can you tell i really like circles

i think have truely accepted the fact that this fandom is just too big and has too many deserving people in it for tay to meet that it will ultimately be impossible for me to meet her. I know she’s trying her best but i think i’m okay with others meeting her over me, i’m just here for a good time and to appreciate my idol like I was before i even knew that she tried to meet people. I’ve come full circle and I gotta tell you it feels good a lot less stressful

Business and Pleasure - Part 16

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,415

Warnings: Swearing, angst

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Once you had retreated to the bathroom, Steve heaved a large sigh, sinking into the cushions of the leather couch, covering his face with his hand and squeezing his eyes shut tight. How the hell did this happen? He had thought things were going well. He thought you and Bucky were finally on the same page. At least that’s how it seemed. You seemed so happy in the previous weeks, and now, it was like you were right back at the beginning.

Steve knew that he said he would call Bucky, but he didn’t know if he would even be able to contain his anger. There was a huge part of him that wanted to fly to wherever Bucky was and beat the living shit out of him. Steve didn’t like bullies, even if they happened to also be his friends. He wouldn’t tolerate this. He wouldn’t let Bucky just abandon you. He couldn’t. And if he couldn’t knock some sense into Bucky, well, then he would figure out where to go from there.

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I very occasionallt forget just how attractive Lotor is. Then I see screenshots

oK YES, I LOVE LOTOR and he does look very pretty 

if Merla isn’t interested anymore I am 

The fact that he always sits the same way with his head resting on his hand like that though, he always looks like he’s either plotting something or really bored lmao. he needs a nap

and his moody faces are great

and when he pilots you can tell he just really loves it!! he can fly circles around his enemies and he just lives for the thrill of it

and I love the little banter between him and his teammates?? poor Zethrid

Also, I’m pretty sure any other galra general would reprimand Ezor for “not taking her duties seriously enough” or something. Like, she calls the lions “kitties” and then instead of getting annoyed or correcting her he just follows up on her comment like it’s the most normal thing. He knows how she is and isn’t bothered by it. He seems pretty informal with his team, and I’m inclined to believe he really does see them as being like friends to some degree. Also he lets Narti hang out with his mom’s 10,000 year old cat that’s pretty neat 

anyway I love the exiled space prince and his team

Then Ask Me. (Sebastian Smythe Imagine)

Request: Hiiii! Could I please request a Sebastian Smythe x Reader where someone is flirting with y/n and Sebastian gets jealous?? Lots of fluff, please! Thanks!

I haven’t written a Sebastian Smythe imagine is so long… Please bare with me if this isn’t up to par with some of my older work. 


I hope you enjoy!

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Although he thought his jealousy was undetectable, Sebastian clenched his jaw, letting it be known to those who paid attention to detail. He watched as you laugh at something Kurt had said at the Glee Club party that Blaine invited him to, as a sign of good friendship. He remembered the first time he laid eyes on you. You were performing with the Glee Club and he was instantly taken, but he didn’t act on it for he was confused about his feelings. 

But seeing you again, after asking for a sign from the heavens above, he knew that he had this second chance. But before he could even swoop you into a conversation, Sam and Kurt decided to crowd you. Sebastian knew that Kurt posed no threat, whatsoever, but it was Sam that worried him. Blonde, tall, handsome, he was sure that you were taken with him already. 

Sebastian didn’t know that Sam didn’t catch your eye. You knew of Sebastian Smythe, notorious for attempting to ruin the Glee Club before you joined. You didn’t know that he was the most handsome fellow that you’ll ever put your eyes on. Your heart nearly jumped out of your chest when you saw, from the corner of your eye, that he was making his way over. But Kurt and Sam interrupted your fairytale moment. 

Then Artie wheeled in. “Hey, (Y/N).” Artie waved. “You did really great at rehearsals today. You should’ve tried out for the lead in the musical.” 

You blushed at the compliment and muttered a quiet thank you. Sebastian, who was out of earshot, quickly noticed your bashfulness and steam fumed from his ears. Artie, of all the guys in your club, was the one that you were interested in? He decided to situate himself closer so that he could listen into your conversation.

“No, seriously, (Y/N). Rachel’s voice is something we’ve heard time and time again. You have an amazing voice. You should fight Rachel for the role with a Diva Off.” Artie rambled on.

Sam and Kurt both agreed saying that you can definitely dethrone the Rachel Berry. You shrugged, “I mean, I’m not Rachel ready to perform. She’s always on-key and she’s a great dancer.” Kurt snorted at your compliment. 

“You, my friend, are too kind. That’s probably why you’ve never been slushied.” Kurt laughed. You offered a small smile. 

“It’s either you’re too nice or you’re too hot.” Sam said, bluntly. Sebastian rolled his eyes. “My vote is you’re too hot.” Your expression contorted itself to a uneasy look. You’ve gotten ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful’ as compliments, and those were appropriate words… But the term ‘hot’ just made you roll your shoulders back to suggest for him to not say that. 

“If you want vocal lessons, I can totally help. Not that you need it, your hot and your voice is amazing.” You bit your lip, not finding the correct words to tell them to stop. “You can go to my house and-”

He squeezed himself into your small circle and blurted out. “She can’t. She has vocal lessons with me.” You gave Sebastian a strange look, making him wink- almost inaudibly encouraging you to play along. “Why do you think her voice is so beautiful? Like she is.” 

“Really, Sebastian, (Y/N)?” All three of them asked. 

You nodded. “Hey, (Y/N), can I talk to you about our scheduling. I have lacrosse practice on our usual days this week.” Sebastian said, cocking his head to the side, telling you to follow him that way. You got up and said your goodbyes. “I’m sorry I butted in like that. I saw how uncomfortable you looked when they were calling you hot….” 

“You didn’t have to save me. You aren’t the Flash or anything.” You laughed. 

“I was actually going to call you my girlfriend, but I thought that since we don’t know each other for that long, it wouldn’t be as convincing. So I thought that I’d say I was your tutor for singing, not that you need it. But um-” 

“You talk a mile a minute.” You laughed. A comfortable silence fell upon you two. “Was there something you wanted to ask me?”

“I was going to ask you out on a date… But I think I’ve already blew my chances. Good night, (Y/N).” Sebastian nodded, embarrassed at his rambling. 

He started to walk off but you grabbed his arm. “Then Ask Me.” You whispered. 

You Don’t Have To Change - Harry Hook x Reader

A/N I’ve been really inspired lately to write a bit more. I’m so thankful to hear some of your guys feedback on my last imagine and I thought why not make another one. Enjoy xoxo

Summary:You are the sister of King Ben and you have developed a crush on Harry Hook. You try so hard to become a Villain and ask the 4 VK to help you.

Harry’s POV

“I’m too dangerous for you lass” I spoke to Y/N we had been partnered up in chemistry class together “I can basically read your mind Y/N you don’t deserve me you deserve good and I’m evil.” “I don’t play by the rules Harry I know what evil is and I can be that for you.” Y/N flirted back attempting to be bad. I laughed as I smirked up at her “Y/N deary you have no idea what evil is.”

