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“Better luck next time.”

Bank Robber AU for @ambiguous-eyepatch for the Valentines @aftgexchange!

I had a lot of fun drawing these and I hope you like it! 😃

I realized too late that this wasn’t exactly what you meant by your prompt, sorry about that, but I hope it’s still okay!

The rest of my mini-fic/headcanons/ramblings about this AU are below the cut:

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Damon x Reader

Requested By Anon

Thank you @justfangstvdto for the Kai gif (and the advice on how to write him)

You frowned as Damon lent in and smirked at the girl he was flirting with at the bar. You tried hard to ignore the jealous feeling or the fact that he glanced your way but you found your fists clenching and you pushed away from the bar.

“Hows my favourite housemate?” Stefan teased when you dawdled home and slammed the front door.

“Fine.” You snapped and he cocked his head.

“Didn’t you go to the bar with Damon?” He asked knowing your bad mood was because of his brother.

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Patater Week - Day 5

Feb. 10 - Social Media Shenanigans – Jeff kind of wishes that he didn’t know Kent and Alexei apparently sext each other through Snapchat pretty regularly. 1.3K

“What the hell are you doing?” Jeff asks, a towel over his head as he enters the locker room.

Kent doesn’t even look remotely embarrassed as he pulls his shirt down and pockets his phone. “Sexy snapchatting my boyfriend.”


Alexei Mashkov likes his men blond, shameless, and a little stupid, he supposes. There’s no helping taste.

He shouldn’t be that surprised when, that night while marathoning Game of Thrones by himself, he gets a notification that he’s received a snapchat from Kent. When he opens it, he nearly drops his phone and spills his cup noodles all over his crotch.

Miss you lots babe, when you coming to Vegas??? Providence is no fun, the caption says. The Kent in the photo is lying down on what seems to be super soft blankets, the picture taken from the up-down to showcase Kent’s exceptional abs all the way down to his low waistband. He has an actual finger in his mouth, like he’s trying to play coy. It’s clearly sent to the wrong person. 

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Shorties & Dorks

Originally posted by kissabledeanw

Request: Hey, love your writing! I was wondering if a could request a fic where Dean and the reader are that dorky but adorable couple. Like they sing (not very well) in the car together, tell bad jokes, watch movies in sweatpants see who can make a better Mohawk with their hair when in the shower lmao idk, you get the idea. And then at the end he proposes to her? I’m getting bored of fics with stereotypical characters and relationships :P Thanks so much!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Possibly the most adorable thing I’ve ever written…

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anonymous asked:

Let's just have lance as a wingman to Keith and slowly falls for the punk only to realize how hard he's fallen too late. Idk if Keith is just in a relationship or maybe about to get married, but lance knows that Keith is happy and what place does he have to ruin that?? He's happy if Keith's happy, right??

Lance was trying not too cry. He was seeing off the man he loved, and he was congratulating them. Keith deserved to be happy, even if it wasn’t with him. He got it, Keith was straight, and in love with her. And Lance wasn’t her, Lance would never be her. 

He choked a sob back as he spoke, “I’m so happy for you , Keith. You make her happy, and she makes you happy. You know, the best thing about love is when the person you’re in love with is happy. I get that, and I hope you two are always happy.” 

Lance watched as everyone laughed and congratulated the newly engaged, and he choked a tear. He watched Keith glance over too him, and that was it, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

He ran out of there, out of the restaurant, bolted down the street, and almost would have made it too his car, when a very familiar hand grabbed his, “Lance?? What’s wrong, why did you run away like that??” 

Lance froze turning too the one person he didn’t want too see right now. He licked his suddenly all too dry lips as he cried, “I dont- I can’t tell you, Keith.” 

“You can tell me anything,” Keith’s worried eyes bored into Lance’s, “Anything, Lance.” 

“Not this” Lance choked out, “I can’t tell you this.” 

Keith brought his hand up to Lance’s face, wiping away some of the tears, his eyes, “Lance, you’re my best friend. I’ve known you since dippers. Hell, when Shiro died, you were the one who kept me from going a long with him. You are the only person on earth who I can say everything too, and you sh-” 

Keith was cut off by a pair of lips on his, as Lance kissed him. Too shocked to react, Lance pulled back, giving Keith a watery smile, “I love you, and that’s why I can’t tell you.”

Rain started, as Lance fled from Keith’s grasp, and Keith watched as the only thing he’s every truly loved ran away. He turned back to the restaurant, his new fiance was there, and he only proposed to her because she was pregnant. He glanced passed his shoulder, trying to find Lance, in the sea of rain. He couldn’t see him.


’ This is… this is great news! ’
’ Hey, get away from the ledge, you’re gonna get hurt. ’
’ This one has the “S”. For “Super”, just like your cousin. ’
’ I just can’t hear you over the loud color of your cheap pants. ’
’ I’m the hero. ’
’ Oh, God. Is that smell you? ’
’ I see you share your cousin’s appetite for wanton destruction. ’
’ Three showers and I still smell of reek oil. ’
’ I went from superhero to eco-terrorist in a single bound. ’
’ I am not doing that interview. ’
’ How can you be so sure? ’
‘ I watched it happen for years with your cousin. ’
’ Reading glasses and a good slouch? ’
’ I see a city full of people who need help. Who need a hero. ’
’ Oh, no. I’m sorry. I meant to say who are you? ’
’ Trademark pending. ’
’ Have you lost your mind? ’
’ What were you thinking giving interviews? ’
’ It was more of a private conversation that’s being published. ’
’ What’s next? A book deal? A reality show? “Keeping Up with the Kryptonians”? ’
’ When did you even call him/her? The second I left? ’
’ I made a promise to your cousin. If anything ever happened to you… ’
’ I’m just trying to keep you safe. ’
’ It wasn’t supposed to be this way. ’
’ Your story… Your story is just starting. ’
’ I’m just dealing with an escaped alien prisoner. ’
’ You’ve spent more time in the Friend Zone than the Phantom Zone. ’
’ I am not in the Friend Zone. ’
’ Well… did you notice any of her/his other attributes? ’
’ Tell me, what do you think makes her/him a hero? ’
’ What can I get you? Or are you not allowed to drink and fly? ’
’ I was surprised, you’re usually a little more glib. ’
’ You said, tonight, you always build in fail safes. ’
’ I would never barter a child’s life. ’
’ I just can’t figure out why you did it. ’
’ For the record, I care about everyone. ’
’ You may have fooled this city, but I know you were behind this. ’
’ Finally, something we can agree on. ’
’ The fun is just beginning. ’
’ Can you hack into hospital records? ’
’ Easy-peasy, fresh and squeezy… ’
’ You were really mad, at something else. ’
’ You need to find, find that anger behind the anger. ’
’ You let that thing get away. I thought you were on our side. ’
’ It fought harder this time, harder. Faster. ’
’ It’s like it knew you’d choose to save those people. ’
’ Would you like me to call your mother a car? ’
’ I am the sole survivor of my planet. ’
’ You never get sick. That’s the best part about you. ’
’ Bow your head when you approach me! ’
’ Are you sure you want to do this? ’
’ It’s time for us to be a family again. ’
’ You’re gonna wish I’d died with the rest of them! ’
’ But can you look me in the eye and tell me that you are prepared to kill? ’
’ I’m very boring and really normal. ’
’ So, um, I’ll just get out of your hair. ’
’ You know, you guys could have told me. I can keep a secret. ’
’ I know there’s nothing anyone can say to make you feel better right now. ’
’ We are going to bring this thing in together. ’
’ I’m not leaving you alone with that thing. ’
’ That is not some anonymous alien you’ve brought in. ’
’ You’re compromising the security of this entire operation. ’
’ I would think you’d understand that better than anyone. ’
’ It is what makes you a hero! ’
’ That’s the difference between soldiers and heroes. ’
’ You waisted your ammo. ’
’ Without you, the world is a better place! ’
’ Without me, you’d be dead! ’
’ Please remember I would never try and hurt you. ’
’ I hate a generic sports metaphor, but that interview was a touchdown. ’
’ You wanna fight about it? ’
‘ I have too much self-esteem to kill myself. ’
’ I’m making stupid mistakes, like today. ’
’ The public will forgive you, I promise. ’
’ Ah, you do have a cell phone? Can I get that number, please? ’
’ You think I wanna do this? It’s the only way to win. ’
‘ I mean, that was terrible, but it was awesome. ’
’ We’ve never saved anything together. ’
’ I’ve dreamt of this moment. The two of us teaming up. ’
’ Um, not exactly sure you have to tell them that. ’
’ I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. ’
’ This is it for me, this is my calling. ’
’ The enemy has come in the guise of heroes. ’
’ You don’t get a chair ‘cause you don’t work here. ’
’ They have not left you, even in the face of death. ’
’ You ever spend time inside a foster home? ’
’ So just chill with the attitude, okay? ’
’ How can you, of all people, say that? ’
’ I know what you’re gonna say. I should have waited for you. ’
’ You didn’t give me a story, you gave me a half-baked idea. ’
’ I got the impression you didn’t want to spend time with me. ’
’ So, I memorized that fake ID for nothing? ’
’ I was shooting some hoops last night and hurt some ribs. ’
’ My whole life, I have been a sidekick. ’
’ I hate to break it to you, dude, but you don’t have superpowers. ’
’ I have a black belt and you’re right, I don’t have powers. ’
’ What do you have against a good old romantic comedy? ’
’ Yeah, your punk rock phase was very strange. ’
’ Are you slurring your words? ’
my stream of consciousness during death note (2017)

So I finally watched this shit show last night, and kept a running document of every thought I had in order. Here are some of the top ones: (under the cut because….it gets a little long. it’s worth it though!) 

