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ONE LAST TIME {all of the guys, fluff one shot}

Author’s Note: This was a request from an anon and I really enjoyed writing it. It may be a bit choppy, but I still thought it was cute. 

Walking into the BigHit dance studio, Hobi took in a deep breath.

Smell that kids? That is the smell of hardwork! He exclaimed to his two children. A boy and a girl, both under the age of 5, as they looked up at their mother. Looking around herself, Hobi’s wife laughed.

I wonder if your signature is still in here. She mentioned and Hobi ran to the corner of the room with a feeling of hope in his chest. BTS had parted ways as a group a decade prior and although all of the guys got together from time to time, in the past few years, they mainly emailed and texted.

For Hobi, it was strange to be back in his old stomping grounds. He was now a choreographer for many of the popular groups and when he had freetime, he spent it with his kids. All of the guys were at his wedding, they even stood as his groomsmen, and when his son was born, the hyung line was able to come and meet the infant. But as time passed, the guys got more and more busy. Hobi had recently come back from training the latest boy band while they were on tour, when Jimin sent out an invitation to the guys.

BigHit is closing our old studio/practice building. I think we should go explore one last time before they leave. – JM

Hobi was keen to the idea and added bringing their families along. All of the guys agreed and now Hobi was looking around the practice room for a signature.

What you looking for, hyung? A familiar voice called out from behind him. Hobi smiled and looked at the doorway to see Jimin and his wife standing there. Jimin left his wife’s side as Hobi and him hugged. It’s been a while! I saw your choreography with that new group. … Honey, what’s their name again? Jimin turned. Hobi looked and waved at Jimin’s wife, who gave him a small bow. She had a baby sleeping in the nook of her arm as she walked up to her husband. Hobi’s eyes got wide as he looked down at the baby.

I didn’t realize you had a baby! Hobi exclaimed, but Hobi’s wife stopped him.

Sweetie, I told you about it months ago, his name is Jung Wook, remember? She murmured as Hobi’s daughter walked up to Jimin’s wife.

He’s so cute! She said and Jimin laughed.

Thank you, Ji Su. He said and Ji Su’s cheeks tinted pink. Ji Su and Hobi’s wife began conversing with Jimin’s wife as Ji Hun, Hobi’s son, jumped on the dance mats that were strewn about. Turning back to Hobi, Jimin asked. Did you hear that Namjoon hyung is coming back from the States? He’s teaching out there at the moment. Hobi nodded. He and Namjoon had kept in touch, Namjoon had gone to the States to scout for new rappers, but ended up meeting his wife and settling down. Hobi and his family had flown out there a couple times, but it was hard with everyone’s schedules.

Yea, he’s very excited to tell his kids about how amazing of a leader he was. Hobi and Jimin chuckled. Oh, I heard you and Tae stayed in touch. How’s the movie star doing? Hobi chuckled as he asked. Jimin and Tae were still best friends and spent a lot of time working together. Tae had even introduced Jimin to some producers and Jimin was now working on his own movie deals. But Hobi was right to say that Tae was a movie star, after his success in multiple dramas, Tae started to pop up in movies and then finally he began being cast as the lead.

Eh, he’s alright. He’s upset that the latest movie made him miss his baby girl’s birth. Jimin shrugged.

How many does he have again? Hobi asked, but the door flung open and Tae came rushing in with four children in toe and one little girl swaddled in her mother’s arms.

Jimin laughed and held up 5 fingers for Hobi, as Hobi’s eyes almost fell out of his head.

HYUNG! HOW ARE YOU?! Tae screamed in a booming voice and his kids ran around the room. Hobi laughed and gave Tae a hug.

I’m great, but look at you! Five kids! Hobi tried to wrap his head around it as Tae nodded.

OH! You haven’t met all of them! Mi Jin, Mi Sun! He exclaimed and two little girls ran hand in hand. These are my eldest, they’re twins. He said and looked at the girls. Can you tell Hobi hyung how old you are? He asked and the little girls nodded enthusiastically.

6! They said in unison and Jimin nodded.

Hello, girls! He exclaimed and the girls smiled widely at Jimin, running over to give him a hug.

