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Warnings: Mentions of blood and violence.

The small gym is packed to the rafters. Large men with shifty eyes and one hand firmly tucked inside their pockets, women with anxious eyes and one hand placed firmly over their hearts, meek men with bruised skin and one hand clutching a betting slip because their lives depend on it; they’re all together, they’re all waiting. And you’re sitting there among them, one hand gripping the silver chain around your neck and the other clutching the edge of your seat.

The copper tang of blood fills the air and mixes with the musk of men from fights past. You’re almost certain there’s a noxious cloud floating above the crowd from the cigarettes and the bottles scattered around the room. It’s a cesspool, filthy and disgusting, but you don’t dare move a muscle.

Members of the crowd are watching the entrances, waiting for the prize fighters to enter. The main event is all that’s left, all of the other men have bloodied their fists and earned their week’s salary. But your eyes are glued to the small blue stool in one corner of the ring.

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confused-gypsy  asked:

Hi love your account so much and I hope you're having a good day! Could you please rec me fics where one is a nerd or really nice and innocent and the other is punk or a bad boy? Kind of like baby heavens in your eyes!

Heya ! Thank you for your kind words :*

So, I tried :

- set alight my veins  : If Liam really thinks it’s funny to send him on a surprise date with a tattooed, leather wearing punk then Harry’s going to have words with him later. When he’s managed to stop staring at the guy across from him.-Harry’s quiet and shy and does all his homework. Louis drives motorbikes and never turns up to school. Their respective friends think they’d be a cute couple. (11k, M)

- Baby Heaven’s in your Eyes : They couldn’t be more different if they tried. Louis Tomlinson is 17 years old and in his last year of the most prestigious private school in Doncaster. Everyone who attends his school knows him thanks to his incredibly rich family, sassy attitude and gorgeous girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. If there’s one thing that completely annoys him, it’s that there is a poor community college right across the street.Harry Styles is 19 years old, and (once again) in his last year of college. He goes to community college in Doncaster. He never shows up to classes and if he actually bothers to, he’s either high or drunk; sometimes both. His skin is littered with tattoos and if there’s one thing he absolutely hates, it’s the snobby students attending the private school right across from his. (120k, E)

- Violets and Paper Aeroplanes: Harry likes Louis very much a lot and Louis’ a bit of an arsehole. (14k, T)

- The Moments When My Good Times Start to Fade : Where Harry is a flower child who works in a bakery and Louis is a guitarist who has no idea what it is he wants. (23k, NR)

- Take All of Your Doubts (You Can Throw ‘Em Out) : Louis Tomlinson is a punk who figures he’s just destined to be alone. Harry Styles is his nerdy best friend who is always there to pick him up when he’s down. Somewhere along the way feelings grow. (6k, NR)

- Give Me Truths: Louis is a psychology student with a tattoo count as high as his genius IQ. Harry is in a (sort-of) relationship with a homophobic man and hates himself a little more every day. Things fall apart and Louis puts him back together.Or, the one in which Louis falls in love with a fragile boy and tells him every beautiful truth in the world, as long as it makes him happy. (110k, E)

- Sun-kissed Hurricane, Perfect Storm       : Harry is the quiet kid in the back of his statistics class who writes a lot and dreams about Louis’ cheekbones . Louis needs a statistics tutor ASAP before he flunks and the quiet kid in the back of the class seems like a good choice. Harry wants to help Louis however he can and Louis wants to see how much he can make Harry blush. (7k, T)

- Love (is a choice we make): Punk!Louis moves across the street from flowerchild!Harry. He also goes to Harry’s high school where Harry’s being bullied and at first he joins the people bullying Harry but then he sees Harry’s scars from self-harming and stops, without actually helping his situation. Then they are assigned on baby project for Sex Ed together and they get really close throughout it. Louis fucks Harry one day in Harry’s twin bed and Harry has really sensitive nipples so Louis likes to play with those. If Louis could also kiss his scars would be great. (5.5k, T)

- Nicotine : “We’re two different types of people, Liam. He likes sex and drugs, I like theater and tea. Trust me, we’d never date.” Except they would, they do, and neither of them plans on letting go anytime soon. “Just because you can get me hard doesn’t mean I like you,“ Louis whispered. The fact was, he didn’t like Harry right now, not at all. Not even a bit.   “Yeah, yeah,” Harry murmured, his breath fanning over Louis’ cock as he spoke. “You done telling me how much you hate me so I can suck you off?” (32k, E)

- There’s Nothing In This World To Fix Us : Harry still holds the school record for most detentions in his high school career, Liam doesn’t want any drama, Louis is all about drama, Zayn draws roses, and Niall’s braces and spot in marching band gets him all the girls.Or, a Breakfast Club AU where Harry’s a delinquent, Liam’s an athlete, Louis is a prep, and Niall’s a nerd, and Zayn’s an artist. (6, NR)

FuckBoy - Pt. 1

Pairing: Jay Park x Reader, Kai x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst

Word Count: 2955

A/N: I’ve had this in the works for a really long time, and if you guys end up liking it, I’ll write part two! I’m really proud of this one. Let me know how you feel! Masterlist is here as always!

“Fine! Just leave! I don’t want you here anyway!” you shouted. You were fighting again. What else is new? You asked yourself. We’re always fucking fighting.

“Fuck you, Y/N. Oh, wait, someone else already is.” Kai spat at you as he grabbed his keys. He stalked out the door without another word, slamming it behind him.

“Fuck,” you breathed as soon as he left, your heart threatening to beat out of your chest. You grabbed your phone, and, feeling yourself starting to slip into a panic attack, texted your best friend.

Are you busy?

I’m actually on my way to practice. You wanna come?

Yeah. I’ll be ready.

I’ll see you in a few. Love you.

Love you.

You took a deep breath and tried to calm down as you slipped into yoga pants and a sports bra, pulling on a jacket over the top of it. By the time the horn on the car sounded, you’d nearly lost it about three times. As you climbed into the passenger seat of the foreign, Jay immediately noticed something was wrong.

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you know how on the today show the woman mentioned harry getting the part "because he's a box office star" and he was going "heeeeey" i can imagine harry's wife being really defensive over stuff like that. if she was at an interview like that, i can see her tensing up and having to hold her tongue from going at the person offending her baby.

I always feel like the missus gets very defensive when things get said that can be a little offensive to him or a little degrading and it’s almost like she can see the reaction, even though he may not show one on his face, that he has when he’s asked. She’s got fists at her side as she stands back and watches, a frown on her face and pulling her eyebrows together, biting her cheek and rolling her tongue to stop her from saying anything that could interrupt the interview. But, as soon as Harry’s done and he’s scuffing over to her, he can already tell she was displeased with what was said.

“Don’t say anything. For Christ sake, we don’t need you pull hair today,” he pulls her up from her seat and brings his arms around her, pulling her close and sighing into her hair, “I love you.”