She’s suppose to marry royalty no matter what I cannot let her find out that I have been in love with her since the day I laid my eyes on her. She deserves good not evil.

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oh boy oh boy anon christmas is coming early this year lets get the show started


- jake is the little spoon no questions asked

- one night jake just plopped himself in front of rich, curled his legs up and wrapped richs arm around him and rich was like :00!! and pulled jake against his chest while snuggling into him

- rich is very competitive

- one time the squip squad went to hilltop or someplace like that and he goes beast during laser tag theres no mercy whatsoever he will shoot anyone. one time jake was like “hey you wanna team up?” and rich was like “haha yeah sure :)” but he shoots jake and sprints off and jake is like BRO!!! rich will not put up with teaming up he is a lone wolf and he will win this game on his own

- he wins every time and everyone just groans 

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Writer- @myhellyourstories

Requested- Anonymous

Request- Hello, can I get a Harry Hook imagine with Rapunzel’s daughter? Literally anything you want to happen, I don’t care, thank you!!

Disclaimer- I do not own any Descendants characters, all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney’s Descendants. All I own is my story and the character Bane.


Pairing- Harry Hook x Fem! Reader

Summary- (Y/N), princess of Corona gets into a fight with her boyfriend, Harry Hook.

Warning(s)- Fighting, Violence, Cursing, Fluff

Words- 2446

A/N- Listen to the Kingdom’s Dance on the Tangled soundtrack, it’s so good!

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* Hamilsquad x Reader

* Modern

* Requested by anonymous

* Request: please do a poly fic!!!!!!

A/N: I’m freaking tired and I’ll regret staying up tomorrow morning, but I finished this. So this was buried deep and I hesitated writing this. Then I got a good idea when I had a weird dream, I basically wrote in here. I hoped I did good as I’ve never really been exposed to anything poly related in my life aside from some stuff on this site. If you guys see anything that doesn’t make any sense or doesn’t match up with what you know then let me know. But I hope you enjoy this.

Word Count: 2,530


You were a little blind to be honest. You just figured your friends (who happened to also be your roommates) were just really touchy-feely. The way Alexander would come home, his shoulders tight with anger and stress. He’d barely get a word out before John would stand from the couch and wrap his arms around his friend. He’d run his fingers through his hair or down his back. Alexander would quickly deflate as the anger evaporated at John’s touch. John would then lead him to the couch and they’d sit side by side. Alexander would lean against John and watch his screen in a sort of daze. It was one of the few times you’d ever see him quiet.

Or the way John would sleepily stumble from his room and plop beside Lafayette on the couch. Lafayette would smirk slightly before grabbing a hair brush from the coffee table and running it down through the other man’s hair. He would tie it up and be finished, even though John looked upset that he was done.

There were the weeks when Alexander and John would be out of state for some law case. Hercules seemed completely lost on these weeks. It unnerved you to see your loud, tough, and boisterous friend seem so spaced. You didn’t enjoy these weeks much either because he and Lafayette would spend more time together, leaving you feeling a little ignored.

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Untamable - Liam Dunbar

Author: @chwendie

Pairing: Liam x Y/N

Word Count: 1051

Warnings: none?…angry liam…fluff?…

“Liam? Is everything alright?” you whispered to him. Since study hall started he’s had his head in his hands, not saying a word. You turned to Mason who sat to your right. “What’s wrong with him?” you asked him. Mason didn’t talk because he knew Liam would hear him, so wrote on the back pages of his notebook.

“Scott is trying to help him with his phasing.”

“Why? I thought he had it under control.”

“Well, lately something’s been throwing him off.” Mason handed you the paper. What could be throwing him off? The bell rang and as you turned to say something to Liam he was gone. You packed your things and walked out with Mason.

“I’m gonna go to Liam’s house after school, to see what’s wrong.” you said to him.

“That’s not a good idea. Scott said he doesn’t want any of us alone with him.” Mason explained to you.

“I trust that Liam’s not gonna hurt me, and that you’re not gonna tell Scott where I’m going.” you lightly tugged at Mason’s shirt giving him your puppy eyes.

“He can tell when I’m lying, you know?” he sighed. Corey appeared out of nowhere.

“Not if he can’t see you.” Corey grabbed Mason’s hand and winked at you just before disappearing. “Be careful,” Corey said. You blindly thanked him for taking Mason away and walked to your jeep.

You were hesitant, but you had to know. You parked in his driveway next to his car. You let yourself in as you usually did, being that you’ve been friends with him and Mason since you were all kids.
“Liam?” You called out, closing the front door behind you. He wasn’t in the living room, or anywhere else downstairs, so you went to his room. “Hello?” you asked slowly walking in closing the door behind you. There he was, sitting on a swivel chair, spinning handcuffs gracefully around his index finger.

“They wanted to use these on me, you know?” he said getting up. “Because I ripped through the ropes,” he crushed the handcuffs in one hand. “But these don’t work either.” He tossed them to your feet. You suddenly felt like coming to Liam’s was a terrible idea. “Scott thinks I’m untamable,” he flashed his eyes to you, circling around you.

“I don’t believe that,” your voice was shaking and for a second you wondered if you screamed loud enough if Scott would hear.

“You think I’m lying?!” Liam growled while pushing you against his door.

“I don’t believe Scott thinks you’re untamable.” you explained so Liam wouldn’t get angrier. He only scoffed out loud and took a step away from you.

“I heard him tell Lydia ‘he’s untamable, I don’t think there’s anything I can really do’.”

“You know he didn’t mean it like that,” you said defending Scott.

“Y/N go home before you really start to piss me off.” Liam spat at you inching closer. You thought about going home, but you didn’t have your answer.

“No.” you said semi confident, but in seconds Liam had you against his door again, growling inches away from your face completely wolfed out. He slammed his fists against the door next to your head and you were sure you heard the wood splintering. You turned so you wouldn’t have to look at him because you were too afraid to move. He grabbed your jaw and forced you to look at him.

“Look at me!” He growled forcefully turning your head. You calmed down your breathing and looked at his shining eyes. He listened for a few seconds to the sound of your heartbeat. “Why aren’t you scared?” he asked softly this time.

“Because I know you’re not going to hurt me.” your voice was low because you weren’t completely confident in what you said.

“You don’t know that,” he stepped away from you and ran his hand through his hair.

“Liam, just tell me what’s wrong.” You said getting closer to him. You found the courage to grab his hand, although his hands were massive compared to yours so you held onto his middle and index fingers. His facial features went back to normal and you both sat in the floor across from each other, you still holding onto his fingers.

“When Scott said that to Lydia, I felt like he gave up on me.” Liam finally said, but he avoided eye contact. His eyes were glowing again and you grabbed on to his other hand.

“You know Scott didn’t mean it,” you whispered squeezing your grip on his fingers and his blue eyes came back. You could feel some pulses in his fingers and you knew he was calming down.