Min Jun. Tae called out and a little boy holding a blanket came walking up. He was the opposite of his father, shy and cautious, he bowed deeply towards Hobi. Hobi smiled and gave him a little bow, messing up his hair the little boy giggled. Min Jun, how old are you? He asked and the little boy held up 3 fingers. Hobi nodded and clapped his hands a little. Can you go get your little brother? Tae asked and the little boy nodded. Walking over to his 18-month old brother, Min Jun held out his hand. This is Min Sung, and he’s only a year and a half. Tae told Hobi as Hobi watched the child waddle up to him. Min Sung bowed, but midbow found something on the floor that was interesting and lost all focus on Hobi, kneeling down on the ground, Min Sung examined the speck that had caught his attention. This loss of attention made Hobi laugh at the similarity between the boy and his father. Looking over at Tae, the guy was now smiling at the baby that his wife was calmly holding in her arms.

Tae? Hobi called out and Tae looked at him a bit startled.

Oh! Right! Finally, this is my daughter, Mi Na! He exclaimed and his wife shook her head and held a finger up to his lips.

She’s finally asleep. She whispered and Hobi nodded knowingly. He looked between the two of them and saw the bags under their eyes, he remembered when his kids were small and how difficult it was to get a full night’s sleep.

Hello. Yoongi’s voice echoed through the room as he and Jin walked into the practice room.

Hyungs! Tae screamed and his wife smacked him on the chest. Jin chuckled as he put his arm around his wife’s shoulders. She was holding a little girl’s hand and Jin went over and picked up the little girl.

Jae Eun, can you say hello? He asked and the little girl, while still in her father’s arms, tried to bow, causing a small wave a laughter from the wives and husbands alike. All of the wives hugged and smiled, talking quietly as they recounted various things that had happened throughout the past couple of months. Yoongi rolled his eyes as his wife walked right over to the group of women, following her was his 2 daughters.

Women. He murmured and his daughters both turned around and stuck their tongues out at him. All of the guys had to laugh at the encounter because only Yoongi’s daughters would be so bold. They wore beanies with their dresses and black converse. Yoongi shrugged. They decided their own outfits today, I can’t help it. He chuckled along with his group mates.

Are they the same age? Tae asked as his twin girls ran around him in circles.

No, no, A Ra is a year older, she’s the one in the pink dress, and A Yeon is the one in the white dress. He looked over his shoulder and smiled at the two girls, who were now talking to Ji Su. Who’s little one is that? He asked and Hobi stepped forward.

That’s my little girl, Ji Su, she’s 4. He answered and Ji Su called out.

Four and a half, appa! She corrected her father, who smiled and let out a laugh.

Ah, I’m sorry, sweetheart. 4 and a half. He said and Yoongi laughed.

A Ra is 5 and a half, she corrects me all the time. The two of them shared a laugh as Jimin looked at his watch.

Where are Namjoon and Jungkook? They are both flying in together, but they said they would be here by now. Jimin mentioned and Tae laughed.

Ah! Always worrying about Jungkook, our little maknae is now a massive solo artist! Give the guy a break. Tae responded and Jimin smacked his arm.

Did someone say amazing massive solo artist? Jungkook called out and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

I only heard the maknae part. Yoongi responded as he smiled at the youngest member of the group, which in turn Yoongi received a small glare.

I’m not the maknae anymore, hyung. Jungkook replied, but Yoongi just shrugged.

Your birthday would say otherwise. He stated and Tae laughed loudly.

So, where’s the wife? Tae asked and Jungkook rolled his eyes.

I told you all, heavily pregnant and on bed rest.

You left your wife all alone?! Jimin exclaimed in disgust, but Jimin’s wife called out.

Jimin, don’t start trouble. She said and Jimin nodded.

Yea, hyung, don’t start trouble. Her parents are with her. Jungkook mockingly told him and Jimin shoved the younger member. But, I did bring my older son. Heon Woo? He called and the little boy waddled in, running towards his father with a smile. The messy black hair and beautiful doe eyes resembled Jungkook’s, as the youngest member knelt down and picked up the happy little boy.

Namjoon walked in with his 2 kids as he lectured the duo.

Now, appa was an amazing leader who took a group of unruly and unprepared guys and made them one of the greatest groups in the world. The gullible toddlers looked at their father in awe as Jin yelled out.

Hey! We were not unruly and unprepared, Mr. God of Destruction! Namjoon looked at the eldest member with wide eyes. Yoongi joined in.

Yea! Hey, Yu Na, Yu Min, want to see a video of your dad break a wall? Yoongi asked the two and pulled out his phone. Yu Na, the little girl, watched in amazement as her young father accidentally put his foot into a wall. Yu Min turned around and laughed as Namjoon looked at the older two members with anger.