“And it’s because I love you that I want to stick up for you when people get like that. You won this role, fair and square, Harry. Not just because of who you are,” she sighs, leaning up on her toes and nudges her nose into his cheek, “I don’t know how many times the cast and Nolan and Emma have to say you won the role of this movie. When people second-guess that and say something false, well, it just really pisses me off.”

“And as much as I want you to go and pull her hair or hit her or cause a scene, we cannot afford that to happen, can we? We have our bloody wedding on Friday. Need you looking all nice and pretty with no black eyes or busted lips. I want to be able to snog you in front of everyone when you become my wife,” he hums, tilting his face into her touch and sighing, “let’s go, shall we? I’m getting hungry.” xx

Dress Pt. 2 (Laf x Reader)

Word Count:2,477 (wow I got carried away)

Warnings: Swear words, Angst, Slight NSFW

Authors Note: I’m so happy people have been responding to my writing! Thank you for motivating me to keep writing anons! Send in requests, and thank you for giving me feed back!

Part 1

It had been a few days since your date with Thomas, and his charming demeanor had gotten the best of you. You spent most of Saturday morning daydreaming what your next date would be like, your first kiss, and maybe even the future. The boys entered your dorm and saw you lying in bed still in your PJs at 3 pm. “What’s gotten into her?” Herc asked eyeing Lafayette cautiously. “Guys I’ve got it bad.” you replied. “Mon ami, are you sick?” Laf asked. “LOVE SICK” you replied back smiling at the ceiling. Although you couldn’t see, Laf’s face had contorted into frown as his eyebrows furrowed together. Alex gave Laf a sympathetic look and pat his back. “Want to hear about it?” you enthusiastically asked the group of boys. John’s curiosity got the best of him as he excitedly nodded his head like an eager puppy. As you began telling the story, you realized that Laf started to daze off, looking at your collection of postcards pasted on your wall, then your ceiling light. “Laf, are you listening?” He turned his face back to you and forced a smile onto his face. “Actually, I think I’d rather get going than listen to you talk about your date.” He said quite bitterly with the same fake smile plastered on his face. The boys turned to each other with wide eyes. You were quite surprised yourself. You had never seen Laf so bitter, he had always been so supportive. “Umm, ok Laf. I’ll see you around?” you questioned. “Yeah” he replied unable to meet your eyes. You turned back to the remaining three boys. “What’s gotten into him?”

Laf made his way into the commons slowly dragging his feet. He had never seen you so happy since college started. He didn’t want to take that away from you, but at the same time he couldn’t stand to see you fall for Thomas. Just as he got to the corner he heard Thomas and James talking. He stopped to listen. “Dude give me the money” Thomas’s voice, Laf recognized. Then James spoke “ugh, fine. I can’t believe you actually like Y/N. You could do so much better.” Lafayette clenched his fists. “Yeah, but I mean she’s so hot. I never noticed her in those huge sweatshirts and leggings.” Thomas stated. “Just think, if I had never bet on  you to ask out Y/N you never would’ve gotten her.” James replied with a smirk audible in the way he spoke. At that Laf had heard enough to put the puzzle pieces together. He stepped out from the corner and straight for Thomas’s collar. He fisted the purple material of Thomas’s button down and pushed him against the wall. “So you’re telling me you asked out Y/N because James bet you?” Laf spat inches away from Thomas’s face. A smirk appeared on Thomas’s face. “Well, well, well. Seems like someone has been eavesdropping.” Thomas said calmly with a taunting smirk. “You don’t deserve Y/N. Do you know how much she cares about you? You only want her for her looks. I bet you don’t even care about her personality.” Laf began. “You are right my friend” Thomas cut in. “She’s just my arm candy. But don’t worry Lafayette. I’ll be done with her soon so you can get some.” “Oh God, how is Y/N going to react when I tell her” Lafayette shot back at Thomas. “She’s not going to find out” Thomas said simply. “Quelle? You think that I’ll keep this from my best friend?” Laf asked surprised, raising his eyebrows. “What’s in it for you if you tell her Lafayette. She’s gonna go out get drunk and find someone new as a rebound. She’s not going to come running into your arms. Because guess what. You are not her prince charming Lafayette. Do you know why? It’s because most of the time princes have the balls to tell the princess that they like her. But here you are. Stuck in the friend zone. Don’t blame it on me that I got the girl Lafayette, you did it to yourself. Besides, I doubt Y/N sees anything more in you than the best friend that you are.” Thomas replied harshly. The look of shock Laf had on his face said it all as Thomas wiggled his way out of Laf’s grip. He pat Laf on the chest and walked out with James trailing behind him.

Lafayette let the jagged words sink in. Maybe Thomas was right, what would you do with that information. It would probably do more harm than good. He shook his head as he headed out for some fresh air.


One month later…

You had managed to drag the boys out to go dress shopping with you. Thomas had asked you to another fancy restaurant for your one month anniversary, and you decided to treat yourself. You headed for the dressing room with a pile of dresses. You stepped out after each one until you got to a navy blue number. It was off the shoulder with the bodice tight and a flowy skirt attached. “Well, what do you think?” All the boys nodded, looking at you up and down. All the boys except Laf. “Non. I don’t like it. It isn’t the message you want to be sending.” Laf stated looking back at his phone. Ever since you had gotten deeper into the relationship with Thomas, Lafayette began to become distant. You frowned “What do you mean? I think I look hot!” you said slightly laughing. Lafayette just shook his head and said “Do whatever you want Y/N” his words pierced you like a knife. He rarely called you by your name. You were mostly ‘mon ami’ (my friend) but he hadn’t called you that for many weeks now. “Um ok, I’ll try another one” you said heading back into the dressing room. You stepped out a few moments later in a much less flattering pink fluffy dress. “Ahhh, oui oui” Lafayette said. “That is the one”  he said nudging Herc discreetly. “Yup, I think that’s the one Y/N” Herc chimed in. “You sure?” you asked the boys, it didn’t hug your figures like you wanted but it seemed to have the majority of votes. “Ok fine. I’ll take this one” you said while a smile spread across your face.


The days leading up to your month anniversary were rocky. You had managed to get Lafayette to talk more, walking with him in between classes. But one day it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. You were walking with Laf when Thomas caught up to you two. “G’morning love” he said in a sing song voice kissing your forehead. Laf rolled his eyes turning around to go in the opposite direction. That was when you had had enough. “I’ll see you tonight Thomas, I gotta go talk to Laf.” you said turning around. You chased him until you were both outside. “Laf what the hell has gotten into you?” you finally asked. You had been meaning to ask him for the past month. “What do you mean?” he asked back with no emotion at all. “Laf I can tell when you’re not telling me something. What’s wrong?” “Um let’s see what happened. Oh yeah Thomas.” He said bitterly still walking towards the parking lot. You grabbed a hold of his hand and pulled on it so he would face you. “What do you mean Laf? He makes me happy.” you said confused. You looked into his eyes. Something you hadn’t done since the day of your first date with Thomas. You always seemed to forget how attractive Laf was, you stood staring at him blankly until he began to talk. “Sure he makes you happy, but have you ever thought that I could make you happier?” he chanced at that question. You flinched. You had managed to shove that thought so far back in your brain since your first date with Thomas but you panicked as it began to take over all of your thoughts. “Wha-” you were cut off by Laf swooping down and planting his lips on yours. They fit together like puzzle pieces and sparks flew around your body. But you didn’t kiss back, you abruptly pushed him off. “What the fuck Lafayette.” you stated coldly. Be began to try to explain himself but you couldn’t bear hearing what he had to say. You loved Thomas. And you were sure he loved you too.