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#7 Third Anniversary (Josh)

Request from anon:

hi :) could i get a josh dun imagine where the reader and josh are celebrating their third anniversary and josh just can’t keep his hands off her in a super fluffy way? thanks :)


Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I got really busy with the holiday and everything, but here’s a new imagine, and I am hoping it won’t take me as long to get the next one up.

ALSO, I hit 300 followers!?!?! It’s so crazy, especially cause this blog hasn’t existed for that long. Thank you guys so much.

Anyway, drop any requests in my inbox, as usual. Enjoy!

Warnings: none :)


Three years ago, a nervous, jittery, red haired boy named Josh had asked you to be his girlfriend. And now, hundreds of shows, dozens of dates, a handful of vibrant hair colors, and three wonderful years later, you both stand in your shared home as he helps you zip up the casual dress you have on to celebrate the occasion.

You had both agreed that even though it was a special occasion, it wasn’t necessary to go on some extravagant, expensive date, and you told him gifts were strictly off limits. He bought you too much stuff as it is.

You turn around and smile at him after your dress is zipped, and lovingly place your hand on his cheek as you peck his lips. You then try to turn away, but find yourself trapped in his arms as his lips find yours for a deeper kiss. You smile into it, before wriggling out of his hold to find your shoes.

Once you’re both ready to go, you jump in the car and drive to one of your favorite spots in town. The whole way there, Josh doesn’t take his hand off your knee, even though you scold him to keep both hands on the wheel.

He parks the car in the lot of the art museum and you walk hand in hand up the stairs and through the double doors. Admission is free, so you skip past the front desk and into the first exhibit, wandering around the vast space and examining the art.

You two often went to museums, especially when traveling, and you would usually stay together, but give each other room to explore at your own respective paces. Today seems different, though. As you wander through the halls, Josh is practically attached to your hip. If he isn’t holding your hand, he has his arm wrapped around your shoulder. And if he isn’t doing that, he’s standing behind you as you look at a painting, with his head on your shoulder and his arms around you waist.

You don’t really mind, but he seems to be paying more attention to you than the art.

“Josh, are you even appreciating the art?” you ask him jokingly, after you catch him staring at you for what seems like the twentieth time today.

“I’m sorry, I can’t help it,” he says. “You’re the most beautiful piece of art here.”

His words make you blush and smile profusely, and your eyes find the ground instead of his gaze.

“That is the cheesiest thing you have ever said to me,” you say with a slight giggle. “And that’s saying something.”

He laughs lightly and presses his forehead to yours, gently rubbing his nose against yours.

“You know you love it,” he says, still smiling.

“Of course I do, because I love you,” you says and he hums.

“Love you, too,” he says, pressing his lips to yours.

You hear an older woman cough behind you, as if to say “stop making out and look at the art, you annoying children,” and you take the hint, breaking the kiss and pulling Josh into the next room.

After a few hours in the museum, you can see Josh getting bored and checking his phone often. Although you could wander around the exhibits all day, you indulge him and suggest the two of you grab lunch at a nearby diner.

“Hm, that diner looks good, but I think I have a better idea,” he says, and you furrow your brow in confusion.

“What have you got planned, Dun?” you ask suspiciously.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he says with a mischievous grin.

“You’re so full of crap,” you reply. He simply shrugs his shoulders and takes you to the car, swearing that he won’t tell you where he’s taking you.

The car ride is short, and you become even more confused when he parks the car in front of a nearby park.

“What are we going to eat at the park?” you ask.

“Grass,” he deadpans, and you roll your eyes at his sarcasm. “Just be patient, will you?”

You sigh and let him lead you through the park to a nice clearing where there’s a beautiful picnic set up with champagne and flowers.

“Josh, I said nothing over the top,” you say, even though you can’t hide your obvious grin.

“Man, if you think this is over the top, you’re really not going to like what I have set up for later,” he replies with a grin and you simply look at him in shock.

“We said we would have a nice, inexpensive day.”

“This is nice and inexpensive. Did you really think I would just not do something nice for you on our anniversary?”

“Yes, yes I did.”

“Well, then you truly have no faith in me.”

“Ugh, you’re so annoyingly nice. You’re too good for this world,” you reply with mock annoyance.

“Only the best for you, my love,” he replies and kisses the top of your head.

He leads you over to blanket and you both sit down. He pops the champagne and gets out a lunch of simple, but delicious, sandwiches and fruit.

“How did you even set this up?” you ask through a mouthful of a watermelon.

“I may have had to call in reinforcements from Tyler,” he explains with a grin.

“No way Tyler could have pulled this off,” you say and Josh laughs, but doesn’t argue.

“I’m totally telling him you said that,” Josh replies.

“What, it’s not a bad thing, he just isn’t the most organized person in the world,” you say and Josh shakes his head.

“No, you’re totally right. I guess I should’ve included that Tyler then had to call in reinforcements from Jenna,” he says.

“Now that I can believe,” you reply and the both of you laugh.

The better part of the afternoon is spent sipping champagne in the park, your head in Josh’s lap as he plays with your hair and you both lay on the blanket finding shapes in the clouds. It’s the perfect kind of afternoon, where the sky is bright and blue and the birds sing beautifully and the wind blows lightly every once in a while to make you feel like you’re perfectly alive.

You would be perfectly content to sleep our here all night, especially after the slight champagne buzz wears off and the drowsiness begins to set in, but Josh sits up around 5 and informs you that Jenna will be arriving shortly to make sure you get changed and to dinner by around 6:30. And sure enough, once the two of you have cleaned up your picnic and walk back to the car, Jenna is waiting for you.

Josh kisses you goodbye, and just like that, Jenna whisks you away before you can get another word in.

You and Jenna chat in the car, and you assume she is taking you to your house, but you’re surprised when you pull into the driveway of her and Tyler’s house.

“How am I supposed to get ready when I’m not at my house,” you ask as the two of you walk through the door.

“Don’t worry, Josh sent clothes for you and you can borrow my stuff for a shower and makeup,” she assures as she closes the door behind you.

“Way more planning went into this than I am aware of, didn’t it?” you ask, even though the answer is clear.

“Oh, definitely,” she says with a smile.

You quickly shower and walk into Jenna’s room to inquire about your outfit, but you see that she’s already laid it out on the bed.

What you find is an absolutely gorgeous evening gown, with a pair of heels and a note written in Josh’s handwriting.

“I know we said no gifts, but this matched your eyes too well to not buy it for you. xx -J”

You smile and bite your lip and you want to be mad that he broke your “rules,” but how could you be upset about something this sweet. You shake your head slightly and pick up the dress, slipping it on over your undergarments. You leave the heels off for now, instead going to find Jenna about doing your hair and makeup.

“Y/N, you look stunning,” Jenna says as soon as she sees you. “Josh is gonna flip.”

Jenna happily agrees to help you with your hair and makeup, and about halfway through you realize you’ve seen no signs of Tyler in the house.

“Where’s Tyler?” you ask.

“Oh, he’s with Josh,” she replies, clearly with holding any more information.

“I bet you won’t tell me where, will you?” you continue.

“Nope,” she replies, popping the “p” sound.

You shake your head slightly, acknowledging that you’ll just have to live with the suspense.

Once your hair and makeup is done, you go back into Jenna’s room to slip on your shoes, finally able to see the full look in the mirror, and you almost don’t recognize yourself. The dress compliments your figure like nothing else you’ve ever worn, and your makeup was done beautifully by Jenna.

Jenna quickly pushes you out of the house so that you’ll make it to wherever she’s taking you on time. The drive doesn’t take long, and before you know it, you’re pulling up to one of your absolute favorite restaurants.  

“This is where I leave you,” Jenna says with a smile.

“Thank you so much, for everything,” you say, leaning over the console to give her a hug.

“You deserve it, hon. Now, go find you man,” she says and you climb out of the car and walk into the restaurant.

You’re shocked when you enter and find no one else in the restaurant, as it’s usually packed with diners. You are pulled from your confusion when you find a small trail of rose petals leading up to the rooftop seating area. As you climb the stairs, you can vaguely hear orchestral music being played beautifully from the top, and as you make it to the roof, you finally see Josh, dressed in a full black suit, looking as good as ever.

“You really outdid yourself, Dun,” you say to him as he approaches with a smile and a bouquet of roses.

“Only the best for you, my love,” he repeats his words for earlier, and truly means it. “Happy three years. You’re absolutely stunning.”