I’m trying to show my kids how amazing I am. He said and Namjoon’s wife came to the guys defense.

It’s amazing how easily you put a hole in that wall. She murmured and hugged the two members. How are you, Jin oppa? How’s Jae Eun? Namjoon stared as his wife began changing the subject and his kids ran off.

It’s crazy that they’re tearing this place down. Jungkook mentioned to his elders as he looked around the room. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears happened in these rooms, the floors and walls held so many stories of anguish and triumph for the group of seven guys that stood there. Now they wore different clothes, their hair was naturally colored, their faces etched with a few new wrinkles. However, these rooms were where they all became family, the awards and success were just a reward, but the true accomplishment was how close they all became.

All seven of them swapped stories of their lives now, but they also reminisced on the good old times. Remember the time Yoongi’s hair looked like hay? Jin laughingly asked. Oh my god, remember how Tae thought it was a good idea to tell everyone Jungkook was thinking of quitting the band? Jimin asked and the stories just kept coming.

The group was mismatched and unruly, that’s for sure. But even after all this time, they were able to come together and talk like nothing had changed. The wives all spoke to one another about their children, watching on as the group of kids all 6 and under, played and laughed. In a weird way, time had stopped for them in that moment. They were able to come together in the place where it had all began one last time.

Of Books and Dirty Cash pt4


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

Please read part 1part 2 and part 3 first so this will makes sense! <3

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

“Brother?” You repeated, perplexed.

“Yes, my brother Yoongi. I believe he’s your boss?” Seokjin smiled at you.

“Oh! Right, yeah. I didn’t know he had a brother.” You were still slightly taken aback by his presence.

“Yes, well, I doubt he would mention me.” He frowned slightly, and you noticed a sadness in his eyes. But as quickly as it had appeared, it was replaced by a laugh. “Where is my dear brother, by the way?”

“In the back, sleeping.” You said, then realized that Seokjin probably wanted to talk to him. “I’ll go wake him up, I’m sure he’ll want to see you.” You started to stand, but Seokjin quickly shook his head.

“No, no need. I just wanted to know where he was. As I said, I wanted to talk to you.”

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Stay In Your Lane (2)

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Genre: fluff, angst, trackstar!jungkook

Summary: Coming from a small neighborhood in Busan, you attend your dream school, Myungsoo University, in Seoul. As a lost first year, you underestimate yourself with the school’s track team. It’s more rigorous and painstaking than it seems, especially with the intimidating team captain, Jeon Jungkook.

Word Count: 5.6k

Part: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

The thought of Jungkook dating Bora clings onto your mind. Does Youngmin and Youngja know about this? Maybe you should go tell them.

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Immortal Pt. 1

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Pt.1// Pt.2

{!} Contains Violence, Language, Smut


Genre: Angst, Smut

Kim Taehyung x Reader (Featuring: Members of BTS) Vampire AU

Summary: {You would have much rather been a human, but you weren’t giving much of a choice when it was the only solution Taehyung could come up with at the moment. Now you found yourself in a community crawling with vampires and at the brink of war.} 

[I’ve decided to make them more human-like so things like the sun can’t hurt them, garlic…please. I gave them hearts so don’t mistake them for those old vampire stories. They’re my own kind of vampire.]

Throwing the last bit of twigs on the fire, Kim Taehyung plopped down on the fallen tree that had conveniently found itself around the lake. The sun had long set behind the hills surrounding the small valley that cradled the town of Grim Hallow. The sky began to blacken, only lit by the twinkling stars and a moon that engulfed the dark, clear canopy.

Stick in hand, Taehyung poked at the flames watching them leap up as if they were performing. So far this get together was a bust. All the usual suspects were there. Kim Seokjin, making rounds around the perimeter as if he was expecting someone to ambush them. Park Jimin trekked back toward the fire with a bucket of water. Jeon Jungkook lost in thought as he watched the dancing embers in the flames. Last, but not least, was Min Yoongi, scrolling through recent gossip on whatever social network he found interesting at the time on his cell phone. �

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I will continue to sing the praises of Thrilling Intent, a semi-visual podcast show based on a Pathfinder & D&D thing that’s been edited and pretified. Basically, there’s a lot of improv, comedy, and superhype. But also, there’s plot, and super-awesome characters, and feels, and 100x as much enjoyment as your regular tv series.

TL;DR (Putting this near the top while I still have your attention.)

