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Business and Pleasure - Part 16

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,415

Warnings: Swearing, angst

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Once you had retreated to the bathroom, Steve heaved a large sigh, sinking into the cushions of the leather couch, covering his face with his hand and squeezing his eyes shut tight. How the hell did this happen? He had thought things were going well. He thought you and Bucky were finally on the same page. At least that’s how it seemed. You seemed so happy in the previous weeks, and now, it was like you were right back at the beginning.

Steve knew that he said he would call Bucky, but he didn’t know if he would even be able to contain his anger. There was a huge part of him that wanted to fly to wherever Bucky was and beat the living shit out of him. Steve didn’t like bullies, even if they happened to also be his friends. He wouldn’t tolerate this. He wouldn’t let Bucky just abandon you. He couldn’t. And if he couldn’t knock some sense into Bucky, well, then he would figure out where to go from there.

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Then Ask Me. (Sebastian Smythe Imagine)

Request: Hiiii! Could I please request a Sebastian Smythe x Reader where someone is flirting with y/n and Sebastian gets jealous?? Lots of fluff, please! Thanks!

I haven’t written a Sebastian Smythe imagine is so long… Please bare with me if this isn’t up to par with some of my older work. 


I hope you enjoy!

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Although he thought his jealousy was undetectable, Sebastian clenched his jaw, letting it be known to those who paid attention to detail. He watched as you laugh at something Kurt had said at the Glee Club party that Blaine invited him to, as a sign of good friendship. He remembered the first time he laid eyes on you. You were performing with the Glee Club and he was instantly taken, but he didn’t act on it for he was confused about his feelings. 

But seeing you again, after asking for a sign from the heavens above, he knew that he had this second chance. But before he could even swoop you into a conversation, Sam and Kurt decided to crowd you. Sebastian knew that Kurt posed no threat, whatsoever, but it was Sam that worried him. Blonde, tall, handsome, he was sure that you were taken with him already. 

Sebastian didn’t know that Sam didn’t catch your eye. You knew of Sebastian Smythe, notorious for attempting to ruin the Glee Club before you joined. You didn’t know that he was the most handsome fellow that you’ll ever put your eyes on. Your heart nearly jumped out of your chest when you saw, from the corner of your eye, that he was making his way over. But Kurt and Sam interrupted your fairytale moment. 

Then Artie wheeled in. “Hey, (Y/N).” Artie waved. “You did really great at rehearsals today. You should’ve tried out for the lead in the musical.” 

You blushed at the compliment and muttered a quiet thank you. Sebastian, who was out of earshot, quickly noticed your bashfulness and steam fumed from his ears. Artie, of all the guys in your club, was the one that you were interested in? He decided to situate himself closer so that he could listen into your conversation.

“No, seriously, (Y/N). Rachel’s voice is something we’ve heard time and time again. You have an amazing voice. You should fight Rachel for the role with a Diva Off.” Artie rambled on.

Sam and Kurt both agreed saying that you can definitely dethrone the Rachel Berry. You shrugged, “I mean, I’m not Rachel ready to perform. She’s always on-key and she’s a great dancer.” Kurt snorted at your compliment. 

“You, my friend, are too kind. That’s probably why you’ve never been slushied.” Kurt laughed. You offered a small smile. 

“It’s either you’re too nice or you’re too hot.” Sam said, bluntly. Sebastian rolled his eyes. “My vote is you’re too hot.” Your expression contorted itself to a uneasy look. You’ve gotten ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful’ as compliments, and those were appropriate words… But the term ‘hot’ just made you roll your shoulders back to suggest for him to not say that. 

“If you want vocal lessons, I can totally help. Not that you need it, your hot and your voice is amazing.” You bit your lip, not finding the correct words to tell them to stop. “You can go to my house and-”

He squeezed himself into your small circle and blurted out. “She can’t. She has vocal lessons with me.” You gave Sebastian a strange look, making him wink- almost inaudibly encouraging you to play along. “Why do you think her voice is so beautiful? Like she is.” 

“Really, Sebastian, (Y/N)?” All three of them asked. 

You nodded. “Hey, (Y/N), can I talk to you about our scheduling. I have lacrosse practice on our usual days this week.” Sebastian said, cocking his head to the side, telling you to follow him that way. You got up and said your goodbyes. “I’m sorry I butted in like that. I saw how uncomfortable you looked when they were calling you hot….” 