You blush at the compliment.

“Only because you bought this gorgeous dress for me. Did you rent out this whole place?” you ask, and he nods. “And a string quartet?”

You gesture to group playing in the corner of the roof. He simply nods.

“Friends of Tyler’s,” he says.

You can’t wipe the grin off your face as he leads you over to a table near the edge of the roof, so you can gaze out over the city. The table is already set with a delicious meal and wine.

You chat over dinner and he doesn’t let your hand go all night, tracing patterns into the back of it with his thumb. He also plays footsie with you under the table, but you know it’s not in a sexual way. He just wants to be close to you.

“There’s just one more thing I have for you,” he says as you finish your meal and he takes an envelope from his coat, sliding it over to you.

“But, Josh, I don’t even have anything for you-,” you start, but he interrupts.

“I know, we said no gifts,” he says. “But I’ve already broken that rule, so just open it.”

You sigh slightly and break the seal of the envelope, pulling out an airline ticket.

“What-” you start, but are again interrupted.

“It’s a one way ticket to our first show on tour,” Josh says, and you furrow your brow. “I know you’ve been hesitant to come on tour with us in the past, because you feel like you’re in the way all the time, but, baby, I want you with me, every day. I understand if you still don’t want to but I just-”

It was your turn to interrupt.

“Of course I will,” you say, and you don’t think you’ve ever smiled as wide.


“Yes, of course, Josh, I will go on tour with you,” you repeat.

He breathes a sigh of relief with a beaming smile to match yours, and you both stand up, walking to each other, and he holds you so tight you’re afraid you may have cracked a rib, but you don’t care. And even though he’s had his hands on you all day, no embrace was sweeter than the one you shared in that moment.


This was maybe more than the request was asking for, but it was just so cute, I couldn’t help it.

Hope you liked it! I’d love some feedback, or if you have a request, drop it in my inbox. Thanks for reading!

Date night

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Summary: you try going on a date lets just say Jensen doesn’t really want to see that happen.

To do list, one learn lines for tomorrows episode, two finish filming today’s episode, three do your homework, four find a nice outfits for your date tonight, and five sneak out of set without anyone realizing your gone, and make sure Jensen, Jared and Misha don’t know your going on a date.

That is not that much to do, the only hard part is the whole date part. Being on a tv show since you were a toddler and you’re now in your teens doesn’t give you a whole lot of dating options. Also the fact that you have three huge big brothers that wouldn’t let any boy look at you alone let you go on a date with. So yeah you were a little nervous, this was your first date ever. Last week the guy you had had a crush on for months had asked you on a date. For the first time you wouldn’t be alone on Valentine’s day.

The only problem was Jensen, you played Dean’s daughter and Jensen in real life was just as protective of you as Deans was of your character. So there was no doubt in your mind that Jensen would not agree to you going on a date with some boy. But he wasn’t some boy he was the nicest person in your grade, he was always nice to teachers, he said hi to you in the hallways each day, he helped with your math homework. And he had the most amazing eyes. So when he asked you out you were pretty excited. The only hard part was containing your excitement for so long around the boys without them asking what was going on. So you tried your best to keep it in.

This day will never end, you thought as you walked back to your trailer after a long day of filming. Jensen and Misha had been horrid today, constantly messing up takes, and laughing around. You were praying to what ever god was out there that you didn’t miss your date. They had decided they had had enough of Jensen and Misha that they would pick up filming tomorrow. The nerves were picking up as you headed to your trailer, god you hope this date went well.

Looking at yourself in your mirror you nodded. You looked pretty good, you gave yourself one more twirl grabbed your stuff and headed out.

“oh look who’s all dressed up.” Misha came around the corner smirking, “why would you be all dressed up just to go home, huh?”

“Misha if you say anything, and i mean anything to anybody, i will end you.” you checked the time you were supposed to be meeting him in ten minutes and you hadn’t even left yet. “Look i know what this looks like” gesturing to yourself, “but i will tell you everything that happens as soon as i get back, just don’t tell Jensen.”

Misha smiled “fine, fine i won’t tell Jensen” he said sighing, his shoulders drooping, you let out a breath and turned around to leave.

“won’t tell Jensen what?” you stopped in your tracks, maybe if you pretended like you didn’t hear him and keep walking you wouldn’t have to turn around and face him.

“y/n where you going, you look a little dressed up. Are you wearing makeup!”

Turning around on your toes, you looked up at Jensen, “if you have to know yes, yes i am wearing makeup, i got bored so i thought i would have fun. And me and Misha were just talking about how much we thought, how much we thought,” you waved at Misha to try to get him to help.

“how much we thought you needed to work on your lines.” you glared at Misha “yup, yup that’s what we were talking about. one hundred percent.”

“You have a date don’t you.”


“Wrong answer, you don’t have a date. You are way to young to date,” you interrupted him “i’m seventeen.”

“not aloud to date till you’re thirty, also why would you want to go on a date, when you could hang out here with us and watch movies.”

“well for one Jensen i have been looking forward to this for a long time and second why would i want to hand out with a bunch of thirty year old men when i can hang out with my crush, third i’m not your kid so you can’t tell me what to do.” you turned to look at Misha, “ and stop agreeing with him, you were on my side.” Misha put his hand in the air and walked away. “Jensen i really, really, really want to go on this date, and currently i’m almost five minutes late. So please just let me go, i promise if anything happens…”

Jensen interrupted “fine, don’t let me stop you from being a teen, just no sex no kissing no hand holding no touching. Remember to always leave room for jesus, if he does anything wrong or even looks at you wrong i will cut off his”

“Okay! I get it we’re good here i can go.” Jensen hugged you, “yes, you can go. Just promise me you’ll be careful i worry about you, especially with teen boys.” he kissed your forehead and let you go.

“Thanks Jensen i promise i’ll be fine. Plus i know if anything does go wrong i know a guy that has promised to cut off his junk.” you turned waved and ran off to your car.

“atta girl.” turning around he starts to walk away. He stops turns around and runs to his car to follow, there is no way he’s letting you go on a date without him as a chaperon.

yo just as an authors note if anyone wants to give criticism tell me what i can work on that would be much appreciated. or if you just want to talk, come talk to me i am bored


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Shawn Mendes x Reader

**Trigger warning: self harm and bullying**

Word count: 1,085

A/N: I’ve combined an anon request and a prompt I did and as I said, I wasn’t going to do this purely because of trigger reasons but the thought of this possibly helping someone encouraged me to do it. I love you and I’m here for you all. Lots of love.


Shawn smiles at me, his face not far from mine. “What?” I giggle. Shawn places his large, soft hand on my cheek, rubbing his thumb over it. “I’m just so lucky, I wish you could see it.” He says before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on my cheek. I wrap my arms around his neck and begin to kiss him, hard. My body begins to heat as I feel Shawn’s fingers begin to curl up the bottom of my jumper. I quickly pull away before he has a chance to lift it any further. I look up at his eyes, an utterly confused look displayed on his face. I flop backwards onto the bed with my arms splayed out. “Sorry.” I mumble, knowing Shawn is definitely getting frustrated by this repetition. Shawn rests his back against the headboard, letting out a huge sigh. “Y/N… Have I done something? Has something changed between us? I know I was on tour for a while but I haven’t changed… Is there someone else?” Shawn asks, concerned. I shoot up, feeling so guilty. “No! No! Shawn, I promise, nothing has changed with us. I just… I just had lunch and I’m really bloated.” I say, trying to sound convincing. “There it is again. Another excuse. You know I’m here for you, Y/N, but I can’t really handle your games right now.” Shawn says, sounding a little pissed off as he gets off my bed and puts his shoes on. “Where are you going?” I ask, so incredibly annoyed at myself. “Home. I’ll talk to you later.” He says before walking out my door.

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Different (p.2) // Klaus Mikaelson // requested

Request : can you do a Klaus mikaelson x reader where the reader is new to mystic falls and he instantly takes an interest in her and makes caroline jealous?? love your writing!

Many have been requesting a part two so here it is !!!!

Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x Fem. Reader

Part One

Requests are closed. xx

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It had been weeks since the ball, and Klaus hasn’t made contact with Y/N since then. After the Mikael incident, he felt as if it were too dangerous. She was only human after all.

Klaus did watch over her though. He found solace in standing under her window, listening in on the life she held behind closed doors. Often times, he would stand on the fire escape and watch that life play out. He didn’t know what it was about her. He never met a more fearless human that her. She didn’t treat him like a monster. Sure, it was probably because she hasn’t seen the worst part of him but there was just something about her that kept drawing him in.

She would often lounge around in a t shirt and panties, with messy bed hair and a mug of tea in her hand. Other times she would blast music and dance around her apartment, always making a small smile appear on his face. Everyday he learns something new. She’s a mystery that he needs to know more about.

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Heyyo! Sooo about the voltron family.... Do I just send in a prompt? If so then this is my prompt if you wanna do it: Shiro having to take care of the whole family on a weekday because they're all sick with fever and flu except for Shiro. FLUFF would be nice! Thank you! I absolutely adore and LOVE this series!!! 💞💞💜💜❤❤

[The Voltron Family] It first started with Hunk, he caught a fever and flu. So obviously, Keith would take care of his baby boy. Lance and Pidge would comfort their brother that caused them to get sick too. Then by the end of Sunday night, Keith started coughing. 

