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Wolf Pups

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Robb x Reader

AN: It’s a sort of AU

“Get of me you great beast!” You grumbled when the huge Dire-wolf clambered all over you before settling next to you with his head resting on your shoulder so his muzzle pressed into your cheek.

“He would leave you alone if you’d get up.” Robb muttered with a smirk plastered on his face, coming over to the bed so he could lean down and kiss you.

“Was it not you who promised I could sleep my handmaidens feared I had gone missing today?” You asked and stroked his cheek, smiling when he leant into your hand, his eyes falling shut for a moment before boisterous voices echoed through the halls.

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New Girl

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1493

Author’s Note: I saw a gif of Stiles and made this cute little thing. There will most likely be a part two if people want it. Thanks to the greatest @dumbass-stilinski for editing it, telling me that one part was confusing and making me realize somethings that I wrote didn’t transform from my phone to my computer. Enjoy all!

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The Object of My Affection

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluffy, cavity inducing grossness

Word Count: 948

A/N: This piece is for @wayward-mirage ‘s Rat Pack Challenge. The song I chose was “The Object of My Affection” by Dean Martin. I wrote this while listening to the song, so it’s kind of just what I pictured while hearing it. It is also unedited/unbetad (was typed directly on to Tumblr) so excuse any minor errors I may have missed.

Going under cover wasn’t something Y/N did regularly, but when she got the chance, it was nice to have an excuse to dress up and pretend for a while. This particular case required that Y/N go with Dean to some fancy party posing as his wife so they could try to nail down where this ghost had come from.

Sam had been giving Dean the blues about how eager he was to be the one to pose as her husband. “Why don’t you just tell her how you feel and get it over with?”

“Shut up Sam!” He whispered harshly hoping that Y/N hadn’t overheard them from the bathroom. “I can’t okay? You know hunter’s can’t have relationships like that.”

“Oh, but pretending you’re in one will make this better?”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Shut up.”

Sam held up his hands in defeat as Y/N emerged from the bathroom. “Wow! You clean up real good Y/N/N!”

“Ha! Thanks Sam!” She playfully tossed a pillow in his direction before turning to Dean. “I could say the same thing about Dean here. Definitely not the usual fed gear.”

“Thanks.” Clearing his throat he grabbed his keys and held the door open. “Ready?” Y/N nodded and headed for the Impala with a wave to Sam. “Stop it!” Dean pointed at Sam as he whispered ‘tell her’ one more time to Dean.

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Knock Your Socks Off (Draco Malfoy x reader)


request: okay i know that this was requested but i can’t find it anywhere bc it was literally months ago.. it was something about draco taking the reader dancing sooooooo :))

word count: 974
warnings: none :)

It’s a Friday evening in late April and the snow has finally completely melted. You sit on the stone bench overlooking the fields leading to Hagrid’s hut, where Draco Malfoy had told you to meet him. The sun is setting, creating streaks of crimson and violet across the horizon. The grass looks greener than yesterday, and the breeze is warmer and has a slight fragrance of spring flowers.

You glance back towards the towers of Hogwarts, wondering where he is and why he’d wanted to meet. You’d always been friendly towards each other and joked around, but were never close enough to do things outside of class. It kind of came out of nowhere. You return your gaze to the landscape, your mind in another world.

Your trance is interrupted by a pair of hands suddenly grabbing your shoulders from behind, and you jump, nearly falling off your seat. A voice says, “Now what is a girl like you doing out here at a time like this?”

You turn your head and your eyes meet Draco’s. They’re the color of a cold winter storm, but they give off a look of humor and mischief. You smile and give him a little shove. “You nearly gave me a fright.”

“Nearly?” He chuckles. “Looked to me like I knocked your socks right off, miss Y/L/N.”

You smirk and lift up your foot, pulling up your pant leg to reveal your green and white striped stockings, climbing past your school shoes and halfway up your calf. “Socks are unharmed and undefeated.”

“Humph.” He responds, arms crossed but grinning, and comes around the bench to stand in front of you. “However, that is an interesting fashion choice, love.”

“May I inquire as to the purpose of this unusual and unexpected meeting?” You ask in an exaggerated accent, tilting your head, your arms wrapped around your knees.

He smiles wider with that mischievous look on his face. “I thought it might be enjoyable to spend the night together.”

You raise your eyebrows in response.

“No, no, not like that,” he stutters, blushing, and runs his hand through his handsome blond locks. “You naughty girl… I mean let’s do something tonight.” He reaches out his hand, waiting for yours.

You pretend to consider the offer, as if you hadn’t been wishing for this moment for the last two years. He rolls his eyes and sighs impatiently, but you can tell he’s amused.

“I suppose I could give it a shot…” You place your hand in his and allow him to stand you up and guide you back inside the hallways of the school. “Now where exactly are we going?”

He looks down at you. “Dancing,” he replies, smirking. A tingle of excitement runs down your spine at the thought of it.

He leads you through the dungeons, where you can hear the music and feel the rumble of the bass through the stone walls of the corridors. He pulls you into the Slytherin common room where you’re faced with a sea of partying students, fist bumping the air or twisting their hips to the beat of the song. You notice couples snogging on sofas in the corners and see Pansy Parkinson standing on a table, grinding against some Slytherin kid. A disco ball floats above the crowd, not attached to anything, and sends flashes of multicolored light around the room.

The two of you push through lip-locked couples and almost trip over a first-year trying to do the worm. You finally reach an open spot.

Draco stops and turns towards you, grabbing your other hand. He smirks confidently and starts to dance. You decide to forget your worries and nervousness and let loose. You twist your bodies along with the music, hands entwined. It feels like a dream. Your head is thumping and your ears are ringing, but it’s like a dream.

After a bit of dancing, you lean towards his ear and say, “Get ready for my craziest moves.” He lifts an eyebrow but gives the look of approval and takes a step back to watch. You pout your lips, scrunch your eyebrows, and start doing the Macarena.

He tilts his head back in laughter. “Alright, the dance moves were pretty good, but that face was priceless,” he chuckles.

“I know, I’m bloody talented,” you shrug.

You inhale sharply at the sudden feeling of his hands on your waist. “You make me laugh like no one else, Y/N.”

He moves his arms to your back and pulls you close, until there’s no space between your bodies. Your short breaths bounce off his chest. You look up at him. The red and blue lights from the disco ball dance across his face and you can’t think of anything but how attractive he looks. You open your mouth and try to speak, but no words come out.

He grins. “Shh,” he murmurs, and pulls your face towards his. Your lips meet, and your breath catches in your throat, but you then relax and wrap your arms around him. It feels like only a second but an eternity at the same time; the two of you embraced in a passionate yet gentle kiss. He pulls away, smiling.

“Why’d you stop?” You smirk, grabbing his collar and pulling him towards you again. Your mouth lightly grazes his, teasing, until he leans in for the full kiss. This one is much less gentle. Your lips meet again and again. Your hand trails up the back of his neck and runs through his soft blond hair. His hands are on your waist, and it’s a while before they finally pull away.

When they do, you smile and give him a light little punch to the shoulder. “I have to admit it… this time, you knocked my socks halfway to Azkaban.”

anonymous asked:

Could you please write one about established!bughead but jughead and Betty go to different schools so Veronica/Kevin have to keep an eye on girls trying to move in on Jughead and warns them off for Betty, thanks :)

One oblivious Jughead and Protective Veronica and Kevin story coming right up!

Betty looked gloomily out of the car window. She couldn’t believe that her mom was transferring her to a school outside of town. Alice had finally snapped, it was too much for Betty to be friends with Archie and Veronica and be dating Jughead. So Alice had transferred her and intended to drive her to and from school everyday.

She would still get to see Jughead and her friends after school, but Betty was heartbroken not to be able to see them walking down the hall or sit with them at lunch. She was really going to miss her friends.

“Hi Jughead” Veronica said brightly, slipping her arm into his. He jumped in surprise at the contact and glanced over at her.

“Hi Veronica…” He was hesitant, unsure of what she wanted. He couldn’t think of a time when it had just been him and Veronica, usually Betty was there to dispel any tension between the two of them.

“I just thought you might like some company” Veronica said softly. Jughead gave her a small smile and started walking to lunch.

“I miss her too” He said after a few moments. It was halfway through the day and he felt Betty’s absence like crazy. As soon as he walked into the school it had felt colder without the sunbeam that was Betty Cooper.

“I can’t believe her mom actually transferred her” Veronica shook her head in disbelief.

“Never doubt the lengths that Alice will go to try to preserve her girls supposed perfectness” Jughead knew that he sounded bitter, but he didn’t care.

“I hope she is doing okay.” Veronica voiced what Jughead had been thinking about all morning. No matter how much he missed Betty, at least he was still at the same school with his friends. Poor Betty had been thrown into a new school partway through the year.

“She’ll be the gem of Greendale in no time” Jughead said with more confidence than he felt. He knew Betty would try to stick to the background and hate the attention that being the new girl would warrant.

“Hopefully she can get out of the house to meet us at Pop’s tonight and tell us all about it.” Veronica said, guiding him the the lunch table where their friends sat.

“I wouldn’t count on it” Jughead responded with a grimace.

“Count on what?” Kevin asked, catching the end of their conversation.

“Betty meeting us at Pop’s” Jughead responded, sliding next to Archie.

“I’ll sneak into her house if I have to, I’m not going to let the beast keep her from us forever” Veronica said vehemently

“I’m with you” Jughead gave Veronica an appreciative look.

“Hi, Jughead” A voice over his shoulder made Jughead jump. He turned to see Ethel smiling at him.

“Oh, hi Ethel”

“Can I sit with you guys?” She put her tray next to Jughead and indicated for him and Archie to scoot over. Jughead paused, wondering why she didn’t just sit next to Archie where there was room.

“Sure” is what he said as he moved over. Maybe Ethel just felt more comfortable around him.

“What did you think of the History exam?” Ethel asked him.

“I’m pretty sure that we didn’t learn half of what was on it.” Jughead said dryly and jumped again when Ethel laughed. Betty was usually the only person to laugh at like that at his humor. He could get Archie or Kevin occasionally, but usually his jokes were met with eye rolls and sighs. God, he missed Betty. Jughead drifted off into his thoughts and let the conversation flow around him. Ethel tried to engage him several times but he just gave her short answers and went back to his thoughts. At one point he looked up to see Veronica and Kevin exchanged a meaningful look. Jughead’s curious nature picked up on it and filed it for later. He would ask one of them next time they were alone.
When lunch ended, Veronica once again swept him up and escorted him to his next class.

“Did you catch weird vibes today at lunch?” Veronica whispered when she caught up with Kevin after school.

“You mean with Ethel and Jughead, because yes.” Kevin said emphatically.

“You don’t think…” Veronica cut off. From what she had seen, Ethel was a nice girl, she didn’t seem the type to make a move on someone’s boyfriend, let alone a person who had helped her.

“I don’t know…Ethel used to have a huge crush on Jughead when we were younger.” Kevin looked at her with wide eyes

“Oh god” Veronica’s mind was reeling “We have to put an end to this, and we absolutely cannot let Betty find out.”

“You don’t think Jughead would-”

“No, no” Veronica interrupted him with a wave of her hand. “But I think that he is not very girl savvy and probably wouldn’t know flirting if it punched him in the face. The only girl he sees is Betty.”

“So what do we do?” Kevin asked biting his lip

“We warn Ethel off of Jughead. We make sure she knows that he is still with Betty and that isn’t going to change.” Veronica scanned the halls and saw Ethel at her locker. She took a step forward but Kevin grabbed her arm.

“Let me, I think this might need a little more of a delicate touch”

“Are you saying I’m not delicate?” Veronica put her hands on her hips.
“You are many things Veronica Lodge, but delicate is not one of them.” Kevin said and headed off to talk to Ethel.

“How’d it go?” Veronica asked later that night at Pop’s. It was currently just her and Kevin, they were waiting for their other friends to join them.

“Oh as good as you would think. After a little berating she admitted that she was making a move. She said that she had thought her crush was over until she saw Jughead with Betty.”

“So when Betty left, Ethel thought that she should finally make a move” Veronica guessed “I can’t say I blame the girl for trying.”

“No…but she was embarrassed and promised to stop.”

“Good” Veronica breathed a sigh of relief, glad that was over with. The bell to Pop’s rung and Jughead walked it. He spotted them and settled across the table from Kevin and Veronica.

“Where’s Archie?” He asked, pulling out his laptop

“Working on music with Val” Veronica said, Jughead glanced up at her tone.

“We are pretty sure they are together.” Kevin supplied for him

“Ah” Jughead lost interest and turned his attention back to his laptop.

“Have you heard anything from Betty?”

“Yeah, her mom’s got her on tight lockdown tonight. She said she’ll see if she can sneak out after they fall asleep, but she isn’t too hopeful.” Jughead said sadly.

“Damn it” Veronica cursed, she really missed her best friend.

“Why so sad munchkins?” Cheryl asked, sliding gracefully into the booth next to Jughead. The boy stared at her, obviously annoyed by her taking the seat that was reserved for Betty.

“Betty” Kevin said simply, eyeing Cheryl warily. They were never sure what mood she would be in. Sometimes she could be almost nice and fun, and other times she just came over to them to cause chaos.

“I heard she got transferred, how awful.” Cheryl turned her attention to Jughead who was typing away, ignoring the conversation. “You must miss her” Cheryl said as she put her arm on Jughead’s. Veronica stiffened, sensing danger.