“You didn’t have to save me. You aren’t the Flash or anything.” You laughed. 

“I was actually going to call you my girlfriend, but I thought that since we don’t know each other for that long, it wouldn’t be as convincing. So I thought that I’d say I was your tutor for singing, not that you need it. But um-” 

“You talk a mile a minute.” You laughed. A comfortable silence fell upon you two. “Was there something you wanted to ask me?”

“I was going to ask you out on a date… But I think I’ve already blew my chances. Good night, (Y/N).” Sebastian nodded, embarrassed at his rambling. 

He started to walk off but you grabbed his arm. “Then Ask Me.” You whispered. 


All Lavellan really needs to do to trick Solas into coming back so she can wrangle him up and sit his ass down to Explain Some Stuff is figure out how to get a note to him.

“Holy fuck Vhenan,

Wait until I tell you what this fuckity little asshole said about me the other day”

A week later Fen’Harel shows up at Skyhold ready to murder like “I heard someone was talkin’ shit about ma vhenan”

And then a net drops on him and the entire inner circle just pounces on him

it’s fool proof


* Hamilsquad x Reader

* Modern

* Requested by anonymous

* Request: please do a poly fic!!!!!!

A/N: I’m freaking tired and I’ll regret staying up tomorrow morning, but I finished this. So this was buried deep and I hesitated writing this. Then I got a good idea when I had a weird dream, I basically wrote in here. I hoped I did good as I’ve never really been exposed to anything poly related in my life aside from some stuff on this site. If you guys see anything that doesn’t make any sense or doesn’t match up with what you know then let me know. But I hope you enjoy this.

Word Count: 2,530


You were a little blind to be honest. You just figured your friends (who happened to also be your roommates) were just really touchy-feely. The way Alexander would come home, his shoulders tight with anger and stress. He’d barely get a word out before John would stand from the couch and wrap his arms around his friend. He’d run his fingers through his hair or down his back. Alexander would quickly deflate as the anger evaporated at John’s touch. John would then lead him to the couch and they’d sit side by side. Alexander would lean against John and watch his screen in a sort of daze. It was one of the few times you’d ever see him quiet.

Or the way John would sleepily stumble from his room and plop beside Lafayette on the couch. Lafayette would smirk slightly before grabbing a hair brush from the coffee table and running it down through the other man’s hair. He would tie it up and be finished, even though John looked upset that he was done.

There were the weeks when Alexander and John would be out of state for some law case. Hercules seemed completely lost on these weeks. It unnerved you to see your loud, tough, and boisterous friend seem so spaced. You didn’t enjoy these weeks much either because he and Lafayette would spend more time together, leaving you feeling a little ignored.

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there was this hc with ticking n stuff and keith liked watches and is this hc true? that keith likes the ticking noise of watches? speaking of liked things, any things that you like the other to do to you?

Lance: Keith will do this thing where he comes up behind me and kisses the back of my neck and just- ah…  It’s so nice…

Keith: I do in fact like the ticking of watches.  It’s calm n stuff.  

Lance: Oooh, Keith loves it when we spoon and then I start to get all excited and Keith can feel it~

Keith, blushing furiously: He plays with my hair a lot.  It feels nice.

Lance: I like to watch Keith train.  He gets all hot and sweaty and passionate and it’s just really hot.

Keith: Lance likes to bite.

Lance: Keith has a singing kink.

Keith, narrowing his eyes: Lance likes back scratches!

Lance, moving closer: Keith is obsessed with holding my hand constantly.

Keith, taking another step: Lance traces circles into my skin.

Lance, moves closer again: Keith loves saying I Love You in different languages.



You might feel like you’re stuck in a rut or circling a doubt or anchored to a feeling, but the thing is, I would never put it past God to uppercut your life. He can, does, and will. It’s not my job to persuade you of anything, but I can tell you that when God is in the equation, mountains get moved and any kind of heart in any condition can surprise itself.

We can’t really claim that your current slice of life right now is how you will always feel. Please don’t take a tiny percentage of your journey as a reflection of the whole thing. Please be open to the possibility that God will do anything He wants through you.

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How they cuddle, hug, and kiss? Sabo, Law, Zoro, Sanji, Ace, and Luffy? Sorry if it's too much

Of course!! 