Shiro: *wraps his arms around Keith’s tummy* You okay?
Keith: *nods* *unwraps Shiro’s arms* I better go get a mask though. Don’t wanna infect you too. 
Shiro: No cuddles tonight then?
Keith: No can do, Champion. *frowns* You’ll live. *chuckles* *gets up* This will be gone by tomorrow.
Shiro: Better take meds though, just to be sure. *gets up* 

The following morning, when Shiro woke up, Keith was sweating and his temperature was so high. He checked on the kids and they were all still sick. He sighed and called the hospital that he’d be taking a leave because of a family emergency. 

Keith: *wakes up at the sound of his alarm* 
Shiro: Good morning, sunshine. *leans down to give Keith a kiss on the cheek* You’re staying home today, sweetheart. You’re sick. *frowns*
Keith: Wha— *coughs* I’m not *coughs* *glares at Shiro* *rolls his eyes* Yeah, yeah, Okay. I’m sick. *buries his face into the pillow* This *coughs* sucks.
Shiro: *chuckles* *runs his finger through Keith’s hair* 
Keith: *hums* *voice is muffled by the pillow* Hmmmm, that feels nice. *suddenly remembers* *jolts up* Shiro! The kids!
Shiro: I checked the kiddos a while ago. Still sleeping. No way are they going to school today.
Keith: *nods* Okay, good. *coughs* And you better get to work now.
Shiro: *shakes head* I’m taking a leave today. There’s no one to take care of you and the little gremlins.
Keith: Stop calling my children gremlins. *frowns* *coughs*
Shiro: *smiles fondly* They’re my children too.
Keith: Call them your little flowers. *smirks*
Shiro: Okay. That’s it. You’re really sick, Keith. Go back to sleep. *chuckles*

Shiro went down to prepare them all some English Breakfast. Keith offered to help but he could barely stand up so he didn’t put up much of a fight when Shiro told him to just rest and leave everything to him. As soon as he was done, he went to check on the kids again and Hunk was already up.

Shiro: *enters Hunk’s room* Good Morning, little pet. Time for breakfast.
Hunk: Good morning, Daddy Shiro. *blinks repeatedly to get rid of the sleepiness* *gets out of bed and tugs Shiro’s hand* 
Shiro: *smiles and leans down to give Hunk a morning kiss* Let’s go get Lance and Pidge. *squeezes Hunk’s hand and they go to Lance’s room*
Lance: *snoring*
Shiro: *chuckles* *caresses Lance’s leg to wake him up since it always does the trick* C’mon, Captain. Time to wake up.
Lance: *groans* Nooooooooo. *rolls around the bed* I’m sick. I’m gonna die.
Shiro: I know, but you need breakfast. C’mon, you can die later.
Lance: *groans* *sits up and joins his Daddy Shiro and Hunk*
Shiro: *enters Pidge’s room* Baby girl? You up? *leans down to kiss Pidge* C’mon, wakey wakey. Daddy made some English Breakfast. 
Pidge: *suddenly wakes up* English Breakfast?! 
Shiro: *chuckles* Yeah and it’s getting cold. *carries Pidge into his arms*

They all made their way to the master bedroom to wake Keith up. Then they all settled down in the breakfast table to eat. After they were done, they all lined up (including Keith) as Shiro handed them new masks for the day. 

Shiro: Be good today boys *looks down at Pidge* and girl. Don’t exert so much energy today and just rest up. I’ll check up on each of you later when you need to take your hourly meds. Alright?
Hunk, Lance and Pidge: *salutes* Okay, Doctor Takashi. *leaves to go back to their rooms*
Keith: *raises an eyebrow at Shiro* You’re enjoying playing doctor don’t you?
Shiro: I did not die 500 times in med school to play doctor, Mr. Shirogane. *looks so bloody offended* And you are a patient, so you need to go back to bed and stay there.
Keith: *smirks* Fine, Doctor Takashi.
Shiro: *flushes* Why is it so weird and so different when you say it? Stop teasing me. *pouts*
Keith: *laughs*

Shiro washed the dishes and did the laundry. Even cleaned the house while he was at it. His phone alarmed and he checked on the kids to tell them to drink their meds, they were all surprisingly hanging out in Hunk’s room, all cuddled up. Shiro cooed at how adorable they were.

Shiro: You kiddos need anything? Anything? At all? *looks at Hunk*
Hunk: Can I request for melon milk?
Shiro: I’ll get on that, sweetie. *smiles and then looks at Pidge*
Pidge: Maybe cookies?
Shiro: I’ll check if there are cookies left from your Daddy Keith’s batch. *ponders* *looks at Lance*
Lance: Can I get a car?
Shiro: No. 

The last one was Keith and Keith was just there lying on the bed, trying to fight sleepiness, looking so bored while playing on his phone. Shiro shook his head fondly and knocked on the opened door to get his husband’s attention.

Shiro: Anything you need, sweetpea?
Keith: I need your body. *monotone*
Shiro: *snorts* *stifles a laugh* Maybe when you’re better.
Keith: Dammit. Worth a shot. *unceremoniously drops his phone on the bed* I’m so bored. You won’t let me do anything
Shiro: *laughs* Maybe I’ll let you sort the laundry.
Keith: *coughs* Oh no. I’m so sick. I… *coughs* can’t.
Shiro: *playfully kicks Keith’s legs* You ass.

Bonnie & Clyde - pt 5

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“I asked you last week to come over and hangout at my house but you said no. Plus, I’m busy these days. I’ll see you around kay?” You said walking away.

That night, Nari called to explain how pissed off Jay was.

“Y/N, he’s totally pissed, do you know what he said? Jesus. He said you’re a bitch for only using him as your boy toy and then ignoring him. Did you fuck him and not tell me!?” She gasped.

“Oh my god no! I almost did though…at your party.”

She yelped. “Almost!?”

“He didn’t want to…Nari, he outright rejected me, and when I invited him over last week, it was clear that he would never step into my house.”

“He’s the bitch! You gave him two shots and he’s that stupid?” Nari growled.

“It was only one shot and I was drunk so it’s no big deal, it’s better this way anyhow.” You concluded.

“I always knew you had a huge crush on him.” She stated.

“Okay first, no I didn’t. He was just a really hot friend that I started to like a little too much. Second, I think it’s better if I stay away from him.” You explained.

“That’s your choice I guess, but he’s really pissed. He’s even talking about you in school.” Nari said.

“If I hear him myself, I’ll tell Yoongi to kill him.”

“Speaking of Yoongi, I saw the way he was dragging you out the club the other day. It was a bit inappropriate for an employee…Is he your new boy toy?” She squealed annoyingly.

“He was just pretending to be my date, some old creep was trying to hit on me.” You explained.

She sighed. “I was hoping for something more juicy.”

“Keep dreaming.”


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Welcome to hell

pairing: Demon!Ivar x Reader

fandom: vikings

@kumpmk @bookswillfindyouaway @nekodemon73 @sugakookiexx @mads—world @lj-laufeypevensieweasley @nightmares-are-daydreams @nothingbuthappydays @archer-whovian-violinist

Darkness had enveloped you and now that it finally began to fade away a sickening stench filled your nostrils that made you open your eyes and take in your surroundings. 
The outlines of a cave were visible, lava was flowing in the pits bellow, creating a deadly river that emitted a burning heat. You would have payed more attention to it, if the enormous wooden desk in front of you hadn’t been so irritating. Everything was strange but this was just too out of place to be any kind of normal. 
On top of the desk sat a man, his leg swung across the other with his fingers impatiently drumming against the wooden surface. One of his eyebrows was raised and he stared right at you. 
“I see you’ve been finally awake. Took you long enough.“ 
"Where am I?" 

Every bone in your body hurt but you tried to get up and move nonetheless. Had you heard him right or was he joking? 
"Excuse me?” 
“You died. This is hell. You’re as dead as it gets.”
He tells in an annoyed tone, rolling his eyes, “Can we move on to more pleasant things now?” His voice is more light-hearted once he keeps talking, a small smirk showing on his face. 
“How did I end up here…?”
“I snatched your soul away. It does get boring around here, every now and then I like a pure little plaything for myself." 
"You…kidnapped my soul?" 
"Basically, yes." 
You could barely remember but things came back to you. The squeaking sound of brakes, light flying by in the darkness and the final crash as your car hits another and everything goes black. 
"Well give it back!" 
"I don’t think so, besides you’re here now might as well have some fun right? I promise you it’s way too stuck up there anyway. You wouldn’t like it." 
"I think I’d rather decide that for myself.”
You snap back, slowly becoming irritated with the entitled brat. 
You probably really were dead even if you wished that wasn’t the case. Dead in a car crash at 24. That was way too soon to die. Nonetheless if that was it you’d rather spend your eternity in heaven than down here with this obnoxious guy that was taking a toll on your nerves. A few days with him and your supposedly ‘pure soul’ would be ready to murder him. You were sure of it. 
“Okay listen…”
He holds up his hands in surrender, jumping down from his desk. For a moment you think you saw something else than arrogance. He had lonely eyes, the kind you’d seen all your life whenever you looked in the mirror, “…I’ll show you around, maybe you like it here?” 
You should have punched him in the face but somehow you felt sorry for him even if he was a dick, “Fine.”

