can you tell i really like circles

You know what I really want to happen in ACOWAR? I can just picture Rhysand and Feyre passing their little mind notes to each other and the other people in the inner circle telling her stuff too.Like she’ll get a note like, Hey Feyre. I miss you and we’ll get you out of there as soon as we can. I love you! -Mor. Or something like that. Or them just winnowing into the Spring Court and leaving her small things only she will notice just as a reminder that they are still there for her. I don’t know. I just really want them to be as happy as they can in the situation they’re in.

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can you recommend any really good superbat fic???

*rubs hands in glee* hell yeah!


in my head the unsaid words by susiecarter M  2,958

They fuck like they hate each other. (They don’t.)

coming up these steps to you by susiecarter T  10,115

Five ways Bruce said “I love you” without saying it—and the time Clark didn’t say it right back at him.

Only Human by saltedpin M  23,671

Clark temporarily loses his powers, and while it’s initially jarring, he gradually adjusts and tries to go about on a somewhat normal routine after telling his inner circle (which can also include the League since they’re building themselves up). Problem is that he is somehow an even bigger danger magnet than Lois in this state.

Learning to Deserve You by ceemobster M  4,565

“I was angry and foolish and wrong, and I don’t expect you to forgive me.” He didn’t know what he should say, so he figured he might as well start by being honest. “I made a promise that I wouldn’t fail you in death. Circumstances may have changed, but I intend to keep that promise.”

The first ten meetings between Bruce and Clark after Clark comes back from the dead.

tell all the truth (but tell it slant) by susiecarter M  33,007 ***

It takes a while for Batman and Superman to work things out, once Clark comes back from the dead. Pretending to date each other in order to explain why Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are in the same place so often? Doesn’t help as much as you might think.

two years in the making by knoxoursavior  T  3,535

Bruce’s mornings are usually spent in bed, trying to ignore the pain in his hips and his knees as he finally gets up and answers Alfred’s insistent calls to breakfast. He expects to find Alfred waiting patiently in the kitchen, arms crossed and ready to tie Bruce to a chair if he needs to.

DCU fics:

Four Days on a Farm in Kansas by FabulaRasa E  28,418 ****my favourite superbat fic ever

Bruce comes to spend a few days at the Kents’ farm. Clark tries to be all things to all people. Bruce is kind of an asshole. Does any of this really need saying? Featuring: tractors, misogyny, embarrassing parents, Ikea, awkward barn sex.

The House of the Earth by mithen E  79,663  amazing world building

The House of the Earth is an AU in which a few thousand Kryptonians escaped the destruction of Krypton to flee to Earth and enslave its people. Years later, a young and naive Kryptonian finds himself entangled with a secret rebellion and its mysterious leader.

Love with an Old Book of Rules by capsicleonyourleft T  2,098

For so long, Bruce had tried to shut off that part of himself, to resist the gravitational pull that Clark seems to have on him. He never stood a chance.

Ten Things that Go Boom by ren_makoto M  7,466

It’s Christmas Eve and Superman needs Batman’s help to stop a Holiday Disaster. Romance explodes! Other things explode, too, but romance is the important part. 

That Which We Call a Rose by arysteia E  11,987

The course of true love never did run smooth. When Clark Kent met Bruce Wayne. And Bruce Wayne met Superman. And Superman met Batman. And Batman met Clark Kent. And Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne finally got their acts together…

Dilectus Meus Mihi… by mithen T  10,934

Clark Kent has lost all his memories of being Superman, and Bruce Wayne must retrain him in the use of his powers. But his super-powered identity isn’t all he’s forgotten…

Resonances by FabulaRasa E  10,965 side halbarry

The beginning of Clark and Bruce’s relationship becomes intertwined with the beginning of Hal and Barry’s, when Hal sees something he really, really was not supposed to see.

Stranger in a Strange Land by mithen M  27,175

Kal-El of Krypton arrives on Earth as an adult. To the Justice League’s surprise, Batman volunteers to introduce him to human ways. There’s an immediate bond between the two me, but cultural differences and miscommunication complicate their relationship.

These are my personal favourites. You can find all my superbat bookmarks here!