  • Really well-rounded characters that develop and change. The kind that you fall in love with and feel for and hate when they so something terrible.
  • A subtle and slowly building plot with a range of interesting arcs and sub-plots.
  • An extensive world that slowly comes to life throughout each ep. One you want to explore and know so much more of.
  • Funny episodes, serious episodes, edge-of-the-seat episodes that have you shaking your fist at the creators for making you wait a week till the next. Story quality improves significantly with every new arc.
  • Really great humour. Also PUNS! from really genuine, funny, and kind people. Also, they’re pretty darn talented - all of them.
  • A super-interactive fanbase and super-awesome creators with lots of fan interaction.
  • Literally, these guys need to hurry up and take my money already.

Though I should note warning for explicit language. If this were on air it’d probably be rated (M) in Australia. Maybe (MA 15+) at the most.

If you don’t want to read my long spiel of why it’s awesome that’s below, you can start watching at one of these points:

- The tax day special if you want a general taste of what it’s like.
- Deck of Disaster if you want a convenient point to start at without being too lost and not having to swamp through the not as good (but still pretty good imo) earlier stuff (seriously they improve heaps with each new arc).
- From the beginning if you wanna be real hardcore. Watch at least the first four eps, though.

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FanFic: The Farkle Files: Talking, Triangles, & Trees Oh My!

Talking, Triangles & Trees Oh My!

It was early the following morning when things took a turn. Lucas was ready to leave the room a few minutes before Zay and I were, so he headed out. It was not even a full minute later when we heard Lucas demand “Who’s that?… That one there! Who is that?” Zay and I ran towards Lucas’s voice but at the last second, I grabbed Zay’s arm to stop him. I wanted us to remain out of view but close enough that we can jump in if necessary.

Riley was explaining about how she is unable to do much with the boot on and that the only thing she can really do is talk to people. I peered around the corner and saw Riley as she was demonstrating how she really can’t walk or hike with the boot on. My stomach flipped when I realized that she was wearing the same clothes she had on yesterday and that Evan was standing next to her.

“Okay” I hear Lucas murmur

“So I’m not allowed to talk, Lucas?” I hear Riley ask with a bit of confusion.

“You can talk to anyone you want Riley.” For a split second time stood still. I think you could hear the agony coursing through his system. She had been up all night talking to Evan. While Lucas has had to beg, borrow and plead for a few sentences or a few minutes of her time. In all of his thinking, in all of his “evening” up, I don’t think he ever truly considered that he could lose her.  Could lose the connection they had. There was a time when talking to each other was their favorite thing. Had his indecision about how to end the triangle cost him everything? Everything he was so desperate to protect? Protecting her was the most important thing…he never thought of protecting himself. I am hoping that what’s about to happen doesn’t cost us all.

Lucas storms outside, Zay and I follow a minute or so later. Lucas is pacing the parking lot, fists clenched at his side, head down, just aimlessly pacing back and forth.  He lifted his head as we approached and what I saw shocked me. He quite honestly looked lost.

“Lucas? You okay man?” Zay asks quietly.

Lucas pauses in this pacing and looks up at us “No. I’m not okay. I haven’t been ok since this whole nightmare started. She was up all night talking to him! I can’t get her to give me 5 minutes of conversation. All I want to do is end all of this nonsense and get my friends back…get her back”

“Lucas, they were only talking…that’s it nothing more. Have you ever considered the possibility that she wants to talk to you but feels she can’t?”

“What? That’s ridiculous. She’s always been able to talk to me why would she feel like she can’t now?” He asked it with such derision that I quite honestly snapped.

“We all know her. We all know she always puts her friends first… until now. So she spent the night talking to someone who was interested in what she has to say not what everyone else thinks. She deserves to spend time with someone who isn’t concerned about how to even it up with her BFF.” I was seething as I stormed away. How dare he?! How dare he make is seem like she is somehow at fault for his inability to speak up and end this?! This has gone on for far too long. Something needs to give soon or there will be nothing left to our group.

As I storm away, I hear Zay tell Lucas “This is your 2-min warning, the final lap, pull your goalie from the net last ditch effort time. Fate is telling you that you need to act now before it’s too late. You may have gotten a chance to start over when you moved to NY. You blow this? There’s no starting over with her" I was too far away to hear Lucas’ reply. I could only hope that he takes Zay’s message to heart. As I walk into the lodge, something catches my eye and I know that this is MY 2-minute warning. This was my sign to act and suddenly I knew just what I needed to do.