“Why do you care so much?” He asked you.

“Because you’re my best friend, and I hate seeing you dealing with this alone when you have me and Mason and Corey.” You said to him, fully interlocking your fingers together. You could see him struggling not to let his eyes turn, or his fangs come out, but they did anyways.

“I can’t even control myself anymore!” He growled letting go of your hands to show you his claws. “What if I hurt someone or kill-” you couldn’t let him ramble and dwell on the things he might do, so you kissed him. You grabbed the sides of his face and kissed him. You felt his fangs against your lips and his claws around your neck, but the longer you kissed him the less you felt of his claws and fangs. When you finally pulled away you looked back at his blue eyes.

“How did you do that?” he sighed out loud.

“I didn’t do anything,” you lightly chuckled.

“I don’t believe you, that was amazing.” He said pulling you into another kiss that quickly heated up. He sighed when both of your phones went off.

“Can you be at my house by 7?” Scott sent you.

“From Scott?” Liam asked, and you nodded.

ldquo;I should go,” you smiled while getting up.

“Y/N, wait.” Liam said. “Thank you for coming over, and I’m sorry if I scared you.” He spoke lowly again. You pulled him down by his shirt collar and kissed him gently.

“I’ll see you at seven, Liam.” You smiled and walked back to your car.

Hey guys! Once again I’m sorry if this was completely terrible! Please let me know what you think! (:

A New Me (NSFW)

The wind howls outside, shaking the windows and making you twitch your body as you get slightly scared.

“I should probably get going before it starts raining.” You hug yourself a little as you glance to the window.

“You can stay for the night if you want.”

“Ah, there’s no… there’s no need for that.” You put your coat on and walk towards the door.

“Would you stay if I say I would like you to?” V asks, following you to the door. You feel… cornered, but he would never corner you. He would never… get this close so sudden.

You stare at his icy blue eyes, wondering what exactly does he imagine when he hears your voice.  If only… if only he could see how you look at him…

“I don’t want to bother you, I don’t… I didn’t even bring pajamas or…”

“You can use one of my shirts. I… think what I’m trying to say, MC, is that… I want you to stay over. But I understand if you don’t want to…”

“No, Jihyun! It’s not…” you realize you’re talking too loud when there’s no need for it.  “It’s not that I don’t want, it’s just… it’s new.”

“It is.”

It was. V was everything you could wish and more. He was respectful, kind, sweet, and there was something about the way your conversations flow that always makes you feel clever. Yes, he has such a talent to make you feel special you’re almost believing you are special.

Almost, because deep down you know you’re not special. If you were, it shouldn’t feel like he’s trying hard to be the man of your dreams. And no, it doesn’t matter how much you tell him, he takes your compliments and turns them into nothing more than his obligation as your boyfriend.

If only he knew there’s no need to try so hard, that he is the man of your dreams and probably was from the moment you first talked. If he did, staying over wouldn’t feel so thrilling for being something new.

Neither you or him should fear new experiences as a couple, you should embrace them, live them, enjoy them, love them as you love each other.

“I’ll stay.”

“You… will?” he furrows his eyebrows, and it’s hard not to chuckle at how cute he looks.

“Yes. I mean… you did say once nobody can do a better chamomile tea than me, right?”

“It was my plan from the beginning. Yes, I just can’t sleep without your tea, MC.” You both smile as he places his hands on your shoulders, helping you take your coat off.


A thin line of steam escapes the kettle. The whistle sounds like a mini version of the wind blowing outside. You hum some random melody as you wait for the water to boil.

“Do you want some sweatpants as well, MC?”

“Do you have sweatpants?” you giggle.

“They are comfortable! You should wear…”

“No, thank you. Just one of your shirts will be fine, I’ll have my underwear as pajama bottoms.”

“Alright… but don’t get too surprised if I’m not able to keep my hands off of you, then.”

“W-what?” you jump in surprise as you feel your face heating. No, not only your face, your fingers too.

The burning sensation stings when you take the hand away from the kettle and yelp.

“What’s wrong, my love?”

“Nothing, I just… burned myself a little.”

“Oh no! Are you okay?” he promptly runs to you, fumbling his cane with desperate moves.

“Yes, it’s fine! Don’t worry, I’m just…” he grabs both of your hands. “Which one? This one? Are you sure it’s not swelling?”

“V, I’m fine. Don’t worry… I was just a little surprised  by your comment and rammed my hand in the kettle, it’s no big deal, it’s…”

“Why would you feel surprised if I’m not able to keep my hands to myself, MC?” his concerned tone changes abruptly as he lowers his voice.

“W-what? No, it’s not that, I was just surprised, because… well, you never say things like this, it’s just…”


“I guess, but… it’s not bad. It… it wouldn’t be bad if you… could not control yourself tonight…”

He raises his head as if he could see you. Ah, it’s not like he needs it, it’s so obvious you’re blushing.

“You’re so cute, my love.” He chuckles. “Now, let’s take care of your burnt, shall we?”

“V, it’s nothing, I already told y… oh…” he brings your hands to his lips, planting soft kisses. “V?”

“Just kissing it better. Is it working?”

“I… hum… yes.”

“Is that so? Hum, what if I do this?” he brings one of your fingers to inside his mouth, you let a small gasp out.


He lets go of your finger, going back to planting soft kisses, letting a trail to your hand, going up your arm. You feel a slender hand circling your waist, bringing you closer.

“You smell so nice, MC.” He whispers before pressing his lips against yours. You feel like melting when his tongue shyly slips to inside your mouth.

Not that shy as you wrap your arms around his shoulders, pressing your body firmly against his. You feel a small vibration inside your lips as he moans when you run your fingers through his hair.

V rubs his hands against your back. You’re not sure if he’s caressing you or trying to find the zipper of your dress. Oh… the second option as his hands travel a little up to bring the zipper down.

He hugs you, burying his face in your hair and kissing your neck. His lips are eager, playful, this is a very different V, a very… new V.

You help him taking the dress off. At the moment he feels your bare skin, V glides up his hands at your sides, like he’s massaging you. You start a eager make-out session, delving your tongue inside his lips, he moans, travelling his hands a little up to give a squeeze at your breasts, now it’s your time to moan.

“Are you sure that’s what you want, my love?”

“Yes, Jihyun… I want you… don’t you want me?”

“I need you, MC. I need you… in my bed now…” you shiver a little, and he clearly notices as he grins.

You give him a smooch before grabbing his hand and guiding him to the bedroom. He closes the door behind you two, taking you in his arms again. Tripping and stumbling a little, he manages to make you lay on the bed.

His lips are demanding, claiming every inch of your skin while he desperately undresses himself. You take your bra off, whimpering in anticipation just from feeling his breathing going down your collarbones. Circling the buds of your nipples, he plays with the waistband of your panties. He’s clearly teasing you, and you would be living for the teasing if you weren’t so desperate for his touch. You’ve been waiting for so long, waiting more felt like torture.