Bad dates- Peter maximoff x reader

Requested by: @mutantsandproud

Warnings: none unless you count a bad date

Request: “You think I’m nervous because you’re interviewing me for this high end job but it’s actually because you’re really hot” AU would be amazing with Erik Lehnsherr Or “I’m on a bad date and you’re my waiter please help” AU with Peter Maximoff would be hilarious Could you do one of these please? Or both if you want :D Thanks!

More specifically this part: “I’m on a bad date and you’re my waiter please help” AU with Peter Maximoff would be hilarious Could you do one of these please? Or both if you want :D Thanks!

I’m doing both!

This is random by Ms.Hunter comes from Stevie Hunter who was a dance instructor there (It’s not what I used her for in the story but it’s kind of similar) Also she’s in here just as a name iit’s not her personality at all, I just thought it would be an interesting reference

It felt like years since Peter’s been on a date. It was more like two or three months, but to Peter it felt like years. He had never been the best with girls, or really wanted to go on dates. For this girl he made an exception. She was the music teacher at the school, Ms. Hunter. One of the things Peter loves is music, he’s almost always listening to it. Half the time he has his headphones on, which does tends to annoy people. So when Peter learned that Ms.Hunter or Stevie, as he is going to call her on his date, showed interest in him, he jumped on the opportunity to take her on one.

Peter knocked on her eagerly awaiting to see her. Stevie opened the door and smiled at Peter, her brown eyes lighting up as she saw him. Peter looked at Stevie, her brown hair was in cornrows with golden beads at the end. She wore a red plaid skirt, and a white tubetop, the only thing that didn’t look very formal about her outfit was her white sneakers. This is kind of awkward Peter thought to himself. Peter was wearing what he always wore, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and his silver jacket.

“You look nice.” Peter commented

After a moment of silence, and Stevie staring at Peter’s outfit, Stevie finally said, “You do to,” Peter could tell it wasn’t sincere, it sounded like a question, and not a compliment.

“So, is it ok if I run you their, I can assure you it’s safe” Peter asked

“If it’s ok, I’d rather not. We can just take my car, you can just give me the directions and i’ll drive.” She declined

“If that’s what you want,” Peter answered with a fake smile.

Peter never liked driving, it was to slow for him. He also found driving really boring. If peter knows where he’s going, he would much rather run.

The car drive was bland. It mostly consisted of small talk. He also messed up the directions a few times, because he memorized how to run there, and not how to drive. Peter was very relieved when they got to the restaurant.

“So tell me a little bit about the restaurant.” Stevie stated

“Alright, it’s not to big, and not super fancy, but I did make reservations, because the wait can take forever sometimes. It’s not super exotic because I didn’t know what type of food you like. The food is good, I’ve been there a couple of times. It’s mainly known for being a nice pizza place, but they have other stuff too like salads.” Peter responded trying to make it sound as nice as it can, without overdoing it.

“It sounds pleasant!” Stevie commented

They walked into the small restaurant together. Stevie looking around as they entered. Stevie wasn’t very satisfied. The restaurant was small, and rustic, but still very nice. It had wooden chairs, and tables. The fabric on the booths chairs was an off-white, and the walls appeared to look like walls you would find in a cabin. In the corner there was a small bar with some bar stools that were made of the same wood as the chairs. The restaurant smelled very nice like a burning campfire, probably because of the wood ovens they used for making their pizzas.

Peter looked at Stevie, who was clearly disgusted by the smell Peter enjoyed. He walked up to the host, trying to take his eyes of Stevie’s look of disgust. The host smiled, and complimented Stevie on her skirt, Peter could tell he was trying to get rid of her look of disgust. Stevie smiled at the host, but quickly went back to the disgust face.

“Do you have reservations?” The host asked.

“We do,” Peter responded “under Maximoff.”

“Alright!” The host said getting silverware, and menus out of the tubs next to him, “I’ll show you to your table.”

The host took them to a small booth near the back of the restaurant. It was next to a window, That’s nice Peter thought to himself, If It gets any more boring I can stare out the window. Peter and Stevie sat down across from each other. Stevie quickly grabbed the menu, and quickly began flipping through it.

“Your waitress should be here in a moment,” The host said before walking back to the front.

Peter picked up the menu and looked through it a bit, in less than a minute their waitress was their. Peter looked at the waitress, She’s very pretty Peter thought.

“Hello,I’m (Y/n) i’ll be serving you today” The waitress greeted “Can I start you off with some drinks?” She asked

Wow her voice is as pretty as her. Peter thought, What am I thinking? I’m on a date. Focus Peter, focus. Before Peter knew it Stevie started ordering, for both of them?

“We’re actually ready to order. Two caesar salads please! Also water for both of us.”

“Alright, I’ll be back with your drinks in a moment.” The waitress, Peter now knew as (Y/n) said.

“Great, thanks!’ Stevie thanked her.

“Oh.., sorry thanks!” Peter quickly said before (Y/n) went off the get their drinks

I can’t believe she ordered for me. I could understand her getting me a water, but ordering me a salad. I would rather have a pizza. Peter complained to himself, Can today get any worse?

“What do you think of the restaurant.” Peter questioned, not expecting a good answer.

“It’s alright, I’m not a fan of the smell, or pizza. I hope it’s alright I got you a salad by the way.” She answered.

It’s not he thought. He didn’t say that of course, instead he responded “It’s alright, I haven’t had their salad before, but if it’s as good as the rest of the food here it will be amazing.”

“I’m sure it will be better than it smelled.” she laughed “I was expecting something more romantic though, like a candlelit dinner and flowers, but this…works, I guess”

“I’m glad it works.” Peter said coming off more unfriendly than he intended.

The conversation was luckily cut off when (Y/n) returned.

“Here you go! Two waters.” She said sweetly setting the water down on the table.

“I’ll be back with the salads.” she said hurrying off again.

“So on a different note,” Peter started “What’s your mutation?”

“I’m actually not one, I’m just a teacher. But i’m very supportive of mutant rights, and believe that they deserve them. ” She answered

I thought everyone at the school was a mutant? Maybe they made an exception. Peter thoughts were cut off when (Y/n) put a caesar salad next to him.

“Two caesar salads!” She stated “if you need anything let me know.” She quickly walked away, and to the next table.
“Speaking of mutations!” Stevie stated “You’re an X-men! You’ve saved the world! What’s it like?”

Then it clicked. Stevie wanted to go on a date with Quicksilver, not Peter Maximoff. Even though they were the same they were different, ones a hero and saves the world, they other is the person behind the one who saves the world, the one with personality, thoughts, and emotions. Stevie just wanted a hero, Quicksilver, not Peter.

“Peter! Hello! I asked a question!” Stevie said tapping his shoulder.

“Sorry I was lost in thought. To answer your question, it’s nice, I guess, knowing I’m doing good for people.”

“Your very heroic! It must be scary, I would be worried about getting hurt.” She responded “I’ll be back I’m going to powder my nose.”

“Alright.” Peter said

I need to leave now. I can’t just skip the bill, and leave her here, that would be awkward tomorrow. It hasn’t even been a long time, so I can’t say I’m tired. I’ve got it! I’ll ask (Y/n).

“Excuse me, (y/n) right?” he asked as she passed, even though he very well knew her name was (Y/n) “Can you help me?”

“Yes it’s (Y/n) she answered, and how can I help you?

“I need a really big favor!” Peter laughed awkwardly “It’s really big…”

“What is it? I can atleast try.” she said sweetly

“My date is in the bathroom, it’s been a very bad date, I mean really really bad.” Peter explained

“I’ve been their,” (y/n) laughed, “You want me to ruin it?”

“Well,” Peter tried to think of a better way to put it but couldn’t think off one

“Um,” he laughed awkwardly “Pretty much.”

“I’ve got an idea. It involves me dumping water on her. Is that alright? She seems very rude, and something tells me we won’t be losing a customer.”

“I don’t mind, in a way you could even say she’s using me so, go ahead. But what about your job, will your boss get mad.” He asked

“My boss is my uncle. He’ll probably figure it out right after I do it. I hope this doesn’t make it weird between you, and her.” She explained

“It may, but I really don’t wanna see her again.” Peter laughed

(Y/n) picked up Stevie’s almost empty glass and said, “All right, operation spill water on- I didn’t get your name.” She said

“It’s Peter,” he told her.

“Operation spill water on Peter’s date,is a go!” She laughed, rushing to kitchen to fill Stevie’s water up.

From the corner of his eye, Peter saw Stevie. Stevie flashed a toothless smile at Peter, it looked kind of sarcastic though.