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Vivienne is a heartless bitch, ITS WHY WE LOVE HER SO FUCKING MUCH


Like when you approach her for the first time in Skyhold the  first thing she asks is about how you’re feeling and if you tell her that you feel like you failed she comforts you 

She never asks for anything unless you ask her first and it’s never for herself like the books of the circle or the heart of the wyvern for the potion to try to save her husband??? And when you go to talk to her after she dies and she tells you how they met and you can hear her melting just from the memories of how much she loved him and how her heart breaks when she tells you she can’t talk right now anddflhasod9hfpajsdfak´sdf0aksdfñdsf

I also started my first playthrough really disliking Vivienne but on my second run I tried harder to understand her and now I just love her so much hhhhh

Tomorrow with You Episode 06

Ma-rin is right about Soo-joon keeping secrets he doesn’t need nor have to from her. Why won’t he say anything about his parents NGO? It’s really a small thing compared to, I don’t know, telling her he is a time traveller. He’s putting them in a  bad place because even when he tries to explain, he can’t give her all the answer she’s looking for. So naturally she feels like he is still keeping things from her, which he does. GAH! It’s the never-ending toxic circle of lies. STOP IT.

Another thing Ma-rin is right about is asking all these questions to herself and to her husband. Sure, they rushed into marriage, doesn’t mean the feelings aren’t real and she is expecting things from the person she loves. And I worry that Soo-joon is struggling with something so small and yet important like honesty.

I know Soo-joon has been keeping secrets of a long time, years even, so maybe he forgot how to be honest but you would think that having told the truth to Ki-Doong, he would still know when and who to trust. He knows he can trust Ma-rin, so why is he doubting? Is he afraid she will think him crazy and leave? It seems to me he’s more scared about her believing him and then having to tell her the truth about what he saw in their future.

Speaking of which, who else thinks future Ki-Doong didn’t tell the whole story? I feel like he was keeping something really important from present Soo-joon. Why would he lie? Did future Soo-joon tell him to? It just seems weird that these two would keep secrets from each other…

Another interesting fact was seeing present Ki-Doong and his family struggles. Does this have any affect into the story? I doubt it but I do find it weird how Soo-joon doesn’t take in account how serious Ki-Doong was about his hurt feelings. I know there’s a trust of brothers between them, but still.

And what about the drinking scene between Ma-rin and Se-young. I thought it was hilarious how Se-young tried to put down Ma-rin, over and over again, only to have her ass handed to her. Pfffft! Ma-rin really is something.

Let’s be honest, there’s no way she was losing that fight because she already won. Ma-rin has the higher ground without even knowing it because Se-young is still harboring feelings for Soo-joon. Until she doesn’t let that go, she won’t be able to really stand on even ground. It’s a pity because I would really like to see these two together as good friends, I think Se-young is the kind of person Ma-rin needs in her life, and vice versa.

Also, side-note: Does Ki-Doong know about Se-young’s crush or did he find out in this episode? And what about him? Does he have feelings for her?

Moving on to Kim Yong-jin and Doo-sik. Yesterday we saw Doo-sik reading an article about Yong-jin and next thing we know they are in a business meeting? What is happening here? I’m sure Doo-sik is on Soo-joon and Ma-rin’s side but what’s the bigger plan? What does he know that he’s moving himself and others like chess pieces on a board?

From which time was the Doo-sik at the final scene? Past, present or future? He seemed shady, like he didn’t want Soo-joon to see him or even like he still didn’t know Soo-joon at all. What is happening here?

Side-note: I think Ma-rin overhearing the conversation will have consequences for Soo-joon. Another thing: he knows from his time traveling, Ma-rin and him never got to register their marriage. I think he should do it ASAP. It may not be much but it would be a difference from where he will be in three months.

Even more important, why was future Doo-sik so regretful about ever getting in contact with Soo-joon? What happened in these three months that changed and destroyed their relationship? I’m sure it has to do with why future Soo-joon disappeared, but why, when, how and what?

Another important questions is: are we on a linear timeline? Or are we dealing with parallel futures where present Soo-joon travels to one according to his present day decisions? So far it would seem we are on the first (linear) timeline since yesterday past Soo-joon walked into his newlywed house to have present Soo-joon having come up with a way out for himself. 

What does it mean for our characters, do events just repeat themselves non-stop? Is there really a way to change them or is fate written in stone? Is this why Soo-joon disappeared? Or worse… did something go wrong in his time-travel and did he got stuck in a time loop?

So many possibilities. What do you guys think?

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I’m in your bed.
I should probably call my mother and tell her I slept with the devil.

You rub circles on my back and trace over my scars as if you know why each one happened.
You’re so wrong for me because you think you can fix me.
You think a couple of cold showers and sex filled nights can fill this abyss in me.

You’re in my bed. I didn’t think you’d spend the night.
You said I love you for the first time last night and I pretended to be asleep.
I don’t rub circles on your back when you sleep and I don’t memorize the way you breathe like I used to.

I thought this was just a fling, something we just had to do.

Now you’re talking about the war and how you can’t wait to have your whole life figured out, how you can’t wait to ‘live’ to really ‘feel alive’.