“I can’t really see you, my love. You have to tell me what you want.”

“Jihyun… I want you… to…”

“Kiss it better?”

“Yes… please, Jihyun…” he chuckles, rolling down your panties.

V holds your legs greedily, tossing your panties aside. He kisses your heels, then your calves, reaching your thighs. You spread your legs, adjusting your body so he can come up in the bed. Licking the inner of your thighs, you feel his hair tickling a little and smile at the pleasurable chill going down your spine.

His tongue is precise, drawing small circles and adding suction to your clit. Your moan makes him hum in satisfaction. Grabbing your ass, he pulls you up a little, making you place you legs over his shoulders. You have him buried inside you, and it’s basically impossible not to buck your hips against his playful and skilful tongue.

“Oh god, Jihyun… you’re so good… mmm…”

“And you’re delicious, my beautiful MC… “

You let a string of mewls as he grips your ass harshly to keep you in this position, throwing your head back, you wrap your legs around him. You notice him widening his eyes before closing them and focusing even more in thrusting his tongue inside you, hitting all the sweet spots. You shift to a sitting position, tangling your fingers in his hair.

“I’m cumming…” he hums and the vibration makes you lose it as you lay down again, the orgasm hitting you so hard you feel your tiptoes numb. V still plants some soft kisses in your pussy before crawling over you.

“Are you able to keep it on after this?”

“The hell I won’t pay you back for this…” you say breathlessly between small moans as he nips at your jaw.

“Very well.” Another sloppy make out session starts, but now you slip your hand under him to gab his cock, that you palm gently through his underwear.

“So excited… “

“I told you I wasn’t controlling myself tonight, my love.”

“Then don’t. Give it to me, Jihyun…” he gulps, taking your hand and guiding it on how he wants to be pleased.

“Do you really want it, MC?”

“I want you inside me, Jihyun… please…”

He mutters a ‘fuck’ and you would be very surprised in hearing him curse, but you’re so aroused any word escaping his mouth is the sexiest thing you ever heard.

He brings your legs to over his shoulders gain, kneeling in the bed. After shifting between languid squeezes and gentle caresses in your calves, he slowly pulls it in, rolling his hips according to yours.

“Ahhh, fu-fuck!”

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Ah, yes… please…”

He rocks his hips back before rocking it forth, making you take all of him in a sudden. You writhe and arch your back. The pace he sets is perfect, the vision you have from below is heavenly as you watch every feature of pleasure in his gorgeous face showing up with each thrust. He breaths heavily, the little sounds he makes drive you crazy.

You let go of all of your weight under his touch, your body swims on the bed as you moan. You feel your boobs bouncing, and so does he as he grabs one to palm the budding nipple with sweetness.

Moans, whimpers, embarrassing sounds coming from both of you. You growl before raising your body, leaning on his legs so you can try to set a pace yourself.

He holds you by your waist, and you lose it! He looks so fragile, so ethereal in the day-to-day, but this man whispering his naughtiest thoughts in your ear while holding the weight of both the bodies is so strong, so assertive and precise, having your body like he’d done millions of times before.

“I’m cumming…” he whispers breathlessly.

“Cum for me, Jihyun…”

“Say my name like this again, MC.”

“Jihyun… I… I love you, Jihyun…”

“Ah, MC…”

He plops you in the bed, getting on top again. His moves are messy, desperate, quick and rough.

One deepest thrust as he cums, growling so hard it almost sounds like a howl. He’s so handsome like this… if only he could see himself through your eyes right now…

He basically falls over you, hugging you and nuzzling in your chest. You stoke his hair, playing with the blue strands falling in his forehead.

“I love you too, MC… I… I hope I get to show you lots of new sides of me from now on.”

“There’s nothing new here, Jihyun…”

“Hum?” he asks in puzzlement.

“It’s the same you in a better version, and that’s all I need…”

You feel his body twitching as he raises his head to face you. You cup his cheek, noticing he’s heating up from the blushing. So cute…

“Then you’ll have all of me forever.”

He got off from over you to bring you to his chest, and you soon fell asleep. The rain outside falling and providing a soothing soundtrack for your dreams.

Celebration fic for my 3.500 followers and for V’s birthday, as explained here

the second and final part of the childhood friend! daniel au

(image credit)

pairing: kang daniel x reader (featuring kang dongho)
genre: fluff, angst
summary: You’ve never let your relationship with Kang Daniel move beyond the fun and physical, especially since he’s your brother’s best friend. Throw in a distraction, some sexy stubble, and a meddling brother, and you have a recipe for disaster.