“Yes” was Jughead’s response as he shifted out of Cheryl’s grasp. Cheryl however wasn’t bothered by his obvious indifference. Instead, she shifted closer to him and leaned to whisper in his ear,

“A man of few words, I always like a mystery. And you Jughead Jones are an enigma.” Jughead looked at Veronica and Kevin in alarm as Cheryl whispered the words. He looked confused and slightly scared. With a sigh Veronica sent Kevin a look that said ‘I got this one’.

“Cheryl” Veronica said standing up and pulling on the girl’s arm. “Can we speak in private?” Veronica didn’t leave her much of a choice, pulling her out of the booth and over to one on the far end of Pop’s.

Jughead watched the two walk away in confusion.

“What was that?” He asked Kevin.

“It’s probably best if you don’t ask questions” Kevin said with a chuckle. Jughead looked between Kevin and the two girls for a few seconds before shrugging and going back to his novel. He had more things to worry about than the silly dramas of teenagers.

The bell of Pop’s rung and Jughead looked up as he had every time it had rung since he came in. This time however, in entered the very person he was looking for. He was on his feet in a second, striding across Pop’s to meet Betty halfway. She gave him a huge grin and he enveloped her in his arms, pulling her close to him, not caring about the restaurant full of people.

“Do you see that Cheryl?” Veronica asked gesturing to where Betty and Jughead were clinging to each other like their lives depended on it. “That right there is something that needs to be protected, and I intend to do just that.”

“I was just having a bit of fun. Jughead is the one guy at Riverdale who has never shown me any interest. I wanted to see why that was.” Cheryl said with a nonchalant shrug. Veronica leaned forward, her expression intense. She wanted to make sure that Cheryl got the seriousness of what she was about to say.

“Have your fun with someone else. Jughead is off limits. He is too oblivious to notice when a girl is flirting with him and now that Betty isn’t at school, Kevin and I are making sure that girls know that he is still 100% taken. I honestly didn’t think it was going to be such a big deal, but apparently there is just something about Jughead.” Veronica relaxed slightly.

“Girls love a mysterious boy.” Cheryl said with a smile. She saw the look Veronica gave her and put up her hands in surrender, “But I hear you, I won’t mess with Jughead, I promise.”

“Good,” Satisfied, Veronica nodded her head. “Do you want to join us for milkshakes?”

“I suppose” Cheryl accepted in her always gracious way. The two girls walked over to the booth. Betty stood up and hugged both Veronica and Cheryl.

“Oh, I missed you B” Veronica said as she took her seat next to Kevin. Cheryl pulled up a chair to sit at the end of the booth.

“You losers do realize that she’s only been gone a day right?” Cheryl asked.

“Feels like longer” Jughead spoke up. He had his arm around Betty and was tracing lazy circles on her arm. Betty was settled back against him, looking incredibly comfortable.

“Tell us everything” Kevin demanded.

“There isn’t much to tell. It was a normal school. They were of course intrigued with the new girl and as soon as I said I was from Riverdale all they wanted to know was why I transferred and what I know about Jason.” Betty glanced at Cheryl as she said the last thing. Veronica followed her gaze and saw the redhead keep a neutral expression on her face.

“So what’s the plan Betts?” Jughead asked, his hand moving up to twirl her ponytail around his fingers.

“Plan?” Veronica asked in confusion.

“Yeah, her plan to get back to Riverdale High.”  Jughead answered, “I know you have one.” He added, looking down at Betty. She beamed up at him and sat up a bit in excitement.

“I do, I just have to convince my mom that Greendale is worse for me. You know, befriend people she would hate, have a few breakdowns because I miss my friends, let my grades slip just enough to alarm her.”

“I don’t Betty…sounds risky. What if she sends you somewhere worse than Greendale?” Kevin asked.

“I’ll just have to convince her that Riverdale is the only place where I will thrive. That part I don’t have to lie about. You guys are the only thing that keeps me sane.” Betty gave them all a small smile.

“Do you think it’ll work?” Veronica asked

“I have to try Ronnie” Betty said.

“Alright, what can we do to help?” Jughead said.

“Oh devious plans, you guys are finally interesting.” Cheryl added

The next day, Veronica was walking down the halls when she spotted Jughead at his locker. Next to it was a girl that Veronica didn’t know, but she was laughing and leaning close to Jughead.

“Oh are you kidding me?” She said out loud, stopping in the middle of the hallway. What the heck was up with this kid? It was like people didn’t think about dating him until they saw him with Betty, and now that she was all gone, they all wanted to fill her place. Well they would have to get through her first. Veronica took a step forward but was stopped by a hand on her arm. She turned around to see Cheryl smiling mischievously.

“I got this one.” She said and strutted her way over to where Jughead and the girl were. A few seconds later the girl threw her hair over her shoulder and stalked away. Cheryl turned on her heel and walked back to Veronica, leaving a confused Jughead behind.

“Good work” Veronica said when Cheryl reached her

“This is going to be fun” Cheryl beamed.

been waiting for this kind of question since i started this blog but now that someone has asked idk what to do so

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This is a hard question. I’ve read tons of KilluGon fanfics and they’re all amazing, but I usually bookmark those that gave me so much feels so here are some:



Seven Minutes

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A ‘Need to Know’ Basis


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ice cold

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Irreversible Darkness

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You Do Realize That This Is Pretty Gay Right?

Something More

hundreds of ways to wish a happy birthday

wouldn’t it be nice if we were thinking the same things

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Bring Me Java, Bring Me Joy

then there’s you

Touch x and x Breath

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one hour

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may we meet again

Bindings Unbinding

sunshine eyes x and x starlight soul

Starry x Night

Heart x Beat

To Be x With x You 

If x We x Got x Married


In x Experience

The Birds and the Bees

Focused x on x Me

Sugar Rush

Celestial x Cartography

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The Adventures of House Husband Killua

Are x You x Ready?

thus, with a kiss, I die

After x Glow

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Bring Me Java, Bring Me Joy

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it’s damn slippery out there 

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Miraculous x Hunter

he’s a hero and my daddy// old man logan

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THIS PROMPT MELTED MY HEART WHEN I SAW IT. Ya’ll are gonna kill me with these prompts. Masterlist is updated! Enjoy!

Awh. Sunshine & Whiskey left me smiling from ear to ear it was so sweet. I’m the anon who requested it by the way. I loved it. I’ve got another one for you :3 Laura’s First Day At School. The reader (human) thought she would be the emotional one, but it turned out to be Logan, being too stubborn to admit it. Kinda humorous, but with a touch of fluff.

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A Phenomenal Night (1/3) - AJ Styles

Pairing: AJ Styles x OFC (Rachael)

Rating: Explicit

Genre:  Part 2 and 3 is just smut, just pure smut! Maybe some fluff in there too

Warnings: NSFW, Daddy Kink, Public Kink, rough sex, unprotected sex, slight inebriation (but still able to think straight), oral (male and female)

Summary: After AJ’s win at the ultimate thrill ride that is WrestleMania, he invites backstage interviewer Rachael out for drinks to celebrate. And with AJ there is no doubt the night will be anything less than Phenomenal.

A/N: This is my first try at writing AJ Styles smut, please go easy on me. Most of what I’ve written before now has been Marvel’s Bucky Barnes or Steve Rogers, or even Natasha Romanoff, and some K-pop.

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I’m sitting with some of the other women on the roster watching the match between Shane McMahon and AJ Styles. I can hear the other women talking about the show so far but I’m too concentrated on the match to contribute anything to the conversation. AJ and Shane are putting on one hell of a match; they have the whole arena exploding. I am even screaming and cheering on the inside, while trying to remain somewhat professional on the outside.

As the match drags on, I can tell that they are beginning to get tired. I know that it is coming close to a pin and I can only hope that it will be AJ to win. He has worked so hard for this and has earned this moment to win.

The minutes tick by, and I can only smile as I watch the final moments. Watching as AJ sets up for the Styles Clash. This is it, I know it is!

‘1, 2, 3! He did it! AJ has beaten Shane McMahon! He has won at WrestleMania!’

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the way the sun shines
granting its warmth on everything it touches
shining its light on everything in its path
it’s so
it’s almost like
like the sweetness of a ‘good morning’ kiss
when your lover is barely awake to kiss back
but awake enough to feel you there
and when you see the curve of their lips into the smallest, sleepiest smile
that feeling you get inside
that feeling that’s like saying 'i love you’ without opening your mouth
it can only be compared to
the way the stars glow at night
guiding the the lost ones home
telling stories in the dark
the way the grass tickles our bare feet on a warm day
the way the leaves free themselves from their branches and fly like birds
the way the rain nourishes and hydrates everything around us
the way the trees give life simply by existing
that kind of magic
happens every single day
how lucky are we to get to experience that?
—  Anonymous said: hi love, i was just wondering if you could write something about a girl being so in love with the world and so vibrant? xx
(cc, 2017)

Summary: After training Sarada tells Kakashi something that has been weighting her down for a while,Kakashi was surprised , since he thought that people learned their lesson from Naruto’s childhood.

Two weeks, to weeks was what it took for Sarada Uchiha to learn the chidori. Kakashi was amazed,even Sasuke needed a month to perfect his chidori,and that guy was a prodigy and apparently, his daughter is a prodigy too.

‘‘How was that uncle Kakashi?’‘ Said the panting girl on the ground.

‘Huh,so she finally ran out of chakra,that totales three chidori’s a day.’

‘‘That was good,your average appears to be 3 chidori’s a day,one more and there ‘s a possibility of death or a serious injury understand?’‘

‘‘Yeah yeah uncle.’‘ she said as she tried to get up,Kakashi extended a hand towards her to which she gladly took.


‘‘Hm, how about I treat you to tea?’‘

‘‘Yeah sure.’‘

He normally didn’t invite people to tea,but he was immensely proud of the girl in front of him,she wasn’t just talented,she was also a hard worker,and he didn’t miss her strategies  in her attempts to catch him of guard.

‘Sasuke,Sakura you’re daughter has a very bright future ahead of her.’ and he had no doubt that she’d do great things,good things,and he along with her parents and Naruto will  guide her towards the light when she gets lost in darkness.

‘‘So you’re mother tells me you want to be hokage.’‘

Sarada stare moves from her dango plate to him,she seemed surprised that he knew.

‘‘Of course she did.’‘

‘‘Don’t you want me to know?’‘

‘‘I don’t mind I was just wondering how she knew.’‘ the girl grumbled obviously annoyed that nothing can stay hidden from her mother

‘‘I asked her the same question,she said she has sources.’‘

‘‘At this point I’m wondering if she has slugs following me around.’‘ she said a pout quickly forming on her lips.

Kakashi chuckled,he found that the combination of Sasuke’s snark and Sakura’s cuteness was a sure fire way to amuse him.

‘‘Don’t stray from the point and besides it’s only natural that you’d want to follow in my steps .’‘

The pout on the girls lips disappeared and it was replaced a grin.

‘‘Yeah right,cause you’re just so amazing.’‘ she said , a tone of sarcasm clear in her voice.

‘‘You hurt me.’‘ he said as a pout made itself clear through his mask.

‘‘Fine you’re the best uncle in the history of uncles,happy?’‘


After a moment of silence Sarada expression changed into a serious one as she asked him the question that was plaguing her mind since her teams second shot at the chunin exams

‘‘Do you think I’d make it ?’‘ she said , clear doubt in her voice,as if not sure she should ask him that question.

‘‘I don’t see why not,you’re smart,talented ,have a good heart and you’re a hard worker,with good guidance I’d say you’d make it.’‘

He expected the girl to cheer up at his words,but her expression only got more sombre.

He didn’t say anything,he knew if Sarada wanted to say something she’d say it and no amount of nagging from him would make her talk if she didn’t want too.

‘‘Just could you promise not to tell mama?’‘

‘‘Why not?’‘ now he was getting worried,since the girl was very close to her mother,he doubted the girl kept secrets from her parents.

‘‘Cause she would worry and get mad.’‘

‘‘Mad at you?’‘ Sakura rarely got mad at Sarada,since she always tries to understand her daughter.


The girl was getting uncomfortable something which was made clear by her fidgeting.

‘‘How about this,if I see it absolutely necessary to tell Sakura I will tell her.’‘

After all,he really didn’t want to cause the girl harm if it was something bigger than him.

Sarada looked at him wearily before a smirk appeared on her face.

‘‘Even if I don’t tell you,you’re going to tell mama right?’‘

‘‘You know me so well.’‘ he said as a smile formed on his face.

Another moment of silence came as they finished their tea.

‘‘How about we go back to the training field.’‘


Another thing the girl shared with her father was her love for greenery,but he suspected that Sasuke’s love for the color green has little to do with actual greenery and a lot more to do with a certain green eyed women.

They both sat next to the same tree.

Kakashi waited patiently as his mind went to the worst things that could happen,

did she have her first kill? or was she having boy trouble,he’d think she‘d resort to Ino if she wanted to talk to a grown up at that sort of thing,which he doubts.

‘‘Do you remember the last chunin exams tournament?’‘

‘’How could I forget,your last fight with Mitsuki was the most exciting fight I’ve seen since years ago.’‘

It was truly an amazing fight,but Sarada won it with the use of the smoke of her fire jutsu and the lightning flash,it was thanks to that fight that Kakashi decided to teach her the chidori.