      Izzy, Zay and I race into the sitting area when we hear Mr. Matthews tell the group not to play the “who belongs with who” game. That they all get what they deserve.

I listened as my friends clarified their definitions of romance and adventure. I smiled at Izzy when she explained how C would be the correct answer because we knew A&B were wrong. You could hear a pin drop when Evan explained that conversation was the most important thing in a relationship and you could hear Lucas’ breath catch when Evan tacked on that when it’s the right person, you can talk all night.  Lucas excused himself to “I don’t know, go kick a tree.” Zay followed shortly thereafter explaining that he had to “go save a tree”.

During the next question, Maya grabbed Josh by the hand and stormed away. Riley followed shortly thereafter saying she needed to go think. Izzy distracted Evan so I could get my hands on the book he was reading the questions from. He was quick to explain that yes, they spoke all night but all she wanted to talk about was us.

Funny how a few questions could bring about such a varied reaction. I had no idea what was going to happen next. We need this situation to end. I needed my friends back. I needed my sister back to her old self. I knew what I hoped would happen but after being wrong about this situation before, I wasn’t ready to bank on anything good happening.

All I knew for certain was that I was done. Done being stranded on the side of the road…caught somewhere between Rileytown and Texas. I flagged down the first semi-truck that came by and hitched a ride for home.

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Emails and Butterflies

Pairing: Namjoon x you 

Genre: slight angst/romance

You lost someone important to you. But even after their death, you keep sending them emails to their last address; Namjoon’s new address. 

Thanks to @omo-bangtan for proofreading! 

PM 11:32 – Oct 6th

Object: Are you there


I know it’s already late… but I can’t sleep. In 28 min it will be 3 months. 3 months since the day you left.

I don’t even know why I’m writing this… This email address isn’t yours anymore and doesn’t work. I just, I need to talk to someone. Now that you left who am I supposed to talk to on restless nights like these

 Maybe this is just a bottle thrown to the sea

 Good night.

AM 00:16 – Oct 7th

Object: You’re not there

 This is me again

 I was hoping for a miracle. You didn’t magically appear or answer me… Am I an idiot? It’s hard to move on when there is constantly a hole in my chest. When I look at the mirror it’s the only thing I see

I’m pathetic

 Yet I don’t get an email saying that my message couldn’t be sent. Maybe you’re reading this from where you are now?

 I feel so lonely.

PM 06:29 – Oct 10th

Object: good news?


Mom got a new job and she smiles more than she did 1 month ago. She’s getting better, I’m happy for her. I know she’s still missing you but she’s looking ahead again.

As for me… I feel lost. We were supposed to talk about my projects for the future, so now I don’t know what to do anymore. How does one think about the future when they’ve lost their past?

 I miss you dad.

             Namjoon scrolled through his mailbox. He had got another one today. This time she was talking about her passion for astronomy. He smiled slightly while reading. It looked like she was enjoying this subject, That’s good he thought. He hoped she would be able to realise her dream one day…

Almost five months ago, Namjoon got a new email address. Since then he has regularly received emails from this girl, Y/N. He didn’t know her and he was pretty sure she didn’t know someone was actually getting her messages. At first, he thought about telling her politely that she wrote to the wrong person.

            However when he saw the sorrow and the loneliness in her words, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. This girl seemed to have lost her father and needed to talk to someone. So he took the role: he read carefully, diligently, every single email she wrote. Sometimes she simply talked about her day and sometimes she told what she really had on her mind.

Each message was a part of her heart –Namjoon felt like he was collecting the pieces of a puzzle. He didn’t know if he would get all the pieces, but he wanted to complete it.

As she had said once, she felt like there was an empty hole inside of her and nothing could make it go away.

When he reached the end of the email, his fingers froze over the mouse.

I don’t know if I can ever get better without you. I will never be able to become someone without a role model like you…

            What was she thinking? Of course she could bloom into a great woman! She was just feeling lost after her father’s death, but that didn’t reduce her to a plain soul. She held so much potential!

Maybe, maybe I should just give up…

            That almost angered him. She couldn’t give up. That would be such a waste! He couldn’t just sit there and let that happen!

So he did something he never thought he would: he answered the email.

            That is how their exchanges started.

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His Touch - Chapter 7

So it’s almost 4am. I have to get up in 2.5h, but I wanted to get this to you guys. It’s written on my phone.

This chapter I had to take a lot of liberties. We don’t know how it happen, but this is my take on it.