one | two

  • you don’t expect to meet your childhood friend kang daniel again at university, but when you do, it’s only a matter of time till you become friends again 
  • it’s a little different now, your old hide and seek games replaced by lazy afternoons at his apartment, his arm comfortably around your shoulders and his cats on both your laps
  • it doesn’t take long for the two of you to fall into a rhythm, and by your third year, you’ve taken five general classes together despite having different majors
  • when you enter your basic philosophy and logic class, daniel’s already taken a seat beside a pretty girl in a sundress, which has you swallowing down the drop of jealousy building up in your throat and sitting elsewhere
  • to your left is an boy—no, man, you think—with stubble dark against his pale skin and an expression so bored it’s intimidating, and you don’t realize you’re staring till he looks at you and smirks, like a tiger spotting prey
  • you bite your lip and smile, feeling the tips of your ears turning warm, because he may not be your usual type, but that tattoo peeking from beneath the low collar of his white shirt is attractive as hell
  • when the professor asks all of you to pair up and you see daniel talking to the girl next to him, you shrug and turn to mr. sexy tiger, as you’ve taken to calling him in your head
  • his name is kang dongho, and though you’re a little worried about whether he’ll be a good project partner, soon you’re saving his number and pointedly not looking at daniel, who’s been glancing at you with a frown
  • later that day, you’re at daniel’s apartment, his hand at the back of your neck and drawing you closer
  • you and daniel make out every so often whenever neither of you are dating, and that’s completely normal between friends, isn’t it?
  • but you pull back, asking him whether he’s thinking of seriously dating the girl from philosophy class because you need to know if your arrangement has to change any time soon 
  • he says no, and you pull him into the kiss, and he tastes like the gummy candies he likes to eat, some sugar on the corner of his lip for you to lick, and you’ve never had a sweet tooth but daniel’s mouth is more addictive than candy
  • afterwards, you’re texting dongho about your meeting the next day, and daniel is laughing because kang dongho is the complete opposite of all the boys you’ve gone for throughout your three years at university
  • “remember lai guanlin”
  • you stick your tongue out at him and call him an idiot, but at midnight, daniel insists on walking you back to your dorm, and you ignore the little voice in your head that tells you how easy it would be to pull him close and finally confess what had been at the tip of your tongue over six years ago
  • that weekend, you’re at the library with dongho, reminding yourself that you’re an adult, there to study and not to ogle the exposed area of his chest nor the way he bites his pen in thought
  • then you get texts from daniel asking for help with the assignment, and you roll your eyes before sending the relevant book titles since you and dongho have practically finished your project 
  • [5:40 PM] cat daniel: ur rly so hot when ur being competent
  • you’re grinning at your phone, choosing the appropriate sticker to send, when dongho asks you if you want to get barbecue with him tonight
  • “as partners?” you say, confused, and dongho smirks in that way that makes you melt, laughing at you, and your cheeks turn pink
  • “i’ll get the car,” he says, taking your stunned silence as affirmation, and you’re still smiling when daniel texts you again, telling you to come over, but you only have enough time to send a sad face and ‘can’t, bbq with the tiger’ before dongho says he’s outside
  • back at his apartment, daniel begins to feel uneasy because you’ve only ever taken your dates to cute, trendy little places like cafes and diners, and they’ve always been lanky younger boys like sewoon and jihoon, not men who look at you like they want to devour you like this kang dongho
  • daniel knows it’s hypocritical to feel this way when he can never get enough of your lips, when he’s always glad to see you wearing those off-shoulder tops you like so much because it’s easier for him to mouth at your neck and collarbones, and he tells himself that he’s worried and not jealous, no not at all 
  • you’re back at the dorm with ramen and beer from the nearby convenience store because you’d been too shy to eat like you wanted in front of dongho, when you get a call from your older brother 
  • “what’s this i hear about you dating a bad boy?” daehyun says in a teasing tone, but you can hear the warning in his voice, and you’re angry because only one person knew that you were going out tonight
  • “what did daniel tell you about dongho, oppa?” you say, trying to keep your voice level 
  • your brother sighs, saying, “he called your date bad news. are you going over to daniel’s apartment? we need to talk about this later, Y/N,” and you grunt in response before hanging up, pulling on a hoodie and rubber shoes and rushing to daniel’s apartment to give him a piece of your mind
  • when he opens the door, you storm inside, your arms crossed over your chest as you seethe and say, “what the fuck?” and daniel smiles uncomfortably, shrugging
  • the two of you stand in awkward silence, and for the first time since you met him you see daniel’s face turn serious 
  • “i don’t think your brother would approve of you dating him,” he says, looking away because both of you know that it’s bullshit, but before you can call him out, he asks, “have you kissed him?“
  • your fists are at your side and you shut your eyes tight, holding back the waves of frustration and hurt and anger that are making it difficult to breathe
  • “that’s none of my brother’s business, and it’s certainly not yours,” you say, narrowing your eyes at him, and you can’t stop yourself from poking him in the chest, your face near his as you hiss, “and do you fucking think he’d approve of you sticking your tongue down my throat every tuesday, asshole?” 
  • “it’s different with us,” he says lamely, still not looking you in the eye, and all the fight drains out of you, leaving you feeling exhausted
  • “of course it is, daniel,” you say, the hurt palpable in your voice, “because i know it’ll never be anything more for you.” 
  • you don’t look at him when you leave his apartment, and when he texts you throughout the week you delete his messages without reading them 
  • kang dongho takes you out on one more date, this time to the zoo, but all you can think about when you see the lions and tigers are daniel’s cats, and you find yourself tearing up, apologizing to dongho and telling him it’s better if you stay friends 
  • “it was worth a shot,” he says before taking you home, and you’re sorry you and dongho have so little in common because he’s really quite sweet under that intimidating exterior
  • you tell yourself it has nothing to do with a certain b-boying idiot 
  • but later that night you remember how early on in your freshman year, you and daniel had ended up at an ice cream parlor past ten in the evening after terrible dates with other people, how the wet asphalt had glistened under the street lights, the way daniel’s eyes twinkled as he took your hand and brought you back to his place
  • that first time, he’d tasted like cupcake sprinkles and home, but you’d pulled back and laughed it off, and you had been the one to bring up the arrangement because ‘friends who make out every so often’ sounded better to you than the unknown you’d have to face if you’d admitted any feelings
  • daniel is awake thinking back to the same moment, the space on his couch feeling empty without you in it, and he realizes you deserve more than what he’s been willing to give you, more than the bits and pieces of himself no one else is willing to accept, that flirtatious texts and kissing sessions are not all he wants with you
  • two days later, you’re at your dorm studying when someone knocks, and you open the door to kang daniel, looking more nervous than you’ve ever seen him
  • before you can shut the door, he says, “i’m an idiot,” and you narrow your eyes, gesturing for him to continue, “i’m an idiot who wanted your heart without asking, who wanted all the best parts of you without showing you the best parts of me. i’m a coward who couldn’t tell you six years ago when i left, or three years ago when i met you again, or two weeks ago when i called your brother instead, that i like you and want to be with you—are you—are you crying?” 
  • and he pulls you to his chest like he has every time you’ve cried in front of him, and you can feel in the tightness of his embrace that he would do anything in his power to make things okay again
  • “you’re a big fucking idiot,” you mumble into his chest, and he laughs, his hand rubbing soothing circles onto your lower back
  • “i’m sorry,” daniel says, “i really like you,” and you stay like that for a while, feeling lighter than you have in ages
  • you pull back to smile up at him, stroking his cheek, watching his face for his reaction to your next words
  • “you’re telling my brother”
  • and his eyes go wide, the colour draining from his face, but you’re laughing at him, relaxing in his arms, and daniel knows two things:
  • first, that meeting you fifteen years ago was one of the best things to happen to him
  • and second, that the many years ahead will be that much sweeter with you by his side.

too-many-fandoms666  asked:

How they cuddle, hug, and kiss? Sabo, Law, Zoro, Sanji, Ace, and Luffy? Sorry if it's too much

Of course!! 

(Also boo you don’t have to apologize you didn’t do anything ily <3)



  • Can’t. Stay. Still
  • He constantly twists and turns and takes you with him
  • He’s warmness doesn’t make up for that lmao


  • Hugs for everyone all the time
  • Pounces on you from any direction 
  • Then wraps you in a rib crushing hug
  • Give out a really loud laugh and nuzzles your neck


  • He isn’t a really romantic person so don’t expect much
  • Pecks are pretty much all your going to get
  • But when he does you’re going to drown in them
  • It’s like a secret surprise weapon yo



  • Clings onto you for dear life
  • As he’s narcoleptic, if he falls asleep you’re trapped lmao
  • Obviously super warm bc he’s fire
  • Does some weird shit like smell your hair lmao
  • He does twirl your hair around his fingers and nuzzle your neck


  • Hugging is his specialty man
  • As you walk by he’ll grab your arm and pull you into a hug
  • He’ll grab you from behind too
  • Literally could hold you forever
  • Scoops you up and squeezes you as tight as he can


  • Call him a chicken bc he pecks a plenty
  • Neck and shoulder pecks are his favorite
  • When he smooches your lips he steals as many as he can
  • He has the warmest kisses, they’ll light you up like a firework