(Also boo you don’t have to apologize you didn’t do anything ily <3)



  • Can’t. Stay. Still
  • He constantly twists and turns and takes you with him
  • He’s warmness doesn’t make up for that lmao


  • Hugs for everyone all the time
  • Pounces on you from any direction 
  • Then wraps you in a rib crushing hug
  • Give out a really loud laugh and nuzzles your neck


  • He isn’t a really romantic person so don’t expect much
  • Pecks are pretty much all your going to get
  • But when he does you’re going to drown in them
  • It’s like a secret surprise weapon yo



  • Clings onto you for dear life
  • As he’s narcoleptic, if he falls asleep you’re trapped lmao
  • Obviously super warm bc he’s fire
  • Does some weird shit like smell your hair lmao
  • He does twirl your hair around his fingers and nuzzle your neck


  • Hugging is his specialty man
  • As you walk by he’ll grab your arm and pull you into a hug
  • He’ll grab you from behind too
  • Literally could hold you forever
  • Scoops you up and squeezes you as tight as he can


  • Call him a chicken bc he pecks a plenty
  • Neck and shoulder pecks are his favorite
  • When he smooches your lips he steals as many as he can
  • He has the warmest kisses, they’ll light you up like a firework



  • Cuddle king right here boo
  • Anytime anywhere he’ll take you
  • He’s SUPER warm and soft
  • Hair strokes, kisses, and whispers of sweet nothings right here


  • Literally hugs you 24/7
  • He usually comes up from behind, swoops you off your feet, then spins you
  • Has the biggest smile on his face when he does
  • Again SUPER warm hugs = happy you
  • Kisses you every time he hugs you


  • Kisses you EVERYWHERE
  • Every time he walks past you he makes it a point to give you a peck
  • You literally melt every time he kisses you
  • Twists and dips you for x2 romance

dhgjdhk forgot how much I love Sanji 



  • Usually cuddle time during his naps
  • So anywhere anytime
  • When he’s already napping just lay on his lap and he’ll instantly wrap his arms around you
  • He’s actually pretty cold 85% of the time so bring a blanket


  • You usually initiate them
  • Ex. You run up to him and hug him then he hugs you type thing
  • He’ll wrap his arm around your neck and waist sometimes 
  • He’s surprisingly gentle with his hugs; they aren’t super tight


  • Probably has pretty chapped lips 
  • Usually pecks your shoulders or forehead
  • But when they’re on the lips it’s pretty deep yo



  • In order for him to cuddle with you, you’ll most likely have to be asleep first
  • Traces lines back and fourth on your shoulder blades
  • He isn’t really cold or really warm
  • He also gives you pecks on the top of your head


  • Usually doesn’t kiss you in public unless he wants to make someone jealous
  • But maybe if he’s in a good mood he’ll peck your check or top of the head
  • Otherwise you must initiate the kiss 
  • When you’re alone his kisses are short on the lips or super deep
  • It’s pretty hit or miss  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Hugs aren’t really his thing unless he’s comforting you??
  • Then they’ll be super tight
  • But sometimes he’ll wrap his arm around your neck if the counts



  • His cuddles are one of the best lemme tell you
  • They’re really warm and amazing on autumn and winter days
  • Imagine just being rolled in caramel and dipped in chocolate that’s what they feel like man 
  • As seen above he usually pulls you on top of him
  • Traces circles in your back and plays with your hair 👌


  • They’re pretty warm too
  • Lifts you off the ground and spins
  • They aren’t super tight but they are tight enough, ya know what I’m saying?


  • Pretty much always begins with “Can I kiss you?”
  • As if it’s a suprise kiss
  • Is an EOS lip balm addict so his lips are really soft
  • Mostly small pecks on your hand, forehead, and cheek
  • But on other occasions he’ll twirl and dip you etc. etc.

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hi ik this is late but i wanted to ask: im white and cosplay, and i genuinely cant really tell where the line between doing "big eye" makeup turns into being yellowface and i REALLY dont want to do yellowface :( can you elaborate in words a bit?

Ok well,

Notice that she did her eyes gigantic and used circle lenses and lower eyelashes and a wig. She did all this things because the character shes cosplaying has big eyes. She wore the wig because to mimick the character she need to change her hair color.