I do not tell you that I just can’t wait to be able to wear short sleeves and not feel self conscious.
I do not tell you that I just can’t wait to be able to sleep through the night.
I do not tell you that I just can’t wait to be in love with someone the way you’re in love with me.

I’m in your bed.
I should probably call my mother and tell her I slept with an angel.

—  Sometimes opposites attract by (KJ)

((Okay, so time for a kinda long story kids.

Tbh I’m not sure why you are having troubles to come back to the community. I haven’t been active lately, but I remember OP ask blogs community being a circle of really nice people. Maybe bad experiences? I’m no expert, but yeah, there’s a lot of chill people here, ready to help you out, so srsly no worries dear. In this era of ask blogs dying one by one somebody returning is like a ray of hope.
I dunno if that will help you, but I can tell you about my experiences with RPing. As a matter of fact, I don’t like it. I’m a pretty anxious person, so I really worry whether I am in character or not. Answering various questions is helpful when you wanna slowly get into character. Sometimes you need to be creative, because there isn’t much info about sucject, so you just tell sth you think would suit the chara based on your analysis or headcanons. It may turn out to be wrong, but it can be justified, cause it was your own idea rather than official one. Anyways! Blog interactions are hard for me, cause I’m bad at communicating even in real life. My first interaction was with Zoro (love you @askroronoa for that). When I saw I had been tagged, I panicked and didn’t know what to do. It was sooo awkward. But then things went on and I kinda got used to it, especially thanks to big events like parties. Yet I still rather avoid RPing. I tend to worry too much.

Well, I don’t think I were much of help. I really hope everything goes well for you! Cheers!

and thank you for liking this blog >< ))

“Okay. So tell me more about the case. Can you?” 

“Technically, no. But hell, I’ve told you national security shit you shouldn’t know either so what the hell.”

Kelly gestured to himself, tracing a circle in the air around his face. “It’s this beautiful mug right here. Like a puppy. Does this look like the face of a spy?” Nick glanced sideways at him. 


“Fair enough. But tell me anyway.”

- Cross & Crown by @abiroux

It’s Kelly Abbott’s birthday today, technically yesterday since it’s past midnight here. But I felt like I needed to make some for the character I relate to and love most. 

Class Ring

“We found your class ring at the scene of the crime. You’re under arrest!”
“Impossible. I never graduated!”
“Likely story, bud. Hands behind your back!”
“No, really! I dropped out after 10th grade.”
“Oh, yeah? We can see if that’s true easily enough. Hey Sam, radio dispatch and have them access the high school’s network. Then have them look up a question from any 11th or 12th grade test. If this dirt bag can’t answer it, clearly he’s telling the truth and we’ll let him go.”
“I’m telling you, I’m gonna answer incorrectly!”
“We’ll see about that, jerk! What’s that, Sam? Great! A circle of center (-3,-2) passes through the points (0,-6) and (a,0). Find a.
“Uh, a equals 1.58 or -7.58. OH FUCK! I mean I don’t know-”
“Enough out of you! Have fun in jail.”
“Do people ever have fun in jail?”
“Ya know, I’ve never asked.”

road trips with michael would include:

* the gas station being your first stop because “babe i forgot to go get gas yesterday”

* having already set a playlist for the road

* the backseat full of snacks, pillows, and blankets

* him grabbing your hand every so often and rubbing circles with his thumb

* smiling at each other every red light

* singing (lmao more like screaming) so loud that every surrounding car looks at you guys

* “hey can you pass me a chip”

* lots of road head okay trust me

* at some point having to pull over cause hes “really gotta fuck you”

* thanking god for super tinted car windows

* propping your feet on the dashboard

* taking lots of snaps too

* “wait i have to pee”

* some really deep conversations

* telling you all the stories he hasnt told you about tour times

* “where are we going again?”

* having a gps bc you knew it would happen
* not getting all that lost

* going to the rest stops because theyre “small and cute”

* actually taking turns for the aux cord

* passing you the aux cord and the first song that plays is off their album and him going “who are these guys this song is so shit”

* michael asking if youre there yet despite being the one driving

* having lots of good laughs because honestly being with michaels always a great time

* getting bored and playing i spy

* him turning over to see that youve fallen asleep and pulling over to grab a blanket and put it over you

Wonwoo: I’d Tell You If I Could

anonymous asked: Can you do a Wonwoo scenario based on “She loved him like he was the sun and he loved her like she was all the stars, but they both thought the other was just looking at the floor.” Please?