Stevie sat down, and looked at the table. After a second, she asked “Where’s the water?”

“I had the waitress get you some more, since it was almost empty.” Peter lied

“That’s nice of you, thanks” Stevie said flashing another sarcastic smile.

Peter held back his laughter as (Y/n) approached. He felt kinda bad, but she only went on a date with him because he was an X-men which is very shallow, she has also been rude to him all night. This date has been amazing so far, Peter thought sarcastically. This will be the best part of the date.

(Y/n) rushed over to Stevie, and ‘tripped’ on her foot, causing water to start splash on Stevie.

“What the hell!” Stevie screamed.

“I’m sorry! I’ll go get napkins!” (Y/n) apologized trying to sound sorry.

“No you won’t! Not before I yell at you at least! You’re salad taste like trash! This place smell disgusting! I also hate pizza! This date has been awful! To top that I saw you flirting with
my date, before you ran off to get me water!You’ve lost a customer today!” Stevie ranted

(Y/n) and Peter looked down to hide their laughs. A couple people who, probably heard Peter, and (y/n)’s plan laughed. Stevie stomped her foot, and ran out. The moment Stevie ran out Peter, and (y/n) laughed.

“That was awesome!” Peter yelled, a little too loud, “Do you do that for every guy who has bad date?”

“Only the cute ones!” (Y/n) giggled “I also only offer the cut ones a free pizza, and their salad on the house.”

“You don’t have to do that!” Peter said

“I want to! I haven’t had this much fun at work ever! My shift ended a couple minutes ago, I could make us a pizza, and we could watch movies at my place!”

“I would love to!” Peter answered

“Good I’ll make the pizza and be back!” (Y/n) said rushing to the kitchen

Later (y/n) returned to Peter, and they went to her house. Peter’s new date turned out well, complete with pizza, movies, and conversation that wasn’t small talk.

We All Fall Down - Ten

Another hour later and Spencer had filled out the paperwork for your new old car, it now belonged to you.

Well. Actually no, it didn’t. It was in Spencer’s name with you as the named driver, just like everything in your life was in Spencer’s name. Part of you was grateful, it really was. The other part of you resented it. As he filled out his banking information you thought back, how long had it been since you’d actually bought something with money that you had earned? It had to have been before you were married because once you had moved, leaving your job, your small leased college apartment, your education, behind, you hadn’t had any money to call your own. Spencer had told you that he would take care of you and you’d just let him. Even when you were sneaking to hotel rooms, it was on ubers on his account, wearing lingerie paid for on his credit card.

How much of a shitty person did that make you?

You made a decision. You would get the house in to order and then you WOULD look for a job. You’d start at the bottom somewhere, but you wouldn’t tell him of your intentions. It would be a surprise of sorts, after all he had been the one to mention it this morning. Maybe it would even give you both something to talk about if you were actually away from the house and doing something with your day. The important thing was, that you’d have your own money and in your mind, that was suddenly so very important to you.

The car was bought along to the front of the lot, the mechanic who had given it a service sliding out of seat and handing you the keys with a grin.

“Enjoy her, she’s a great little runner,” he said cheerily as he went back around to the rear of the building. It felt strange to have car keys in your hand. You hadn’t driven anywhere in years, never even owning your own car. You looked over to Spencer, suddenly feeling slightly panicked. It obviously didn’t show on your face though, or if it did he didn’t particularly care.

“I have to go into the office again, can you find your own way home? The car has gps so I can give you the zip code for the house.”

You thought… well , you thought he’d at least come with you for your first drive. He must know how long it had been since you’d been behind the wheel of a car? And plus, wasn’t he meant to be taking you to get a cell phone? What if something happened to you whilst driving?

“Oh. Erm…. Yeah okay. I need keys though, for the house? And… when will you be back? I still have no way of getting hold of you remember.”

He looked uncomfortable and awkward. Perhaps the amount of time spent in your presence was starting to bother him. He reached into his coat pockets and pulled out a bunch of keys, detaching two and handing them over.

“Keep these two, one for the front and one for the back. Do you have the secondary credit card with you?”

You shook your head. That was in the bag you normally used for grocery (alcohol) shopping back in New York. It was packed away still somewhere. Spencer reached into his wallet, pulling out a wad of notes and reeling some off. Your eyes widened at the amount of cash he was carrying.

“Take this,” he shoved some notes into your hand. “The route home will take you back through town. There’s a store there you’ll be able get a phone from.” He pulled out a business card and frowned slightly. “When you get a number, message me. I shouldn’t be home too late tonight.”

He really was going to send you off by yourself. You chewed your lip nervously and Spencer caught it.

“Y/N you’ll be fine. The roads here aren’t hard to follow and this sort of car is easy to drive. I really do have things to do and you’ll get bored and frustrated if I take you with me. Go buy a phone, find your way around. I’ll pick up take out on my way back. Perhaps tomorrow you can clean out the kitchen and go and get some proper food in? Would that be okay?”

Reluctantly you nodded. Because you weren’t going to tell him no. You weren’t going to beg him to come with you, because you had never begged him for anything and you weren’t about to start now. You climbed into the seat and let Spencer talk you through inputting the coordinates into the GPS, then you adjusted your seat and mirrors, took a deep breath and switched the engine on. Hooking up your seat belt, you quickly familiarised yourself with the controls.

“You’ll be fine Y/N,” Spencer closed the door he had opened to help with the GPS and you repeated his words.

“I’ll be fine.”

After a few loud revs, you found your biting point, released the hand break and tentatively drove away from the dealership. You didn’t check back to see how long it took for Spencer to climb back into his own car. If you had have done, perhaps you’d have been suprised as he waited and watched you drive away, a slight look of regret clouding his face until he remembered that he really did have other things he needed to be doing. He HAD considered taking you along with him and spending the entire day together but he wasn’t certain either one of you were ready for that yet. Not after being so indifferent to each other for so very long. Small steps, he told himself, repeating to himself again that you would be fine.

You were fine for the most part. You navigated the roads back into town finding the car relatively easy to drive. It was still nerve racking for you and you made sure you kept to the speed limit, constantly checking your mirrors. You’d never had a car before, never needed one or had enough money to buy one for yourself. You took drivers ed in high school and Aunt Lorel would let you use her car when she wasn’t but that was really it. Derek had owned a car, you spending many nights steaming up the windows, you were rarely allowed to drive it though, unless you’d both been drinking and you were the more sober of the two of you. Spencer had had a car when you first got together, but after the wedding and the accident, he hadn’t bothered to replace it. And in New York it wasn’t like you needed a car.

Driving back through town you spotted the tech store, seeing signs for a parking lot. You pulled into a space and turned the engine off, letting out a sigh of relief as you did. It was only then that you realised how tightly you’d been griping the steering wheel, flexing your fingers and wiping your sweaty palms on your jeans. Remembering the cash Spencer had given you, you grabbed it and counted it. He’d given you five hundred dollars in fifty dollar notes. Tucking it onto your purse you exited the car and locked up, heading over to the store.

There was just the one employee that you could see, serving a teenaged boy as you entered. She looked over at you and grinned welcomly before going back to serving. You wandered around the shop slightly aimlessly, picking up handset after handset and putting them all back down, having no idea what you even wanted. A chime sounded and a moment later you felt a presence at your side.

“Hi! I’m Penelope, is there anything I can help you find?” the blonde employee was standing right by your side, almost too close for comfort. You stepped back slightly, feeling perkiness rolling off her in waves.

“I don’t know really? I smashed my phone up a while ago and was looking for a replacement.”

“Okay well, I can pretty much find you anything you want. And if I don’t have it in stock then I can source it for you! Are you new in town or just passing through? I haven’t seen you around.”

Christ, this woman was so cheerful. And not just your usual paid employee faux happiness, it actually seemed like she really wanted to help you. She was staring, waiting expectantly.

“Oh erm, I’m new here. My husband grew up here and his dad recently passed away, so we’ve moved back.” Why you felt the need to tell her that you didn’t know but you were fairly certain this woman could ask for your bra size and you’d tell her, there was just something about her.

“You’re Spencer Reid’s wife?” her eye’s lit up with recognition and you got the distinct feeling that everyone in this town would known who you were if you mentioned you’d moved back because of a family death. You nodded.

“Oh it’s so lovely to meet you! I don’t really know Spencer or his sister that well, they were a few years ahead of me in high school. But the family is well known around here and I know Jennifer’s husband, Will, relatively well. I sometimes do some work for the police department. Oh and I’ve met Diana a few years times, she used to come in whenever she had a problem with her computer. She was super nice. How is she coping?”

As lovely as this woman was, you could tell that you were going to leave her presence exhausted. But something about what she’d said struck you. “Diana seems to be doing okay. I actually haven’t seen her since the funeral. Spencer has been busy and I only got a car today. Erm…what work do you do for Will?” Maybe it was paperwork that you could help out with? You could type relatively quickly after all.

Her eyes gleamed at your interest. “I can’t say too much really but let’s just say that I’m super good at finding people, so occasionally he’ll turn up if someone has gone off the grid. And sometimes their systems go down, usually cos someone’s spilt coffee over one of the computers.”