Here’s yellowface. This is Venus’s korean girl makeup tutorial. Her goal here even though shes doing big eye makeup is to look like or imitate an asian in big eye makeup. She clearly stated her goal was to look like an asian.

She makes her eyes big but winged out the ends, and if you watch the video she does her eyebrows in a way she wouldn’t normally do them (thick and straight) to mimick korean girls. She puts on a black wig to look more asian too.

Here’s less noticable yellow face and how it’s different from cosplay. This is this girl’s everyday look, she’s not cosplaying a character here. She used a gradient lip look (which is is extremely common with asian girls)

Along with her circle lenses, use of a wig and bottom lashes 

Using decora fashion which is japanese

Droopy eye look, also an e asian thing

Basically with cosplay you’re trying to look like a specific character. You use circle lenses and under eye lashes and white eyeliner and all that. Big eye makeup is to make it look like you have big eyes. Those are your goals.

Yellowface is these girls attemping to look like an asian with large eye makeup on. Pointed outer corners, decora fashion, circle lenses, gradiant lips, lashes. all things that are significant to asian culture right now. They aren’t aiming to look like a character, they wear this everyday in public like a casual look. Some of these things by themself arent bad but all put together is yellowface.

Cosplay = I’m cosplaying as this character

Yellowface = I’m cosplaying an asian wearing their culture’s makeup

if this dont make sense its cause i already took benadryl

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Hi, can you write one about how each of bughead's friends keep doubting their feelings/relationship, but each and every time they keep proving them wrong? Thank you for your time in writing!

Yes! I love this. This one is for all the doubters out there!

Archie thought that Jughead and Betty were confusing a close friendship with liking each other.

When Archie first found out that Jughead and Betty were seeing each other he was in shock. He had never seen this coming and he honestly couldn’t imagine them together. He couldn’t picture the two of them together any more than he could picture himself dating Betty. The three of them had been friends for so long, how could that possibly have changed?

Archie didn’t think that it would last. He was sure that Betty and Jughead would realize that they were better off as friends, after all they were weren’t they? Betty and Jughead were the best of friends, but Archie wasn’t so sure that could translate into a relationship.

High school was a confusing time and dating was even more confusing, Archie knew that firsthand. Maybe Jughead and Betty were confusing their feelings of friendship with something else. Maybe they really wanted to be in a relationship so they were forcing their feelings. Or maybe dating each other seemed like the safest choice in the crazy world of teenage dating.

Whatever the reason was, Archie was sure it wasn’t because they actually had fallen for each other. 

At least that is what he thought until he saw them one day at Pop’s. Archie was about to walk in when he caught a glimpse of them through the window. They were completely absorbed in one another and didn’t notice him, but he noticed them.

Archie noticed the way that Jughead was smiling, brighter than he had ever seen his friend smile.

He noticed how Betty was laughing in pure joy at something Jughead had said. Betty was always happy, but sitting there with Jughead, she looked radiant.

Archie noticed how animated Jughead was and how he was using one hand to gesture wildly while the other held Betty’s on the table.

He noticed how both of them were looking at each other, like they were the only two people in the world.

Archie turned around and walked away. He had been wrong, so wrong. He knew now that what Betty and Jughead felt for each other was the real deal.

Veronica thought that Betty was using Jughead to make Archie jealous.

After all, the two started “dating” pretty quickly after Betty was turned down by Archie. Betty had claimed to have gotten over him, but Veronica had seen the way that Betty looked at him when he wasn’t looking.

Then, there suddenly was Jughead. Out of nowhere, Betty was hanging out with him instead of Archie and Veronica. She had suspected that Betty was avoiding them because she was still sensitive about all that had happened. So naturally, Veronica was skeptical when Betty and Jughead had shown up holding hands.

It clearly bothered Archie, so Veronica figured that their relationship had served its purpose. She was on her way right now to confront Betty about it and put this crazy scheme to an end.

Betty’s mom answered the door and gestured upstairs with a disapproving look on her face when Veronica asked for Betty. Ignoring her friend’s mom’s dislike of her, she headed upstairs. She was about to knock on the door when she heard Betty talking inside.