“You what!” the boys exclaimed as they all looked at Lafayette with shocked yes. “Oui. and she turned me down. What do I do?” he said burying his face into his pillow. He still hadn’t told anybody about the bet, and he planned to keep it that way. He had destroyed your friendship, he didn’t know if he could bear destroying your heart too.


You got ready for your date with Thomas by yourself. You didn’t know what to think about the previous events in the parking lot, and decided to shove those feelings back like always. You looked in the mirror at your pink dress which the boys had decided on. A wide smile was on your face as you recognized the familiar black Audi pulling up to the front of your dorm building. Thomas had never been in a relationship longer than a week, so the fact that you held him down for a month was shocking to him and his friends. He began to believe that he was falling in love with you. He just hoped you would love him too. You skipped out to his car as he got out of the driver’s seat to open the car door for you. ‘What a gentleman’ you thought as you neared Thomas. As soon as you were close he leaned in for a kiss, and you happily obliged. When your lips met… nothing. There was nothing, and that was when you began to question yourself.

You had made it to the restaurant and sat down at a secluded table. Thomas chuckled before talking “I didn’t think you’d actually want to go out tonight after what Laf told you” confused, you asked “what did Laf tell me?”. Thomas became stiff and played with his collar. “He didn’t tell you about the bet?” he asked “No-” “Then we can move on from in Y/N, it’s really nothing”. Concerned you pushed the subject “No, I think I deserve the right to know Thomas. We’ve been together for a month, and I’m sure the bet can’t be that bad.” you said forcing a half smile on your face expecting that he had hooked up with someone or worse, gotten someone pregnant. Thomas sighed before starting: “You know when I asked you out, it was really sudden? Well I asked you out because James bet me that I couldn’t get you to go out with me…” He continued but you could no longer hear. You felt as if your throat was closing in on you. Sure he hadn’t cheated on you, but that would have been better in this situation as it would mean he had fallen out of love with you. But to know your relationship had been built off of fake feelings made your heart shatter. “Why would Laf tell me this?” You questioned Thomas tears brimming your eyes. “Because he found out about it a few days after our first date when James payed me…” “YOU ACCEPTED JAMES’S MONEY FOR GOING OUT ON A DATE WITH ME?” you lost it, you maybe could have forgiven him if he refused the money because he actually ended up liking you. But no, you were nothing but a game to him. “Wait Y/N I truly love you now. I… I’m sorr-” Thomas began but you didn’t want to hear it. “Save it Thomas.” you quickly got up and ran outside to hail a taxi. You had to have a talk with Lafayette

You stormed into Lafayette’s dorm room where he and the rest of the boys were. “Alex, John, Hercules. Get out, I need a talk with Gilbert.” you had never called him that before and by the looks of your makeup running down your face, and your crinkled dress, the three boys shuffled out quickly. “Mon am-” “No you don’t get to call me that. Why didn’t you tell me that Thomas and James bet on me?” you got straight to the point. “I couldn’t bear seeing you heartbroken Y/N, I-” Lafayette tried to justify his actions  “Couldn’t see me heartbroken? Lafayette you kissed me on my month anniversary with Thomas. Do you know how confusing that was for me?” “I’m sorry mon ami. I just coul-”. This time it was your turn to cut him off. Aggressively you pushed yourself onto him, latching your lips onto his. How you missed that feeling. Laf eagerly melted into the kiss, his arms wrapping around your waist as your arms found his neck. The kiss heated quickly with all the sexual tension that had been surrounding you two for the past month. Your mouth hungrily found his neck sucking hard enough to know there would be a mark tomorrow. “Y/N, are- are you suure-” Lafayette said moaning as you found his sweet spot. “I’ve never been so sure in my life Laf…” you said as you began to lie down on the bed and his hands found the zipper to your dress.


You woke up the next morning slightly confused as to where you were. When you realized what had happened the previous night you blushed looking around the room for any sign of Laf. All you could find was a black box with a silver bow on it. You got out of bed, putting on one of Laf’s shirts you had found on the floor as you made your way to the black box. You opened it to find a note and some fabric wrapped in delicate white tissue paper. You took the fabric out of the paper to find the navy dress you had tried on for your month anniversary. You opened the note:

Mon Amour, (my love)

I do not think you know how good it feels to finally be able to call you that. Remember when you tried this on for Thomas and I said it did not send the right message? I said that because he does not deserve to see you look that beautiful. You have made my life 100 times brighter with just your presence and smile Y/N. I would be beyond the moon if I would be able to see you wear this dress for me, and only me. We have dinner reservations tonight at 7. Please make me the happiest man.


Votre Lafayette (your Lafayette)

Saudade: Ch4

The next morning, Brendon took you out to breakfast at a local coffee shop. You were dressed in one of his hoodies and a pair of his shorts. He had offered to drive you home so you could grab your phone and some other things. That morning you had agreed on staying with him for a little while. You didn’t know how long, but the thought of you going back to that empty house and being all alone only made you feel sad and scared. You liked the thought of being with Brendon, just for a short amount of time, just enough to get you back on your feet again and then go back home, pretending like nothing happened. “I’ll wait here, okay?” Brendon decided, standing in the hallway in front of your apartment door as you began to unlock it.

“You can come in,” you reassured.

“Nah,” he shook his head. “It’s fine. Take your time.”

“Okay,” you mumbled. You walked in, staring at the blanket on the ground in front of the couch, the remote tossed aside, an empty wine bottle fixated between the cushions. Is that what had caused you to gravitate towards the bar that night? You then walked into your bedroom, noticing the pile of clothes left on the floor, your phone plugged into a charger on the nightstand, the smell of him in the room. Josh.

A terrible feeling settled in the pit of your stomach, making you instantly feel nauseous. You picked up your phone, noticing at least fifty missed calls and messages from him. He had been trying to desperately get ahold of you while you were going out getting drunk and fucking some dude behind his back. You began to feel the guilt start to drown you as you opened up your messages, reading the sweet “miss you” and “love you” texts on your screen. You stared at the silly picture he had sent you, one that he probably forced Tyler to take of him. He was standing underneath the Eiffel Tower, skateboard in one hand, coffee cup in the other, snapback fixed on his head, that gorgeous smile, wearing the hoodie you had bought for him last Christmas. He was in France, practically on the whole other side of the world as you, going on a world famous tour, but still finding the time to talk about how much he loved and missed you, thinking about you all the time, and you had taken that for granted. You felt miserable. Without thinking, you instantly called him back, chewing on your lower lip and listening to the several rings. Finally, about on the fourth of fifth, he miraculously picked up.