‘‘At the chunin exam stadium ,after I won,I was walking through the hallway inside where I found two Konoha nin talking,I didn’t mind them until I heard my name,they were saying that the village should beware of me and that I should be locked up before I lose it.’‘

Kakashi remembered that seemed off when he congratulated her after the tournament,he thought she was just tired after her fight with Mitsuki,but he never though that something like this could have happened.

The girl stopped to take a deep breath and gauge the reaction of Kakashi.

Honestly he was stunned that some people still harbored hatred towards sasuke despite all the things he did to the village,most villagers called him a hero now.

He took another glance at the girl who was clearly at the verge of tears,of course she would,the exams were over since a month,so this issue has been plaguing her since a month ago.

‘’And it wasn’t just that,the whispers increased too since I won that stupid tournament.’’


‘’People would whisper cruel things,sometimes they’d say bad things about mama but after I won I started hearing them wherever I go especially from the older generation.’’

‘’Things like what?’‘

Sarada stood up as she continued:

‘’Hear things li-like ’ She’s their daughter she’s bound to achieve great things but I doubt their going to be good things’ or ‘  She’s close to the sixth and seventh,I just hope they don’t hesitate to do something when she finally snaps and that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree or-or…’‘

Her words cut off with a sob as her shoulders heaved with emotion.

Kakashi was too stunned to move after hearing all that,he wanted to do something,but he couldn’t since their was nothing to be done,if the haters didn’t change their mind after the incident with Momoshiki then they’d never change their minds.

‘‘And it fucking hurts,cause I don’t know what the hell I did! What my parents did! and I’m never going to achieve my dream because of things I don’t even know…’‘

Her gaze moved from kakashi to the ground,as her sobs drove her to her knees.

‘‘And I hate it cause I didn’t do anything to deserve it.’‘She said as she finally collapsed and buried her head in her arms.

Kakashi stared at the shaking girl on the ground,he was sad,but the feeling of anger overcame his sadness,she was just a kid for crying out loud,a kid with innocent dreams,and they were wreaking them.

‘‘When did it start?’‘

It wasn’t the time to ask but he had to know,since it seems it started long before her team’s second attempt at the chunnin exam.

‘‘eight.’‘ she said between sobs.


‘‘Some kids at the academy refused to even sit next to me,they said that there parents said that they shouldn’t and some of the parents used to glare at me whenever mama wasn’t with me.’‘

Eight,around the time when he met her again after a 3 year absence,she was only a vulnerable girl at that point,and she’d been harboring  this weight on her small shoulders until now.

‘No wonder she relates to Naruto.’ he thought remembering the  similar way Naruto was treated as a kid,albeit in a more cruel way,but pain was pain.

He’s gonna kill the those bastards,no wonder Sarada didn’t want Sakura to know,she’d kill the people responsible.

‘It’s a good thing she didn’t tell Sasuke,this would wreck him,his former student didn’t give much though to peoples opinions,but this was a sore spot.

‘‘Sarada.’‘ he said with his attempted gentle voice.

The girl didn’t acknowledge him at first.

‘‘Sarada look at me.’‘ he said,but this time with  firmness in his voice.

He grabbed her shoulders and helped her raise her head up,something she was reluctant to do,damn Uchiha pride.

He normally wasn’t a huger,but this was too much he thought as he pulled her towards his chest.

‘‘You are a good person Sarada.’‘ he said hoping that it would comfort her but it seemed to only worsen her pain as her hands grabbed his flack jacket tightly.

He waited her a few minutes, letting her get rid of all her pent up emotions before he spoke again.

‘‘You didn’t do anything wrong.’‘

‘‘Then why do they talk like that?’‘

Kakashi took a deep breath as he pulled Sarada’s head of his chest so she could look at him,when her red eyes met his he continued.

‘‘Cause you’re family did bad things.’‘

‘‘Bad things?’‘

‘‘That’s a discussion you should have with your parents,but back to the point, you should always remember that you are good person, you’re parents are good people and heroes and that the past doesn’t matter as much as the future and that you have as much as a chance at the hokage hat as any person got it?’‘

‘‘Yes uncle Kakashi.’‘

‘‘And secondly,you shouldn’t harbor your emotions like that,cause trust me it would do more harm than good.’‘


Kakashi helped her up as she dried her tears.

‘‘Are you going to tell mama?’‘

‘‘Hm I won’t tell her under one condition.’‘

‘‘What now?!’‘

Kakashi’s requests were really annoying Sarada thought as she remembered the time he made her organize his book collection in exchange of not telling her mother that she broke a vase while throwing shuriken in the house

‘‘You promise to come to me when something like this happens again got it?’‘

He was still mad,and he wasn’t going to let it pass.

‘’Sure uncle.’‘

‘‘Now how about we do a little taijutsu spar huh?’‘

A smile appeared on Sarada’s face,which lightened Kakashi’s mood slightly.

‘‘I’m gonna beat you Shanaroo!’‘

A couple of minutes later Sarada was lying under the ground with only her head over the dirt.

‘‘Uncle you cheated!’‘

‘‘Always expect the unexpected Sarada.’‘

‘‘Ugh,I hate you’‘

‘‘ I’m flattered.’‘

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 26

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 26


Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there!

Enjoy :)

(Taking place in 1x07)

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Elijah stepped out of the Rousseau’s when his phone started ringing. He saw your name on the screen and picked up.


But all he heard was a scream and then nothing.

“Y/N!” he tried to call his girlfriend’s name but there was nobody to answer on the other line.

He rushed back to the plantation and he smelled blood as soon as he stepped in the hall. He entered the living room when he saw you lying on the ground in a pool of your own blood. His heart skipped a beat at this vision and he rushed towards you, biting his wrist to give you his blood.


Your head hurt. It was dark, you couldn’t open your eyes. You felt some hot liquid flowing down your throat. You moan as you tried to open your eyes, the light hurt. Someone was holding you, you figured it was Elijah as you heard his voice begging you to come back to him. You put your hands on his arm that was over your mouth and finally opened your eyes. You tried to push him away, the blood was disgusting.

“You need to keep drinking, you lost too much blood” he says and you could hear his fear, his panic, his hurt in his voice.

Finally, he removes his wrist and you take a deep breath.

“What happened?” you ask, sitting up to look up at him.

“I found you lying on the floor, almost dead” he says, taking your face in his hands, his forehead against yours.

“Marcel” you say. “He left just a minute before… Hayley?” you remember “Where’s Hayley?”

He shakes his head “She’s not here” he helps you get up. “Are you okay?”

You nod.

“I’ll call Klaus”

Klaus entered the house, angry. “What happened here?” he asks, seeing the blood on the floor, on your clothes.

“Marcel payed them a visit. Hayley’s been taken” Elijah answers his brother.

“Well, we’re gonna have to pay him a visit, now” Klaus says.

You took a shower and changed your clothes. Elijah didn’t want to leave you alone in the house so they took you with them to Marcel’s. They weren’t happy, at all.

The crowd was cheering as Marcel was hosting a contest. 2 vampires were fighting in the middle of them. You were holding Elijah’s hand, fingers crossed and your other hand was on his arm, he made it clear you stay close to him.

As the winning vampire was celebrating her victory, Klaus broke her neck which made the entire crowd go silent.

“Good evening! I’d like a word” Klaus says, looking up at Marcel.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Marcel asks, unhappy.

Elijah and you came to join Klaus’ side. “It appears that we’ve interrupted a collection of filthy amateurs.” Elijah answers. “We’ve come here for the girl, give her to us or… We kill everyone here… Starting with you”

Marcel frowns. “You two got a lot of nerve, coming into my home and making demands.”

Klaus chuckles. “You’re home, is it?”

“The girl!” Elijah’s getting impatient “I will not ask again.”

“Seeing your little pet is at your arm” he says, eyeing you and you frown “I assume you’re talking about Hayley? Who is she anyway?”

“She’s an old friend. You know how sentimental I am about old friends.” Klaus says.

“Well, I ain’t got her” he says.

You put your hand on Elijah’s chest and tiptoe to whisper in his ear “She’s not here.” He looks down on you and you shake your head no to confirm what you were saying. You weren’t feeling the baby’s magic, she wasn’t around.

“To be clear, I did pay a visit to the plantation where I used to be a slave. And imagine my surprise when I found out that the Original family of vampires and their girlfriends” he says looking at you “had taken up residence. Your girl Hayley answered the door, she was there too” he says, pointing at you “we exchange hellos, that was it. You don’t believe me? Look around. Hell, I’ll even help you find her. But the question I’d ask is, if Hayley isn’t here, where is she?” he smiles.

The crowd was gone, Klaus, Elijah and you were waiting for Marcel to help you find Hayley.

“Not the most attractive community” Elijah says, keeping you close to him, his right hand on your back.

“You do realize they can hear you?” Klaus says.

“You do realize I don’t care?”

Marcel entered the room and joined you.

“Klaus, my sire, I owe the world, and I always show respect to my elders. If your special lady friend is missing, you can benefit from the help of a witch, and I control all the witches in this town, I’ll grant you one little locator spell. Sabine is the best guide in the quarter. You need to find someone, I guarantee she’s your girl” Marcel says before stepping out.

“Can you find her?” Elijah asks Sabine.

“I can try” she answers. She settles a map on the table and started the locator spell. “She’s in the back country, way out past Houma, deep in the bayou.”

Klaus was pacing next to you and Elijah.

“I don’t suppose you could be more precise?”

“What’s the matter Elijah?” Klaus asks “You worried you might ruin you expensive shoes?”

You sigh.

Sabine tells you the werewolves lived there. You leave to where Sabine told you, you could find Hayley.

“We should head south towards the water.” Elijah says, going into the woods.

“You seem quite determined to find the little wolf.”

“If I’m moving too fast for you, Niklaus, you’re welcome to wait in the car. Even Y/N can keep up with me. Do be certain to leave the windows down.”

“Stop fighting” you sigh and Klaus stop walking.

“Have you found her scent?” Elijah asks.

“No, but I found someone else’s…” he doesn’t look happy. You follow him until you find a truck that he starts tearing apart.

“This vehicle reeks of someone I thought I was rid of…. Tyler Lockwood” he’s not happy at all.

“Tyler is here?” you ask.

“And why would your little hybrid sidekick from Mystic Falls have any interest in Hayley?” Elijah asks.

“He wants revenge because I went after his girl” he shrugs and you chuckle, to show you disagree.

“I assume it’s not all the story?” Elijah says, looking down on you and you shake your head no.

“He killed Carol Lockwood after killing all his hybrids. Caroline told me…”

“You killed his mother. Wonderful.”

“He needed to be taught a lesson!” Klaus says in his defense and you sigh.

“And what lesson will you be taught, Niklaus, if he retaliates by harming Hayley?”

“The lesson is I should have killed him and not his mother. I’ll kill Tyler Lockwood myself!” he says before disappearing.

“God, he’s annoying” you sigh. “Please, don’t let him kill Tyler…” you look up at him.

“Don’t worry, he won’t. He knows your blonde friend will never forgive him. Come”

You go back into the woods to look for Hayley.


Davina Claire was painting when Marcel entered the attic she was currently living in. He had a person in a sheet over his shoulder.

“Marcel, something is happening. There’s a witch doing magic in the quarter.”

“Oh, no worries. That one is Marcel-approved. Besides…” he says before putting the person down. “Got something else for you to handle.”

Josh was getting out of the sheet, confused, scared Marcel would kill him. “Oh, no…” he says, seeing Davina. “You’re the super witch.”

Davina looked confused at Marcel and he smiled, amused. “Say hi to Josh.”

“’Why would you bring him here?”

“Josh has a problem. Klaus compelled him to spy on me. I can’t have that. So I thought, I’ll just killed Josh…”

“Marcel, please, it’s not my fault!”

“Then I thought, “killing a vampire”, that would be breaking my own rules. Smart thing to do is to flip Josh. That way, he can tell Klaus whatever I want. He can even spy for me. All we got to do is wipe away that compulsion. So, what do you think?”

“I can make him forget what Klaus told him…But the more Klaus said, the more it’s gonna hurt.”

“How much pain are we talking?” Josh asks, a little worried.

Marcel left as Davina was taking away Klaus’ compulsion.

“You work for Klaus. Have you ever met the old one’s girlfriend, Y/N?”

“Y/N’s Klaus’ girlfriend?”

“No, the brother”

“Oh, yeah, yeah that makes more sense…”


“Oh, yeah. Great girl! Funny, smart… She’s keeping them in line.”

“What do you mean?” the young girl frowns.

“She doesn’t like it when people get hurt and they know it, so they try not to make her angry because, she has some weird power and things get messy when she’s angry”

“How do you know this?”

“She told me” he shrugs.

“She’s a witch?”

He shakes his head “No”

“Then what is she?”

“I have no idea…”


You have been going deeper into the bayou but still no sign of Hayley.

“I hope she’s okay…” you sigh a second before you feel something. “Wait” you stop and Elijah turns to look at you.

“Can you feel her?”

“Yeah, that way” you say pointing at the direction.

You saw her run but she didn’t see you. She was hiding, out of breath behind a tree. When you got close she almost stabbed you with a knife but Elijah stopped her.

“Hayley!” you shout, scared. “You almost stabbed me!”

But she was scared too, she has been running away from someone.

“Are you okay?” Elijah asks both of you.

She takes deep breath to calm down and then hugs you “You will not believe the crap day that I’m having!”

“Let’s go home” Elijah says but Hayley stops him.

“Elijah…There’s something you need to know about the baby” she says and you both frown.

“What it is?” he asks.

