squats next to the mutant and spends some time just looking at her, her fists crowded up under her chin, her eyes aglow in the room’s great darkness. 

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