“Hey beautiful,” he greeted. “I miss you.”

“Miss you too,” you replied, clearing your throat and trying to forget everything running through your head.

“What have you been up to lately?” he wondered.

“Uh, not much,” you shrugged, growing uncomfortable. “Just watching some television and thinking about you mostly. Missing you a ton.”

“You’re probably wearing my clothes right now, aren’t you?” he laughed. You felt guilt instantly rush through your body again as you glanced down at Brendon’s sweatshirt wrapped around you, knowing that Josh was right, that if you hadn’t even gone to the bar, you’d probably still be sitting on that couch in one of his oversized shirts, eating a bowl of ice cream and scrolling through pictures of him on your phone.

“Uh, yeah,” you lied. “One of your flannels. It’s cozy. Smells like you too.”

“I miss you,” he sighed. “So much.”

“Me too,” you bit down your lower lip, starting to feel the tears surface. You did miss him. So fucking much.

“Look, Ty’s calling me so I’ve got to go, but promise me you’ll call?” he wondered.

“Promise,” you whispered, the tears beginning to fall down your cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you,” he told you before hanging up. As soon as you pulled the phone away from your face, you lost it. You began to cry, burying your face in your hands, sobbing. You didn’t know what to do without him. It felt like an endless cycle of just trying to distract your mind, using anything and everything you keep you from thinking about him, going even as far as getting wasted and winding up in some random dude’s bed. This only made you cry harder, and you didn’t even realize it when Brendon knocked on the door, finally opening it up and noticing you balled up in the corner of the room, phone beside you, crying uncontrollably.

“Hey there,” Brendon’s voice softened, frowning. He crouched down beside you. “What’s wrong, baby?”

“I don’t know,” you closed your eyes tight, refusing to look up. “I feel so lost and stupid and-”

“Now, now,” he shook his head. “You’re none of those things, y/n.”

“I just miss him so much,” you sniffled. “And he’s not even coming home anytime soon and I’m so afraid of just being left here alone but I feel so guilty and horrible because he’d never forgive me if he found out that I was doing this with you and, I just don’t know. I have a boyfriend, okay? I can’t keep doing this to myself, it’s not right. I feel so guilty and I know it’s not my fault or your fault but I’m just, I’m a mess. A motherfucking mess.”

“It’s going to be alright,” Brendon comforted. “Look, we don’t have to do this. Alright? We can just be friends.”

“W-what?” you stammered, looking up at him, wiping away the tears from your cheeks.

“I didn’t know that you didn’t want me to do that,” he confessed. “Look, I wouldn’t have made any advancements on you that night at the bar if I knew you were still with your boyfriend. I misinterpreted what you said and I’m sorry about that. And I know I probably should not have done what I did last night, in the shower, in bed, all that. But you just got to tell me, okay? Don’t be afraid to say no. I’m not going to get angry at you. We don’t have to have sex or kiss or do any of those things. But we can still be friends, you know? But I also don’t want to leave you here, especially under these conditions. You’re probably still sick, and like you said, he won’t be home any time soon. If you want to stay at my place, that’s great. You can even stay in a separate room if you want, I don’t care. I just want what’s best for you. And I know for sure that’s not staying alone locked up in this house crying.”

“Thank you, Bren,” you mumbled. “But um, I think I just need a little time to myself.”

“Okay,” he nodded slowly. “Um, can I at least give you my number? Just in case?”

“Yeah,” you decided, handing him your phone and letting him type in his number before handing it back to you. “Look, I’m sorry, I just really need to think things through.”

“No, it’s fine,” he reassured. “I understand.”

“Thanks,” you gave a small smile.

“Take care of yourself,” Brendon reminded. He gave a quick wink before getting up and walking out the door, and when you heard the front door shut, knowing he was gone for good, you took a deep breath. You needed to get your head on straight.

However, the next few days, you couldn’t seem to get Brendon out of your mind. It also didn’t help that you accidentally never returned his sweatshirt, or shorts, and you had them neatly folded and sitting on the arm of the couch in the living room, wondering how to either return or get rid of them before Josh came home. Everywhere you went, you heard his voice in your head, imagined his hands on your body, thought about those intense eyes boring into you, unable to get him out of your mind. You tried calling and texting Josh, but it was as if everything had just reverted back. He wasn’t picking up and the time zones probably were all jumbled by now, so it was useless. You found yourself in the shower several days after you had last seen Brendon, the same day when you had last spoken to Josh, letting the water rush over your face, closing your eyes, trying to figure out what to do. You were torn.

It was late at night, middle of the night actually. You were laying in bed, and you couldn’t get him out of your mind. You tried to focus on Josh but you couldn’t. It was like you could still feel the ghost of Brendon’s lips pressed against yours, his body so close to yours, his hands all over you. You thought back to the hickeys that were still left on your neck from the last time you had fucked him, how ashamed you felt when you stared at them in the mirror, yet slightly turned on just at the simple thought of his mouth on your skin. That’s when you came to the idea. You would call both of them. Josh and Brendon. And whoever would pick up your call would be the person you’d go to first.

Your shaky hands picked up the phone, unplugging it from the charger and looking for Josh’s number, then hearing it ring. “Please pick up,” you mumbled, closing your eyes tight. There was a ring. And then another. And another. “Fuck, come on Josh.” Another. Then the familiar greeting. Voicemail. Distraught and frustrated, you hung up, chewing down on your lower lip and then scrolling through your contacts. You couldn’t find Brendon’s name in the search. Odd.

Maybe he misspelled it. You scrolled through your contacts, keeping a close eye for what he could’ve put it down under, and that’s when you saw it. “Best Fuck.” It had to be him. What a cocky move. You rolled your eyes, then rethought your decision, wondering if maybe this was a good idea. Probably not. But then again, it wasn’t like Josh was picking up anytime soon. Hell, he barely even responded to your texts. You closed your eyes tight, not even able to bear watching your finger press down on the call button, then pressed the phone up to your ear. Three rings before he picked up. You cleared your throat. “Hello?” you wondered.

“Hey,” that fucking amazing voice responded. “A bit late in the night to be calling, hmm?”

“I guess,” you bit down on your lip. “Apologies.”

“I’m guessing you’re y/n,” you could practically hear Brendon’s smirk from the other side of the line. “Nice to know that you miss me as much as I miss you.”

“First of all, fuck you,” you narrowed your eyes. “Really? ‘Best Fuck?’ Dick move much?”

“Your words, not mine,” he reassured. “And by the way, I’d love for you to fuck me, baby.”

“Flirt,” you scoffed.

“Well why else would you be calling me in the middle of the night?” he sighed. “I’m not a mind reader, and I haven’t known you for too long, but I’m smart enough to tell when you need a little something, y/n.”

“Okay, maybe I do,” you confessed defeatedly. “I can’t get you out of my mind. And uh, I still have your clothes.”

“My house tomorrow?” he inquired. “We can catch up on things?”

“Tonight?” you dared to ask.

“Wow, you’re that desperate babe?” he chuckled softly. “Well I do love a girl who begs for it.”