“Its blood can create hybrids”

“What?” you say, confused.

“You know this?” Elijah asks.

She nods “Tyler took its blood and gave it to a werewolf then killed him in front of me. When he came back he drunk my blood and became a hybrid. He said Klaus knew about this and that’s why he kept me around”

“That’s not true” you say.

“How do you know? Do you think Klaus wants to be a father? This baby is just a way for him to get stronger! Klaus must have known! It’s the only explanation! He could care less about the baby!”

Elijah seemed disappointed. “We should go home”

“Are you kidding me? Home to what?” she asks.

“I said that I would protect you, even if need be, from Klaus himself.”

“I can take care of myself. I did it for a long time” she says before walking away.

You sigh “We can’t let her go by herself” and you followed her.

You arrived to a cabin where we found Klaus looking at a dead body, luckily, it wasn’t Tyler.

“There you are. I see you found our wandering stray.” Klaus says, seeing you walking towards him. “Perhaps she could shed some light on the situation. This, would appear to be the body of a hybrid…”

“His name was Dwayne” Hayley says.

“Well, whoever he was I didn’t sire him. Any idea how that’s possible?” he asks.

“I told you he didn’t know!”

“Know what, love?”

“Tyler Lockwood brought Hayley here to test a theory, that the blood of her child could be used to sire hybrids. He claims you knew that. Furthermore, you intended to use this knowledge to build an army.” Elijah tells his brother.

Klaus seemed disappointed and betrayed. “And, of course, you assume it’s true… I mean, why else would I show any interest I my own flesh and blood? A heartbroken little crybaby points his finger at me and my own brother falls in the line, eager to believe it. How quickly you assume the worst…”

“Oh, spare me your indignation, when have you ever demonstrated any kind of concern towards Hayley or her child beyond your own selfish pursuits, and what was it you once said to me? “Every king need an heir.”

“My big brother, so you doubts my intentions. Well…I can’t say I’m surprised. Standing beside the noble Elijah, how can I be anything but the lesser brother, a liar, a manipulator…a bastard?” he says.

“Klaus, that’s not what he’s saying” you say, hurt for him.

“Of course it is! That’s all I am to you isn’t? And to Rebekah? And judging by the way Hayley hangs to your every words it’s clear she feels the same way… No doubt my child will, as well.”

“Klaus, don’t do this. This isn’t…”

“Of course you will take his defense!” he shouts at you. “But we’ve said all that needs to be said, brother…” he smiles, steps back and shrugs “I’ll play the role I’ve been given.” you frown. He was walking away but he turned around and jumped at Elijah to bit his neck. You scream, he startled you.

“Klaus, stop!” You try to push him away but you end up on the ground. “What did you do?” you yell at him after he released Elijah. You go over him and check on his neck. You take his face in your hands, worried.

“You three enjoyed each other’s company. You’ll have much to bond over, once the hallucinations and dementia set in. Consider that bite, my parting gift to you three” he says before walking away.

“Klaus, give him your blood!” you shout but he was already gone. Your thumbs on his cheeks you were so worried.

“I’ll be fine. The bite won’t kill me” he says, taking your hands in his. He sees your worry and kisses you. “I’ll be fine” he says, pulling you into a hug.

You decided to stay at the cabin, to help Hayley figure out where she came from. This place was all that was left of her family. You were still worried about Elijah.

[Confession about real pairs in Arashi or not]

Well, all of that started for a dream that I had about Sakuraiba.
I just realized in how the things maybe are going between members related a relationship.

Many times, fans fight because their sexual condition and I’m sorry but it’s stupid. Everyone defines itself like straight, bisexual or homosexual but do you really know your future? I mean, if you really like a person, you like its personality, not its physic.

For example, I define myself like homosexual, I like men but who tells me that tomorrow I cannot like a girl?
With Arashi is the same. We (yes, me too) can analyze their behavior, their moves, their gazes and we say “OH GOD THIS IS FUCKING REAL” but other people can do it too and see it completely different. And the best is that nobody knows the truth.

We guide ourselves with what they say or what they do, even with rumours.
But they are humans and they can love anyone anytime. They can say now “I’m straight” but in two years he ends with other member or vice versa, all of them end married with women.

All I want is not that he ends with him, I just want that they choose correctly the right person to love all their lifes independently who is, what others say or how the sociality sees it.

We can just wait and see if they trust enough in their fans to make the right step forgetting all their fears.

The true fans will always be by their side no matter what happen.

Thanks if you read all ♡

Part VI - All

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Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V

Take me back to when we found weekend jobs, when we got paid we’d buy cheap spirits and drink them straight. Me and my friends have not thrown up in so long, oh how we’ve grown but I can’t wait to go home.


The small music shop in town paid well enough. He didn’t work too many hours—Mum wanted him more focused on school. Niall was more focused on girls and music his wish to be a musician of sorts playing abroad for the biggest of crowds. He hated wasting his weekends here though. It felt like he was just losing time with his friends that he heard was so precious.

He didn’t realize he wouldn’t see them very often once they all left for school.

By no means was his town a tourist destination. And yet somehow, this girl that didn’t go to school with him wandered into the shop. “Hi,” she chirped brightly. Niall swears that’s the day he knew he was in love with you. “Where would I find a tuner?” She asked.

Niall stumbled out from behind the register and forgot how to speak as he guided her down the aisle. “Um…I have this one, I like it because you can tell it which note you’re looking for first and it’ll give you options to fix it for other instruments,” he told you.

You nodded and smiled. “Cool, thank you,” you said cheerfully. You walked back toward the register and Niall shook his head trying to get a grasp on you. He didn’t think much of it because he assumed you were just here for the weekend and he’d probably never see you again. But he had to try. He was leaving soon for school and maybe you’d be in his path.

“Do you think I could have your number?” He asked you.

You blushed and stared at him. “Oh…” you mumbled. “Erm…I’m so sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

Niall nodded. Of course you did. That was so stupid to not even think of. “Oh that’s okay, of course you do. I hadn’t even thought of that.”

You grinned shyly. “Thank you, Niall,” you said reading the name tag on his shirt.

“Have a lovely day,” he said kindly as you headed out the door.


Niall remembers the shock he felt when he saw the crying girl outside the guitar lab. He remembers how he thought that music girls always looked the most beautiful while crying—but more than that, he remembered how your hair fell just so and it looked so vaguely familiar.

“Are you alright, darling?” He wondered.

You sniffled looking up at the voice and you gazed at him. You smirked. “Well, that’s one way for the universe telling me I should have given you my number,” you had smiled through tears.

He chuckled and sat down beside you. You wiped your tears away. “It’s alright. I’m glad it wasn’t just that day,” he said. The two of you sat in silence a moment. “How long?”

“Two months,” you swallowed with difficulty. “I just saw him with another girl though,” you croaked. “I was doing really well.”

Niall tentatively put a hand on your back. “I have this theory that music people feel emotion differently…it lasts longer and feels deeper.”

“I sure hope so,” you whispered and Niall will never forget that moment.



Louis’s paycheck hardly lasted a moment. He spent it before he had it in his head which was dangerous and now he was spending it again. He liked drinking especially with his friends. Maybe that was bad, but he was oldest, so he could buy cheap drinks and the boys liked getting drunk together. They always had the most fun.

He was going to the trunk when he got home from the store to grab the drinks when you rushed out of his house. You told the kids you would just be a moment. “Louis,” you said nervously. He was used to you being here. You were always babysitting when he was at work it helped his mom and you loved his siblings. Louis should have realized a lot sooner how much he loved you.

“Hey love,” he smiled and then he turned to see your apprehensive expression. “What’s wrong?” he said pausing and looking at you with worry.

“Louis, it’s your mum,” you said and tears filled your eyes.

Louis felt weak and he sat on the driveway. His stomach flipped and he knew what this was about. His mum had told him just in case. Because he was the oldest…he had to be the bravest. But he didn’t feel brave he felt like he just drank all the alcohol he just bought in one sitting. “No,” he shook his head. “No…” he whined and tears started to cascade down his cheeks.

You knelt in front of him wrapping him in your arms and rubbing his back. “I know,” you whispered. “I know,” you sniffled and he shook with tears and anger and sadness wishing he didn’t have to be strong. And while he had you, he supposed he didn’t have to be.


Louis was unsure of how people could be laughing, drinking having a good time at a time like this. He hid from everyone. The boys in suits keeping him company and just sitting silently away from everyone else. Louis noted you were running around like crazy being your helpful self. The two older girls helped you but from what Louis could see it was just you.

“I really should just be with her, huh?” Louis asked.

The boys all smirked. “Yeah.”

People kept coming over to give Louis their condolences but he didn’t want them.

He wanted his mum.

“Hey,” you said softly after people left him again. The boys all smiled at you. “Do you all need anything?” You wondered.

The boys all looked at Louis and he shook his head but stood up walking toward you. “No, we’re good,” he said and kissed your forehead.

“I was gonna leave soon, I’ll be back tomorrow to clean and what—”

“Of course,” he nodded. “Thank you,” he whispered. “For everything.”

You nodded and smiled kissing his cheek. “I do love you Louis,” you said softly in his ear.

Louis loved that sound.



“Baby, do you need a ride home?” You giggled.

“No!” He slurred. “But I wanna cuddle,” he said and jutted his lower lip out. “Come cuddle. You can be the little spoon,” he promised. He sometimes (always) was the little spoon because he was the man of the house—he had to take care of his mum and sister so he wanted to be the little spoon and have someone else take care of him. But then he met you and he wanted nothing more than to be your entire world and hold you in his arms.

“I’ll be right there, silly,” you rolled your eyes and stepped into your slippers before grabbing your keys by the door.


Harry was singing to himself when you found him sitting on Liam’s front porch. He was talking to a daffodil and giggling like an idiot. He was so adorable, so unbelievably cute and innocent. You got out of the car and walked toward him slowly.

“Hi, kitten,” he smiled brightly, then turning to the daffodil again he whispered, “Sorry, I have to go. And you’re very pretty, but she’s always gonna be my favorite flower.”

You rolled your eyes but your cheeks warmed anyway. “C’mere, baby, let’s get you home,” you said holding your hand out to him.

He took hold of it. “We have to lace our fingers together or you might fall, kitten,” he said knowingly. You grinned at his silly sweet self and locked your fingers with his.

“It smells like air,” he said knowingly and he sucked in deeply. “It smells so nice.”

You smirked and tried not to laugh because you knew he was so serious. “It does smell nice, cupcake. How about we just drive back and we can smell the air tomorrow.”

“But what if it doesn’t smell like air tomorrow?!” He said and his eyes were bright with worry.

You bit your lip. “I’m sure it will,” you said as you buckled him in and rolled down the window. He held his head out like a dog and then after a few moments he told he felt very sick.

You pulled to the side of the road and he opened the door and threw up the alcohol that had been sitting in his belly. You rubbed his back and hushed him soothingly. “You okay, love?” You asked.

He moaned. “My tummy hurts,” he said cutely.

You nodded. “I know, baby. Let’s just get you home.”

“You’re the best. I love you,” he said and snuggled into the seat of the car and closed his eyes sleepily.

Your cheeks burned with embarrassment and also in absolute bursting with the smile on your cheeks because drunk words spoke sober thoughts sometimes. And if Drunk Harry loved you then you couldn’t imagine how much sober Harry was holding back each time you thought he would whisper those words for the first time.



How was your day, bird?

Your heart fluttered looking at the text as it did each time because he always called you bird and you didn’t think he should, but you would never ask him to stop. You knew he had a girlfriend now because it said so online and you knew they were serious but you couldn’t say anything. He wasn’t yours.

Even if you wished it so.

It was good…how was yours?

Good :)

You didn’t answer for a while and unbeknownst to you, Zayn checked his phone a million times in those twenty seven minutes you didn’t answer. He wondered what you were doing and wished he could be beside you as you did whatever that was.

Of course Louis’ message interrupted his imagination and he was annoyed because that wasn’t the text he wanted.

Do you wanna hang out? He asked.

The boys had been keeping Louis entertained for as long as they could because he had felt so sad the past few months. Not that any of them blamed him.

Of course. He answered. He headed out the door and meeting Louis about half way into town. There never was a plan when they were together. And lately, Louis wasn’t talking much and Zayn had to talk which was crazy.

When his phone finally vibrated he felt enormously guilty that he wasn’t thrilled that his girlfriend had texted him. He wanted to hear from his bird.

Louis saw that sadness on his face. “You should just tell her you wanna be with her,” he said knowingly. “Life’s way too short to not tell someone you love them all the time—every day if you can. Every hour.”

Zayn knew Louis was right for more than one reason and he knew that he was just so stupid for doing this. But Zayn didn’t want you to feel like he was being some kind of savior because he found you at your lowest.

You were actually hysterical, kind, intelligent, warm…everything Zayn ever wanted.

You shouldn’t call me bird.

Twenty seven minutes.

I know. But…idk, I think it fits. You’ll always be my bird.

You smiled at your phone setting it aside for a while, unbeknownst to you it would drive Zayn wild for a while.

Zayn looked at his friend as the two stopped to get milkshakes. “You really think I should tell her?”

Louis nodded somberly. “She feels the same way. And it’s such a waste of a beautiful thing,” he said and sipped his shake. Zayn felt guilty because Louis was right. He grew up so much in the past few months and he was incredibly right. He should tell you.

But some things happen for a reason, and Zayn figured he had to grow up like Louis before he deserved you.

I like the sound of that. You responded.