“I don’t know Jug, maybe we made a mistake, this just feels wrong…” Veronica froze at the words. Nice of Betty’s mom to let her know that Jughead was hear too. Veronica leaned forward to listen, but when Betty spoke again she realized that she must be on the phone. “No, not us Jughead. Of course not us, that’s the only thing that feels right. What I meant was maybe we made a mistake in telling our friends, you have to admit that they have all been acting weird since we told them…”

“Damn” Veronica whispered under hear breath as what Betty was saying sunk in. There was a long silence, Veronica wished that she could hear what Jughead was saying to Betty. All she knew was that when Betty spoke again, her voice was considerably happier.

“I really like you, you know that….how do you always know what to say to make me feel better?” There was another pause and then Betty’s laugh rang out from inside the door. “I take it back, I hate you.” Veronica found herself smiling despite herself. She had been so caught up in thinking that their relationship was fake that she never stopped to actually look at their relationship. Now she could see how good they were for each other. 

Jughead was always there for Betty, and apparently he was good at comforting her when she needed it. In turn, Veronica thought that Betty was bringing Jughead out of his book and into the real world. Thinking back she realized that Jughead had certainly been a lot more present since he and Betty had started dating.

With a smile, Veronica knocked on the door, determined to make sure that Betty knew that she and Jughead had her blessing.

“Juggie, someone’s here I have to go. I love you too.”

Kevin thought that Jughead wasn’t good enough for Betty. It was nothing against Jughead really, he just thought that Betty was too nice and sweet and Jughead was well…Jughead.

Jughead was an outsider, frequently by choice. He liked to be alone, he was sarcastic and moody. Betty was the exact opposite. She was always so present and she shone like a sunbeam.

Betty needed someone that would appreciate and nurture that light inside of her, not dampen it.

Betty seemed happy enough with Jughead, but Kevin thought that maybe she was choosing to ignore his flaws. Every time Jughead said something sarcastic or teased Betty, Kevin wanted to explode.

Finally having enough, he slid into Jughead’s booth one night, determined to figure out how the boy really felt about Betty.

“What’s up man?” Jughead barely looked up from his laptop. If he was surprised to see that Kevin was sitting with him, he didn’t show it.

“I…um” Kevin hesitated, trying to find the right words. Jughead looked up at him, concern showing in his eyes.

“Is Betty okay?”

“Yes, she’s fine” Kevin assured him, watching as Jughead’s posture relaxed. So, Jughead really did care about Betty, that was a point for him, but Kevin still wasn’t convinced. “She’s actually what I came here to talk to you about.”

“I’ve been meaning to talk to you too.” Jughead replied

“Really?” That stopped Kevin in his tracks

“Yes, you and I don’t know each other very well. We’ve both known Betty for a while, but we run in different circles. But you are important to her, I can tell. And I want to get to know you better, because any friend of Betty’s is a friend of mine.”

“I…I would like that” Kevin could barely get the words out he was so shocked. This was not at all how he thought the conversation would go. This was a new side to Jughead that he had never seen before. An honest, caring side. Maybe this is what Betty saw all of the time.

“Also, know that I really care about Betty, and I will do right by her. I also already got the scary dad intimidation speech from Veronica, so you don’t need to bother with that. Veronica is…terrifying, but I don’t need her threats. I will never do anything to hurt Betty.” Jughead said seriously. Kevin smiled, he couldn’t believe how transparent he had been. Jughead probably had known why he was there from the moment he had sat down, but he had played along and made an effort to convince Kevin that he was worthy of Betty.

“You know, I’m beginning to see what Betty sees in you.” Kevin said

“Well, if you figure it out let me know. I’ve been trying to figure out why she choose me of all people and nothing makes sense.” Jughead said it as a joke, but his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“It’s because you are nice.” Kevin found himself wanting to reassure Jughead.

“Excuse me?” Jughead looked utterly offended

“You try to hide it behind indifference and that rough exterior, but I see you Jughead. Underneath you are really just a nice, sweet, caring person. Just like Betty. I’ve seen it, and there’s nothing you can do to convince me otherwise.” Kevin said with a grin.

“Then, I guess I’m just going to have to kill you.” Jughead smiled back, “I can’t have you exposing my secret.”

“I’d like to see you try” Kevin said with a laugh, marveling at the turn of the conversation. Jughead really was a completely different person once you took the time to get to know him. Kevin, like the rest of the school had written him off as an antisocial freak. But Betty, sweet Betty, had taken the time that others hadn’t. 