“Come on, Bren,” you pleaded. “Stop with the teasing.”

“I’ll be over in five minutes,” he stated. “And you better be undressed by the time I get there. I’m not in the mood to waste time.”

“Anything for you,” you whispered. You heard the click on the other end of the line and you tossed your phone aside, beginning to slide off your clothes, inhaling a ragged breath. Were you seriously doing this? What would Josh think? You shut your eyes tight, shaking those thoughts out of your head. You needed Brendon, even if it was only just for tonight. Just one more night. That’s it.

As soon as you heard the knock on the door, you walked towards it, body shaking with anticipation. When you opened it up, Brendon was standing there, smirking as his eyes trailed down your body. “Looking gorgeous as always,” he mumbled, gazing at you. “Let me in so I can fuck you nice and good, sweetheart.” He took a step inside and you closed the door behind him, then turned around.

“Bedroom?” you raised an eyebrow.

“Of course,” he nodded. “You go in there, lay down on the bed, spread those pretty little legs for me. I’m going to undress myself and I’ll be right there behind you.” Brendon placed a kiss on your lips, snaking his hands down your back to your ass and giving a squeeze before letting go of you, letting you walk towards the bedroom and fumbling with the buttons of his shirt.

You withdrew a shaky breath as you eased yourself onto the mattress doing as told, thoughts reeling in your mind, still wondering if this was just making everything a million times worse. Why the fuck would you invite Brendon to your apartment? To Josh’s apartment? So you could fuck him in the bed that belonged strictly for you and your boyfriend? The same boyfriend that had been so lovingly devoted to you all these years? You closed your eyes tight and tried to swallow down the thought. Same boyfriend who had left you all alone here, abandoning you for some rich bitch career, probably going to parties and fucking celebrities. No, that wasn’t true. Josh would never do a thing like that. You shut your eyes even tighter, starting to really second guess yourself. Maybe you should tell Brendon to leave and just clear your head for a moment so- before you knew it Brendon was crawling on top of you and kissing your lips, your eyes widening at the realization, then closing your eyes and melting into his touch. Fuck clearing your head. You just needed to forget about everything for now.

“Mmm Bren,” you mumbled against his lips, feeling the latex brush against your folds, his hard on pressed right up to your core.

“I told you I wasn’t in the mood to wait around,” he chuckled softly, trailing his lips down your neck. “I’ve been craving to hear that beautiful voice of yours for days, and then you call me out of the blue, all flustered and worked up, probably just aching for my cock in that pretty little pussy of yours, huh baby?”

“Y-yes,” you stammered as he slid his hands down your sides, then crept them up to your breasts, giving them a squeeze.

“You really want this?” he raised an eyebrow. A sly smile tugs at his lips. “Hell, I bet you’ve fucked your boyfriend in this bed, haven’t you? You naughty girl, you.”

“Please,” you begged. “Brendon I wouldn’t have called you if I wasn’t desperate.”

“Desperate now, are we?” he smirked.

“I thought you said you didn’t want to waste time,” you narrowed your eyes.

“I don’t,” he recalled, kissing your lips and making you gasp loudly as he pushed into you, every inch sliding into your pussy, making you dig your nails into his back. He started to thrust into you fast, making you moan into his mouth, your legs growing weak at the fast pace he was gaining.

“Fuck,” you sighed. “Oh my god.”

“I bet your stupid boyfriend doesn’t fuck you like this, huh?” Brendon laughed, slamming into you at a reckless pace. “He doesn’t treat you like the filthy dirty slut you are. Goddammit, I bet he just spoils you rotten, huh?” He pounds into you, causing you to gasp. “I bet he just eats you out for hours, fucks you nice and slow, peppers kisses all over your body.” He slams into you again and again, making you struggle to catch your breath. “Not with me, y/n. I like to fuck girls so hard they’re sore the next morning.” He digs his fingernails into your shoulders, making you yelp. “Make them remember who they belong to for the night.”

“Holy shit,” you breathed.

“There’s something about being fucked rough that girls just love, don’t they?” he wondered, slamming into you harder and harder. “You just crave it, don’t you? Probably can’t stop thinking about me. You pathetic fucking bitch. Hell, I bet your boyfriend doesn’t even call you those names. He’s too much of a gentleman for dirty talk, huh?” Brendon digs his nails deeper into your skin. “Bullshit.”

“I’m so close-“ you choked out.

“Cum for me, baby,” he whispered. “Let me feel that gorgeous pussy clench around my cock. Do it.”

“Fuck,” you tilted your head back, letting the moan escape your mouth as your orgasmed rushed over you, Brendon relentlessly fucking you until he came too, both of you clinging to each other and rolling your hips up in order to savor those last seconds of bliss before collapsing into each other’s arms. You laid there for a moment before Brendon untangled himself from you, pressing a kiss to your forehead before getting up for a moment, then returning, curling you up to his side. “Holy shit, that was amazing.”

“Yeah it was,” he mumbled. “Fuck, your body works wonders on me y/n.”

“Stay the night?” you pleaded. “With me?”

“Definitely,” Brendon nodded. He pressed a kiss to your lips and then tugged up the blankets, wrapping them around the two of you. “Um…” He looked like he was searching for something within your eyes. “You should uh, probably get some sleep.”

“I know,” you murmured, still staring at him. It looked like he was going to say something else, but he kept silent, so you just closed your eyes and leaned your head against his chest. “Goodnight, Bren.”

“Sleep tight, y/n,” he kissed your head. “Sweet dreams.”

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Fifteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Odin stared at the bed in front of him and the small being that inhabited it. He had gone to the mines, he had seen the terribly under cared for of the realm, but he had seen nothing like the creature in front of him. He went to Alfheim when it was revealed there was a terrible famine on the outskirts of the land, an island whose only method to the mainland was by sea travel, but a winter of storms meant none could travel, by the end of it, most everyone had perished from lack of food. The King of Alfheim had called on him to go with him to the island, the starved were deceased with more flesh than the small woman in front of him, somehow clasping to life in the bed. “Her family have all perished?”

“Immediate only, her aunt and uncle are the reason she is as she is now apparently,” Frigga answered from beside him, looking at the girl also.

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Love at First Video Part 5

Misha Collins x Reader

1350 Words

Chapter Summary: Still excited over your wonderful date with Misha, you’re surprised when he texts you early in the morning.

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Laying in your bed the next morning, you pinched yourself, wondering if last night had been a dream. It had gone perfectly, better than you could have ever expected, lasting late into the night. It had gone on until he had caught you yawning, which he then insisted on walking you home. You thought back to the walk, how he had wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you tight to him when he caught you shivering.

When you had finally arrived in front of your apartment, you had been a little hesitant to let him in, embarrassed about how small and shabby it was. But he didn’t force the issue, he stayed outside, his hands in his pockets as he gazed up at the stars peeking through the clouds.

You stood there, wondering what to do, but then he glanced down at you, his eyes sparkling in the glow of the lamps, and you melted. He had a soft smile on his face “I really enjoyed myself tonight, and I hope you did too.”