Thirteen minutes. Not that he was counting.



He hated vacation. He should have loved it because he loved the beach and he loved to be surfing and he would do anything to live here for the rest of his life.

But you weren’t next door during the summer. You were back home and he wanted to go back and be with his best friend at night when the air was still warm and the stars looked endless. He liked the stories you told about things that happened to you, dreams you had, and goals you wanted.

The air at the beach was salty and he loved it but he wished you were with him. Or he was with you.

He missed the guys too, but not one of the boys told stories the way you did.

Louis did come to visit for a little while to keep his mind off of things. Each of the boys always came to hang out for a little while but Louis needed it most. “She said she misses you,” he rolled his eyes. “So silly you can’t tell your own wife you miss her.”

Liam felt his cheeks flush a little and he shook his head. “She’s not my wife,” he rolled his eyes.

“Couldn’t fool me,” he snorted grabbing a surfboard from the shop with the for sale sign hanging in the window for the third year in a row.

When Niall arrived he had to sit under the umbrella most of the time because of his Irish skin. “I do like it here,” he said. “I just couldn’t live here unfortunately.”

Liam chuckled. “I love it here too…but I can’t wait to go home.”

Niall laughed. “Obviously. A blind cat could figure that out.”

He frowned bitterly at his friend. “That’s not—”

“Sure, Lili, sure,” he patted his leg’s friend. “The only one that adores someone more than you adore her is she adoring you…it’s disgusting.”

Liam didn’t answer but he couldn’t help the smile on his face spreading from cheek to cheek.

He really couldn’t wait to go home.

Future Wife - 31 Days of Halloween

This is from my 31 Days of Halloween Writing Challenge.

Request: By @oaisara  “can you write 57 with dean x reader (I’m a complete dean girl haha #helpme) with a lot of sarcasm and sass and stuff again?”

Prompt: 57. A tarot reading? Are you serious?

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Castiel, Crowley (mentioned), Abbadon (mentioned), Chuck (mentioned), Amara (mentioned)., Mary (mentioned), Leviathan!Sam and Leviathan!Dean (mentioned), John Winchester (minimal mention).

Warnings: FLUFF.

Word count: 5,330

A/N: I kind of based this in something that happened to my parents when they dated. By being a Dean girl, I got really inspired and well, it’s long and fluffy so I hope you like it! There’s also a lot of sass and sarcasm in there. ;)

Originally posted by cocklesandestielis4realz

Sam and Dean sighed, not really wanting to take the next step and knock the door.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Dean complained.

“Me neither… But she’s the only one that can help us right now.” Sam reasoned.

“Why don’t we just get a Ouija board?” Dean grumbled.

“Because ghosts hate us, now stop complaining and knock the door.” Dean shot a glare to his brother.

“Why do I have to knock it?” He asked.

“Because you’re the one getting the reading.” Sam stated obvious.

Dean sighed and took a step forward. He looked back at his brother who urged him to knock and, before his knuckles could hit the wood, a woman opened the door.

She had bright, orange hair - it was extremely frizzy. She had small black eyes and her face was covered in crinkles. Her clothing was torn and not a single colour matched the other.

“Hi, uh…” Dean fake smiled.

“Dean, how are you?” She asked with a big grin on her face.

“Sorry, have we met?” Dean furrowed.

“No, but I’ve been waiting for you. Come inside.” The woman stepped aside for Dean to enter. “You too Sam.”

Sam almost choked on his spit. He cleared his throat and followed his brother inside. Both brothers gripped tightly on their guns – just in case.

“No need to be so paranoid boys. I’m not going to hurt you.” The woman giggled as she entered a room without windows.

The walls were painted in a dark colour, lit candles all over to lighten the place. A round table was set in the middle on the room; it had three chairs. In the centre of the table was a crystal ball reflecting the fire’s light. There was a black counter in the back, it had a lot of artefacts Dean and Sam recognized as usual wiccan tools, and some others that they hadn’t seen before.

The woman urged them to join her at the table as she took a tarot deck.

The brothers sat down and watched as she moved the crystal ball away to put the cards on the table. She sat there as well and looked directly into Dean’s eyes.

“I know why you’re here.” She spoke.

“Good, so can you help us?” Dean asked.

“Dean, I’m not talking about your case.” The woman giggled, “Which by the way, it’s the girl with the braids.” She commented, looking at Sam.

“Braids, got it.” Sam thanked.

“So uh…” Dean began, not knowing what the witch was going to do.

“You want a reading.” The witch spoke again.

“No… Not really.” Dean shifted uncomfortably on his seat.

“It wasn’t a question. You want a reading.” She insisted as she mixed the deck.

“I guess.” Dean mumbled. Sam gave his brother a bitch face but remained quiet.

The woman placed the deck in front of Dean, asking him to place both hands on it as he asked.

“You can ask quietly.” The woman smiled, understanding Dean’s inability to open up or show weakness.

Dean breathed out as he mentally asked about his future. After wards, the woman separated the deck in three, asking Dean to place his hands on them again but, this time, she placed her hands against Dean’s and whispered something the brothers couldn’t catch.

She piled the cards back again and started forming the Celtic cross. Sam and Dean watched carefully as the woman started reading.

“You live a dangerous life, and you know it.  You’re full of guilt and pain, and keeping your feelings buried deep inside you isn’t a good strategy.” She gave Dean a stern look.

“What a big surprise!” Sam chuckled sarcastically. Dean and the witch gave him a death glare before she continued.

“You push everyone away, afraid that you’ll hurt them the same way your father hurt you.” Dean swallowed loudly, “Anyone would think that you’ll remain on your own for the rest of your life but…” She stood silent.

“But…” Dean urged her to talk.

“You’ll find a woman – a broken woman.” The witch replied, “She’ll help you out of the burden you’ve grounded yourself in; she’ll help you grow out of all your pain. She’s similar to you, yet she completes every hole in your life, just as you complete hers.”

“Give us a name; we’ll go get her tonight.” Sam joked once more, and this time, Dean punched him in the stomach.

“Please excuse him.” Dean muttered.

“I can’t give you a name, because you’re not ready yet.” The witch informed.

“Not re… What does that mean?” Dean asked, he had gotten anxious.

“It means that, if you meet her now, things won’t work the same.” The witch explained.

“So… When will I meet her?” Dean furrowed.

“In a few years.” Sam let out a groan.

“DEAN! I will have to put up with you by myself for a few more years. Why, God?” Sam joked again. Dean tried to drag him out of the room, but the witch insisted in keeping him in.

“Sam will have to guide you, for you will not recognize her at first.” The witch spoke once the brothers had settled down.

“I’m sure I can do it on my own.” Dean grunted.

“Dean, honestly, you don’t even tell me when you’re sick and you expect me… Us to believe that you’ll be brave enough to ask her out? Ha!” Sam sassed. Dean tried to punch his brother again but the witch stopped them.

“Just remember: a broken girl, yet beautiful and understanding. Maybe even motherly to you, and oh so brave. No matter what you do, you’ll meet her one way or another. You are destined to be together.” The woman recited.

Afterwards, the brothers said goodbye. She had refused to let them pay her, claiming that she’d like them to finally yank the girl with the braids – which they did.

For months, Dean kept every word the witch had said playing over and over again inside his head. That until things got complicated again, making him forget about it.


Three years later, Sam and Dean were out hunting a werewolf pack. They succeeded almost completely, except that Dean got shot in many different areas and ended up in the hospital on a shared room.

He hadn’t seen the other person, but he was certain that it was a girl. Dean had tried to start a conversation with her the first day. The girl didn’t answer, and Dean thought she was just some mean person until the nurse told him that she was unconscious.

Dean took that as both a tragedy and a relief. He hadn’t seen her, of course, which gave him a lot more confidence to sing out loud as the day went by.

Usually, Sam would spend his time with Dean, who was getting better day by day but not enough to go back home. However, Sam still went out on hunts; leaving Dean alone with the unconscious girl, who Sam hadn’t seen either.

One day, the nurses decided to ignore Dean. Therefore, he couldn’t find another way to kill time but by singing his whole repertoire. He knew he was out of tune, yet he continued to sing at the top of his lungs.

“And be a simpleeee kind of maaaaan.” Dean shouted, knowing that the nurses would eventually give up and pay attention to him.

“… Something you love and understand…” A voice mumbled, making Dean fall into complete silence.

The other voice stopped singing as well. Dean had recognized it as a girl’s voice, but he had no idea whose voice was it.

“Nurse Jackie?” He asked, remembering the youngest of the nurses who enjoyed pulling pranks on him. “This isn’t funny.” A breathy giggle replied.

“I’m not the nurse.” She spoke. Her voice was raspy and breathy, it sounded as if it hadn’t been used in a long while.

“Then who are you?” Dean called.

“I… Marie Larkin, and you?” She replied. Dean recognized the name.

“Tell me, Marie.” He began, “Is your first name Joan?” The girl let out a chuckle.

“Fine, you got me.” She surrendered. Dean let out a giggle. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Dean.” He smiled, although he couldn’t see her.

“(Y/N).” She replied shyly.

“Beautiful name, sweetheart.” Said comment made her blush, “So… Where exactly are you?” He asked.

“Hopefully not dead.” She joked, and Dean laughed.

“I hope that too.” The girl looked around, not recognizing anything.

“I don’t know where I am.” She mumbled.

“Is it dark?” Dean inquired, thinking that maybe he could recognize the place for her.

“Nope… There’s a lot of light actually.” She observed, “And I’m in a bed and…”

“Wait a second.” Dean stopped her, “In a bed? Like a hospital bed?”

“Yes, how do you know?” She furrowed.

Dean literally jumped out of bed. Some of his bullet wound still hurt him, but his excitement was far stronger. He moved over to the “wall” that divided the room in two and slid it open, only to find the most beautiful (Y/E/C) he had ever seen.

“You’re awake!” He cheered.

“And you’re not a ghost!” She said using the same voice tone as Dean.

“I’m sorry I… We share rooms and you were unconscious and now…” Dean couldn’t really explain his thoughts.

“Oh… Well, no offense but I think your howling woke me up.” She giggled, making Dean blush.

“I was trying to piss the nurses off.” Dean confessed, scratching the side of his head.

“Right so… Where am I?” She asked, looking around once more.

“We’re in Hospital Princeton-Plainsboro.” Dean answered.

“Oh yeah… I remember now.” She whispered to herself.

“You do? What do you remember?” The girl snapped her head back to Dean. She analysed him before speaking again.

“Those are too many bullet wounds for a regular person.” She squinted, trying to figure out who was the man in front of her.

“Yeah I uh… I was coming out of a bar and some burglars tried to steal from me so I put up a fight and ended up with a bunch of holes and without my wallet.” Dean shrugged his shoulders, acting as innocently as possible.

“Right, you said your name is Dean. What’s your last name?” She asked again.

“Dean uh… Bulsara.” Dean answered.

“Bulsara, huh?” Dean nodded, “Was your father in Queen?”

“Queen the band or Queens the place?” Dean shifted nervously.

“The band.” She stated.

“Uh… No.” Dean replied as naturally as possible.

“Well of course not, because Freddie Mercury was gay and never had kids. Now tell me your real last name.” She ordered.

“It’s uh…”

Before Dean could reply, Sam bursted the doors open. Dean looked back at his surprised brother as the girl took advantage of the distraction.

She jumped out of her own bed, grabbing on of the syringes and wrapping one arm around Dean’s neck. She placed the syringe close to Dean’s jugular vein. He wasn’t able to move without getting stabbed by it.

“Who are you?” She demanded. Sam lifted both of his hands, showing that he was unarmed.

“My name is Sam.” The younger hunter spoke, not quite sure what was happening.

“Sam and Dean, what a lovely couple.” She beamed sarcastically.

“He’s my brother.” Dean managed to argue.

“Brothers huh?” She smiled, “Maybe you can tell me what your last names are, Sam.”

“Yeah, we’re Sam and Dean Bonham.” Sam answered, acting like that was the most obvious thing ever.

“What’s your father’s name, Sam?” She asked again.

“John… Crap.” Sam let out a shaky breath.

“Nice job, Sammy!” Dean hissed.

“Unless daddy was Led Zeppelin’s drummer, you two should start telling me the truth.” She commanded.

“We’re Sam and Dean Winchester.” Sam surrendered. (Y/N)’s grip softened in shock.

“You… The… Winchesters?” She stuttered.

“Yeah, although we’re not really serial killers… Those were…”

“Leviathans.” She finished.


“So you know who we are and what Leviathans are. How?” Dean asked.

The girl was back in her bed, orders of the nurse who just so happened to enter the room before Sam could say anything else. Now, the brothers were the ones to make questions.

“I’m a hunter… I’ve heard things about you.” She replied.

“What kinds of things?” Sam asked.

“The Apocalypse, falling angels, Abbadon, one of you turned into a demon… The darkness…” She answered, not offering any kind of resistance.

“So you’ve heard of us. Great.” Dean shivered.

“Only what other hunters have told me.” She defended herself.

“Great, and how did you manage to end in the same room as I did? Did someone send you?” Dean got dangerously close to her, trying to act intimidating.

“Yes, Dean. I got sent from heaven to try and hunt a pack of werewolves who literally pushed me off a cliff just so I could end in a coma, sharing a room with you.” She argued. Sam let out a chuckle and (Y/N) and Dean gave him a death glare.

“Shut up, Sam.” Dean snapped.


The interrogation continued for a while more.