Maybe they were perfect for each other and maybe they weren’t, but Kevin saw now that they were more alike than he thought. Betty had gotten to know Jughead and had liked what she had seen. The least Kevin could do was give him a chance.

Thanks for reading! Send me a Bughead prompt and I’ll write a drabble!

The White Princess Live Blog - Ep. 5

I had a lot of feelings about this week’s episode.  Mainly that the episode was utter horse crap.  But, I wrote 6 pages of live notes while watching.  There was a tightfisted sprinkling of decent scenes, but for the most part this episode felt like we were trudging over old ground and gaining nothing plot-wise.  Make sure to click the “read more”

Just want to say, if i hadn’t known there was a 5 year time jump in this episode i think i would have been confused for the first 15 minutes of the episode, since it isn’t explicitly stated in the episode that there has been a skipping forward.

Sooooo dramatic with the backlighting.  Who could this *majestic* figure in silhouette be?


I will never get over how easy it is for these two women to plot.  It just seems so unbelievable.  

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It was impossible not to be so entranced by such a beautiful boy. A beautiful man. A wonderful human being. A decent human being, who taught the world how to be kind, even if they didn’t realize they were learning. He loves people like they deserve to be loved, making sure to let them know it was okay. It was okay to be loved and to fall in love, that’s what we live for after all. But this boy lives for so much more. This man lives to make others happy, because that’s where he finds his own.

He’s a breath of relief, to see such maturity in a young person, it leaves others in true awe. The way he presents himself, with such confidence that could make you shrink into yourself, feel small. But he has the ability to pull you right out of that state of mind. He’ll make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world. He’s kind and sensitive and all that a man should be.

It was impossible not to notice him. It was impossible not to get caught up.

And it was impossible not to fall in love.


He was by no means perfect though. He had a temper. He had a tendency to disregard certain things, even though he didn’t mean to. He could be the life of the party one minute, and a great introvert the next, keeping to himself in an intriguing way. He was intimidating, but he had that aura. He would make you feel like you needed to be his friend, like you needed to know him and be a part of his extraordinary life.

He had spots and blemishes on his face, but make up covered that up well. When he was particularly tired, the circles under his eyes added to that imperfection. He had a bit of a lazy eye, but you couldn’t really tell unless you were dead on staring, and even then you would most likely get lost in the icy green of them, specs of gold.


But you never saw him like I did. You never laid next to him like I did. You never felt the warmth of his skin like I did.

And I can still recall, memories far from vague. How his hair was lighter in the sun. A golden brown, or maybe blonde, that had me running my fingers through the strands with little to no notice that I was doing it. His eyes, bright and excited, crinkles on the corners. The dip on his cheek prominently deepened with every laugh shared, every joke told, every happy moment lived. His lips, just like in the photos, and how the world sees them. Pink, and enticing. The way that he spoke, the way that his lips moved and pursed around every word, it was hard not to notice.

And you never felt those lips like I did. They touched my hands, my fingers, my neck. My ears, my hair, my forehead. My temples, my eyes, my cheeks, my nose. My lips. They were gentle, and they were rough. And sometimes, on cold days or nights, they were chapped. They were cold, they were warm. They were mine. Behind closed doors…always.

He was mesmerising.


And you never saw him fall like I did.

Takes a grand deal to make a great man fall, but it takes even more to lift him back up.


He was superman. He was untouchable, indestructible. But only to the public.

Behind closed doors. Where everything happens.

My touch couldn’t help him. My begging and pleading and attempts at negotiating couldn’t save him.

My love could not save us.


What did I do?

What did I not do?

Little did I know, it’s what he had done.

How Did I Manage To Get So Lucky?

Description: The reader is on her period and all hell breaks loose, Carl..the inexperienced boyfriend has no clue why she is acting like this. 

Warnings: blood?

I woke up and instantly felt cramps. Great. That time of month again. 

Carl’s arms wrapped around my waist, my head nuzzled into his chest. I brought my arm around to hold my stomach, nuzzling my head further into his chest. 

I sighed, screw it

I gently raised his arm from my waist and slid out. I went into the bathroom and set out new clothes, also getting a pad ready for when I get out. 

After I showered and changed I walked out to see that the bed was empty. 