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It took me a while but I’m finally proud enough of my art to start taking commissions again!

If you’d like a comic I’m more than open for one, however you will need to write the script yourself and we’ll talk about a price together depending on what you’d like!

Once you tell me what you’d like and we’ve worked out the cost I’ll ask for the money and as soon as I have that I’ll get to work. I do things this way because I’ve been taken advantage of in the past and do not want a repeat of before.

Commissions can take me anywhere up to three weeks at a time due to personal reasons however they’re generally done a lot sooner, if you are rude or rush me to work faster I’ll refund your money and drop the commission entirely, I won’t put up with it.
If at any point you change your mind about the commission and want your money back then I’ll give it to you.

I don’t mind negotiating lower prices if you’d rather have a cropped image than a full body one! That’s totally fine!

There’s a limited number of spaces so first come first serve,
once I get the first batch done I’ll take more.
If you’re still interested when the slots are filled up I’ll put you on a waiting list so you wont lose your place.

My email is

I kindly ask that you reblog this post to spread the word!I’d really like to save up to commission other people or even buy a nintendo switch, so buying my artwork would really help out!

helpless when the sky explodes

Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Rape/Non-Con
Category: M/M
Fandom: Supernatural
Relationship: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel
Additional Tags: pre-S12E03, angst, rape/non con is just for non con happening to dean but it’s nothing sexual, Inprisonment, pre-destiel, Force-Feeding, Suicidal Thoughts, Hurt/Comfort, Happy Ending
Word Count: ~5k


Dean’s not eaten since he got to the prison. It’s no normal prison though, granted it seems purpose built, but purpose built for non-humans. The cells are large and reinforced more than any human would even attempt to get through. There are wardings for everything possible and most Dean didn’t even recognise.

He’s been split up from his brother. Can’t even hear him, shout to him or anything. It’s like a part of him has been ripped from him and he sits in the corner of the cell, back to the wall and ass on the cold concrete floor.

Food is shoved through a pass through but Dean doesn’t touch it, barely looks at it.

Part of him tells him he should eat, maintain strength and get out of there but most of him tells him to give up.

“Winchester! Eat your damn food in the next ten minutes or you won’t get any.” One of the guards shouts.

Dean simply rests his head against the wall, choosing to stare at the damp patches on the ceiling and ignores his protesting stomach.

Everyone has to die eventually and if this is how he goes then so be it. If he just gets to see Sam one last time, then he’ll be happy. Maybe it’d give Sam a chance to get out while he dies – Sam would be out; he’d go back to the bunker and find Cas and they’ll be alright.

That is what he tells them anyway. They’ll be alright.

Dean’s hands are shaking as he cards a hand through his hair, hunger, exhaustion and just plain anxiety aren’t helping and he feels weak and useless as he keeps himself in the corner. Not sleeping, not eating.

The guards are getting more frustrated by the day as he leaves his food and taps the ground to AC/DC during the night.

Dean’s pretty sure he dozes off during the twelfth night. Only to be woken by horrific images of Sam, Cas and his mother being tortured, he can still hear their screams even though he’s awake. He puts his hands over its ears and squeezes his eyes shut.

Not real, not real. NOT REAL.

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Glasses (Ji Soo)

Type: Fluff

Request: Jisoo scenario where you take your son on set to see him.

~sidenote: I’m gonna use when he was on Scarlet Heart~

“You excited to show daddy your glasses?” you coo to your 17 month old. Yihan. Today had already been eventful for the little one, having to get his first pair of glasses before he was two. Walking on set you were worried your son would be very confused by the long hair and hanboks everyone would wear. “Daddy is working hard” you tell Yihan. You soon stopped when you saw a familiar face “look its uncle” you say as Yihan looks around. “Oh Yihan” Joohyuk says as he sees you two. “Look at him. Jisoo mentioned he needed glasses” he said as he glanced at you “can he see now?” he asks as you nod. He holds his hand in front of Yihan who flinches instantly “ah I guess you can see my hand buddy” he says as he rubs Yihan’s head.

“Jisoo should be done filming soon” he tells as Yihan makes a sound wanting down. “How about we go surprise daddy more yeah?” you ask as he nods. You take his hand as Joohyuk takes the other. “Daddy” Yihan calls as you walk passed many people.

“I’ll go get him” Joohyuk says as you nod. You sit down in a random spot as Yihan stood in front of you. “You like your glasses?” you asked him as he just looked at you. “must be nice seeing things” you coo.

You grab your bag pulling out a think of banana milk which instantly made Yihan smile. “Can you say please?” you ask “please” he says as you smile stabbing a straw through the top and handing it to him. He smiled as he drank from it “mama hooked you up?” you hear as you look up to see Jisoo there in his wardrobe still. Yihan turned hearing his father’s voice before he got confused by the look “its daddy Yihan” you say as he walks closer to you. “I like your glasses bud” he says as he bends down to his son’s level.

Yihan touches his glasses and brings his drink back to his mouth. “Seeing me like this must be confusing” he says as you nid. “I’m worry I will grow used to this look and your normal look wouldn’t be the same anymore” you tease as he smiles “I don’t look good with long hair?” he asks as you shrug. “I prefer your short hair” you say as he leans over and presses a kiss to your lips. “Long day?” you ask as he nods lightly “but I will get through it with you two here then we’ll go out to eat” he promises as you press another kiss to his lips.

“Yihan wanna go meet your uncles and aunts?” Jisoo asked as Yihan looked over at him and nodded. He stuck his arms up and his father picked him up. “I like it here” you say as he links your arm with his “it’s calm” you continue “Yihan might not like it. He likes his cartoons” Jisoo says “Yihan do you like it here?” he asks as Yihan shook his head no and passed him his empty container.


Yihan became the center of attention as the period dressed men followed him around wanting his input in things. “Daddy” Yihan mumbled as his father looked down at him. “What?“ Jisoo asked as Yihan smiled at his dad who smiled right back at him. “Ah mommy ditched us for Baekhyun” he said as he looked over at you in the middle of a chat with his elder. “I think we should have noodles for dinner” he said as Yihan nodded. He picked up his son and hugged “daddy missed you today” he cooed as he kisses his son who leaned against him in happiness.

anonymous asked:

Mhh 43 and suho, is that okay? 💕

“Don’t tempt me.”

Junmyeon had been working himself to the bone lately, not listening to you when you insisted he needed a break.

It seemed like practicing with the boys wasn’t enough since he would start practicing the new choreography for their comeback even after he came back home.

He always looked after his members so well, but he never cared for his own wellbeing.

‘I need to perfect this dance!’ He would passionately exclaim each time you told him that he needed a break. You loved him, but you felt like you hardly got to see much of him recently with the way he was pushing himself.

You understood that he had good intentions, but they were worthless if he ended up getting sick.

After another futile attempt at trying to get Junmyeon to take a break, you were almost ready to give up until you got an idea in your head.

You were never one to do these types of things, being forward, was not in you, but you figured you might as well give it a try if it would get him to stop.