Oh. So nothing you could help with then. You shuffled your feet sightly awkwardly, unsure how to move the conversation along. You didn’t have to worry, she seemed to sense it and moved it along for you.

“So, phones?”

“Oh, yes.” You sifted through your bag, pulling out your smashed up cell that you still had. “I really just want something like this?”

She eyed it up, wrinkling her nose. “Well that model is a few years old but I’m fairly certain I still have some in the back. Would you not want one of the newer releases?”

You really didn’t care how old the phone was. You’d got by long enough without one so all you really wanted was a way to be able to contact someone if anything went wrong. “If you have the same model that would be great.”

“Okay. I can do that. Give me two seconds… Oh! Did you need a new number or are you keeping the same sim card?”

Technically there was nothing wrong with the sim card you had and you were fairly certain that Spencer hadn’t cancelled the plan on it which still had a few months left to run. But did you want to risk seeing any messages from Derek, if there even were any? You weren’t sure which was worse; no messages or or a slew of them. You decided you didn’t want to find out. You told Penelope that you’d need a new sim, on a different cell provider to what you’d been on. She disappeared into the back, returning a few moments later with a box in hand.

Twenty minutes later and you were all set up, Penelope having gone the extra mile and charging the phone a little whilst she was setting up the plan for you. When she rung the purchase through the register it came to just under half the cash Spencer had given you. You handed it over and left the store feeling accomplished. You had driven here yourself and purchased a new phone, this was the start of new things. You walked back to your new car, your happiness sinking when you reached it.

When you’d parked, the spaces on each side of you had been empty. Now there were two cars there, both parked ridiculously close. You could get into the car but the angle you’d have to reverse out at was extremely awkward and you weren’t sure you were cut out for it.

After ten minutes of reversing and trying to turn out of the space, you were ready to cry. There was a row of cars behind you with the space between the rows large enough to drive through and to pull out into if you had the room to turn but you didn’t. You pulled back into the space ready to turn off the engine and just wait for the other car owners to return when you heard a light tapping on the back window. You looked behind to see a vaguely familiar face. Carefully, you slid back out of the car.

“You need some help? I’m parked in the row behind and can see you struggling. Those jackasses have parked way too close… Hey, do I know you?”

You realised he was Henry’s teacher and you racked your brains trying to think of the name Will had given you.

“I would love some help. I haven’t driven in a really long time and I just…. I’m ready to give up already. We’ve not actually met but you were at William Reid’s funeral the other day.”

The man smacked his palm to his forehead. “Yes that’s it! You’re Henry’s aunt right? I’m Luke, or Mr Alvez as Henry probably calls me. It’s nice to meet you properly.”

He held his hand out and you shook it, feeling how warm and soft it was. “I’m Y/N, and yes, I’m Henry’s aunt. We moved back into town recently.”

“Yeah I remember Henry’s mom saying. Well I hope you’re liking our town so far.”

You simultaneously shrugged and nodded, suddenly feeling extremely awkward.

“Well, you wanna hop back in and I’ll guide you out? Or I can drive it out if you keep an eye for me? It’s insane how terribly some people park.”

You really didn’t want to try again, just wanting to get home. “Would you mind driving it out for me? It really has been a while and I feel like my nerves are shot to pieces. Today’s the first time I’ve driven since high school.”

Luke looked surprised, his eyebrows shooting up his face. “And you’re driving alone? That’s brave.”

You shrugged again. “Spencer had things to do…. Apparently.” You cursed yourself for saying that last word, knowing exactly how it sounded.

“Well if you were my wife I would have …. Actually… Forget I started that sentence, let’s just get you back on the road.”

You were sure that if you were most people’s wife then you wouldn’t be driving alone for the first time in year’s but you didn’t say anything, simply moving aside.

“Just bang on the trunk if I’m close to hitting something okay. I think anyone would struggle out of this spot.” Luke squeezed into the driver’s seat and switched the engine back on and a few minutes later he was out. He hopped back out and grinned. “For a second there I didn’t think we’d get there but we did. You’re free to go!”.

You smiled back brightly, feeling a headache building behind your eyes. “Thank you so much. I think I would have been stuck here until they moved otherwise.”

“It’s no problem, happy to help. Now, it’s probably going to look like I’m following you but I actually live further outside of town than you do so if you look in your mirror and see me there, I’m not stalking you I promise.”

You were beginning to wonder how he even knew where you lived when you remember that Will had said that William had mentored Luke.

“Well just don’t honk when I’m driving bellow the speed limit. I feel like I’m driving like an eighty year old currently.”

He laughed, a deep gutteral laugh that sounded so warm and lovely to your ears. “I won’t honk, I’ll just curse you under my breath instead. You’ll be fine though, my cousin Penelope has one of these cars and she loves it. She’s a horrendous driver but she’s so far managed to navigate the roads and not harm anything. If she can do it then I have absolute faith that you can. You seem much more sensible than she is.”

You wondered if it was the same Penelope you’d just had the pleasure of meeting but decided not to ask. “Well thanks again Mr Alvez.”

“Luke, please. Only the six year olds that I teach call me Mr Alvez.”

You chuckled and thanked him for one more, using his first name this time. Climbing back into the seat you followed the instructions on the GPS, looking back every few minutes and seeing that Luke was indeed behind you. As you pulled into the driveway, he continued on past you, giving a quick wave as he did. You waved back feeling another smile spreading across your face.

Unlocking the front door you entered the Reid’s house, feeling slightly less like a prisoner now that you had a key and a way of getting around. The events in the car park really had given you a headache though, so you quickly set the phone to charge and texted Spencer your new number. Then you hunted down some advil and took to the couch, closing your eyes.

Day in (Jonathan Byers x reader)

Summary: Stupid fluffy Jonathan strikes again.

Warnings: Too much damn fluff I can’t stand it.

Request: can you do a Jonathan Byers one where you’re just hanging out and you ask him to spend the night and he tells you he loves you? i would love it so much! make it super fluffy please :)

Jonathan loved spending time with you. The second school let out, the two of you hop in his car and go to his house. He’d take pictures of you for hours, even if you’re doing something boring like homework, or if your jump roping in his backyard. But today, you convinced Jon to stay with you at your house.

Your parents were out of town and you didn’t want to be alone for the night, so Jonathan was staying over. He helped you set up a blanket fort in your living room right in front of the TV, where the two of you cuddled up and watched The Empire Strikes Back.

“Hey babe?” Jonathan pulled your attention away from the TV, and you turned towards him. He pulled you in closer to his chest, and kissed the top of your head. He tended to kiss you on top of your head when he hugged you, you were that much shorter than him.

“Whats up Jon?” You knew things weren’t truly that okay with the Byers eldest son. Will had just got back, and Jonathan had been seeking your attention far more than before.

Pulling you in for a kiss, you two closed your eyes and went deeper with the kiss. “I love you a bit too much,” Kissing up and down your face, he kissed your face more times than you can count. Trying to get him back, you grabbed his bottom lip with your teeth, and pushed him over so he was on his back. This ended in the two of you laughing while having a kissing war.


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Part 11




As Y/N walked into the courthouse the morning of the trial with her daughter, she passed him. It was obviously well-orchestrated by the opposing side to throw her off balance. Abel smiled silkily as she averted her eyes from his and walked straight into the courtroom and toward the members of the BAU. 

Over the months of getting to know them, or rather getting to know them again, Y/N had learned that Penelope Garcia was not used to being up close and personal with cases in this way. She was better behind a desk. That’s why Y/N asked her to stay out of the courtroom. “As you can imagine, I don’t trust many people at this point in my life,” she said, as Penelope’s smile emerged. “But I do trust you, and I desperately don’t want Ilaria in the courtroom. Would you take care of her while I’m in here?”

Penelope sighed and clutched her hand to her heart. “Of course I will. Ilaria, you want to spend some time with me while Mommy is in court?” The little girl nodded almost imperceptibly and climbed willingly into Penelope’s waiting arms. Before leaving, she lifted her hand to the side of Y/N’s face, her thumb gently caressing her cheek as she whispered words of encouragement for the fight ahead. “You have already lived through so much. I can’t imagine what this is going to be like for you, but no matter how tough it is, you are stronger than it. Okay?”

The bile rose again in her throat. She was getting closer and closer to having to look him in the eye and recount in vivid detail what he’d done to her - the most vivid detail she could given that some of her memories still hadn’t returned to her. “Do you hear me?” Penelope asked. 

“Yes, I hear you. And thank you Penelope.” She turned to the rest of the BAU, Spencer included, all of whom said they weren’t going anywhere until this trial was over. They’d be with her every step of the way. “All of you. I can’t thank you enough for being here for me and allowing me to come to you at my own pace.”  Looking around, her eyes rested on Spencer, who smiled softly before being interrupted by the bailiff calling for everyone to make their way into the courtroom.

Ilaria motioned toward her, reaching for a hug before she left with Penelope. “I love you, Mommy.”