Summary: this is short and angsty because I really couldn’t find a way to make it happy I’m sorry ppl

Your eyes flit between your notebook and the boy sitting across the room from you. Unfortunately, your teacher had asked for the desks to be arranged in a circle at the beginning of the year, meaning that you couldn’t stare for nearly as long as you wanted in fear of someone catching you. You didn’t know, but he was doing the exact same thing. Wonwoo, however, had much smarter friends, and they caught on as soon as his little crush started, teasing him with every chance they got. You failed to notice how they would hoot and holler and push Wonwoo around when you walked by. You preferred to keep your head down, to hide the blush that formed whenever you were within 10 feet of him.

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I think interstellar is so pleasing to us because of its metronomic nature. I feel that the endurance being a clock, having 60 Beats per minute tempo at key points in the soundtrack, and the recurring theme of time really feel natural to us. This movie had me immersed from start to finish! The theme of time, revolutions, and coming “full circle” is another thing we like. I think its just naturally pleasing to the senses. IMAX was an assault on the senses. And that’s how it should be. This is space travel. If anyone can tell me how the fourth gif relates to my blog you’ll get a Digital HD copy of interstellar when it releases. 

Interstellar Appreciation Blog

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another thought I’ve had on my mind lately:

not all friends use sarcastic fake-insults to each other as a sign of friendship. There’s lots of posts portraying those as the “true example” of true buddies.

But if you’re like me and can’t tell when someone is sarcastic or not -especially when it comes to text messages- just wanna tell you that you and your friends don’t need to talk to each other a certain way to prove you’re real tight buddies. 

If ppl in your social circle don’t really pick up on sarcastic humour then please respect that and don’t confuse them any further.

My Favorite Thing About Pokémon

is when I get to hear somebody talk about their favorites. I just love the passion people have for some Pokémon. I don’t care if your favorite is Pikachu or freaking Dunsparce, you like it for a reason, and that’s really cool.

This post is dedicated to your favorite Pokémon. I want you to reblog this with the Pokémon that you love most and why. You can tell a story, or you can just say you think it looks cool, I don’t care. I wanna get hyped with you about what you love. I’ll start:

My personal favorite is probably Breloom. I really like the way it looks, and Grass/Fighting is a pretty unique type combination. It’s a plant that kicks ass. I also get a kick out of the fact that there was a time back in RSE pvp circles where people used Breloom competitively. It had an ability that let it gain life when it was poisoned instead of losing life, so people would give it the Toxic Orb to hold - it immediately becomes badly poisoned, so it’ll gain health every turn, and your opponent can’t give it any other status conditions. It was the best.

What’s your favorite Pokémon?

i really sincerely hope that every one of you manage to find an extremely supportive and uplifting friend/group of friends at some point in your life, and that you be the friend that you wish you had. know that if you do not have the best circle of friends now, that at some point in the future you will be surrounded by like-minded, friendly and supportive people that will continue to love, admire and cherish you, even if they don’t tell you every single day. people that you can be your full self around, and don’t feel that you need to prove yourself to them, or compete with. people that love you for you, not what you can give them or how you can benefit them. people out there do exist, it just takes time to sort through the assholes (even though lots of assholes are just as lost and confused as you) i dont even know if this makes sense but i just want you to be happy and i really hope you manage to be happy with yourself and your surroundings idk idk

My one question about sailor moon, while the moon sceptre was magical and stuff… Why did usagi never just fucking hit someone with the fucker??????? Lok at it, the top looks like it has some rather substantial weight to it and I’m P. sure it would be a lot faster to bludgeon someone to death with this thing than prance in a circle for like half a minute and point it with sparkles flying outta it.

Can you tell I really wanted an episode where she just went ‘fuck this shit’ and bitchslapped the bad guy away from her with this???????

Only the ends of my hair are blue, but I love love love Stormer in the Jem comics by IDW and I wanted to try her make up, so I pinned my hair up for this, as you can tell. It’s kind of a full circle, actually, because I wanted pink hair since I was little because of Jem (the show), and now that it is (well, pink and also purple, blue and my natural blonde all together), my love for Jem comes back because of these amazing comics, so here I am, doing the make up.The fact that Stormer has a body like mine makes me incredibly happy, and the little young me who watched Jem all those years ago really appreciates it, more than I could describe. 

Man it’s so bizarre to me that someone would be so far up their own ass that they’re convinced that their opinions of what is subjectively “good” is right. There’s a lot of gross ass people in art scenes specifically men that are soo far up their own asses thinking that they make “good art” and that they can tell you what’s inferior to whatever they hold high. I hate to break it to you but all art sucks. Nobody cares. Visual art is one of the MOST subjective things you can create. All that really matters is if it brings you some kind of emotion that you value. I just hate being exposed to circle jerks of mean spirited bored people who sit around and nitpick other people’s art. Like just stop looking at it. Don’t you have anything else to do.. Go jack off to a GG Allin documentary