“Junmyeon~,” you sang his name with an airy voice, hugging him from behind. You could feel how sweaty his body was through his shirt.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, stopping momentarily to turn around in the middle of the grasp you had on him.

It took you a moment to speak up again since the sight of him all sweaty up close made you lose your train of thought for a second.

“It’s late, and you’ve been busy for so long. I feel lonely,” you tell him, lips formed into a pout.

“I’m sorry, baby. But I want to get this dance right, I won’t be too long and then I will come to you, okay?” he replies, giving you a quick kiss on your forehead.

“But it’s late, you’ve been at it for almost three hours now, and I want to take a shower,” you argue, hoping that he would give in soon.

“Well, you can go shower and I’ll probably be done after you get out,” he says, removing your arms from around him, rubbing them as he let them go, not wanting you to think that he was pushing you away to be mean.

“That’s the thing,” you start again, reaching out to tug on his shirt. “I wanted you to join me.”

Your proposal surely got Junmyeon’s attention. You could see the way his eyes widened and his mouth open and close a few times.

“I…uh…” he babbled, seemingly lost for words.

He was torn. He really wanted to practice some more since he felt like he was finally getting the hang of the choreography, but he also really wanted to shower with you.

You could see the inner conflict going on in his mind with how long he was taking to respond to you, so you took advantage of this opportunity.

“It would have been nice if you had joined, but that’s too bad,” you say, “I’ll be going now then?” you end off while slowly unbuttoning the shirt that you were wearing.

“Don’t tempt me,” Junmyeon’s voice suddenly went deeper, his eyes following your hands.

“It wouldn’t be tempting if you just joined me, but you chose to stay here and dance alone, I guess that’s also fine with me,” you sigh, turning around to leave and walking away while taking off your unbuttoned shirt, leaving Junmyeon standing in the middle of the room staring at you as you left, mind going crazy with what just happened.

Just as you had finished undressing and had gotten the water of the shower warm, you felt arms around you.

“I didn’t know you had this side to you,” Junmyeon whispered darkly in your ear causing you to gasp in surprise, not expecting him to follow you.

“You’d be surprised by the things I could do,” you reply, trying to tame your beating heart.

“Does that include things shower-related?”

“Hmm, I’m not sure… you’d have to join me if you want to see.”

“Good idea,” he said, quickly removing his clothes and getting into the shower with you.

attention + s.coups

group: seventeen

member: s.coups

genre: pURE FLUFF

description: you’re dying for the attention of the cute boy in your grade, but unfortunately, none of your so called ‘charming’ qualities work. also, the cute innocent boy isn’t actually as innocent as you think.

Originally posted by icydays

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goodbyes & hellos

on ao3

im so so so late but hey this is for first day of prompt week for @thinkoutsidethelovesquare​!!!! day one: wrong number

this was a lot of fun tbh and ive been dying to write this ship. alyas texts are italicized, adriens are underlined on ao3, just bold here bc tumblrs a butt. shoutout to @reyxa​ for the title <3


Alya narrows her eyes at the new message that lights up her phone. It’s an unknown number that she doesn’t recognize — not that she’s given her number to anyone recently — and it’s also seven in the morning . Anyone how knows her at all should know that she doesn’t wake up before at least nine on the weekends. (And that has nothing to do with the fact that she doesn’t sleep during the week and tends to go to bed after two in the morning.)

She groans as another message shows up on the screen. She squints and lets the messages flow in, figuring she can tell the person they’ve got the wrong number after they’ve finished whatever they have to say. Or she can decide that it’s unimportant and ignore it and go back to sleep.

She likes her second plan the best.

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anonymous asked:

bts finding their s.o cheating ?

Seokjin: He would very much rather you coming to him and telling him to his face that the love he had to offer wasn’t enough to satisfy you. You could have just walked away from him without a word and that would have been better than him finding you in his bed with other person. He would be quiet, just staring at you as you scrambled to get your clothes on. He would tell you to gather your things and leave, not listening to anything you had to say.

“Did you know? Did you know y/n had a boyfriend?” “N-No, I sw-” “Go.”

“I don’t want to hear what you have to say, y/n..Just leave. Please.”

Originally posted by rapdaegu

Yoongi: Angry and hurt. At first, he would be both angry and hurt, then he would be hurt for a while but wouldn’t show it. He would question whether or not he was good enough for you, wondering where he could have gone wrong for you to feel the need of someone else’s touch. However, after some time he would just be angry. He felt as if he gave you his all, only for you to go behind his back and betray his trust and love. Expect several diss tracks and a sad song or two.

“I don’t care if you’re fucking sorry, y/n!” “Nothing you say can fix what you’ve done.” “You and your things need to be gone by the time I come back from taking Holly on a walk.” 

Originally posted by imonaworldtour

Hoseok: Emotional. He would want to know what he did wrong, what he wasn’t doing enough of for you to need someone else. He wouldn’t know how to react to your words but he knew that the longer you tried coming up with excuses, the quicker he wanted you to leave. But, of course, he didn’t really want you to go. Watching you walk out of the door and out of his life hurt him even more, tears pouring out of his eyes. It wasn’t until you left he let himself sob into his hands.

“y/n…you should go.” “Hos-” “Please! Please y/n!..Please just go..”

Originally posted by jjeonguk

Namjoon: He was beyond hurt. Trust was an important part of a relationship, no doubt about that. This was something that would be a must for Namjoon in a relationship especially since he’s an idol. He told everyone how much he trusted you while he was away on tour as he felt that the love you two had was written in the stars. That all changed when he came home from tour, it wasn’t for long but it was enough time to spend a few days with his one and only. Walking into your apartment and finding you with someone else hurt him more than anything in the world. He stared at you for nothing but a moment before he walked out of your apartment and made his way back to the dorm.

“You could have just told me you couldn’t do long distance. Being dumped would have hurt much less than walking in on that.” “This..This isn’t going to work…I mean, why would anyone want to be in a relationship where you can’t trust the other? That’s not what I want.”

Originally posted by rapnamu

Jimin: Just like Yoongi, he would be angry and hurt. But he was a different kind of angry than the other; Jimin would be dead silent, glaring holes into the deepest pits of your soul before shifting his gaze to the other with you. Oh, honey, y’all obviously don’t know Park Jimin. He would grab your things and stuff them into bags before sending you on your way, not saying a single word to you until you were at the door. However, after you left he would start to lash out, breathing heavily and frantically balling his shaky fists. He wouldn’t hit anything, though he would probably yell and throw the book next to him somewhere in house, not paying too much attention to where it was going. Jimin would stay in his thoughts and cry it out for a moment or so before he would call or text one of the members and tell them what happened, needing his bangtan family and best friends.

“Jimin, please say something! Anything, please!” “….” “Jimin…please..” “You can get the rest of your things tomorrow while I’m at work…Please be done before I come home.”