I walked downstairs to see Carl feeding Judith. Carl turned to me and set the tine spoon down and walked over to me placing his hands on my waist, “Good morning babe” I said, kissing me. His smile turned into a frown, “What’s wrong’’ 

Was it really that noticeable?

“Nothing” I said giving a smile and pecking his cheek. But Carl knew me. Something wasn’t him. “Seriously, what’s wrong” “Nothing babe, really” 

Round 1:

“You can tell me..” he said, drawing tiny circles on his waist with his thumbs. 

“Seriously baby it’s not a big deal”

“How? Please..princess tell me” He said trying to soften me by calling me ‘princess’ I know his game. He’ll call me princess and everything but when he knows something’s not right he’ll use every name in his book: Baby girl, princess, baby, and babe. 

Round 2: 

“It’s not like I’m dying or anything” i say sarcastically

He sighs, “Just tell me” 

“It’s not a big deal” 

“Oh really?” He smirks…crap

Round 3:

He picks me up and slings me over his shoulders, running up the stairs, threw me down on the bed and attacked me with kisses. “Carl!” I squeal, he smirks, “Come on baby girl just tell me and I’ll stop” “Fine!”

He sits back on his knees with a victorious smile on his face. I roll my eyes, I can guarantee you he will get all flustered once I tell him about my monthly visitor. I’ve known this boy for however long. 

I sit up and sigh, “I’m on my period’’ 

what did I tell you? His face turned pink. 

“What is a know what it is..but..why? I mean why does it happen?” 

Game Over

I sighed, not exactly wanting to be the one to educate him about why girls have periods, “Basically if your egg hasn’t been fertilized then you start bleeding..” I look up to his face, his face filled with concern. “Will you be okay?’’ he asked, scattered. I smiled, trying to suppress a laugh. 

“I’ll be fine. It’s a sign of a healthy body.” 


“Just showing your body is working properly..” 

“I still don’t understand” I mentally groaned, “If your egg has been fertilized, meaning you maybe missed your period..meaning…you’re pregnant. Your body is basically preparing you to get pregnant. And ya don’t..and it screws up the schedule. That’s when the period comes resulting, blood, cramps, food cravings….cramps..” I say scrambled, trying to get everything out of the way so he wouldn’t ask anymore questions. 

He nodded his head, thinking.

“Can I do anything to help?” I smiled, he was sweet and caring, most girls can’t find a guy like this. How was I able to strike such a loving, caring, funny guy?

I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know, but I have to go take my shift at the watch tower.’’ 


I climbed up the ladder to tell Maggie that it was my shift. She smiled at me, “You’re a bit early” she said

“I really had to find a excuse to get out of a conversation” She looked confused. “What do you mean?” 

“I got to be the lucky woman to educate Carl on what a period is” she laughed, “How did that go?” “He wants to ‘help’ me” “Awe, that’s sweet” I smiled “He’s always been like that” 

Maggie left, I stood up on the watch tower for 2 hours and Sasha came over and took over. 


I came home and saw 2 bags of chips on the counter, Chips Ahoy, and 2 Ice cream containers. I saw Carl walking downstairs and smiled at me, walking over to me, he wrapped his arms around me and greeted me with a kiss, “Hey baby girl” I smiled bigger and kissed back. 

“What’s all this for?” I ask gesturing to the crowded kitchen counter. He gave a huge smile, “You” 

“What?” I asked, happiness bubbling in me and clearly audible in my voice. “You mentioned food cravings” he said as we walked over to the counter. 

I squealed and jumped into his arms. “Where did you even find this stuff?” 

“Olivia didn’t really mind giving away some chips and ice cream” 

“Oh and one more thing” He reached behind the ice cream and pulled out a bath bomb. My mouth dropped, “I love you” I said. He laughed and kissed me, “I love you too” 

“Does it matter which option I take first?” I ask him, “Nope.” I snatch the bath bomb and run upstairs. I could hear him laugh. 


I came back downstairs, and saw High School Musical 3 set up and ready to play, the food was transported from the counter to the coffee table, and Carl had a blanket around him. 