I hope you like it. I’m grateful for all feedback. 


His Touch - Chapter 7

She yawned.

“Conversation not interesting enough for you babe?”

She laughed.

“Just kidding. I’ll let you go so you can hopefully get some sleep”

“No, not yet” She bursted out.


“I just like listening to your voice”

“And I to yours”

“Could you maybe, only if you know one, and have the time, and don’t mind…”

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I have been meaning to write this post for weeks and I finally got my ass down to do it. How do you describe such major changes in your life? It sounds so cliché but seriously if someone 3 years ago would have told me that I’ll not finish university, move to a different country and will be 25 kg lighter I’d be probably still laughing….yet, here I am!

Let’s start with the toughest one, school. Yeah, I got expelled from Hogwarts. I felt (maybe still do) feel sorry about it but what happened in the past months has made me realize life is so much more than just school. (It makes my life sound so interesting…HA! don’t be fooled my friend, I just work work and work really). But now I don’t mind that it happened this way. I’ve grew up in a household where though my parents always, always tried to give us everything, money was always an issue. I’ve had several jobs next to school for ridiculous wage that was not even enough to pay rent. So now when I can actually go out with friends, I cannot even describe how great it feels to choose something I want to, not what I can afford. I am in love with my jobs (which is a good thing, considering I work 70-90 hours per week) and Malta is wonderful.
I have no idea what to do with my future though. I want to go back to school but not for now. I enjoy life at the moment. I’m still in love with sciences but I’m also becoming interested in different things like book publishing or foreign policy. How do people decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives?

Now, ladies and gentleman, let me give the big news…I am officially -25 kg (50 pounds) down. It has been the hardest, yet easiest thing I’ve ever done. I still remember when two years ago just before New Years Eve I decided I’m gonna change. How I did 5 minutes from a 20 mins workout video with my door locked and curtains closed in my room then died. How my own brother told me ‘just accept it that you’re fat and stay that way’. But I did not. I don’t know what kept me going, I just knew I want this. It all went super slow, I wasn’t as committed as most of you wonderful people, but I did made changes slowly. I was so terrified when I first joined a gym, then super happyly after 2 month of 4-5 sessions per week I wanted to show off my baby muscles to my dad…and all his reply was ‘fuck this is only fat, stop kidding yourself’. Thank you supportive family. But I kept going, no matter what and here I am today, halfway at my planned journey. Now when I see people I haven’t seen in a while, they all tell me shocked ‘wow, are you eating? You have lost lots of weight!’. Yes, I’m eating more than enough, but trying to make healthy choices. Yes, that includes a jar of nutella by the spoon every now and then, lol. And what’s really frustrating is that they think I don’t eat, it has been only since I moved away from home. NO. IT HAS NOT. I’ve more work in this than they can ever imagine even if they chose to ignore that. It’s really not genetics or whatever…it’s just YOU. Only YOU. You want to do it or no? I know it is hard but if this is what you want then you can 100% succeed.

But please don’t think your weight is the problem. Don’t think that all your problems will magically be solved once you lose that weight. YOU ARE ALREADY WONDERFUL. For me it is really difficult to socialize with people and make conversations. I thought it’s just because I’m fat and shy, and yes it was probably the reason I was shy, but losing the weight did not make it easier to talk. I have gained tons of self confidence yeah…but in one way everything changed, yet nothing. It’s still so difficult for me to talk to people. Making your brain understand that you have always been good enough, that’s the difficult part. Not waking up early to go for a run or a workout before work. Not trying to set up a meal plan for the week (though that’s a bitch as well). No, the most difficult thing is to see how wonderful you are, no matter what you think. You are always worth it. 

Also, I’m sorry I just appear sometimes then disappear for weeks. I have a crazy work schedule with 75+ hours each week (plus no internet at home). But each time I open tumblr just to check up on you, you always give me the biggest rush of motivation. Wonderful people like @nomoreexcusesforjules, @polvodstars, @thehealthierhappierheatherier, @queenbliss, @mybigfatfitlife (I know we don’t know each other but you are my biggest inspiration ever Harmony, along with @fatmaninalittlesuit, who’ll now probably thing I’m a creep just to tag him like that, without ever talking to him…but you rock guys:)). @am-songs I miss your gorgeous face, just like @fireflowerposts. @i-go-bananacrazy, @lifeis2short2bestupid, you ladies, are the best. Thank you for being my wonderful supportive family <3