Y/N took her strength and multiplied it. This was all for her. “I love you, too, little girl. So much. You are my strength.” She kissed her on the cheek and thanked Penelope again before walking into the courtroom and sitting at the front behind the prosecution.

Each second stretched into minutes, hours and days. Opening arguments were made on both ends. Nikita made an amazing speech about the ability to consent - that it had never been given, and even under the guise of Rebekah, could never have been given because Rebekah was not who she was. Her speech left Y/N feeling hopeful about what was to come, but then the defense went and made an equally impassioned argument that left her feeling sick to her stomach. She knew this was going to be difficult, but the reality of it was proving even more punishing than she imagined. 

Sitting next to Spencer had become more and more comfortable for her, so she sat at his side and waited to be called. Grant Matherson, Abel’s lawyer, leaned over to talk to Nikita, and then she turned around to talk to Y/N. “Mr. Matherson has asked if Abel can go first despite what we’d originally agreed upon. I think we should.”

“Why?” Spencer asked hotly. Y/N echoed his statement.

“There may be a certain advantage to going first, but I truly believe we’d be better off going second. It would allow us to have the last word whenever the trial concludes, and leaving the jury with your voice and not his would be best for us.” Nikita had wanted this originally, but Y/N had insisted on getting her story out there. However, now that the time had come, Y/N wasn’t so sure she had the strength to stand up, and if her lawyer truly thought that going second was best, she would oblige.

“Okay,” Y/N replied, nodding as she sat back in the seat and started to shake. Spencer looked down to see the tremble in her hand and offered her his, allowing her to take it if she needed to, or not, if she didn’t feel comfortable. They had had a few moments of physical contact in the past few weeks and it was becoming easier for her, so she laid her hand on top of his and took a few deep breaths.

Nikita Costas was nothing if not thorough and tenacious. “This is going to be difficult. He’s going to say things that make you sick to your stomach, but I am confident that I can win this case. Can you trust me?”

“You’ve never given me a reason not to.”

On the other side of the courtroom, Mr. Matherson called Abel to the stand. Y/N silently begged for the fire in her eyes to burn him on the spot, but she wasn’t so lucky. He sat down and swore on the Bible, something he claimed to live his life by, that he would tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The first few questions were to establish background for himself and for “Rebekah” - where they met and how they fell in love. It was all a lie. Everything sound that dripped from his mouth was tainted with venom and deception. “Do you know of anyone named Y/N?” Matherson asked.

“I do not.” Abel said it with such certainty, Y/N began to question everything. 

“Who is this woman?” He asked, pointing to where Y/N was sitting. 

“Rebekah, the mother of my child.”

Y/N’s body shuddered forcefully. She was looking at the ground, her hand still resting on top of Spencer’s, but she managed to look up and stare him down for a moment. That last bit was true. Unfortunately, he was her child’s father. “And the child, Ilaria, is your daughter?”

“Yes, she is.” The pride in his voice made Y/N want to vomit, but she held herself together. Matherson asked a few more questions, very basic ones that didn’t get into the meat of the issues that brought them here, before allowing the prosecution to call their first witness - Y/N.

With a deep breath, she made her way up to the stand and sat down, swearing to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. “State your name,” Ms. Costas said. 

“My name is Y/N Reid.” She spoke shakily, wishing she didn’t have all eyes on her. At the mention of her true last name, she looked at Spencer; he smiled and nodded. “Can you tell the court how you came to be Mrs. Reid?”

Her extensive therapy had allowed her to ease her mind and unlock additional memories. “I met Spencer at a coffee shop down the street from where he worked. At the time, I lived above the shop by myself. I was just graduating from college with a Bachelor of Arts degree. We dated for about a year and a half before we got married, and we got married fairly quickly.”

“Now, can you tell the court about the events of April 23, 2014?”

She swallowed hard and turned slightly in her chair, making direct eye contact with Abel. “I was coming home from work and I called my husband, Spencer, to ask if he wanted me to bring home dinner.” She resisted the urge to give flowery details about the relationship. It was unnecessary to the details of the case and would be called into relevance, so she stayed on track. “He picked up and we settled on getting Chinese food and watching a movie when I returned home. Before I could hang up, I heard tires screech behind me. One person was driving and then Abel came up from behind me, put one hand around my waist and the other over my mouth and pulled me back into the car.”

“Objection, if she was caught from behind, how can she even be positive it was my client who grabbed her?”

Nikita’s eyes bore into Matherson; it was honestly a pretty stupid question to ask, but the judge allowed him to ask it. Y/N had an answer prepared for that - one that was both truthful and scarring. It would leave an impact on all those who heard. “Mrs. Reid, tell the court how you know the person that grabbed you was Mr. Matherson’s client.”

“I noticed a deep scar in between his thumb and forefinger on his right hand.”

Nikita then asked for Abel to raise his right hand, where the scar was now softer and healed, but very much still visible. “It was the hand that did most of the beating over the next few months of my life.”



“Your witness,” Nikita said, before turning to Y/N and giving her a supportive smile. 

“Mrs. Reid, how many sexual partners have you had?”

“Objection!” Nikita said, standing up immediately, her eyes filled with vitriol. “Relevance?”

“Goes to the credibility of the witness,” Matherson stated. This was one of the things Y/N had been warned about, but the judge had taken her off guard.

“Sex and credibility do not go hand-in-hand, Mr. Matherson. We are here on murder charges.” In a split second, Abel’s eyes lost a bit of their venomous sparkle. He had been banking on discrediting her through her background. “Switch to another line of questioning or sit down.”

“Yes, your honor,” he said. “Can you tell us who was driving the car the day you were allegedly taken?”

“Her name to me was Eva to me.”

“To you?”

“Her real name was Natalie Jenkins.”

“But she wasn’t with you when you were taken from your home?”

“When I was rescued you mean,” she replied, her confidence building as she spoke. “No, she wasn’t. She’s dead.”

“Who told you that?”

“Agent Derek Morgan of the BAU.”

“Friends with the man you claim to be your husband, Spencer Reid?”

“Objection, again, relevance?” Nikita growled. 

“I’ll allow it.” The judge didn’t like that she had to allow this line of questioning, because she, as well as the entire courtroom knew where it was going. “Answer the question, Y/N.”

“Yes, Agent Morgan is friends with my husband. What does that have to do with anything?”

“Could it be possible that Agent Morgan lied to you on behalf of your husband who was trying to get you back after you left him?”

“I didn’t leave him! I was taken! I was abducted!” Y/N screamed, fighting ever urge to leap up from the seat. “Abel abducted me off the sidewalk!”

“And who told you that?”

“I did!” She shrieked. “I remembered!”

“After your numerous EMDR treatments?”


“How can we be sure Dr. Wasser didn’t plant those memories herself?”

“Objection!” Nikita screamed. “The defense is grasping for straws because they couldn’t use the witness’s sexual history to demean her!”

“Silence!” The judge cried, banging her gavel against the bench. “If you want to continue this line of questioning, you can call Dr. Wasser to the stand next. Move along and continue your questioning.”

Again the questions continued until Y/N was allowed to return to her seat and Abel was called for re-direct examination. She’d been asked about Ilaria. Her conception and birth. Abel was going to be allowed the right to tell his version of the story. The bile in Y/N’s stomach burned its way upward and nestled itself in her throat as he told his story of the night Ilaria was conceived. He claimed it was the night that he and his other lovers had welcomed her into the fold, about a month after she’d been taken. “Ilaria was born nine months later. She’s my youngest child at almost three with the exception of Catherine, who is still with child. Once this trial is over, I plan to be reunited with all my children.”

“You will never get your hands on my daughter!” Y/N screamed.

The judge silenced her, yelling for her to remain quiet or she would be removed from the courtroom. Nikita immediately turned around, her demeanor slightly too upbeat considering what just happened. “I request a recess.”

“Granted. We’ll reconvene in 20 minutes when, Mr. Matherson, you can call your first character witness.”

Y/N shook with anger as she walked out of the courtroom, her lawyer and the BAU behind her. “What are you so happy about?” Y/N yelled. “What could possibly be causing you to smile at a time like this?”

“Ilaria was never tested for paternity,” Nikita stated.

“No,” Y/N replied. “Abel told me she was his and I believed him. Her age fits.”

Her tears were hot against her skin as Nikita spoke steadily. “Did anyone else catch what I just heard in there? About when Ilaria was conceived?”

“I did,” Hotch said. As a former lawyer, he was the only other person who’d caught it, including Spencer. They’d all been too angry. “He claimed she was conceived a month after you were taken. Fast forward nine months to her birth, that has it ten months after you were taken. It was just over three years until we found you again. That would have her at just over two years old now, about 26 months. But he just said nearly three years old. That’s a 10 month difference. You could’ve been pregnant when you were taken, but after he’d…” He hesitated, swallowing his words, “broken you, he decided to pass her off as his. The timelines don’t meet up, plus if she is older, she’s small for her age. He could’ve lied about her age to fit his needs and you would never have known because you didn’t want to subject her to the poking and prodding of testing after all you’d both been through. We have to have her tested. Ilaria may not be Abel’s daughter.”


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