Originally posted by sosjimin

Taehyung: It was the day he was going to ask you if you wanted to go on tour with him, already getting the green light by BigHit. He knew exactly where you were during this time in the day, finding you at the tea shop the two of you met in. The cute box smile on his face soon vanished when he saw someone come up and kiss you before leading you out of the shop and into the street, you and Tae making eye contact. Before you could manage to speak, he would already be waking away, not saying anything to you as you ran up to him. With boiling emotion, he would tell you to leave him be and not to follow him home, needing to think.

“Why? Why?! Was  not good enough for you?!” “Don’t follow me! Don’t bother coming home tonight, you can get everything tomorrow.”

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jeongguk: He would be so pissed y’all. He had just come home from a long day at rehearsal and wanted nothing more than to eat food and watch tv with you, talk about each other’s days, you know what the two of y’all normally did. Sounds coming from the bathroom had the golden maknae curious and hoped for a sexy surprise, only to find you melting under the touch of someone who wasn’t him. You two had been together for several years now and he felt as if he entire life source had been ripped out of him. With hot tears in his eyes, he would make you two leave and would call his Hyungs, asking to come over as it was important. 

“After all these years y/n, all these damn years and you can’t even have the decency to just break up with me?!” “Don’t call me, I have a tour and people who actually give a shit about me to worry about.”

Originally posted by jengkook

thank you for requesting !! enjoy !

Proposing to 2NE1

Bom would immediately burst into to tears as soon as you asked her. You wouldn’t have to do anything big for her to cry. You could literally roll out of bed and ask her and she’s still be a puddle of tears. It’s more so because she’s older than you and is the oldest unnie of 2NE1 and she’s still insecure with you because of it. The thought of you wanting to stay with her forever despite her age would bring tears to her eyes.

Sandara would smother you in affection. She honestly wouldn’t know what to do with herself in that moment. All her emotions would go haywire. Even though she’s laughing and hugging you she’d also be crying and shaking. You’d have to hold her until she calmed down or she’d start bouncing around again. She’d ask you to say it over and over again even if the ring is already on her finger just so she can keep telling you yes.

Chae Rin.jpg would appear. She’d just sit there staring at you and you get nervous and start asking questions like “is it too soon?” “should I have done a better job?” “do you not like the ring?” until she tells you to shut up. She put the ring on herself and just frown at it. You’d be confused like “??? I can get another one” and she just says “no need” and disappears into your bedroom. She’d come back a few moments later with a ring of her own. “I was gonna ask you, stupid.”

Min Ji wouldn’t even answer. She’d want someone else to share this moment so she knows it was real. She whips out her phone and calls the first person in her call log, then tells you to ask again. Bom is on the line like “?? yes Min Ji” and she hears you ask her and starts screaming. Of course Min Ji starts screaming with her so your just holding up the ring box like “is that a yes” and she’s smiling so hard she can’t talk so she just keeps nodding her head and holds out her hand for you to put the ring on.

anonymous asked:

ENTPs and INFJs are supposedly compatible, but as an ENTP I honestly struggle to get along with every INFJ I know, even if I don't mind them too much. Idk if it's underdevelopment or just simply not fitting the stereotype, but there isn't a lot of material about the two types incompatibility (and it really bugs me that I can't research the crap out of it). How do you approach differences/conflicts of thinking with the INFJs you know?

Oh I don’t get along with every INFJ I meet, and I’m sure that most/all ENTPs don’t get along with ever INFJ they meet. I tend to be on the stereotypical side of ENTP, so in terms of preferences, I’m like a moth to the flame with INFJs. This being said, I do know a few INFJs who I don’t really like. (This also being said, I was attracted to them at first… I’m a woman who knows what she likes at first sight– INFJs and Jason Momoa.) 

BUT the point is, there are differences between the types, so of course there is incompatibility. INFJs are so so so private and it is hard to get to know them, and so starting off with them can be like nails on chalkboards of trying to open a door that just doesn’t want to be opened. And then once we open the door and the INFJ starts making moves in our direction and the ENTP has their private, don’t-make-me-be-vulnerable obstacle to get over. These two getting together can really be a tug of war game and sometimes it’s just not worth it because the two types aren’t ready and there just isn’t enough time for the types to grow up and click.  

INFJs tend to be perfectionists! ENTPs do not. I personally find this to be cute on an INFJ, but on other people I get annoyed with obsessive adding to a cause that doesn’t have to be perfect. ENTPs, for things that they’re only partially interested in (so most things), are ok with things that are good enough, which I know stresses  out my INFJ when he looks at my homework assignments on loose-leaf paper with inconsistent spacing and things scratched out. His homework looks like a freaking constitution and I’m like why. I just don’t get it. (Why do people put effort into things!?) But it’s cute so it’s fine. 

In terms of conflicts of thinking, the one thing that I like most about INFJs is that they are so easy for me to talk to, and they don’t take ENTP shit. In fact they call us out on it and they play along while not playing along at the same time. For example, my INFJ was complaining about a member he had on his project not showing up to any of the meetings, so I suggested that maybe this guy’s sister had lost both of her legs, and he couldn’t come to meetings because he was dealing with the tragedy. My INFJ didn’t flinch with this suggestion, he just was like, It really sucks about this guy’s sister’s legs, but he’s got to tell us about it so we can give him a get well soon card or get this project done. So once you get to know an INFJ, they play along well, if you want more reaction to your statements, then maybe you won’t like this, and that’s ok too!

INFJs also get tired pretty easily around people. It can be hard to get to them sometimes. ENTPs also burn out, and so they may see INFJs sitting there, be like, cool person, but I’m tired and not right now. And then no friendship is ever formed because of mutual tiredness. I’ve noticed that when I talk to a tired out INFJ, they get pumped up again because of the flowing brainwaves. But again, startup is the hardest thing with these two types. 

INFJs are an altruistic type. ENTPs tend to not trust others, nor do they want to do things for others because ew (logically, unless I love someone, it does not make sense for me to go out of my way to… hhhh). This can be a slight butting of heads because ENTPs sometimes come off as non-caring an maybe a bit selfish and narcissistic. INFJs can seem too giving at times (though they’re not that bad about it)… The biggest problem from this aspect is the ENTP being irritated with general niceness, and it’s something for us to grow out of or get accustomed to. 

Finally, INFJs are quite a bit more sensitive than we are, and as a result, they will take our ENTP emotional discomfort as mixed signals (which they are) and possibly dislike. For example, when I like an INFJ/anyone, ,I go through a phase where I cannot make eye contact and I’m basically ignoring whoever it is I like. Often times, this has been interpreted as the common, ‘just kidding, i don’t actually like you that much’. INFJs read into all signals, and ENTP signals are hard to read. 

So there are places where heads butt with these two types… though it’s pretty obvious here that I’m head over heels for an INFJ right now. So sorry about that. The overall answer to your question is that with INFJs, there is a similarity in thinking so that at least for me, it’s not difficult dealing with differences. Sensitivity and caring is a bit annoying but overall it’s just a question of whether or not you want to be open to it. I’ve had to grow a bit between each INFJ relationship– but to be honest, if you’re not feeling it, it’s totally fine because we’re all different! Also, I am 5000% percent biased on this. I’m so biased.