(Y/N) was the granddaughter of a member of the Men of Letters. After Abbadon wiped them all, her mother turned into a hunter who married another hunter. She was raised into the life and, when she turned 20 years old, she decided to hunt on her own.

When visitor’s time ended, Sam left. (Y/N) and Dean didn’t speak much about their lives anymore; instead, they decided to listen to classic rock music as they shared hunting stories.


A few more days passed, and both (Y/N) and Dean were allowed to leave the hospital. Sam had signed for both of them, making him responsible for the young huntress.

She argued that she could take care of herself, but Sam was insistent and the brothers ended up taking (Y/N) to the bunker.

The huntress recognized certain rooms from pictures her mother kept of her grandfather. Even so, she recognized John Winchester as one her grandfather’s best friends.

“He was my mother’s God-father.” She smiled, remembering every amazing story her mother had told her.

“Really?” Dean asked.

“Yeah… They were close. Your grandmother… She was devastated when he ‘left’. My nana wanted to tell her, but she had vowed not to.” (Y/N) explained.

“Yeah well… At least we know the old man was good.” Dean joked.

“Is that so? How? I thought your father hated him.” (Y/N) furrowed.

“True but then we met him and he forgave him.” Dean explained like that was normal.

“You met your dead grandfather?” She asked dumbfounded.

“He wasn’t dead when we met him.” Dean replied.

“Right, so you… You did what? You Back to the future-d the man?” Dean laughed.

“Kind of… When Abaddon was released, he made a spell to come to the future looking for my father, but he was dead already so…” Dean tried to explain.

“Wait… Is John dead?” Her smile faded into a gloomy look.

“Yeah, he died many years ago…” Dean replied.

“Did you know him?” Sam asked, entering the library with three beers in hand.

“Know him? John taught me a bunch of tricks and… He was there on my first hunt.” She bit her lip, remembering how good John was to her.

“Really?” Sam and Dean asked, not truly believing what she was saying.

“Yeah… Didn’t he tell you about…?” The Winchester’s silence was enough of an answer for her.

The conversation eventually changed to simpler things, and it kept going until past midnight when the huntress excused herself and left to her assigned room.

The brother’s talked a bit more about other things before Sam finally dared to touch the subject again.

“So (Y/N) is closer to us than we expected, huh?” Sam commented, paying careful attention to his brother’s reaction.

“Yeah… If the Men of Letters hadn’t been destroyed, maybe we would have met her since we were kids.” Dean observed.

“Yeah, or if dad wasn’t a douche who preferred to keep us in crappy motel rooms rather than taking us with him.” Sam added.

“He did it for our own good.” Dean insisted, “But I guess you’re right… We would have met her one way or another, I guess.”

Sam smiled at his brother’s words. He was hopeful that Dean had finally understood who (Y/N) really was, but the older hunter was as naïve as usual.

“Yeah, one way or another… Either on a hunt or at a bar or…” Sam continued.

“I get it Sam, we would’ve met her anyways.” Dean grumbled.

“You really can’t be blinder.” Sam sighed.

“What did I do now?” Dean complained.

“I tell you what you didn’t do: Use your goddamn brain!” Sam fumed.

“Use my… What the hell is wrong with you?” Dean argued.

“With me? You’re the one that can’t see that your soulmate is upstairs!” Dean stiffened.

“My what?” He swallowed. Sam rolled his eyes and let out a heavy sigh.

“Blind and deaf… I said: YOUR SOUL-MATE.” The younger Winchester spoke slowly, as his brother was some dumb baby who couldn’t understand.

“How do you know that?” Dean furrowed.

“Seriously? The tarot reading from that time in…”

“Oh yeah, what about it?” Dean interrupted his brother.

“I swear to God I’m going to slap you if you keep being this dumb.” Sam mumbled, “The witch told you that she was a broken, beautiful and brave girl. That she’ll be understanding and maybe even motherly.” Sam recited.

“Right, because (Y/N) has been understanding and motherly.” Dean argued.

“So you do think she’s beautiful!” Dean huffed at his brother’s words.

“All I’m saying is that I would recognize my soulmate if I saw her.”

“The witch said you wouldn’t.”

“I don’t care what she said! (Y/N) is not my soulmate.” Sam sighed heavily and left to his room, impressed of how far his brother’s stupidity could go.


The next morning, Sam and Dean woke up to the smell of waffles and bacon, coffee and orange juice. Both brothers went downstairs only to find out (Y/N) serving breakfast as she hummed to a Metallica song.

“Morning, boys.” She cheered.

“Morning (Y/).” Sam replied, leaning closer to leave a small peck on the top of her head.

Dean furrowed at his brother’s gesture, but mostly at (Y/N) being completely chill about it.

“Morning, sweetheart.” Dean finally spoke, although he didn’t kiss her. Not because he didn’t want to mimic Sam but because he didn’t know how.

“Have a seat.” She ordered tenderly. Both Winchesters sat down at the kitchen table as the girl served breakfast.

She was completely attentive to the boys as a way of thanking them for taking care of her. Sam, however, knew that that was just a tiny, not well known bit of her personality. He gave Dean a knowing smile.

“This is great, (Y/N).” Sam complimented, “We haven’t had breakfast like this since mom left.”

“Oh Sam.” She squeezed Sam’s hand in comfort.

“Oh no, I don’t mean… I mean, mom died but she came back.” Sam quickly explained, “Darkness brought her back to thank Dean for helping her.”

“Dean helped the Darkness?” The girl couldn’t be more confused about the boy’s life.

“It’s not really how it sounds like.” Dean explained, “She is the sister of God and all she wanted was to be with him so I helped them out.”

“So you got God and his sister back together… And I thought the weirdest thing was that one time I found a friendly vampire.” She huffed jokingly.

“Yeah, the point is mom is back. She only left for a couple months to fix some personal things.” Sam explained.

“Oh, I see.” The girl nodded, “Well, if you excuse me, I need to take a shower.”

Sam told her where the bathroom was and soon the girl was already upstairs showering.

Dean wanted to eat in silence, but Sam’s knowing face was too annoying for Dean to ignore.

“What?” The older finally bursted.

“Nothing.” Sam chuckled.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Dean insisted.

“Me? Of course not!” Sam’s voice was too sarcastic to bear.

“Sam…” Dean groaned.

“I was just thinking how understanding and motherly (Y/N) turned out to be.” Sam sighed.

“Yeah, then why don’t you marry her?” This time Sam let out a full laugh.

“Dean, you honestly couldn’t be more naïve. Not even because the witch told you…”

“The witch who could be wrong.” Dean interrupted.

“Just like she was wrong about the girl in braids?” Sam inquired and Dean ran out of arguments, “As your guide I recommend you to go talk to her.”

“Sam.” Dean warned.

“Don’t Sam me. You know it’s true, you’re just too dumb to admit it.” Sam sassed.

“Why is there a naked woman in your bathroom?” Castiel spoke, appearing behind the Winchesters.

“Damn it, Cas(s)!” Dean bursted.

“Sorry.” The angel apologized, “why is there a naked lady in your bathroom?”

“It’s a friend.” Sam explained.

“A friend-friend or a friend that charges?” The angel squinted.

“A friend-friend.” Sam answered. The angel nodded and sat down in front of the Winchesters.

“What brings you here, Cas(s)?” Dean asked, “We thought you were upstairs doing angelic messes.”

“Angels do not… mess.” The angel spoke, “Besides, I found a cherub the other day. He told me that every one of them were planning on coming here.”

“Here? Why would they come here?” Dean furrowed but Sam answered with the same smile. “Sam…”

“They want to come see how you meet your soulmate.” Castiel explained, “No one thought you, of all humans, would have one.”

“Yeah, hurray.” Dean rolled his eyes, “So what? You came to watch too?”

“No, I came to warn you about multiple, if not all, cherubs invading the bunker.” Cas(s) stated.

Without them noticing, the shower stopped running. The girl came out of the bathroom and got dressed with the same clothes she was found in when they took her to the hospital; said clothes had already been washed by Sam who just so happened to be incredibly attentive to her.

After dressing up, she went back to the kitchen where Sam, Dean and Cas(s) were arguing about Dean’s soulmate.

(Y/N) cleared her throat to announce her presence, to which the three men stopped talking.

“Dean, the naked lady in your bathroom is no longer naked.” Cas(s) informed.

“Yeah, I can tell, Cas(s).” Dean hissed.

“Am I…?” The girl was so confused about the angel’s presence and the fact that he referred to her as “naked lady” that she couldn’t complete her sentence.

“No, no.” Sam hurried to say, “This is Castiel, he’s an angel.”

“Angel of the Lord, actually.” Cas(s) corrected.

“Hi.” She said shyly, “You guys have an angel in your kitchen… Can you get any weirder?” She asked looking back at the brothers.

“We have a key to Oz.” Sam shrugged his shoulders.

“And a lesbian nerd best friend.” Dean added.

“And the King of Hell comes for ice cream every once in a while.” Sam continued.

“God also comes down sometimes… He loves to drink.”

“Great, I’m stuck with the Adams Family.” (Y/N) mumbled.

“We’re not THAT weird.” Sam laughed.

“Sure, and I’m secretly Batman.” (Y/N) snapped back, following the joke.

Dean widened his eyes at how natural the interaction was between Sam and (Y/N). Said gesture was clearly misinterpreted by the angel.

“Don’t worry, Dean. I can confirm that she is not secretly Batman.” Sam and (Y/N) bursted into laughter.

“I know she’s not Batman, Cas(s). She’s just being sarcastic!” Dean fumed.

The rest of the day, the three hunters and the angel spent the time guarding the bunker against cherubs. Although, (Y/N) had no idea why they were doing that.

Late at night, and after being locked down in the bunker the whole day, Dean decided to go out.

The Impala was parked in front of the bunker’s door and the sky was clear. Every star could be seen from there. The weather was perfect, for it wasn’t too cold or too hot.

Dean sat down at his Baby’s hood; his green eyes were glued to the starry night as Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd was playing softly in the background.

“That song is the one that woke me up.” (Y/N) spoke, making Dean jump. “Did I scare you?”

“No… You just took me by surprise.” Dean smiled at her, gesturing to join him. The girl sat on the hood and looked up to the sky.

You’ll find a woman, and you’ll find love…” The girl hummed along. Dean stared at her lovingly.

“We met thanks to this song.” The hunter interrupted. She looked down at him and smiled.

“Yeah, we did… That and the fact that we shared a room.” She laughed.

“I mean yeah but… It did woke you up.” Dean smirked.

“Only because I really wanted you to shut up.” She smirked back.

“You loved it, don’t lie.” (Y/N) bit her lip and looked down.

“I did.”

Dean shifted closer to herm wrapping an arm around her waist.

“Sammy really does like you, doesn’t he?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, but I can’t understand why… We’ve known each other for only a few days.” She breathed out.

“Almost a week and a half.” Dean corrected.

“Right, a week and a half. It’s time for us to become best friend, then.” She joked, making Dean giggle.

“You are one sarcastic girl, did you know that?” Dean smiled, looking down at her.

“I’ve had a few comments, yeah.” She replied, looking back up at him.

Dean locked his green eyes in hers. They didn’t look away, in fact, they shifted until they were as close as human possible.

Dean stroked her cheek, his plump lips were parted and his breathing was slow. (Y/N), on the other hand, was fighting not to blush. A small smile rested on her as she enjoyed Dean’s touch.

They were so focused on each other, that they didn’t notice Sam and Cas(s) standing at the bunker’s door, watching them. Obviously, they also didn’t know about the millions of cherubs witnessing what would be the beginning of one of the greatest couples Heaven has created.

Dean wanted that moment to last forever. The intimacy between (Y/N) and he was palpable, yet so delicate. He felt like any kind of noise or movement would screw it up – little did he know, the cherubs had set up a whole scenario for them to not be interrupted by anything.

“Are you going to stare all night long or what?” She whispered softly, making Dean giggle.

“I would stare all night if you let me.” He whispered back.

“I think you can do better than staring.” And with that said, the girl pulled him into a soft kiss.

Sam silently fanboyed, covering his mouth to avoid a squeal from coming out. Cas(s) squinted at Sam’s behaviour, but let it pass for he was too happy for his best friend to care. Every single cherub squealed, shivered, cried and even screamed out loud on the radio about that moment.

And even in all that mess, (Y/N) and Dean hadn’t heard a thing. Their lips were hesitant and slow, afraid to go too fast and ruin it. Dean’s hands were on (Y/N)’s hips, and her hands were gripping tightly on Dean’s jacket. They had their eyes closed, letting every other sense feel the kiss.

Once the kiss was broken, Dean pressed his forehead against (Y/N)’s. Their eyes remained closed, and (Y/N) let out a shy giggle.

“What’s so funny?” Dean asked in a whisper.

“I just met you.” She spoke, “Literally… A week and a half ago.”

“Yeah well, if my Math is right, we should get married next week.” Dean joked.

“You can’t marry a man you’ve just met.” She insisted. Dean pulled away, finally opening their eyes.

“Did you just quote Frozen?” He asked.

“I don’t know, did you just recognize a quote from Frozen?” She lifted an eyebrow.

“I uh… No I didn’t.” He shook his head.



“Where are we going?” She complained once more.

“I told you, it’s a surprise.” Dean repeated for the millionth time that day.

He was literally dragging her around the neighbourhood. He hadn’t been in that town for ages, yet he remembered the way as if he walked by it every day.

The same building was still standing. There was a poster on the door that read: Tarot reading.