  • Cuddle king right here boo
  • Anytime anywhere he’ll take you
  • He’s SUPER warm and soft
  • Hair strokes, kisses, and whispers of sweet nothings right here


  • Literally hugs you 24/7
  • He usually comes up from behind, swoops you off your feet, then spins you
  • Has the biggest smile on his face when he does
  • Again SUPER warm hugs = happy you
  • Kisses you every time he hugs you


  • Kisses you EVERYWHERE
  • Every time he walks past you he makes it a point to give you a peck
  • You literally melt every time he kisses you
  • Twists and dips you for x2 romance

dhgjdhk forgot how much I love Sanji 



  • Usually cuddle time during his naps
  • So anywhere anytime
  • When he’s already napping just lay on his lap and he’ll instantly wrap his arms around you
  • He’s actually pretty cold 85% of the time so bring a blanket


  • You usually initiate them
  • Ex. You run up to him and hug him then he hugs you type thing
  • He’ll wrap his arm around your neck and waist sometimes 
  • He’s surprisingly gentle with his hugs; they aren’t super tight


  • Probably has pretty chapped lips 
  • Usually pecks your shoulders or forehead
  • But when they’re on the lips it’s pretty deep yo



  • In order for him to cuddle with you, you’ll most likely have to be asleep first
  • Traces lines back and fourth on your shoulder blades
  • He isn’t really cold or really warm
  • He also gives you pecks on the top of your head


  • Usually doesn’t kiss you in public unless he wants to make someone jealous
  • But maybe if he’s in a good mood he’ll peck your check or top of the head
  • Otherwise you must initiate the kiss 
  • When you’re alone his kisses are short on the lips or super deep
  • It’s pretty hit or miss  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Hugs aren’t really his thing unless he’s comforting you??
  • Then they’ll be super tight
  • But sometimes he’ll wrap his arm around your neck if the counts



  • His cuddles are one of the best lemme tell you
  • They’re really warm and amazing on autumn and winter days
  • Imagine just being rolled in caramel and dipped in chocolate that’s what they feel like man 
  • As seen above he usually pulls you on top of him
  • Traces circles in your back and plays with your hair 👌


  • They’re pretty warm too
  • Lifts you off the ground and spins
  • They aren’t super tight but they are tight enough, ya know what I’m saying?


  • Pretty much always begins with “Can I kiss you?”
  • As if it’s a suprise kiss
  • Is an EOS lip balm addict so his lips are really soft
  • Mostly small pecks on your hand, forehead, and cheek
  • But on other occasions he’ll twirl and dip you etc. etc.

anonymous asked:

there was this hc with ticking n stuff and keith liked watches and is this hc true? that keith likes the ticking noise of watches? speaking of liked things, any things that you like the other to do to you?

Lance: Keith will do this thing where he comes up behind me and kisses the back of my neck and just- ah…  It’s so nice…

Keith: I do in fact like the ticking of watches.  It’s calm n stuff.  

Lance: Oooh, Keith loves it when we spoon and then I start to get all excited and Keith can feel it~

Keith, blushing furiously: He plays with my hair a lot.  It feels nice.

Lance: I like to watch Keith train.  He gets all hot and sweaty and passionate and it’s just really hot.

Keith: Lance likes to bite.

Lance: Keith has a singing kink.

Keith, narrowing his eyes: Lance likes back scratches!

Lance, moving closer: Keith is obsessed with holding my hand constantly.

Keith, taking another step: Lance traces circles into my skin.

Lance, moves closer again: Keith loves saying I Love You in different languages.



You might feel like you’re stuck in a rut or circling a doubt or anchored to a feeling, but the thing is, I would never put it past God to uppercut your life. He can, does, and will. It’s not my job to persuade you of anything, but I can tell you that when God is in the equation, mountains get moved and any kind of heart in any condition can surprise itself.

We can’t really claim that your current slice of life right now is how you will always feel. Please don’t take a tiny percentage of your journey as a reflection of the whole thing. Please be open to the possibility that God will do anything He wants through you.

All Lavellan really needs to do to trick Solas into coming back so she can wrangle him up and sit his ass down to Explain Some Stuff is figure out how to get a note to him.

“Holy fuck Vhenan,

Wait until I tell you what this fuckity little asshole said about me the other day”

A week later Fen’Harel shows up at Skyhold ready to murder like “I heard someone was talkin’ shit about ma vhenan”

And then a net drops on him and the entire inner circle just pounces on him

it’s fool proof

anonymous asked:

What do you think would happen if all of the main characters of all of your AUs met each other? (Ex. Tony, Howard and Maria from the Werewolf AU, all the avengers for Anthro, Mob Boss, and Monster)

Oh boy. Ooooh boy.

MB Tony would be so frightened of Howard and Maria, would beg the others not to let slip that he is… what he is, and his Avengers would be so sad and angry all at once. Monster AU Tony would be so jealous that he got a shit Howard and this one dotes on his little boy, why couldn’t he have that, why couldn’t his Howard be good too? Anthro Tony is aloof but cordial to Howard and Maria because Cats but he is keeping this tiny Tony. (Maria thinks this is hilarious because Cats; she knows that Anthro Tony will cede to her when push comes to shove and she can tell he’s just trying to be a little shit and aggravate his mates anyway, who look jittery but also excited because apparently this is going to be the door to asking about pups that they’ve been waiting for. Howard is confused and clings to his Tony in terror because he thinks Anthro Tony might mean it.)

Anthro and MB Natasha are kind of in love with Monster Natasha. She’s beautiful and terrifying and at one point she says “I have literally eaten a man” and it’s very hard not to squeal excitedly because holy shit they’re badass and terrifying in every universe but this universe is way cooler. “Tony bribed me not to eat him with soup,” Monster Natasha adds, and in the background Howard clutches his Tony tighter, but MB and Anthro Natasha just… need to take a moment to process this, why is Tony like this, why–

MB Bruce looks at the Hulk and then at Anthro Bruce and he is just… “WHAT IS THIS,” he says, loudly, with feeling. Hulk thinks this is hilarious and pulls them both into a hug. Anthro Bruce looks pained. “I would have to move heaven and earth to find an answer for you.”

Monster, Anthro, and MB Thor shake hands and slap each other on the back and then MB Thor leans in and wiggles his eyebrows and says something in Norwegian and Monster and Anthro Thor roar with laughter. They don’t explain no matter who asks or how insistently.

Anthro and MB Clint are kind of intimidated by how big Monster Clint is and how obviously his trauma is still affecting him. Monster Clint looks at Anthro Clint and is so very confused. “What the hell are you.” Anthro Clint is no longer intimidated HE WANTS TO FITE and MB Clint just sorta climbs on his back to keep him from doing so. Monster Clint herds all of the Tonys together (and Howard, because he’s not letting go for anything) and curls his wings around them and just… kinda roosts. With all the Tonys. “What the fuck,” MB Clint whispers.