That night was filled with sneaked in kisses and cuddles.

anonymous asked:

hey guera, your art is honestly one of my biggest inspirations and i was wondering how you draw translate irl people into a more cartoony style? like what aspects of a real persons face do you know to convert to a more cartoonish style? im really struggling with this and have found absolutely no advice on it... im worried ill never manage to get it right

Ahh!! Thank you so much anon ;o; you are so sweet and kind that i have decided to make a quick little tutorial for you! Its basically just how I personally  go about stylizing people when turning them into characters! Hopefully this can help you out a bit c: This tutorial can apply to more stylized work as well as more realistic styles! It all depends on how much or how little you exaggerate your shapes!

I’ll put it under the cut for you since it got kinda long lol 

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You know what I really want to happen in ACOWAR? I can just picture Rhysand and Feyre passing their little mind notes to each other and the other people in the inner circle telling her stuff too.Like she’ll get a note like, Hey Feyre. I miss you and we’ll get you out of there as soon as we can. I love you! -Mor. Or something like that. Or them just winnowing into the Spring Court and leaving her small things only she will notice just as a reminder that they are still there for her. I don’t know. I just really want them to be as happy as they can in the situation they’re in.

anonymous asked:

You're religious, yeah? How did you handle telling your family (who I assume are also religious) that you wrote LGBT characters into your book? The book I'm writing has only one straight character in it, the rest are pan, bi, gay, and ace, but my whole social circle is Christian and I don't think I could ever tell them what the characters are really like

The majority of my family is Catholic and as far as I’m aware, LGBT characters don’t bother any of them. Most of my friends (I believe) identify as some form of religious as well. So I don’t know what kind of advice I have to give. I’m lucky in that I’m surrounded, for the most part, by people who don’t use religion to justify hatred or fear.

I think you can say you’re reflecting the world as it really is?

claudeng80  asked:

Modern AU, the kiss that Obi doesn't remember.

~ 0 ~

Obi seems…stressed.

“You could just tell everyone I died,” he offers, changing his shirt for the third time. He’s convinced he doesn’t have a single one that matches a tie.

All of his button downs are black.

“You die, and then I still decided to go to the department’s Christmas party?” Shirayuki leans on the island, drumming her fingers against the formica. “That seems likely to you?”

“You’re right,” he says after a long moment, nodding seriously. “Then everyone would know you did it. You’re too smart for that.”

Obi.” She lets out a sigh, smoothing down her skirt. “Come on. You know you love these things. You get to look nice, and then the undergrads get drunk and tell you how much they like your muscles, and then you and Suzu get tipsy and make bets on stupid things you win nine times out of ten.”

“I do like it when people tell me they like my muscles,” he admits, mouth still bent in a frown. She sees his eyes linger on the motivational kitten calendar she has up on the fridge; three days from now is circled in red, the word Virginia scrawled across it in big block letters. His face pinches in distress, and one of his hand comes to hover just over his shoulder.

“I’ll DD,” she blurts out before she can think better of it. The offer’s out there now; she can’t take it back.

Obi blinks. “Really?”

It’s telling that he doesn’t say no, that he doesn’t tell her they can get a cab if he ends up drinking. “Yeah,” she says, doubling down. “You guys can have whatever you like. I wasn’t really in the mood for much anyway.”

He considers for a moment. “I think I have a better tie in the back of my closet.

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Struck (Part Fourteen)

Originally posted by daenso

EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

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Falling asleep with Jongdae physically there for the first time was strange. Instead of you finding him in your sleep, you found each other. Slipped in and out of each other’s dreams, whispered thoughts to each other as you moved through sleeping and waking. Sleeping tangled together physically and mentally.

You felt sunlight on your skin and sighed, eyes closed, shuffling, half asleep, closer to the body next to you.


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Jealous ||Yongguk


Summary: There were some days you thought you were perfect for Yongguk, then there were others where you weren’t so sure.

Word Count: 1,340

Warning: Like, smutty, I guess 

A/N: Thank you for requesting @soy-una-conejo ; sorry you had to wait so long for me to write this but it’s finally here! Hope you enjoy my dear! Also; requests are opening soon so be on the lookout!

You always made an effort when it came to impressing people, pleasing people as so to appear more favourable and likeable to a larger range of people, even if it meant you felt terrible for a short period of time.

And normally, you often made an effort when it came to pleasing your boyfriend’s fans. Even if you relationship wasn’t public, you still sought out to appease his fanbase in any way you could, just so that when you two did announce you were together they would see how much you cared about not only Yongguk, but the people who loved him just as much as you.

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