A tarot reading? Are you serious?” She asked perplex.

“It’s more than that, you’ll see.” Dean smirked.

“I never expected you, out of all humans, to be the kind of person that likes getting readings.” (Y/N) chuckled.

“Out of all humans, I’m the one that gets every kind of unexpected things.” Dean replied.

“What does that even mean?” She exclaimed, trying to cover her smile.

How could Dean explain to his fiancé that, many years ago, the witch on the other side of the door had told him about his soulmate? How could he explain to her about the cherubs spying on them as they kissed for the first time? How could he without scaring her away?

“It means that we’re here because I need to thank an old friend for… For guiding me.” Dean winked.

The girl decided not to argue anymore. She was curious about Dean’s old friend, and what kind of guide that person had offered to the man.

Dean knocked the door and the same lady opened the door. This time, her orange hair was starting to turn grey as the wrinkles around her eyes became deeper. However, she had still the same smile Dean remembered.

“Dean, what a long time has been!” She cheered, pulling him into a hug. “What are you doing here?”

“Come on, don’t you know?” Dean wiggled his eyebrows. The old lady shook her head; Dean sighed and stepped aside to let the witch see (Y/N).

“You found her.” The witch whispered.

“Found who?” The girl asked.

“My soulmate.” Dean smiled, the girl blushed immediately.


Dean and the witch explained to (Y/N) about the tarot reading. Dean told her about Sam immediately spotting her as his soulmate and how, if it wasn’t for the witch, Dean would’ve taken a lot longer to understand he needed to be with her.

“So you told him about me and that’s why he made a move so fast?” (Y/N) asked once more, not fully understanding everything.

“Yes, dear. Although, Samuel played a big part. If he hadn’t spotted you, Dean wouldn’t have known it was you and not anyone else.” The witch explained.

“Guess we also got to thank Sammy.” (Y/N) mumbled.

“You two would’ve ended together one way or another, Sam just helped to make it faster.” The witch spoke.

“Sam and you…” Dean corrected.

“Oh, Dean.” The witch shook his comments with a hand gesture.


After a few hours of talking and sharing their story with the witch, (Y/N) and Dean left the building.

“So a witch told you about me on a tarot reading.” The girl breathed out as she and Dean walked through the desert streets, under the moonlight.

“That’s right.” Dean nodded.

“You know? Ever since I met you, my life has turned weirder and weirder.” She joked.

“You already hunted monsters, sweetheart.” Dean smirked.

“Yes, but while I hunted monsters, you shared drinks with Crowley.” She continued.

“Touché.” Dean winked, “But you can’t deny you love this weirdness.”

“True. I love it, and I definitely love you, big ass weirdo.” She laughed.

Dean pulled her closer, crashing his lips against hers.

“You better.” He whispered above his lips, “Because I already put a ring on it, and there’s no way in hell I’m letting you go.”

“Did you just quote Beyoncé?” She giggled.

“Did you just recognize a quote by Beyoncé?” Dean wiggled his eyebrows.

“Of course not!” She defended herself.


And there, under the moonlight, they kissed just like the very first time.

Hate Me

Summary: The entire team is woken up when Bucky and Y/N are arguing loudly in the middle of the night. The story behind the screaming goes much deeper than any of them would have thought.

Bucky x Reader. HURT/COMFORT, FLUFF (not super fluffy though). Word count: 2.3 k.

TW: yelling, bruising, mentions of violence, holes being punched in walls

A/N: I’m not sure how I feel about this one. It’s a little darker than I usually write. Inspired in part by the song “Hate Me” by Blue October I hope you enjoy it though!

Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you.” - Blue October

“I said, GET OUT!” Bucky’s deep voice echoed down the hall as he shouted. It was late and he was probably waking up the rest of the team, but that was the last thought running through his mind. Y/N stood in front of him with tears in her eyes. “NO! BUCKY! Just listen to me! I just need you to listen to me! C’mon! BUCKY, PLEASE!” He was drenched in sweat and breathing rapidly, as if he had just finished a marathon. He went to open the door, but she took a step to her left, putting herself between him and the door. Bucky clenched his jaw with frustration. He bent over, gently picked up Y/N, and put her over his shoulder. “Don’t you dare. PUT ME BACK DOWN!” she hollered as he proceeded to carry her out of his room. He set her down in the hallway and stormed back into his room, slamming the door behind him. Y/N growled in angst as she heard the click of the lock. She stood in front of his door and yelled “THIS ISN’T OVER BUCKY! YOU CAN’T AVOID ME FOREVER!”

Y/N walked over to the lounge. She didn’t want to go back to her room. She really only used that room to store her stuff—she always spent the night in Bucky’s room. There was no way she’d be able to fall asleep in that bed. Plus, from the lounge, she would be able to hear Bucky’s door open when he eventually came out of his room. She plopped down on the couch and started sobbing. She heard footsteps coming from down the hall—two sets. One was too light to be Bucky, and the other person was dragging their feet, which Bucky never did.

Y/N peeked over the back of the couch to see Natasha and Tony walking into the lounge. “Go away. I’m fine,” said Y/N through quiet sobs. Nat sat down on the couch next to her while Tony pulled over a chair. Nat wrapped her arms around Y/N in a comforting hug, and Tony asked “What’s going on, kid?” She and Tony had always had a very father-daughter type of relationship. She was the youngest member of the team, and not battle-hardened like the rest of them. Y/N worked as their public relations coordinator and never went out on missions, so she technically wasn’t even an Avenger, but everyone loved her so much they treated her the same as they treated each other. She had viewed Tony as a father-figure ever since he hired her, and he was very protective of her. “Nothing. Don’t worry about it,” she replied.

Nat placed her hand under Y/N’s chin and guided her face up so Y/N was looking at her and Tony. Nat smiled and said “It’s okay girl, you can tell us. Maybe we can help.” Y/N wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. “Yeah, ok, it’s—it’s—“ she struggled to get the words out. Tony got up and draped a blanket over her. All she was wearing were some little booty-short pajama bottoms and a spaghetti-strap cami, and was clearly getting cold. She looked up and said “Thanks. It’s just that Bucky and I are having some problems.” Tony leaned in and said “Uh, kid—we kinda figured out that much by the yelling. C’mon now, what happened?” Y/N sighed. “So Buck’s nightmares are still something we’re working through and some nights are better than others. Tonight was not a good night. He was tensing up and making these awful little screaming noises. Usually, I can just wake him up and talk him down and everything’s ok but tonight—“ she stopped speaking when Nat reached behind her to turn on a lamp. Nat and Tony both noticed that there were bits of plaster in Y/N’s hair and a softball-sized bruise developing on her arm.

Tony’s eyes widened as he asked, “Did he do that?!” Y/N sniffled and said “Yeah, but it was an accident. He was asleep and—“ Tony stood up before she could explain any further. “I’M GONNA KILL THAT GUY!” Tony shouted with conviction. “Whoa! Hold on here. Everybody just calm down for a second,” Nat said in an attempt to diffuse the situation. Tony ran over to Bucky’s door and pounded on it as hard as he could. “BARNES! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE OR I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL BREAK THIS FUCKING DOOR DOWN!” Y/N tried to get up to go stop him, but Nat wouldn’t let her go. Natasha knew that letting a civilian put herself between Iron Man and a super soldier wouldn’t end well for anybody. “PISS OFF, TONY! JUST GO BACK TO BED!” yelled Bucky from the other side of the door. Tony tapped on his watch, triggering it to transform into a glove like the hand of his suit. Tony shot a repulsor beam at the door, causing it to fly off the hinges and into the room.

Tony walked in the room to see Bucky sitting on the bed rocking back and forth, staring at a fist-sized hole in the wall. Bucky had clearly been crying, but Tony was so angry that he didn’t even pay attention. “BARNES! WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE?!” hollered Tony. When Bucky didn’t turn to look at him, Tony back-handed Bucky across the face, but Bucky didn’t react outside of a small wince. Tony bent down and got right up in Bucky’s face, and sternly said “C’mon Barnes, stand up. Fight. If you don’t, I’m just gonna keep on wailing on you because nobody treats Y/N like that.” From the lounge, Y/N screamed “Please don’t hurt him, it’s not his fault!” Tony shot another beam in Bucky’s direction, which Bucky deflected with his metal arm, causing it to hit the window. The sound of the breaking glass caught the attention of everyone on the team, and one by one they started wandering out of their rooms.

While everyone else lingered in the hallway outside of their doors, Steve came running down the hallway to see what was going on. Steve always had a tendency to be the peacekeeper when there was conflict amongst members of the team, and he had a strong hunch he would have to intervene. Steve put himself between Tony and Bucky and asserted “Everybody. Lounge. Now.” As Bucky and Tony worked their way over to the lounge, where Y/N remained crying in Nat’s arms, Steve turned to the rest of the team. “Go back to bed folks,” he instructed them, “we don’t want to make things any worse than they already are by pulling more people into it. Everything’s gonna be fine so just go get some sleep.” They all went back into their rooms, and Steve walked out to the lounge.

In the lounge, everyone found a place on the furniture while Steve stood at the front of the room, arms crossed. “Does somebody wanna tell me what’s going on here?” he asked, in what Nat had always referred to as his “dad voice.” Nat looked up and replied “Steve, I’m not so sure anybody in this room knows the whole story.” Tony stiffened in his seat like a dog getting ready to attack. He stared directly at Bucky while he spoke, explaining that “We know enough. We know that there was some kind of fight between Y/N and Bucky, and that there’s a hole in the wall and a bruise on her arm, courtesy of Barnes.” Bucky sat in his chair with his elbows on his knees, and his hands covering his face. His words were muffled when he said “I know, I’m a piece of shit. Don’t worry—I’ll be gone in the morning.”

Y/N was still crying—she had always been one of those people who, once they start crying, have a difficult time stopping. Nat was rubbing small circles on her back in an attempt to comfort her, but it wasn’t helping. Steve turned to Y/N and gently asked, “Can I hear your side of the story, Y/N?” She looked up and took a deep breath, trying to find some composure and began speaking, quietly at first but louder as she was able to collect herself a little bit more. “Okay, here’s what actually happened—Bucky was having a nightmare. His nightmares are still pretty frequent, but we’re working on it. Usually, when he has a bad one, I’ll wake him up an we’ll talk about it for a while until he can calm down and go back to sleep. What happened tonight was that when I tried to wake him up, he smacked my arm and it knocked me off the bed. He was still asleep when it happened—the dream must have been vivid enough to cause him to lash out physically, even though he wasn’t awake. He woke up when I hit the floor. He was so upset that he hit me that he punched a hole in the wall. I’ve been trying to tell him that it wasn’t his fault that he hit me, and we just need to find another way to deal with the nightmares, but he’s convinced that I can’t ever be safe around him, which is totally not true. I never feel safer than when I’m with Buck, but I can’t convince him otherwise. Maybe you can, Steve. Please—I don’t wanna lose him.”

Steve nodded, and asked “So what was all this nonsense between Bucky and Tony that woke up the entire floor?” “Tony saw my bruise and I think he assumed that Bucky did it intentionally and he kinda just lost it. I think he was trying to protect me, but he didn’t have the whole story yet. I don’t need to be protected from Bucky, and he didn’t do anything wrong. He was asleep—it’s not his fault.” “Is she right?” Steve asked Tony. Tony sighed and said “I may have overreacted a bit, but I’m not apologizing.”

Bucky sat up and looked at Tony. “I don’t deserve an apology. I definitely don’t. Just like how I don’t deserve a place on this team or a room in this tower or friends, and I sure as HELL don’t deserve Y/N, and she deserves better than me. Seriously, you should all hate me right now. It’s what’s best for everyone. That’s why I should go.” Steve turned to Nat and Tony. “Thanks guys, but I’ll take it from here. Go back to bed.” The two of them went back to their rooms and Steve took a seat on an ottoman. Y/N reached out and grabbed Bucky’s wrist. He could have easily pulled it away, but he wanted to treasure the warmth of her soft hand one last time before he left, since he had no plans to return. “Bucky,” she began softly, “I can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now, but it’s important that you know this wasn’t your fault and I’m not mad at you. That wasn’t the real you. That was a dream. I know that the real you would NEVER hurt me. I know that the real you would take a bullet before you let any harm come my way, and I know that you are not bringing harm my way.” She paused, and Steve took the opportunity to speak up. “Bucky, this is something that can be worked on. The two of you can find a way to get through this. I know you can. You’re not the bad guy here, Bucky. You just need a little help, and that’s okay. You say that you’re not deserving of all of this, but you are. You might not feel like it right now, but you really are.” Y/N gripped Bucky’s wrist a little tighter and said “We just have to sort this out together, Buck. You and I can do anything if we’re together. We just need to try something different with the dreams. Maybe from now on, if you’re having a nightmare I’ll just scoot over and wait until you wake up on your own, and then we can talk it out. That way you don’t have to worry about hurting me. We can move your stuff into my room until your window gets fixed, along with the hole in the wall. Hell, maybe we can fix them ourselves and make a day out of it. I love you Bucky, with all of my heart, and I don’t want to lose you because you’re blaming yourself for something that isn’t your fault.”