All the Steves and Buckys are sticking in their pairs, but they’re sizing each other up, too. All of the Buckys even growl at each other a little. Then MB Steve blurts out “Does your Tony purr?” and Anthro Steve is like “HELL YEAH HE PURRS especially when we XXX–” (Howard screams and covers his Tony’s ears in the background but Tony is too busy playing with Clint’s feathers to notice). Monster Steve jumps in to add that his Tony doesn’t purr but he does sometimes mewl like a cat and can he touch Anthro Tony’s ears??? (”Yes,” Anthro Tony says. “NO,” Anthro Stucky growls.) All the Steves and Buckys are happy to talk about what their Tony likes in bed and the tension between Buckys fades the more secrets they trade about what they’ve found Tony really likes (MB Bucky and Steve do so quietly, in whispers, and tell the others not to say anything to Howard and Maria, and the others nod solemnly).

The happy scene is broken when MB Tony clambers out of the circle of Monster Clint’s wings to stand with shaking hands in front of Maria and ask, “Can–May I hug you? I didn’t, the last time I saw my mother, and I–I think about that a lot, I can’t–I should have hugged her. I should have hugged Howard, too.” Maria doesn’t ask questions, just pulls this grown ass man down into a gentle hug, and then he feels another pair of arms wrap around him and it’s Howard, and he can’t help the tears welling up in his eyes, especially when he feels a pair of little hands wrapping around one of his own and he looks down and sees this tiny version of himself looking up at him with concern.

Monster Tony wants a hug too but isn’t brave enough to ask for one, but Clint–Clint has always been good at hugs, once he realized what hugs were. This is fine. He yelps when Monster Natasha plucks him up and sets him by this alternate version of his parents, but they gladly draw him into a hug as well, so he sniffles into MB Tony’s sleeve.

“…Do you want a hug, Tony?” Anthro Steve asks him gently.

Anthro Tony makes a ‘meh’ sound before saying, “No. They don’t smell right. And cats aren’t like that with their parents anyway.” He looks down at Werewolf Tony when the boy pads over to him and holds his hands up, wordlessly asking to be picked up. “This is a lovely dress,” he tells Werewolf Tony. “If you stay with me I will supply you with endless dresses.” And Werewolf Tony giggles and shakes his head and then politely asks “May I play with your ears?” And HNG Tony wants kittens so bad in this very moment. He puts a little more oomph in his purr just for this pup.

(”There are three adult Tonys,” Monster Steve whispers to Monster Bucky later. “Oh my God Bucky the sex we could have–”

“Right?!” Anthro and MB Steve exclaim.

Steve,” all three Buckys sigh, and then give each other suspicious looks because it’s not like they’re not thinking about a giant Tony sandwich but they were going to wait until they had some privacy to mention it.)

Football ... and other kinds.

A wee fic I have just written on the train from Manchester to London whilst really hoping that the old man in the seat next to mine isn’t reading over my shoulder! haha! Enjoy some J+C fluff everyone, Happy Wednesday! :) xx

“Why do I never get picked first?”

Claire glanced up at her husband and suppressed a smile by sheer force of will

“I’m sorry?”

“I said, why do I never get picked first? It doesna matter the team, I ne’er get picked first.”

“Ah …”

Claire’s shoulder’s began quivering beneath the quilt and she sensed rather than saw the disdainful look her husband was giving her.

“What’s so funny Sassenach? Ye may as well spit it out before ye jiggle yeself out o’ the bed entirely.”

“You sound like a little boy in a Christmas special about to ask Santa to make his wish come true.”

“I thought Santa only brought gifts?”

“In America there seems to be a developing trend for him to grant wishes too.”

Claire shrugged and curled into Jamie’s side, tracing a finger over the swell of the biceps in his right arm.

“Aye well, I dinna understand it myself but I’ll take your word for it.”

Claire propped her chin on his chest and grinned at him in the dark

“You’re really quite put out about this ‘picking’ business aren’t you?”

“I wouldna say I’m put out as such … I’m no a wee lad. But I would say I’m fairly handy wi’ dribbling the ball and none sae bad in goal either.”

Hearing Jamie rattle off the football terms that Jem had taught him was still a novelty to Claire and caught her slightly by surprise. Which, she supposed, gave her the merest glimpse into how Jamie himself must feel each time someone mentioned trains or radios or germs.

“Oh, you’ve mastered dribbling now have you?”

Claire teased

“Mmmmph. Twas a mistake anyone could make, Sassenach.”

Jamie grunted but she could hear the smile in his voice. The tale of Jem advising his grandfather to dribble the ball to gain more control, assuring him that it was a perfectly valid move when Jamie had seemed sceptical, only to have his grandfather crane his neck over and cautiously spit on it, was still their grandson’s favourite story and one that he repeated at least once a week.


Claire agreed and then sighed.

“Alright, well I can tell you why you don’t get picked first if you like?”

Jamie’s shoulder jerked beneath her head

“Ye ken why?”

“I do, but you won’t like it.”

Claire warned, propping herself up on her elbows to avoid further jostling. Jamie raised his eyebrows and nudged her gently with his elbow in encouragement.

“It’s because, according to several other players, you’re a ‘ball hog.’”

“A what?”

Jamie frowned but Claire wasn’t finished

“And also, according to this player, you’re bossy.”

“According to …Ye think I’m bossy? And what is a ball-hog?”

Jamie spluttered, sitting up indignantly and swatting Claire’s hand away as she reached out to rub his back consolingly

“You ARE bossy and a ball-hog is someone who, quite simply, hogs the ball.”

“Keep it to myself ye mean?”


“I dinna do that!”

“Well you don’t pass it around much.”

Claire was biting the inside of her lip and willing herself to stillness with each huff from the darkness beside her, but she could feel the muscles in her stomach clenching and knew she would laugh despite her best efforts if Jamie didn’t stop flouncing soon.

She heard him rustling in his bedside drawer and then the scrape of one of Brianna’s matches, which he saved prudently for only the most dire need of light, and the soft glow of fire illuminated the room, swiftly followed by the more steady glow of candlelight.

Jamie settled himself on the bed and turned to face her, mouth set in a grimly determined line.

“Jamie, don’t worry about it! It’s just a game!”

“But …”

“I never get picked first either! Even you don’t pick me first!”

Claire laughed and Jamie grimaced guiltily

“In all other aspects of our life, I would pick ye over any other, but ye have to admit, Sassench, ye are no’ very good at football.”

He spread his hands before him, palm up, a gesture of helpless and hopeless resignation and Claire snorted wryly.

“I had noticed that my chief deployment seems to be the goal.”

“Aye, weel ye are verra good with your hands, ken?”

Jamie grinned, finally letting go of his indignation.

“Thank you.”

Claire edged closer to him and this time he reached out and tugged her gently forward across the bed, meeting her lips softly with his own.

“Sorry for the wee stramash.”

He murmured finally.

“It’s alright. You’re competitive and rather possessive by nature, why should your relationship with a ball be any different?”

She smiled and Jamie ducked his head bashfully.

“I think perhaps I just have a penchant for firm, round wee things.”

Claire squeaked as his hands settled firmly on the part of her anatomy he clearly considered to fit that description

“Firm? Ha! Maybe twenty years ago!”

“Och dinna be daft, I have my hands on it at least as often as you do and I ken a firm wee bum when I feel one.”

“Do you now? I sincerely hope you don’t have too many recent examples to compare it with!”

“No but I’ve a fine memory and I can tell ye truthfully that your arse has, if anything, only improved over the years, Sassenach.”


Claire squinted over her shoulder and frowned

“Aye, when ye were a younger lass ye had a fine broad backside but now it’s a wee bit fuller and unlike ye temper, it has softened slightly with age.”

Jamie’s voice was deeper but considered, like a sommelier trying to decipher the secrets of a particular vintage rather than husky with lust.

“I thought you said it was firm.”

“Aye it is but …”

Kneading his fingers lightly into the curve of her flesh, his thumb stroking small circles across her skin that made her breath catch in her throat, Jamie considered carefully before speaking.

“there is a softness there now that wasna there before. Or perhaps it was and I have only just learned how to seek it, for if marriage has taught me one thing Sassenach, it is that it takes a lifetime to truly learn to appreciate a woman’s magnificence.”

Jamie slowly rolled Claire onto her back and covered her with his body.

“Had someone asked me when I had been wed to ye for three years, I would ha’ told them that I knew every inch of your body with more certainty than I knew my own and I wouldna ha’ been wrong, but there was so much more to learn and savour.”

Claire gasped has his teeth found her nipple and gently tugged it, his tongue flicking against the hardened tip before doing the same with her other breast.

“I ken that ye were brave but I didna ken how brave, just like I knew ye had a fine arse but I didna ken just how fine it was.”

His fingers trailed her thigh and the sweet damp hair at her centre before slipping between her legs

“Christ, ye’re warm Sassenach.”

Claire didn’t answer, couldn’t. She arched her back and whimpered something akin to an invitation but Jamie was, as she had pointed out, bossy and by no means ready to relinquish possession.

His free hand moved across her hair, fanned across the pillow and traced the arch of her brow.

“I knew ye were beautiful, but I had no idea just how beautiful ye would become and I knew I loved ye, but I didna ken how deep that love could be. Look at me, Claire.”

Claire forced her eyes open and saw in his eyes all that she was to him and she could only hope he saw the same reflection of himself in hers.

“I do love ye, mo duinne.”

“Jamie, please…”

“Ye’ll have to release me.”

He smiled and as Claire released her grip on his fingers, he rocked his hips and they sighed together.

“I love you too, Jamie. I really love you.”

“Wait for me Claire, I’m no’ far behind ye, let me go with ye.”

“I can’t …”

“Aye ye can, mo chridhe, ye can for ye must.”

His hands on her arms were shaking and the thrust of his hips was gaining momentum, not wild but patient with the promise of such strength contained, reigned and held back, if only just. He would command her but only she had true control tonight and he knew it.

“Slow down.”

She could feel her breath break against his jawbone in a rush of hot air and gripped his earlobe tightly between her front teeth at the same moment as she dragged her nails from his buttocks to the nape of his neck.

“Ah Dhia! Claire…”

Claire pressed her hips upwards, drawing him deeper and locked her legs around his back, drawing her body from the bed, letting his hands slip beneath them, his finger pressing lightly on the damp, taught flesh of their joining.

“Come with me Jamie…”

Claire whispered and felt his huge frame shudder in surrender against her a split second before the waves of her own pleasure crashed around her and obliterated all other thought from her mind.


Sometime later, wrapped in each other, the blankets forgotten at the foot of the bed, Jamie grunted into wakefulness and lightly shook Claire’s shoulder.

“I swear I’ll pick ye first next time Sassenach.”


Claire blinked and tried to comprehend what he was talking about

“I’ll pick ye first next time we play football.”

“Oh. Thank you.”

Claire kissed his cheek and rolled over. She was drifting back to sleep as Jamie’s voice floated across the remaining strand of her consciousness.

“I’d be a fool not to, ye certainly ken your way around balls.”

BTS reaction to their S/O being covered in Tattoos

Anon Request


I feel like Yoongi would love his s/o covered in tattoos like he’s already such a badass guy and walking around with a badass chick by his side looking hot af covered in tattoos would just boost his ego as well as turn him on.  

“Jagiya, have you looked at us in the mirror lately?”

“What are you on about Yoongi?”

“We look so tough together. No one can mess with us. We can take over the world.”


J-hope (to me) is the kind of guy who can be supportive but at the same time, if he doesn’t understand the concept of people’s opinions or choices, I feel he has a hard time accepting. But with his s/o, I feel he would try very hard to accept and eventually get used too and definitely love the tattoos. 

“So, Jagiya, What does this one mean? …. Wow, This one’s really pretty too it’s definitely my favourite.”  


Jin seems like a very accepting guy of many things and his s/o being covered in tattoos wouldn’t bother him personally. He would look at them as more of reason. He wouldn’t hesitate into thinking that each and everyone has their own personal meaning and he honestly couldn’t wait to study your body as he points at each one demanding an explanation. 

“Jagi… Tell me now, why do you have a bunch of fish swimming in a circle on your hip?”


Ah Joonie and his kinks, I can see it, we can all see it and I feel like tattoos would be one of them. If not it would just be something he’d be into. He’s the most accepting out of the 7 members so he wouldn’t even second guess how he felt about them. His s/o would receive compliments and encouragement all the time from him about their tattoos or new ideas for some.

“You know what tattoo you should get next baby?”

“What are you thinking?”

“Ryan the bear. To signify my love is the same for you as it is him.”  


Deep down, Kookie would think his s/o having tattoos is so hot. On the outside I think he’d find it hard to show it at first, but once he got used to it (and expressing his true feelings properly) he would be cocky about how beautiful he thought they were, pulling off all those tattoos.

“What are you staring at Kookie?”

“My baby looks so hot showing off her tattoos today.” 


Jimin would just be an excited mess and the compliments would never stop coming from his mouth towards his s/o. A hell of a lot of body appreciation and reassuring touches, looks and whispers would come from him if he saw someone was whispering or eyeing his s/o in a way he didn’t like. He’s the very cute, protective type of his baby. 

*Making sure he’s loud enough in the public area*

“Ah my baby, you’re so beautiful. Oppa loves you so much!”


Tae has such a strong passion for art and the many versions it comes in, so he would definitely be the one to study his s/o’s tattoos until he knew which one was what, and meant this, and just everything there was to know about them he would try and learn. Although he does come off as more traditional, he has mentioned that he’s wanted a tattoo before so I feel like tattoo dates would be cute if he chose to get one with his s/o.

“Jagiya, I think I want a tattoo as well.”

“Oh my god yay! We can go together! I’ve been meaning to get another one!”