Bucky pulled his wrist out of Y/N’s grip and grabbed her hand, softly intertwining his fingers with hers. “I love you too, Y/N. It just kills me that I hurt you. I just want you to be safe and happy, not hurting because I smacked you off of a bed. I’m so sorry.” Y/N smiled and leaned in close to him. “Buck, as long as I’m with you I know I’ll be safe, and you make me happier than anything in the world. Tonight was just a hurdle—we can still finish the race. C’mon, let’s go get some sleep.” He nodded affirmatively with a shy smile and kissed the back of her hand. She stood up and Bucky followed as she walked toward her room, still holding his hand. “Thanks Steve!” she said with a giggle as they exited the lounge.

They stopped by Bucky’s room just long enough to cover up the broken window with a sheet, and then moved up the hall to Y/N’s room. As they passed Tony’s door, they could hear him shout, “Glad things are okay, but you’re paying for that window, the hole in the wall, and for the door too!” The two of them laughed while they made their way into Y/N’s room. They crawled into her bed and spent the night sleeping peacefully in each other’s arms, both knowing that they were exactly where they should be—together.

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Charles Xavier (Professor X): Rewriting History (Part I of V)


“Hello?” I answered as I sat down in my cozy DC apartment.

“Y/N…It’s me.” A masculine voice said on the other line of the phone.

I leaned the back of my head on the wall behind me. What happened now?”

“It’s Hank.” He says nervously.

I let out a breathy laugh. “Yeah, I know.” I said. It has been a long time since I heard his voice.

“I know you don’t really want to see him but we need your help.” He says quietly.

“He doesn’t know your calling me.” I say bitterly. Which meant that he still choose to shut away his beautiful gift.

“No.” He says and I can tell that he is hanging his head. “Look, things are a little complicated here and we-I need your help my friend.” He says.

I take the phone away from my ear and close my eyes. I walked away after Charles decided walking was more important than everything else. I put the phone back to me ear to hear Hank.

“Y/N I know it’s a lot to ask especially after what Charles sai-“

I shook my head. “Give me a few hours.” I say.

“Actually, can you meet us at the Pentagon?” He asks.

Of course they were already there. I bit back a groan, “Yeah hank I call me when yo-“

“We are already there.” He says.

I rolled my eyes. “Give me twenty minutes.” I say.

“And Y/N?” Hanks says pausing.

“Yeah Hank?” I question.

“He doesn’t know I called.” He says before I hung up the phone on him.

Great. Just great.

I sighed as the taxi pulled up to a stop in front of the Pentagon visitor’s center doors. I grabbed my coat and slid out the back passenger side door as I searched for Hank in the crowd.

“Miss?” The cab driver asked warily.

I smile sadly. “Yeah, sorry.” I said tossing my money over the seat and shutting the door quietly behind me. I stepped away from the cab and made my way closer to the gate as I spotted Hank wearing an ugly hat. He seemed to not have noticed me which made me smirk he never really did a good job in stealth mode.

I watched as he looked around warily and still didn’t spot me. As I jogged closer I realized he was not only with Charles but with another man I didn’t recognize.

“Okay the tour will begin in ten minutes guys.” The peppy twenty something said.

I rolled my eyes as I made it to stand directly in behind Hank and a long haired Charles.

“Thought you quit working for the man Hank?” I said as I smirked at him. I watched as he turned around and out of the corner of my eye I saw Charles stiffen in response to hearing my voice.

“Yeah, well I think this is more of a sticking it to the man kind of thing.” He says smiling and pulling me into a hug. “It’s good to see you sweetheart.” He says as I stare at Charles over his shoulder.

I felt a lump in my throat as I connected eyes with the man I once admired above all else. “Good to see you too Hank.” I say pulling away quickly.

“What exactly are you gu-“ I am cut off by a scowling Charles.

“I told you both that we didn’t need her.” He growls out.

Ouch, I winced at the tone of his words. At least I knew where I stood with him. I ground my teach suppressing the urge to tell him to fuck off but realized he said both. I turned to see a tall man wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses that I had never seen before. As I sized the man up he moved to hug me. My eyes widened what the hell was going on?

“Uh hi?” I said as the tall gruff one hugged me tightly. I put my hands up awkwardly not really sure what I was supposed to do in this situation.

“It is good to see you alive old friend.” He says pulling away smiling.

“I’m sorry am I dead or something?” I asked confusedly as I looked between the man and Hank trying to figure out what was going on.

“Long story, I’ll explain as you help me.” Hank says softly.

“Let’s just say I plan on changing that.” The man says as the peppy tour guide began to usher us into the White House.

I nod as we follow the rest of the tour group. “What are we doing here? I mean are we rescuing E-“ My eyes widened as I looked from Hank to Charles before settling on glaring at Charles. “Oh, I’m not good enough to-“

“Y/N.” Hank warned shaking his head.

I huffed and remained silent knowing that Hank didn’t want me to cause a scene. It was okay for him to get Erik out of the most secure prison in the world but he couldn’t be bothered to even speak to me.

I glanced between my friends. This was a bizarre situation because of Erik we all lost something Charles lost himself, Hank lost the girl he was in love with, and I lost Charles. I think bitterly as the tour guide tells us what we can and cannot do.

We walk up the steps and Logan and Charles separate from us. As they left us I watch Hank pull out some sort of electronic and fiddle with the switches as we continued on with our lovely tour. I stayed silent pretending to be listening intently to what the guide was saying to us.

“You want to fill me in?” I ask.

“Look Logan,” He pauses as he looks up at the security cameras. “He’s from the future.”
I gave him a weird look.

“I know, but he is. He needs our help to stop the future from happening by stopping Raven from killing someone who could very well lead to the end of mutants.” He says hurriedly.

I nod. Well that seemed simple enough. “And of course Charles doesn’t want me there.” I noted grimly.

“Y/N…You don’t have to come with.” Hank says.

I shrugged. “Charles needs me and so do you for that matter, whether he can admit it or not. Besides it has been ten years and a lot has changed with me.” I say pointing out the truth. The only reason I left was because that was what Charles had want.

Hank smiled and put his arm around my shoulder. “If you’re going to be okay than yes.”

I smile up at him. With everything that has happened I was really thankful to have Hank as my best friend even if he drove me crazy with nerdy science talk. “I have you so yeah I think I will be just fine.” I say resting my head on his shoulder.

“Good, because we have to go meet them at the car now.” He says squeezing my shoulder and nodding for us to turn back around and head back the way we had come.

A few minutes passed as Hank and I waited at the car for them to return with Erik. I rest my head on Hanks shoulder as we both lean up against the car.

“What do you think happened to her?” He asks quietly.

I immediately know that he is referring to Raven. I shrug. “Erik.” I say simply because before him she would have never have done half the things she has. I look around we probably would not have been in so much trouble had we not encountered Eric.

Hank smiled down at me and gave him a small smile back. “Well at least he didn’t get you.” He says as he places a kiss on my forehead.

I shook my head. “We’d have bigger problems to worry about then.” I point out to him.

Suddenly a man with silverish blue hair was in front of us. “You two dating or something?” He asks glancing between the two of us.

Hank and I exchange a look. “Now that’s not really any of your business.” Hank says pulling me closer.

“Excuse me?” I ask. Who the hell was this guy?

“Y/N…Meet Peter.” He said gesturing to him. “Peter this is Y/N.”

“Wel-“ Peter starts before turning around.

I see Logan, Charles and Erik approaching us. Hank and I both stand up properly as they get closer.

“Sorry twenty questions is over.” Hank says out of the side of his mouth.

I laugh as they get closer to the car. “What happened to your hand?” I say noticing Charles hand was bruised. I worriedly reached out and grabbed it and watched as he drew away from me.

“I ran it into something” He says moving further away from me.

I glance over at Logan as he rolled his eyes and finally look at Erik’s face to see that Charles fist ran into his face. I quickly glance back at Charles. “You okay?” I ask.

He grimaces. “I’m fine.” He says before moving around me to get to the car.

I nod and climb into the back seat with Hank and Peter. Luckily there were also three seats in the front or I would have had to sit on poor Hank’s lap.

I can feel Erik’s eyes burning into me, I could feel the pity radiating off of him. I refused to acknowledge him because even though we got him out that did not mean anything had changed since the last time that I had seen him.

We drove to the airstrip in silence. I’m not sure what any of us could have talked about. Logan didn’t have a clue what had happened, not that he cared, but he seemed to find something bad happened between the four of us that led each of us to end up at this moment.

As soon as the car was parked I climbed out of the car and headed for the plane with Hank but Hank stops with Charles to talk with Peter. I continued around the car as I watched Logan climb into the plane.

“Are you even going to speak to me?” I hear him say from behind me.

“I really don’t think I have anything to say to you anymore.” I say to my form friend before following Logan onto the plane.. I sit down and stare out the window as I feel the heat from Erik’s gaze following me. Logan must have noticed the tension and moved to the back of the plane. As Erik reached for the paper I watched as Logan put his claws out to stop him and bit back a laugh.

“Imagine if they were metal.” Erik says walking further into the plane and closer to me.

“Where did the dig you up?” he says to Logan.

I look at Logan as he chuckles. “You’d going to find this hard to believe but you sent me, you and Charles, of the future.” Logan says turning to face out the window and I do the same not wanting to look at Erik.

I remove my eyes from the window to look at him before averting my eyes to Hank as he enters the plane followed by Charles. I move to the cockpit to avoid being stared at.

As we fly I exchange a look with Hank as I warily glance back noticing that it was eerily silent on the plane.

“How did you lose them?” Erik asks.

“The treatment for my spine affects my DNA.” Charles states and I bite my tongue to stop myself from expressing my thoughts on that matter.

“You sacrificed your powers so you could walk?” Erik questions angrily.

Jesus Erik. I thought as I exchanged an uneasy glance with Hank. I may be angry at him but I knew that purposely picking a fight right now was a stupid idea.

“I sacrificed my powers so that I could sleep” Charles says in a broken voice, “What do you know about it?”

“I’ve lost my fair share.” Erik says.

"Dry your eyes, Erik. It doesn’t justify what you’ve done.” Charles say angrily.

“You have no idea what I’ve done.” Erik says coldly.

“I know that you took the things that mean the most to me.” Charles shouts.

“Well, maybe you should have fought harder for them.” Erik said in a more neutral tone but I knew he was getting angry which means we might be in trouble.

“If you want a fight, Erik…” Charles shouts standing

“Sit down.” Logan yells.

“…I will give you a fight!” I watch as he walks up to Erik and grabs his shirt in both hands.

“Let him come.” Erik says glancing over his shoulder at Logan.

“If you want a fight, Erik. I will give you a fight! You abandoned me! You took her away and you abandoned me!” Charles says clutching onto Erik’s shirt. I swallowed as I heard his voice broke. Erik really had no idea what damage he had caused.

I closed my eyes. It was always about her. Everything somehow always about her. I felt my own anger on the subject arise but kept silent.

“Angel. Azazel. Emma. Banshee. Mutant brothers and sisters all dead. Countless other experimented on, butchered. “ Erik says angrily. I look and see we are crashing because Erik is out of control.

“Erik!” Hank shouts as he gives me another uneasy look.

“Where were you Charles? We were supposed to protect them! Where were you when your own people needed you? Hiding you, Hank and Y/N! Pretending to be something that you’re not.” He shouts and I feel his gaze land on me.

But, all I cared about was the fact that we were about to die. "Erik!” I screamed and launched myself form my seat at him. I couldn’t use my power in case I hurt Charles so I moved around where Charles had fallen against the table.

“You abandoned us all!” He shouts as I shove him back the plane goes back to being neutral.

Erik grabs around my waist to keep me from falling and I turn to see Charles move to where I once sat. I inwardly groaned but removed Erik’s hands from my body and moved to sit directly across from Logan and stared out the window.

“So you were always an asshole…” Logan scoffs as he looks at me.

“I take it we’re best buddies in the future.” Erik says sarcastically.

“I spent a lot of years trying to bring you down, bub.” Logan says playing with a freshly lit cigar.

“How’s that work out for you?” Erik questions before sitting down.

“You’re like me. You’re a survivor. You want to pick all that shit up?” Logan says motioning to the mess.

Erik begins to pick it up and I sigh standing to help.

“Thank you.” He says grabbing my hand.

“Don’t.” I say as I pick up more stuff that had fallen because of him.

Erik grabs my hand. “I didn’t do it to hurt you.” He says sincerely.

I give him an odd look.

“He left you too didn’t he?” He questioned.

I shake my head. “Can we not do this?” I ask.

I watch as Charles comes back out to sit in his original spot and I move back to mine next to Hank and close my eyes.

“Y/N…Y/N…” Hank says shaking me gently.

I groggily open my eyes and he gave me a small smile. “Come on, we’re in Paris.”

I yawn and cause Hank to laugh. “Not funny.” I mumble as I stand up and watch Hank leave the plane.

Why Are You Still A Scout? I Thought That Was For Children

Sometimes I feel crappy and I look back on all the moments I’ve been sat around a campfire at 1am on a mild summer night, talking about deep stuff and reminicing. I look back at the moments me and the guys have had caterpiller races and clambered on top of each other in sleeping bags at 6am. I look back on the moments where I’ve been struggling in my life, I’ve come to Scouts or gone on camp and the guys act as if nothing is wrong with any of us, even though they can tell, their own little way to support our little group.

Sometimes, I’ve been asked why I’m still a Scout as I’m reaching adulthood.

Those moments that some people will never have are the moments I cherish the most. I’ll still be thinking about them in my darkest hours when I’m 80 in a retirement home. I’ll be thinking about them tonight. And sure, half of the experience is the people you’re with. Just make sure to find the right group for you - I know I have.

I really hope I can hold onto them.